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ParticipantNameNote about setup5 websitesLibrary workOnline classesOnline learning needs/featuresRegistration screen thoughtsCreate a blogCourse site: first impressionsFirst steps to orientCourse blog expectationsFind first assignmentWhere else this info might beHow to contact instructorsCreate blogUse blog to introduce Help for embedding videoResponding to a blog postLook for next moduleAlerted about next moduleShare articleCall classmate's attentionWhere to post responseHow to connect with classmatesHow to set up profileChange avatarStatus updateFind an interest groupJoin a tribeCreate a tribeMiscellaneous Notes
PilotLindaConnected Learning, New York Times, Seattle Times, Zap2it TV listings, HuluHas worked in a 'multitude' of libraries.Has taught online classes and tried a MOOC before.As open as possible, where the student had control and could customize things.Font small, didn't like that you had to scroll. Is used to registration being a couple of questions and then filling out account/profile details as a separate process.Would expect this step to come later. Commented on white space over on the right.Doesn't like all the white space. Likes that there's activity, so she knows she's not alone. Like the nav bar, she knows where to go. It looks serious, "like I'm here to learn something".Scrolled down, but noted once she did that once, she'd be less likely to go back down there.Posts about the course and what's going on. And/or students and others posting things.Navigation bucket(?) - Schedule. Clicked assignments. Thought people who weren't enrolled in the cert program couldn't do those assignments.Would want a chart of assignments and due dates. Totally glossed over 'quick links'. Maybe title it Assignment List and add due dates. Would also expect to find it in Weekly Modules.Remembered seeing it, but would also look for it in Get Help or as a separate Contact link somewhere. She always looks in the footer for that sort of thing.First go to 'course blog' and find it's not there. Assignments->blogging and it's not there. Then Get Help or the tutorials. Remembered she could do it at the registration page. Blogs-My Blogs, but she's familiar with WP.Go to my blogs, add new blog post. Might go to Assignments. Might Google 'how to set up a blog hyperlinked library'Weekly Modules - then modules (on the right)Would want something that said 'get alerts', then she found it.Without knowing what all the things are, she'd just put it in her blog.Friend a person and then private or public message.Assuming All Peers is everyone in the class. Would then 'add friend'.Edit my profile. Found the two lines of things confusing. Italics in that font hard to problemMessages? Settings? Achievements? No, those are the badges. (had to be pointed to activity) The textbox was hard to see.Assuming that's Peers, but maybe not. Could be homerooms. Tribes which are "affinity groups"? "A tribe doesn't feel like something I'd want to be in."Would look at the tribe info and the people in it before joining it.No problem doing it. Said she might create one if she'd already talked to people about doing so.
1HarrietTerrible echo. She could not find her headsetFacebook, CNN, YahooCurrentntly unmployed, worked in IBM librariy, pharmaceutical librariesother MOOC course at the moment. "New Librarianship"Everyday "English", easy for inexperienced usersRegistration page as straightforwad as you can get. Might not create a blog upon registraton.I am not into blog but for whoever wants a blog it is a good place to get it. Found the new blog link by going to Learning Communities/Blog page Found Create a Blog wihtouth any issues Likes the layout of the website. Likes the navigationNavigation menu. First opens and scans the Course Blog, and ignores the staff at the bottom until she needs it. Wonderig if all the menus have dropdown menus. Syllabus /Schedule . Assignments and Weekly modules next. Expects to find announcements from whoever is doing the course, how things are going during the course, helpful links etc. Not sure about her expectatons of having other students post in it. Specific information.Either in n Syllabus, or Assignments. She also expects the iinformation in the Weekly Modules in some kind of overview and outline of assignments. So the assignments for each week should be represented in the Weekly modules. The syllabus than should have an overview of all assignments Would like to see Assignments links in Syllabus and in the Weekly Modulse pages.She went first to Get Help and did not fint it there. Tried Learning community not there. Maybe in the course blog looking for his name? Found the blog directory under Learning Community. Clicked on Blogs, and found the Create a Blog on top right. Skipped?Would go to Get help menu. She might prefer tutorials. She goes to a blog post and finds reply.First she cannot get back from the WP blog post view to the course site. Looking for a place to find info on next weeks modules. She goies to Weekly Modules, and than to Syllabus, overivew, and she finds the Schedule. (lots of steps)She might not need to be alerted but it would be nice. Reffers to her experience in the other MOOC course.Twitter might help."If you have a blog you might have some kind of feedback there. Looks into the Peers Directory, goes to Tribes but she is not sure where to go. Looks into the Peers, maybe MyFriends list and send direct message.skipped"With Classmates? No idea." Through the blog, through the peers list I have no idea. "I don't know." Not sure. Tries variouis places and fiound afterwards the Howdy Edit profile.skipped.skippedskippedFound tribe directory and join/leave tribe streightforward Found tribe directory and found Create a Tribe streightforwardFound the login link very easily.Likes "Peers" and "Tribes" pages including;labels, "kind of" bu tmakes sense. Prefers Tribes since it sounds more fun. And iti is one word. Both lables work once I read the description and it makes sense. She likes to click. Spends only about 5 min. tops on the navigation. Describes the experience: straightfowrward, easy to use, I like "not having everything in your face" .With common sense one can find its way around. Works very well!
2BonnieGmail, Facebook, Search (recipes, geneology, librarianship)Currently working as a school librarianGot MA online through SyracuseEasy communication between students and instructors, easy navigationClear, knows where she is. Signup button above the fold could be confusing - might miss what's below.Doesn't say you can create a blog later - thinks now is the only opportunity. If creates a blog from here, will it be automatically created?Consistent look and feel as the registration - in the right place.Blog first, then nav bar. Make modules and assignments available via dropdowns so navbar behavior is consistent.Who's posting to course blog? Unclear what material will be there. Suggestions: blurb, tags or categories available via dropdown.Straight to assignments.SyllabusWent straight to Contact under Syllabus - good recall.Started with assignments - not there. Not clear how to create a blog from the assignment. Eventually found Learning Community - still not totally clear. "A pain in the neck" to get back to course site.Would just do a post. Not sure where it would show up or where others would see it.Easy to do.Bigger question: how do students interact via blogs? Hard to understand how users will find other students' posts.SkippedSkippedSkippedSkippedSkippedCan see how to make friend requests, but a lot of questions about how she'd find friends - a forum, maybe?Very hard to figure out how to do this - WP functionality, not course site functionality.Once figured out how to edit profile easily saw how to change avatar.Easy to figure out, but hard to know how others will see her activity.SkippedSkippedSkipped
3SilviaYahoo mail, Facebook, Twitter, Foxnews, CNNShe is a "brand new SJSU student" and could not get into MOOC yet. Silvia started to be involved in libraries with her 7 year old son. She is a. "Market specialist" and volunteers in libraries. She remembers the librarians, and digital media which helped her with English as a second language! Experienced and self-passed online learner.No. However, she has been a consultant for some time and proficient in online leanring and collaboration tools.Experienced and self-passed online learner.Simple, lots of graphics, not requiring a "great deal of explanation"Meets her expectations yet she would like to see less text (to require less reading), and a "big red button" with a label: Start here. She suggested that the "crate blog" option should be only given after the account confirmation as an extra step.Silvia starts in Assignments and goest to Blogging, clicks on Blogging button and arrives to a Bloggin page with lots of text. No link to start a new blog. She would like to see a link to New Blog functionality earlier in the path, at least for the experienced bloggers. She finds the New Blog link after 4 clicks/She connects with images, and pictures,so she loves the site overall look. Navigation is OK. Loves the look and layout of Course Blog. However, she finds the Course blog vs. home/lending page a bit confusing. Would like to see a simple, consistent, and permanent Home/landing page. She likes the calendar and would like to see important due / release dates highly visible on the cal. Likes Weekly Modules a lot espcially the instructor/guest lecturer photos! She likes the Assignments page layout and organization. Learning Communities should have more graphics! Loves the navigation menus, are her "friends."Explores Course Blog first. Goes to Sylabus and just scans. Assignmnets are next. Scans a great deal. She did not think of the page as a course blog. Instead she thought of it as a home page. Expected a landing page simple and consitent. So a Home Page and a separate Course Blog (she often reffers to Google landing and seach page). Expects the course blog to have regular updates.She first looks under Calendar on the Course Blog (something in red). She would like to see some notifications in Howdy. She goes to Syllabus, and expects to see a checklist or calendar view: dates, assignments, etc. Afraid she might miss assignments. She expores Weekly Modules and goes to Assignments. CalendarWould like to find "who to bother with questons. Has trouble finding the link at first. Tries Get He;lp. Link needs to be more visible. Would like to see a "little box" Ask us? or Send an email on most pages. More like a "visual promopt" Do you need help? Tries to find the function by going into Assignments and choosing Blogging from Quick Links. Lots of text and no direct link to create new blog there. Would like a more proemient link for experience bloggers. She wonders if there would be a clear explanation why even people who have a blog need to create a blog in the course. SkippedFirst she would use the site search box to find "embed,” after she looks into blogging. She goes to Get Help. Prefers FAQ’s first, forums after, and last tutorials where she would expect an index (tree) page with maybe top categories and subjects. She would prefer written and short tutorials (no Flash since she is using IPAD). Likes screenshots!Gets it the first time: scrolls to the bottom and looks for the comments boxIm the weekly modules. To check fo She would like to be able to set an email alert. She does not like RSS Feeds.SkippedShe finds it quickly: @usernameSkipped.Would go to learning Community and scan Blogs and Peers. Likes the label choice and location for all Learning Community submenus. She finds it quiclyl. She mentioned her familiarly and experience with wordpress. Likes the Edit Profile pageFInds it quicly in Edit ProfileShe finds it quickly in Activity: @username. Would use it for important updates. She would also use it to contact the instructor. Self-conscious about what to ask publicly. She would use the "search" option with relevant keywords hoping results will return information by or about users. Would like to see a like button by results. To create a group she finds the Tribes very easily and goes to Create a Tribe.Clicked on Learning Communities/Tribes an browsed the list. Found Join TribeClicked on Learning Communities / Tribes and found Create a TribeParticipated in user testing for Webex. SHe first notices Wordpress in the site. She is happy to know more about Wordpress. She would take the MOOC as a fan of Dr. Stephens.."important for her". Likes to open things in a different tabs. More pictures in Learning Communites!
4AaronNot a typical test. Notes shared in Testing Notes. URL:
5Shawn - MOBILESkippedSkippedSkippedSkippedNot cluttered (good). Nav here is good.Mobile (Surface) - can't scroll.Very uncluttered (good). "Getting Started" blog post. Nav is great.SkippedAssignments page - can't scroll down on Surface.SkippedSkippedOn mobile, easy to see WP functionality, but hard to get back to course siteSkippedSkippedSkippedStraight to Weekly ModulesSkippedSkippedSkippedSkippedSkippedCould easily see WP functionality on mobile, but very hard getting back to course siteSkippedSkippedSkippedSkippedSkipped
6SarahIs on a Windows laptopFacebook, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Tweetdeck, Outlook webCurrently working in a library and is a library student.YesLikes Blackboard a lot. Likes the navigation bar on the side. Likes the search feature in websites she uses, which she hasn't seen in a learning environment.Wonders if it will tell you if a username is taken. Wants the textboxes to be darker.Wouldn't make one unless it was required. (didn't realize that you'd be doing it on the site, was thinking of an outside blog.) If you create a blog on the coursesite, would you have access to it after the class ended?Interesting, the pictures capture her attentionScroll down, recent activity is interesting, probably skip the course blog and go straigh tfor the syllabus, then start looking at things on the syllabus page, liked that the required assignments were there, thought the additional assignments would be easy to miss, would want to know how she was being assessed in the class, doesn't know what 'homeroom' means, wExpects something describing how to get around the MOOC. Expects it to function like an announcements board. Expects it would only be instructors posting. It didn't occur to her that it could be students.Would look under Assignments. If she didn't know the name of the assignment, she'd look under weekly modules. Wouldn't be surprised to find it in Syllabus-Schedule. Would like the left and right to match up date-wise on that page.Remembered seeing it, so clicked around to try to find it again. Tried Get Help and the MOOC team, and didn't find it there. Eventually found it under Syllabus.Didn't understand that you'd be creating the blog on the course site. Thought she'd have to find information on how to start a blog on another site.Found +new pretty readily.Would first go to the WP help on embedding video, then would go to support forums. Last resort would Email someone on the MOOC team.Likes that they're listed in Quick Links, but would like a visual change when a new module was open. Either the list gets longer, or there's a (Now Available) after the link for a little while.Has heard of RSS feeds, but doesn't really know what they are.Doesn't think she'd do it personally. Maybe search for their name if she knew it. (in the search box at the top of the page) -- Had no idea and was pointed to Learning Community adn guessed Peers. Would click to look at their profile and/or send them a private message before adding them as a friend. --- Once you start a private message, you can't cancel it, only leave the problemLearning Community-Activity. Found the box without much trouble. Concerned that everyone could see her activity.First thought with the word 'tribe' was Survivor. Found it a bit confusing. Said "interest group" would be clearer.already on tribes page, so had no problemalready on tribes page, would click 'start one' on the right or 'create tribe' button. Thought the procress was pretty clear, was a bit confused at first that it was asking for an avatar since she already had one. Thought that if the class has 400 people that individually clicking a lot of checkboxes to invite them would be overwhelming.Didn't like the idea that other people could follow her progress, could see she'd created a blog post, or earned a badge, etc. "invasive", like peple are watching her.
7WendyFirefox in fullscreen modeGmail, other Google products, Amazon, Lion Sierra OPACWorks at a public libraryTook some online classes for her Master's degree.instruction that's visualLikes the simplicity of it. (moused over the menus first thing), hard to see the textboxes, wonders if the username can be an Email addressWould only do it if it was a requirement.likes the simplicityscrolled down, would look at syllabus, weekly modules, or assignments, isn't sure what 'badges' means. Thinks of 'name badges', so maybe it's students?not sure, just the prof, or the students too?Assignments menu optionIt's not under Get Help. Wonders if there could be a tab to contact the instructor. She did remember seeing it under Syllabus.Tried clicking to the blogging assignment. Then thought she'd go back to where she saw it originally (which was the reg screen). Then thought she'd go Home.Was in one of janedoe's blogs and had some trouble. She was mousing over the various links. Eventually she did see the 'New' link up at the top in the WP toolbar. "I even looked at the bottom of the page before I looked way up there."Moused over the WP text toolbar (kitchen sink, etc) then saw the Add Media button. (She was clearly new to WP, but had experience with Hootsuite and said it was similar.)Would prefer Email, doesn't use RSS feedsclicked on a person's name and found 'private message' and 'public message'Saw 'tribes' and 'peers', but not 'friends'clicked on janedoe's picture on the homepage to get to her profileno problemDid it on the homepage by scrolling down to the 'what's new, janedoe' problemsuggested the text explanation on the right be under 'tribes directory', because she thinks of that space on the right as ad space and so was inclined to ignore it.Thought 'tribes' was clique-y and didn't like the idea of 'friends'. She'd prefer 'colleagues' or something like that, since it's a professional and academic context. | Wouldnt' want too many places to check for information and correspondence.