Miscarriage and Recurrent Miscarriage Support Roll Call
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Screen NameReal First NameAre you currently active on this board? Answer by 9/1/16 please!TTC StatusOther Stuff About Me
tigerskittleMeganYesWaiting for first period to start TTC. Might wait two periods though.I've had three, first trimester miscarriages and no living children. Last one was determined to be caused by Trisomy 14. Currently waiting on the results from my karyotype.
2rubiesTessaTTC #3, 1 MMC in Jan 2015I'm 39 so I'm AMA and have 2 kids ages 5 and 3. 
3babyangels2014YonyTTC currentlyI have had 3 miscarriages no children at home. First one in 2010 I had a molar pregnancy in 2011 and the most recent was a miscarriage at 15 weeks 2014
AaashiCAashiTTC since Dec.2011 ..First MC followed by D&C in Jan 2012 and 2nd Mc in Dec 2013 still waiting for AFNo living children My lil Angel are in heaven
aadrsEargely waiting for a rainbow baby after 5 lossesI had 5 MC and do not have a living child. Reffered with RE and all the tests and bloodwork came normal. So, wishing a very good luck for my next pregnancy and want a healthy baby in my life.
AgannanAnna Going through 2nd MC right now. Had first one in July. 1 prev. mc no kids. I am 29.
AjcobberAnnaCurrently going through 4th miscarriage. 3 rounds of Femara, 1 IUI, Crinone 8%, Metformin, baby aspirin, Estradiol, No living children, PCOS & Factor V Leiden
AliceB1AliceMiscarried at 9 weeks in June 2012. Found out we are pregnant again June 2013. Not sure how far along we are, I'm guessing somewhere between 6-10 weeks. Will find out in JulyI am only 22. I just started my career and I am very nervous about not being eligible for FMLA or any kind of leave.
amb4321AngelaCurrently pregnant. Due in Sept 2014. Had 2 mcs. One in Oct 2012 at 6 wks and other at 11.5 weeks in Feb 2013 where I needed 2 D&Cs. Worked with a RE after 2nd loss. No issues found other than my periods stopped for many months after 2nd loss (after many tests, no cause found). After 1st clomid cycle plus trigger in Dec 2013, conceived current pregnancy. DH & DS, 5 & I'm 39 y.o.
amoAnne MarieTTC, miscarried in August 2013 at 8 weeksI'm extrememly hopeful and extrememly terrified to become pregnant again. I'm 28 and have no children.
Amyblue2014AmyTTC since end of 2012. #1 baby diagnosed with severe abnormalities (chromosomal) and had D&E at 20 wks, June '13. #2 baby we found out no heartbeat at 8 wks, baby grew up til 7 wks, January '14. DH and I will be both 34 this year, been together for 5 years. Genetic testing came negative, no other tests done so far.
AnarielFirst cycle of NTNP since loss in Aug '13, AF due Jan. 3rd, TTC # 4 since Aug '123 living children ('06, '08, '10) DS born sleeping at 20 weeks on Dec 22nd 2012, DC m/c at 13 weeks on Aug 4th 2013, Diagnosed with Heterozygous A1298C MTHFR, currently taking Methylfolate and other supplements listed on MTHFR.net
AnewlifebeginningLynnTTC #1 Our RainbowTTc after two Chemical Preg and 1 MMC at 9 1/2 weeks and CP loss 2/3 
AngelMakerW714TiffTTC after our 2nd miscarriageI desperately want to be a mommy. My husband and I have been ttc for about a year & a half. We lost our first precious baby when I was 3 months, then we lost another at 5 weeks. No obvious medical issues that are causing it, except maybe anemia is playing a role...trying to figure out what is wrong. Just started Clomid & Geritol tonic...
AnnaJAnnaSecond miscarriage in a row last monthNo living children, 2 miscarriages in a row. Age 34, so desperate for baby
Annie386AnnieTTC #2, 3 m/c's in the last year. DD born Sept 2010. I'm almost 37 years old. Doing testing for rpl, normal so far (although I have Hashimoto's, but normal TSH). More results on the way.
AshleyanntitusAshleyJust got a positive pregnancy test after 3 miscarriages in the last yearI have a beautiful 2 yr old from a healthy pregnancy then 3 mcs. I was just diagnosed with lupus anticoagulant. I'm on progesterone, baby aspirin, vitamin d supplements and will start lovenox shots on Friday. I know my angel babies are dancing in Heaven but this has been the hardest year of my life!
ason828AllisonJust got a surprise BFP this weekend.I had two losses before my baby girl was born in December of 2012. We were waiting to try again, but plans changed.
Baby4JessHJessicaNTNP. We just had our 9th loss. And we are going to keep NTNP instead of following ovulation and such....at least until November or December when our son turns 2. Plus then I will be out of nursing school if we get pregnant with another sticky baby around when we plan to start actively TTC.I have PCOS, a unicornuate uterus, and MTHFR (hetero with a hx of blood clot so IMO MTHFR hetero or homo is a big deal on TTC and body in general). I had 5 losses before my son. One was a Blighted Ovum But the rest were chemical pregnancies or really early losses. Post my son I have had 4 losses. One was a suspected ectopic and the other 3 a loss around 5 weeks. I am considering asking for testing to rule out an autoimmune disorder on top of it all. 9 total losses are kind of hard to stomach done days but ultimately I know God is in control!
BabyConley16Anikayes1st miscarriage and d&c 1/5/17. Plan to ttc again ASAP I have a 20 month old son
Bee BettyBeTTC baby #1 after miscarriages at 8 weeks in March and at 5 weeks in May. First month TTC after a lot of blood work and a lot of praying. MTHFR C877T homozygous, bloodwork shows high risk for blood clots, TTC on BA, fish oil, prental and 4 mg of folate
bfp_hunterTinaAbout to step back in ttc (as of Sept '13) after 3 m/c's in a row...DH and I have been trying for baby #1 for 3 yearsI have a history of PCOS so will be using clomid...currently having weekly acupuncture sessions and also going to try clexane and possibly progesterone supps this time. Have had testing done with no findings from genetic testing to hysteroscopy and blood analysis etc.
birn78Shannonpregnant due august 17, 20135 miscarriages praying that this is my rainbow.
BlessedJay0417Jamie1st miscarriage 12/15/12 possible second 2/2013 still waiting to see if this pregnancy is viable slow rising hcg and bleeding sac in uterus but no baby 😔Married to college sweetheart one DS a transforming seven year old!
Brit325BrittanyJust had my second miscarriage in a row on 4/23/14. I have one 4 year old son
bunnysunshineClaireyTTC1, TCM & accupunctureNatural 2 m/c - 6/12(wk6), 7/13(wk7). Pathology normal. Not much blood into uterus during preg.
Cass4802CassieTTC after first mc last month. Have a healthy DS born 8/24/12. Had first mc at 6weeks 3/4/14. Waiting for AF to try again.
cfrisk926ChantelTTC (soon) again after 3 miscarriagesDD-3 (12/7/09), BFP 7/4/12, missed miscarriage 7/30/12; BFP 11/2/12, miscarriage 11/9/12; BFP 12/10/12, d&c 1/15/13...never saw heartbeat in any of these :(
cfrisk926Chanteldaughter born 12/7/09, blighted ovum 7/12, CP 11/12, MC 12/12, and MC again 3/13. Finally started TTC this month and I got a positive test on Saturday!!! I'm 35, living in AZ. We have decided that whatever happens by the end of 2013, we are done. I can't keep going through this over and over again and we need to get on with our lives. so, fingers crossed that this one sticks!
chelseaelizabeth4ChelseaCurrently going through a miscarriage. I am taking a break but would still like to be included and we will be back at it again in a few months.
ChicagoKelKellyWill start TTC next month - took a 6 month hiatus after two miscarriages in four monthsLove my DH and his wonderful support. I trust in Jesus and his perfect timing. No living children on earth.
cjeppersonCandaceStill trying after my ectopic pregnancy in 2012. Just reached 4 years total of TTC.5 previous m/c no living kids.
CJREChrissyTTC #1Was pregnant with 1st- saw hearbeat at 7 weeks, went again at 11 weeks no heartbeat. Baby was measuring 10.5 weeks. Had D&C and am now TTC
ContigirlDanielle1 at 21 yrs old and one Sunday at 37 yrs oldNo children. .married
cord1CathiRainbow Baby Boy 05/28/133 previous m/c
crbr78CarrieHave just suffered my 2nd miscarriage in 3 months (11/21/12 and 1/23/13). Going to be trying again in a few monthsI have 3 children (15, 12 & 7). My DH has one child (9). We currently have no children together but have suffered the 2 miscarriages. Want at least 1 healthy child together, desperately
danaloppDanaCurrently pregnantThis is my 8th pregnancy. I have 2 healthy kids (5 & 2) and 5 miscarriages. 2 miscarriages at 10+ weeks and 3 at 6-7 weeks.
Dee3pinkdotDeeJust had my first miscarriage
deeyasmommyNikitaTTC status - suspended for now since I had a MMC on 8/2/2013DD - 5yo (2007), MMC on 2/8/2013 (at 9w4d diagnosed at NT scan at 12 wk, MMC on 8/2/2013 (at 11w diagnosed at NT scane at 11w2d). Genetic testing in process, expect more testing at 6wk D&C follow up
Denacher DenaJust had d&c 1/21 & want to TTC but nervousHave 2 Sons, ages 4 & 6
DJColloroneDanielleWaiting for my TTC time - 2 months since miscarriage and no AF. Tested but BFNI have 3 children. Pregnant with my 4th after TTC on my 2nd cycle. Miscarriage at 10wks 2 days. Waiting for AF to arrive. So my cycle can begin again and we can start trying. The wait is horrible. I thought the TWW was tough, this is way worse. Going to start provera if no AF by end of this week.
Dominica1979Dominica4 miscarriages. No living children. Severe endometriosis. 3 surgeries for ovarian cyst.
dray2coolDewey Pregnant (Edd Dec 2016) MC 7 weeks in 2014
easeberoLizRainbow baby born (Grace Evelyn) 10.15.2015I have 2 children (4 & 2.5). My son has Spina Bifida and had surgery in utero at 22 weeks to close his back. Both my kids are amazing together. We got pregnant cycle 1 ATTC after my mmc. I have the hetero C677T MTHFR mutation. Taking BA, 4mg Folate, and extra B12.
elihillElizabethTTC first child with my husband. Just experienced a miscarriage at 9 weeks, had 2 chemical pregnancies immediately before. 38 years old and had 3 children when I was younger.Trying to figure out what to do next, keep trying, genetic testing, ???
erica816TTC2 miscarriages, desperate to be a momma!
fauxaznMeganPregnant (EDD May 2016)MC 6 wks 3/2015, blighted ovum/MC 9 wks 5/2015. DD born 6/2013
Gianna's Mommy 2004ReneeOne chemical Pregnancy and then 2004 we had our baby girl who will be 9 this July :) Starting TTC 2 yrs ago and had a Missed Miscarriage in August of 2012 (at 11 wk appt was told baby stopped growing at 7 wks) and then another this May was told at 10 wk apt that baby stopped growing at 8 wks 4 days:( I am 39 and feel like a clock is ticking above my head. Praying for a miracle!!
Gracile83AnnRainbow baby boy born on 7.30.2013TTC on and off since Sep. 2010, with five early losses in between. Diagnosed with MTHFR homo C677t. On baby aspirin and Metanx, along with prenatals and DHA. Rainbow baby boy born on 7.30.2013.
GumbogalLisaTTC2 miscarriages at 5 weeks, TTC #1, want a baby so badly!
HIngham8JennyTTCMC at 6 weeks 12/23/2014; MC at 8 weeks 6/12/2015.  I
Hopeful ReenReen5th mc 5/2/134 previous m/c, no kids
HopeinHoustonMattieTTC again after two missed miscarriages, both at around 6 weeks.Two inherited blood clotting issues found after 2nd MMC: Hetero MTFHR and Hetero Factor V Leiden. Taking BA, Prena1Plus (better form of folate for me), and will start lovenox after BFP.
IRJ8284ImaniNot preventing but, not actively trying until October 2013.Two missed miscarriages and a great battle with many medical conditions
Iwant#2alreadyMelissaRainbow born 3-9-13 at 32 weeks - he is healthy and happyDD - Taylor,12
jackienlou11JackieRainbow Baby Boy Born 5/3/134 previous m/c
Jadeybug913JadeActively TTC. Started 1st AF after last MC (5/21) on 6/26. Taking Clomid again. Also taking daily multi-vitamin, iron, folic acid, super B complex, 2 baby aspirin. Now taking daily Vitamin D3 supplement as I've read a high percentage of women who have infertility issues have low Vitamin D levels. I work nights and don't get much direct sunlight exposure, so my Vit D levels might be low.I'm 31, no living children. 4 MCs in 18 months, all first trimester losses (2 @ 5w, 1 @ 11w, 1 @ 12w). All tests have come back normal. Was started on progesterone supplements with last pregnancy, even though levels have always been normal. Not giving up as I have a strong feeling I will eventually be blessed with my rainbow baby.
JanetStegallJanetMiscarried for the 5th time last Friday, 5/17/13, waiting for bleeding to stop for hysterosalpingogram.  Hoping to find the problem and correct it to try again.39, 5/17/13 was fifth miscarriage.  Third in less than 2 years.  All between 4-8 weeks.  Two with healthy heartbeats at 7wks4days, then everything just stopped at 7wks5days.  Three stopped developing at fetal pole stage.
Jenellm2006JenellCurrently pregnant1 previous m/c Dec 2012 (17w2d) Infection in my placenta. Currently 8 wks pregnant. 1 living child a beautiful 6yr old boy :)
jh35804JillianTTC, 2 MC (Dec 2014 & Jun 2015)Married 2 years, we are 33 yrs old, no living kids
JMWestphalJenny2 consecutive miscarriages (8 weeks and 9 weeks) TTC baby #42 miscarriages (11/20/12 and 2/21/13) after 3 living children. We want a 4th to complete our family, but having no luck.
KadtreaKadieTTC after I Went through 1 M//C. AUG 2.20135 round of clomid and ovidrel trigger shot 2 iui and got pregnant on 5th round which end at almost 6wks natural M/c.

Hoping to get another chance of miracle,rainbow, or sunshine :-)

In everything put god first !!

1 angel baby loss .
Kassandrarae77KassandraTTC since January after my miscarriage of my first child on December 14,2013. No children, just an angel baby. SO and I can't wait to recieve our rainbow baby..
KdeichertKatieexpecting rainbow #2 a boy c-section scheduled 3/14/20131 miscarriage, DD, 4 m/cs before my sticky bfp
keep_smiling_momAmyOne son, 4 yrs old, 3 miscarriages since (9wks) (17wks) (11wks) Given no reasons for MCs except for possibility of incompetent cervix for 2nd trimester MC. Completely devestated.
kenjo1KendraJust had third miscarriage. Currently undergoing chromosome testing. 3 miscarriages in 12 months, diagnosed with pcos so fertility meds needed to get pregnant
kf519Expecting rainbow #1. (ER was 10/30/14. Did PGS with IVF/FET. I have 1 tube. FET#1 with 2 PGS embryos was 2/11/15 but it was BFN.  FET #2 with 2 PGS embryos was 5/22/15. Beta #1 on 6/4=1,910. Beta #2 on 6/8: 8,766 )35, married and all tests normal for DH and I . TTC#1 for 3 yrs: 2 ectopics (1 presumed EP treated with MTX, 1 treated with laparscopy and tube removed), 2 chem, 1 mc, 1 missed mc (D&C, then misoprostol, then hysterscopy for retained tissue. Tests showed trisomy 16.). Have gotten pg naturally and on clomid. Tried injectables w/TI and IUI. Latest new things: endometrial biopsy, Lovenox, estrace 3'xs a day (instead of 2) and prednisolone.
KhrissycmKrystalApril 15, 2013 lost my baby at 26weeks. Since 09 miscarried at 15 & 16 weeks. Heartbreaking road for me. Currently TTCI'm 22 married & do/ with PCOS. Taking metoformin 500. Progesterone cream & trying to maintain a healthy weight.
KoulogKimCurrently going through 3rd miscarriage 3/24/143 mc in a row. Sept '13, Nov '13, March '14. I have a healthy 4.5 year old girl. I am 38 years old. DH is 37. Celebrating 8 years this year.
krissywissy22KristiaTTC #1, 1 MMC in Feb 2015Just had a missed miscarriage in February at 6W5D. waiting for my rainbow baby
KTL WOWKarin3 of past 4 months chemical pregnancies between 4-5 weeksTwo boys, 4 and 2
kwren76KarenRainbow baby girl born 2/23/13. ATTC #2 starting January 2014.IVF miracle born after TTC 3 yrs and 3 MCs. Trying for #2 now!
ldmncmnina1st m/c 12/2/12dd- Lily 3
Lea 2551LeaTTCDS-5, 3 miscarriages Dec. 2011-July 2012
lilly2112CinthiaJust had my 3rd miscarriage march 28I was married for 8 yrs and tried to het pregnant, it ha[[ened 2 times but misscaried both. I am remairred and just lost our fist pregnancy. I am very scared to get pregnant for a 4th time. i used clomid on the 2nd misscarge and the baby stopped growing at 7 weeks 3 days. but i misscaried at 11 weeks. It was very tramatic for me, had to have an emergency d and c. I am not sure how common that is, but it really scared me. Luckly this last miscarage was at 5 weeks and was not as bad. Having tests done on wednesday to see why this keeps happening. I am not sure what to expect and am hoping they are not painful. I feel like this is all tramutising me. How do women do this over and over?
Lilsara88Sara6 pregnancies... 4 kids...the first 3 normal pregnancies... Miscarriage 2/12 at 6 wks ... Baby 8/13... Miscarriage 10/14 @ 9 wks.. Trying again for #5 which makes me feel a little guilty... Am turning 45 so I'm pretty sure it's an age thing
Lizita MarieElizabeth1st m/c 1/10/13, wanting to TTC asapTwo beautiful babes ages 3 & 1, 1 angel
Lola400 Laura or LolaRainbow baby boy born November 20134 MMC all on or before 8 weeks then finally after 6 heartbreaking years I finally caught my rainbow. <3
lturtleLeeCurrently going through miscarriage, will TTC in a couple months2 m/c's (10/17/12 and 1/21/13). No living children. Determined to have a healthy baby one day
Lydia356LydiaRainbow baby on board as of 1/29/13DD-11 DD-7- mmc april 2012 BO October 2012: Currently on crinone 8%; 81mg aspiring, 4000mcg L-methofolate, B-vitamin complex, and SE Natal prenal
m2bkSarahWill probably be TTC once this miscarriage is overDS was born Feb 2012. I had my first mc in Sept 2014, about to miscarry again now (july 2015).
MaggieC612MaggieJust had my 8th lossNo kids. 4 chemical losses around 4 weeks, 4 clinical losses, longest went to 11.5 weeks. Very low AMH, elevated FSH, Low Progesterone, heterozygous Factor V Leiden, high eosinophils. Looking to try clomid for more corpus luteal P4. Also looking to find a hematologist willing to treat heterozygous FVL
maryallanMaryOne miscarriage, 3 successful pregnancies, now undergoing 2nd miscarriage, hoping to conceive once more after this.I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy. I got pregnant again quite quickly, and a year to the day later, my 1st daughter was born. My husband and I then had my 2nd daughter 3 years later, and then three years after that, my son was born on the same date of the miscarriage and the birthdate of my first daughter. I found out I was pregnant last month and would now be 8-9 weeks along. I went in to get an u/s but no sac was seen and I have been told it may be a missed mc, or something else, but my pregnancy is not viable. This will be my 2nd miscarriage unless there's a miracle.
MaupassantSarah- Tried to get pregnant for 4 years!
-1st miscarriage Xmas eve 2009 at 12 weeks
- June 2011 my beautiful princess was born!
- 2nd miscarriage, this time XMAS day at 8 weeks
- Still bleeding from miscarriage....
Mel601MelExpecting a boy on 6/10/13
MellardMelissaGoing through second 2nd trimester MC. Will see specialist in March.I have two boys (9/2008 and 12/2010). Then mc 11/2012 at 17 wks and mc 12/2013 at 21 weeks. Desperately wanting some answers.
Mill29Millycurrently waiting for my first u/s after a beta roller coaster TTC since August, 2010. Four miscarriagesless than two years with no living children
missdizzleDee36 weeks pregnant after 5 miscarriages39, TTC for 2.5 years during which time amh plummeted from 1.1 to 0.27. Miscarriages all between 5-9 weeks. 4th loss was tested asTrisomy 10. Went to Spain for first donor egg cycle, and it stuck!
MntcrossTina TTC since 2012- 2 Miscarriages- Nov 2013, April 2014-Been trying to concieve since 2012 (loosely before that) I'm now 40 and DH is 40 also.Been seeing an RE since summer 2013. First miscarriage happened at about 8 weeks (after hearing heartbeat) second was a MMC at about same time frame and was on Vivelle and Progesterone and baby aspirin. All tests on DH and myself have come back normal. Just changed insurance so looking forward to getting infertily coverage and being more agressive if we can.
Mommy2anAngel082115CarolynMC at 9 wks 08/21/15. Conflicted about TTCMC 08/21/15 and exactly two weeks later DTD with my BF. I'm scared, but hopeful as well..
MoramboMaureenTtc after 3 miscarriages in 7 months.I have a healthy 17 month old that's conceived naturally. Desperate for # 2.
Mrsfields2KelliTTC after 3 miscarriages in April 2012 (5 weeks), December 2012 (6 weeks), and August 2013 (9 weeks)
ms.rikercatHeather3rd loss in Nov 20133 losses in 2013 (2 mc 1 ectopic)
MscontraryMaryRainbow boy born 4/29/2013Homo MTHFR A1298C, mild PCOS
DS conceived no problems 5 years old
Mmc 1/2012, mc 6/2012

Starting TTC the last week of May, Currently
waiting on my homocysteine
results since all my other RLP came back with no findings currently struggling with
not finding anything that I can “fix”
I have one living daughter (7/2011) and after that I have had a MMC 2/1/2013 and a BO 2/2/2014. Happily married to Chris. The BO was tested and there was no chromosomal abnormalities. All of my tests have come back normal. The RE did not test for MTHFR initially but now has tested it and did not find anything there either. I am here for support with by next TTC.
Musicgal6TerrilynTtc since miscarriage in November 2013. Have a 15 month old daughter. I'm a Canadian girl.