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Age Limit
3/12 - Added3/169:00 AM10:00 AMFridayAR - Textiles APrick and Pounce in the Scribal SettingStudents will learn the VERY period method of prick & pounce techniques to copy images from one piece of parchment to another.THL Elena WythNo LimitNoneAny Age
3/169:00 AM10:00 AMFridayAR-LectureRole of the Horse in the Middle Ages (RUM Challenge)Learn about how the horse was used in the middle ages, including how its use in warfare changed over time, and how it differs from modern horses. (Hint: Medieval warhorses were not the size of today’s drafts.)Edain ingen Raghailligh ben MacDonaldNo limitNoneAges 12 and up
3/4 Cancelled3/169:00 AM10:00 AMFridayAR-MetalMaking Anglo-Saxon/Viking Spiral RingsStudents will learn how to measure and make single and double Anglo-Saxon/Viking Spiral face rings. Prerequisites: Needle-nosed pliers and a basic knowledge of wire work techniques.Roibeard mhic Neill mac Gille EoinNo limit2Ages 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/169:00 AM10:00 AMFridayAR-ScienceStone, Bone, Horn & Antler CarvingLecture on carving different types of materials. We will address safety concerns and different methods of carving specific materials.THL Kit Marik synNo LimitNoneAny Age
3/169:00 AM10:00 AMFridayAR-Spin/WeaveOpen Spin/WeaveLooking for a place to just sit and spin or weave with other? Here you go. Bring your equipment, garb a chair and get busy.Lady Juliana verch HoellNo limitNoneAny Age
3/169:00 AM10:00 AMFridayAR-WoodI Came, I Sawed, I ConquredLearn what the different hand saws are used for. (Repeat from Monday)Master Avery AustringerNo LimitNoneAny Age
3/169:00 AM10:00 AMFridayEPL-SmithyBlacksmithing 101The absolute minimum you need to know. Safety, basic techniques, which tools for which processes, basic heat levels and the impact of quenching. (COLD forge)Rusty Anvil BlacksmithsNo limitNone15+, under must bring parent
3/169:00 AM11:00 AMFridayEPL-Class area ACeltic PersonaLearn about various aspects of the Celts to develop a persona. Electronic Handout contact aingeal.mac with subject Celtic Persona or provide a flash drive. (Minors must be accompanied by an adult, please)HL Aingeal Blair Mac an Ghabhann20112 and up
3/169:00 AM11:00 AMFridayEPL-WoodshedMaking a Shave HorseThis class will cover how to construct three different styles of shave horses.Master Eadweard BoicwrightNo limitNone16 and up
3/169:00 AM11:00 AMFridayAR-BotanicalPeriod and Modern Rose Variety Cultivation Master growing beautiful roses with minimal hassle. Wade through cultivar selection and soil preparation for great outcomes with modern and period roses. Celestine AlbritNo limitOptional hand out is 25 centsAges 18 and up
3/169:00 AM11:00 AMFridayAR-CulinaryHistory of BreadHow bread was made throughout history. Will cover the history of Bread, including how they turned grain into bread and the advancement to other breads.Lady Abbatissa Neyne IhoneNo limitNoneAny Age
3/169:00 AM11:00 AMFridayAR-GlassTwisted Dots:Dots can be far more than simple circles. This class teaches the technique to pull them out of shape. Come get a little twisted!Lady Thyri Bersi6$5 to cover gas and glass usageAges 16 and up
3/169:00 AM11:00 AMFridayAR-Textiles Wet-AJapanese DyesLearn about dyes from Japan in the SCA period. Hands on we'll be playing with the dyes during the class. Some items to dye will be available or students can bring their own item to dye.Agnes von Heidelberg10Donation to cover suppliesAges 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/169:00 AM12:00 PMFridayEPL-FoundryWeaving Workshop & SocialNeed help setting up your loom, want to try weaving before investing in a loom or even if you just want to work on a current project. Come join me for a morning of weaving! I will have materials for making heddles, handouts for weaving terminology and the types of weaving that can be done on an inkle loom. I will also have looms set up for you to try plain weaving, pick up, tablet. and will do my best to answer any questions you might have.Baroness Tegan verch DwganNo limitNoneAll Ages
3/169:30 AM4:30 PMFridayAR-WorkshopMaking Viking Boxes: Day 1Hands-on, make and take a medium-sized 6 board Viking box start to finish. Fee covers all materials. Woodworking experience helpful, but not required. Plan on spending 10 hours over two days to make the box.Haraldr Bassi5$30-35 for pine, $50 for cedar (if available)Ages 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/1610:00 AM11:00 AMFriday AR-LectureIntro to beekeepingYou have always wanted to make uour own honey, have 20,000 minions, and study one of the most interesting insects! Here is how to get started.Caelin on AndredeNo limitNoneAges 8 and up (8-11 with parent present)
3/4 Cancelled3/1610:00 AM11:00 AMFridayAR-MetalMaking Viking Plaited Rings & Bracelet/Armring.Students will learn the techniques in making Viking plaited wire rings and bracelets. Instructor will make a ring to completion and begin a bracelet/armring. Complete examples will be on hand.Roibeard mhic Neill mac Gille EoinNo limitNoneAges 12 and up
3/4 Added3/1610:00 AM11:00 AMFridayAR-MetalWire Finger RingsLearn how to make a wire ring. Time allowing, there will be a demo of a second style. Handouts and wire provided. Prerequisites: Bring a pair of needle nose pliers and a mallet or hammer (rubber preferred, I'll have at least one for people to share).Lady Elizabeth Blackburn10 hands-on, unlimited observers$2 for mandrilAges 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/1610:00 AM11:00 AMFridayAR-ScienceIt's in the bagCome learn to make a small leather pouch for all the goodies you will get at war!Lord Laurence O'Coileain10 hands-on, unlimited observers$5 pouch making kitAges 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/1610:00 AM11:00 AMFridayAR-WoodRelief Carving DemonstrationAn introduction to the techniques of relief carving. This is a demonstration and question/answer session. (Repeat from Monday)Duke Thomas BlackmooreNo LimitNoneAges 16 and up
3/1610:00 AM11:00 AMFridayCa' d'Oro SalonCoazzone - Headwear StylingDiscussion and instruction on methods & patterns for this headwear style of 15th-century ItalyBaroness Franca DonatoNo limitNoneAny Age
3/1610:00 AM12:00 PMFridayAR-ParchmentTiny Limp-bound Bookbinding WorkshopStudents will leave with a completed 1"x1.5" leather book. Technique can be scaled to larger books.Mistress Jorhildr Hrafnkelsdottir10$5 for materials & full-color handoutAges 18 and up
3/1610:00 AM12:00 PMFridayAR-Spin/WeaveBeginning Netting for HairnetsThis class is an introduction to knotted hairnets as done in Europe ~1000-End of Period. You will learn how to cast on, knot the primary knot, increase, and add thread. These are all the necessary skills to finish a hairnet.Jehanette de Provins5$15 for materials, if student takes materials with themAges 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/1610:00 AM12:00 PMFridayAR-Textiles FineMake a Viking HoodUsing basic sewing skills and embroidery stitches, we’ll be making a Viking hood, based on a 1936 bog find near Skjoldehamn, Norway. The hood is a simple design but able to be adjusted for fit and by fabric choice, making it a useful pattern for different weather. Prerequisites: If you wish to create the hood in class you'll need basic sewing skills and to bring about a yard of fabric (cotton/linen for a thinner hood, flannel/wool for a thicker one) and matching thread. Limited thread colors will be available for folks who purchase their fabric from merchants on site. Valeria Victoria No limitNoneAges 12 and up
3/1610:00 AM2:00 PMFridayCa' d'Oro Salon LawnBocce Ball Tournament - Populace!Tournament, Italian-style. Open to all entrants.Madame Cynthia du PontNo limitNoneAny Age
3/1610:00 AM4:00 PMFridayAR-WoodFigure CarvingStop by and see the progress as Guttorm carves figures into a bucket lid.Master Guttorm ArnessonNo LimitNoneAny Age
3/1610:00 AM12:00 PMFridayEPL-SmithyIntro to forging Lighting, tending, and using the forge- choose from a selection of projects that introduce you to using a forge, hammers, anvil, and working hot metal. Safety restriction- NO synthetic clothing or open toed footwear. Prerequisite Blacksmithing 101 or prior experience. Forge space preference will be given to individuals that complete the Blacksmithing 101 immediately prior. (HOT forge)Rusty Anvil BlacksmithsNo limitNone15+, under must bring parent
3/1610:30 AM11:30 AMFridayTent BBasics of playing the anglo saxon lyreAnglo saxon "scops" and viking "skalds" played a type of harp in accompaniment to songs and poems. This class will show the basics for playing the lyre, and how songs would be constructed around its usage. Bring your lyre if you have one.Thl Hjorr Hryggr Hakonarson10None12 and up
3/1611:00 AM12:00 PMFridayAR-GlassOpen Torch, Intermediate +:Use this time to practice your new glass skills. Must have taken Beginning Lampwork and practice safety, hair tied back and closed toe shoes.THL Adaliunda Marikova doch6$5 to cover gas and glass usageAges 16 and up
3/1611:00 AM12:00 PMFriday AR-LectureBeekeeping - nextstepsYou've decided to get bees so what do you do to have happy, productive hives which produce honey? They are hardy, but need some trained attention to thrive.Caelin on AndredeNo limitNoneAges 8 and up (8-11 with parent present)
3/1611:00 AM12:00 PMFridayAR-WoodChip Carving 101An introduction to the techniques of chip carving. This is a hands on try and take class. (Repeated from Monday)Duke Thomas Blackmoore10$5 MaterialsAges 18 and up
3/1611:00 AM12:00 PMFridayTent APoints on Performance part 1Learn and discuss techniques to fine tune your performance. The class offers useful knowledge for various performing arts. Handouts will be available. This 2 part class allows for discovery (Part 1) and application (Part 2).Lady Rosa de Armanno10No16 and up
3/1611:00 AM12:00 PMFridayScribe's PointScribal Brewing: Producing Period InksStudents will have the opportunity to go through the Oak Gall and Brazilwood ink making processes. Hands on, with students taking home bottles of ink.Adela Scrijver van BruggeLimit 103Ages 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/15 - CANCELLED3/1611:00 AM1:00 PMFridayEPL-Class area ABasic Leather SewingWill cover the basics of leather sewing in period. Participants are welcome to try the period method or a modified version that is easier for people who will not be sewing leather on a daily basis.Mistress Sherry Foxwell, OL4None12 and up
3/1611:00 AM1:00 PMFridayEPL-Class area BRoman Foundation Cream & Conjectural ColorsMake and take a Roman foundation white based on an extant 2nd C find. Then we'll be using safe cosmetic pigments to create additional colors to perfect your period look. Leave class looking fabulous.Lady Gwlados Vachan wreic Tursten10$3 For supplies and containers12 and up
3/1611:00 AM1:00 PMFridayEPL-Fiber buildingCord Making By LucetLearn how to make cord using a lucet. Materials provided for class (Lucets available for sale at $5 each)HL Marcella the Unknown10, observers welcome$5 for lucet, donations appreciated10 and up
3/1611:00 AM1:00 PMFridayAl Mahala ALadies Persian Taj HeaddressHats and headdress are a crucial element of Persian medieval dress and they are comfortable, beautiful and appropriate to a wide variety of climates. This class includes an overview of Persian hats and headdresses for ladies and a hands-on workshop. This workshop includes a newly developed technique to streamline the sewing process. Mistress Jadi Fatima18$10 for kit12 and up
3/4 Added 3/15 - Will Be CANCELLED if there is RAIN!
3/1611:00 AM1:00 PMFridayAR-BotanicalSalt Scrub CubesWinter is known for wreaking havoc on the skin. These salt scrub cubes are made with Epson salt to scrub away dry skin and a combination of butters to leave it moisturized and comfortable. Come and learn how to make these soothing little cubes. Messy class; wear appropriate clothing. Mistress Morin inghean Ruairc12$12 Ages 16 and up
3/1611:00 AM1:00 PMFridayAR-CulinaryMaking your own Yeast for BreadThe creation and making your own yeast for Bread from various means. Keeping and feeding your yeast and they difference in the flavor of the bread you make from the yeast.Lady Abbatissa Neyne IhoneNo limitNoneAny Age
3/1611:00 AM1:00 PMFridayAR-MetalChasing and Repousse a demonstrationSee the process of Repousse and Chasing. Learn what supplies you need and the basics of how to do this. I will set the copper in a pitch bowl and explain annealing and forming the copper. It will be mostly demonstration, but you will be able to try your hand at embossing the copper.THL Corasande of Starrhill 10NoneAges 16 and up (Younger if accompanied by parent)
3/1611:00 AM1:00 PMFridayAR-ScienceLeather Jack 101 project - Part 3Part 3 of 3: Leather jacket made on site used on site. Additional time between classes to work on project needed. (Continued Monday & Wednesday)Hans Neimann620Ages 18 and up
3/1611:00 AM1:00 PMFridayAl Mahala CuisineMaghmuma, a Turkish Light Vinegar Stew and Rummaniyya, an Arabic Stew Soured with PomegranateTwo stews, two different ethnic groups. How do they compare?MIstress Edwina Dirks SterneNo limitNoneAges 12 and up
3/1611:00 AM4:00 PMFridayAR-Textiles Wet-ADyer's Gone Wild!!Come play with all the dyes we made throughout the week. Bring your own pot if you have it! Trade, swap and play with everything thing we have available! Bring a jar if you want to take something home.All DyersNo limitDonations welcomeAges 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/1611:00 AM4:00 PMFridayEPL-WoodshedOpen WorkshopOngoing projects.House BoicewrightNo limitNoneAll Ages
3/4 Cancelled3/1612:00 PM1:00 PMFridayAR-LecturePious and Educated Women How Convent women got a bad wrap in embroidery books. How women effected worship and communties. Why did they stop doing "brickstitch"Magdalena vonHallenbergNo limitNoneAges 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/4 Added3/1612:00 PM1:00 PMFridayAR-LectureKnotwork: It's not just early periodA brief discussion of the period "interlacing without erasing" technique, followed by instruction on how to use it to both create your own designs and break down existing interlace in period. Prerequisites: Pencil.THL Elena Wyth10 hands-on, unlimited observers$2 for handoutAges 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/15 - Change Date/Time/Place
3/1612:00 PM1:00 PMFridayAR-Textiles FineOpus AnglicanumBeginning with a discussion of the materials, history, and techniques of the embroidery found in the piece, the class will then move onto doing some of the actual stitch types, and will leave the class with a started small project.Fiondel Songspinner10 hands-on, unlimited observersNoneAges 8 and up (8-11 with parent present)
3/1612:00 PM1:00 PMFridayAR-WoodOpen WoodshopHang out time in This Olde Tent! bring your projects, questions and lunch.Woodworking StaffNo LimitNoneAny Age
3/1612:00 PM1:00 PMFridayEuropean DanceBeginning English Country DanceLearn the basics of English Country Dance.Lady Rebecca Whieldon PykeNo limitNone5+ (5-11 with parent)
3/161:00 PM2:00 PMFriday AR-LectureSilhoutte of Fashion (RUM Challenge)An overview of medieval fashions in Europe from 600-1600. (Previously taught at GW as “Brief Overview of Medieval Costume.”)Edain ingen Raghailligh ben MacDonaldNo limitNoneAges 12 and up
3/161:00 PM2:00 PMFridayAR-Textiles FineDecorating Your GarbI'll cover alternate ways, most are period, to decorating your garb without breaking the bank. I have pictures and flash cards for students to look at.Heahburh aet Niwecastel10NoneAges 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/161:00 PM2:00 PMFridayCa' d'Oro SalonSumptuary Laws of 14th Century ItalyLearn about fashion laws and fines for wearing illegal haute couture in early Renaissance Italy. Sarai SoglianoNo limitNoneAny Age
3/161:00 PM2:00 PMFridayEuropean DanceIntermediate English Country DanceYou know the basics; now get into the fun stuff.Duchess Katrina of Iron MountainNo limitNone5+ (5-11 with parent)
3/161:00 PM2:00 PMFridayScribe's PointScroll Case QuickieSo you spent 50+ hours making a scroll? Come spend 50 minutes with us and make a case to transport it in safely and cheaply.Gaius PrimusLimit of 10 participants hands-on, unlimited observers3Ages 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/12 - Cancelled3/161:00 PM2:00 PMFridayAl Mahala AThe Kingdom of Sicily Sicily - in the 11th and 12 centuries, after the conquest by the Norman de Hautevilles, became a rich trading center, a renowned court for learning and one of the few lands in which Jews, Christians, Moors and Byzantines lived in relative peace and prosperity. There will be a focus on the contributions of the conquered Islamic communities and neighboring countries. Lecture, online handout, no limit. Teens or older.Maymunah bint Da'udNo limitNoneAny Age
3/161:00 PM3:00 PMFridayAR-MetalMedieval Jewelry on a Budget or How to Bling Your Garb without Breaking your PurseMedieval Jewelry 101 class for beginners to make jewelry to bling their garb. Prerequisites: Some jewelry making tools - pliers, cutters,etc. I will have some extra tools for in class work.HL Caitilin inghean Ronain ui Cheallaigh10 hands-on, unlimited observers$8 for materials - Beads, wire, threadAges 18 and up
3/161:00 PM3:00 PMFridayAR-Spin/WeaveThe Åsle Mitten StitchThe Åsle mitten was a 16th C mitten found in Sweden. Come learn the stitch used to produce this mitten. Prerequisites: Materials providedd. Basic hands-on working knowledge of naalbinding required.Muirghein inghean Rioghain10 hands-on, unlimited observers$3 for color handout and materialsAges 12 and up
3/161:00 PM3:00 PMFridayAR-Wood60 tools in 120 minutesA survey of the hand tools used in woodworking, their utility, use and abailability and what to look for (and avoid) when assembling a tool chest.Master Avery AustringerNo LimitNoneAny Age
3/161:00 PM3:00 PMFridayTimeless TentMaking a point: Making a period stelleto.Each student will attempt to make a stelleto type dagger.Bayar and BayanSix hands on students.$15. Covers materials and coal.12 and up. 12-17 with parent present.
3/161:00 PM3:00 PMFridayAl Mahala CuisineEgyptian Barley BreadWe will experiment with different yeast sources - store bought yeast, beer leaven or barm (if I can find some) and flour and water starter (that I will make ahead of time. Modern recipe but all ingredients could be found in period.MIstress Edwina Dirks SterneNo LimitNoneAges 12 and up
3/161:00 PM4:00 PMFridayAR-ParchmentParchment - Making & Associated processesParchment - Making from Steps 4 - 5. Students will learn firsthand with hands on training how to sand prepare and to produce first rate deer hide parchment. Students will also leanrn how to measure and cut out parchment for later use.Master Beau-douz de la Mere (Beau) & THL Elena WythNo LimitNoneAges 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/161:00 PM5:00 PMFridayAR-CulinaryBread BakingIn this 4 hour hands-on workshop, we will cover different types and sources of yeast, several recipes for bread, period technique and other topics as they arise. Participants will make and bake a loaf of bread.Lady Abbatissa Neyne Ihone8 hands-on, unlimited observers5Ages 16 and up
3/161:00 PM2:30 PMFridayEPL-SmithyBlacksmithing 102 Blacksmithing topics beyond the minimums. Topics may include hammer and tool types, anvil types and working surfaces, forge types, metallurgy, project planning, heat treating. (COLD forge)Rusty Anvil BlacksmithsNo limitNone15+, under must bring parent
3/161:00 PM3:00 PMFridayEPL-Class area AConstruction and embellishment techniques for Early Period GarbWe will discuss working with wool, linen, and silk fabrics and embroidery threads to make flattering, durable early period garb. Furthermore, we will discuss fabric preparation, options for seam finishing, reinforcing weak points, repairs, embroidery, period trims, and laundering and care for finished garments.Baroness Lanea verch KerriganNo limitNoneAll Ages
3/161:00 PM3:00 PMFridayEPL-Fiber buildingEasy Norse Head CoveringsLearn how to pattern, cut and sew a head covering for ladies or gentlemen. (All supplies provided; you are welcome to bring your own if you have a preferred piece of fabric approximately 1 yard)HL Marcella the Unknown10, observers welcomedonations appreciated10 and up
3/161:00 PM3:00 PMFridayEPL-FoundryAncient to Modern HerbsCulpeppers to modern herbalsBaroness Marie KaldarNo limit5All Ages
3/4 Added3/161:30 PM4:00 PMFridayAR-BotanicalCraft your own Fire Cider Day TwoFire Cider is a popular herbal folk remedy. It’s a tasty combination of vinegar infused with herbs, ginger, and some fiery goodies. Great for colds and flu symptoms. KNOW YOUR ALLERGIES! Class requires chopping and cutting. Please wear appropriate clothingMistress Morin inghean RuaircNo LimitNoneAges 16 and up
3/13 - Added3/162:00 PM3:00 PMFriday Al MahalaTurkish Split Drumming
3/162:00 PM3:00 PMFriday AR-LectureHoly Threads: The Connection Between Textiles and Roman ReligionThe Roman beliefs about the animals, which form the foundation to their religious beliefs and personal practices, are bound tightly with their use and preparation of textiles. This class will explore this relationship and the influence it had over Roman clothing and society.Countess Dulcia MacPhersonNo limit$1 for handoutAges 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/13 - Added3/162:00 PM3:00 PMFriday AR-ScienceHands on LinenHear how linen production literally changed history and often the fate of women with it. Come handle different weights and styles of fabric, and test your guess as we puzzle together how to shop bavrics using burn tests to see if they are linen or not! Prerequisites: Bring a pen and your curiosity!Gwenhwyfar Mwynn10 hands-on, unlimited observersNoneAges 5 and up (5-11 with parent present)
3/162:00 PM3:00 PMFridayAR-Textiles FineIntroduction to BlackworkStarting with a brief history of Blackwork, followed by a practical demonstration of the Holbein Stitch. Students will receive a bookmark and thread to practice on their own.Lady Eachna ni ClonmakateNo limit$2 for bookmark and threadAny Age
3/162:00 PM3:00 PMFridayEuropean DanceAdvanced English Country DanceThey're long, they're complicated, and they're a whole lot of fun.Duchess Katrina of Iron MountainNo limitNone5+ (5-11 with parent)
3/162:00 PM3:00 PMFridayKennel LandsA Hound Goes to War!To help owners prepare themselves & their dog, including Service Animals, to go to Gulf Wars.THLady Johnna ingen ui ChinaedaUnlimitedNoneAll Ages
3/162:00 PM3:00 PMFridayScribe's PointEasy Celtic CalligraphyStudents will learn a simpe Celtic hand based on samples from the Book of Kells and other early manuscripts, suitable for knotwork and other Celtic style scrolls. Optional Materials Kit fee $10 includes dip pen, nib, ink, and paper (limited quantity - 1st come, 1st served). Students may bring their own kit or use cheaper supplies.Adriano di NapoliLimit 10Optional $10 for kitAges 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/14 - ADDED3/162:30 PM3:00 PMFridayCa' d'Oro SalonSumi-damae (Laying Charcoal)View the laying of charcoal and other setup for the Chanoyu tea ceremony.Master Addison
3/163:00 PM4:00 PMFriday AR-LecturePromotional Materials for the Chatalaine/ HospitalerThis class will lead a discussion on creating promotional materials for the hospitaler's office including examples of currently produced print materials.Goldweard of St. GoliasNo limitNoneAges 12 and up
3/163:00 PM4:00 PMFridayAR-WoodGreat War Lathe BuildTeam up with someone and work on a part of the lathe. Tasks to be defined as we progress on this group project through the week.Woodworking StaffNo LimitNoneAny Age
3/163:00 PM4:00 PMFridayEuropean DanceDargasonA unique and lively dance from the Playford collection of English Country Dances. This dance (which also has a song to accompany it that is challenging to sing standing still!) is not often done because it's figured unlike any other dance and people think it's confusing, but it's not! Come and enjoy saving this one from being forgotten.Lady GwladosNo limitNone5+ (5-11 with parent)
3/163:00 PM4:00 PMFridayKennel LandsHound Meet & GreetCome meet & greet the hounds of Gulf Wars. Ask questions and talk hounds.UnlimitedNoneAll Ages
3/4 Added3/163:00 PM4:15 PMFridayCa' d'Oro SalonChanoyu (Japanese Tea Ceremony)Come learn about a Japanese Tea Ceremony called Chanoyu. There will be room for 4-6 seated participants and several seats for viewing to learn about the Ceremony. Handouts will be provided and time will be alloted for Q&A after the ceremony.Master Addison 4-6 participants, observers welcomeNoneAny Age
3/163:00 PM4:00 PMFridayScribe's PointEasy Black Letter CalligraphyStudents will copy and learn a basic black letter alphabet based on many sources, useful for 10th and later manuscripts as it never totally went out of style. Optional Materials Kit fee $10 includes dip pen, nib, ink, and paper (limited quantity - 1st come, 1st served). Students may bring their own kit or use cheaper supplies.Adriano di NapoliLimit 10Optional $10 for kitAges 12 and up (12-17 with parent)
3/163:00 PM4:30 PMFridayStagePoints on Performance part 2Now that you have discovered the many point on performance, try out what you have learned. Gain knowledge with feedback from your classmates on how well you are applying your new skills. Taking "Part 1" is not a requirement to participate in this hands on performance class. Lady Rosa de Armanno10No16 and up
3/163:00 PM5:00 PMFridayEPL-Class area ACanvas Tent MakingLet's be honest, making your own tent is hard and tricksy. With some information and planning, it can suck a little less. This is a general class about tent making, and we will talk about a few different styles of tents.Baroness Leyli Shirazi (Lillie James)No limitNoneAll Ages
3/15 - CANCELLED3/163:00 PM5:00 PMFridayEPL-Fiber buildingWriting Period Scroll Texts & LabHow to use examples of actual period documents to write SCA documents with a more period style and language. The first half of the class will cover ways to use period documents as examples for scroll text. In the second half, using imaginary recipients, participants will write a sample scroll text using a period document (photocopies provided) as a template.Mistress Sherry Foxwell, OLNo limitNone16 and up
3/163:00 PM5:00 PMFridayAR-MetalByzantine Chainmail Bracelet workshopLearn chainmail basics while weaving a bracelet. Weave also called "Fool's Knot" or "Idiot's Delight".Mistress Jorhildr Hrafnkelsdottir8$10 for jumprings, findings, and handoutAges 18 and up
3/163:00 PM5:00 PMFridayAR-Spin/WeaveOpen Spin/WeaveLooking for a place to just sit and spin or weave with other? Here you go. Bring your equipment, garb a chair and get busy.Lady Juliana verch HoellNo limitNoneAny Age
3/164:00 PM5:00 PMFridayAR-LectureClass Areas 2019 General Interest MeetingWant to be involved in next year's class planning? Have suggestions, ideas, improvements YOU are willing to make happen? Come and discuss next year's plans for making the War even better!Baroness Adalia VondemBergNo limitNoneAny Age
3/164:00 PM5:00 PMFridayAR-ParchmentParchment area clean-upClean up area, clean up tools, prepare to ship tools and components to a nearby storage area, & fill in sump holes.Master Beau-douz de la Mere (Beau)No LimitNoneAny Age
3/164:00 PM5:00 PMFridayEuropean DanceBall Prep/ReviewGet ready for the evening ball and review some of tonight's dancesLord Runolfr UlfssonNo limitNone5+ (5-11 with parent)
3/164:00 PM5:00 PMFridayKennel LandsKnown World Hound MeetingA meeting for humans to discuss hound activities around the Known World. The joys and challenges of including hounds in SCA activities and ways to do this.UnlimitedNoneAll Ages
3/164:00 PM5:00 PMFridayScribe's PointCalligraphy on Alternative SourcesHow to work with fabric, wood, and other surfaces for alternative scrolls.Vistillia Messalina PulcheriaNo limit (FYI, larger tents max out around 20)NoneAll ages
3/165:00 PM6:00 PMFridayAR-CulinaryA Brief History of TeaIntroduction to tea history, cultivation, use, processing in middle east, east asia, and use of medicinal tea-like (but not tea) drinks in medieval Europe. Lecture with preparation and tasting of multiple teas including chai made from scratch.Sarah Bellian10Donation welcome to offset cost of tea.Ages 12 and up
3/166:00 PM7:00 PMFridayAR-CourtyardA Bardic Circle on Bardic CirclesHave you had a run in with one of the 'difficult' bards at your Bardic Circles? Come join us in a merry discussion on the pitfalls of Bardic Circles and how to avoid having a circle no one wishes to repeat.Belle de la TourNo limitNoneAny Age
3/166:00 PM9:00 PMFridayCa' d'Oro SalonItalian Personae SocialCome socialize with your fellow Italian personae! Feat. 7PM Stary Olsa performance!Tutti!No limitNoneAny Age
3/166:30 PM8:30 PMFridayScribe's PointOnline Searches: How to Manage Museum Search EnginesPanel discussion about online resources available to the modern scribe.AnnaLeighNo limit (FYI, larger tents max out around 20)NoneAll Ages
3/169:00 PM12:00 AMFridayMain HallGrand BallCome dance with us!Lord RunolfrNo limitNone5+ (5-11 with parent)
3/169:00 PMFridayCa' d'Oro SalonProcession to Known World Party at FortProcess with the Italians into the Known World Party!Tutti!No limitNoneAny Age
3/179:00 AM11:00 AMSaturdayEPL-Fiber buildingNaalbinding notation to hands-on stitchesLearn to translate Hansen's notation for naalbinding (ex. UO/UOO F1) into hands-on on-thumb stitches. Mistress Muirghein inghean RioghainLimit of 10 participants hands-on, unlimited observersNoneAges 12 and up
3/179:00 AM11:00 AMSaturdayAR-LectureGW Journeyman and Made On-site Artisans' DisplayStop by and see the wonders Artisans at Gulf Wars have produced! This is open to anyone wanting to exhibit a piece created on-site.Mistress Willoc mac MuiredaigNo limitNoneAges 12 and up