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Company nameCountryIndustryHeadquarterssize of companyDominant Paradigm (Reinventing Organisations)Rating by EmployeesSome Keypoints to the Management ModelContact, Position (Year)
Flight Centre Travel GroupAustraliaAdministrative and support service activitiesBrisbane, Australialarge*"Our company is our people."
* "Health and Life Balance": HealthWise Global delivers high quality health, wellbeing and lifestyle programs
* "MoneyWi$e": providing personal financial and investment advice (most services are free)
* "We believe our people have the right to belong to a Team (family), a Village, an Area (tribe) and Nation (hierarchy) that will provide them with an exciting future and a supportive working community. They also have the right to see a clear pathway to achieving their career goals. Promotion and transfers from within will always be our first choice."
Future LogicAustraliaInformation and communicationPerth, Australiamedium-sizedHolacracy
Three CoinsAustriaProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesVienna, AustriamicroHolacracy
ACNV-BFBelgiumHuman health and social work activitiesFloreffe, BelgiummicroHolacracy
Belgian Federal Public Social Security ServiceBelgiumPublic administration and defense; compulsory social securityBrussels, Belgiumlargeorange
PromonBrazilConstructionSão Paulo, Brazillarge3.5* Belief: "A company is a living organism, an integral part of a social, economic and natural ecosystem with which the company interacts, of which the company is dependent and for whose preservation the company is co-responsible."
* Community based corporation: communities are structured based on knowledge areas --> employees feel being part of a common destiny, of common goals; communities have a soul
* Communities can act independently, deciding on their "own fate"
Haier GroupChinaManufacturingQuingdao, Chinalarge2.7* Strategy: user-centered ecosystem for co-creation and winning together to add value for all stakeholders
* Organizational structure: open node distributed on the Internet and networked organization: employees became entrepreneurs and dynamic partners
* Innovation management: self-evolution of leading goals through the exploration into nonlinear management
Bogota Beer Company (AB InBev)ColombiaManufacturingBogota, ColombialargeorangePreviously operated with self-organisation and followed the values of its Stakeholders (written manifesto). Unfortunately since the company merged with AB InBev, it returned to bureaucratic management practices.
LegoDenmarkManufacturingBillund, Denmarklarge4.0* Beyond Budgeting
* Oblique goals
OticonDenmarkManufacturingCopenhagen, Denmarklargeorange* 1988, CEO Lars Kolind made a turnaround
*He got rid of the formal organization structure and replaced it with a bottom-up model in which teams would self-organize around development projects they wanted to pursue
* Symbolic change to a "paperless" office
* Open desk policy
Social SquareDenmarkInformation and communicationCopenhagen, DenmarksmallHolacracyhttps://www.kartevonmorgen.org/#/?entry=73a6bc89efd3415cab9109eebcad0668
Biocoop BeetleFranceAccommodation and food service activitiesParis, Francelarge* Biocoop beetle is managed by a Cooperative Board and a Supervisory Board
* Cooperators are represented by a Supervisory Board , whose members are elected at the annual general meetings of shareholders. Each council member is elected for 4 years
* Customers can become cooperators by buying a share (30EUR)
2b AHEAD ThinkTankGermanyProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesLeipzig, Germanysmall4.4* Change of corporate culture by redesign of the workplaces
* Let people freedom to experiment with their own rituals and routines
* Culture of praising: praises for colleagues are collected in a box and read aloud during the weekly plenary assembly of all employees
adidas Learning CampusGermanyManufacturing
Herzogenaurach, Germany
AldiGermanyWholesale and retail tradeGermanylargeorange3.2* No more than three layers of management separates an employee from the company's CEO
* Decentralized structures
* Beyond budgeting
Die WertschätzerGermanyProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesMainleus, GermanymicroHolacracy
EnBWGermanyElectricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supplyKarlsruhe, Germanylargeorange
ePagesGermanyInformation and communicationHamburg, Germanymedium-sizedorange3.5Flat hierarchie
Farbenwerke WunsiedelGermanyManufacturingWunsiedel, Germanymedium-sized* Possibility Management
* Galaxie-Struktur statt Hierarchie
* Rapid Learning Modell
* Aufgabenpool
* Ideefix
* Widerstandsmessung
* Possibility Teams
Heiler GlasGermanyManufacturingWaghäusel, Germanymedium-sized* DIY self-organisation model which has been developed for several years now
Hengeler MuellerGermanyProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesMunich, Germanymedium-sized2.7* Each employee has equal status irrespective of field of work, realized turnover or location
* Lock-step system: evenly - according to service years - staggered profit distribution
LINDIG FördertechnikGermanyAdministrative and support service activitiesEisenach, Germanylarge
MaibornWolfGermanyInformation and communicationMunich, Germanymedium-sized4.7
Parkklinik HeiligenfeldGermanyHuman health and social work activitiesBad Kissingen, Germanylargeorange* Team supervision
* Peer coaching
* Weekly large group reflections
Lab.CoopHungaryInformation and communicationBudapest, HungarysmallorangeHolacracy
Tata GroupIndiaManufacturingMumbai, Indialargeorange3.6Tata's Human Capital Strategy
* "One cannot be a great line manager unless one is a great people manager. That’s why the shift from an HR function strategy to a human capital strategy."
* "...managers must move away from thinking of themselves as bosses to thinking of themselves as coaches."

* Less hierarchy: flatter organization
* Oblique goals (focused on the "communities we serve")
* "A winning strategy in itself is nothing if it is not supported by right cultural attributes." Raju Bhinge, CEO, Tata Strategic Management Group
Yash PapersIndiaManufacturingFaizabad, Indiamedium-sized* Customer first. Our basic philosophy is based on the needs of the customer. Such a management philosophy helps us cater to the stated and unstated needs of our customers in the shortest possible time.
* Flat management structure. We work in self managing eams that have the authority to take all related decisions for their respective areas. There are no supervisors and all teams are cross functional. The team leader's role is to help each team member achieve their goals and there is direct interaction for the same.
* Appraisal system. We believe in self appraisal. We set our own targets in our Lakshya Patras on a monthly basis and provide weightage to each depending on the company goals. They are self assessed at the end of every month and discussed with our leader. The annual percentage achieved determines to our performance bonuses.
* Ownership. Each employee is provided shares by the company on completing 3 years with the organization and each one of us becomes an owner of our company.
Profit sharing. We have a monthly Production and Sales incentive system. An average of 10 days of pay is provided through this scheme depending upon the company performance for the month
* We have a fortnightly newsletter "Yash Maitri"; a plant-wide announcement system and numerous notice boards across the plant.
LivitIndonesiaInformation and communicationBali, Indonesiasmall4.9Holacracy
HiltiLiechtensteinManufacturingSchaan, Liechtensteinlargeorange3.3* Lean management not only in manufacturing or service departments, but also in finance department
* Beyond budgeting
* Simplification of corporate headquarters supporting decentralized business units and market organizations
AdScale LaboratoriesNew ZealandInformation and communicationChristchurch, New Zealandmedium-sizedHolacracy
FindasenseSpainInformation and communicationMadrid, Spainlarge4.2Holacracy
IRIZARSpainManufacturingOrmaizteg, SpainlargeCooperation following most Mondragon principles
Mondragon CorporationSpainManufacturingMondragon, Spainlarge4.0Network of cooperations following the Mondragon principles.
ahlsellSwedenWholesale and retail tradeStockholm, SwedenlargeDecentralized decision-making with profit centres that work independently towards the Group's financial goal
IKEASwedenWholesale and retail tradeMalmö, Swedenlarge3.9Beyond budgeting
euforiaSwitzerlandHuman health and social work activitiesGeneva, SwitzerlandsmallHolacracy
FinanceFoxSwitzerlandInformation and communicationZurich, Switzerlandmedium-sized3.7Holacracy
foryouandyourcustomersSwitzerlandInformation and communicationZurich, Switzerlandmedium-sized4.8
Halag AGSwitzerlandManufacturingAadorf, SwitzerlandsmallParts of Sociocracy integrated
Haufe-umantisSwitzerlandInformation and communicationSwitzerlandmedium-sizedorange3.8* creator of new operating systems approach - Haufe quadrant
* democratic corporate culture
* all leaders and managers are elected (even CEO and Chairman)
* continous peer to peer feedback
* democratic decision processes
* team recruiting
* happiness index driven
NetcentricSwitzerlandInformation and communicationPfäffikon, Switzerlandlarge3.8Holacracy
SBBSwitzerlandTransportation and storageBerne, Switzerlandlarge3.6Reto Schmid, Head of ICT Service Desk (2017)
SiroopSwitzerlandWholesale and retail tradeZurich, Switzerlandmedium-sized4.3"Happy people", value-based, Holacracy partly implemented
SwisscomSwitzerlandInformation and communicationWorblaufen, Switzerlandlargeorange3.9Holacracy for close to the market (start-up) departmentsFranziska Espinosa, Leadership Academy, Lead Link & Team Lab Developer (2017)
TrisaSwitzerlandManufacturingTriengen, Schweizlargeorange4.0* Culture characterized by openness and a pronounced trust
* Leadership principles: trust in the skills and knowledge of the employees, authenticity and transparency, coaching, promotion of talents and respecting different views, delegation, continuous improvement, reciprocal qualifications (employee <--> leader), appreciation and open culture of discussion, interest in the employees as human beings and in their activities
* With 30% of equity component, employees represent half of the members of the board of directors and therewith right to a say and influence.
* Percentage to the company's success for each employee alike
UnicSwitzerlandInformation and communicationZurich, Switzerlandlarge4.0Holacracy
ZKB - Zürcher KantonalbankSwitzerlandFinancial and insurance activitiesZurich, Switzerlandlargeorange3.5ZKB decided to drop individual MBOs starting 2017. This might be the beginning of a fundamental change which should be monitored closer.
bol.comThe NetherlandsWholesale and retail tradeUtrecht, The Netherlandslarge4.3Holacracy
Center for Human EmergenceThe NetherlandsProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesUtrecht, The NetherlandssmallHolacracy
Concept7The NetherlandsInformation and communicationThe NetherlandssmallHolacracy
Energized.orgThe NetherlandsProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesAmsterdam, The NetherlandsmicroHolacracy
InterpolisThe NetherlandsFinancial and insurance activitiesTilburg, The Netherlandslarge* Employees do not have to clock in.
* Employees can work wherever and from wherever they want.
People's PlaygroundThe NetherlandsInformation and communicationAmsterdam, The NetherlandssmallHolacracy
SpindleThe NetherlandsInformation and communicationGroningen, The NetherlandssmallHolacracy
UnileverThe NetherlandsManufacturingRotterdam, The NetherlandslargeorangeOblique goals
VoysThe NetherlandsInformation and communicationGroningen, The NetherlandssmallHolacracy
WaitroseUKWholesale and retail tradeBracknell, UKlarge3.9All employees are co-owners / partners.
AESUSAElectricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supplyArlington, USAlargeorange3.7* Corporate responsibility: estimated 58% below permitted emission levels; tree planting and preservation program: planting enough trees to offset the carbon dioxide emissions from its power-generating facilities
* Decentralized corporate culture that gives employees responsibility for most all aspects of business management
* Frequent and intensive cross-training, role rotation, and finance education for everyone are the rule
* No more than three layers of management separates an AES entry-level employee from the firm’s plant supervisor
* Each power-generating facility is responsible for its own affairs: there are no company-wide departments for finance, human resources, operations, purchasing, or public relations
* The few company officers assigned to these areas act typically as distant in-house advisors to the plant project management team responsible for a given project rather than as more conventional hands-on corporate facilitators
Buddhist GeeksUSAProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesAsheville, USAmicroHolacracy
Colman Knight Advisory GroupUSAProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesLane Carlisle, USAmicroHolacracy
Dev BootcampUSAEducationSan Francisco, USAsmall4.4Holacracy
Downtown ProjectUSAReal estate activitiesLas Vegas, USAlargeHolacracy
GoogleUSAInformation and communicationMenlo Park, USAlargeorange4.4* Informal work environment, generous perks
* 70/20/10 rule: 70% of work amount spent on assigned projects, 20% for individual core projects & idea, 10% for new ideas employees want to pursue
* Rapid prototyping
* Beyond Budgeting
* "Adult Supervision" of the two founders: combination of profound experiences with values and aspirations of generation Y
* Innovation approach: developers are encouraged to come up with project ideas, market-based principles ensure funding, teams self-form around best ideas
* Hiring & management policies: leadership-style of consistency and fairness, formal education qualifications are not paramount, but to be excited to learn
* Required qualities of Google's managers: Be a good coach, Empower your team and don't micro-manage, Express interest in employees' success and well-being, Be productive and result-oriented, Be a good communicator and listen to your team, Help your employees with career development, Have a clear vision and strategy for your team, Have key-technical skills, so you can help advise your team
* "Laissez Faire" leadership-style: workers are given freedom to decide their own deadlines of the project, the project work and areas of improvement
* Providing a very broad definition of the company goal and leave the implementation entirely to the employees: care is taken to highlight the benefits to the customers and society at large rather than to the company
* Instead of setting goals, the management helps their employees meet the objectives that the employees set for themselves based on goals with a quarterly timeline
* Employees are allowed to change the parameters of their jobs when needed (better ways to do a job)
* High corporate transparency: almost every employee has access to almost any managerial meeting
* Controlling through shared vision: employees set and maintain their own standards
Harley DavidsonUSAManufacturingMilwaukee, USAlargeorange
Herman MillerUSAManufacturingZeeland, USAlarge4.0* Health and well-being: culture supporting and encouraging employees and their families to take care of their health (health risk assessments, biometric screening, routine physical)
* Lean manufacturing processes
* Digital, real-time transactions between Herman Miller and its suppliers
* Performance indicator, measurement, and compensation system called "Economic Value Added" (EVA): shift from budget performance to long-term continuous improvements and the creation of economic value
* Former CEO Max Depree wrote two books, describing leadership and employee engagement @ Herman Miller: "Leadership Is an Art" and "Leadership Jazz"
JohnsonvilleUSAManufacturingSheboygan Falls, USAlarge3.6Motivation is based on social drivers ("we work as a team, we win as a team")
Joie-de-Vivre HotelsUSAAccommodation and food service activitiesSan Francisco, USAlarge3.5* Work is based on creating purpose: "developing dreams"
* Before profits, there are other priorities such as developing a strong company culture with proper and solid values; empowering employees; enhance leadership; provide higher value to customers; and reinforce the relationship between suppliers and the Community

Strategic heart:
1. Create a unique corporate culture
2. Build an enthusiastic staff
3. Develop strong customer loyalty
4. Maintain a profitable and sustainable business
Kahler Financial GroupUSAProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesRapid City, USAmicroHolacracy
Linux FoundationUSAInformation and communicationSan Francisco, USAlarge5.0* Collaborative projects that harness the power of collaborative development to fuel innovation across industries and ecosystems with over 600 members
* Open source projects are supported by the foundation providing back-office, technical infrastructure, and ecosystem development services
* Based on a community of individuals and companies focused on creating added value products and services
* "It is a better, faster and cheaper way to bring real innovation into the market."
MaestroConferenceUSAInformation and communicationOakland, USAsmallHolacracy
MediumUSAInformation and communicationSan Francisco, USAmedium-sized4.8Recently dropped Holacracy in favour for less rigidity.
NetflixUSAInformation and communicationLos Gatos, USAlargeorange3.8* 7 culture aspects: values are what we value, high performance, freedom & responsibility, context - no control, highly aligned - loosely coupled, pay top of market, promotions & development --> "We are a team, not a family"
* Netflix policies for expensing, entertainment, gifts & travel: "Act in Netflix's best interest"
* Employees decide themselves on the amount of holidays they take: 10 days a year or 40 days - in a row or one day off each week
* There are no annual employee reviews

Summary of "Freedom & Responsibility":
1. As we grow, minimize rules
2. Inhibit chaos with ever more high performance people
3. Flexibility is more important than efficiency in the long term
NucorUSAManufacturingCharlotte, USAlarge3.3* Freedom to spot problems and solve them on your own
* There are no defined career paths: employees are required to take initiative, provided with the necessary vehicles to do so by the company such as opportunities to enable the employees to reach their goals
* "If one succeeds, the team succeeds and vice versa."
Pantheon EnterprisesUSAManufacturingPhoenix, USAsmall4.2Holacracy
Pourely PoultryUSAWholesale and retail tradeFremont, USAmicroHolacracy
Procter & GambleUSAManufacturingCincinatti, USAlargeorange4.0* Collective wisdom - innovation through partnerships with 15 suppliers, 70 technology entrepreneurs, links to external platforms such as Yourencore, Innocentive, etc.
* "Connect & Develop"
PublixUSAWholesale and retail tradeLakeland, USAlarge3.7* Shares profit with its employees
* Employee owned company
* Employees, potentially becoming owners, have to get a broad sense of the business by rotating through its grocery sector, distribution network, and real estate division
Red HatUSAInformation and communicationSt. Raleigh, USAlargeorange4* Meritocracy
* Strategy process: eight priority areas are defined by CEO, five months idea generation phase and online chats with CEO, nine strategic priorities emerged - teams fleshed them out - empowered to execute, revisions on on-going basis
* Decision taking is based on collective wisdom
* Creativity, inventiveness, and collaboration are all part of the way: people dream big and act boldly as they extend the reach of open source
SAS InstituteUSAInformation and communicationCary, USAlarge4.0* 2nd place in 2015 World’s Best Multinational Workplaces (Best Place to Work(R))
* Organization that routinely demonstrates that their employees matter and are individually valued
* Culture of trust and open communication
* Build on their people’s knowledge and potential
* Benefits: free access to a massive gymnasium featuring tennis and basketball courts, a weight room, and a heated pool; an on-site health care clinic, staffed by physicians, nutritionists, physical therapists, and psychologists also is entirely free; deeply discounted childcare is available, in addition to no-cost "work-life" counseling which helps employees more effectively manage the stresses of everyday life
The Container StoreUSAWholesale and retail tradeCoppell, USAlargeorange3.2* The Container Store's Employee First Fund: provides grants to employees experiencing unforeseen emergencies like a major medical situation, a catastrophic event, or other grave challenges that they are not financially prepared to deal with
* "Employee First culture"
* The company has made Fortune's list of "100 Best Companies to Work For" in each of the past 17 years, through 2016

Extract of foundation principles:
1. 1 Great Person = 3 Good People® (recruitment): passion for teaming up with other highly motivated employees to get the job done using their own individual creative genius
2. Communication IS Leadership®: daily execution of practicing consistent, reliable, predictable, effective, thoughtful, compassionate, and yes, even courteous communication
5. Intuition does not come to an unprepared mind. You need to train before it happens.®: TCS trains full-time employees more than 263 hours in their first year
WaTechUSAInformation and communicationOlympia, USAmedium-sized4.0Holacracy
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