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A Mega Man For All SeasonsThe plot in this level is what made it for me tbh. Throwing Mega Man into this timeline like that is pretty silly and while it is just the same few rooms over and over with a slight twist on it I found myself just smiling at the charm nonstop. I wonder how this level could've done more to mix things up. It tries its best by introducing elements like water and quicksand, though I found them to be more of a hassle than an addition to the formula, and while it did shake the environment up it went away before I was able to get accustomed to it. In a sense, I like the janky, rapidly changing environment that tries to get in the player's way over and over with different methods, I'm just thinking if there was a layout that would've allowed for more customisation between seasons... Sorry for rambling. Really fun level!3989125514
AD 2101This level is kinda all over the place, with the only reoccuring theme being the quick lasers. I hadn't recognised the 2nd segment as such, causing a death the first time I arrived there. Upon closer inspection it turns out that that section is just upside down Quick Man stage... so yeah. Despite its lack of direction, the stage still was fun, with some neat challenges scattered throughout. I'm not a biggest fan of the dialogue at the end, finding it more distracting and awkward than funny, but *shrugs*. There's also a somewhat broken ladder near the first checkpoint, I wonder what happened there...194533412
Airflow HubbleI'm having serious issues taking this level seriously in any regard. It's so... random, inconsistent and messy. In some sections it doesn't even work properly with, for instance, the Met Dispenser despawning when you leave and re-enter the screen. Every element in this level looks to be placed with so little thought to gameplay that I have to wonder whether it was even tested at all. Enemies repeatedly respawn in places where you have to take a moment and concentrate, many obstacles are unfairly placed, others are completely useless. There's no flow, no coherency and overall I just didn't have fun playing through this stage.1010324skip10
Alien TempleAn okay boss fight. It shines more in its concept than it does in its execution. All it needs is more telegraphing for its attacks, slightly slower or smaller projectiles and something that prevents him from spawning on top of the player. I liked the idea of having to utilise 0.5x Gravity to reach him, but occasionally he spawned near the ground which interrupted my illusion of this being a consistent thing. I was half-hoping for this to be the prelude to an alien base intrusion level, though, so I can't help but be somewhat disappointed by there being no substance aside from the boss itself.256374510
Ancient TombWhile this stage is fun to play, I don't believe that much of it was actually original, since... it's basically a less interesting version of Pharaoh Man's stage. I don't really have anything to add here, to be honest. That basically sums it up.171704510
Aurora ManPretty nice and simple level! It does a fairly good job at introducing all of its elements and looks really nice. I feel like the enemy placement in this stage occasionally gets rather wacky, with areas near the middle of the level being more challenging than setups towards the end, but the challenges themselves are nice and fun to play through! I feel like the level was in its design somewhat limited by its city theme and that shaping the surrounding area based on the design would've allowed for some more creative segments overall. Still, fun level!3587105511
Beneath Sand and RockOh man, I really like how you move back through the level at the end (though it makes little sense since why did Mega Man not just go left to begin with?)! Really cool level with a well-executed underground desert theme. I like the little key challenges that let the player advance through the stage. The enemy placement is mostly fine, though I think the level could've done without Up n' Downs surprising the player while he's moving up and down (ha) the structure near the end. The boss fight is also a lot of fun and a great conclusion to this level.
Biplane BayI didn't feel like this level was doing much in terms of progression at all. Every area feels kinda like the last one and there are alternate routes which lead into dead ends on several screens which confused me quite a bit. The aesthetic is nice, aside from the music that half the time consists of nothing but a screeching tone. There were also some spikes that didn't work properly. I feel really bad because I got nothing I can really say about this level... it doesn't do much wrong, it doesn't really exceed at anything. It just kinda... exists :/226462410
Blaze ManA nice and rompy level that sticks to its simple theme and just rolls with it. This level is a fun but simple ride that doesn't do as much wrong as there is potential for improvement by thinking outside the box and beyond the level's basic premise. For what it is, it's a good stage, but I think by introducing a few more elements and using them to come up with new combinations of these elements this stage could have been a lot more impressive.329774510
Boil ManThis one took me a while to grasp. It's a good stage with a lot of attention to detail and two cool boss fights. However, the only part where the player will ever die is the final stretch to the boss. There is basically no challenge provided in this level. Every enemy can be tackled one at a time, with only Fire Boys and the squids being used to compliment other enemies onscreen occasionally. I found playing through this stage to be rather boring, simply because basically nothing is ever threatening or important enough to stop the player from advancing. I feel like a midboss or two would have helped this stage greatly in shaking things up. I had fun with the bosses, though they are not perfect. Air Capsule 2 suffers from "I can tank hits until he's dead" syndrome and Boil Man himself I've had a lot of trouble with predicting. Dodging his landing shockwave is difficult to do, even if the player slides relatively early, and even then he can use his blast to chase the player down before landing.38106125515
Bond ManThis stage manages to stay interesting and fun with just very few elements introduced throughout the level. It does a very good job at mixing up its elements to ramp up the difficulty up until the boss encounter, who also uses the level's main gimmick. The platforming in this level was exciting and I like the occasional timing-based puzzle about when to shoot the Petit Devils. The level got slightly repetitive when doing one tile jumps and I wish it had just a few more optional challenges for extra rewards, but overall it's a great stage that does a good job at utilising all of its mechanics consistently.44139125510
Bouncy CastleUnfortunately, most of my enjoyment in this level got quickly overshadowed by the unpredictable nature of the bouncy castle, which lies both at the core of the level but is also what makes it hard for me to enjoy the level to its fullest. While I love the bouncing effects and really like the setups you provide that are built around this mechanic, such as in the opening room or the fan area of the castle section, big chunks of the level didn't seem to be particularily bult around the mechanic. Aside from that, if I were able to predict the timing and height of my jumps more accurately, planning around the enemies' bounces would've been a lot easier and more consistent, making the level overall fairer and more strategically oriented. All this needs is a bit more telegraphing as to when a bounce happens. Taking away the initial bounce's effect and having it be purely visual might be enough. As it stands, though, while I like the concept of the level and had some silly fun by just bouncing all over the place, my method for actually advancing in this level is staying away from the ground as much as possible and otherwise playing the level like any other.3466125512
But it Lacked The Depth to Convince Me That This Is Really HellSomehow I get the feeling this stage was built to be annoying, and while I was a bit annoyed in some parts I found most of the stage to be rather enjoyable. The stage overall is more a showcase of various gimmicks than anything coherent and most of the sections are executed pretty well... aside from the part where the screen goes dark which has caused me more frustration than I'd like to admit. The boss fight is one of the less hellish mecha dragons I've fought.276574515
Candy PanicThis level seems to take a lot of its inspiration from MM1. However, at the same time it seems to only look at that inspiration at a surface level. It takes its assets and proposes a similar structure without looking deeper and figuring out what kind of design was used to make these classic levels fun to play. As a result, this level throws around enemies without much thought, has a split path where one side is much shorter, and resorts to text in order to explain some of its mechanics, which is something you never wanna have to do as a designer. Toxic chocolate wouldn't even harm Mega Man because he's steel type too so what even?!? Jokes aside, I found this level to be rather irritating. I questioned its decisions on almost every screen, where the sections in which I didn't do so felt like they were ripped straight out of a classic title.154241410
Cardinal ManThis was fun until I figured out you can actually reach any of the exits.411101Skip ofc30
Changeable CavernsThis level is a lot of fun to play, but often misses out on aspects such as safety nets and ramping up the difficulty, with later sections sometimes being easier than early sections and the enemy setups not offering a lot of variety. A lot of the level's assets are taken for granted and while others are formally introduced, the others are often what will lead to the player's death. The guts lift section in particular is rather tricky for where it is placed in the level and I died a lot on it when I wasn't exploiting the lack of spike collision in that room to bypass it and explore other parts of the level. The open platforming segments are a nice but rompy challenge and definitely the highlight of this stage.328974410
Chomp ManThis level feels rather messy. It feels like somebody took a level and condensed it, jumbled it up to the point where it's overwhelming and the player will have a lot of trouble dodging every obstacle and proceeding in the level. There are also ideas which only briefly make an appearance and are never seen again. I also managed to get softlocked in this level. The level needs a lot of work. I think a good place to start is by introducing features one-by-one rather than dunking them all on the first screen, which allows you to ramp up the difficulty and add more features in a more controlled and less hectic environment. The boss of this level looks adorable, but I felt like his hitboxes were slightly too big.162352415
City Under SiegeThis level's city area is very beautiful! I really like how it looks, very authentic. However... it doesn't really feel good to play. I get the feeling the level's design was influenced by its aesthetic, which ended up making it feel rather dull, having to rely on a quantitfy of hazards in order to ramp up the challenge, rather than a clever combination of them and mutation of setups. There could've been more done with the illusion blocks, which I found to be an interesting gimmick that got introduced but unfortunately went largely unused until the end of the stage. The boss is not a lot of fun to play, since standing on either of the left platforms sees the player tumbling to their death as soon as they get hit. The shmup-segment would've been a lot better if you didn't let the player face left, too.274594512
Colorful HallI... don't like this stage. The basic idea of 4 differently coloured halls is nice, but the only thing it does with this idea is a quiz that requires knowledge of the Shrek movies. I feel like there could've been much more done here, such as racial segregation of enemies by color or... no quiz at all! Somehow I found each hall to be less intriguing and fun than the last, with many enemies everywhere in basic and often not very fun positions. I'm also, as you can tell, not a fan of the quiz. Secret exits shouldn't require a 2nd complete playthrough of the stage, and whatever I did I could never read the third hint as the top half of that room is lacking collision or something? Overall... should've done more with its concept for sure.143152323
Combust ManA fun little stage, though it could have done more with what it offers. The challenge in this level is fairly simple and it doesn't ramp up much, with the falling section at the end being mainly difficult due to its unpredictability. The Nickel sections, while providing a nice bonus challenge, are held back by their background palette which often obscures enemies that are placed in these rooms. I like the way Combust Man combusts when you shoot him, though. Pretty funny ending.297881515
Conveyor MayhemA very open level! It's so open I even got lost a few times. I like how this level spreads out into different paths, each leading to a reward or a goal. The execution on this, however, I have to question. As a result of the abundancy of paths there are some Nickels that aren't really worth the effort. I'm a big fan of the flavour text on the bosses, especially the text that happens when the player dies. I encountered some glitches in this level, too, unfortunately. A pit of lava lead me into nothingness and a skippable miniboss. The more straightforward sections of the level I found really fun to play through, but the more open sections were often really stressful and finnicky when trying to platform around between spikes and lava.298693325
Cossack's Other CitadelI really like the start to this level. It presents all of its challenges one-by-one and builds on top of them through mutation of the setups. Sadly, my enjoyment with this level pretty much stopped as I went into the autoscroll sections. The first one if very easy and leaves a lot of room for interesting things that can be done with enemies, even without making it too cramped. The second one can be rather unfair if you don't see the enemies coming in time. Also where did the snow go?3310693510
Crystal LabPretty neat! I like the platforms this stage revolves around. They're a neat concept and used pretty well. I find it somewhat of a shame how they're rather glitchy, though, with glitchy results when they push the player into a ceiling and the gravity sound effect relentlessly playing for seemingly no reason. I like how this stage makes use of various utility weapons in order to advance, though I wish it'd start out every introduction to a concept in a safer environment, as instant death is kinda everywhere in this stage. The screw platforms themselves never got a proper introduction unfortunately. Its first use is atop a pit of spikes no matter which of the three paths the player takes. Speaking of paths, I like the intense secret route this level offers, but I think due to its difficulty that shortcut should reward with something, perhaps a Noble Nickel. The final section before the boss feels pretty epic and despite my numerous deaths I'm a big fan of it. Nice level overall!298584410
Cursor CurseThis level makes me so sad. I absolutely adore the premise and how the level starts. However, as soon as Volt Man drops in, it feels like the level slowly but surely runs out of ideas. The entire charm from the start takes a back seat to midbosses, which were placed in such a way that they don't give much of a signal besides "filler". The fight against the cursor was pretty cute, though he could've used a proper pattern. I'd have liked to see him use his right-click powers more. MAN, though, this level could've been so much more... D:3055123510
Cyber ManThis stage is a bit overambitious, haha. I really like all the creative ideas that went into this level, but they're just introduced at a rapid-fire rate, making it hard to keep up with them. What bothers me the most is the wraparound. It's a super cool mechanic and the level uses it well for some mind-bending scenarios, but... it's introduced properly AFTER it's already been used, and the way it is used makes it not obvious to the player when the wrap is active. I spent a lot of time searching for how to access the first Nobel Nickel, jumping into every cyber reset block in the hopes of finding one that takes me to a bonus area, but it ended up being a random wraparound area that had me redo the first section completely. My favourite part about this level is definitely the boss. The sound effects are amazing and I love how the "miniboss" introduces the player to all of the boss's attacks. The conveyors turning on is also a neat addition to the challenge.39104155514
Donut Observation CenterThis level proposes some interesting uses for teleporters, but unfortunately their presence in the level doesn't really shine next to all the other features it throws in. While the level is mostly consistent, it introduces concepts very rapidly, making it hard to use each of them to its fullest potential. I fell like due to the oversaturation of concepts the level occasionally felt a bit messy, even though it almost never got overwhelming with its enemy placement. There is also one instance in this level where I feel like the teleporters needed an indication as to where they would lead to: the first upwards section past spikes. I took a gamble by assuming the teleporters would lead to the other one in the room, which was the case, but wasn't clear at all. The boss of the level, to me, is its weakest point, mainly due to its small hitboxes and lack of detail on the HP bar. The way in which the targets are offset makes hitting them more precise than it needs to be. Aside from that it doesn't give the player much of a learning opportunity as they first come into the room, as the arena contains some elements the player can interact with, in addition to the boss.30761034
actually has an exit
Dragon Lab LairThis level starts out decently, but quickly loses its focus and starts throwing the player into unfair scenarios which force them to take a hit. As the level goes on, it starts using elements without proper introduction and in tricky scenarios. The level's boss fight was, from my experience, less difficult than getting through the section after the player exits the water. Overall, this level's main issue is its lack of general theme that could've been used to create setups and situations and create mutations of those to keep the player excited.173432510
DuwangProbably the most memorable thing about this level is the section of death hands. Only for the hands. Loving those. My favourite section to play through, however, was the platforming section. While it doesn't do anything particularly innovative I like how it makes you shoot a long distance to activate a platform or take down a foe. The first section suffers a lot from the background and the no-left-section has some spam issues near the end and ends up getting rather repetitive. I'm not a big fan of this level's visuals.277591513
Elec DamA fairly decent level centered around the flashing water mechanic it introduces early on. I think it was pretty fun, but could convey its ideas to the player better and use its resources in a more organised manner. Basically what I mean is how the level makes a few assumptions about the player which cannot always be guaranteed. On my first playthrough I completely missed the flash of water in the safe room in which it is introduced, only to then be surprised by it on the next screen while I was fending off a Hammer Joe in the water. In addition to this I feel like the level consistently drops a few too many enemies on the player at a time, with the first screens already using two tanky ones in synergy with each other and later screens almost ambushing the player with four at once. It can be quite overwhelming. As a result, I often found myself sticking to the edge of a room while taking care of the enemies currently on screen, but in some areas this became a problem, as I got hit by the water from the adjacent screen which I was already past, but which had a hitbox extending into the screen I was on. Overall, nice idea, but it needed more ideas mixed with the core concept to mix its challenges up.288664410
Enhanced MobilityThis level exists in a weird state between interesting teleporter setups and enemy spam, the latter of which also bleeds in the second of this level's snowboarding segments. I really enjoyed the spike fall and spike rise segments, but the rest of the level strikes me as something that could've been much more if it adhered more closely to the teleporter boost gimmick. There's a lot of undiscovered potential here, but the problem is exactly that: It's undiscovered in this level. I also got killed by a random screen border that one time. I assume there were spikes on the other end.287773423
Escape SequenceMan! What a neat idea! I love the increased movement speed and intense atmosphere in this level. It really gets me to move fast and act quickly... in sections where the level allowed me to do so. I WISH that was every section of this level, but... it's not, which is a shame. I found the Jet and Arrow sections to be kinda disconnected from the rest of the level, being very slow paced unlike any of the other sections which the player can breeze through and tank whenever they feel like. And I LOVE the other sections. The Sakugarne section is loads of fun, the conveyor walk across spikes is risky but feels great to pull off, the jewel satellite section has entire screens dedicated to catharsis between action and the ending segment is an amazing conclusion. It's just... the other segments are kinda halting my enjoyment with the level due to their slow speed. I also find it unfortunate how the framerate suffers from everything happening in this level and how the red acid drops are barely visible against the red background. Overall... really fun for the most part! Super cool idea!40117135415
Force ManThis is one of those levels where, if you get really lucky, you're gonna like it a lot. I didn't get lucky and repeatedly fell victim to obstacles in the 2nd half which involved the red turrets. Those enemies are where a majority of my problems with this stage find its core, to be honest. While some of their placements in the 2nd half are pretty silly, the enemy itself is also one I would rather not see in an environment where I often don't have the time to time my shots in order to bullseye their stupidly short vulnerability window. This stage also needs indication as to which pit is bottomless, as it has a few sections where two near identical pits are visible, yet only one will let you live. Force Man himself is not the most fun boss in the world. His erratic movement pattern and high speed are very difficult to predict and his force beam attacks have so much telegraphing that it requires telegraphing within the telegraphing to telegraph when the telegraphing will end. In human speech: I kept jumping to avoid the beams before the telegraphing even ended. Overall this stage is constructed nicely and it has some cool ideas and while it could do more with them, its main concern right now is the turret enemy which has the potential to make playing the stage a complete chore.3284105515
Forgotten FortressI tried my best to like this level, but unfortunately, the heavy lag I had when playing through it made this pretty much impossible. Couple that with the maze-like structure of the level and playing it felt more like a chore than a fun experience. Which is a shame. This level has ideas that it proposes and it has a lot to offer. Maybe even to the point where it becomes too much. The confusing layout of the level made me lose all sense of direction and even after several playthroughs I wasn't able to build a cognitive map of the level. When I got to the ending room the first time I picked up the key and completely missed the exit. Heading back to the door I thought the level only just now got started, and while somewhat scared I was also excited to look through the level in order to find Crash Man, who I assumed would hold the Energy Element. Sadly, Crash Man's room is a mess and getting to him didn't feel very rewarding. I eventually found the energy element on my third visit to the end room. On a more general note, the level doesn't do a very good job at ramping up its difficulty or maintaining any kind of consistency. This level has everything, but doesn't really play around with anything, which is a shame.1460611please goal orb
has an exit14
Fortified LabIt's like a meeting of many of my least favourite enemies! Joy! Bustering this level is absolute hell but going at it with special weapons is pretty fun. I kinda wish the requirement of using weapons was indicated in any way, such as a jewel satellite block before the water section (that section with only a buster is a spaghettifest), but it's very much fine as is. Some enemies and jumps I don't really agree with in this stage, but otherwise this stage is pretty well-made... and then it ends. I wish it utilised the exploding blocks that it introduced early on in more scenarios. I'm sure there's a lot of stuff that could've been done here with them. As it stands though, nice level that requires some thinking.339784510
Gigavolt ManThis stage confuses me the longer I stay in it, to be honest. The theme of using the disappearing blocks is hinted at, but they often take a back seat to random enemy encounters, often with an amount of enemies too large to be healthy in any capacity. There's a part at the start of the level where it looks like going left is the way to go, but it only leads to a wall, rendering all enemies in that room useless. The final corridor is completely empty, leading me to believe it was left unfinished. There's a broken ladder near the end of the stage and the boss room expects the player to read the message before Volt Man is defeated, but any sane player will take care of the boss first. This level is all over the place and I didn't find it to be all that enjoyable, sorry.183263413
GunPowder CellarI feel like this level got a bit carried away with its cellar theme there. The way this level is laid out makes the enemy positions not at all comfortable to deal with and the environment is overall claustrophobically cramped on many occasions. The matchstick boss is a neat idea considering the gunpowder theme and I like its pattern, though the final attack is something that the player can't predict unless they know it's coming. Overall I wish this level tried less to feel like a building and got more creative with its layout to compliment its enemy positions and not its general aesthetic.235355511
Guts Man AsteroidReally cool journey! I like the progression in this level, going deeper and deeper into the asteroid. This level's use of the drills was pretty creative and tbh I kinda wish it put more focus on them throughout >_>. Eddie's secret weapon is the best thing ever, though. Sometimes I found the enemies to be pretty tricky to get to or the rocks to be slightly too frequent to make it past safely, but aside from that I really liked their placements. I also like the little secrets hidden in this level and the secret exit. Really cool level overall!421281255has secret exit25
Haunt ManA really nice level that does so many things right that my complains here will seem more like nitpicking than anything, but before I get to those I just want to compliment it on its really creative gimmicks and super fun boss! As for the problems I had with the level... I felt like sometimes the enemies were placed in rather trivial locations where they don't pose much of a threat at all (long after they've been introduced), and there is a log graphic in this level which I consistently considered part of the background, which ended up causing me to take a hit almost every time I reached that section. Aside from that though this is a really fun and well-made stage!471310154512
Holy Crap, Mega Man Can Airslide?Heh, interesting idea. I really like the platforming possibilities that this mechanic introduces. The pure platforming segments scattered mostly throughout the first half of the level are fun and tense, though I think they could do with less enemies, as they're sometimes placed in a way where they're ripping the player out of the flow of the level. I didn't enjoy the direction the level took with its fire and block snake sections. The fire sections felt like a ton of cheap hits and I fell into the pit in the 2nd nickel section far too many times. The block snake section replaces all the tense action of the level with slowly waiting for the snake to advance so the player can get to the boss. The boss itself was a really fun fight. I like how his attacks line up to allow for an easy dodging pattern that still made me feel like I was skillfully dodging a tough opponent (roleplaying woo!!!!). If this level toyed around more with its platforming segments, perhaps by introducing other types of platforms or having a section where, for instance guts lifts move in parallel and the player has to jump between them to avoid obstacles, I would have enjoyed this level a lot more. As it stands, though, neat concept.2475804skip maybe12
Identity Crisis4 great stages in one followed by a finale that... I found to be somewhat lackluster. This level does a great job at making use of the 4 weapons it is centered around and I'm a fan of the variety of challenges provided in the level's "first 4 halves", buuut I feel like that's where it could've ended and nothing of value would've been lost. Alternatively, all those segments could have been shortened, compacted, and the final section could have incorporated the omitted aspects while putting them in the context of challenges that require multiple robot masters to solve, which is something I wish it did more. The final section has, in my eyes, so much wasted potential that it could have almost entirely been put into the previous 4 sections without big changes. The combined powers of robot masters are used once or twice in total while the rest of the challenges don't really expand upon what has been laid out in the robot master introduction segment. I ended up getting pretty bored during the final section of the level because of that, combined with the fact the level goes out of its way to interrupt its own flow between segments, making me painfully aware of its length during the first half and making the rest of the level just feel like a drag.39106135515
Joe Destruction Co.This level has interesting ideas, but they're often put in such a way where the player is incredibly likely to take unavoidable (or hardly avoidable) damage. Some objects didn't feel very calculated in their placement, either, with bugs just zooming by and rock dispensers being very close to the ground, making me not wanna go through the stage with only the buster. I like how the level progresses underground, though. It's a neat change of pace. But even that has its little downside as I found a shortcut into the underground sections that skips about 2 screens of the level. The "hidden" music room, which used to be funny when the stage lacked music, is something many players will find on accident, as one of the up moving platforms will crush the player into the bottom of the music room, complete with screen transition and all. Overall... neat ideas but they're a bit chaotic.277584310
Joe ManHonestly what keeps me from really liking this level is the fact it's not designed around being beatable with Slash Claw only. That would've been such a cool detail, come on! In all fairness, though, this level does a pretty good job at following the formula it's designed by. It properly introduces all of its assets in a safe manner and ramps up its difficulty until you get to the boss, and even beyond that. My one problem is... the boss is a good analogy for the level. The first encounter being the first half, and the 2nd being the 2nd half: It's the same thing, but with an element or two extra and a much higher risk of failure. I really liked the first half of this level, but after that I got slightly bored, as the mines didn't add much to the level's structure and the upwards climb was the part that stood out most about the second half, though I wasn't a big fan of that part. The level ended up feeling repetitive, felt like areas I've already been through, and the same applies for the boss rematch. The Nickel locations in this level are pretty silly. There are some hazards in the stage that I feel were placed unfairly, and most of them (not all of them) are within Nickel nooks. The fourth Nickel in particular contains a spike jump that is very easy to fail, and due to how the level places its checkpoints it takes quite a while to get back to it. Overall I wish the level added another element in its second half, preferrably one that's not scattered across the floor in abundance near the end.329675515
Jungle BaseA pretty nice, rompy jungle level. It presents its ideas in an organised fashion and expands on some of them throughout the level. Sadly, it often forgets about some of the assets it introduced, making the level feel more segmented than coherent in parts. It also likes to throw in a little too many enemies at 1 occasionally, with airborne enemies serving as a projectile dispenser that can't easily be taken care of unless you fire hornets or throw swords at them, a method not otherwise encouraged in the level. As far as the mutation of setups is concerned, the level leans towards repetition moreso than mutation, with many consecutive instances of the same premise being very similar to each other. Nontheless, this is a fun level to play through that presents itself as fair towards the player and just needs that polish in order to be much more satisfying to play.268644410
Just an Ice LevelStarts out decently but the issue of enemy placement quickly becomes visible as you go through the level. The level has ideas, but for their execution it tends to add more enemies than needed. The two paths are also way different in terms of difficulty, with the skyward path often causing death by penguin cannons which need a sprite that stands out more to be fair. I get the feeling this level was designed with Jewel Satellite in mind, as that's the most reliable way to make it past all the penguins, though for that the level does a very bad job at introducing this as an option that will be almost required in the level's later bits.196162414
Komuso TempleI looove this level! It's really scary, but ultimately not too bad to traverse, making the end of each room all the more rewarding. It also limits itself to a small toolkit which works with the theme and supports it. I find it kinda sad how most of this level's challenges, especially later on, can be pretty much trivialised with Sakugarne, but that's kinda missing out on the point. This stage, in my opinion, also works beautifully for Komuso Man himself. Dunno, to me he just seems like the kinda guy who'd put traps everywhere in his house. I feel like the level could've done a tiny bit more in terms of small optional areas for pickups or more with its platforming challenges, but regardless it feels super great to play and I like it a lot.46149135513
Launch Man and Shuttle ManReally fun stage! I love the little details like Launch & Shuttle Man flying in the background as you make your way through the sky, and I think the takeoff sequence is suuper cool and memorable. The level as a whole is occasionally pretty spammy with its enemies but a lot of fun to play regardless. The midboss barrier is unfortunately already unlocked as you enter the room, but like the other bosses in the stage he's a fun one to fight. Lunch and Shuffle themselves are pretty hectic but after a cycle it's pretty easy to remember their pattern. I like how they team up like that. If the difficulty was less abrupt and more slope-y I'm sure this stage would feel even better to play, but it's already a lot of fun!41108135515
Lava FactoryPretty cool first level! While playing it rather safe and not being very innovative it has a nice difficulty curve and does a decent job at introducing various mechanics it uses. The slash claw indication on the breakables isn't obvious and the mine section is pretty bland and unnecessary, but aside from that I enjoyed it.2597324only one exit13
Maze of Significantly Less DeathAs a VVVVVV nerd I am slightly saddened by this level. There's sooo much more it could've done with the VVVVVV theme. The challenges presented are all pretty basic and random and it all feels somewhat disconnected, held together by the VVVVVV plot and music. As it stands it's somewhat of a mess of ideas which one may enjoy on first playthrough but is not worth revisiting due to its lack of meaningful content.183253510
MegaLondoHonestly with so much instakill around I have to wonder how only having one midpoint is even remotely resembling fairness. This level as a whole isn't too bad to traverse, and while it goes out of its way to be unfair to the player and tries to shove them into spikes, the thing that makes the level frustrating is its stinginess with checkpoints. Spreading them out slightly differently and having 2 total would get rid of much of the pretty dangerous backtracking that has to be done if, for example, the player (me) dies in the spike drop like 5 times in a row. The level playing at only 40fps doesn't help the situation, since it merely lengthens the time required to get back where the player died even further.1841634skip10
Mess of a LevelWhat a charming level! It's pretty simple but super fun to play and throws in a horizontal komuso to keep things interesting (is he a frog too?). There's a bit of a difficulty spike near the beginning where getting hit is very easy to send the player falling down, but aside from that the difficulty ramps up decently. The Toad Man boss at the end is pretty intense, though I don't know why charged shots deal as much damage as the regular buster. Feels kinda limiting (especially since all other weapons do nothing).3812894511
Misty LakeI love how this level progresses between different areas! Watching the world around you slowly transform really adds to the experience and the flow of the level. While I think the level somewhat suffered in its Design under the guidelines set by its aesthetic, it still was a lot of fun to play and it had some nice ideas which I liked seeing used and re-used later on. My main point of criticism with this stage is its rompy nature and how it feels like it didn't use the elements it introduced to its fullest potential. The difficulty curve in the level is fine, though I found the ending stretch to be less of a challenge than the minibosses (though maybe I'm just horrible at fighting them). I also thought that the snow which is dropped onto the stage is harmful due to its size the way it sticks out, so I often took cover when I first played the stage and thought of it as a clever idea, just to later find out I was roleplaying around a non-existent threat... I also managed to get the boss to crash on me and figured out that dying causes ice cubes to duplicate on the next playthrough, which is rather unfortunate. Either way, lots of fun to play!3410875415
Mix & MatchWell that level was over before it started. Or was finished. Kinda sad, I had some fun going through what parts of this stage do exist. The rooms got a bit repetitive after a while, but the initial ideas are there. I would like to see a complete version of this stage.122331311
Mount SabreWhat a charming stage!!! It feels like an adventure and somehow the top down + sidescroller mix works beautifully. It's a bit long, but really well designed and doesn't suffer from its aesthetic either. I think if it was stripped from all its custom graphics it'd still hold up as a fun and interesting stage. I think the enemies here have a bit too much HP and some jumps and sections can be rather tricky to overcome, especially when relying on the buster, but this stage is great regardless!46129155513
Neapolitan ManReally creative theme! I really like how the level is presented and its theme is executed. This level frequently adds new ice-cream themed elements to keep the experience fresh and mix with the elements introduced beforehand. Neapolitan Man himself is fun to fight and the second phase ramps up his challenge nicely without making him unfair or too difficult. The one thing I'm not a big fan of in this stage is some of the longer Nickel segments. I feel like, while they are a nice extra challenge, they are also sometimes padded out between the interesting bits to follow a specific geometry and generally distract from the main path for longer than they need to. The segment where I felt this the most was the segment behind the hornet chaser wall, which had a really fun and tricky twist on the miniboss of the stage, but didn't need the other segments preceeding it. Aside from that, the level is really cool (ha), with a nice difficulty curve and progression, with the enemies being fairly placed and projectiles only getting spammy on one or two occasions near the end if you're using buster. Great work!45137155515
Neon ManWell the concept for this is certainly... interesting. However, it's one of those concepts which encourages the player to get rid of it altogether during their playthrough. Doing a buster only run of this stage can easily get very tedious, as the player has to wait often complete cycles of the background in order to not put themselves at risk of falling off. Coupled with the added enemies later in the stage, using Hornet Chaser to just get rid of the entire driving point of the level is a much safer option which also will make the level a lot more fun to play. The boss fight is not much better, unfortunately, with the background and Apache Joes distracting from the actual fight and the projectiles blending in with the slowly moving background. I didn't have a lot of fun with this level and I think that while its concept is creative, it needs a lot of adjustments in order to be even remotely usable in a fun environment.163251511
Nitrogen ManCool (ha) level! It can get somewhat same-y after a while, but it has a solid idea and sticks to it. I kinda wish it didn't forget about its exploding platforms after the first few screens, though. The background palette can be somewhat eye-searing at times and I sometimes jumped into the water by mistake, thinking of it as ground (ground also has the texture of water), but the aesthetic is nice otherwise. I like how the level is mapped out in the boss room and the bonus room is indicated both there and by the bubbles in the room above, buuuutt...... it's empty? What a disappointment! I want my money back!329783510
Orbital StationThis level has certain difficulties in introducing its concepts to the player. The ideas it has all come and go as they please, without proper introductions or indication as to when they're active. The elephant in the room here is the moonjump mechanic which, while also awkward to control, isn't consistently active between areas, not even based on the environment. When I met with it the first time I considered it a glitch due to the suction mechanic in the previous room also altering player movement. The level's spike dropping mechanic is also not properly introduced until the end of the level, while one of the Nobel Nickels requires it. Said Nickel, too, is hidden in a very, very, very obscure place, that I couldn't find after several playthroughs and jumping into random pits. If the level was restructured to better make use of the spike dropping and if it had an indication as to when the moon jump is active, plus a safe zone to introduce it, it would've been much better and way less confusing.265593414
Poorly Named LevelSorry, I read your message on what your goals with this level were and I think these platforms are at the core of most of its problems. It's not so much about your usage of them but rather the platforms themselves, as they make every scenario more stressful than it needs to be. I really appreciate the effort, though, and while I didn't have much fun getting shot into spikes or pits from a mistimed button press, pulling the long platforming section across the pit off properly felt pretty great. This level also somewhat suffers from a tendency to put a bit too many enemies on screen at once, especially near the start, and there is a really silly jump near the end which got me jumping into a ceiling spike more often than I want to admit. It's kinda sad how I feel like this stage would've been more fun if only it used the more standard guts lifts or a variety of different platforms as its main focus.248263513
Q-U-I-N-TI'm sad that compared to the other hilariously broken level this one isn't as much fun to mess around in. Would've gotten big fun score if you didn't remove all the utility >:c ... At least it's completable?10000110
Quarantine WomanI absolutely love the way this level tells its story and how it transitions every time it throws in a new element. The atmosphere and pacing in this level are amazing and I had a lot of fun playing through it. I feel like this level would've been better off without any Nobel Nickels, though, as they were usually low points in my enjoyment and fairly tricky to get. I still don't know how to get to the second Nickel reliably. After 15 minutes I managed to do a Sakugarne hop on the scientist below, but that feels too precise to be the solution. Aside from that the level frequently suffers from unfair enemy placement, forcing the player to take hits. One example for this is the first time you see the bugs: One of them flies directly where the player will go next. Oh, by the way - GREAT detail how the security guards shoot at the bugs and not just focus down the player. It really helps in making them feel believable. My favourite section of this level was when the huge mutated hand surprises the player in the boss corridor. Overall, fantastic atmosphere, but the gameplay sometimes gets influenced by it to the point where tanking a hit is often a better option compared to using skill in order to get through the level. Definitely my favourite aesthetic and story execution in the contest, though.43810155513
Quint StageA pretty good stage with some interesting ideas. While some rooms felt rather random, such as the 2nd room from the start, all the basic ideas this level has with its gimmicks are executed pretty well. Aside from the spike ladder climb as that part is just unexpected hits galore. The yoku block section, while intimidating, is nice, and I appreciate the safety net catching players who are learning to get used to the drag. Overall a pretty neat stage with cool ideas that sadly are quickly tossed away before they can get expanded upon.308693410
Rad GravityThis level is so much fun to play hahaha! Just driving around aimlessly at high speeds feels super great and I love how you can drive up the walls and ceiling. The boss is super impressive but also quite hard to fully understand due to the way the stage is rotated. I also often found myself in situations where I had to take damage from him, as both a projectile and Groovity Man himself came charging at me at the same time. As for the stage itself I feel like the first checkpoint is pretty early in. Later I understood that it is so you can return with Nitro Man to get the Nickel (even though I got it without him initially whoops), but returning to save Nitro Man after a death just feel like the stage is keeping me from having fun (driving into spikes again). Super cool stage, very expansive, lots of fun and technically super impressive! Great work!44119155412
Ruined LabPretty neat wily stage type stage! I like the throwback to MM3 in the beginning and how you're just further exploring the sewers beneath the fortress. There's a large variety of challenges here, most of which I like, some of which often killed me before I could react, though those deaths were usually my fault for not paying enough attention (Every time I arrived at the ladder area my first death went to the spikes you can see as you enter the room). Generally I prefer what the 2nd half of the level has to offer, with some tricky platforming segments and a rush jet section (that I initially accidentally skipped with super arrow and I felt really shitty for doing so). The boss is a cool combination of various robot masters, though it has a metric ton of HP and I feel like 2 full bars would've been more than enough. The scripts in this stage also crashed quite a few times when I died, which is unfortunate. Overall a cool and pretty challenging stage.39107135412
Rush CityThis level was kinda over before it started, and sadly it didn't really have any clear direction. The challenges presented are janky and seem unfinished, and the "optional" bonus section that ends in a not-so-optional exit is something that could've been easily made the main gimmick of the level. This level needed both more focus and more testing to be substantial in any way, unfortunately.132231520
Sector Upsilon 6Submitting a level like this to a contest is a REALLY risky move if you ask me, since what this is more closely resembles a full game than it does a standard level. I think it's a level that needs time and dedication put into a playthrough in order to be truly appreciated. This level is massive, as evident by the map and endless collectibles that can be found if you're up for an extra challenge. The map was a really helpful inclusion in the level and while I think it's silly that you need to take a screenshot of it, it makes traversing the sector much less painful to traverse. As far as difficulty is concerned, this level does a good job at introducing several gimmicks in their own secluded areas and ramping up their difficulty as you go along. In a sense this level can be described as a variety of interwoven levels. I really enjoyed this level as a whole, and the secret exit for getting all the trinkets is easily my favourite section, being a huge VVVVVV nerd myself. That said, the level does have its issues: For example, many sections in the level are unfortunately completely trivialised by the player's utility items. Another point of criticism is that I found the autoscroll sections to be rather precise at times and the noble nickel in the section can easily lead to an unfair death. I collected it while upside down and found myself stuck in that little box. In addition to this, accessing and proceeding in that area can quickly use up the player's weapon energy for various utility items. I also wish it would save trinkets across playthroughs (not just death). So yeah. Overall I gotta stress that this level/game really needs a few hours of dedication in order to be truly appreciated.45128155535
Sheriff ManMan, I absolutely love the frequent changes in the environment and how the level changes accordingly. I feel like the design, while cleverly built around the aesthetic, still somewhat suffers from it, though. The level re-uses a similar progression of hopping over pits and shooting different enemies throughout, which can get rather boring after a while. Some enemies near the end were placed in tricky positions which made them hard to predict if the player doesn't know they're there, but aside from that the level is fair and fun to play, and the boss is also a lot of fun to fight.40108125513
Shovel KnightThis stage feels like it was designed solely on the premise of "Shovel Knight aesthetic" and I feel like its coherency and structure suffer under it a lot. There are general ideas in this stage, but they don't persist long enough to become interesting at all, causing the stage to end up as an amazingly looking reference to Shovel Knight that fails to live up in terms of gameplay.234465415
SMB3The way this level presents itself makes me feel like it tried to get a majority of its points by emulating the graphical wow-factor from MaGMML1's SMW level. I can tell that a lot off work went into the sprites, even though they're not perfect, but I an also tell that this level would've been much more enjoyable if the work went into actually designing it instead, as the level pretty much falls short in every factor of design, aside from the boss. The level's main flaw is the abundance of enemies in every section which are placed seemingly randomly and in much larger numbers than necessary. Couple this with a lack of health refill pickups and you've got a stage that'll make people frustrated very quickly.1620545skip10
Snow ManLess a level, moreso a collection of ideas. The main thing that sets it back in its current state is the lack of organisation and testing. The level is littered with collision errors and enemies that can easily ambush the player. The ideas themselves, while not the most innovative, would easily find a good place in a level that was constructed more thoroughly, though.51120110
Something OriginalThis stage feels like kind of a retrospective of memorable sections of the first few classic titles, taking the gimmicks these stages used and transforming them into something that is of consistent difficulty and just pleasant and fun to play through. Granted, while the name mostly is false advertisement, it does not directly re-use the same layouts but rather tries its own jab at the gimmicks. Most of them I found to be pretty nice, some of which, Metal Man's room for instance, kinda dull. I'm just here thinking it'd be super cool if throughout this stage 2 classic stages were always mashed up into one, with the tilesets and assets clashing together, forming new challenges.278734510
Spiky SituationPretty cool iwbtg aesthetic. While I'm... really not a fan of the spritework and think adhering to the source material solely through the needle theming and cherry references would've been enough, I enjoy the platforming this level has to offer. Having never played the source material myself I can hardly judge how closely the challenges presented here adhere to a proper curve from said source. However, what I can say is that the level provided fair and exciting platforming challenges throughout, until it got to the segment with Crash Man platfroms, which put a spike (ha) in the difficulty to the point where it's really easy to mistime a jump and be forced to redo the entire section over. Two sections, if you're not smart enough to actually activate the save station (a feature which I think wasn't a needed addition, since placing them in a way where they're unavoidable would've made idiots like me less likely to miss out on a checkpoint). The first boss of this stage is rather boring, but I found the optional touhou boss to be pretty fun to fight, probably due to the music. I wish it had less rng-based unavoidable sudden hits, though. Overall, fun stage for the most part! I just wish it had a more slope-y difficulty curve and stuck to its platforming roots.3475134511
Starman RecreationSome interesting ideas here, but I feel like their execution could use some work... I found myself having a lot of trouble with the enemy placements, in some places taking hits across the screen and in other places walking through somewhat empty areas. The way the falling crystals are introduced is something I don't like, since many players will take a hit from the first one if they don't know what's coming. I like your use of teleporters. Inverting the gravity is a clever idea and I wish you would've done more with it! Overall I found this level to be rather engaging, though it lacks balance and needed some more direction in order to truly stand out.3287845
night of semiramis
Taco ManThis stage completely omits the concept of teaching its mechanics to the player. As a result, it's pretty fun and rewarding if you know the stage and know what you're doing, but it's pretty inaccessible to players who don't. A more streamlined design would have helped the level in building up a difficulty curve and would have prevented it from doing unpredictable things such as the drop into spikes. Our ugly Taco Boy isn't the most exciting boss to fight, but he's a fair one and pretty delicious.2446635
the funny number
The DampeningThis level feels sorta random. I like its general idea of sinking deep into the ocean, dodging spikes (and then coming back out for some reason? Did Mega Man forget where to go?), but I think the execution on this is sorta "anything-to-get-the-player-there" rather than "okay-let's-do-something-consistent". There are a lot of elements in this level that don't get to see a 2nd use and I wish they did, because reusing them in later segments and mixing them with what's been introduced since would've made those more interesting. Instead, this level feels like an experiment. It has a nice aesthetic and I like how it gets dark for a few screens, but the gameplay is something I find a bit underwhelming.195243515
The FallIt started out pretty decently, but afterwards it just kinda fell apart... what happened? D: As for the part that lives up to the level's name, I feel like the X-indicators should've been introduced in a safer environment before the long drop, as I didn't know what to interpret them as until I was halfway through the fall. The part after I can barely take seriously due to its background messages and overall messy structure. Kind of a shame :c71111310
The Stage Nobody Asked ForThis level plays with the player's expectations in such a beautiful, calculated and unpredictable way that I can't help but love it. The only issue I've had with it is that it was sometimes hard to look at, but aside from that, this stage is excellent. Even when going back to it I caught myself laughing at its surprised and smiling throughout my playthrough, even when fucking up in a section or two. This is easily my favourite level from this contest just due to its sheer unpredictability and how little it takes itself seriously while still being really well-designed.4915101545fave22
Truffle ManPretty nice level! I like the mushroom-themed enemies and how they behave, though I'm kinda sad the level forgot about two of its enemies after the first room :c. Aside from that it's pretty consistent and has a nice flow to it. I like the midboss, but I have some problems with Truffle Man himself. Aside from his buster dealing a lot of damage and often chasing me down after I thought I had already dodged it (since every bullet homes individually, rather than it being a streak of 3 in the same direction), he limits off the arena, often causing the player to be right next to him (which is not where you wanna be when a robot mushroom is tossing peas at you). I think he could've been more interesting if he utilised the pollen bombs from some of the enemies in the level instead of cutting off parts of the arena. The level itself is mostly fine, though I'm not a fan of the last section before the boss. The truffle mets on those platforms have to be taken out quickly or else the player will miss their ride. Placing a non-shielded enemy on the ride would've made getting back on the platform more reliable to accomplish. Overall this stage doesn't do much, but it has a nice theme and is fun to play.317784513
Volcanic FurnaceI always find it rather sad when one particular section of a level overshadows everything else that goes on in the level. In this case, it's the guts lifts that are introduced halfway through since it's very easy to die there. The level as a whole is pretty nice and has a good flow to it. It, sadly, introduces elements it later forgets about, but is still fair and enjoyable. The guts lift sections, while not bad, can be very difficult to traverse because the platforms don't always line up well. In the first section it can be especially difficult to make one's way across these platforms because of the missiles constantly getting in the way. Aside from that, fun stage! I also got out of bounds once :3288583413
Wily CoasterCan't say I'm the biggest fan of this one, sorry. I like how this level progresses from one area to the next, ultimately ending in the coaster ride, but aside from that I don't think I can sing many praises. I've found myself having a lot of trouble with dealing with this level's enemies, as they were often positioned in such a way that a simple misstep can easily knock the player down into the nearest pit. Another thing I found questionable is how the main path moves past the secret area for one of the Nickels. I thought at that point that the level would just go in circles and had no exit and it took me a bit while to think of riding the platform further upwards. The aforementioned secret area, too, is an area I had a bit of trouble with. I'm sure it would've been super rewarding if only Sakugarne didn't tend to get hit while jumping on enemies while the player holds a direction. But this is something I can't blame the level for, it's just a circumstance which made the area feel more like a chore to me.215363412
Wily TowerI don't think I can give many points for a boss rush that's using just vanilla assets. The sections in between the bosses don't feel very planned or consistent, either, but more like filler areas to bridge the gaps between the bosses. This level also lacked testing, as one of the respawn points behave weirdly due to the boss door above it.60101410
YggdrasilUsually in my reviews, if a level fails at something I try to isolate this point of failure and give feedback and ideas on how to iron it out to make the level better. In this review, I will omit the latter part, because if all of the level's issues were ironed out, the level would be a completely different level. This level's issues basically boil down to fundamental principles of game design and it manages to fail in terms of clarity, fairness, difficulty curve, guidance, boss design and consistency alike. This level basically asks the player to fully understand how the level is laid out, where every trap lies, how to deal with the incredibly powerful and spammy enemies, and how to fight each of the 3 bosses and in which order to fight them before they even start playing. I'm trying hard to find a redeemable aspect of this level, and I'm sorry, but I can't find one.501211skip pls
least fav