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What is This?This is a form to allow Stanford students in-need to submit direct requests for emergency assistance from alumni and Stanford affiliates.Students, submit your request w/ the form below
Students:Students, please use your official addresses to complete the form to the right and submit your request (your name/email won't be published - see samples below). Be sure to update this form if your request is fulfilled.Stanford Mutual Aid—Student Help Request Form
Donors:If you have a Stanford-affiliated address, you will be matched immediately to the requestor*. Alumni, please log in to copy your email address. You can communicate using any other address after the initial match. If you do not have a Stanford address, please use the default email address provided on the form, and we will contact you directly to make the match.
How this Works:This is a volunteer project with no guarantees of assistance, and you are solely responsible for any engagement or follow-up. **Please be very aware of the risks of shared housing, particularly for the elderly or the health-compromised.** Thank you.
*Matched emails are timed to be sent out approximately every hour.
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Scroll down to review all requests, and thank you for your support!
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# ResponsesFulfilled/Comments$15000.2
6/9/20 15:54—OPEN DONATIONYou can make a general donation to the Student Support Mutual Aid Fund through the options on the far right —>I can help with this request2100% of funds will go to Stanford students in need. Funds are managed by a student fund manager and an alumni advisor from Stanford Mutual Aid. Donations are not tax-deductible at this time. For questions, email sucmutualaid@gmail.comPaypalVenmo (@basic-needs-stanford)GoFundMe (charges fees, so please use Paypal or Venmo if able!)
3/14/20 21:46—Comms '20[SAMPLE] Can you please VenMo or PayPal $87 to cover a utility bill. My job is terminated for the remainder of the school year (can send termination email and bill, if needed). Thanks.I can help with this request1Fulfilled. Thank you generous alumni!
3/15/20 22:59—undeclared 2023I lost both of my on-campus jobs. My parents were low wage makers at hotels, and now they are unemployed because of the significantly reduced service populations (people stopped travelling). I really hope that I can find some sort of tutoring/online job so that I won't be an economic burden to them, and maybe supplement my family a bit. I have 3 years of tutoring experience in Math. I am also proficient in Chinese. Thank you for your considerations:) I can help with this request7Yes, thanks
3/16/20 15:08—Undeclared, '23I am a FLI international student and have lost both my on-campus jobs for Spring quarter, and am therefore unable to fund current expenses and necessities as i remain in the US, while I await funding for a flight. Without my jobs, I am both unable to support myself and my family. Any venmo support would be invaluable to cover the expense for essentials.I can help with this request36/27 Student update: This request has been fulfilled- thank you for alumni support!
3/16/20 21:36—Undeclared 2023I am an international FLI student, and I have lost both my personal expenses stipend as well as the on-campus jobs that I used to support my family and myself. I spent all the money I had on flights, and the financial aid office is providing a stipend for only 1/3rd of the costs. My mother is a homemaker, and she entirely relied on me for financial support, but I won't be able to support her without the on-campus jobs. To pay for my family's housing, food, and other utilities, I need upto 1500 USD. Extremely grateful for any contribution. Thanks so much!I can help with this request3Alums, I am covering $200 of this request - if you can help fill the rest, that would be very helpful ^^ To our student, can the Slush Fund cover your travel spend? See link on Student Support Site-
I added $300 to the fund.
3/16/20 23:20—Economics 2023To whom it may concern. I am a First Generation and Low-Income college freshman at Stanford. This transition is tough for me and my family. Before coming on campus, I would be the main financial support for my family, because both my parents are disabled and unemployed. Since coming to Stanford, I was fortunate enough to land a couple of jobs and support them remotely. However, since the Stanford eviction, I'm currently scrambling and won't know if I can even scrap enough to pay rent by the end of the month. Thank you and anything helps!
I can help with this request3Sheet owner please note some alumni have older addresses. Please change your configuration on the response sheet. Student please email me at address.(Student: Don't know who you are)
^^got it and will do - set you for a manual match, too
3/17/20 7:58—Computer Science, 2021I am a FLI transfer student and my mom works minimum wage and my dad is unemployed. However, due to the outbreak, my mom was temporarily let go. Throughout the year, I have been supporting them through my federal work study and on-campus jobs, but now that I cannot work on campus, I won't be able to help them and have even considered taking out loans. I would really appreciate help in paying for my family's housing and food, which comes out to $1200. I'd extremely grateful for any help. Thank you very much in advance.I can help with this request4Fulfilled fully. Thank you!!!
3/17/20 11:33—Human Biology 2023Hello, I am a FLI freshman student at Stanford. I had to return home to stay with my single mother and my four younger siblings. As space and money is very limited in our household, I depended on my work-study job to help my mom out with bills. I am requesting a part-time job or financial assistance to help my mother with the costs, I would really appreciate any help. I can tutor in Chemistry, Spanish, English, Biology, or SAT prep and I am willing to learn how to do other jobs. Thank you!I can help with this request7Part-time job provided 10 hours per week. Student can work up to 20 hours per week. 6/18 udpate: Student's request has been fully filled, with this message: "My request was fully fulfilled in the spring quarter, however I am looking for health/biology/psychology related paid internships if available."
3/17/20 14:45—CS, MS and EGiven the current situation of COVID-19, I decided, for the sake of my mental health, to come home to Ghana for the rest of spring quarter. My home is at a remote location where the online education would not be conducive, (lack of reliable internet, family size, etc). So I decided to rent a suite in Accra (capital city) where I would have access to all the resources I need for spring quarter. I contacted financial aid about my rent and they said they could give me a maximum of $3,300 for housing but my rent from now (since I have a mandatory self-quaratine) till the end of spring quarter is $5,363.19. Now I have a balance of $2,063 that I need to pay. I am reaching out because I am trying to raise funds to pay for this balance, any amount works!I can help with this request1I have reached out to this student and can negotiate a place for the $3300 budget which they currently have for the spring quarter. Student and I are in touch and will be resolved.
3/17/20 17:57—Political science International relations 2021I am a FLI international student from Rwanda. I am looking for someone to help me with costs for housing back in Kigali, Rwanda. Financial aid has helped me book my flight, and will be covering housing and food (5000$) for spring quarter, however, these funds will be not be available until April 2nd at the "start of the academic quarter". For now, I am facing housing insecurity as I plan to travel back home, and my mother lives in the province/rural area, and she has agreed would not be conducive to my studies (connectivity, access to part-time jobs in the city, medical reasons etc). I would like help with covering the cost of housing/food for the dates of March 18th-April 1st. In total that would be 1600. Thank you in advance.I can help with this request3I can cover $500, can any other Alums help out too?
^^ I sent her $400
3/18/20 1:55—Symbolic Systems 2020I am yet another FLI student who has lost their on-campus job for Spring quarter. I am currently completely financially responsible for my mom, and I relied on my on-campus job in particular to pay for her groceries each month. I am barely scraping by, so any amount would help! In total I estimate the cost of groceries would be around $500 for Spring quarter. I can help with this request5Alums, I will be offering up $250; can anybody help with the rest of the request?

^^Yes I have just sent a message to the student that I can cover the other $250. Update 6/30 added $100
3/18/20 8:51—International Policy ‘21I am an international student who cannot go home. My current insurance does not cover me in the case of COVID-19 and I have to get health insurance that can cover me in the US ASAP. Cardinal Care for the spring is $1900 and I can not afford to pay for it. I can help with this request1Funded $100
3/19/20 0:01—Polisci 2021Hello I am looking to receive financial assistance as I've now lost my three on campus jobs. This was my only source of income and since I am no longer allowed to be on campus, I cannot make any money as these jobs do not have a remote option. I am scrambling to find somewhere to live and think I am going to have to pay rent to whomever will let me stay. This is going to be a lot of money and I do not have any paychecks coming in, nor will I due to my inability to go to work now. I'm very nervous on what I'll have to do if I do not find enough money to pay the rent. Thank you for your generosity. I can help with this request2
3/19/20 17:38—Product Design 2020I am currently not able to return home to my family. So I am now in need of paying rent and buying groceries for myself for the duration of spring quarter. I also have medications I need to pay for as I have Ulcerative Colitis and is too expensive for out of pocket pay. I also have other medications I need to pay for as freshman year, I had two strokes and take preventative medications. I also am now out of my campus job that was my primary source of income. As much aid as possible would be a huge help. Thank you for your time and consideration.I can help with this request4Still in need of aid
^^Alums, I am covering the $250 for this month's prescriptions; can someone please pick up another month for our student and help with more assistance?
3/19/20 20:36—Medicine, Year 1 Last August, I had a major surgery right before starting medical school at Stanford. Thankfully, the surgery went well and I am recovering without significant issue. I was working a part-time job as a student to pay the medical fees of $1550 a month, but I was let go about a month ago and am now having trouble finding another position during the covid crisis. Without a source of income, it is a struggle to pay my bills on a timely basis. I am grateful to be considered for your charity and would be glad to do some work for you in return. I can help with this request3
3/21/20 14:16—International Relations, 2023Due to the current situation, I am now left to pay for rent and groceries in the coming months. Being homeless during this time, particularly given my medical history, would be especially dangerous. While I am searching and applying to various jobs, I am currently unable to find a position given the shutdown of non-essential businesses. I would be incredibly grateful for any support possible. Thank you so very much. I can help with this request1
3/22/20 13:08—EconomicsIt will be very helpful to receive aidsI can help with this request0
3/22/20 14:17—Product Design 2020I am currently not able to return home to my family. So I am now in need of paying rent and buying groceries for myself for the duration of spring quarter. I also have medications I need to pay for as I have Ulcerative Colitis and is too expensive for out of pocket pay. I also have other medications I need to pay for as freshman year, I had two strokes and take preventative medications. I also am now out of my campus job that was my primary source of income. As much aid as possible would be a huge help. Thank you for your time and consideration.I can help with this request1
3/23/20 0:35—Undeclared 2022I am a FLI student who needs help covering rent and food expenses at home (could be through financial assistance or gift cards). Due to COVID-19, both of my parents and I are out of work and need help to support my younger siblings and ourselves. Anything helps and is greatly appreciated.I can help with this request16/23 Student's update: Fulfilled! <3
3/24/20 16:27—Bioengineering 2023Hi! I am a FLI student at Stanford. I returned home due to the COVID19 pandemic, so I lost both my on-campus jobs that I was using to pay for living expenses and help my family with rent and medical bills. My older brother and I both work in a restaurant in my home state, but we both lost significant hours due to mandatory restaurant closings. My mom is immunocompromised and has severe asthma so she is self-isolating & not working. I am requesting a remote part-time job or financial assistance to help cover rent and utilities -- I would really appreciate any help! I can tutor in pretty much any high school level subject, teach ACT/SAT prep, work in EXCEL, and I am open to learning how to do any other task/work! Thank you so much!I can help with this request36/23 Student's update: Fulfilled - I'm scheduled full time again!
3/24/20 17:40—Management Science and Engineering 2021I am an unemployed graduate student with a single parent barely making ends meet. I am looking for just a little bit of assistance to support groceries during this time until I can find work over the summer. I can help with this request1Fulfilled $100, but student could use additional help.
3/24/20 18:24—Undeclared 2023
Both my parents recently got laid off from work because the supermarket they have been working at got shut down since one worker was tested positive for coronavirus. My parents do not have savings to pay for the living expense of the entire family because their monthly salary was barely paying off the monthly living expense. The financial assistance or gift cards to food shop (such as Amazon, Walmart, Target) will be used to help my family pay for rent, food, and utility (wifi, electricity) expenses. At this point, any amount of financial assistance would be helpful and appreciated. I am also looking for jobs in my home city to help out my family, but without much look at the moment.
I can help with this request2As of 6/18, student's need has been met by at least $500. However, they have indicated that their need has not been completely metStudent's 6/16 comment: Both of my parents got laid off from work because of the coronavirus. They don't know any English and never received any formal education, so it is really difficult for them to find new jobs besides working in restaurants or supermarkets. Unfortunately, the restaurants/supermarkets in my city have been hit hard by the coronavirus, so they reduce the amount of people to hire, making it much more difficult for my parents to find new jobs. The virtual quarter has caused a significant financial burden for my family because both my sister and I are home instead of being on campus and working on-campus jobs to reduce my family's financial burden, not to mention the fact that my parents are still unemployed and the significant expenses that will be incurred on my family since my sister and I would stay in my family's apartment for upcoming virtual quarters instead of being able to work and study on campus.
3/26/20 0:41—Chemical Engineering 2023Hi! I'm requesting financial assistance. I'm a low income student. I live with a single mother and sisters. My mom is employed by In Home Support Services, which means she takes care of the elderly and disabled, but because of the outbreak, she hasn't been able to go to work. We also have an in home daycare, but we've lost a lot of kids because of the quarantines. I worked at a fast food restaurant, but I haven't been able to get my job back for the same reasons. Because of this, my family and I are facing financial difficulties, in paying bills (rent, utilities, insurance) and for groceries, and I would appreciate any financial assistance you guys could send my way. Thank you so much in advance! I can help with this request2Shared with permission from the student: "My financial situation has gotten worse in the past few months. I've lost both of my paid internships for the summer, due to COVID. Our in-home daycare has lost even more clientele as more parents have become concerned for their children's wellbeing, meaning decreases in wages and tighter living situations. My sister is starting medical school in July, and we're having a hard time helping her find a place to stay and figure out her tuition because of this unanticipated financial situation."
3/26/20 13:27—MD program, year 2Dear Alumni,
I hope all's been well with you and your families. My grandfather passed away of a stroke last month after an extended hospitalization, putting enormous emotional and financial strain on my family, and I have spent much of my personal savings on personal protection equipment for the elderly in my family who live in large, urban, culturally Chinese communities. I am asking for $300 as a medical student to help with these costs: I do not want to lose another grandparent or elderly relative. Thank you for your consideration and generosity.
I can help with this request2Student's comment: I am so deeply grateful for the financial support during this pandemic. Thank you to our alumni who have stepped up and shown us what it means to pay it forward as professionals in the world.Spoke to the student, it seems another $200 is required to help cover medical costs
3/27/20 1:03—BS, 2023I was wondering if anyone has a Chegg or Coursera account that we can borrow. With the lack of resources, especially the physical premise of the FLI office, we fear that there will be a lack of affordable resources for the Spring quarter. Thank youI can help with this request0
3/28/20 1:42—Undeclared, 2023I am an international student. My mom does not have a job anymore, so I used to work on campus and send money to my mom. But now I don’t have a job anymore. I can barely support myself now. I urgently need some money in this situation. Any amount would be highly appreciated. I can help with this request1Student's update: Dear Alum, my mom urgently needs $300 because my brother has to take SAT and TOEFL for his college admission. Unfortunately, we are low income international students. We are not eligible for any kind of fee waiver. Your help is deeply appreciated.
4/1/20 16:28—Political Science 2020Hello generous alumni. I am a First-generation and low-income student (FLI) student. I was told to leave campus and I am now in Florida. My mother is undocumented and is now unemployed due to the impacts of COVID-19 on the dry cleaners she worked at. Because she is undocumented she is ineligible for any financial assistance from the government. I also have been unable to work my job on campus for weeks, money which I relied on to support my family while I was on campus. My father's hours at his minimum wage job were also cut significantly. I am requesting $600 to help cover our rent and expenses. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much. Muchas Gracias.I can help with this request2Alums, I can cover $300. Can anyone cover the other $300? I can cover the 2nd half!
4/2/20 12:13—Education 2023As a student from Canada who has decided to stay in California to shelter-in-place I would like to create a will to ease both my own and my families concerns during COVID-19. If anyone could help me draft a will or direct me to a resource/notary that would be greatly appreciated. I can help with this request0Student has indicated this need has passed and can be considered fulfilled
4/2/20 12:23—Education 2023I am requesting help paying my car registration due in May. The total is $284 but would very happy for any assistance! Thank you so much.I can help with this request1Student has indicated this need has passed and can be considered fulfilled
4/2/20 16:59—GSB 2020I am looking for a part-time job for the spring quarter.
Due to COVID-19 I missed a job opportunity and need income.
Since I'm an international student- I can work only for 20 hours a week.
I need to submit a work request by April 8th
I have past experience with business general management, strategy, and product. Can take on any project.
I can help with this request0
4/3/20 13:48—Art History 2022I was able to make it home, so I'm living rent-free, but my mom recently lost her job (and can't find a new one due to COVID-19). My parents are doing their best, but they cannot cover the cost of my food for the quarter. Anything helps, but I'm looking at around $800 at a minimum in my area. Thank you!I can help with this request1Fulfilled $150. Student is waiting to hear whether Stanford Financial Aid can provide further assistance.
4/5/20 18:53—Product Design '21Currently in need of financial support as I have rent due as well as am in need of money for groceries. Still am not able to return home due to my current situation. Any aid would be appreciated and also looking for any remote work I can do in the field of design!I can help with this request1Student's 6/16 update, shared with their permission: My request still has not been fulfilled fully, as my medications are costly and recurring and the rest of my money goes to rent and food. I also still have not been able to return home yet.Sent $500, but student needs substantial aid for monthly medication costs.
4/12/20 16:05—Biology 2021I am looking for someone who could possible send financial assistance for me to pay for my housing storage. I have my items in Storage near Stanford because I was studying abroad during the winter. I will need assistance paying for the storage to keep my stuff during spring and summer quarter (approx 6 months). I think it will be around $250 total. If anyone can help it would be most appreciated, any bit helps. I can help with this request06/23 update: Student has sent in an update that "This has been fulfilled."
4/13/20 11:31—African and African American Studies 2023Hi! My mom isn’t receiving her stimulus check until way later because of complications with her taxes. So, we aren’t sure how we are going to pay the rent and other utilities this month. Our rent + utilities is about 1,100. Anything would help. We are extremely grateful! Peace and Love.I can help with this request1Fulfilled $100.
4/16/20 12:08—Human Biology 2021Hi! I was supposed to receive my stimulus check, but had complications with the IRS. I'm already behind on payments, so I would be eternally grateful for any aid to help pay for my groceries, utilities, and housing costs (~$450 total) . The Stanford Support Fund was unable to fund my request due to lack of donations. Anything will help, and thank you so much! I can help with this request1Fulfilled $150. Added $400.
4/28/20 15:27—Bioengineering 2020My single mother usually relies on my financial support to pay for groceries and medical bills. Unfortunately, both my brother and I lost our jobs because of the ongoing pandemic. I am asking for any possible help to cover groceries and medical bills this month (she tested positive for COVID-19 and is losing her normal income). My mother is one of the most compassionate and loving people I know-- she only asks for help in the most desperate of times. I am unable to return home to help her due to my own health complications. We spend about $100 for 2 weeks of groceries, and about $300 for medical this month that we couldn't get covered. Thank you so much--anything is appreciated. I can help with this request2Fulfilled $100. 6/16 update: Student has indicated their need has been fulfilled.
4/28/20 21:02—Computer Science 2021Dear alumni, I'm currently in need of emergency financial assistance due to my mom not being able to work due to the crisis. My mom is my sole parent so my family relies on her work, and now that I'm no longer self-sufficient from doing jobs on campus (even though I've been actively looking for remote jobs the past month), our situation at home is such that we're scrambling to make ends meet week to week. I would appreciate any and all financial assistance -- though I'm looking for around $200 for much-needed groceries in the near future -- and I thank you for being part of this incredible program!I can help with this request1Fulfilled $100. Student was able to find additional $100 from another source.
4/30/20 1:17—Biology 2021Hello! I am a current undergraduate at Stanford. I am reaching out to the Alumni network to see if I can get any help. I am currently in Southern California but I am in need of affordable housing for the summer in San Francisco. I will be returning to San Francisco around June 15th to conduct research at the CZ Biohub in Mission Bay to work on therapeutics and other research projects related to COVID-19. I am currently trying to see if any alumni know of affordable options for a 12 week stay in San Francisco. I can only really offer $1100/month right now because I am out of work and struggling financially. I know that it isn't much. Happy to discuss further or answer any questions. I can help with this request26/23 update: Student has indicated this need has been fulfilled!
5/5/20 11:57—Electrical Engineering 2020Hello, I am a FLI student requesting financial assistance to pay for work related fees. I am applying for an EAD card and the fee is $410, but I am unable to cover this at the moment. I would love any help with this amount so that I can work and have money to cover expenses for groceries/housing. Additionally, any help to buy groceries would be appreciated. Thanks so much for all your help and kindness!I can help with this request1Fulfilled $410. 6/26 student update: My request has been fulfilled, thanks so much!
5/8/20 17:51—Political Science 2020Hi! I am currently facing housing insecurity and would be so appreciative to anyone that could help me out. I am graduating next month and starting graduate school in Texas in August. The original plan was going to be to go home to my parents in Miami however because of preexisting health issues it is not safe for me to take a flight during this time and it is too far to drive with my old car. Because of my health issues and accommodations I am able to keep my housing on campus until August, however I am no longer able to receive financial aid to keep it. I had to stop working at my part-time job because of the COVID-19 so I have no income. My mom is the sole earner in my household and she recently lost her job, so my family can offer absolutely no financial help. The total cost is a little over $3,000 from June to August, but honestly anything helps. Thank you so much <3 I can help with this request1
5/21/20 3:29—Computer Science 2021I'm currently living on campus, but I have to move out in June. I am looking for someone to help me move out of my dorm and drive my belongings from Stanford to Mountain View where I'll be staying. I think van or another larger vehicle would probably work best. Ideally June 6. I'll have everything packed ahead of time to try to limit the amount of time you need to be involved. Thank you! I can help with this request1Contacted student--waiting to hear back! Didn't hear back, assume that the student was able to move safely
5/25/20 8:00—Political Science 2021Around end of March, I went back home in Kigali, Rwanda to study remotely, and managed to receive funding to rent a place for me and my mother to stay. As the school year is coming to an end, I received financial aid to cover housing for the spring quarter, but unfortunately starting End-june, I will be on my own. My mother does not work, so I am taking care of the household these days. We are currently staying in a 400$/month rental, and will need to cover the summer budget starting June 20th to September 20th (till I can receive financial aid in the fall again). Anything would help. I can help with this request2Covered one month of rent ($400), can somebody else help with the other two? Update: other two months covered! 6/17 update: student has indicated they now have all summer rent covered! thank you donors!
6/6/20 15:38—Mechanical Engineering 2014Laptop breakdownI can help with this request0
6/6/20 21:29—Sociology 2023My mom and I are behind on bills and payment once again. We have run out of money from the stimulus check and are back to exhausting other options. We need about 800 to cover our bills. Thank you! Anything helps.
I can help with this request2Fulfilled $150. ^^ Added $100
6/6/20 21:36—Economics 2023RACISM and looters have been causing havoc and now it became a even larger financial toll for me and my family. I am a first generation and low income freshman at Stanford. Before and even being on campus, I would work and be the main source of income for my family, as both my mother and father are DISABLED and UNEMPLOYED. We relied heavily on food banks and pantries for food, but right now they are CLOSED. My family and I are rationing instant meals like instant noodles and hotpockets. Online learning has been a HUGE toll on me as well. I DO NOT have a laptop and relied on a rental from a local middle school. I sit outside local high schools and libraries to access the internet connection, even though I am still in a shelter in place. Right now, I am scrambling and worried that we're going to get EVICTED and all the INSECURITIES that are going to unfold in the coming weeks. I am scared. We are scared. Please, anything helps--even re-sharing my story. Thank you all. God Bless!I can help with this request4Student's need has been fulfilled by at least $500 and has received a replacement laptop.
^^ Sent another $100.
Student's update as of 6/15: Unfortunately, I'm still scared and financially unstable. We're still trying the best that we can. I've reached out to a few places like the public housing, city halls, FLI office, Financial Aid Office; however, every little progress have been made since my request. I'm currently selling my clothes to thrift stores for $5 per pound of clothes--just to pay the bills. It is coming to a point where I'm thinking about taking a "gap year" from Stanford. I don't know if it's worth continuing my education, knowing that my father and mother are in a financial deficit. It's not fair to leave them at home with nothing. Taking a gap year from school and working for a year to pick up some pennies may be the only option :(
6/6/20 23:09—Engineering 2020I have also lost my source of income from my 2 on campus jobs. Also my mother was laid off from her job. I would greatly appreciate it if I can have some assistance financially. We have lost our source of income and the rent/bills are piling up. I would greatly appreciate if I can have assistance for my family during the summer. Greatly appreciate it. I can help with this request2
6/7/20 1:34—Undeclared 2022I am from South Asia. My family has $300 monthly income. Currently both my parents have lost their jobs and my on-campus job is also no longer available. For sustaining this month, my family needs about $800. So I request alumni to chip in however much they can (even $50 means a lot). Additionally, if anyone near Stanford/in Bay area can offer me a room at their house this summer, that would be a *huge* assistance to me. I am fun to be around; will make you laugh (if you want) or can stay quiet all day. I would definitely help out in household chores. If you have kids, I can tutor them (STEM subjects/public speaking and writing/SAT/college apps). I can help with this request3
6/7/20 1:39—ME 2020My MacBook Air is broken and I need a new one ASAP to finish my work online. Unfortunately I cannot afford a new one and I was wondering if there was anyone willing to assist me on buying new one or donating an extra spare that they may have. I need it for my summer work as well. Thank you. I can help with this request1
6/7/20 10:02—African and African American StudiesI am a queer black woman seeking safe housing after having to vacate an abusive household. I am providing for both my younger sister and myself and am just struggling to pay for housing that is safe for the both of us as black women living in predomenantly white neighborhoods. Any donations or advice would be so greatly appreciated. Blessings. I can help with this request5Contributed a small donation, please continue to support!Donated $50I am the student and in a much better place. No longer in need of donations- thank you so very much to everyone
6/7/20 11:48—Economics 2023To whom it may concern, doing Zoom classes over the course of the year was very inconvenient for me. I use public wifi from a local library (as my family, can't afford it) and my current laptop is a loner. Unfortunately, as the summer is near, I would have to return my laptop and will not have one. I'm desperate in trying to get a laptop. I have a small part-time internship this summer. I'm fighting to not make this internship remote. I want to be working in their offices. The problem is not because it is going to be online, but I will not have a laptop for the duration of my experience. I am reaching out the any alumni to please help me out. Anything to sharing this message will mean a lot. I'm working with Financial Aid, but they are unresponsive.I can help with this request1Student: I've talked to my employer and they may cut me from the position, because it is essentially impossible to do the work without a laptop
Update 7/1 - donated $300
6/7/20 14:29—MSE 2023Hello, because of COVID my mom was unemployed for a while and we fell behind on bills and are late on our rent payment for the month. I am working a part-time job, but I can only cover so much from it. I would appreciate any help for the outstanding debts we have which add up to about $1100. I would truly appreciate any helpI can help with this request2Gave $600 to student. Added another $500, which now allows student to pay 1 month's rent and utility bills.
6/7/20 15:55—Management Science and Engineering 2020Being home during this time period created an accumulation of expenses at home that are not usually there. I am on full scholarship and usually have meals accounted for through dining hall food and no need for transportation(by car). Being home required time to use a credit card to provide for most of meals to help out and transportation to get me to my job. Would love help to pay off this credit card debt.I can help with this request0
6/7/20 18:21—Computer Science 2020Hi, I'm a FLI student originally from Vietnam. Both my parents have been out of work since March. My dad has a medical condition which makes physical labor difficult for him. Both of my parents do not speak English and have struggled to find new work during this time. Soon my other sibling will be coming to live at home for the long-term, adding another mouth to feed. Any financial assistance or gift cards to food shop (such as Amazon, Safeway, or Target) will be used to help my family pay for food expenses and utilities like electricity. Food is the most important concern right now. I am also looking for remote jobs for both my brother and myself in my home city to help out my family! Thank you so much.I can help with this request3
6/7/20 18:43—Psychology ‘20Hello! I was recently staying with a family member who recently kicked me out unexpectedly. Looking to rent a place but currently unemployed. Rent is around 2200 but just looking for 1000 for now. ANY help is appreciated. Thank you so much!I can help with this request1Student: I am still searching for rent. Unemployed at the moment, but actively searching for jobs. Any amount of assistance is appreciated
6/7/20 18:45—Undeclared 23I usually pay my mom's rent, but since I've been unable to work I've had to dip into savings. As of now, I don't have enough to pay the next time around. Any amount would be appreciated.I can help with this request1Student: Has been filled for about a month, would appreciate any other possible aid.
6/7/20 18:48—TAPS 2020I am a FLI student and recently had to head back home because both of my parents were diagnosed with COVID-19. Thankfully, they are both off ventilators now, but I am still having to care for them full time while they recover. They are unable to work and must manage to pay rent, food costs, utilities, etc. I have taken on part-time gig work, but am struggling to provide for them. I am in desperate need of financial assistance to get through this rough period. I can help with this request2As of 6/26, student has received at least $200, which closes the gap for first month's rent.
6/7/20 19:21—Psychology 2023I am a FLI student planning on living in an airbnb close to campus (since I can’t afford to live on campus this summer and this is my cheapest for secure housing) but will have trouble paying for groceries, toiletries, and laundry. Any amount helps, just trying to make it through the summer! Thank you!I can help with this request2
6/7/20 19:40—Philosophy 2022I have no money right now. I need help to pay my Stanford housing bill. My computer recently broke. I had to buy a new one out of pocket (credit card) bc apple store was closed for repairs and all my classes are online. I now have to find a way to pay for both the new computer and the repair and my housing and food. ANY financial assistance in ANY amount is so welcome. I can help with this request1Student has received at least $200, but really needs more. Student's words, shared with permission: I still have barely any money and desperately need funding for food and my housing bill. Any support in any amount would make such a big difference to me; I really need help.
6/7/20 19:41—Philosophy 2022My residence is getting so hot with no way to cool (over 100 degrees some times). I really need an a/c unit or cooler of some kindI can help with this request0Student: My request has not been fulfilled. I still need $200-300, the heat is literally unbearable and I don't know what to do.
6/8/20 16:26—International Relations 2023My boyfriend and I (both Black, FLI frosh students) are looking for a place to store our dorm belongings. We both left the university before we knew we wouldn't be able to come back to get our stuff so everything we have is there :( Now that we are being allowed to go back and get our stuff in waves this, is really stressing us out since we don't know where we will store it. Bringing all of our items home is not an option since we can't afford that nor have space, so if anybody does please let me know!! It would only be for the summer and we would both be very grateful. I can help with this request3
6/8/20 16:33—International Relations 2023Hey everyone! I'm looking for financial assistance to help my family here at home. We would really appreciate any Walmart or Target and gas gift cards (Quick Trip!!) I can help with this request1Sent student $300 on 6/25 to help them with their need.
6/8/20 16:53—Biomedical Computation 2022I am currently a sophomore studying to become a medical doctor who will fight racial injustice in healthcare. I am FLI (first-generation low-income) and have grown up in the Bay Area, where I’ve experienced the effects of gentrification firsthand. Now, I am struggling to pay rent to be able to be housed this summer because Stanford has kicked us off campus with no financial aid during Covid-19 crisis. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you :)I can help with this request1As of 6/18, student need has been fulfilled by at least $200. Student's update: "I was able to pay first month's rent. Thank you for your help! Now, I am short on funds for groceries and gas (I work Doordash). Any donation amount or gift cards for food or gas would be really helpful. Stay safe out there"
6/8/20 17:22—Mechanical Engineering 2021I'm an international student living near campus and ever since lockdown started, I lost my earning sources that I used to pay for rent and food while working on campus. I would really appreciate some kind of assistance that could help me for a few months with rent and food.I can help with this request2Reached out to student. Will take care of groceries per week until school starts in Fall. 6/25: added $200 to the fund. Student has indicated more assistance is needed for summer rent costs
6/8/20 23:32—ME 2021Hello, My laptop is broken and I can't afford a new one. I was wondering if I can get help or if someone would be willing to donate a new one. I need if more my online summer classes. Please help. I appreciate it!I can help with this request1
6/9/20 9:16—Computer Science 2023I am a FLI international student and I lost my on-campus job in winter quarter and have not had any work since then. I also lost my summer job because of covid-19. I can't go back home to avoid visa issues when I need to return to campus for academic work. I can't stay on campus because I can't afford to pay for room and board. I need some money to find shelter and food over summer. I lost my father two months ago, and his funeral is coming up soon. I need to be able to support my mum and siblings. I will appreciate any amount. Thank you!!
I am also a Computer Science major and would be happy to get an internship in this field.
I can help with this request2As of 6/18, student need has been filled by at least $800. But student has indicated that the need exceeds that and could still benefit from aid
6/9/20 20:56—Chemical Engineering 2023Hi! I’m a Black, FLI student living on campus looking to secure some food and other supplies to sustain myself until I start working! Thank you! I can help with this request2
6/10/20 1:26—Product Design 2023I recently lost the job that I had secured for the summer because of COVID-19. If there are any remote design opportunities (UI/UX, graphic, web, etc.) please let me know! Or any opportunities in New York City work too!I can help with this request2
6/10/20 14:06—MSE 2022I am a FLI student, who needs to return to campus to pack up my belongings. I have only just received notification that my room has to be packed by June 21st and flights are pretty expensive now since that only gives me 11 days. I would really appreciate if someone could help me out in some way - miles or dollars!I can help with this request5
6/10/20 19:00—MCSI am experiencing some financial issues. My mother and I have lost my source of income. We are running behind on paying the rent ($1,700) a month. I also have to pay for the bills and we are a few months behind. I would greatly appreciate financial assistance. Thank you!
I can help with this request1
6/10/20 19:05—Chemical Engineering 2023Hello! I am a Black, FLI student on campus and I was wondering if there were any work opportunities or, more importantly internships for first-year college students in the area(s) of Chemical Engineering or Environmental Sustainability (climate change, etc.). I really hope to get some hands on experience and support myself this summer as I still have to pay for housing and support myself. Thank you so much! I can help with this request1Student: I’m staying on campus in the Stanford/Palo Alto & would also welcome remote internships in the areas listed above! I have to pay $6000 in fees for staying on campus and an internship or grants I could apply to would really help!
6/10/20 20:18—Mechanical Engineering I am taking summer classes and I have no laptop. My old laptop is not working and I can’t rent one through Stanford since I’ll be taking classes outside of Stanford. I would appreciate any help getting a laptop or getting any financial assistance paying for one. Appreciate any help! I can help with this request1
6/10/20 20:25—Mechanical Engineering 2021My parents are not working and I also don’t have a source of income. I would appreciate any financial assistance to pay for bills and rent, etc. thank you in advance I can help with this request1Gave $500 to student to help.
6/10/20 21:03—ERE 2020Due to the pandemic, my work hours have drastically decreased leaving me to come up short on my rent for housing. I have reached out to family to help but because of similar work hour reductions and furloughs, they have only been able to contribute a portion of the cost. Due to health concerns, changing residences is not at all favoured, and I need to be in the area in case of work, so moving back with parents is also not an option.
I am currently short about $200 for my next payment. Any help is thoroughly appreciated!
I can help with this request1Connected with the student and gave them $50. Fulfilled another $200, but student has said they'll need another $200 by the end of July to make ends meet.
6/10/20 21:04—Political Science 2023I had to fly home to MI - due to Covid. But, then my mom’s housing was not stable and had to fly back to CA and I am staying with my sister and her family. My most urgent need is for a computer, as mine broke and I have a job through the psychology department doing online research this summer. I have to move my items out of my dorm room on 6-13-2020 and will need to pay for some storage. I also need to pay towards my summer housing and food costs where I live now while my mom tries to find new housing. I can help with this request1SO grateful for the person who helped donate to my families expenses! Their donation will go a long way in helping me pay for my summer living expenses and support some of my families needs!
6/10/20 22:03—Urban Studies 2021My situation at home has become unsafe so I am in need of any extra money. Any additional funds will be used for housing expenses and other necessities like food.I can help with this request2
6/11/20 0:27—Biology 2021Hello! I am reaching out in need of emergency financial assistance. My computer has broken and my family is currently struggling financially on their own. I have been doing remote work/jobs for the past months to support them. I was supposed to start a summer remote internship where most of my funds would be used to help my family. I am not sure if I am able to get my computer repaired given current store shut downs and so am looking to pay for alternative laptops that I can continue to carry out my work on. Any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated even if you are unable to give the full amount. All the support you can give will go a long way. I can help with this request2Student needs another $350 by July 6th
6/11/20 13:26—Management Science and Engineering 2023This past quarter, I came back home but my family of five stays in a one-bedroom apartment with no internet/place to study. So, I decided to use Stanford's assistance to rent my own place. In the meantime, I have been actively searching for a full-time job that will adequately cover my costs (e.g. rent, food, car payment, internet, electric bill, water bill) but due to the current situation, finding a non-minimum wage job has been very difficult. I recently heard back on a position, I will be starting June 22nd but with that start date, I won't have enough time to rack up the money needed for July's bills (most due July 1st).I can help with this request1As of 6/28, student's need has been met by at least $600. They may still need assistance
6/11/20 16:13—Human Biology, 2021I've been sleeping on the floor for the past few weeks since I have no mattress at home and my family is currently struggling financially due to my sister's recent job loss. I recently decided it was time to save for a mattress since I will continue to stay home for the rest of the year and my back has started to ache. As a first-gen and low-income student, any help is appreciatedI can help with this request2Partially fulfilled. At least $200 more is needed. Can someone help close the gap?
6/11/20 17:26—Political Science /Psychology. 2003My laptop broke during the quarter. I was able to have one “on loan” from Stanford (Techdesk) to finish the quarter. I have to return it on 6-15-2020. I have an online (due to Covid) research job for the summer. I need a laptop to keep this summer position. I am unable to have a computer on loan for the summer, as I am not taking summer classes. I am a FLI student. I will be staying with extended family in CA for the summer. Please let me know if you have a working laptop that you are willing to donate. Thanks!! I can help with this request26/29 Student's update: I have not yet found the kind of laptop I need to do my summer internship work. My lab let me borrow a laptop, however, it is not a permenant solution. I have now looked into applying for the opportunity fund, if anyone has any experience on this let me know!
6/11/20 17:27—ME 2021Hello! I am actively looking for a summer internship. The one that I had for this summer got canceled and I really need the summer income. I would greatly appreciate it if I can get connected or have an opportunity for a job offer during the summer. Thank you. I can help with this request1
6/11/20 17:34—MCSDear Alumni, My father is not able to work. I lost my job (which was our only income). We are unable to pay for about rent and other medical bills. It's been very difficult for me to support my family. I am the only one that is able to work. Any financial assistance would help. I can help with this request1
6/11/20 20:14—Symbolic Systems 2021I'm an international student who need to stay on campus for summer to make sure I have a conducive environment to graduate next year. I have been living independent of my parents for 3 years. I've covered my parents' contribution for tuition for the past 3 school years, and intend to do so for the next year as well. I usually have a research job over the summer and a ResEd job that provides free housing to pay for my parents + my contribution for the following school year. I would appreciate any help to pay room and board for this summer. Thank you!I can help with this request1
6/11/20 20:43—Computer Science 2023I'm a first-gen, low income (FLI) student. I'm currently located in the Bay and would appreciate any financial assistance and/or CS internship opportunities! My mother is unable to work due to health issues and my father was laid off since March due to COVID. We were already struggling financially before the pandemic but circumstances have become worse. It's been hard to keep up with rent in the Bay Area. My parents are not fluent in English and it's been difficult to find a new job. I also never received my stimulus check. My family needs ~$800/month. Any financial assistance (gift cards, Venmo, etc) for food, bills, and essentials would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!I can help with this request16/26 update: sent student $500. Student needs another $200 to cover rent
6/11/20 20:47—Human Biology 2020I am asking for help buying a working phone to use in my job hunt. I am low income on full financial aid and have also had a lot of health issues in college that have led to me paying thousands in medical bills. My part-time job was moved online and my hours and pay were cut. My phone is over 2 years old and the microphone doesn't work, which is making searching for a full time job and working online very difficult. Any money toward a phone would be a huge, huge help. I would also be happy to have an old iPhone someone isn't using, as long as it works. I can help with this request3
6/11/20 21:43—undecided 2023I am an international student stuck here in the summer due to travel bans imposed by my country. I will undergo surgery this summer, so taking classes and wasting a quarter of financial aid is not an option for me. Stanford is charging over $6000 for summer housing. I also can't stay off-campus because my doctors think it's not safe for me after surgery (COVID-19). I am in desperate need of money. Please help!I can help with this request1Student note (shared with their permission): Dear Stanford Alum, it's easy to think that international students are rich. Many of them are, but I am from a very low income background. I receive full financial aid. However, the financial aid office has turned its back on us at this moment of crisis. I really need money to have a roof over my head this summer. The cost of housing is over $6000. I initially asked for $2000 because I was too embarrassed to ask for more. Truth is I need a lot more than $2000. But $2000 would at least cover the mandatory meal plan.
6/11/20 21:58—Undeclared 2023I am a first-year FLI student who has been living with my family since the end of the winter quarter. On campus, I had two jobs, working 15-20 hours a week to support myself and my family but I have been unemployed since coming home. I've been using my financial aid money/stipend check, but that money has been running out. I also have not yet received my stipend for my summer internship, so I'm looking for any financial assistance available. On top of that, no one in my household is eligible for the stipend check. I'm helping my mom to pay $3k for our car after our old one is no longer usable, along with groceries and other bills. Any financial help would be appreciated, along with any remote work opportunities that I could use to gain a stable income.I can help with this request1Student: I’m thankful to have had an alumni respond to my request and contribute $150, but other than that I’m still hoping to gather up more funds.
6/11/20 22:24—Symbolic Systems and German Studies 2020Hi, my family's home burned down at night and we've lost almost everything. My dad can't work and my mom has been laid off due to COVID. My mom hasn't been able to get her unemployment checks, because we've been homeless and jumping around from place to place. We fortunately have finally found a place to stay for the next few months, but we need as much help as we can get financially. There are 5 of us, but only my mom and I have savings from our jobs. We have almost depleted our combined savings. If you can afford to help, we really appreciate it. Any amount helps. I put the amount as $10,000 for now, based off our calculations for what we need bare minimum for the next few months. Thank you, we really appreciate anything you can offer! I can help with this request3
6/11/20 22:24—International Relations 2023I am a FLI student living on campus this summer without any support from my parents. It's a hard story to tell, but in short, I can't ask for them for money without again being at their mercy. I had an international fellowship planned for the summer that got canceled because of COVID, and another back-up job on campus with ResEd that also was axed. Stanford has refused to waive housing costs, even for students on financial aid, so I will need to pay for the summer housing costs in full, which comes out to $6,578. That's more than two-quarters of my regular school year--with tuition included. This is at a time when peer schools are charging a fraction of this--Harvard is only charging students $200 for summer room and board.

I'm doing all I can to get a job. I've applied to over 10 jobs on campus, but I'm waiting for a reply on all of them. Moreover, even if I do get a job working 40 hours a week, I will need it to pay roughly $20/hour pre-tax to make the housing costs by the end of the summer and currently no job on-campus is paying that to undergrads. I would appreciate any financial help you could provide to pay down this ridiculous cost.
I can help with this request1Student's update as of 6/20: I am still looking for aid with the summer housing costs. I received a donation from one alumni for $100, but I am still at a major deficit. I worked with the alumni advisor to the Mutual Aid Group to figure out my cash flow through a spreadsheet she made after consulting with the admin and other students. Even if I get a job, which I am still waiting to hear back from, the cost of other basic needs still won't be met. I will still have a $2443 shortfall. I am currently digging into my savings to pay for those basic needs like groceries, toiletries, etc.
6/11/20 23:09—Undecided 2023Hi, I’m an international student and I went back to my home country this quarter and with everything that happened I lost my on campus job, and I’ve been the only one working for about almost a year now. The quarter is now over and I wasn’t able to land a paying internship, so we don’t know what we’ll do for rent and food. Our rent is due on the 20th and we’re nowhere close to finding a solution. I’ll honestly appreciate any help that can be extended to us, and I’m extremely grateful for y’all creating this platform to help us out. Thank you. Also, if anyone is offering a paid summer experience I’d gladly take it up, it’ll help me sort out the rent for subsequent monthsI can help with this request1As of 6/18, student's need has been met by at least $700, allowing them to cover one month's rent
6/12/20 9:09—Literature 2020Due to the severe economic impact of COVID-19, I need to supplement parent's income to make our rent. I also know that the pandemic's interruption of the school year has dramatically children's education and knowledge retention. So, I am requesting a tutoring job teaching any level K-12 and can provide excellent instruction in SAT/ACT/AP/Subject Tests, Spanish, English/essay techniques, Biology, Math, and college admissions. I am happy to start work immediately and can absolutely send my resume/CV upon request. I can help with this request1
6/12/20 9:33—Economics 2023Hi! I'm sorry to bother you, but I really need help. I am a FLI student from an isolated, rural area with few opportunities. My campus job has ended, and my parents have lost a lot of their income. I don't know how to make it through this year and all the uncertainty. Paying rent, utilities, and groceries has become difficult. Thank you so much. I am beyond grateful. I can help with this request1