NOTE: Penn has created an official procedure for staying on campus and asked students off-campus not to return to campus (see for details or the unofficial resource guide However, HUNDREDS of students (particularly FGLI) have been denied and are still in need of housing. Penn has asked all undergraduate students and professional degree students to leave campus at the start of spring break and to remain at their permanent home residence. For some students, this is not an option. Several Penn community members have indicated that they are able and willing to open up their home to students who need it. Others have indicated that they would be able to assist in storing student's items. If you are able to do either of these, please sign up below so undergraduates can easily find and contact you. This, of course, does not commit you to taking anybody on. This is intended to serve as a resource for those students looking to find alternative housing. If you or someone you know needs housing or storage, please share this resource with them. (Referenced from Cornell Shutdown Housing Resource)
NameStatus EmailPhone NumberCan you house people? (# of people and situation)Location
Until when can you house
How many people currently living in this houseCan you store items?Can you drive people to airport / bus stop / etc?Can you drive stuff to storage?Other important info (Accessibility, pets, kids allergies, etc.)
Nat Rivkinavailablenrivkin@sas.upenn.edu860-235-2915Subletting a 1BR west philly apartment for the summer––fully furnished, beautiful light, window AC, washer in building. Could house 1-2 people.46th and Locustavailable now1yesnonoThe building is an older rowhouse with steps leading up to the porch. The apartment is a third floor walkup. Unfortunately, the building is not handicap accessible. It is pet-friendly. Please get in touch for photos, a video tour and (flexible) pricing!
Diane Nguyenavailable nowdianecvs7239@gmail.com484-636-45131 room available1206 S. 46th st, Pa 19143available now3yesnonoplease text me 484-636-4513
Diane Nguyenavailable nowdianecvs7239@gmail.com484-636-45132-4 rooms available plus 1 (2bedrooms apartment)3729 Spring Garden st, pa 19104available now4yesNonoplease text me 484-636-4513
Aaron Leeat capacityleeaaron@seas.upenn.edu408-455-2299Subletting 1 bed room apartment on 41st and PineUniversity CityLease goes until June 1st2 other roommates on this floorYes, there's space in the apartment to store thingsNoNo
Abi Steinbergat capacityabis@upenn.eduCenter City flexible, to be worked out with individual(s)1 adult (female)yes - some closet space No No
Adina Goldstein & Ben Chartock at, 267-574-3860 Grad Hospital
Aiyu Aimufuaat capacityaimufua@sas.upenn.edu916-205-3537Yes, 1-2 person bedroom in a rowhouse40th and baltimoreas long as you need0 for nowyesnono
Akanksha Khanna at capacityakkhanna@upenn.edu530-407-6863No, but I can store items West Philly Storage for as long as you need 3 in a 3bed and 3 bathYesNoNoI can store the stuff and help you get the stuff up to the second floor, the place isn't wheelchair accessible.
Alec Drugganat capacityamdruggan@gmail.com267-324-8421Will drive peoplePhillyYesYes (love me a road trip)Yes
Alejandro Freemanat capacityalefree@wharton.upenn.edu713-478-8269One/two students can take over my two-bedroom brownstone apartment lease. Can negotiate move-in. Lease ends in July, but am sure landlord would be willing to extend. $550/room or $1100/apt. Can leave tables, bookshelves, dressers, and other kitchen things behind. Would just need beds. Text me if you're interested.2429 Madison SquareLease ends 7/31/202NoNoThird-floor apartment in a brownhouse with fairly steep stairs.
Alexandra Tolhurstat capacityswima@upenn.edu484-326-53381 person short-term, couchChester (Philly suburbs)Flexible, until necessary2 (married couple, 23 and 25 years old)YesYesYes1 cat and 1 dog. One person is grad student now doing classes from home (so will need to create a schedule to maintain quiet at certain times.) Would have no private space as couch is in the living room. Shared bathroom. Prefer to store things or help with any transportation needs.
Alice Damonteat capacityadamonte@wharton.upenn.edu516-7071503Yes, I am subletting my room (shared bathroom with 1 female roommate)18th and Addison st. (South of Rittenhouse sq.)Flexible dates (now through August)3 more roommatesYesnonoFurnished room for sublet in lovely large brownstone (Rittenhouse area - 4BR/3BA), shared spaces include balcony, kitchen and large living room (where some extra boxes could be stored). Roommates are great and will be travelling a lot in the upcoming weeks, very homey vibe!
Alice Liuat capacityliualice@sas.upenn.edu610-909-50871-person studio apartment39th and Chestnut StUntil mid-Juneno oneyesnonopets ok, has elevator
Allie Alexanderat capacityalliea@upenn.edu240-644-5231Non/an/an/anoYes - primarily through 3/20Yes - primarily through 3/20I'm happy to drive you and your stuff within the general Philly area (including suburbs). Text is better than email.
Ally‪(267) 225-2341‬1 guest room with twin xl bed (2 people can share the room if desired) West PhillyFlexible2only the guest's belongingsnono2 flights of stairs to enter the apartment. We have a cat but he is not allowed in the guest room and I have a HEPA air filter that a guest can borrow
Amanda Morrisonat capacityamorris2@wharton.upenn.edu610 675 9862Yes, vacated studio apartmentThe Latham - 17/WalnutLease is paid for through the end of May0Limited space available - the apartment is quite smallNoNoElevator accessible, no pets
Amy Goldfischerat capacityamygoldfischer@gmail.com267-567-0862Can store boxes and small furniture in basement and/or attic, unfortunately can't house people49th and WaltonCan store things until late MayN/AYesN/ANo
Ana Alonsoat capacityaalonso@sas.upenn.edu952-688-3997noWest PhillyN/A1Yes (also plants)noI am comfortable driving a UHaul, but don't have a car.2 flights of stairs to enter the apartment.
Andie Kaplanat capacityakapl@wharton.upenn.edu610-416-4667Can store stuff. may also be able to offer short-term housing in NJCenter CityShort-termyesnonoI can store stuff in an elevator building in Center City. I have an air mattress, futon, and extra mattress that I am happy to lend out to whoever. I may also be able to offer short term housing in NJ
Angela Jiat capacityangeji@sas.upenn.edu203-615-4937no, but can storeconnecticutcan store long-term, through the summeryesno
Angela Songat, but lots of storage space in basementGraduate Hospitaln/a2 adultsYes, large basementnonobasement path has a couple of steps
Angela Sunat capacitytianqisu@seas.upenn.edu317-209-70151 room and I have 2 other friends that have rooms as well, won't need my room until I return April 1 and my house has at least 2 other rooms as well, so if you need a place before then please reach out and I can connect you to girls in the house40th & Spruce and the Radianbeginning of Augustunknown (total 11 people can be there, I think 4-5 are staying as of now)YesNoNoFemale and non-binary preferred, but not required. Also, if you are in a financial tight spot/got rejected from Penn and are FGLI/Internation, let me know. I am currently self-quarantining from being abroad for 2 weeks just to be safe, so my sublet is free until then.
Angela Yangat capacityayyang@sas.upenn.edu310-663-51321 single, no storage 39 and sansommid/end of may4yesnonolive on 2nd floor
Angeline Jacquesat capacityaj@sitioau.com603-459-5461No, but can storeFairmontn/an/aYes, probably not furniture but boxes!YesYes
Ania Alberskiat capacityalberski@sas.upenn.edu518-542-03743 bedroom apartment (for storage)42 and SpruceStorage until fall semester3YES!!!!nonoNot accessible :( Many old stairs to get into the building and into our apartment
Ann Blevinsat capacityannsize@seas.upenn.edu816-585-2771Can offer storage.Center cityat least 2 monthsYesNoNo4th floor apartment with no elevator, no pets.
Anna Balfanzat capacityabalfanz@sas.upenn.edu443-977-7150No, I can store items39th and ChestnutUntil June2YesNoNoWheelchair accessible, two cats in apartment.
Anna Schmittat capacityschmia@wharton.upenn.edu267-418-9590 Includes bedroom, shared kitchen + bathroom42nd BaltimoreNow until end of march for free, will talk to other housemates about the rest of the term6 including myselfYesNoNoNo pets
Anne Lallyat capacityAlally@sas.upenn.edu609-923-108513925 Walnut I'm good to house on my couch or on an air mattress if you need a place to stay for a bit 1YesYesYesDoggo
Anubha Tyagiat capacityanubhat@upenn.edu617-800-9205Lots of storage until June end/Early July.45th and LocustUntil June End / Early July1 other housemateYesNoNoStorage Space in a huge living room which remains unoccupied/unfurnished; ideally anything that is securely boxed can be stored very easily. Some furniture items could also work. Please email or call.
Anunya Bahandaat capacityanunya@sas.upenn.edu215-618-6435can house 2 people34th & SansomUntil Augustbetween 0 and 2yesnonoI will only be contactable by email.
Aras Fanuscuat capacityaras.fanuscu@gmail.comPlease emailYes, can house 1 personMidtown VillageFlexible, ideally shorter term1Possibly, depending on sizeNoNoHave 1 cat
Ari Frommat capacityafromm@sas.upenn.edu240-271-3378Basement guestroom with one queen bed, could take one or two peopleKensington, MD (DC suburb)Flexible2 parents, 1 20 year old, and 1 15 year oldnononoTwo sets of stairs in the house, LGBTQ+ friendly
Ari Jamesat capacityAqjames@sas.upenn.eduPlease email!No due to small apt, but would be able to help a little through Venmo enough for a few meals/meds/necessities!West Philly------
Armin Langerat capacityalanger@rrc.eduplease, email
I'm currently renting a studio apartment in the Arts Condominium building on Broad and Locust. I will have to leave on March 27. Looking for a renter who would also buy my stuff (futon, mattress, utensils, etc). The studio is fully furnished. You are welcome to visit, please contact for pictures. There is a gym, a community room and a laundry in the building, there are several SEPTA stops (subway, bus, trolley) in the area.
Broad and Locustfrom March 27 on
Arun Mahadevanat capacityasm7@seas.upenn.edu832-517-57621 extra bedroom with sleeping bags, 1 additional single-bedroom apartment available until April 13Wynnefield HeightsFlexible2 in our apartment, nobody in second apartment (occupant traveling on work)yesyes, within reasonyes, within reasonwe have a dog, key fob access to elevators and apartment
Aseem Chipalkattiat capacityaseemc@pennlaw.upenn.eduPlease emailMaybe 1 person temporarilyGrad Hospital If need be, max 3-4 days1/1Not a lot, but we'll make it workNoNoIt's a small apartment, but if you need help, let's find a way!
Asha Wiltshireat capacityawilt@sas.upenn.edu973-508-28121 person4046 Chestnutuntil July 27th2YesNoNo
Austin, austinfisher@gmail.com1 bd room apt sublet. Lovely place overlooking Norris Sq park. Great landlord. Pls contact me for details. $700 per month. New lease avail starting June 1. I moved out of Philly to join my partner in Boston since Penn closed and my apt is available.Kensington/Fishtownn/a0n/an/an/aCats ok, dogs not.
Autumn Ondoat capacityautumnondo95@gmail.com304-680-23831 bed available. 1 bath would be shared. This house is small and very very steep steps. It would also be inaccessible to a larger person. // if you need super long term housing contact me about staying outside philadelphia in WV. Wash Sq. West For as long as needed.1 person/ 1 rabbitno, limited space. (enough room for personal items of one person that would stay with (very small car) but could try to make it work as a last resort to someone with no other option.I have a rabbit. My house is very very small (trinity style). I could house someone for as long as they need but I could see it being completely inaccessible for someone that cannot climb a lot of steep stairs or is very tall. The bathroom is also very small and shared. There is no way to get furniture in here that would need to be stored only personal items and small luggage. ~~~ my car is very small but I will make it work if needed for anything. ~~I have a lot of allergies and you would not be able to spray perfume, or use certain detergents (but I will share mine).
Ava Kimat capacityavaljkim@gmail.com615-300-3265No space, small studio, but available to get prescriptions, groceries, supplies, etc.Grad hospital close to bella vistaTrans woman of color, have limited hormones I can share with others
Avni Katariaat capacityakataria@sas.upenn.eduabroad right now so pls email 1 bedroom in the radian 3925 Walnut Sttill April 1st3 womenyesnonoI already have another person moving in in April but would be happy to help anyone struggling to find housing before Penn's move out date. Since all other roomates are women women would be preferred.
Azzam Alat capacityaazzam@seas.upenn.edu215-429-3069No, but I have an air mattress I can lend.40th and walnutUntil Late-May1YesYes but I don't have a car. I can get a zipcar which is around $10 for a trip to the airportNoI can also take care of your pets
Ben Duat capacityduben@wharton.upenn.edu949-933-7316no, but I can Venmo you for essential food and necessities. text me
Ben Robinovat capacitybrobinov@seas.upenn.edu203-919-1046No, but plenty of room for storageStamford, CT2yescan pickup from train/bus stationif needed
Benjamin Jiangat capacitybenjaminyjiang@gmail.com848-466-6226Free couch in the living roomNYC (East Village)Until June2yesnono2 penn alum living in NY, we're both WFH so it might get a little stir crazy but we'll survive.
Brennan Burns at capacitybrennankburns@gmail.com804-929-1378Yes, reach out for details West Philly (44th and Walnut)Can potentially store items longer-term (months)4/5 bedrooms filled currently YesNo (no car in the region) No (no car in the region) Trans-friendly, 2 cats, non-allergy safe zone for diary, nuts, shellfish
Briar Essexat capacityessex@sas.upenn.edu202-802-8521No, but have some storage space in closets and in the basement, but space is limitedWest Phillyn/a4 students 2 adultsYes (limited capacity)NoNoBasement is a little janky so would reccomend plastic containers, sometimes gets a little weird with summer humidity
Camille Collierat capacitycamico@sas.upenn.edu503-729-7572Providing 1 bedroom in a spacious apartment, rent-free, to a student in need. Female preferred, but kind, cool and good personality is most important.40th and ludlowNow until mid-May1 (me) in a 2bed, 1bathYesNoNoNot wheelchair accessable; no pets allowed. Queer friendly.
Caroline Clarkat capacitycarolineclark95@gmail.com781-439-77861 couchNYCFlexible2Somenomo1 small dog
Carson Eckhard at capacityeckhacar@sas.upenn.edu813-244-9445one bedroom, with three roommates 3925 Walnut Till at least May 3
Cary Dannenbergat capacitycadann@wharton.upenn.edu646-284-61571 bedroom (Free)40th & BaltimoreMay ~20th1YesNoNoFree
Cat Dragoiat OR easier fb: +40755201261 as I'm homeYes, 1-2 people (private furnished big-ish room, shared bathroom, shared kitchen)42nd and Pinelease ends at the end of May, might come back before (email for details)2 others on the same floorpotentiallynot in Phillynolooking for a woman or a queer man in need (trans-friendly!); room is not wheelchair accessible
Chelsea Bonolloat capacitychelseabonollo@gmail.com603-724-19891 - I live in a studio with a full-sized futon. Can house or store itemsNew York, NYTBD, most likely short term but can help in finding next steps1YesI can pick someone up from the train in NYCNo1 elderly cat
Chetkar Jhaat capacityChetkar.Jha@pennmedicine.upenn.edu573-639-2062Can help store thingsUniversity CityYesYesYes
Chris Choeat capacitydongchoe@pennmedicine.upenn.edu425-223-9267One or two people plus storageUniversity CityFor as long as need be (individual lease, email me).MeYesNoNoFourth floor, no elevator. Gated community. Pet friendly.
Chris Foxat capacityctwfox@seas.upenn.edu205-886-3367Yes, no spare rooms at the moment but 6 sleeping spots on futons, air matresses, and couches40th and Baltimoremid-or late- August5YesYesYesAllergies to cats, not very accessible because lots of narrow stairs
Christian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian PintoChristian Pinto
Christine Jerebat capacityCjereb@upenn.edu215-601-60041 student; guest room with queen bed and full bath available; fully furnished; shared common spaces; FREENortheast Philadelphia - Torresdale (close to Trenton train line and SEPTA transit; street parking also available)flexible, to be worked out with individual(s)2 adults (male + female couple in late 30s/early 40s); I am a current grad studentYesYesYesTwo cats that will snuggle you; home has steps and is not wheelchair accessible
Claire Medinaat capacityclaire1medina1@gmail.com202-270-1733Yes -- presumably 1 or 2 depending on people's comfort with each other
Washington, DC Capitol Hill (Lincoln Park)
June (potentially through the summer, depending on situation)4 (including me)--50sM/F, 16M, 19XYesNo (I can't drive but DC is really accessable for most transportation) No (driving)Trans-friendly, friendly but furry cat, non-Kosher, non-allergy safe zone for dairy, nuts, shellfish. Stairs, bedrooms up several flights.
Claire Pinceat capacitycpince99@sas.upenn.edu612-418-7883couch or air mattress for short-term, limited storage space4040 Baltimore AveTemporarily 2 other roommates (women)YesNoNoSmall apartment, up four flights of stairs. Near trolley station and coin laundry is in basement. No men please and must be LGBT+ friendly!
Claire Sabelavailablecsabel@sas.upenn.educouch or air mattress for short-term, next to a community garden; storage available40th/PoweltonTemporarily Just meYesNoNoLarge amount of storage in basement, can sometimes be damp; ability to store smaller amounts of things above ground
Clovis Bergereat capacityclovis.bergere@asc.upenn.edu609-346-0903NO - But have some storage capacityCollingswood NJAs needed yesyesyes
Connor Hardyat capacitycshardy@sas.upenn.educurrently cannot house, but will keep this updatedWest Philly areaN/AN/AYes — a few boxes!NoNoI've moved out, but can offer a 1-2 week supply of prepackaged meals or dry/canned goods. My roommate is still in Philly and could leave them outside. Storage space is used but food is available!
Courtney NazaireavailableCourtney.nazaire@everynation.org610-848-04751 or 2 (loft apartment - couch, 2 if someone doesn't mind the floor)38th & Spring Gardenflexible1not reallyyesyesWould prefer female(s) only
Danielle Romerat capacitydaromer@pennmedicine.upenn.edu609-694-6485No but I have garage to use for storage. West Phillyflexible, to be worked out with individual(s)2 adults (male+female in late 20's)Yes, some space in garage.NoNoAccessible garage on ground floor near 40th Trolley station.
Daphne Ippolitoat capacitydaphnei@seas.upenn.edu267-702-4680can store boxes and small furniture, can host people short-term (<1 week) if needed40th and Marketshort term2YesnonoI have a fairly large finished basement that I can store boxes in, as well as a bed in the basement.
David Kazanjianat capacitykazanjia@english.upenn.edu917-328-5921yes; 1 bedroom in west philadelphia available: capacity: 2-3West Phillyuntil on campus activities resumeno one currently (it is my apartment, but I am in New York)yesnonoone staircase leading up to second floor apartment, no internal stairs. any and all welcome.
David Yangat capacitydavyang@sas.upenn.edu609-605-8426Can house someone for a few days to a week on an air mattress in a studio apartment. Can also venmo anyone who needs groceries/any other essential items3939 Chestnut St.May 15th1NoNoNo
Davy Knittleat 817-7902No, but we have a car and can transport people or objects / offer rides to the airport or other places or bring groceries, medicine, etc.!Fairmountn/a2 adultsYesYes
deborah burnhamat capacitydburnham@english.upenn.edu267 408 3335 sorry, no. we could store stuff327 n 34th styessorry, no carno
Devin Danielsat capacitydevin.w.daniels@gmail.com610-504-6498No, but can store lots of items in a basement I have access to at my apt. building; can also deliver bikable necessities to those who are unable to go outside themselves29th and Poplar, BrewerytownYesNoNo
Douglas Jerolmackat capacitysediment@sas.upenn.edu215-868-18012 people (2 bedrooms, each with one bed)50th and CatharineMay 20th4 (2 adults, 2 6-year old kids)YesNoNoCat
Edoardo Vignaniat capacityedoardo@alumni.upenn.edu215-605-4191One furnished (queen bed) guest bedroom and hallway bath (not shared), on ground floor of a rowhome. Bedroom needs paint and curtains, but otherwise ready. Graduate Hospital - 19th and CarpenterFlexible - prefer 1-2 months2 (my wife and I)Partial - finished basement with some storage for boxes.YesYesGround floor only has one/two steps to exit. 5 indoor-only cats live in the house. Use of common spaces OK. Gigabit ethernet, independent heating control.
Elaine Leighat capacityeleigh@gse.upenn.edu206-326-0134can help with some basement storage and/or help 1 person, 1 full size bed in small guest room; do have infant and partner in house tooSouth PhillyNow(3/13) - for at least 2 weeks+; storage as long as neededme, spouse, 11.5 month oldyesyesyesstairs to door; 1 child (11.5 months); bedroom and bathroom are upstairs - bath shared; had dog - no longer with us, but within last month so some allergens might still be present; smoke-free
Elana Burackat capacityeburack@wharton.upenn.edu803-487-4917Unfortunately no but can store some belongings! 31st and chestnut Storage until fall semester2yesNoNo
Elijah Fullerton at capacityelijahf@wharton.upenn.edu774-644-1173Yes, 1-5, Empty apartment rooms, Unfurnished40th and Spruce, Philadelphia Flexible 5/9 rooms occupiedPossibly NoNo
Eliza Beckerat capacityejbecker@sas.upenn.edu717-344-1220No, but have a large basement and can store thingsBrewerytown - PhiladelphiaHowever long is neededYesNoIt depends
Ella Beiavailablesynditrix@gmail.com267-251-2692Unfortunately, I don't have empty rooms, but I have storage space (in my room and in the basement). Offering more things in the "other important info" section42nd and BaltimoreLease ends 5/31, but I could probably negotiate with current roommates who are staying in the house to store your stuff for longer since it's not like there isn't space7 other housematesYesNoNoI can help with moving expenses/other expenses via. Venmo. I can also help you with food/supplies needs. I have a bike and I'd be happy to help get you stuff if you're not able to. Just lmk if there's anything I can do for you.
Emily Berkowitzat capacityeberko@upenn.edu484-302-1012No -- Small studio/unable to house, but can store items in basement and provide other assistance (grocery shopping, picking up meds, etc)42nd and PineYesNoNoI have a cat but won't store items in the same space as her
Emily Falkat capacityemilybfalk@falklab.org1 guest room with queen bed, 1 basement room with 2 pull out bedsWest PhillyUntil 3/28 (working on figuring out what is possible after that)2 parents, 2 four year olds, 1 22 year old; only the 22 yo will be home for the next two weeksnononostairs to get into the house, and to get to bed rooms; unfortunately, we can't accomodate pets
Emma Lienat capacityemmalien@sas.upenn.edu857-445-13841 person- subletting one bedroom in a 3 person apt in the radianRadian Now until the end of summer
Emma Reuschelat capacityemmareuschel@gmail.com217-491-1756Yes, we have 1 extra room with a double bedWest PhillyAs long as needed3 adults, plus occasional Airbnb guestsYesYes, on weekendsYes, on weekendsThere are many stairs, the room is on the 4th floor of a row home. We have 3 cats. There is 1 full bath and 1 half bath shared by everyone in the apartment. LGBTQ+ friendly.
Emma Sunogat capacitysunoge@gse.upenn.edu617 997 8327I can temporarily host someone on a couch in my living room.West PhillyTemporarily1 female grad student, 1 catI live in a relatively small one-bedroom apartment, but am happy to store things there is room for!NoNoThird floor apartment (there is a small elevator). I have a cat!
Eric Micallefat capacitymicallef@seas.upenn.edu248-459-61971 bedroom. I move out Friday. Lease is until end of May44th and osageLease ends MayNo oneYesNoNo
Erika Gustafsonat capacityerikagus@sas.upenn.edu928-830-9406Yes, furnished, 1 personthe Radianuntil late August3 (3 other rooms in the apartment)YesNoNoLooking for someone to sublet my room, rates negotiable
Erin McGlauflinat 856-426-44272 bedroom, you can take master (queen bed) as my toddler likes me to sleep with him (shared custody, he is with me W-F and alt Sat.Cherry Hill NJ (2 miles from Haddonfield patco)flexiblemyself (f) and my son (3)no but you can bring essentialsdepends on whennonot wheelchair accessible, have a stackable w/d, am practicing social distancing
Erin O'Malleyat capacityeomalley@sas.upenn.edu717-659-6327no, but can store stuffWest Philly (45th & spruce)Temporarily (1-2 nights)3 adultsyes (6ish boxes ?)nonon/a
Ernesto Alcantarat 263-9698I have one emptyish room (i only brought essentials with me back home). you can use anything in my room. comes with bed and sheets and other furniture like closet, drawers, and desk3947 baltimore avenueMid may (around the 16th)1 going back and forth between home and Pennyesnonotext me if interested! prices and other things are flexible and negotiable af
Faris Mersiat capacityfmersi@wharton.upenn.edu267-303-43141 person on a couch - free accom in DomusDomusA few weeks/short-term2A fewNoNoCan provide food if needed
Faustine Sun / Kevin Sunat capacityfaustine@sas.upenn.edu281-704-3874Vacant 2-bedroom, 2 bathroom condoGrays FerryFlexibleNo oneYesYesYes
Finn Connorsat and PineYesNopeNopeDon't have a car or housing room really, but a lot of storage spaceKeep it up y'all :)
Fox Auslanderavailableaamber@sas.upenn.edu267-916-8181Cannot house; can store some items56th and Osage (West Philadelphia)Not applicable3Yes, a small amountNoNoAccessibility needs not relevant; if you need to store stuff I'll find where to put it
Francisco Villa at capacityfrancisco.villa130@gmail.comNoWest Philly areaUnable to help, small apartmentYesYesCan't really house people and I work full time as a HS teacher in Center City but I do have a car. It's a Honda civic so can't fit much but willing to help with what I can.
Fritz Fowlerat capacityfritz.fowler@gmail.com315-720-5498YesOld City2 people 1 dogYesYesYes
Gianna Ferrarinavailableferrarin@sas.upenn.edu310-560-70451-2 people (1 bedroom, 1 couch) in a 2BR; space also available for storage4011 ChestnutUntil end of April1 (me)YesNoNoCompletely free; there are stairs leading up to the apartment, which is on the first floor; I may foster a cat (not sure yet); there is laundry in the building; I'm happy to share any groceries/supplies in the apartment, help with moving in/out, or anything else you might need; message me with any questions!
Giovanna Pazat capacitygpaz@sas.upenn.edu832-382-1139sadly no44th and Spruceend of MayYes! My room is large and can store boxesNoNo
Grace Hansonat capacitygrace.hanson@pennmedicine.upenn.edu267-972-7401NoOverbrookNoYes, not always available but will try to do as muchpossible