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This spreadsheet is no longer live. Submissions ended on Dec 31, 2019. It started on July 13, 2019, with a link embedded in an op-ed penned for The Art Newspaper.https://www.artnews.com/art-news/news/unpaid-interhips-art-museums-transparency-oped-12974/. If you have any Qs or concerns, email us at artandmuseumtransparency@gmail.com. And follow us for updates @amtransparency
TimestampPlace of current or recent internship (Org NAME, or TYPE, or REGION)Duration of current or recent internship (eg. 3 months)How much did you get paid for this internship? (eg $3,000 total stipend, $100 per month, metro card + lunch, $0, etc)Did you get benefits with the internship eg. healthcare, travel funds etc? What was your monthly rent while an intern?What are/were the other jobs that you do/did to support yourself during your internship? If you do/did other work while interning, what percentage of your living costs are/were made up by this outside work?Approx. how much were you paying in total in monthly non-rent-related bills (gas, heat, food, travel, student loans etc) during your internship? What's your highest level of education? What is your age range? Did you have a direct mentor or supervisor during your internship? Did you have clearly defined tasks that were educational and helped you learn by doing? Did you have chances for reflection on your internship performance during or at its end? Were there enrichment activities during your internship? (eg. seminars, lectures, professional development)If you could ask for change around museum and arts internships in the future, what would this be? What concrete steps do you suggest you and senior figures in (or outside) of the field could take to make this happen? If you stay in this field, will you commit to never manage or benefit from the labor of an unpaid intern? Any other notes, questions, or thoughts? Did/does the internship program accept international students? If so, does it support temporary visas?"
7/16/2019 11:23:54Dia Art Foundation1 year0free art booksn/abook sales100%$700Bachelors23-29YesYesDon't rememberYesEducate new staff/interns about different roles in the museum world. Maybe provide opportunities to intern in several departments so future museum professionals can try their hand at different tasks. Yes
7/16/2019 11:30:56Whitney Museum of American Art4 Months$0No800I lived off an education loan as I was in school full-time at that pointFull-time student $200Current Masters student23-29Yes, a supervisorYesYes, only because I had to ask for the chance to reflectNoI think all internships should be paid but I worried that paid internships will usher in a new kind of competitiveness that requires either unattainable excellence or relies of metrics like where someone went to school, their experience (which shouldn’t be necessary for an internship), or if they know someone in the org, all things places already do. Organizations need to think about what an internship in this field is for. It needs opportunities open at all levels of experience, education, and time-ability. Transparency needs to go into every step including the selection process. Yes Thank you for doing this, I have been waiting a while for my experience to be heard. I know my experience is not super recent but I’m pretty sure Whitney semester internships are still unpaid so might as well show that someone like me who is still starting out in this field had an unpaid internship there.
7/16/2019 11:47:11New-York Historical Society 3 months $01200MA23-29YesYesYesYesNo unpaid internshipsYesAcademic credit requirements provide a loophole for many internships to withdraw funding on the basis that the credit is a form of payment. Undergrad and grad programs must eliminate internship requirements from their curriculum.
7/16/2019 12:29:54The Metropolitan Museum of Art11 months$0No18-22YesYesNoYesYes
7/16/2019 13:08:12MFA30No$825Tour guideless than 20%$60Undergraduate18-22YesYesYesInformational interviews (a lot!)Transparency about the hiring process, publish internships and make decisions earlier in the year (I got my internship months after my friends had heard about theirs in other fields)Yes
7/16/2019 14:48:14[cultural heritage nonprofit in Washington DC]2 months$2000 stipendNo$1,600Earned scholarship to cover additional expensivesDid no other work$2,000BA18-22YesYesYesYeaHigher payYes
7/16/2019 15:46:17Whitney Museum of American Art3 months$0No$1,100College23-29YesYesYesYes
7/16/2019 15:46:57Guggenheim Museum3 months$500 stipendno23-29YesYes
7/16/2019 16:27:06Aperture Foundation1 year$300 per month for full time workComplimentary publications$930Worked part time in a restaurant80%$800BA23-29YesYesYesYes, professional development, field trips, opportunities for informational meetings and free lecturesI would ask that interns be paid at least an hourly living wage for their work. I would also ask cultural institutions to reflect on the pipeline to their internships. Have your most qualified candidates completed other unpaid internships? If so, your internship program, whether you pay your interns or not, is highly inaccessible. Yes
7/16/2019 17:08:25Sotheby's New York8 weeks$15/hour for a 40 hour workweekno$1,800 per monthNone, support from parentsthe majority$500rising senior at undergrad level18-22yesnot reallyto be confirmedyes, museum visits and lecturesbetter pay, more substantial workyes
7/16/2019 17:36:46Non Profit in DC3 1/2 months$200 per monthnothing. stipend was specifically for travelcovered by financial aidnone. I received financial aidn/a$800/monthsome college18-22YesYesYesYespay interns so that we can live without financial insecurityyes
7/16/2019 17:37:26The Art Institute of Chicago12 months$0No$900Yes, I have we a student, so I used federal loans100800Masters30-35YesNoNoYesMore people of color in all positions.YesUnpaid internships privilege those who can afford them. If the art world is to ever truly diversify, this practice must end.
7/16/2019 17:42:14Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago4 Months$0No$700I worked a retail job, a visitor services position at Wrightwood659, and did freelance writing.100%$1,300Master's Degree18-22NoNoYesYesPaid internships, treating internships as educational opportunities, prioritizing the compensation and fair treatment of interns and entry level staff. Yes
7/16/2019 17:46:02Rubin Museum of Art1 year$0No$0; had to live at homePaid internship at an art gallery for minimum wage100%Bachelor'sI was 22-23 at the timeYesNoNot sureI attended some lectures and professional development seminarsYes
7/16/2019 17:56:31Philadelphia Museum of Art2 months$0NoI lived with a family friend for freeNone - my parents paid for groceries and I used savings for everything elsen/an/aBachelors degree23-29YesYesYesYes - 1.5 days per week were reserved for lectures and professional development.Pay a living wage (over $15/hour), and give interns interesting work that will help them grow professionally - not just the filing projects no one else wants to do.Yes.
7/16/2019 18:32:30MoMA PS14 months$0No$500Fast food100%$200PhD30-35YesYesNoYesYesThanks!
7/16/2019 18:36:58The Museum of Modern Art12 months$31,000 per yearYes$1,147N/AN/A$1,000Master's Degree23-29YesMostlyYesYesI would also urge managers and HR employees to question from which universities their selected interns have graduated, and whether they have held unpaid internships in the past. If your most qualified interns have graduated from or attend the same three or four universities, your internship program--paid or not--is still inaccessible. YesThe internship program sponsored my visa
7/16/2019 19:14:04Nelson-Atkins Museum7 months0A discount at the restaurantn/aGraduate teaching assistant100%$600Bachelor's30-35YesYesNoNoOutside of making interns work the projects you need completed, think about their future and how this opportunity can truly help them prepare for a job in this field. yes
7/16/2019 20:07:13Laguna Art Museum1 year 0No550/month, sharedI worked as an usher at a theatre prior to starting my full time internship. College23-29YesYesYesNoCreation of more paid internships along with the same professional development opportunities as full time staff (ie attending conferences, lectures). Allow your interns to do more than small things like organize files, condition reports, etc. Do not dismiss your interns because they may be less experienced or they’re younger than you. Yes
7/16/2019 20:07:22New York City6 months$1,000 totalNo$850Canvasser, e-commerce product packer, studio assistant87%$371Two bachelors23-29YesYesNoYesOpportunities for applicants of different socioeconomic backgrounds. I would get rid of internships altogether and offer temporary employment instead, including benefits to healthcare. Designating funds specifically for these types of positions. Yes
7/16/2019 20:15:45Museum of Fine Arts, Boston3 months$0None$850Part-time job, 3-4 shifts per week.100%$80BA23-29YesNoInformal presentations at the end.YesOnly departments that have the funds to pay interns should offer internships. Even a daily stipend for lunch, or monthly stipend for transportation, would be a step in the right direction.

It is important to have clear goals outlined for the intern, and frequent meetings with the supervisor to go over the intern’s performance as well. In previous internships, I have always met with my supervisor during the first days to discuss these goals, and we would have formal check-ins at the halfway point and toward the end of the internship. Having a form where both the supervisor and intern define these intentions, and provide feedback that they can reference throughout the course of the internship, is helpful for visualizing these points and seeing them through. Beyond gaining experience, internships are about mentorship, and I have found that programs with this formal process have been the most successful.
Yes!Grateful you are facilitating important initiatives such as this one. Here’s to hoping this is the last summer of unpaid internships.
7/16/2019 20:17:20New York City3 months$3,200 before taxesNo $1,000No other jobs$450Bachelor's (two degrees)23-29NoNot at all. NoNoTo make them meaningful as opposed to errand-based cheap labor.YesI negotiated for higher pay and was granted it under the condition of not being paid extra for overtime. For gallery events I often worked 12-hour days back to back. After the second month I researched and found out withholding overtime pay is illegal even if I was considered an intern. I did not bring it up as this was my only job and was certain it would not be received well, possibly costing me the job.
7/16/2019 20:22:51Marfa6$400 monthlyYes, an apartment and a bike were providedNoneHousesitting, retail 15%$250Bachelor's degree23-29Yes, a wonderful oneYesYesYesTo value and legitimize interns and entry-level employees.Yes
7/16/2019 20:55:42Philadelphia Museum of Art8 weeks0No500Intermittent written work to receive summer stipend from my college450College Senior18-22YesYesYesYesMuseums should fundraise not just for capital funds, but also make part of their development plans to fundraise from wealthy donors to financially compensate interns instead of relying on our unpaid labor to complete important tasks. Yes
7/16/2019 21:21:47Mt. Cuba Center 1 year$11 an hourHealthcare, free onsite housing $0NoneNoneNone due to free housingB.A.23-29YesYesYes - we had performance reviewsYes - I was able to attend conferences and workshopsDo away with unpaid internships completely. I had two unpaid internships in college that never led to employment. Unpaid museum internships are an unfair and exclusive practice. YesNo
7/16/2019 22:09:29Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford9 months$200 total, presented as an "appreciation"no$0 (provided to my partner as a condition of his employment)none n(supported by my partner)n/aunsurePhD36 or olderyesnononotransparency and accountability; the internship was advertised as with a stipendyes
7/16/2019 22:32:21Philadelphia Museum of Art Summer Internship Program10 weeks, extended to 4 months$0No$745 + approx. $100 in utilitiesRetail, visitor service (both part time with no benefits), freelance100%$4002 Bachelors degrees23-29Yes/NoNoYesYesMinimum wage for time worked. If the institution cannot afford to pay for the labor it's receiving, it cannot afford to benefit from the work done, and this is compounded if the intern is not interning for university credit. Institutions can ensure funding, accept fewer or no interns, or offer a stipend.I have already left the field, and I will commit to never manage or benefit from the labor of an unpaid intern.I participated in an internship that was Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. This effectively meant that I was unable to work another full-time job, or even to approach full-time hours. The part time work I was able to secure was in retail and customer service, so the wage was below $11/hour and I was never able to make enough money to pay for all of my bills, rent, and food.
7/16/2019 23:39:14National Park Service, HACE Center, MA3 months$6,000.00No$825.00Part-time as a receptionist20%$525Master's degree30-35YesYesYesNoTake out the competition with pre-program conservation interns/workers. People with no experience shouldn't be working with priceless cultural objects and they shouldn't have to work for free BEFORE going into a program to prove they want to do this as a career. It literally makes no sense. YesI'm glad this conversation is coming into the light.
7/17/2019 0:12:22Archie Bray Foundation2 months00450Lived off of savings 250/moBachelor’s of science 23-29YesYesYesPayYes
7/17/2019 1:33:28SFMOMA3 months0 (received grant through college for $3000 but none from institution)n/alived with parents, hour commute each wayn/aat least $200in college at the time18-22YesYesYesYesPaid internships! It is so degrading to work for free and an unsustainable expectation.YES!
7/17/2019 1:35:09Smithsonian American Art Museum7 months$3,000/12 monthsno$1,100Membership Associate80%$200bachelor's (at the time)23-29YesYesYesYesYes
7/17/2019 1:54:11El Museo del Barrio5 months$0None$1,350 (University housing)Part time work-study research positionBA, current MA student23-29YesYesYesNone
7/17/2019 3:03:03Christie's Dubai1 Year$500NoN/AN/AN/A1,500$BFA23-29YesYesYesYesNot to take advantage of unpaid interns - once the goals for said intern are set, it shouldn't be easy to change tasks into something that has nothing to do with their tasks or goals.YesI think unpaid internships are very common throughout any field. However the core of the problem in my opinion is that interns get taken advantage of. I think that's where the line needs to be drawn. Because it is a learning experience at the end of the day.
7/17/2019 4:23:32Tate Modern6 months0No£625Editorial Assistant 60%£500Master's Degree30-35YesYesYesYesOffer only paid internshipsYes
7/17/2019 4:35:02Rijksmuseum1 year€250 per month + 60% commute costs if living outside of AmsterdamNo€420-€560Lab assistant at my university90%€300Currently working on my master's thesis23-29YesYesYesYesProper wages. Does not have to be full minimum wage (although would be best if that were the case) but at least something to cover at least 50-60% of living expenses in the specific city, as long as the museum allows the interns to work part time elsewhere to cover the remaining living costs.I will do anything in my power to change the systemGreat job with the survey! This is an extremely important discussion to have and once many people tend to shy away from. I was lucky enough to have a decent paying part time job at my university and my supervisor at the museum was understanding enough to allow me to work only part time, but I know many are not that fortunate and change is desperately needed.
7/17/2019 4:40:50Small non for profit gallery1 year, 1 day a week0No625A student so no paid jobNone100Masters23-29YesYesYesNoYes1- we need a policy change
2- the problem with large institutions that offer short internships (3months as one that I am currently doing) is that they justify the unpaid nature of the internship by the shortness of the contract, while perfectly knowing that the unpaid internship itself is highly competitive and that once one leaves maybe others will gladly take the job. Maybe if they would offer longer internships it would limit their ability to offer unpaid positions.
7/17/2019 7:33:01Art museum in Maine 3 months $5000 total stipend Cafe and bookstore discount $600Babysitting (5 hours/week), Restaurant serving and bartending (10 hours/week)50%$700Bachelors23-29YesYesYesYesPay interns! And, offer paid educational internship opportunities for high school students to learn about and see museum work as a potential aspiration. Mentorship is key.Yes
7/17/2019 7:52:58Letterpress printing studio2 months$0Access to machines for own use$500Bookbinding assistant, office assistant / tour guide60%$400BFA18-22YesYesYesNoTake a pay cut and pay your internsYes
7/17/2019 8:57:15Library of Congress2 months$0noa bit over $3,000didn’t have time$500some college18-22yesyesyesyesabsolutely
7/17/2019 9:14:02Virginia1 academic yearAcademic credit600ishUniversity workerBachelor23-29YesNo, internship was a mess No, very uncommunicative supervisorYes, as part of internshipMake internship expectations clear from startAs someone in a non-supervisory role, I don't foresee managing an intern for a while, but I would advocate for payment of interns.
7/17/2019 9:25:25Museu Arpad-Szenes Vieira da Silva3 months00300bar manager100%600Master30-35yesyesyesnoyesMuseums need more financial support, since they are the direct public agents in charge of our culture and knowledge. They also need better management, especially if they are run/funded by the state. The Museum I was interning at, was a result of a donation from 2 artists to the Portuguese State/Government. The level of involvement and bureaucracy involved in order to get anything at all was and still is very poor for the cultural department is also lacking engagement from officials. There is a permanent staff of 5/6 people plus 2 security guards. Almost none of the staff has Museum or Art History background, rendering them poorly qualified for their positions.
7/17/2019 9:29:52Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum3 months500No$700Part-time job, nannying100%$700BA23-29YesYesYesYes
7/17/2019 9:39:14Houston, TX3 months$0NoNone (lived at home)Worked at a fast food restaurant 100%$400.00Bachelor's Degree18-22YesNoNoNoSet aside a budget to fund intern programs. Also take time to design actual internship PROGRAMS that are structured with clear aims and perimeters so that interns do not end up tasked with things outside of their remit. Yes
7/17/2019 9:41:02Smithsonian American Art Museum10 weeks$0No$1,050$350Some graduate school23-29YesNoNoYes
7/17/2019 9:44:10Museum, Philadelphia6 weeks$0No, travel funds given by my university dept$0, living at school (paid for)Resident Assistant100%Some university (working on)18-22YesYesNoTwo small training sessionsYes!!!
7/17/2019 9:44:57Midsize Midwest Art Museum9 months$0No$425Worked part time in customer service and went into credit card debt75%$700BA30-35Not consistentlySometimesNoNoPeople need to be paid for their work and interns should be part of a relationship, mentored and educated, not just assigned empty tasks.Yes.
7/17/2019 9:47:09London3 months£10.40 p/hNo£675.00N/A - this was a full time position that did not allow for other workN/A£550.00Master's student 18-22Technically yes, but hardly saw themNoNoYes, gallery walks that we could join.Interns are either underutilized or over-utilized and there seems to be no healthy medium. Tasks and expectations should be clearly outlined before hand and interns should be given opportunities to grow, not simply be used for mundane scanning/printing tasks.YesThis is the only internship I have ever had that has had an hourly wage and it is not enough to live on, though the 36 hour work week ensures that no other jobs can reasonably be undertaken alongside it. I could not have completed this internship if I had not had savings from previous jobs.
7/17/2019 10:01:22Brooklyn Museum 3 Months $0no$700separate part-time paid internship all MA23-29yesnoyesnoit's simple: pay us for our labor yes
7/17/2019 10:09:19Brooklyn Museum3 months$15/hour No$400I worked at a gallery and did odd jobs for artists through Craigslist15%$450Currently an undergraduate 18-22Yes, a supervisorYesYesYesPaid transportation, higher wagesYesI had a relatively good situation compared to most museum/art world interns. But the inequality between my museum director's salary and all of the other people who make this institution run is egregious.
7/17/2019 10:24:58Kreeger Museum4 months$0Non/aBarista20%$1,000Bachelor of Arts18-22YesYesYesYesYes
7/17/2019 10:41:23Solomon R Guggenheim Museum3.5 months$500 total stipendNon/anoneBachelor of Arts23-29YesSometimesYesYesPay your interns!Yes
7/17/2019 10:51:51Cooperstown, NY10 weeks$2,500 totalNone$1,500 for 10 weeksAsked parents for money, was not allowed to work other jobsNA1000/monthFinishing Masters Degree36 or olderYesI had tasks of a full time staff member for the price of an internYesYesFair pay for interns and entry level work. The expectations for education and experience do not line up with what this field of careers are willing to pay.Yes
7/17/2019 10:55:46Denver, CO3 months0None$700Full time student and worked as a math tutor100%1,500Masters Degree36 or olderYes, but they were cut to part time during the internship so I mostly worked aloneNoNoNoMuseums need to reevaluate the levels of education and experience they require for what they will pay. Internships are educational opportunities and should not be treated as a free/cheap way to replace the work being done by paid staffYes
7/17/2019 11:05:11Museum of Fine Arts, Boston2 months$0no$500 (living outside the city center)none: I relied on savings n/a$700M.A.23-29YesYesNoYes, a fewAbolish unpaid internships. This is a crucial step (although by no means the only one needed) to begin to level the playing field so that people from non-wealthy backgrounds can enter arts professions.YesThank you for your activism, on this and on (the sadly very low) museum salaries.
7/17/2019 11:10:52Los Angeles3 months$0Free parking$1,000NoneN/A$1,000MA23-29NoSometimesTBDNoPay interns! And make more internships available in more departments. YES.
7/17/2019 11:17:16Whitney Museum of American Art9 weeks$5000 totalNo$1,700None.N/A$700College Degree18-22YesYesYesYesThis was one of the only paid internships I found while looking. It severely limited my options as I couldn't afford to move to NY (or other cities with more arts engagement) if i were paid any less than what I got at eh Whitney.Yes - if experience and internships are going to be hiring criteria then we need to make the opportunities open to more than just the people who can work for free.
7/17/2019 11:18:32California Academy of Sciences3 months$0No$750Working part time at another museum in collections100%$300Master's 23-29YesNot really NoNoFair pay for interns and acknowledge internships at entry level into the fieldYes!
7/17/2019 11:22:47City Parks4 months0No$600Full Time night shift100%500Bachelors23-29YesSomewhatIndirectlyOne on one instructionOpportunity for incoming professionals. Two unpaid internships while a full time student and working full time. To fulfill “experience needed” for masters program acceptance
7/17/2019 11:28:07Elizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum5 months0no850Various freelance jobs$400Currently pursuing my PhD23-29yesyesyesnot reallyPaid labor would be a start, particularly in an institution calling itself "feminist"Absolutely
7/17/2019 11:29:27California Non-Profit4 months$0No$1,100Working as an administrative assistant at my local college75%$450Master's23-29YesYesYesNoIn high cost of living areas, at least pay for transportation! I'm already paying for crazy rent, the least you could do is help me get your the place of work via train or car. (Obviously minimum wage should also be included, but transportation is such a barrier in high cost of living places where not everyone can afford cars to drive places). Yes!
7/17/2019 11:31:16Archives 4 months$9 an Hour for no more that 20 hours a weekNone$375Archival Research AssistantLess than 10%$200-$300High School, ongoing Bachelor degree18-22YesYesYesNoYes
7/17/2019 12:03:01The Frick Collection1 year0No$0 - lived with familyLegal Assistant, Waitress, Admin Assistant for a non-profit, all simultaneously100%700College (B.A.)30-35YesYesYes - The supervisors were very communicative about our research progress and our developmentYes - they connected us to professionals in other museums, galleries, artist's estate/foundations, auction houses. We met with them, they gave us tours and answered our questions.Institutions need to view internships as valuable investments, as opposed to them doing graduates a favor by providing experience and entry into their hallowed halls. Internships provide the opportunity for institutions to develop recent graduates and professionals in their careers, to align them with the institution's vision and provide fertile ground for them to devote their career to that particular institution. It's a great way to bring in fresh talent and have them grow from within. But if interns are unpaid, it communicates they hold no value to the institution. How can they then imagine being valued as staff?AbsolutelyAs an undocumented WOC, my immigrant status played a huge role in accepting an unpaid internship. On the one hand it was the only way to secure entry into the professional arts sphere without my work eligibility being an issue. I would otherwise be ineligible for paid internships.

On the other hand, being a WOC and working in a field where we are among the least represented and being unpaid only makes the ability to build a career that much harder.
7/17/2019 12:03:49The Museum of Modern Art3 months$3,300 (gross)free admission to most NYC museums$900no time for other jobs/commitment at alln/a$700 - $1,000masters23-29yesyesyesyes Stealing from your essay:

1. Don’t benefit from unpaid labor by managing or working alongside unpaid interns.
2. Educate yourself and others on the importance of this conversation for our field.

I think these 2 are particularly important first steps for anyone that holds managerial positions in our field to take.
yes I wish my internship was longer and that I got to work on more projects/assignments. 3 months is also too short to bond with team members and get to know colleagues across the organization.
7/17/2019 12:11:22The Met1 semester0nolived at homeN/AN/A600Some graduate school23-29yesyesyesyesin NYC, at the very least, interns should be compensated for travelnoI worked five months, 3-5 days a week with no pay and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Having The Met on my resume, along with all of the insight and experience I gained along the way, has permanently improved my personal and professional life. It was an incredible, humbling opportunity.
7/17/2019 12:39:39The Aldrich2 months$0nolived at homeI am a hostess at a restaurant and also babysit and dogsit.all of it$200Rising Junior in College pursuing a Bachelor of Arts18-22yesyesyesyesIn the future, arts careers should be made more accessible to those from all socio-economic backgrounds. This would be made far more possible if a stipend were made available to interns, especially those who can only work one job at a time.yes
7/17/2019 12:44:22Small Art Fund10 weeks$2500 stipend (about $250/week)no0 lived with friend$400bachelor's degree18-22yesyesyesnohigher pay; greater instruction/enrichment activities absolutely
7/17/2019 12:44:52Philadelphia3 months $4,000 total stipend (payed by home university)No$500$150Undergraduate 18-22YesYesYesYes (Networking with colleagues and reviewing other museums in the area (paid for by the museum)) Have more conversations regarding networking strategies Yes
7/17/2019 12:58:13Speed Art Museum4 months$0free museum membership$900part-time retail paying $9/hr100%$500BA23-29nonononoAssign dynamic projects that produce measurable resultsyesChange needs to come from the top. Internships are so important and often required for degrees that middle management refusing to offer unpaid internships may do more harm than good.
7/17/2019 13:05:03Frazier History Museum3 months$0free museum membershiplived with parentsnone, had to quit paying job to make time for internship + schooln/a$200BA23-29yesyesyesnoyes
7/17/2019 13:16:05Museum of Fine Arts, Boston3 months$0No benefitsn/aAwarded stipend from my collegen/a$600some college18-22yesyesn/aseminarsProvide housing at the very least hard to say, in the current state it is nearly impossible to get experience without committing to an unpaid internship.
7/17/2019 13:23:21Saint Louis, MO - Art Museum2 Months0No$700/monthResearch Assistant to a professor (worked remotely), administrative help to a family friend10%$200Bachelor's Degree18-22YesYesYesYesPay interns to increase diversityYes!!! 100%
7/17/2019 13:24:56New York, History Museum3 Months$1500 stipendNo$0Another internship25%$600Bachelors Degree18-22YesYesYesMinimalBrown Bags, meeting with departments, museum toursYes!!!
7/17/2019 13:27:22Freer Sackler Gallery2 months $0No $1000 per month None $500Bachelor's Degree 23-29Yes Yes No Yes Pay your internsYes
7/17/2019 13:58:39Midwest history museum4 months$0No$400N/ASome grad school23-29YesYesYesSomeYes
7/17/2019 14:08:45Museum of Fine Arts, Boston10 weeks$0Free museum parking$1,700Stipend from college--$600High school diploma18-22YesYesYesYesNo unpaid positions in any caseI don't think the burden of this decision should be on newcomers to the field to risk their careers over. If someone is managing an unpaid intern, I think the burden of that poor choice should reflect on the most senior position in charge of that decision and not the intern's direct manager.
7/17/2019 14:27:28Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles7 months$15 an hour + overtimenone$900$400 - $600B.A.23-29Sort ofNoNoNone included, gallery held public talksCreate a more defined and educational system that includes a living wageYesIf an internship is full-time and you aren't being paid a living wage how can an institution expect people of all standings to participate?
7/17/2019 15:05:31NYC 4 months$100/week for travel after bumping up to 3 days a weekdo office snacks count?$0part time studio assistant95%approx $750B.A.23-29yesyesnonopay your interns, have development/fundraising programming create specifically around funding interns, if you can't do the work with out unpaid labor perhaps you should be doing it and are working out side your means.yes
7/17/2019 15:09:40NYC works on paper org3 months$25 a day no$0living off savings$750B.A.23-29nonononoGive interns clearly defined roles and projects. If they can say they did something concrete or were responsible for a project then the experience is not really worth anything, especially if its unpaid. yes
7/17/2019 15:19:58Maryland10 weeks$500 total No$80None$200Bachelor's Degree, Masters by Dec. 2019 23-29YesYesYesYesI would like more support for finding jobs within the industry. I have completed three internships and around the mid-point of each one I always asked about the possibility of jobs and asked if they had spots open at there institution or knew of jobs at others. At one I was informed of a temporary (one week doing data collection) position at another institution. Internships are great, but they are only as valuable as their ability to actually get you into the job market. I would say yes but I just don't know. Even if I agree not to take on an unpaid intern I can't guarantee I won't benefit from the labor of one. I was lucky that when I did my unpaid internship while I was still living with my parents and they were willing to help me pay my bills. The lack of paid internships has however discouraged me from pursuing an additional internship while I'm finishing up graduate school, as I now do have bills that I need to pay and can't afford to work fewer hours if I'm going to pay for my last semester without taking on more student loans.
7/17/2019 15:49:34Rock and Roll Hall of Fame2.5 months$290 a week stipend (pre tax)No$500None$400Current Master's Student23-29yesyesyesyesI believe that interns should be paid at least the state's minimum wage. It should be made a point that funds are raised by intuitions for paid internships. yes
7/17/2019 15:50:28Artforum (not a museum, but still feels relevant) New York3 months$300 totalno$900another internship - also unpaid (dipped into savings to pay rent)$500B.A.18-22yesyesyesnoyes
7/17/2019 15:51:26National Portrait Gallery4 mothsnone - course credit insteadno$1,700none$400B.A.18-22yesyesyesyesyes
7/17/2019 16:10:35Mississippi Civil Rights Museum4 months0No$500NoneN/A$500Masters23-29YesYesYesYesAt minimum provide a housing stipendYes
7/17/2019 16:14:29Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art3 months$0no$1,000Retail, food service100%$2,000MA23-29noyesyesnopay your interns, actually hire your interns when the internship is overyes
7/17/2019 16:26:02National Gallery of Art9 weeks$4,500 total stipendtravel funds$1,620nonenonefood ($600) Master's degree30-35YesYesyesdepartment seminarsHaving managed Congressional internships, I believe better training is necessary- after two national museum internships, it's often a "sink or swim" situationI don't know if I will be in a position of hiring interns again, but I would love to be able to pay interns if given the possibility
7/17/2019 16:32:11National Museum of African American History and Culture16 weeks$9,600 total stipendNo$1,400nonen/a$1,270 (electricity/cable/food/travel) Master's degree30-35yesyesnonoHaving managed Congressional internships, I believe better training would be beneficial- it's a "sink or swim" situationI don't know if I'll be in a position to hire interns again, but I would try to make sure an internship was paid
7/17/2019 16:42:42Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego1 semester$0No750Clerical100%In college18-22YesKind ofYesYesYes
7/17/2019 16:43:17Small art museum; Florida Panhandle3.5 months$0No$455Babysitting 10%$150Some Masters23-29YesYesYesNoIntern pay, or stipend. Funding organizations could work to provide opportunities for interns to apply for as well. Yes
7/17/2019 16:55:49Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum10 weeks1,750 stipendFree housing0N/AN/A$600Midway through an MA18-22YesYesYesYesPay should more accurately reflect work. With my stipend, I make $4.38/hour. As a janitor (my part-time job during school) I make $11.00/hour. In this internship, I produce far more value for the organization and the work I do requires a graduate-level education--and yet financially, it would make far more sense for me to work in maintenance full time over the summer. I appreciate that housing is provided and this is an educational experience (and here at this particular museum, it really is an educational experience), but I believe I should be at least compensated with minimum wage for the work I produce for the institution.Unpaid internships are ridiculous and reflect poorly on the institutions that offer them. Most museums can find a way to fundraise for educational opportunities if they try.
7/17/2019 17:42:01Art Institute of Chicago9 months0free books950multiple part-time jobs100600Masters30-35YesYesYesYesPay us. The only way to provide these kinds of opportunities to people who don't all come from the same background is to pay your interns.Yes
7/17/2019 19:11:59City of Hamilton4 months$1000 honorariumNo$1,000Married to employed person$1,500University36 or olderNoSort ofYesNoPaid and not focused on only young graduatesYes
7/17/2019 19:47:04Princeton University Art Museum3 months full time$20 an hourHousingFree housingNone$600Masters23-29YesYesNoYesI have held many internships at museums over the last 6 years and this was the ONLY experience where I was paid, respected and appreciated by museum staff for the work I was doing, and gained valuable work experience. All internships should take after this program. Thank you, Princeton University. YES.
7/17/2019 19:57:11Virginia Historic House 8 months$0No$410Retail75%$70Bachelor's 18-22YesYesNoNoBetter management and treatment of interns, moving away from unpaid internships that particularly takr advantage of college undergraduates seeking opportunities into the field, avoid the usage of interns as all-purpose workers (ie. sending them to fetch coffees, manning the cash register, etc.) unless absolutely necessary Yes
7/17/2019 20:21:30Getty Museum10 weeks5700no812nonenone4002 years college18-22yesyesyesyesmore diversity!! more people of color in leadership roles especiallyyes
7/17/2019 21:03:15New York Foundation for the Arts3 monthsmetro cardsNo$750part-time museum educator80%$500BA23-29YesYesThere was a mid-term check-in but not a final oneNoI would not ask institutions to start paying interns immediately, since I do understand the financial stress that would caused by that. Meanwhile, I do think that by making unpaid internships truly meaningful and educational is not hard to do. Be patient with your interns. Create an encouraging workspace for them. Respect them as your staff.No
7/17/2019 21:07:46Museum of Fine Arts, Boston30023-29YesYesYes1. Interns should be paid for their labor. Unpaid internships excludes young students/people who do not have the financial means to work several hours for free. 2. Museums and cultural institutions need to do a better job of having diversity in the workplace.Yes
7/17/2019 21:08:59Museum of Modern Art10 weeks$5,250free admission to museums, staff discounts at MoMA cafe & store$1,250N/A70%$600BA, MA in progress23-29YesYesYesWeekly intern activities, including visits to other departments, talks with curators and museum leaders, etc.Yes