#100 Hours of Poverty Meal Log
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TimestampWhat Day of the program are you logging your meals for: Meal 1Meal 1 DescpriptionMeal 1 CostMeal 2Meal 2 DescpriptionMeal 2 CostMeal 3Meal 3 DescpriptionMeal 3 CostMeal 4Meal 4 DescpriptionMeal 4 CostFirst NameLast NameX-NumberReflection Question: How does this experience relate to your faith life? Have you found your self praying more during this time? Praying less? What does this tell you?
11/10/2012 12:05:33Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastI had french toast sticks for breakfast. The entire box of them was $3 and some change. I've had them in the freezer for a while. It's like 10 slices of bread with french toast sticks that tear off. I ate two of them so I think I'm definitely on track for today. Oh and I put some nutella on them :)$0.5
11/10/2012 14:58:51Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch a cup of coco puffs1.25
11/10/2012 16:50:08Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastBagel with butter 2DinnerSalad with chicken 3.99
11/10/2012 16:50:47Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastI had a muffin1.49Lunch Nothing0DinnerA pop tart 1SnackPop tart1
11/10/2012 17:20:00Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) SnackAt the Live, Love, Learn event today in the D'Angelo Center they gave out Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwhiches. It was tasty! Bacon, egg, and cheese :)0
11/10/2012 17:45:33Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch A bowl of soup from the soup kitchen while I was volunteeringfreeDinnerPasta with white sauce corn and broccoli and a bean patty. One churro for dessert.1 meal swipe
11/10/2012 18:14:21Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Breakfast 2 eggs: $.66 . veggies .$.40 . slice of bread $.40 .1.46SnackCrackers .530.53DinnerRamen .33
Sardines 1.49
11/10/2012 18:26:49Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Breakfast1 Cup of Chex Cereal and water0.25Lunch Grilled Cheese and Hot Cocoa0.82
11/10/2012 18:27:22Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastCereal and Milk$0.7Lunch Chicken Sandwich on Ciabatta Bread with water $1.75DinnerPasta with Terryaki Chicken and broccoli$3
11/10/2012 18:28:18Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) SnackI've been eating little snacks I found around the house like saltine crackers and fruit with a bottle of juice.$2.8DinnerI had chicken and rice with some vegetables$0
11/10/2012 18:28:42Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) DinnerI ate an egg and cheese and with salt, pepper, and ketchup on a hero ($3) and had an Arnold Palmer ($1)$4
11/10/2012 18:42:13Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastI had a croissant & a bottle of apple juice for breakfast. It was not too bad, because i am not normally a breakfast person. But it's only the beginning, we will see how things or my thoughts change. My food was free this morning and provided to the staff by my boss. 0SnackI had some carrots and ranch.
bag of baby carrots : 2 for $5
Ranch Dressing: $1.99
$6.99DinnerI had a pork chop and rice.
Pack of pork chops was $5.00
small bag of rice: 4.00
This way it will last and i may be able to eat this for dinner a couple of days
9Christina BerthaudX02103240My hopes are to get a full understanding of what it is like to live off of almost nothing. As a student living on campus it seems a little easy, granted i do not have a meal plan so i have to feed myself. On campus there are plenty of opportunities to get free food. The real world is not exactly like that. I am already realizing how different and difficult it could be to provide for a family on such a small amount of money
11/10/2012 18:47:52Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) DinnerHad a egg and cheese with salt, pepper, and ketchup on a hero ($3) and arnold palmer ($1) $4JuleeChavdaX01942656My hope was to figure out how to live with a limited amount of money. It is difficult and I learned that today. From today I realized that I can buy one meal and split it into two if I wanted to. However, I didn't do that today and plan on doing that tomorrow.
11/10/2012 19:00:36Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch (Lunch) 1 apple
$0.79Dinner (Dinner) Cup of rice and BBQ gravey$1.5SheniceBennett2242082To go through the same struggle, and feel the same pain that many people face and feel.
11/10/2012 19:02:16Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastGranny Smith apple and a glass of water$0.75DinnerHomemade turkey, lettuce, and cheese sandwich.$3SnackCarrots and ranch dip$0.75AnnaHenebengX01807146By doing 100 hours of poverty I hoped to really experience what life is like on a budget. Not everyone is as fortunate as we may seem and it's important to experience, in a sense, what life could be like or what life is like for others.
11/10/2012 19:14:42Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastPumpkin Pie~ $0.25Lunch Cupcake~$1.50DinnerRice~$1.25SnackCake
Dry roasted peanuts
~$1.25LaurenIppolitoX02605002To see what its like surviving with watching what I eat and how much it costs.
11/10/2012 19:20:03Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch live love learn gave out free egg and cheese sandwichs from dunkin donuts and water.freeDinnerwhite rice with broccoli and chicken3.25irvingchaseX02298439 To experience a new type of hunger
11/10/2012 20:02:42Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch Roll with cream cheese$1.25DinnerBeeferoni $1.75SnackHershey Bar$0.75NeyomiPerezX02410376I wanted to be able to feel for 100 hours the way that those who are in poverty feel every singel day.
11/10/2012 20:08:34Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch I ate a turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat bread. I had a bag of chips on the side as well. I did not eat breakfast or dinner in order to meet the requirements of how much money I should spend.$2.5JaviousWeather2047986I just would like to actually meet all the requirements in order to gain the full experience of living in poverty for the 100 hours.
11/10/2012 20:35:38Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch Small slice of a ham and cheese hero that was given at service. Looked to be about one-two slices of ham, one slice of cheese, half a slice of tomato, half a leaf of lettuce and two small pieces of bread. ~0.50SnackMcDonald's medium fry$2.17DinnerProgresso hearty penna soup On sale for $1Snack1/9 slice of devil food cake0.73MelissaMcGrathX02189570That I would stand more in solidarity with those that have no choice but to live like this and to put into perspective how blessed I really am to be able to afford to eat what I want most of the time instead of having to sacrifice things like a soda or a candy bar. I really have seen how much one has to prioritize what food she will buy and how she will use her money in order to stay full and healthy while balancing out enjoyment of other foods.
11/10/2012 20:53:56Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastKIND Fruit & Yogurt bar$2Lunch Indian Lunch Deal$8Hot pocket, apple, smoothie.$5RosannaChiuX02277345Eat as little as possible! Since I can't cook I have to eat low-budget meals (that aren't McDonalds, obviously).
11/10/2012 20:55:14Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Breakfastone grapefruit (5 for $1.99) and one banana muffin made by my friend, we went to service trip together$0.4Lunch I went to rockaway to do volunteer service & got 1 ham sandwhich as lunch0SnackHalf chocolate chip cookies shared with another volunteer0Dinner1 slice of bufflo chicken pizza3.55MinXuX02297260Want to experience the life live on low budget
11/10/2012 21:24:10Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastApple0.5Lunch Chicken nuggets
Small fries
Carmel Frap
FreeDinnerRoasted ChickenFree KrystaleeBlancoX02285147I hoped to stay on budget, and try to not think about eating so I wouldn't get hungry. That was a fail.. Tomorrow will be better. I don't know how people survive this way. Day 1 and I already see the significance in this project.
11/10/2012 21:25:06Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastI ate a Packet of Oatmeal 0.34Lunch Cup of Motts Apple Sauce 0.49SnackCup of Motts Apple Sauce 0.49Alely VeraX02290836Well I defiantly learned that food is expensive and because of my busy schedule I just buy things with out realizing how much things cost and how healthy it is.
11/10/2012 21:30:45Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastBagel with cream cheese $ 1.75Snackbanana 80 centsDinnerroll with egg and cheese $3StellaQuenstedtX02240558I wanted to understand what people who lack funds go through everyday. I thought the best way would to be by walking in their shoes.
11/10/2012 21:30:52Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastEgg on a roll and water$0.7Lunch Cup noodles soup with half glass of milk$0.66SnackRoyal gelatin$0.25DinnerTwo small sweet potatoes with a quarter chicken and rice with a same side of vegetablesAbout about $3.00DaisyMoreX02513698My hopes were to get an idea of just how tough food insecurity can be and so far it's been challenging.
11/10/2012 21:41:35Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastBought an apple for breakfast. $1Lunch I bought some orange juice and chips.$2.5DinnerI had cup noodles. $1KuljitKaurX02291884My hopes were to get the experience of how many people in this world are surviving. Also a side note, this looks like it wont be easy!
11/10/2012 21:43:07Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastFor breakfast I had a cup full of Special K Fruit and Yogurt Cereal. I purchased a box to last me the next 4 days. 2.98Lunch Pack of Ramen and some water0.5DinnerDid not have dinner today. ShannonGaddyX02163792My hopes are to try and figure out how to eat healthy, maintain my budget and not skip any meals. However, I ended up skipping a meal today because it didn't fit into my budget. Even though I know that I should be able to figure out a way to maintain myself, i know that it's only going to get harder.
11/10/2012 22:01:26Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Breakfasti had froot loopsnothingLunch chicken noodle soup$2Dinnersalad$3MaryGolaszewskiX02598483to be able to empathize with others in poverty
11/10/2012 22:16:49Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastI ordered a Hash Brown from Dunkin Donuts and ate the Hash Browns with Ketchup (Free). $1.3Lunch I went to a Chinese Take-Out Restrunt and ordered a Egg Roll and it came with duck sauce. $1DinnerI ordered a Croissant from a random Bakery. $1.25SnackI went to St. John's event that gave free Chinese buns away so I ended up having one. $0StephanieFalconeX02062874My hopes when I participate decided to participate in 100 Hours of Poverty that it would not be so hard and that I wouldn't have to plan for my first day meal but it looks like I have to plan!
11/10/2012 22:42:05Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch Half of a hot pocket, half a bag of pretzels, and tap water.4DinnerThe rest of the hot pocket and the bag of pretzels and more water. 0MelissaGarciaX02271773My hopes for my participation in 100 hours of poverty is to basically have a better understanding of how people live under these circumstances. It isn't easy and I didn't realize that it was going to be this tough. I realized today how much money I really do spend on unnecessary things and this in a way is helping me change my spending habits and how I live in general.
11/10/2012 22:47:33Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastWell, I drink tap water and not much else so that was free :) I had a plate of what my mom had cooked. She mad fried noodles, with some curry powder and cauliflower! .75 centsSnackTwo mini cupcakes made from a box. The mix plus the other ingredients cost 4.57, which made about 47 mini cupcakes. That means each cupcake was 11 cents!.22 centsDinnerStir fry carrots and celery. Stir fry beef. Steamed broccoli and some egg with white rice on the side and tap water.2.15TiffanyLeungX01996483First off, limiting what you eat and counting how much food costs is new for me. I'm use to eating whatever and whenever and not caring because my parents just buy more. When I decided to do 100 hours of poverty, I wanted to learn what it would be like to limit what you eat, to see what it was like to not eat certain things (like a candy bar which costs 1$). It is very easy to just spend when you have the money.
11/10/2012 23:11:25Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) DinnerI had a mcchicken and a medium sprite. 2.59AshleyBealX02237137I was hoping that I was able to learn how to spend my money wiser and ration out my food better.
11/10/2012 23:20:48Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastI ate a bowl of cereal.4.68Lunch I ate cheese fries.1.99DinnerI ate Penne a la Vodka with Garlic Knots.9CharlineMitchellX01736825My hopes were to understand what it is like to live on a really restricted budget. I have always chose options that were cheaper to save money between two food options. I think it is interesting the question that was posed about eating healthy. Since healthy food is more expensive it would be a bigger challenge trying to maintain a budget.
11/10/2012 23:22:11Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Breakfasthot dog without any bread and a few fries 3DinnerYellow rice 2.79EvelinRamirezX02312992My hopes were to be able to go through one day not to be starving and learn how to budget and ration my food.
11/10/2012 23:43:32Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastBowl of cheerios with a bananaFree - ate at homeDinnerChicken with rice and vegetablesFree - Ate at homeTerri-AnnNelsonX02133049Hoping to see how those who rely on food stamps have to make sacrifices in selecting what they want to eat and how much to spend on each meal
11/10/2012 23:49:43Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastOatmeal1.49Lunch Peanut butter and jelly sandwich1.08DinnerChicken noodle soup2BejoyManiaraX02019147To spend less than the alloted budget, because i know that people have even less than this, and I ate like this during my summer diet, and want to get back into a healthy diet after losing some fat
11/10/2012 23:56:21Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Breakfasta hot croissant with eggwhite and swiss cheese 3.35Lunch someone gave me tomato and mozzarella cheese sandwich- :/ mad unfulfilling0Dinnermy mom made dominican food that is hard to explain- some kind of potato with ONE boiled egg0.00 but it would have been worth 2-3$SnackDONUUUThow much are donuts, yalls??EmilyMarteX02130323I was hoping to feel whatever a person in poverty does day to day when it concerns food. participating can show me the difference between their lives and my life.
11/11/2012 0:02:37Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch Easy Mac1.99DinnerMcDonald's McDouble & value fry2.19JeannaDalvanoX02103742Aside from it being extra credit for a class of mine, I was hoping to prove to myself that I can get by on less food than I consume on a regular day; and to come away with a better understanding of what it's like to have less than I am fortunate enough to have.
11/11/2012 0:05:44Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch 1 cup black coffee
1 baked potato
1/2 box mac n' cheese
$1.15SnackBanana nut bread bar$0.6DinnerPasta with tomato sauce, onions and tomatoes$0.98SnackQuaker Stila cookie
3 coffee-flavored candies
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 apple
$1.6HannahPardeeX02123522I wanted to challenge myself to eat healthfully on a minuscule budget and get an idea of poverty in the United States.
11/11/2012 0:19:05Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastBanana and 1/2 granola bar$0.65Lunch rice with 1/4 of a chinese take out. $2.3SnackApple pie from McDonald's$0.5SaiPhyoX02390958I thought i was going to be able to do it without any problems at all because I have been staying on cheap chinese take outs that I bought for $6 and eating for 3 meals. But I did not realize how much I buy and eat unnecessary junk food. Now that i am not eating what i want to eat when i want to eat, i am having troubles.
11/11/2012 0:19:20Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastI ate at a soup kitchen called Live, Love, Learn at Sodano Coffeehouse and got 1 free breakfast sandwich -- egg and cheese on a croissant.$0Lunch I ate 1 bag of Doritos that I got from 7-11 (they were 2 for 2.50) and a bottle of water.1.75MargaretGanderX02258169I was hoping that I would gain a better understanding of the value of food both monetarily and conceptually. I see how much food costs and also how important it is past just your body's necessities. Since this was my first day, I didn't have time to grocery shop and I got lucky with the breakfast at school. If it weren't for that, I don't know what I would have done for lack of preparation. This is what helped me realize that people with such limited funds need to spend their time organizing and planning ahead. However, this type of preparation can be exhausting without proper nourishment, which is yet another thing forcing people into the cycle of poverty.
11/11/2012 0:32:23Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch Bagel and cream cheese from Starbucks.$2.12Snack2 chocolate cookies. I went half with my friend, who is also doing the service project, on a pack of 4 chocolate chip cookies.$0.5DinnerA small order of French Fries from McDonalds.$1.49Ciara-DawnAlison-KontehX02381154I was hoping to receive the full experience of someone who is really impoverished.
11/11/2012 0:32:42Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastA bagel with cream cheese.$0Lunch A peanut butter and jelly sandwich$1.05DinnerPasta with a butter sauce. $3KimberlyCuneoX02116489I wanted to better understand what it would be like to eat at the poverty level for 100 hours.
11/11/2012 0:35:29Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Breakfastmini blueberry muffin travel pack ($1.50)
pint of apple juice ($0.50)
$2.00 (no tax)Snack2 slices of toast with butter$1.46Dinnerlarge fries$2.19AjiaEberhartX02038829I wanted to see if I could actually walk a mile and more in someone else's shows by living on a daily constricted budget. I believe if participants follow accordingly it will humble people and make them appreciate the lives they have.
11/11/2012 0:37:39Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch spanish food; chicken and rice$6ashleechatfieldx02120163I hope to walk in the shoes of someone who not only lives on a budget, but also has to ration their savings to make it through the day.
11/11/2012 0:37:54Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastBagel with Butter- A friend offered to me for breakfast$0Lunch Cheeseburger
Coca Cola

McDonald's dollar menu
$3.5DinnerI was at a event with friends and there was free food at this event so we had various things all evening.$0AshleyDiGregorioX02175055Poverty is something that definitely hits home for me; I have been blessed my whole life but it breaks my heart to know how many people go hungry every night and how many people I can't help even when I'm doing as much as I can on my part. I always participated in Midnight Runs in high school, and now in college volunteer at a food and clothing pantry. There is a film called Human Experience by grassroot films & there is a section where the people in this documentary live as homeless men in New York & what they learned was exponential....I want this insight.
11/11/2012 0:42:08Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) DinnerI had rice, beans, and curry beef. It was a pretty normal sized portion. I make the rice and beans which I can't remember how much they cost but I bought them in bulk so I know it was really cheap.3CatherineSims2252367My hopes were that I would be reminded that despite my being a poor college student, I am still very privileged. I wanted this reality check to remind of why I need to serve and try to change things.
11/11/2012 0:53:30Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch Half turkey sandwich and half tuna sandwich. $2.7DinnerHalf cup brown rice with grilled chicken breast.$3.5MahiaMutushyX02214760I did 100 hours last year and in the end I really was able to appreciate what I have and I also learned better money management. I joined again this year in hopes of once again learning the value of what I have.
11/11/2012 1:20:05Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastApple and coffee. 1.4Dinner2 tacos$4SnackCrackers and cheese0.76ChristineJackman X01878292I hoped to plan wisely with the money alotted & to see what it's like to walk in another's shoes. I have gained some gratitude already.
11/11/2012 2:15:54Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch 2 pieces of toast with grape jelly and tap water 1.4Dinnercup of roman noodles with tap water0.43LesterRowlandX02596715learn how to manage surviving in the real world. Many of people have suffered and had to live like this for many years, so being able to live like them for a couple of days shows how much I actually have
11/11/2012 7:22:46Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastOne yougurtFreeLunch Chicken sandwich from Wendy's $3.24OluwatosinAkinnuoye1971929Appreciate my small blessings when it comes to shelter and food. Get to live through the eyes of others
11/11/2012 8:45:57Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastBanana with water 0Lunch Calzone with pepperoni and water 4.5DinnerSlice of pizza 1.75NatashaAmazanX02188000That I could understand how some people feel when they don't have very thing hanged to them like students in college do.
Another way to feel this way would be turning your phone off because of the fact that people in poverty don't usually have phones.
11/11/2012 9:25:21Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastCinnamon Raisin toast and tea.NothingLunch Crepe with Nutella and strawberries6KaylaSolisΧ02083223To further understand what it's like to live by a strict and low budget.
11/11/2012 10:36:11Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastChicken noodle soup1.49Lunch A slice of pizza1DinnerPasta with red sauce 2.5CourtneyMilesX02098437To experience how people that live on or below the poverty line survive (food wise). I spend so much money on food that sometimes I forget how fortunate I am to even have the money to buy food. I want to experience the struggle.
11/11/2012 11:40:47Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Breakfastdunkin donut small coffee
small apple x2
magnolia coffee
starbucks sandwich
chestnuts 4.5
granola bar 1/2
8.4JiEunJung2320624It's not easy to eat within the budget!
11/11/2012 11:45:55Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Breakfastcoffee, sugar, milk$1.04Lunch peanut butter and jelly$0.83DinnerWent to a Sweet 16N/ALaurenLaurelliX02140430I was hoping I would get a different perspective on how other people lead their lives. At first I was looking forward to it because I would have to plan out my days but I soon found out this is more exhausting than exciting.
11/11/2012 12:11:05Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Breakfast1 Granola Bar
1 Apple
1 Banana
1.5Lunch 1 Cup Noodles
1 Sandwich
1.5Lunch 1 Apple Pie Biscuit
1 McChicken
2PeterYangX02377131It's about what I expected so far.
11/11/2012 12:11:47Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastBagel$0.3Lunch Chicken Soup and a roll$1.33DinnerWonton Soup$1.8NoreenWhiteX02573091To realize that many have a lot less than what I do and to help me remember that every day.
11/11/2012 13:11:18Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastOn this Morning I had a bowl of cereal with a serving of Skim Milk. $0.75Lunch I worked though Lunch$0DinnerRed Beans, Brown Rice, Side of Veggies and $2.00 worth of left overs from Acquista's: Gnocchi Quattro Formaggi$3.5SeanCampbellX02297685I grew up in a financial struggle. My mother discovered she had a brain tumor when I was about 5 years old. I was one child of 4, and my father was a custodian in the Hoboken, NJ, Board of Education. When we discovered my work-at-home accountant mother had brain cancer, this changed things for my family dramatically. My father took a leave of absence from his job to take care of my mother because we were all too young of children to care for her especially being that we had a 3 year old sister at home, Kindergartener, 1st Grader, and 5th Grader in school. When my father tried to return to work after my mother became stronger, they let him go. This created the largest financial strain my family has seen since being blessed with a 4th child under the age of 26.Food Stamps was our only option and we have been on it as long as I can remember. Due to a back injury my father endured from a car accident as time passed, he hasn't had a job in 13 years. I came to college, and obtained many jobs, made decent amounts of money and started spending frivolously. Although I do send money home, I feel guilty about the way I live knowing my families circumstance at home. So I hope from participating in this 100HOURS experience, I can remember what it's like to be cautious of a budget and don't take money for granted, because Lord knows, nothing is permanent.
11/11/2012 13:36:33Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Breakfast1 fried egg and 2 pieces of whole wheat bread0.24Lunch Brown rice with broccoli and red kidney beans1.5DinnerBrown rice with broccoli and red kidney beans1.5Brittanyde FriasX02239776This experience has been a struggle but it has been an eye opening one. It's been difficult splitting up the cost of the day and staying within budget, while trying to be healthy but I've managed it so far by eating brown rice and broccoli which I got on sale at a cheap supermarket. It's been rewarding to know that I have been able to stay within budget and even have money left over for the upcoming days.
11/11/2012 14:10:19Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Breakfasta cereal bar $0.8Lunch microwave macaroni and cheese $1DinnerMcDonalds fries $1SnackI split a pack of cookies with a friend who is also doing 100 hours of poverty$0.5AshleyMichel x02376019I came across an older women on the train last night who singing to people about how she was hungry and just wanted change to eat. I was hungry as well but I thought to myself: if I really wanted to, I could go eat right now, she probably can't. My "poverty" is voluntary and only temporary. I'm really going to try to complete this challenge, 100 hours will be difficult but I thank God that I'm not living 24/7 in poverty.
11/11/2012 15:38:31Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastWingding$0Lunch See aboveDinnerSee above$2.6CyrilCollantesX02241871Went to Wingding - a Phi Delta Chi national/regional event where they serve free wings. This probably is not the real way to start with this event, but I've been waiting for this event since last semester. The event lasted from 12pm to 5pm, so I was well fed the entire day.
11/11/2012 15:39:21Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch Unlimited wings as part of an event with my organization for free. This was just a lucky coincidence and filled me up for the whole day. 0DinnerSame as above0AshirShumunovX02189470Fortunately I have gotten lucky and had this event fall on the same day as the challenge. However from previous experiences, Saturdays are usually not too bad because i have work from 10 - 6, and i usually get some chinese food for lunch, eat the soup then, and the rest for dinner, and because its lunch special it usually ends up being 5-6 dollars, under the $6.38 limit.
11/11/2012 15:53:58Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastBagel $1Lunch 2 slices of pizza$4GabrielleCawleyX02299975I worked all day Saturday and it was difficult to keep my energy up at work and after work without the same amount of food I'm used to eating and coffee. Went to bed hungry, woke up hungry.
11/11/2012 16:31:07Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Breakfast2 eggsappr. 20 centsSnack2 bags of Honey Wheat Braided Twists Pretzels
cookies from friends
$2Snackbread with olive oil, some peanuts, 2 bananasappr. $1.50CongRenX02299328hungry...I was planning to go to Manhattan to have yummy food (like sea food pasta) with my friend, but that couldn't happen.
Rewarding: I thought I ate healthy.
11/11/2012 16:34:57Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastOatmeal1.75Lunch Apple0.75DinnerApplesauce0.5BrianneMurphyX02161805So far so gooD!
11/11/2012 16:55:13Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)Lunch fried noodles with shrimp, rice, broccoli, chickenFree at ChurchSnackBread with olive oil, some peanuts, an orangeappr. $1.00CongRenX02299328These are what I eat on a typical Sunday. So nothing has changed.
11/11/2012 18:47:15Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastCereal, peanut butter, cup of coffee70 CentsLunch Salad, piece of bread$2DinnerRice, bread$2KatieBuschX02351283It is hard to find cheap protein, but so far I haven't been too hungry.
11/11/2012 18:50:17Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastPeanut butter and toast, coffee50 centsLunch Bread, peanut butter and banana, small salad$3DinnerPasta with marinara sauce, tofu$2SnackCandy$1Katie BuschX02351283It is hard to find cheap healthy things to eat
11/11/2012 19:28:14Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)Lunch Chicken sandwhich $88DinnerRavioli2ChristineJackmanX01878292I wasn't home all day so I had to eat lunch out and was very expensive. Hard to spend less than $7 when I am always on the run n busy I have to grab and go food.
11/11/2012 19:39:02Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch Ham sandwich with lettuce & tomato, ice burg lettuce with Italian dressing, pretzel rods.Free DinnerOrzo pasta
sauteed Cauliflower
Pesto sauce
1.66$SnackOreos 1.99$Lizzy Ruddockx02112162The first day wasn't as difficult as I expected but I also attended an all day conference that provided me with lunch so I was able to save some of my budget.
11/11/2012 20:27:20Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastBanana with peanut butter1.05$Lunch Chicken strips and mac &cheese. Free from an on campus event DinnerWhole grain pasta with sauce and Parmesan cheese
sauteed green beans with onions and shallots
3.22$Snackice cream1$Lizzy Ruddockx02112162I really like planning out my meals and calculating the servings and the price of everything. It's important to realize how much we take food for granted and the luxury of being able to eat whenever we want to.
11/11/2012 20:30:52Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastHandful of reeses pieces~$0.25Lunch *Snack* Twizlers~$0.75DinnerPiece of beef and half of a potatoe~$2.00SnackDonut
Hershey cookies n creme bar
11/11/2012 21:11:15Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastOmelette 2.45DinnerPb & j 0AlexaScimeca X02440153This experience has been extremely eye opening as well as very rewarding.
11/11/2012 21:12:28Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)Lunch Slice of bread2.35Lunch Noodles.33centsDinnerOstmealFreeOluwatosinAkinnuoye X01971929Not as difficult as I thought but its an added stressor
11/11/2012 21:12:44Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastPeanut Butter and Marshmallow fluff sandwich + coffee$0.75Lunch 1/4 of Chinese Food + rice + boiled egg$2.3SnackFunyan$0.3Dinner3 chinese sausage + rice $1.7SaiPhyoX02390958It has been a rewarding experience because I can push my limit of will power over my desire.
11/11/2012 21:14:24Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) BreakfastNothing0DinnerI had dinner cooked from home. Rice and meat It was technically free, but it would be worth about 5 dollars with 5 dollarsSnackBag of wheat thins1:00:00Michael BuiX02206500Since it was the first day, it is not too bad so far. I hope this experience will open my eyes of the problems many people go through.
11/11/2012 21:17:39Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastBlueberry Muffin$1SnackGoldfish Travel pack$1.1DinnerDole fruit cup$1AjiaEberhartX02038829I haven't found this too difficult thus far because I eat meals on a low budget since I'm in school however, if I had to do this everyday for many months I think I would probably be feel distressed. On my part I mixed up the allowance budget for the first and second day so I spent less on food today.
11/11/2012 21:21:20Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastI got small snacks, like pound cake from Mass. 1:00:00DinnerI ate at Montgoris. I had sushi, salad, chicken, broccoli, and coffee. My friend swiped me in, so technically it costed me no money, but I will factor that amount in my cost. $13Michael BuiX02206500 I realized that when I was in Monties, I took a lot more than the suggested value of thirteen dollars. I feel like I was bending the rules of this experiment. I will try to be more aware of my actions.
11/11/2012 21:23:24Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastBagel with butter $1.25Lunch two cheeseburgers, 4 piece chicken nuggets
3.25StellaQuenstedtX02240558this experience has been more difficult then I have thought. Living on such a short amount of money is very challenging. I've realized with this budget, if I want to have some sort of real meal I must only choose up two one or two meals per day. (not even being able to have a snack!)

What has been rewarding is to be able to challenge myself to live the life of what some people go through everyday. My meal choices, that are more forced meals have made me to start to think certain things of why people who are impoverish act certain ways. (A diet of bagels and Mcdonalds sure is health-friendly!) So far it has really begun to open up my eyes.
11/11/2012 21:24:56Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)Lunch I had a piece of fruit0$SnackChips$1.09?DinnerChicken salad5.99sakieramaloneX02125600It wasn't to difficult. I focused on working so I didn't snack to much.
11/11/2012 21:25:41Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)Dinnersubway; $5 foot long meal$7.62ashleechatfieldx02120163so far so good
11/11/2012 21:28:45Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)Breakfastbowl of cereal
glass of water
$2.5Lunch Water
$0Dinnersmall bowl of pasta
Cranberry Juice
$4SnackChocolate Chip Cookie a friend gave me$0AshleyDiGregoriox02175055So far it has been interesting; I have cut back on my snacking throughout the day, and find myself drinking a lot of water to feed my cravings. It is a conscious thing I have to constantly be aware of becaus ein my house and around school there is food everywhere I am so tempted to get but I am focusing on the mindset of not having the ability to just buy something when I am hungry or craving. It is rewarding to see that my friends, knowing I am participating in this, want to be giving, as they would be with anyone coping with any form of poverty.
11/11/2012 21:29:10Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastNothing0Lunch Half a turkey Sandwich, Muffin and some water. These given to me by a friend. 0DinnerOther half of the turkey sandwich and some water0ShannonGaddyX02163792 Having your friends constantly invite you or ask you to go out and eat when you don't have the money to do it. I know this is just a four day challenge, but I imagine what people go through who are in this situation. It's embarrassing to say "I can't afford it." So far this weekend has been a humbling experience, Monday and Tuesday will be a real testament.
11/11/2012 21:32:31Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastA bowl of cereal with milk. $1Snack100 calorie pack of yogurt-covered pretzels$0.5DinnerMini raviolis with homemade marinara sauce and a can of iced tea. $4KimberlyCuneoX02116489What's been most difficult is having to see all the food available in my cabinets and refrigerator and knowing that I can't have it. What's been rewarding and more accurately - upsetting - is that I know that after a few days of this challenge I can go back to my normal routine of eating whenever I am hungry. The point of this experience is to understand how it would be if I was living in poverty and I know that those who are living in poverty are forced to live this way everyday of their lives instead of just a few like I do.
11/11/2012 21:45:31Day 1 (Saturday, November 10) Lunch 2 Cookies
Bottle of Apple Juice

(I know these weren't the healthiest choices but I was at work at the mall all day and this was the cheapest thing I could find)
$2.5DinnerI got off of work at midnight last night so I had to settle for a $.99 Big Mac/Medium fries promo$3RogerDumasX02416583So far, the experience has been difficult only because it isn't easy to find food that is good for me that isn't too expensive.
11/11/2012 21:46:38Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)Lunch Fillet of fish meal from McDonald's. came with fries and a medium drink. I ate the fries and saved the sandwich.$6.39DinnerThe fish sandwich I saved from lunch with some tap water.$0KyndraRickettsX02116654This experience has definitely taught me that I spend a lot of money on food just because. It hasn't been difficult because I do not eat a lot but it has shown me I waste a lot of food I buy by throwing it away instead of saving it for later.
11/11/2012 21:49:04Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)SnackI had a croissant. $1DinnerI had a baked potatoe and some spinach. $2.5CatherineSims2252367It's been a subtle reminder that while things are tough for me being on my own for the first time, it could always be worse. Trying not to go over my spending limit has been difficult because I always want just a little bit more. I think most of us spend a lot more on little things we don't think about like coffee and snacks throughout the day. What has been rewarding though is the knowledge that I can manage my resources. Continuing to do this project each year keeps me grounded and always reminds me of why its important to do these things so I don't forget what it feels like and so I don't forget how to do without.
11/11/2012 21:49:25Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)Lunch My job treated me to lunch today!

Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich and a cupcake
$0Dinner2 bananas
Chex Mix
Brisk Iced Tea
$3.68RogerDumasX02416583The experience is getting easier. I'm adjusting to my reduced food budget.
11/11/2012 21:56:39Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastCoffee$0.4Lunch peanut butter and jelly$0.83Snackpretzels$1Dinnercereal$1.04Lauren LaurelliX02140430So far the experience has been okay. I am starting to consciously think about what I eat and compromising "bad for you foods" because they cost so little for foods that are a little bit more nutritious.
11/11/2012 21:59:42Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastEgg sandwich- 1 egg, 1 slice of cheese, 2 slices of bread 0.3SnackPudding cup0.5Lunch Cheese quesidilla 2.19SnackChurro0.99MelissaMcGrathX02189570So far it has been hard to live like this because the less I eat, the harder it is to function. I tried giving blood today but didn't realize how much this would affect me because I got very dizzy and ill and ended up not able to give. It has been rewarding though because I can see in my own limited way how hard it is to live like this every day. To not be able to get a full days worth of calories or to afford to go out with friends or even take care of children if you have them. It's incredible hard and even more understanding why more and more soup kitchens and pantries are seeing higher rates of people coming and are in greater need of donations.
11/11/2012 22:06:37Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastTwo clementines and one whole avocado.89 centsLunch Home made pork vegetable dumplings (6)2.25DinnerHalf a bowl of white rice. String beans with ground pork bits in black bean sauce. One bowl of winter melon soup2.85TiffanyLeungX01996483This experience has been a lot harder than I thought. This experience is teaching me to account for how much I eat and how easily it is to forget that there are people who live at or below the poverty line so they can't just go back to being normal after 100 hours of poverty. This experience has opened my eyes to what poverty is, which in and of itself is rewarding because it shows that poverty is a huge issue that the government needs to tackle.
11/11/2012 22:09:50Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastI woke up at 11:40 today, so I ate an apple (5 for 1.99) afterwards, it counts as my breakfast$0.4Lunch I went to a pizza place at 1pm for my brunch, got two plain slice $5SnackWent to my small group of bible study at 5pm, ate a piece of cake0DinnerAfter Sunday night mass, I ate 5 piece of chicken nuggets as dinner0MinXuX02297260It's really hard to calculate how much i can spend on food. I have to ate free food to keep my budget balance
11/11/2012 22:21:26Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)Lunch Pretzel0.99SnackFries and shake11.08BreakfastToast 0Kayla SolisX02083223It's been interesting. It's hard to pick and choose what your next meal is going to be.
11/11/2012 22:24:34Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)Lunch I ate some rice with chicken from church. Every Sunday, a different family brings in food for the members of the church. Since this is somewhat charitable, I didn't incur any costs.0SnackPeanut butter and jelly sandwich1.49DinnerLentil soup2.17BejoyManiaraX02019147It hasn't been difficult so far. I guess it's rewarding in the sense that it's somewhat of a diet. I can't get a genuine sense of those in poverty yet. I'm pretty good at saving and optimizing my money, so this hasn't had any effect on me yet.
11/11/2012 22:34:21Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)Lunch 2 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and water0.7Dinner2 Slices of Cheese Pizza and a diet coke5ElaineVasquezX02212320This experience has been very humbling and quite a bit more difficult than I was expecting. However, just like everything in life, I feel like the halfway point is the most difficult but once in in the next 50 hours I think I will be okay. I never quite realized how much I ate and snaked throughout the day, and just how readily available all that food actually is. Especially on this campus, where food seems to follow you everywhere you go. I find the hardest part has been getting people to understand what I am doing, but once they find out about the cause, they want to join too! Hitting the 24 hour mark felt amazing, I can't wait to keep pushing through my hunger pains (literally, I'm a fat girl at heart).
11/11/2012 22:36:29Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)Breakfast2 packs Oatmeal .58
Hot Cocoa .30
2 slices of bread .30
Butter .40
1.58Lunch Crackers .53
0.53DinnerStir Fry Rice 1.50
Veggies- .89
Butter .40
Orange Juice .30
3.09Iredia OlayeX02148127This experience has been amazing. It has been difficult not being able to eat meat. And eating alot of process food because its the only food that cost effective.
11/11/2012 22:39:03Day 2 (Sunday, November 11)BreakfastOatmeal2.17Lunch 8 oz skim milk75 centsDinnerWild dried blueberries3Snack8 oz skim milk75 centsBrianneMurphyX02161805harder but still keepin it goin! It really does show you just how hard it would be and the luxuries you already have.