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1Pulse Labshttp://pulselabs.ai/#/Pulse Labs offers UX testing solutions for the developers in the voice ecosystem.Application Performance Management, Apps, Developer Tools, Speech Recognition, Usability TestingSeattle, Washington, United States
2SoundHound Inc.http://www.soundhound.comSoundHound Inc. is the leading innovator in voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies.Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Audio, Mobile, Natural Language Processing, Speech RecognitionSanta Clara, California, United States
3ObENhttp://oben.me/ObEN is an AI company that creates complete virtual identities for consumers and celebrities in the emerging digital world.Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Internet of Things, Speech Recognition, Virtual RealityPasadena, California, United States
4Sensehttp://sense.com/Sense is a home energy monitor that lets homeowners know what's on and how much energy each device uses in real-time.Consumer Electronics, GreenTech, Hardware, Internet of Things, Smart Home, Software, Speech RecognitionCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
5Dialogflowhttp://api.aiDialogflow is a conversational UX platform enabling brand unique, natural language interactions for devices, applications, and services.Artificial Intelligence, Audio, Machine Learning, Market Research, Natural Language Processing, Speech RecognitionSunnyvale, California, United States
6Sense.lyhttp://sense.lySensely is an avatar-based, empathy-driven clinical platform that helps clinicians and patients better monitor and manage their health.Enterprise Software, Health Care, Speech RecognitionSan Francisco, California, United States
7Soapbox Labshttp://soapboxlabs.com/SoapBox Labs develops a cloud-based platform for children's speech recognition.Artificial Intelligence, Children, Information Technology, Speech RecognitionDublin, Dublin, Ireland
8Maluubahttp://www.maluuba.comMaluuba conducts research and develops state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to teach literacy to machines.Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech RecognitionWaterloo, Ontario, Canada
9Avahttp://www.ava.me/Ava empowers 400M deaf & hard-of-hearing people to have accessible in-person conversations, anytime, anywhere.Artificial Intelligence, Communication Hardware, Health Care, Mobile Apps, Speech RecognitionSan Francisco, California, United States
10Limitlesshttp://www.vrlimitlessltd.comThe Limitless VR Creative Environment speeds up development of high quality character-driven VR content.Film, Speech Recognition, Virtual RealityBellevue, Washington, United States
11Unisoundhttp://www.unisound.com/Beijing Yunzhisheng Information Technology is a mobile internet startup focused on intelligent voice and speech processing technologies.Cloud Data Services, Natural Language Processing, Speech RecognitionBeijing, Beijing, China
12Fluent.aihttp://fluent.ai/Personalized intent recognition that learns from speech, behavior and context, for command and control interfacesArtificial Intelligence, Speech RecognitionMontr茅al, Quebec, Canada
13Gridspacehttp://www.gridspace.com/We make voice software and utilities to help you better understand business conversations.Business Development, Software, Speech RecognitionSan Francisco, California, United States
14SoundAIhttp://www.soundai.com/SoundAI is an innovation company that specializes in acoustics frontier technology and artificial intelligence interaction.Artificial Intelligence, Audio, Speech RecognitionBeijing, Beijing, China
15XNOR.aihttp://xnor.ai/index.htmlXNOR.ai serves as a clever computer-native math that enables AI-like models for vision and speech recognition to run practically anywhere.Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Speech RecognitionSeattle, Washington, United States
16Voiceitthttp://www.voiceitt.com/Voiceitt' speech recognition algorithm translates unintelligible sounds into clear speech in real timeEnterprise Software, mHealth, Mobile Apps, Speech RecognitionTel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
17VocalZoomhttp://vocalzoom.comVocalZoom mission to enable Voice control and Voice Authentication. Multifunction Sensors Enable Human Machine communication.Audio, Biometrics, Sensor, Speech Recognition, WirelessYoqne`am `illit, HaZafon, Israel
18Eliza Corporationhttp://www.elizacorporation.comEliza Corporation offers integrated healthcare communication services for health plans, disease management firms, and pharmaceutical firms.Analytics, Health Care, Service Industry, Speech RecognitionBeverly, Massachusetts, United States
19Allo-Mediahttps://www.allo-media.net/Allo-Media is a platform that allows marketing optimization of phone calls using call tracking.Ad Retargeting, Advertising, Lead Generation, Marketing, Speech RecognitionParis, Ile-de-France, France
20EnglishCentralhttp://englishcentral.comEnglishCentral is a web-based conversational English language learning platform for desktop and mobile users.Language Learning, Mobile, Speech Recognition, Web HostingArlington, Massachusetts, United States
21Voci Technologieshttp://vocitec.comVoci Technologies is committed to delivering high-performance and lower-cost speech-to-text solutions for enterprise applications.聽Enterprise Software, Speech RecognitionPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
22AssemblyAIhttps://assemblyai.com/AssemblyAI is building an API that will help developers build customized chat interfaces quickly.Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Speech RecognitionSan Francisco, California, United States
23Yaphttp://www.yapme.comYap pioneered a high accuracy, automated speech recognition platform for long duration dialogues.Audio, Messaging, Mobile, Speech Recognition, TelecommunicationsCharlotte, North Carolina, United States
24CYPHERhttp://cyphercorp.comCYPHER develops software solutions for real-time noise reduction, signal identification, and signal extraction on various devices.Enterprise Software, Real Time, Speech RecognitionSouth Jordan, Utah, United States
25Humanoidhttp://gethumanoid.comHumanoid is a software company providing solutions for computer programmers to utilize human intelligence in software applications.Audio, Developer APIs, SEO, Social Media, Software, Speech Recognition, Video, Video Streaming, Web DevelopmentSan Francisco, California, United States
26Kuznechhttp://kuznech.comKUZNECH is a company that specializes in turning today's data into tomorrow's innovation by neural networks training.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Data Mining, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, Visual SearchNewton, Massachusetts, United States
27Koemeihttp://www.koemei.comKoemei is a 500Startups backed company that builds video search-as-a-service for website and apps, accessible through API and embed codes.Enterprise Software, SaaS, Search Engine, Speech Recognition, VideoSan Francisco, California, United States
28Novel Effecthttp://www.novel-effect.comNovel Effect: Powering Voice Interactive EntertainmentAnalytics, EdTech, Edutainment, Internet of Things, Media and Entertainment, Music, Publishing, Speech RecognitionSeattle, Washington, United States
29Behavioral Signalshttp://behavioralsignals.com/Behavioral Signals identifies and analyses emotions and behaviors in voice data, translating them into actionable insights.Analytics, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Real Time, Speech RecognitionLos Angeles, California, United States
30Voxwarehttp://www.voxware.comVoxware provides software products that optimize operations聽to improve聽accuracy, productivity and flexibility in supply chain execution.Audio, Software, Speech RecognitionHampton, New Jersey, United States
31Nuance Communicationshttp://www.nuance.comNuance Communications provides speech, imaging, and keypad solutions for businesses, organizations, and consumers worldwide.Call Center, Information Technology, Navigation, Speech Recognition, WearablesBurlington, Massachusetts, United States
32VCVhttps://www.vcv.ai/AI-powered robot recruiter. Helps hire smarter by autonomously searching resumes, conducting automated phone screens & video interviews.Artificial Intelligence, B2B, Human Resources, Machine Learning, Recruiting, SaaS, Speech RecognitionSan Francisco, California, United States
33Silversparro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.http://www.silversparro.comSilversparro is a deep learning technology solution provider.Analytics, Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech RecognitionGurgaon, Haryana, India
34Conversant Labshttp://conversantlabs.comVoice-enabled technology for the BlindFitness, Health Care, mHealth, Speech RecognitionPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
35Advanced Mediahttp://advanced-media.co.jpAdvanced Media develops voice recognition technology that allows people to use natural communication to benefit from machines and computers.Information Technology, Logistics, Speech RecognitionTokyo, Tokyo, Japan
36SmartActionhttp://www.smartaction.aiSmartAction helps companies improve their customer experience and cut costs by delivering artificial intelligence powered self service.Artificial Intelligence, Call Center, Customer Service, Messaging, Speech RecognitionEl Segundo, California, United States
37TRIARQ Practice Serviceshttp://www.triarqhealth.com/TRIARQ Practice Services provides electronic medical record software solutions for doctors in the United States.Health Care, Medical, Speech RecognitionTroy, Michigan, United States
38RealSpeakerhttp://www.realspeaker.meRealSpeaker 2.0 uses deep learning technology to automatically transcribe continues speech and media files.Big Data, Internet of Things, Software, Speech RecognitionGalway, Galway, Ireland
39Yactraq Onlinehttp://www.yactraq.comYactraq provides market leading business intelligence on audio & video media with custom solutions built on our patent pending platform.Business Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Software, Speech RecognitionVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
40Freedom of the Press Foundationhttp://pressfreedomfoundation.orgFreedom of the Press Foundation is an organization supporting public interest journalism.Digital Entertainment, Finance, Speech RecognitionSan Francisco, California, United States
41Ask Ziggyhttp://www.ask-ziggy.comAsk Ziggy is a natural speech search engine that uses voice recognition technology for mobile devices.Android, Artificial Intelligence, iOS, Mobile, Natural Language Processing, Neuroscience, Search Engine, Speech RecognitionRocklin, California, United States
42MeMeMehttp://www.memememobile.comMeMeMe is a cloud-based speech recognition platform that can voice-enable any mobile application or phone service.Mobile, Speech RecognitionFairfax, Virginia, United States
437mb Technologieshttp://timeku.co7mb Technologies is a U.S.-based technology company.Mobile, Scheduling, Speech RecognitionSeattle, Washington, United States
44Lionsharp Voiceboardhttp://www.lionsharp.com/Lionsharp, creators of Voiceboard, mobile controlled presentation tool which incorporates 3D models, web pages and maps into your deckDirect Marketing, Presentations, Software, Speech RecognitionBoston, Massachusetts, United States
45Capiohttp://www.capio.ai/Capio is developing an engine for human to machine speech technologies.Speech RecognitionMountain View, California, United States
46Nomithttp://www.nomits.com/Nomit is a Korean-based IT company that provides enterprise groupware and mobile speech recognition solutions to its customers.Customer Service, Mobile, Speech RecognitionDaegu, Taegu-jikhalsi, South Korea
47Voice Assisthttp://www.voiceassist.comVoice Assist is a hosted speech applications company enabling access to any information through any device using speech technology.Cloud Data Services, Messaging, Speech RecognitionLake Forest, California, United States
48Advanced Voice Recognition Systemshttp://www.avrsys.comAdvanced Voice Recognition Systems, a speech recognition tech firm, creates interface and app solutions for speech recognition technologies.Software, Speech RecognitionScottsdale, Arizona, United States
49Witlingohttp://www.witlingo.comWitlingo provides SaaS tools for designing, building, and hosting highly usable voice experiences, such as ones deployed on the Amazon Echo.Enterprise Software, Natural Language Processing, SaaS, Smart Home, Speech RecognitionMclean, Virginia, United States
50Quirk.aihttp://www.quirk.aiQuirk develops creative enterprise bots to have natural discussion utilizing NLP, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and A.I. techniques.Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech RecognitionFremont, California, United States
51Kextilhttp://www.kextil.comEnterprise software company transforming the economics of operating and maintaining complex capital equipmentEnterprise Software, Industrial, Knowledge Management, Mobile, Software, Speech RecognitionPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
52Concierge Technologieshttp://www.conciergetech.netConcierge Technologies was first established as a provider of text-to-speech applications through a proprietary software platform calledSoftware, Speech Recognition, Text AnalyticsCleveland, Ohio, United States
53Vocollecthttp://vocollect.comVocollect offers interactive voice systems for warehouses and nursing homes.Hardware, Software, Speech RecognitionPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
54OneTokhttp://onetok.comOneTok is a platform that allows developers to add instant voice messaging, voice notes, voicemail, and conference calling to apps.Software, Speech RecognitionNew York, New York, United States
55Techwisely Ltdhttp://www.planckly.comAvailable on mobile and smartwatch platform, we offer world's first hands-free counterless checkout solution eliminating the need of queuingAdvertising, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, FinTech, Loyalty Programs, Machine Learning, Mobile Payments, Retail Technology, Speech RecognitionLondon, England, United Kingdom
56Atextohttp://atexto.comAtexto provides companies with transcriptions and voice utterances of customer call recordings to serve as training data for AI-based bots.Crowdsourcing, Human Computer Interaction, Information Technology, Speech RecognitionMexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
57Speechmaticshttps://www.speechmatics.com/Speechmatics provides automatic speech recognition technologies that can be used anywhere, by anyone, in any language.Information Technology, Machine Learning, Speech RecognitionCambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
58Voxbright Technologieshttp://voxbright.comVoxbright Technologies develops voice recognition software and systems for cable and satellite television operators.Software, Speech RecognitionBoise, Idaho, United States
59Audioscribehttp://www.audioscribe.com/Audioscribe offers real-time speech recognition software for court reporters and medical transcription activities.Real Time, Software, Speech RecognitionBreaux Bridge, Louisiana, United States
60Tell Me Morehttp://www.tellmemore.comTell Me More庐 is language learning software delivering speaking, comprehension, reading and writing practices.EdTech, Education, Language Learning, Software, Speech RecognitionPhoenix, Arizona, United States
61praktice.aihttp://praktice.ai/AI driven solution for autonomous handling of hospital operations and patient interactions.Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Hospital, Machine Learning, Medical, Speech RecognitionSingapore, Asia
62velmaihttp://www.velmai.com/velmai builds fully customisable artificially intelligent avatars. Better chatbots - Next Gen AI Bots that have Emotional Intelligence (EI).Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Enterprise Applications, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Marketing Automation, Messaging, Mobile Apps, Sales Automation, Speech Recognition, Video ChatBraunton, Devon, United Kingdom
63Earplayhttp://www.earplay.comStories You Play With Your VoiceAudio, Digital Media, Human Computer Interaction, Mobile, Speech RecognitionBoston, Massachusetts, United States
64Mondlyhttp://www.mondly.comMondly helps over 25 million people learn 33 languages @ VR, iOS, Android, Web | "App of the Year" in 2017 by Facebook in EMEAApps, Education, Language Learning, Mobile Apps, Speech Recognition, Virtual Reality, Web AppsBrasov, Brasov, Romania
65OnMobilehttp://www.onmobile.comOnMobile provides telecommunications range of telecommunications products and services.Messaging, Mobile, Speech Recognition, TelecommunicationsBangalore, Karnataka, India
66*gram Labshttp://www.gramlabs.aiGramLabs is a start up, leveraging deep learning, speech recognition and holographic design.3D Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Image Recognition, Speech RecognitionNew York, New York, United States
67ei Technologieshttp://www.eitechnologies.co.ukThey strive to be the leader in solutions that are able to assess, identify, predict and respond to the emotions of consumers: EmotionalConsumer, Information Technology, Speech RecognitionSaffron Walden, Essex, United Kingdom
68Remeetinghttps://remeeting.comautomatic speech recognitionMeeting Software, Speech RecognitionBerkeley, California, United States
69AppTekhttp://www.apptek.com/Applications Technology (AppTek) is a U.S. software company specializing in human language technology, headquartered in McLean, Virginia.Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech RecognitionMclean, Virginia, United States
70Sensifaihttp://www.sensifai.comSensifai offers World's most comprehensive video tagging technologyArtificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Image Recognition, Speech Recognition, Video, Visual SearchBrussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium
714tiitoo GmbHhttp://www.4tiitoo.comSoftware platform that allows people to interact with everyday devices and applications using voice, gestures and gaze.3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, Human Computer Interaction, Mobile, Predictive Analytics, Software, Speech RecognitionMunich, Bayern, Germany
72Kadhohttp://www.kadho.comKadho Develops True Artificial Intelligence Products with Emphasis on Speech Recognition for ChildrenArtificial Intelligence, EdTech, Education, Speech RecognitionIrvine, California, United States
73MonoLibrehttp://www.monolibre.comMonoLibre helps you improve your accent and listening comprehension to become a confident speaker.Education, Language Learning, Speech RecognitionBarcelona, Catalonia, Spain
74Plum Voicehttp://www.plumvoice.comPlum Voice are in communicative technology providing Automate voice response, call routing & messaging.Audio, Messaging, SaaS, Software, Speech Recognition, VoIPNew York, New York, United States
75SHEneticshttp://www.she.aiSHEnetics is a Conversational Voice AI technology platform and solutions for the automotive industry.Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Speech RecognitionSunnyvale, California, United States
76Dolores Speech ProductsPendingDolores Speech Products manufactures and commercializes speech enhancement equipment.Innovation Management, Speech RecognitionWellesley, Massachusetts, United States
77Speech Uphttp://www.speechup.comSpeech therapy mobile app for kidsEdTech, Mobile, Speech Recognition
78Sonix (sonix.ai)https://sonix.aiAutomated transcription - fast, simple, affordableArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Speech RecognitionSan Francisco, California, United States
79Mindorihttp://mindori.com/Mindori is the accurate way to search your app by voice for e-commerce companies.Speech RecognitionPalo Alto, California, United States
80Qoocohttp://hotel.qooco.com/The Online Mobile Spoken Language Vocational Training Solution for the Hospitality Industry.Information Technology, Language Learning, Speech Recognition, TrainingBeijing, Beijing, China
81Eagle Speakhttps://eaglespeak.netCommunication and Collaboration SoftwareAudio, Collaboration, Communications Infrastructure, Consumer Applications, Consumer Software, Contact Management, Embedded Software, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, macOS, Meeting Software, Productivity Tools, SaaS, Software, Speech Recognition, Unified Communications, Video Chat, Video Conferencing, Web Apps, Windows
82Speakhttp://usespeakeasy.comSpeak helps you get better at speaking english.E-Learning, Speech Recognition
83R7 Speech Scienceshttp://r7.aiR7 Speech Sciences is an AI company focused on understanding spoken conversations.Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Speech Recognition
84Vernaxhttps://www.getaudrey.comAudrey allows anyone to train their intelligent assistant and integrate it around apps and services.Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Devices, Speech RecognitionTokyo, Tokyo, Japan
85Loquendohttp://www.loquendo.comLoquendo is the leading innovator in award-winning voice technologies (speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker verification andConsulting, Identity Management, Speech RecognitionNew York, New York, United States
86GreenWaves Technologieshttp://greenwaves-technologies.com/GreenWaves Technologies develops and distributes IoT-based products.Computer Vision, Facial Recognition, Image Recognition, Internet of Things, Semiconductor, Speech RecognitionVillard-bonnot, Rhone-Alpes, France
87i3 MobilePendingi3 Mobile offers Pronto, a mobile subscription information and communication service for telephones in the United States.Consumer, Content, Mobile, Speech RecognitionStamford, Connecticut, United States
88Neospeechhttp://www.neospeech.comNeoSpeech specialize in developing and delivering the best text to speech solutions for personal users, developers and businesses.SaaS, Speech RecognitionSanta Clara, California, United States
89Pili Pop Labshttp://www.pilipop.com/Pili Pop Labs is an language and English learning method based on immersion and oral practice.Apps, E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Language Learning, Speech RecognitionParis, Ile-de-France, France
90NovoSpeechhttp://www.novospeech.com/Full-featured Speech Recognition that WorksSpeech Recognition, Telecommunications, WirelessRamat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel
91SpeechCoach.aiPendingSpeechCoach.ai is a public speaking platform that compares your speeches to pros and gives you immediate feedback about it.Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Speech Recognition
92Martian Watcheshttp://www.martianwatches.comMartian Watches is a brand of smartwatches marketed in the United States.Manufacturing, Speech RecognitionIrvine, California, United States
93Brightenhttps://brighten.aiIntelligence platform of the future. High quality voice conversations accurate and robust. Visual ontology tools, fast deployment.Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Speech RecognitionPalo Alto, California, United States
94GoVocal.AIhttps://GoVocal.AIPlatform to Build Voice Activated & AI Powered Apps for digital assistants like Amazon Alexa, Goggle Assistant and for IOT devicesArtificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Speech RecognitionGurgaon, Haryana, India
95Tellme NetworkPendingTellme Network is a developer of voice recognition software that offers information on movies, sports, news, stock quotes, and weather.Information Services, Software, Speech RecognitionMountain View, California, United States
96VoicePorthttp://voiceport.net/VoicePort creates customizable interactive voice response systems utilizing advanced speech recognition technology.Information Technology, Publishing, Speech RecognitionRochester, New York, United States
97VoxScienceshttp://www.voxsci.comVoice recognition solutions companyApps, Consumer Research, Messaging, Speech RecognitionLondon, England, United Kingdom
98Lovocohttps://lovoco.co/Lovoco innovates accessibility, communication, and educational solutions with our proprietary speech and translation AI.Artificial Intelligence, Assistive Technology, Augmented Reality, EdTech, Education, Event Management, Events, Information Technology, Meeting Software, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Translation ServicePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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