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Company nameGCountryIndustryHeadquarterssize of companyDominant Paradigm (Reinventing Organisations)Rating by EmployeesSome Keypoints to the Management ModelContact, Position (Year)Open CxO / Management positions visible on their website or on LinkedinVenture Capital firms who have invested in the company : name, amount (year), board member, linkedin profile, website urlDoes this company emphasize on internationalisation or development into french or german markets?Is Yann or Stella already connected via Linkedin with this company or board members?Priority A / B / C
Flight Centre Travel GroupAustraliaAdministrative and support service activitiesBrisbane, Australialarge*"Our company is our people."
* "Health and Life Balance": HealthWise Global delivers high quality health, wellbeing and lifestyle programs
* "MoneyWi$e": providing personal financial and investment advice (most services are free)
* "We believe our people have the right to belong to a Team (family), a Village, an Area (tribe) and Nation (hierarchy) that will provide them with an exciting future and a supportive working community. They also have the right to see a clear pathway to achieving their career goals. Promotion and transfers from within will always be our first choice."
Future LogicAustraliaInformation and communicationPerth, Australiamedium-sizedHolacracy
Tele Haase SteuergeräteAustriaProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesVienna, Austriamedium-sizedgreen* No managers
Three CoinsAustriaProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesVienna, AustriamicroHolacracy
ACNV-BFBelgiumHuman health and social work activitiesFloreffe, BelgiummicroHolacracy
Belgian Federal Public Social Security ServiceBelgiumPublic administration and defense; compulsory social securityBrussels, Belgiumlargeorange
PromonBrazilConstructionSão Paulo, Brazillarge3.5* Belief: "A company is a living organism, an integral part of a social, economic and natural ecosystem with which the company interacts, of which the company is dependent and for whose preservation the company is co-responsible."
* Community based corporation: communities are structured based on knowledge areas --> employees feel being part of a common destiny, of common goals; communities have a soul
* Communities can act independently, deciding on their "own fate"
Semco PartnersBrazilManufacturingSao Paulo, Brazillargegreen* Workplace democracy
* Every employee was given access to the books
* Employees set their own work hours and pay levels
* Subordinates hire and review their supervisors
* There are no org charts, no five-year plans, no corporate values statements
* Employees elect corporate leaders
* Shopfloor workers set their own productivity targets and schedules
* Workers made decisions once the preserve ("Domäne") of managers
* Distribution of the profit sharing scheme was determined by employees
* Everyone works in small, self-motivated, self-managed work teams who make their own decisions regarding salary, hiring, firing, and who leads the team for the next six months. There are no managers to involve in the process.
Conscious BrandsCanadaProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesCalgary, CanadamicrotealHolacracy
FitziiCanadaProfessional, scientific and technical activities
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
smallteal* No managers, no hierarchy, heavy use of advice process
* Self-set salaries and peer performance reviews
* Many wholeness practices
PrecisionNutrition PNCanadaHuman health and social work activitiesToronto, Canadamedium-sizedtealHolacracy
Plataforma ÁureaChileProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesViña del Marsmallteal4.4* Self organizating structure using Sociocracy 3.0
* Profit of every proyect is shared among employees
* "Green" profit used to leverage what partners want in the organization
* Consent policyes in every circle
* Every partner can bring his/her own personal project to use the platform and experience of the company
* B corporation
* Cultural evolutionary assesments to all the partners to see how are we going to teal and turqoise
Haier GroupChinaManufacturingQuingdao, Chinalarge2.7* Strategy: user-centered ecosystem for co-creation and winning together to add value for all stakeholders
* Organizational structure: open node distributed on the Internet and networked organization: employees became entrepreneurs and dynamic partners
* Innovation management: self-evolution of leading goals through the exploration into nonlinear management
Bogota Beer Company (AB InBev)ColombiaManufacturingBogota, ColombialargeorangePreviously operated with self-organisation and followed the values of its Stakeholders (written manifesto). Unfortunately since the company merged with AB InBev, it returned to bureaucratic management practices.
RappiColombiaInformation and communicationBogota, Colombialargegreen*operates partially with self-organisation practice
* Organisation emphasises on Organisation Learning
LegoDenmarkManufacturingBillund, Denmarklarge4.0* Beyond Budgeting
* Oblique goals
OticonDenmarkManufacturingCopenhagen, Denmarklargeorange* 1988, CEO Lars Kolind made a turnaround
*He got rid of the formal organization structure and replaced it with a bottom-up model in which teams would self-organize around development projects they wanted to pursue
* Symbolic change to a "paperless" office
* Open desk policy
Social SquareDenmarkInformation and communicationCopenhagen, DenmarksmallHolacracyhttps://www.kartevonmorgen.org/#/?entry=73a6bc89efd3415cab9109eebcad0668
Biocoop BeetleFranceAccommodation and food service activitiesParis, Francelarge* Biocoop beetle is managed by a Cooperative Board and a Supervisory Board
* Cooperators are represented by a Supervisory Board , whose members are elected at the annual general meetings of shareholders. Each council member is elected for 4 years
* Customers can become cooperators by buying a share (30EUR)
ChronoflexFranceManufacturingSaint-Herblain, Francelargegreen
FAVIFranceManufacturingHallencourt, Francelargeteal* Self-managing organization: fully autonomous and responsible teams
* No detailed budgets or sales targets
* Colleagues are free to spend any money they deem necessary without approval from above
* Highly customer service oriented
iGi PartnersFranceProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesGoussonville, FrancemicrotealHolacracy
PoultFranceManufacturingMontabaun, Francelargegreen* A corporate culture fostering autonomy & collaboration
* Flat organizational structure
* Autonomous and responsible teams
* Internal incubators for business projects
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics RencolFranceManufacturingCourbevoie, Francemedium-sizedgreen3.8
2b AHEAD ThinkTankGermanyProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesLeipzig, Germanysmall4.4* Change of corporate culture by redesign of the workplaces
* Let people freedom to experiment with their own rituals and routines
* Culture of praising: praises for colleagues are collected in a box and read aloud during the weekly plenary assembly of all employees
adidas Learning CampusGermanyManufacturing
Herzogenaurach, Germany
AldiGermanyWholesale and retail tradeGermanylargeorange3.2* No more than three layers of management separates an employee from the company's CEO
* Decentralized structures
* Beyond budgeting
Allsafe JungfalkGermanyManufacturingEngen, Germanymedium-sizedgreen4.6* One piece flow
* Fokus auf Kunden und Mitarbeiter, aber ohne klassische Strukturen.
* Mitarbeitern die Entscheiden dürfen und sollen, aber ohne klassisches Berichtswesen.
B'IMPRESSGermanyInformation and communicationGreater Munichsmallgreen
BlinkistGermanyInformation and communicationBerlin, GermanysmallgreenHolacracy
Boldly go IndustriesGermanyInformation and communicationFrankfurt, Germanysmallgreen4,2Switched to sociocracy
CreaffectiveGermanyInformation and communicationMunich, Germanymicrogreen
DarkhorseGermanyInformation and communicationBerlin, Germanysmalltealhttp://intrinsify.me/profil-intrinsifier/items/id-78-dark-horse-gmbh.htmlhttps://kartevonmorgen.org/#/?entry=0b8d4a59de0b42958cb19ab5a5f3ab18
Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie DresdenGermanyArts, entertainement, recreationDresden, Germanymedium-sizedteal
Die WertschätzerGermanyProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesMainleus, GermanymicroHolacracy
dm-drogerie marktGermanyWholesale and retail tradeKarlsruhe, Germanylargegreen3.6* Beyond Budgeting
* Founder Werner: "The employee is the most important customer."
* Decentralized structures: each branch is based on self-responsibility and self-control
* Each branch decides independently on range, rosters, the supervisors, and salaries
* Dialogic leadership based on understand and respect
* Employees are not seen as personal costs but as creative assets
Egon ZehnderGermanyProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesBerlin, Germanylarge3.3* Beyond Budgeting
* Empowerment of employees: believing in the selfless of goodness of people
* Collaboration culture: equality, collegiality, non-competitive internal sharing and non-hierarchical organizational structures
* no individual incentives systems; bonuses based on overall result
elbdudlerGermanyProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesHamburg, Germanymedium-sizedgreen
EMPAUAGermanyInformation and communicationBerlin, Germanysmall4.6* Organizational democracy
* Self-government
EnBWGermanyElectricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supplyKarlsruhe, Germanylargeorange
ePagesGermanyInformation and communicationHamburg, Germanymedium-sizedorange3.5Flat hierarchie
Evangelische Schule Berlin ZentrumGermanyEducationBerlin, Germanymedium-sizedgreen* Self-managing students, teachers and parents
* Founding principles: all children are unique, all have talents to contribute, they are valuable, valued, and needed
* Students is given full responsibility for their learning; they teach themselves and each other, but there are clear expectations of what is expected at the end of the year
* Adults are mostly mentors and coaches and only act as teachers in the traditional sense when needed: they offer encouragement, counsel, praise, feedback, and challenge
* Teachers are self-managing too, forming mini-schools of three classes with two teachers each, making almost all decisions without any approval from the principal
Farbenwerke WunsiedelGermanyManufacturingWunsiedel, Germanymedium-sized* Possibility Management
* Galaxie-Struktur statt Hierarchie
* Rapid Learning Modell
* Aufgabenpool
* Ideefix
* Widerstandsmessung
* Possibility Teams
Heiler GlasGermanyManufacturingWaghäusel, Germanymedium-sized* DIY self-organisation model which has been developed for several years now
Hengeler MuellerGermanyProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesMunich, Germanymedium-sized2.7* Each employee has equal status irrespective of field of work, realized turnover or location
* Lock-step system: evenly - according to service years - staggered profit distribution
hhp BerlinGermanyProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesBerlin, Germanymedium-sizedgreen*h# is a Programming Language for Organizations to code and recode agile and robuste enterprises
*LOAZ is our Organism - L exite other, O organize, A showing alternatives, Z listen to others
*Perodic Table of Competences
Ideen³ e.V.GermanyEducationBerlin, GermanysmalltealOrganised like Holocracy but working mostly decentralizedhttps://www.kartevonmorgen.org/#/?entry=e8dbf6d028954d6eaa76ad394377c196
InVisionGermanyInformation and communicationDusseldorf, Germanymedium-sizedwe are different3.5* no management
* no hierarchy
* no titles
* flat organization
* self-organizing teams
* agility
* openness
* work-life balance
ISEKI-Maschinen GmbHGermanyManufacturingMeerbusch, Germanymedium-sizedgreen4.3Self-Organization
it-agile GmbHGermanyInformation and communicationHamburg, Germanysmallgreen4.6- >60% owned by employees
- constantly evolving through experimentation, heavily influenced by sociocracy and betacodex
LINDIG FördertechnikGermanyAdministrative and support service activitiesEisenach, Germanylarge
MaibornWolfGermanyInformation and communicationMunich, Germanymedium-sized4.7
Mein GrundeinkommenGermanyOther service activitiesBerlin, GermanysmallgreenHolacracy
MinistryGermanyProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesHamburg, Germanymedium-sizedgreen4.5flat hierarchie, employee ecentered
ooseGermanyInformation and communicationHamburg, Germanysmallgreen3.9Own OS, few elements from sociocracy and holacracy. It's described in the book "das kollegial geführte Unternehmen"
Parkklinik HeiligenfeldGermanyHuman health and social work activitiesBad Kissingen, Germanylargeorange* Team supervision
* Peer coaching
* Weekly large group reflections
Premium ColaGermanyManufacturingHamburg, Germanymedium-sizedgreenKollektivhttps://www.kartevonmorgen.org/#/?entry=5d36ea021a0648edbebcd518c49a831b
Qudosoft GermanyInformation and communicationBerlin, Germanysmallgreen4.4http://intrinsify.me/profil-intrinsifier/items/qudosoft.html
SchindlerhofGermanyAccommodation and food service activitiesNürnberg, Germanymedium-sizedgreen* Reverse hierarchy
Seibert MediaGermanyInformation and communicationWiesbaden, Germanymedium-sizedgreen4.4- Kollaboratives Führungsmodell
- Selbstorganisierte, agile Teams (Scrum & Kanban)
- Prozess zur gemeinsamen, kontinuierlichen Unternehmensverbesserung
- keine Hierarchien
Slwotec GmbHGermanyInformation and communicationStuttgart, GermanysmalltealTrying to work like frederik laloux wrote
emplyees owned
Deggenhausen, Germany
soulbottlesGermanyManufacturingBerlin, GermanysmallgreenHolacracyhttps://www.kartevonmorgen.org/#/?entry=2050efb03ff14b7ba52fffcbbb5f8b92
Sparda Bank MünchenGermanyFinancial and insurance activitiesMunich, Germanylargegreen
Structure & ProcessGermanyProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesDresden, GermanymicrotealCircle, Holacracy, self-assigned wages
SysteliosGermanyHuman health and social work activities
Siedelsbrunn, Germany
TWENTY |20GermanyAgile IT - Digital Culture - Integral Organizational DevelopmentLangenfeld, Germanysmallgreen* Culture based on appreciation, trust and openness.
* Self-Organization without hierarchy. Teams dynamically develop according to product ideas and customer projects
* High level of transparency through open collaboration support by an integrated digital workplace
* Intrapreneuring is encouraged to develop own ideas and integrate own potentials into the company
* Collaborative approach of why and how we exist as a company. Results are reflected on a regular basis in so called Culture Camps and are integrated into areas such as employee experience and customer experience.
UpstalsboomGermanyAccommodation and food service activities
Kühlungsborn, Germany
WibasGermanyInformation and communicationDarmstadt, Germanysmallgreen4.5http://intrinsify.me/profil-intrinsifier/items/wibas-gmbh.html
Unleash Leadership
Professional, scientific and technical activitiesBerlin-London-ZurichsmalltealLeverages Teal, Theory U, Barretts Values
Digital NativesHungaryInformation and communicationBudapest, Hungarysmallgreen* No hierarchy
* Autonomus teams
* Strategy emgerges from the organisation
* Strong self-management culture
* Continuous self-development
* Roles instead of job titles
* Transparency: books, decision making
* Everydody can come up with new initiatives / proposals
* Collective intelligence and wisdom to make decisions
* Strong personal relationships, trusted circles
DoctuSoftHungaryInformation and communicationBudapest, HungarysmalltealHolacracy
Lab.CoopHungaryInformation and communicationBudapest, HungarysmallorangeHolacracy
HCL TechnologiesIndiaInformation and communicationNoida, Indialargegreen3.1* 360° feedback model including top and middle management: results are made transparent to everyone
* Oblique goals
* "Employees first, customers second" approach based on trust, flexibility and transparency
* "Value portal": each employee is encouraged to submit ideas for providing greater value to clients --> ideas are visible to clients, who can seize upon them
* Wisdom in the crowd (organizational democracy)
* Employees are motivated less with compensation and more with participation
* Concept of value points: all employees vote for which of their colleagues were creating the most value for the organization: top performers are recognized and celebrated
Tata GroupIndiaManufacturingMumbai, Indialargeorange3.6Tata's Human Capital Strategy
* "One cannot be a great line manager unless one is a great people manager. That’s why the shift from an HR function strategy to a human capital strategy."
* "...managers must move away from thinking of themselves as bosses to thinking of themselves as coaches."

* Less hierarchy: flatter organization
* Oblique goals (focused on the "communities we serve")
* "A winning strategy in itself is nothing if it is not supported by right cultural attributes." Raju Bhinge, CEO, Tata Strategic Management Group
Yash PapersIndiaManufacturingFaizabad, Indiamedium-sized* Customer first. Our basic philosophy is based on the needs of the customer. Such a management philosophy helps us cater to the stated and unstated needs of our customers in the shortest possible time.
* Flat management structure. We work in self managing eams that have the authority to take all related decisions for their respective areas. There are no supervisors and all teams are cross functional. The team leader's role is to help each team member achieve their goals and there is direct interaction for the same.
* Appraisal system. We believe in self appraisal. We set our own targets in our Lakshya Patras on a monthly basis and provide weightage to each depending on the company goals. They are self assessed at the end of every month and discussed with our leader. The annual percentage achieved determines to our performance bonuses.
* Ownership. Each employee is provided shares by the company on completing 3 years with the organization and each one of us becomes an owner of our company.
Profit sharing. We have a monthly Production and Sales incentive system. An average of 10 days of pay is provided through this scheme depending upon the company performance for the month
* We have a fortnightly newsletter "Yash Maitri"; a plant-wide announcement system and numerous notice boards across the plant.
LivitIndonesiaInformation and communicationBali, Indonesiasmall4.9Holacracy
ToyotaJapanManufacturingToyota, Japanlargegreen* Beyond Budgeting
* Lean management

The Toyota Way (14 principles):
* Motivation is based on social drivers: "Success is based on the team, not the individual." (principle 10)
* Cooperation with partners: "Respect your extended network of partners and suppliers by challenging them and helping them improve." (principle 11)
* Decision making: "Make decisions slowly by consensus, thoroughly considering all options; implement decisions rapidly (nemawashi)" (principle 13)
* Continuous improvement: "Become a learning organization through relentless reflection (hansei) and continuous improvement (kaizen)." (principle 14)
HiltiLiechtensteinManufacturingSchaan, Liechtensteinlargeorange3.3* Lean management not only in manufacturing or service departments, but also in finance department
* Beyond budgeting
* Simplification of corporate headquarters supporting decentralized business units and market organizations
NearsoftMexicoInformation and communicationMexico City, Mexicomedium-sizedteal
AdScale LaboratoriesNew ZealandInformation and communicationChristchurch, New Zealandmedium-sizedHolacracy
EnspiralNew ZealandOther service activitiesWellingtonlargegreenPrinciples: Collaboration, autonomy, transparency, diversity, entrepreneurialism, non-hierarchy,
Collaborative Decision-Making
Collaborative Funding
Different levels of engagement from foundation to contributors (decision-makers) to network members
collaboration spaces online and offline (e.g. co-working hubs and retreats)
more http://enspiral.com/network-overview/ and Enspiral Handbook of practices: http://handbook.enspiral.com/
MinderaPortugalInformation and communicationPorto, Portugalmedium-sizedtealSelf-Organised Teams:
FindasenseSpainInformation and communicationMadrid, Spainlarge4.2Holacracy
IRIZARSpainManufacturingOrmaizteg, SpainlargeCooperation following most Mondragon principles
Mondragon CorporationSpainManufacturingMondragon, Spainlarge4.0Network of cooperations following the Mondragon principles.
ahlsellSwedenWholesale and retail tradeStockholm, SwedenlargeDecentralized decision-making with profit centres that work independently towards the Group's financial goal
CrispSwedenProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesStockholm, Swedensmallteal4* No managers, no hierarchy, no CEO, use of advice process & conflit resilution process, Read more at dna.crisp.se
* Self-set salaries
* Employee owned
Diet DoctorSwedenProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesStockholm, Swedenmicrogreen
HandelsbankenSwedenFinancial and insurance activitiesStockholm, Swedenlargegreen3.5* Oblique goals
* Beyond budgeting
* Business model: decentralized and customer-focused
* Branches set locally adapted priorities with respect to their customer categories and product areas
* Short decision-making channels
* Work is project-oriented
IKEASwedenWholesale and retail tradeMalmö, Swedenlarge3.9Beyond budgeting
SpotifySwedenInformation and communicationStockholm, Swedenlargegreen4.0* Autonomous teams ("Squads") with autonomy to choose where they work on: self-organization like single start-ups based on Scrum or Kanban
* Tribes are groups of squads that work in related areas, organized along the value stream
* Chapters and guilds ensure that appropriate communication flows between squads, without sacrificing too much autonomy in the organization
afcaSwitzerlandInformation and communicationZollikofen, Switzerlandsmallteal2.8Holacracy
BSI Business System IntegrationSwitzerlandInformation and communicationBaden, Switzerlandmedium-sizedgreen4.8* No management
* Project-based organizational structure
Business School LausanneSwitzerlandEducationChavannes, Switzerlandmedium-sizedgreenHolacracy
Café ZähringerSwitzerlandAccommodation and food service activitiesZurich, SwitzerlandsmallgreenSelf-governed restaurant: staff is part of executive management
Ergon Informatik AGSwitzerlandInformation and communicationZurich, Switzerlandmedium-sizedgreen4.8* Merit system in compensation
* Profit is shared among employees
* Flat hierarchies and little formal structures
* Employee empowerment and veto power in every decision-making
* Constant teams, which undertake projects on their own responsibility
* Transparent salary and bonus system
euforiaSwitzerlandHuman health and social work activitiesGeneva, SwitzerlandsmallHolacracy
FinanceFoxSwitzerlandInformation and communicationZurich, Switzerlandmedium-sized3.7Holacracy
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