CompanyCategory / SubjectPlatformGrade / Age GroupLinkDescriptionFree Service Offered
12 Museum Virtual ToursArt/CultureOnlineALL Arts & Culture teamed up with over 500 museums/galleries around the world to bring everyone virtual tours and online exhibits of some of the most famous museums around the world.Free virtual tours of 12 famous museums
123 Homeschool for MEALL ContentOnlineALL printable worksheets and educational activities to help making learning fun. Resources arranged by grade or subject.Free worksheets and activities
2SimpleALL ContentOnlinePreK-6 Mash is a website designed for children aged 3-11. It contains many creative tools ie: coding, animation, publishing, art and also applications for maths, spelling and grammar. Teachers can ‘set work’ for children easily then view / comment on completed files. It also contains thousands of topic based activities. Serial Mash gives you a whole library of e-books and corresponding activities. Both can be used on any tablet or computer with a web browser.
3DBearTechnologyApp AR learning app and lesson plans provide you and your students with the opportunity to design and create in Augmented Reality.Free app and lesson plans
ABDO/abdodigital.comELAOnlinePreK-12's entire eBook collection is now available to students to access at home FREE.Free until May 31, 2020
AcademonsMath, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, ESLApp3-5 Nº1 Homeschooling App in Spanish for Primary students30 days of free access to PRO version: +10.000 learning games for all subjects: Maths, Español, English, Science, Geography and History
Academy4SCSocial Studies, Psychology, ELA, SociologyVideo6-12 is a video series on various psychology, rhetoric, logic, reasoning, and economic topics. Each video comes with an explanation of the topic as well as a lesson plan. New videos are added frequentlyEducational videos and lesson plans
Accurate Learning Systems CorporationMathOnlineK-9http://www.mathscore.comIndividuals that sign up for free home version accounts can master their math facts for free. This is an important area of focus often neglected by schools. Teachers that want free full access to all of the topics for the remainder of this school year can inquire here:
AcessibyteAssistive TechnologyOnlineParents Students Teachers Online is offering free access to its entire cloud platform of apps for blind, low vision, deaf and reading impaired students. Highly visual and fully audible typing tutor, games, flash cards and study apps.Free Access
ActivEd, Inc.Physical EducationLessonsStudents Parents Teachers, Inc. offers Walkabouts, web-based lessons for pre-K to second-grade students that integrate movement with language arts, math, and reading content and correlate to your state’s standards.To support your efforts to keep your students moving and learning outside of school due to closures related to COVID-19, we have decided to make the Walkabouts platform temporarily available at no cost to any classrooms impacted by school closures and remote learning needs.
Actively LearnELA Science Social StudiesOnline3-12 Learn is a web-based reading platform that helps students read deeply and think critically, with thousands of texts and associated instruction in ELA, Science, and Social Studies.Free - Create a Teacher account / ability to upload your own documents
13 & CraftsOnline / PrintingPreK-6 Village provides thousands of colouring pages, crafts, puzzles, worksheets and more, for parents and teachers.Specially for these difficulit times, free themed bundles of fun printable activities for children - including puzzles, colouring pages, fun worksheets and more.
Age of Learning (ABCMouse, Adventure Academy, ReadingIQ)Reading ELAOnlinePreK-8 of Learning provides schools closed due to the coronavirus with free home access for all affected families to leading digital education programs ABCmouse, Adventure Academy, and ReadingIQ. Programs serve students in preschool / pre-k, elementary school, and middle school.Accounts extended through 8/15
AirDeck.coPresentationOnlineTeachers Studentshttp://AirDeck.coOnline platform that allows you to create narrated presentations. AirDeck is giving educators a free Pro license ($400 value), using coupon code: FRIENDS.
ALBERTAP SubjectsSSO / District6-12 has resources for both middle and high school, through AP level.Schools forced to shut down can get a free, extended pilot for as long as they are impacted.
AlchemieChemistryApp9-12 Mechanisms app allows students to learn and practice reaction mechanisms by moving and manipulating individual bonds and electrons. Instructors can assign specific puzzle problems through the Epiphany Dashboard. Students will be able to access those puzzles through the App on their phone or tablet. Demos of the Mechanisms and Epiphany Dashboard are available for free.Alchemie is offering the Mechanism App for free from now until the end of the spring semester. June 30th
Algebravideotutor.comAlgebraOnline6-12 brief (2.5 min average), informative videos covering the easiest and most commonly asked concepts on the Algebra 1 Common Core Regents! The entire video series is only 80 minutes in length!Free, 30 day access from the date of enrollment to "30 Ways to Pass the Algebra 1 Common Core Regents!" (normal access is 330 days). This offer expires on 3/31/2020.
All Kids NetworkMath, Reading, Writing, ESL, Early Childhood, Special EducationPrintables WorksheetsK - 2nd offer FREE educational resources, worksheets, writing prompts, themed coloring pages, craft and snack ideas for parents, teachers & caregivers.FREE educational resources
American Archive of Public BroadcastingSocial Studies, Primary SourcesOnline Printabless6-12https://americanarchive.orgThe American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) is a collaboration between the Library of Congress and the WGBH Educational Foundation to coordinate a national effort to preserve at-risk public media before its content is lost to posterity and provide a central web portal for access to the unique programming that public stations have aired over the past 70 years. To date, over 110,000 digital files of television and radio programming contributed by more than 130 public media organizations and archives across the United States have been preserved and made accessible for long-term preservation and access. Access to thousands of historic public television and radio programs.
American Association of Chemistry TeachersChemistryFull lesson plans with links to online componentsK-12 American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) is a professional community by and for K–12 teachers of chemistry. Take advantage of AACT's benefits to connect with peers, discover quality classroom resources, and achieve your professional goals. Membership is open to educators and anyone in the United States and around the world with an interest in K–12 chemistry education.Through March 31 (updated as of 3/13)
American Chemical SocietyScience ChemistryOnline Printabless Videos6-12 American Chemical Society has ChemMatters magazines, targeted for high schoolers, available online. Site includes videos, experiments, and online games for students to practice their chemistry skills.Free All The Time -
American PanoramaGeography Social StudiesOnline6-12 Panorama is an historical atlas of the United States for the twenty-first century. It combines cutting-edge research with innovative interactive mapping techniques, designed to appeal to anyone with an interest in American history or a love of maps.Free
American Reading CompanyReadingOnline, AppPreK-2 Bookshelf is a mobile application available on iOS, Android and viewable on the web, providing American Reading at Home titles specially designed for successful reading practice.12 Free eBooks (6 in English; 6 in Spanish)
Angel Island Immigrant Journeys (Curriculum)Social StudiesOnline Virtual Field Trips3-12 Island Immigration Station's curriculum guides, called "Immigrant Journeys," provide strategies and background material designed for teachers of Grades 3-12.These free guides contain lessons, student worksheets, primary source documents from the National Archives, historical photographs, and list of resources to introduce students to the experience of immigrants on Angel Island.
AprenderGratisMath, Reading, Science, Foreign Language, Special Education, Intervention ResourcesDownloadable Resources ALL than 2000 free resources and courses for teachers in Spanish overallCourses and resources for classes
ArcademicsMath, Algebra, ELA, Spelling, Typing, GeographyOnline , Ap1-6 student engagement & fact fluency with our free multiplayer educational games, math games, language arts games, and more!Always Free
Ardor MathMathOnline, App7-8https://www.ardoreducation.comMath practice system. Web, iOS, Android. Teacher dashboard and student practice app.We are giving 7th and 8th grade teachers who work in school affected by the coronavirus free Unlimited subscriptions. Just email us and we will set you up.
Artrageous with NateFine Arts, with Nate is a six-time Emmy award winning video series. We travel the globe exploring where creativity is happening.Interactive videos meant to stimulate creativity and a hands-on activity at home.
ArtusiMusic TheoryOnline, Printabless7-12www.artusi.xyzArtusi is a suite of digital workbooks to help students learn the fundamental skills of music theory faster, better, and more accurately than before so they can spend more time pursuing the creative mission of music making and music study.All Artusi online services are free to affected schools, universities, and other institutions until June 30. Email to be added.
ASSISTmentsMathOnline6-8new.assistments.orgFree tool for math teachers to assign classwork and homework. Compatible with Google Classroom and many common curricula like Illustrative Mathematics. Students receive immediate feedback and teachers receive reports with student- and class-level data to inform instruction.The platform is entirely free
AstrostemScience, STEM, Astronomy and Space Sciences, Astrophysics, Earth SciencesOnlineALL is an online education platform that includes astronomy lessons, astronomy applications, astronomy workshops, space games, current astronomy and space science news and allows users to produce their own content.All resources free with creation of online account
Auditory SciencesTranslation / Communication with non-English speaking familiesOnlineK-12 Sciences is partnering with academic institutions who are preparing for prolonged absences and/or campus closures due to COVID-19. They are creating for your school a free captioning, note-taking and translation website that you can use to facilitate off-campus communications with students and faculty.A private and secure Streamer captioning, translation and note-taking website configured specifically for your school. Students and faculty can use the website to caption and/or translate all conversations and lectures and do this anytime and as often as desired.
Bamboo LearningMath, Reading, Social Studies, ESL, Early ChildhoodAlexa PreK-8 Learning offers FREE voice-based applications (Alexa skills) that cover a range of academic subjects, including math, ELA/listening comprehension, and social studies. Bamboo Learning Alexa skills focus on fun, home-based, family-friendly learning, and ensure children's engagement utilizing the unique nature of voice technology that promotes active conversational learning.-- Bamboo Books: helps practice active listening and improve listening comprehension, offers stories for three age groups
-- Bamboo Luminaries: an engaging social studies trivia game that showcases prominent and lesser-known influential historical figures from diverse fields
-- Bamboo Math: helps practice mental math, offers number problems and over 500,000 fun and engaging word problems
-- Bamboo Music: introduces basic music theory, offers fun and engaging music games
-- Highlights Storybooks from Bamboo: co-developed with literacy experts at Highlights magazine
-- Bamboo Grove: a web-based application that enables parents to follow their children's progress
Bark for SchoolsOnline Safety for Parents and ChildrenOnlineK-8 you need to help educate families about online safety — for freeOnline safety materials
BASHO & FRIENDS All-Access Spanish LibrarySpanish Videos1-8 & FRIENDS makes music-based foreign language learning resources with a focus on Spanish.Free access for the next three months to our music-based Spanish lessons covering topics ranging from days of the week and the seasons, to colors and classroom objects. This includes music videos, worksheets, and song files.
Bedtime MathMathOnline, AppK-5www.bedtimemath.orgBedtime Math is a national nonprofit that ignites kids' curiosity and learning by unleashing the fun in math. It offers playful online math problems for parents to do with their kids every day, as well as lively hands-on games. Research has shown that both offerings reduce kids’ math anxiety, increase their love of math, and lay the groundwork for greater math achievement.In response to sudden demand for learning at home, we’ve taken our engaging and research-proven after-school math club activities and presenting them for families to use for free: Families can also download our free Bedtime Math app on iOS and Android, which delivers a fun new math problem every day for families to do together and is proven to boost kids’ math skills.
BeeLine ReaderALL Special Reader helps students read on screen more effectively. It is used both by skilled readers (including high school and college students) and readers with dyslexia, ADHD and autism. The technology is backed by educational research and has won social impact awards from the United Nations and Stanford University.Free access to the BeeLine Reader Browser Plugin for Chrome through September 2020. Email and we’ll send you a free account for you and your students!
BelougaGlobal Citizenship SELOnline3-8 is a digital platform providing K-12 teachers and students with a personalized learning journey through connection, communication and collaboration with peers around the world.Always Free.
BFW - Bedford, Freeman & Worth HS PublishersAP CoursesOnline9-12 is the premier Advanced Placement publisher.90 days free ebook to any BFW title - online and offline access (no internet required after download)
BiblioBoard (RAILS for Schools)ELAOnline, e-books3-12 of simultaneous access e-books and resources, available to everyone in Illinois all the time.This service is provided at no cost via RAILS. It is always free, always available.
Big History ProjectSocial Studies Global StudiesOnlineALL Free.
Biology SimulationsScienceOnline9-12www.biologysimulations.comSimulations and virtual labs for biology topics including evolution, ecology, and cellular energetics.All materials are free
Bites MediaSocial Studies, Civics & Media LiteracyOnline6-12 resource for middle and high school teachers & students! Bites Media connects credible, high standard media reporting on current events with "why it matters" to democracy and citizenship, supporting students with developing critical media literacy skills and helping tomorrow’s leaders be more informed citizens today.Free, up-to-date and reader-friendly content on nearly 200 relevant and timely topics and world events, including: Law and Politics, Science and Technology, Life and Arts, plus Sports and Health. Also access to Bites Media newsletter.
BiteScisScience, STEMOnlineHigh School integrates current scientific research into NGSS-aligned lessons aimed at introductory high school level courses. Most lesson are easily modified for remote learning.Lesson plans and all corresponding materials are always free.
BlockCADCoding MathOnline1-8 builds math and computer science skills by using a specialized 3D CAD (computer-aided drafting) software. A block-based coding platform allows students to create and manipulate 3D objects while using geometry and computational thinking skills.We'd like to support teachers by offering anyone in a closed school the chance to have access to BlocksCAD for Education Premium for free until the end of the school year.
Blocksmith, IncScience, STEM, CAD, CodingOnline3-12 highly accessible software for students age 8 and up to learn about 3D video game making, incl modeling, animations and programming. Virtual Reality friendly. Hourly lesson plans guide students step by step to making their first games.Free Software to use. Free trial for advanced features and a free 2h curriculum sample making their first 3D games.
BoardmakerSpecial Education Primary GradesOnline PrintablessTeachers is a collection of standardized picture symbols used for communication with students who are strong visual learners. This includes those with autism spectrum disorders, Down Syndrome, speech and language disorders, and behavioral disorders.We have a thematic series of units called Boardmaker Activities to Go- all free, and ready to download, print, copy etc.
Boddle LearningMathOnline1-6 is a math platform for 1-6th grade that makes learning fun and personalized. Teachers are able to track student progress remotely and quickly identify learning gaps.Boddle is currently being offered at no cost to educators that are dealing with school closures. Add #remote next to school name on sign-up page.
BookCreater AppELA ReadingOnlineK-12 Creator can be used in any subject, with any grade level. So you should focus on assignments that allow the student to get creative and demonstrate their understanding. This could literally be anything you’ve been working on in class!With Book Creator online you can bring creativity to your homes (not just your classrooms!). So, we’re supporting you in two ways. Firstly, we’d like to offer everyone the ability to collaborate together on books in real-time. This is a premium feature that is usually only available with a paid subscription, but we’re offering 90 days free use of this tool, to help keep students and teachers connected.
BrainPopALLOnline, GameUp, PrintablessK-12's animated movies, creative thinking tools, interactive quizzes, and playful assessments have made a difference for millions of students.WHRSD has free access to the entire BrainPop platform until the end of this school year. Students can access the site via Clever.
BritannicaScience Social StudiesOnline K-12 has made available COVID-19 emergency resources to every school in the U.S. Get free access to Britannica LaunchPacks, for social studies and science, being leveraged by schools across the world who are grappling with shutdowns, conducting virtual lessons, and working to minimize the impact on students, families, and staff.Britannica LaunchPacks, for social studies and science.
Bulb Digital PortfoliosALLOnline1-8; under 13 with parent permissionbulbapp.combulb is a digital portfolio used by students to build skills for the future, by teachers to measure competencies and by districts to meet learning goals. bulb is ad-free, meets data privacy policies and integrates with most LMS and SIS systems.bulbEd, our flagship product for schools will be free to schools and districts closing through the rest of the school year and into summer, (July 31). A digital portfolio account has always been free to all educators, sign up here to get your account up and running: If you would like to know more how to get your classroom and/or school up and running in a matter of days with bulb please email: and mention in the subject this resource - Amazing Educational Resources bulbEd Offer
BunceeALLOnline Collaborative1-12 creation and communication tool for students, educators and administrators to create interactive content, allowing those of all ages to visualize concepts and communicate creatively.Featuring a variety of tips, tutorials, and template activities, Ideas Lab, makes it easy for classrooms to innovate learning at school - anytime, anywhere, and for nearly anything. With 1000+ templates, and 300+ ideas to choose from, Ideas Lab will help your school achieve 21st Century Learning objectives with ease.
Bunk HistorySocial StudiesOnline8-12 archive of a variety of media produced about current events, public history and government. Bunk shows connection both spatially and across historic eras.Free
Busy Kids Do PianoMusic InstrumentOnlineALL month of lessons with coupon code PIANOATHOME
BWS Education ConsultingTest PrepOnline11-12 handouts, practice tests, and review guides about ACT & SAT test preparation and college admissions, we will post them here. Students and parents are welcome to download and use any of these to help with test prep and college admissions.
Calico SpanishForeign LanguagePrintablesK-2 Spanish creates curriculum anyone can use to teach young children real Spanish for a real future.10 days of elementary Spanish lessons any family can do at home (Also, 7-day trial always includes 8 full units free and we'll offer free extensions to anyone affected by school closures.)
Camp Kindness CountsSEL and Character Development - social emotional Kindness Count is a non-profit organization that supports social emotional learning and character development in elementary school aged kids.Free, research-informed activity curriculum for elementary aged kids focused on developing character strengths such as gratitude and generosity. Activities are designed to need minimal supplies and to be easy for parents to facilitate.
CanFigureIt GeometryGeometry MathOnline7-10 by teachers, this highly interactive tool provides an easy-to-use workspace where students can practice proofs while exercising their deductive reasoning muscles.Always Free.
Canva for EducationALLOnlineTeachers are offering a super-charged version of Canva to classrooms for free. Jam-packed with value and time-saving features (plus millions of free images), every user of Canva for Education gets hundreds of dollars of value for free. Register your class to unlock the best teaching tools Canva has to offer – from classroom collaboration to folders that help you stay organized.The Canva Pro subscription for FREE to all teachers.
Capstone ClassroomReading eBooksOnlinePreK-2 you find your school or district in a situation where you will need to rely on remote technology to continue teaching and learning, we’re here to support you. Complete this form to request free access to both PebbleGo and Capstone Interactive eBooks while your school is closed.Free access to e-books
CaroneLearningPhysical EducationOnline, Physical ExerciseK-12 Health and Physical Education coursesHealth and PE courses online for a variety of grade levels.
CenterventionSELPrintablesK-8 offer game-based interventions that focus on improving social and emotional skills in K-8 students.Educators can get a free 30-day trial and have as many students as they'd like to play the programs at school or at home. We offer free lessons/activities and printables on our website that focus on SEL:
CharacterStrongSELPrintables, Virtual AssembliesK-12 Day Kindness Activities and Lessons for Educators. Virtual Assemblies for secondary students with amazing speakers, Professional Development for StaffFree SEL Lessons, Videos and Activities. A Free Virtual Summit for Educators.
Chrome Music LabMusic, InstrumentsOnlinePreK-8 Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.FreeYes
CircleTime FunEarly Childhood DevelopmentOnlinePreK-2 and bond with your 0 - 6 year old. Follow and interact with an expert instructor.code: homefun1
CK-12 FoundationALLOnlineK-12 lesson has a reading passage, videos, optional review questions, and self-graded practice questions. The lessons can be assigned to Google Classroom and it puts the grade in that students got on the practice questions (students must get 10 practice questions correct to get 100%).Always Free
Clark Creative EducationMath, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, STEMPrintablesALL K-12 curriculum for math, science, social studies, and language arts1,000 free pages of teaching resources and digital instructional materials.
ClasscraftMath, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ESL, Foreign Language, Early Childhood, Special Education, STEM, Intervention ResourcesOnlineALL helps teachers engage students through collaborative learning tools, while also helping students stay on track, reach their goals, and motivate them in a remote-learning environment.Classcraft is supporting educators who are creating plans around school closures in response to the coronavirus outbreak. From now until the end of the school year, we’re offering:
- district administrators FREE schoolwide access to Classcraft.
-free PD to educators who are using Classcraft to keep students motivated as schools are responding to COVID-19.
- a free How-to guide on remote learning
- ALL teachers have free access to Quests, our popular tool for turning curriculum into a personalized learning adventure.
Club SciKidz MDScience, STEMOnlineK-5th free science or cooking experiment to do at home.Each day we will be posting a daily activity for parents and kids to do at home, mostly using things the already have at home. We’ll also include videos and other resources to extend the experiment.
CMU CS AcademySTEM, Computer ScienceOnline6-12 provide a free, online, interactive textbook for high school and middle school teachers to use to teach computer science in their classrooms
Code.orgSTEM, Computer ScienceOnline, AppPreK-12 is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by women and underrepresented youth. Our vision is that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science, just like biology, chemistry or algebra.We have a dedicated page with resources for parents, students, and teachers to use while schools are closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak:
CodeliciousSTEM, Computer ScienceOnlineK-12 science curriculum for k-12We are offering free computer science lessons from our curriculum for teachers, and are working to add additional lessons.
codeSpark Academy - At Home Coding for KidsSpecial Education, STEM, coding, computer scienceK-5 Academy is a self-paced K-5 coding platformUse the code "schoolclosed" to get 3 months FREE.
Collisons ChemistryChemistryOnline, App6-12 is a system of digital games, grounded in the rules of chemistry, that can be used to introduce, teach, and review key concepts in chemistry.Always free.
Coloring NatureScience, Fine Arts, Early ChildhoodPrintablesALL Nature is for children and adults. We have more than 675 FREE printable coloring pages . Our coloring categories include serious science: biomes, anatomy, animals, plants and more, plus some pure whimsy – just for fun.Always FREE
CommonLitELA, Current EventsOnline3-12 is a nonprofit edtech company with an online library of over 1,500 authentic reading passages, text sets, units, and digital learning tools. Teachers can create classes (easy rostering with Google Classroom and Clever) and assign texts digitally. Students can annotate text, respond to comprehension questions, take assessments, and more. Read aloud and translation tools are also included. Teachers also have access to free data reports.As a nonprofit, is always 100% free to all teachers, parents, and students.
ConjugemosForeign LanguageOnine6-12"Use without account" option has vocabulary, grammar, listening activities and games in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, and Latin."Use without account" option has vocabulary, grammar, listening activities and games in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, and Latin.
Connected CampsGamingOnline2-8 Camps Kid Club is more than just a free, safe, kid-friendly Minecraft server for kids ages 8-13. It’s also an online community where kids can explore their own creativity through unstructured play, collaborate with peers, and deepen their knowledge of Minecraft. It's a safe space for kids to strengthen their social emotional learning and explore STEM concepts.Always free server from Friday - Sunday 1pm PST to 5pm PST for social emotional and STEM learning through collaboration with other kids.
Coolmath GamesStrategy, Skill, Math, Logic GamesOnline5-12 Games is a fun brain-training site for everyone, where logic, thinking and math meet fun and games.Full access to the website, including all games, is free
Coolmath.comAlgebra, PreAlgebra, PreCalculusOnline5-12 offers "math for ages 13-100" -- explanations that are easy to grasp on topics like algebra, pre-calculus and more.Cool Math has free online math lessons, math games and fun math activities. This site is used widely in classrooms.
Coolmath4KidsStrategy, Skill, Math, Logic Games, ManipulativesOnlineK-5 our 12 and under users, Coolmath4Kids is an amusement park of games, lessons and more, designed to teach math and make it FUN.Full access to the website is free.
CountryReportsSocial Studies, ESL, Foreign Language, Early ChildhoodOnlineALLhttps://www.CountryReports.orgCountryReports, online database on culture, countries and travel.Access to entire online database on culture, countries and travel.
Create & LearnCoding, STEAM, ScienceOnline3-8www.create-learn.usCreate & Learn is a Silicon Valley based company focusing on online computer science education. Our professionally trained instructors teach live classes using video conferencing on a wide range of topics such as coding (Scratch, Minecraft modding, Python), robotics, and AI. All curriculum was created by Stanford, Harvard graduates, and former tech leaders from Google, with collaborations with experts in top tech companies.We offer free introductory classes on 5 different subjects (Scratch, Minecraft Modding, AI, Data Science, and Python) with multiple options a day. Starting from March 16th, more free sessions will be added to serve more families during school closure.
CreositySpaceMath, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, STEMOnline, PrintablesK-5 is a unique inquiry-based, learner-directed science curriculum that connects ALL K-5 students to science and capitalizes on their creativity and curiosity at a time when they ask, "What do I want to do when I grow up?"CreositySpace is providing lessons from our Contagion Crushers, Water Watchers and Conscientious Chemists units at no cost to help support teachers—parents and guardians, too—to keep all kids engaged in science.
Cube for TeachersGlobal CollaborationOnlineTeachers For Teachers is a free global sharing community for educators. Educators from around the world are sharing OERs to support students and each other globally.Always free
CurrikiALL Online, PrintablesPreK-12www.curriki.orgCurriki is a Free library of teaching and leanring resources for educators. Great source for adaptable lessons, student-facing resources, and offline activities for parents with students home for the school closures.Free teaching and learning resources: Video, simulations, printables, and more. Always free.
Defined LearningSTEM, Computer ScienceOnline K-12 hands-on projects are based on situations in STEM careers to help learners discover their passions and choose a pathway to a promising future.A free real-world project at every grade-band.
Did You Know That?! ASLESL, Foreign Language, Special Education, American Sign LanguageVideoALL educational videos in American Sign Language.During the closings, more ASL videos will be added with the addition of comprehension questions and other resources will be added to help ASL teachers.
Digital Media AcademySTEAMOnlineK-12 online learning platform with 32 STE(A)M courses that come with lesson plans, instructions, online materials, quizzes, worksheets, and more.Educators will receive full access to all of these courses at no cost during this global health crisis. Please visit the link below, and shoot an email to so that I can manually provide the content.
Discovery EducationALLOnline, Video, AssessmentsK-12 Education Experience is an online K-12 service combining curated curriculum resources with on-demand teaching strategies. Its standards-aligned content is assignable and meets the varying needs of diverse student populations in a safe and secure environment.Discovery Education Experience
Ditch That TextbookALLE-Learning Tools, Templates, ActivitiesTeachers love sharing practical ideas that workand we're generous with them to a fault. Find what you need through articlesbooksvideosin-person presentations and more.
Doodles AcademyArtLessons, IdeasK-5http://www.doodles-academy.orgDoodles Academy is a free art curriculum that is available virtually. Each project includes video tutorials and thorough lesson plans. The art projects are aligned to topics and themes found in literacy, math, social studies, and science, so while students work through an art project they are building knowledge and context around other subjects.Art curriculum, virtually available, with lesson plans and video demos
Dr. Roger's Math NeighborhoodTest PrepVideo10-12 is a free online video series with detailed solutions to more than a thousand publicly-released College Board SAT Math, Subject Test Math Level 1, and Subject Test Math Level 2 problems.Free all the time. No ads, now or ever. No paid product endorsements.
Dylexia AcademyELA, Reading, DyslexiaVariousK-12 to all resources, courses, Super Powers Club and also added for free during these times of crisis the opportunity to book in to our online classroom for free daily live specialist teacher sessions working on: working memory, developing sequencing skills, self-esteem, visual tracking activity and communication skillsI have set all the best resources section to free to help as many schools as possible with new and updated resources being added all the time.
Econ Ed at the St Louis FedSocial Studies, Economics, Personal FinanceOnline, PrintablesALL hundreds of resources that can be used to teach economics and personal finance to K-12 and college students.All of our resources are free, including an online learning management system stocked with over 400 resources for teachers to use in an online or blended classroom setting to teach economics and personal finance.
EdhabitALLOnlineALL, Teacherswww.edhabit.comEdhabit is an educational resource discovery & sharing site. Think Pinterest for Learning! Discover, Share, Curate great learning resources (e.g. articles, books, videos, online courses )Always FREE!
edHelperALLPrintablesALL, Teachers, worksheets, Teacher Resources for all content areasDaily Free Learning Workbooks for Teachers to share with parents while schools are closed.
EdpuzzleALLOnlineALL, Teachers is an easy-to-use platform allowing you to engage every student, one video at a time.FREE Basic Plan -