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Committee NameDescriptionMeeting ScheduleLocationTimeChair(s) and/or Admin. Student Member (1) Student EmailStudent Member (2) Student (2) EmailStudent Member (3) Student (3) Email
1Academic SenateThe Mt. SAC Academic Senate is a body of faculty representatives from all academic departments and disciplines responsible for making recommendations to the administration and for communicating with the Board of Trustees on policy development and implementation with respect to academic and professional issues.ThursdaysFounders Hall11:30-1:00pmChisa Uyeki, Kelly RiveraCarlos
2Accreditation Steering CommitteeThe Accreditation Steering Committee guides progress and the processes related to ongoing Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) accreditation. 1st Friday 4-2440 and hybrid10:30-12:00pmKelly Folwer, Barbara Mezaki, Allie FrickertPeiying Fengpfeng4@student.mtsac.eduAmber
3Assessment And Matriculation Committee To ensure that the College’s assessment and placement processes (both credit and noncredit) contribute to student success and equity and are implemented in compliance with state regulations. The committee will make recommendations related to assessment, placement, orientation, and counseling/advising.2nd & 4th WednesdayZoom2:30-4:15pmGeorge Bradshaw, David BeydlerVacant (1)
4Auxiliary Services Board of DirectorsThe purpose of the MT. SAC Auxiliaty Services are to provide supportive services and specialized programs for the general benefit of the Mt. SAC Community College District, to include but not limited to receipt of gifts, property, and fund to be used for the benefit of the District.Thursdays (Quarterly) December 1, 2022, March 2, 2023, June 1 2023Building 4-24602:00-3:00pmMorris Rodrigue, Yadira SantiagoPhyu
5Basic Needs CommitteeThe primary goal for the HBRC is to discuss, recommend, and provide access to information and resources to support the efforts of students in-need to achieve their educational goals.3rd MondayCompletion Center (Bldg. 327) and hybrid1:00-2:30Koji Uesugi, Pauline SwartzSebastian Rocksrock2@student.mtsac.eduLeonardo
6Budget CommitteeThe Budget Committee is the primary governance body for developing, recommending, and evaluating policies and procedures relating to planning and its link to all aspects of College finances.1st & 3rd Wednesdays4-24603:00-4:30pmMorris Rodrigue, Joan Sholars, Vivian RuizJasmine Nguyentnguyen582@student.mtsac.eduCalvin
7Campus Equity & Diversity CommitteeThe Campus Equity and Diversity Committee promotes a climate of equal access and opportunity in order to improve workforce diversity.1st Monday 4-23209:00-10:30amLizette HendersonJuan Mendozajmendoza281@student.mtsac.eduKayli Khang
8Career Services Advisory CommitteeThe committee is tasked with advising the Career Center with our operation and assisting us in making decisions on how we can best serve our students.TBDFounders HallTBDRosa Ascencio/Lina Sotocurrently inactiveGustavo
9Citizens Oversight CommittteeThe purpose of the Citizen's Oversight Committee is ensuring the proper expenditure of bond funding for campus construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or replacement of campus facilities, and informing the public concerning the expenditure of bond proceeds.1st Thursday of the month, quarterly. February, May, August, NovemberFounders Hall6:30 PMPresident's OfficeValeria
10Curriculum & Instruction CouncilThe purpose of the Curriculum and Instruction Council is to make recommendations about educational design and delivery policies and procedures to the Academic Senate.2nd & 4th Tuesday4-24403:30-5:00pmMichelle Sampat, Irene PinedoVacant (1)
11Custodial Operational CommitteeLast Friday46-10504:30am-6:00amKenneth McAlpinVacant (1)
12Distance Learning CommitteeThe purpose of the Distance Learning Committee is to discuss, review, and evaluate distance learning modes of instruction, and recommend and promote best practices and new opportunities for distance learning and teaching.2nd & 4th Tuesday6-226A1:05-2:35pmCarol Impara/Romelia SalinasVacant (1) Vacant (2)
13Educational Design CommitteeThe mission of the Educational Design Committee is to facilitate consistency in the quality of curriculum management and to ensure that all courses and programs meet the intent of Title 5 regulations.Every Tuesdayzoom1:30-3:00pmMeghan Chen, Irene PinedoVacant (1)
14Facilities Advisory CommitteeThe Facilities Advisory Committee is the primary advisory group for providing input from the campus community about general facilities planning to the Campus Master Plan Coordinating Team (CMPCT).2nd Monday 46-10509:00am-11:00amGary NellesenXiuyi "Susie"
15Faculty Professional Development CouncilThe Faculty Professional Development Council (FPDC) serves as an Academic Senate Council for issues relating primarily to faculty. FPDC coordinates the faculty professional development activities on campus in alignment with the College priorities and mission.2nd and 4th Thursdayzoom1:30pm-3:00pmTania Anders/Sara MestasAlison
16Guided Pathways To Success (GPS)Initiative to make the college ready for its students by connecting to their passion, moving them more seamlessly through college and helping them succeed.3rd Tuesday of the Monthzoom/hybrid 4-24403:30-5:00pmLisa JacksonEmily Estradaeestrada102@student.mtsac.eduVacant (2)
17Health & Safety CommitteeThe Health and Safety Committee exists for the purpose of providing education and resources pertaining to contemporary physical, mental health, and safety issues for the campus community.1st TuesdayBldg 4-24609:00-10:30amDuetta Langevin, Andrea SolorzanoBecky
18Infrmtn. Technology Advisory CommitteeThe Information Technology Advisory Committee is the primary advisory group for setting goals and providing direction to the College in development, integration, application and delivery of information and educational technologies.2022 Dates: March 7, April 4, May 2, June 6, September 12, October 3, November 7, December 5Bldg 4 - 24602:30-3:30Anthony Moore, Jaishri Mehta, Kate MoralesJohn Uyjuy11@student.mtsac.eduDeyi
19Institutional Effectiveness CommitteeThe Institutional Effectiveness Committee has responsibility for institutional assessment, evaluation, and coordination of activities leading to improvement of institutional effectiveness.2nd and 4th Wednesdays: 2022 May 25, June 8, Sept 14, Sept 28, Oct.12, Oct 26, Nov 9, Nov 234-2440 & hybrid1:30-3:00pmRichard Mahon, Michelle Sampat, Lisa JacksonVacant (1)
20Mapping and Catalog CommitteeThe Mapping & Catalog Committee supports the District’s effort for providing an online and printed PDF version of the catalog which clearly articulates course sequences for students, identifies critical progress milestones for student success, and makes this information easily accessible. The committee will work collaboratively to address gaps related to navigation of Mt. SAC programs from entry to completion. The committee will review initiatives relating to program navigation, catalog rights, and related practices and support communication of these initiatives to faculty, staff, and students.2nd & 4th Tuesday9:00am-10:30amSylvia Ruano, Lisa JacksonEmily Riveraerivera96@student.mtsac.eduPhyu
22Outcomes CommitteeThe purpose of the Outcomes Committee is to provide leadership, tools, training, and support to create a campus culture where outcomes are understood and valued and where assessment functions as a resource leading to improved instruction, curricula, programs, and/or services.1st & 3rd Tuesdayzoom2:00-3:30pmKelly CoreasXiuyi "Susie"
23PIE CommitteeResponsible for recommending processes to IEC related to implementation of program review, institutional planning and assessment, and evaluation and coordination of activities leading to improvement of institutional effectiveness.1st & 3rd Monday of Fall and SpringZoom - will email link11:00-12:30pmJennifer Hinostroza/Doris Torres/Patty QuinonesBrandon
24Police & Campus Safety Advisory CommitteeThe Police and Campus Safety Advisory Committee is the primary advisory group that promotes effective communication and collaboration between constituent groups and Police and Campus Safety to maintain a positive campus relationship with regard to public safety issues.Second Monday of each month23-11452:00-3:00Mike Williams/Stephanie BolechowskiVincent Gohjgoh1@student.mtsac.eduFatima Flores OrtizFflores59@student.mtsac.eduVacant (3)
25President's Advisory CouncilTo ensure the long-term stability and success of the institution, the President’s Advisory Council is the primary planning body for the College and provides a forum to review and recommend the direction and focus for the College consistent with the College’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values.2nd &4th Wednesdays4-24403:00-4:30pmBill ScrogginsAn Haaha21@student.mtsac.eduJuan
26Retention & Persistence CommitteeThe purpose of the Retention and Persistence Committee is to utilize research to make data informed recommendations on the planning and coordination of programs, services, and interventions which support student retention, persistence, and success through an equity and student-centered framework. The committee is concerned with the entire student experience throughout their Mt. SAC education.2nd & 4th Tuesdayzoom - will email link3:00-4:30pmDoris Torres, Patty Quinones, Ned WeidnerVanilla
27Scholarship CommitteeThe purpose of the Scholarship Committee is to ensure that scholarships are appropriately and fairly distributed according to criteria specified by the neededas neededas neededDesiree MarquezRyan
28Strong Workforce Advisory Committee (SWAC)SWAC is the primary advisory group for investing and recommending options and strategies to the Instruction Team and the Academic Senate in implementing the Strong Workforce Initiative including the college work plans and budget process.1st Wednesday of month4-24403:00pm-4:30pmJennifer Galbraith/Mary McGeeWei Shiwshi16@student.mtsac.eduTzu Hung
29Student Equity CommitteeThe purpose of the Student Equity Committee is to study, monitor, and make recommendations to appropriate bodies regarding the College's student equity component of the Student Equity and Achievement Program (SEAP) and student equity efforts.2nd & 4th MondayZoom2:30-4pmEric Lara, Bruce Nixon, Catherine ParksLingyi
30Student Preparation, Equity, and Achievement CouncilThe Student Preparation, Equity, and Achievement Council exists to make recommendations to the Academic Senate regarding student equity, achievement, preparation and success based on stakeholder input, state policies affecting community colleges, and informed discussion.1st & 3rd MondayStudent Services Ctr.2:00-4:00pmAudrey Yamagata-Noji, Lance HeardAn Haaha21@student.mtsac.eduDanielle Silvadsilva61@student.mtsac.eduMariah
31Student Services Team MeetingsAll areas of Student Services managers, directors and some staff meet to discuss various student services related news, issues and events3rd Thursday9B, Ragan Room9am - 11amAudrey Yamagata-Noji, Tom Mauch, Lucy deLeonNy'Kel
32Sustainability Committee (CCIC)The Mt. SAC Sustainability Committee works to coordinate sustainability efforts and activities, both on campus and in the surrounding community.2nd Friday Biology Conf Room10:00-12:00pmTania Anders/James StoneRyan Tanrtan34@student.mtsac.eduCharlie
33Textbook & Instructional Materials CommitteeThe Textbook and Instructional Materials committee serves as a standing committee of the Student Preparation, Equity, and Achievement Council (SPEAC). The purpose of the Textbook and Instructional Materials Committee is to recommend and promote successful practices involving the adoption of textbooks and instructional materials including but not limited to issues related to standards set by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, copyright compliance, Open Education Resources (OER), affordability, and universal access. Mt. San Antonio College Academic Senate is committed to providing a high-quality learning experience that respects academic freedom, and is available and accessible to our diverse student community.1st & 3rd ThursdayZoom3:00 - 4:30pmRomelia Salinas, Monika Chavez, Allie Frickert-MurashigeSusanne Ramuco Eliceriosramucoelicerio@student.mtsac.eduSergio
34Title V Grant Steering CommitteeCreating an Equity-minded Campus Culture to Improve Student OutcTo ensure that student voices are represented throughout grant implementation, the project will invite students to sit on the Steering Committee. This group will meet monthly to discuss the direction of the project, identify problems, stimulate alternatives, and provide recommendations to the project personnel. omes. Quarterly - Beginning October 28, 2022 at 1:30pmZoom1:30pm-3:00pmLisa Rodriguez, Kelly Fowler, Lisa JacksonVacant (1) Vacant (3)
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