Directed Studies Descriptions Fall, 2017
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AllenAudio/VisualA/V sets up for assemblies and performanceS, and does technical troubleshooting around the building.MS/HS
AslingerTennessee State High School Mock TrialThe Tennessee State High School Mock Trial Competition strives to give students a fuller understanding of the American justice system by allowing them to experience the legal process first hand through role playing as lawyers, witnesses, plaintiffs and defendants. High school teams representing either the prosecution or defense go head-to-head in a real courtroom scenario, hosted and judged by members of the Tennessee Bar Association. An emphasis will be placed in the class on rhetoric in the courtroom. Participants in this directed study will be expected to compete in the regional Mock Trial.HS Only
BarrettAdvanced MathThis Directed Studies will be for students who are interested in preparing for high-level math competitions, including the UT FERMAT Test and Math Bowl and the Mathematics Association of America’s Test of Applied Math. Additional time may be spent on math prep for the PSAT and ACT. Students who sign up for this Directed Studies will be expected to participate in at least one competition.HS Only
BornHigh School Science AssistanceStudents are given the opportunity to work on science subjects (biology, chemistry, and physics) with peers. It is moderated by a faculty member who can assist when difficulties arise.
BowserHS Math AssistanceCoaching assistance with the student's current math courseHS Only
BurrusComputer Science Discoveries - CODE.OrgThe course takes a wide lens on computer science by covering topics such as programming (like web development and creating interactive games and animations), physical computing, HTML/CSS, and data. Students are empowered to create authentic artifacts and engage with CS as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun. The training for this course was funded by CODE.Org.
Grades 7-9 Only
ButlerBand EnrichmentIndividual and small group study and performance; an extra focus on Jazz 1st semesterMS/HS
ChovChess ClubThe Chess Club gives students an opportunity to play friendly games of chess against their peers in a low-stress environment. Students of all levels are welcome to come, as help is given to those who need it.HS Only
DaversonBasketball (males only)Shooting basketball for 25 minutesHS Only
DavisScience Olympiad Middle SchoolStudents will prepare for a range of science-related events. Topics include engineering, biology, aerodynamics, ecology, and many more. Students’ knowledge and work will be judged at the regional Science Olympiad competition. Participation in Science Olympiad requires a fee for materials and registration. Students enrolled in this directed study will be expected to participate in the regional competition.MS Only
Dragoo, M.Literature and its Influence on FilmThis Directed Studies will focus on how literature has affected film both on the small screen and big screen as well. Authors such as C.S. Lewis and Joseph Campbell among numerous others will be used.HS Only
Dragoo, Z.English Overtime IAn opportunity for help in 9th/10th English.HS Only
EdwardsBasketball (males only)Shooting basketball for 25 minutesHS Only
FitzsimmonsPhotographyLearn the basics of manual/film photography using manual cameras in black and white. Learn how cameras work and how to develop and process film.HS Only
FitzsimmonsCreative WritingSpend time working on your own creative work in the think tank along with being given various creative writing assignments. Poetry, flash fiction, and memoir.MS/HS
FossettExploring Computer Science - CODE.OrgExploring Computer Science is a yearlong course consisting of 6 units: Human Computer Interaction, Problem Solving, Web Design, Programming, Computing and Data Analysis, and Robotics. This course is aligned with the AP Computer Science Principles Course. Students who complete this course will be prepared to take the AP exam for an additional fee. The training for this course was funded by CODE.Org.
Grades 10-12 Only
FreemanYogaBring a mat and enjoy a brief yoga practice. We will concentrate on flexibility, strengthening, and focus. This is a great opportunity to find some peace and calm during the school day. Middle and high school welcome.MS/HS
GlassWatercolor PaintingIn this directed studies course students will learn basic watercolor techniques and have the creative freedom to allow their skills to develop and grow. Students will learn about the many different styles of watercolor art and have the opportunity to choose their preferred style to work in.MS/HS
HendrixOld School In The New SchoolApplying personal, social, and professional etiquette in the 21st Century. Would you like to learn how to tie a tie? Impress someone at an interview and get the perfect summer job? Treat a lady or young man correctly on a date? Then this is your Directed Studies. The purpose of this DS is to apply traditional etiquette and behaviors in the modern world to promote leadership, character, confidence, and self-esteem. This DS will include information on how to look and respond in a job interview, how to act in formal social situations, and how to have an actual conversation. We will also view classic films and television in order to create a visual sense of the topics covered in the class. Open to males and females in high school only.HS Only
HuntCartographyStudents will learn the vocabulary and symbols of map design and an overview of types of maps. Some map-making basics will be covered as well as studying historical maps of the world, U.S. and the American Civil war. Students discuss the historical development of the field and practice identifying maps by their historical period. Computer cartography, Google Earth, local TVA topographic maps and geographic information systems (GIS) will be used in researching specific topics with map applications. Bring your own computer.
8-12th Grade Only
JasinskiArtist JournalsCreate a personal artistic journal using an altered book and mixed-media in a year-long, chill atmosphere. $5.00 supply fee.MS/HS
KellerArt at LunchAre you looking to improve your art? Use this time to get coaching on techniques, materials, processes to expand your skills. Bring artworks from your classes, home, or make it at lunch. Art at lunch will be your time to work with your own ideas.HS Only
LockrowReading Club - “We lose ourselves in books; we find ourselves there too.”Come find yourself and a good book during Directed Studies.
The reading club is a chance to read and explore new books and authors. There are no required books to read. You provide your own - so you’re guaranteed to like the selection! Bring a book, an open mind, and a love of literature to the reading club.
Come find yourself and a good book during directed studies.
LowryInvesting in the Stock MarketWe will investigate many strategies on how a person should invest. What percentage of your salary should you try to save? Where do you place this money to get the best return? We will learn what the stock market is and how it works. The class will be involved in picking and following stocks in the stock market.HS Only
LourencoRock Painting and Mandala ColoringCreate! Relax, bring a rock, and enjoy getting in tune to your artistic personality. Explore acrylic paints and turn an ordinary rock into your very own artistic creation! $5 supply fee.MS/HS
McCallieEverything GoogleThis course will explore all aspects of Google Drive and Google Classroom. Students will learn how to effectively use Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and Sites. Students will create products that will be shared among classmates, other people within the school, and people outside of our school building.MS Only
MitchellMath Assistance for 6-7 gradeEdgenuity program for those that are behind, but tested out of RTIMS Only
MorganBoard and Card GamesLearn to play various types of card games and have fun playing a variety of board games. Cell phones will be collected at the door. If you cannot live without yours, don’t sign up. Please talk with your parents to see if they’ll allow you to play card games before signing up. If they do not like it, you cannot sign up.MS/HS
MoungerMicrocontrollersOur class uses the technology of microcontrollers, electronics, and science lab equipment to explore the world of science. Starting with the basics of experimental design, we'll first focus on lab technique and integrating microcontrollers, so that teams can later design their own experiments and projects. This is a broad-based class, where we can cover ground across the sciences, including chemistry, biology, ecology, and physics.HS Only
NanceBeginning GuitarIn this course, students receive instruction on playing acoustic guitar. The students spend a lot of class time practicing along with learning about music theory and the mechanics of the guitar.MS/HS
KortumAlgebra 1 Survival CourseThis course will be for current 8th grade students who are trying to achieve a better understanding of Algebra 1. It will be in addition to the normal classroom activities. The class will be a combination of computer and teacher activities.MS Only
PotierCouponingIf you are interested in couponing and saving money on the things that you need and use, this is the DS for you. We will research weekly ads, download useful apps, price-match competitors and print coupons in order to maximize your money.HS Only
RichardsonSpanish TutoringThis class is designed for students that are struggling in Spanish. We will work on foundation skills and activating prior knowledge.MS/HS
SchulzAgriculture and CookingLearn where food comes from, preparation of food, jobs in food service and agriculture, etc. This will be a hands on type experience. This DS may lead to FFA association.HS/MS
SlackHigh School Math InterventionThis class is designed for high school students that are struggling in math. We will work on foundation skills and activating prior knowledge.HS Only
VaravaConversational RussianBasic conversation, songs. The numbers and alphabet will be introduced.HS Only
WilkesLearning How to FiddleInterested in learning how to fiddle? Learning the basic styles of fiddling (open to students with prior string instrument experience).MS/HS
WyattDirected Studies ExtremeDecided by faculty.HS Only