Institutions requiring electronic thesis/dissertation submissions
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please change when you update! last updated - Aug 8 2017Is electronic submission required for Master's-level work?Since...Master's level work In Proquest/UMI?Master's level work In local IR?Allow deposit of supplemental material for Master's level work?Fee for deposit for Master's level work?Is electronic submission required for Doctoral-level work?Since...Doctoral level work in Proquest/UMI?Doctoral level work in local IR?Allow deposit of supplemental material for doctoral level work?Fee for deposit for doctoral level work?Any exceptions?Embargoes?Approval of embargo required?Permitted embargo lengthsCampus access only option?Open Access Ultimately Required (after embargo period is ended)System used for deposit?ETDs available at
American UniversityYYYYNYFall 2011yyYNIn special circumstances, requires approval from ProvostyY--Dean's approval for permanent embargo; otherwise requires committee chair approval6 mo, 1 yr, 2 yr., permanentYNProQuest/UMI
Arizona State UniversityYSpring 2010YYYSpring 2010YYNYYVariableNProQuest/UMI
Ashland UniversityNNNYYYNspecial requestYYUp to 1 yearNOhioLINK to ProQuest/UMI
Baylor Universityyfall 2005optionalyynyfall 2005yyynnynchanged in spring 2013 to 2 yr, 5 yr, can be extended; 1 yr, 2 yr, can be extendedearly on, but not nowyDSpace
Boise State UniversityySpring 2009optionalyynyfall 2014optionalyynspecial requestyy2 yearsyesYesScholarWorks
Boston University Graduate School of Arts and SciencesYSpring 2013YYY$25YYYY$115NYY6mo, 1yr, 2yr, can specially request up to 5yr, plus extensions as neededNProQuest/UMI
Boston University School of TheologyY2009NYY2009NYNYN6 months, 1 yearNEmail or in person; digital collections librarian deposits into IR (DSpace)
Brandeis UniversityYNYYYNNProQuest/UMI and DSpace
Brigham Young UniversityY2009NYYNYYYYNNYY, by dean if secured for patent1 yr, and unlimited for patent and creative worksNYDigital Commons for local IR, Proquest ETD admin for doctoral
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)y (CS dept. only)2002. Back years being addedNYYNY2002 (voluntary from 2001)YYYNNYN (but yes if +2 yrs)1 yr, can be extendedYYEPrints
California Polytechnicy2010Nyn/an/an/aupon special request to AAVP for ResearchYY, by advisor1 Yr, 2 year, can be extended by special requestN
California State University Bakersfieldy2008Nyn/an/an/aNNn/aNLibrary Catalog
California State University San Marcos, last updated Feb. 27, 2017YFall 2011NYY$25 (down from $65)Y2011YYY$25 (down from $65)Biotechnology program does not require full text of capstone project.YY, by advisor1 year or 3 year, renewable.YY but embargo renewals allowedDSpace, migrating to Hyrax Summer of 2017
City University of New York Graduate CenterySpring 2014NYYNYYYYN YN6-mo, 1-yr, 2-yrNY but embargo renewals allowedDigital Commons for local IR, ProQuest ETD for doctoral only
Claremont Graduate UniversityN, but availableY, if submittedsomeYNone for electronic manuscripts; $95 for paperNo; paper option still availableYsomeYNone for electronic manuscripts; $95 for paperYN3 years, but student may request additional time through UMI/ProquestNProQuest ETD
Clemson UniversityyFall 2008YYYNYYYYNrare special circumstancesYY, by dean with agreement of advisor6, 12, 24 months, are reviewing policy to allow permanent embargoesNY, but this is under reviewProQuest/UMI, also under review
College of William & MaryYSpring 2015YYYNYSpring 2015YYYNNyonly in arts & sciences; schools w/max of 2 yrs no approval6, 12, 24 mo for all; longer up to 12 yrs in arts & sciences depts.nY ProQuest/UMI
Columbia UniversityYSpring 2011YYY2011YYNYN1 yr, 2 yrNProQuest ETD Admin
Duke UniversityyPh.D. since 2009 & MS since 2010yyynyyyynnyy6 mo, 1 yr, 2 yrsnyProQuest/UMI
Duquesne UniversityyJuly 2003yyy2003yyupon special request to AAVP for Researchyn6 mo., 1 yr, 2 yr; can specially request extensionpreviously, but not any moreProQuest ETD Administrator; CONTENTdm for local IR
East Carolina Universityy2010yyYN.y2010yyYNpatent pendingyno6 mo., 1 yr, 2 yr; can be extendedyProQuest ETD admin; FTP to library for uploading in IR
Eastern Kentucky Universityy2010yyyno local fees. only Proquest fees.yyyyno local fees. only Proquest fees.yes. case-by-case.yn6 mo, 1 yr, 2 yry, for senior honors thesesProQuest ETD admin; FTP to library for uploading in IR
Eastern Michigan Universityy2007yyyno local fees. only Proquest fees.yyyyno local fees. only Proquest fees.yn1 yr., 2 yr.y, for a limited time (1 year or 2 year)Yes
ProQuest ETD admin; FTP to library for uploading in IR
Emory Universityy2007 pilot depts; 2008 req'dnyyyypatent pendingyn6 mo., 1 yr., 2 yr., 6 yr.n
Florida International Universityy 2011optional for dissertationsy (since 2008)ynYoptional for dissertationsyyno yn6 month, 1 year, 2 years (can be extended), permanent embargo requiring associate dean approvalnyDigitalCommons
George Mason UniversityYSpring 2013NYYNYYYYno local fees. only ProQuest fee, if student opts for Open Access.YYes, from both their Committee Chair and the Graduate Associate Dean of their College or SchoolIR: 6 months / 1 yr / 5 yrs; PQ: 6 months / 1 yr / 2 yrs. Can also request 5-yr embargo for PQ, but we do that manually.NYes, but they can renew their embargo (with permission from the Graduate Associate Dean of their College or School)ProQuest ETD Admin; DSpace for IR
George Washington Universityyyyyyyyfor embargos greater than 2 years6 months, 1 year or 2 years
Georgia Institute of Technologyy2005nyy2005yyyy (1 year embargo requires approval from Dean of Graduate School)1 year, can be renewed oncenstudents deposit in ETD database from Virginia Tech; content migrated to DSpace after graduation
Georgia State UniversityY2012NYYNYNYYNNYAcademic advisor approval required1 year, renewableYes.  "Closed" ETDs option, but only with academic advisor approvalNBepress Digital Commons
Indiana University Bloomingtonno electronic submission nonly one dept.electronic submission is optional?y if submitted electronicallyy only with student permissionyn6 mo, 1yr, and 2yrsnProQuest ETD Admin for dissertations/repository for theses
Iowa State University yFall 2006yyyyFall 2006 (with plans to eventually load digitized dissertations back to 1916 and make available in the IR)yyynyStudent can choose partial embargo w/o approval. (ProQuest still publishes Author, Title, abstract). For full embargo professor must approve.6 mo, 1 yr, 2 yrnYProQuest ETD Admin
Kansas State Universityy2007nyy$100 for deposit in local IRy2006yyy$100 for deposit in local IRnyy Request for embargo must be approved by Grad Schoolvaries. Typcially not more than a yearnyStudents deposit in local DSpace IR and to ProQuest
Keck Graduate Institute
Louisiana State Universityy2002nyy2002nyMFA/Creative Writingyy2 years with possibility of renewal at end; onus is on author to request extensionyes for limited time
Louisiana State Universityy (via e-submission or digitization)optional 2001-2004, req since 2005n (no full text; metadata only)yy (via e-submission or digitization)optional 2001-2004, req since 2005n (no full text; metadata only)yny (temporary only; for patent discovery or safety/security issues)y (by Dean, VP for Research, or Technology Licensing Office)standard = 3 mos.; more for complex casesnDSpace
Marshall Universityy2001yyyyyNoneat student requestOnly for extended embargoes2 yearsYes-during embargo periods if requested
McGill University, Montreal, QCy2009 (voluntary before that)n (as of June 2013)yyn y2009 (voluntary before that)n (as of June 2013yyn nrare - only for patent issuesy (Grad Studies Office)6 mos.ny homegrown Banner--Digitool crosswalk
Miami University, Oxford Ohioy2002optionalyyn/ay2002Optionalyyn/anyy, major professor1-5 years and can be extended in very special circumstancesnyOhioLINK with ProQuest Option
Michigan State UniversityYYYMajor Prof, Dean's Office, often Tech Transfer OfficeProquest ETD Admin
Mississippi State Universityy2007yyy2007yynymajor professor1 yr can renewyETD-db (working towards DSPACE), UMI
Montana State Universityy2003NyynY2003Yyynnat student requesty from committee1 yearnyProQuest/UMI for doctoral and DSpace
Mount Sinai School of Mediciney2009yn/ay2009yn/annn/an/anProQuest ETD Admin
North Carolina State Universityy2002optionalyy2002yynoyy (1 year embargo requires approval from Dean of Graduate School)3 months, 1 yearnnhomegrown submission workflow with DSpace storage
Northeastern Universityy2008yyynyyyynnyn6 months, 1 year, 2 yearsnyProQuest
Northwestern Universityny2007yn/aynmultiple, although we are going to change thisProQuest/UMI
Ohio State Universityy2001yyy - Dean of Graduate School1, 3, 5 yearsnOhioLINK and ProQuest
Ohio Universityn2001yOhioLINKn2001yOhioLINKon case-by-case basisyn2 yearsnProQuest and OhioLINK
Oregon State UniversityY2006NYYNY2006optionalYYNNYY1, 5 yearsall embargoes are campus access onlyYDSpace
Penn State UniversityY2008YYYYYNyBy Grad School2 years upon request; may be renewed, but not indefinitely.YesETD-db, UMI
Rice UniversityY2012YYYYYYYNYY1 year with the possibility of a 1 year renewal for "very unusual circumstances." Student and advisor must initiate the renewal request.NYVireo (running in cloud), SWORD push to DSpace IR
Rutgers Universityy except MFA2007nyYNyoptional 2007-all schools req'd 2010y except optional for one graduate schoolyYNo local fees; only ProQuest fee, if graduate school requires PQ depositMFAyy if more than 2 years6 mos/1 year/2 year;can be extendednYOpenETD
Sam Houston State UniversityY2016NYYNY2016YYYNY - permanently embargoed materials are not required to publish electronically
Simon Fraser UniversityY2006yyynyyyyno No PQ submissions sent since end of 2013yy1 year with possibility of renewalny
Southern Baptist Theological Seminaryy2011yyy2011yyNoneyNo6months/1year/2yaernProquest/UMI then imported into Dspace
Southern Illinois University Carbondaley2005yy2005yYesno 6 mo; 1 yr; 2 yryesProQuest/UMI
St. Cloud State UniversityY2014NYYNYNYYYCreative works upon special request to Grad SchoolY Y, by Grad School1 year with possibility of 1 year renewalNYDigital Commons
Stony Brook UniversityY2007YYY2007YYOnly upon special request of Graduate School.YN6 months,1 yr., 2yr. and permanent (special authorization only).Library only access to embargoes until they are released. Open access to all works after release.ProQuest/UMI and DSpace
Temple UniversityYoptional 2009, mandatory 2010YYY2008YYnoneYY1 year, can be extendedNoProQuest/UMI then imported into CONTENTdm
Texas A&M UniversityY2004 (optional in 2002 and 2003)NoYesYesYes
$110 Master's
$170 Doctoral

Students can opt out of ProQuest submission upon request (with student, advisor, and dept head approval) though this option is not explicitly advertised to studentsYesY (advisor approval)2 year Journal Hold, Indefinite for Patent HoldsNoYesVireo (from Texas Digital Library)
Texas Christian Universityy2006yyy2006yynyn2 yearsnETD-db, UMI
Texas State UniversityY2015NYYNY2013YYYNMFA Creative writing is not deposited in IRYY1, 2, or by special requestNVireo (from Texas Digital Library)
The College at Brockport, State University of New YorkNnyynn/anot at this timenot at this timeDigital Commons
University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa)yFall 2009yyyFall 2009yyy6 months, 1 year, or 2 yearsnProQuest/UMI
University of Alabama at BirminghamyFall 2010yyyFall 2006yynyn6 months, 1 year, or 2 yearsnProQuest / Dspace
University of Albertann (as of 2014)ystarting tonnn (as of 2014)ystarting toyy1 year, renewable under extenuating circumstancesnyfedora-based local system
University of ArizonaY (might have exceptions)2005YYY2005YYYYN6 month, 1, 2, or IndefiniteNDSpace
University of British Columbia (Canada)yOctober 2007noyyes as of Jan. 2013noyOctober 2007noyyes as of Jan. 2013noMFA Creative Writing, Film - for nowyy6 months, renewable to 1 yearnoyesDSpace
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)YAs of March 13, 2012, UCLA's Graduate Division only accepts electronic filing of theses and disserations. YYnoYYYNoif the student chooses6 months, 1 year, or 2 yearsProquest, eScholarship
University of California, San DiegoYOctober 2012YYYYYYYYYNYY1 year, 2 years, and 10 years (Literature MFAs)NYCDL eScholarship (open access) / ProQuest
University of California, Santa BarbaraNY2005YNNYY2 years, can be extended with exceptionsNProQuest
University of Central FloridaYFall 2004NYYNYFall 2004NYYNNYby faculty adviser6 months patent and 1, 3, 5 year campus-only restrictionsYYSystem built by UCF College of Graduate Studies
University of Central Oklahomay2008ynnaif the student choosesnProQuest/UMI
University of Cincinnatiy2008ynyyncase by caseyy by Graduate Schoolmaximum 5 yearsnsite built by UC Graduate School
University of Connecticut Health Centeroptional-MPH, MDent, MMD2006nyDigitalCommons
University of Connecticut, StorrsY10/27/2010NYsoonYN6 months, 1 yearYBePress (DigitalCommons)
University of Edinburghy (MPhil)2005yy2005yy (opt out for access)yn1 YearnDspace (ERA)
University of Florida y-thesis studentsprogram began in 1999--ETD submission was mandated for fall 2001 class and beyondnyy$12.80 (library processing fee)yy--although they can opt out and send only their abstracts to UMI/ProQuestyy$12.80 library processing fee + $25 PQ Traditional Publishing Fee Can opt out and send only their abstracts to UMI/ProQuestyy6m, 1y, 2yynPreviously hosted by FCLA--this has transitioned to UF
University of IdahoY2013YYY$0YYYY$0None yet, but students can petitionYY6m, 1y, 2y, Xyears with approval (creative writing MFA have special approval for 20 year embargos)NYETD Admin (proquest)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigny2010nyy$15y2010yyy$25 + $25 for PQ feenoYesno 2 years with possibility of renewal at end; onus is on author to request extensiony (indefinite by petition only); 2 yr option as well. In these cases, thesis or dissertation may be requested through ILB.YesDeposited via Vireo (from Texas Digital Library) and then moved into DSpace for access
University of Iowayes (except MFAs)fall 2009nyyyfall 2009yyyy (MFAs can be print)y (if requested)approval by Grad College (see; generally 1-3 yrsy (not actually offered but solution when student didn't understand OA policy and neglected to request embargo)y (with possible exception of some made campus only)ProQuest/UMI (xml files converted for Digital Commons upload)
University of Kansasy2008yyynyyyynny (if requested)y; approval from School or College graduate administrator6 months, 1 year, 2 years, renewable upon student's request. Creative Writing MFA/PhD may also request permanent embargonyProQuest/UMI
University of KentuckyyJuly 2012nyy$14yJuly 2012yyy$74 ($14 + $60 for ProQuest fee)nyn6 months, 1 year, or 2 years; embargo renewable upon student's requestny (unless embargo is renewed again upon student's request)Digital Commons
University of Manitoba (Canada)yApril 2010yyyApril 2010yyyy, from Dean of Grad Studies1 yr, exceptions made for shorter embargoesnDSpace
University of Marylandy2003yyy$40y2003yyy$40noyy1-year or 6-yearsnoyProQuest/UMI
University of Massachusetts - Amhersty2007nyyy1997yy yopen access titles onlyyy & n6 months ; any longer period can be requested but requires approval of graduate dean and dept.yProquest/UMI for dissertations (open access titles are uploaded to Digital Commons by library staff later) ; Digital Commons only for Masters theses
University of MiamiYNYYNYYYYNYes, Creative WritingYNBePress Digital Commons
University of Missouri - Kansas Cityyfall 2010yyysince fall 2010yynoyyflexible; generally 1 yearyProQuest/UMI and DSpace
University of Missouri - St. Louisy2008nynynMaster's students may "archive" only in the electronic system and turn in paperyn5 yearsnHomegrown and Proquest/UMI for dissertations; Homegrown for theses.
University of Nebraska-Lincolny2009nyy2005yoptionalPhD Creative Writing if under contractyn5 yrs, extendablenProQuest: PhDs DigitalCommons: Masters
University of Nevada, Las Vegasyspring 2009yyynyspring 2009yyynnyy1,3,5,7 years-all require grad dean approvalnyDigitalCommons and Proquest
University of New Orleansy2006nyynyyyynMFA film - text component only deposited; physical copy of film kept in libraryyy- major professor1, 3, 5 years or longer by special requesty - for one year only, then open accessyBepress Digital Commons
University of North Carolina at Greensboroy2006yyyy2006yyynoneat student/advisor requestapproval of supervisor and Dean of GS6mo; 1yr; 2yrsn
University of North Texas, Dentony1999yyyyy1999yyyyMFA documentary filmyy5 yrs, one time 2-yr extentiony (UNT community only access to embargoes until they are released or changed to open access).Locally developed system.
University of Northern British Columbia(will be)2013 is the goaly(will be)(will be)(will be)(will be)nat student requesty - Dean of GS1-2yearsn
University of Notre Dameyoptional since 2002; required summer 2011nyyyynyn2 yrs; policy under reviewy
University of Oklahomay1/1/2016nyynyAugust 13, 2013nyynnot yetyyvaries from 0-3 yearsnyDSpace
University of OregonyWinter 2011yyyWinter 2011yyMFA- Creative Writingyn6 months, 1 year, or 2 yearsnProQuest/UMI
University of Ottawa (Canada)y2011y (until 2014. After 2014 optional for students)yy ny2011y (until 2014. After 2014 optional for students)yynnyy6 mos, 1, 2, 5 yrsnyDSpace
University of PittsburghyyDecember 2004ycan restrict to access by University of Pittsburgh IP addresses and Interlibrary Loan only, for a maximum period of five yearsyes for limited time
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