Martha Mitchell Timeline
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Who is Martha Mitchell?Mitchell, Martha Elizabeth Beall (Sept. 2, 1918 - May 31, 1976), political wife and national celebrity, was born in Pine Bluff, Ark., the only child of George Virgil Beall, a cotton broker, and Arie Ferguson, a teacher of elocution. She had a half brother from her mother's first marriage, which had ended in divorce. She attended a private school for six years before transferring to the local public school; a move that was caused by her father's financial losses in the market crash of 1929. After graduating from Pine Bluff High School in 1937, she attended Stephens College in Columbia, Mo., for one year, the University of Arkansas for a year, and the University of Miami for two-and-a-half years before earning a B.A. in history in 1942." <a href="">Click here to read the full biography</a> Nixon Presidential Library and Museum [Public domain], <a href="">via Wikimedia Commons</a>Photograph of Martha Mitchelltitle#003865
19681Martha's Relation to the Nixon Administration"On December 30 of that year, Martha Jennings married John Newton Mitchell of New York, an attorney whom she had met through friends several years earlier. In 1968, President Richard M. Nixon appointed John Mitchell, his former law partner and campaign manager, United States attorney general. The Mitchells moved to Washington, D.C., where Martha Mitchell immediately set her own style as a political wife. She did not observe the traditional reserve and decorum expected of most cabinet spouses, saying she saw no reason why a wife should not speak for herself." <a href="">Click here to read more</a> Nixons counsel argued that the presidents refusal to comply with the subpoenas of White... (2005). In S. Phelps & J. Lehman (Eds.), West's Encyclopedia of American Law (2nd ed., Vol. 8). Detroit, MI: Gale. Retrieved from of President Nixon preparing for a press address#003865
19726The Whistleblower"After the Watergate break-in in June 1972, she was suddenly viewed as an embarrassment and a threat. She learned of the break-in while on a trip to California where she was attending Nixon reelection functions. Mitchell later recounted a harrowing story of being forcibly restrained in a California hotel room by a CREEP security agent who pulled her telephone out of the wall after she called a member of the press. She also reported that she had been injected with a sedative against her will. After being detained for several days in California, she flew to Westchester County, N.Y., where she related her ordeal to a reporter before again being given a security guard..." <a href=""> Click here to read more from the article</a> Mitchell Says Assailant Is Nixon Drive Security Chief. (1972, September 13). International Herald Tribune [European Edition], p. [1].Retrieved from from International Herald Tribune article#003865
1973514Vilification of Martha by the Nixon Administration"After the California incident was publicized, one segment of the press circulated stories from so-called inside sources that she was mentally ill and an alcoholic. Others, especially women reporters who had gotten to know Martha Mitchell, argued that she was being victimized by Nixon loyalists." <a href="">Click here to read more</a> our own Correspondent. "Mrs Mitchell has nervous breakdown." Times, May 14, 1973, 6. The Times Digital Archive (accessed July 15, 2019). article from the Times Digital Archive#003865
197371801:54Interview with Martha Mitchell"(18 Jul 1973) Interview with Martha Mitchell, wife of Attorney general, John Mitchell on how Senate hearings are rehearsed and not spontaneous. How everyone is tired of Watergate and states that she was kidnapped in California." ArchivesAP interview with Martha Mitchell#003865