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TimestampWhat Chrome Extensions do you use to make web/mobile development more awesome?What's your name?TwitterWebsiteAnything else you wanna say?
4/9/2014 14:22:42Window ResizerBurke
4/10/2014 15:04:23 - Edit This Cookie - JSONView - Postman REST Client

Chris Heninger@chrisheninger use these three on a daily basis, but I would love to know what other people use to make development more efficient. Also, if there's different versions that do the same thing better, I'm more than happy to try them out.
4/10/2014 15:21:01ColorPick Eyedropper - Select colors off of web pages and images.
MeasureIt! - Ruler tool for measuring sizes of objects or layouts.
YSlow - Benchmarking and performance measuring.
Screen Capture - Save and print entire webpages
FreshStart - Keeps track of multiple Chrome sessions for separate projects.
1Password - Cross browser, cross device password manager so all your passwords can be unique and secure.
Brandon Powers@brandonpowers
4/10/2014 15:43:35"Web Developer" - gives quick access to disabling Javascript, CSS, etc and resizing for checking behavior for users who aren't running the latest and greatest.
"Color Picker 0.9" - As it says on the tin, you can quickly and easily see what the color of the thing you're trying to coordinate with on the page is. Pairs very well with using Chrome's built in dev tools to modify the live stylesheet.
"Measure It" - Highlight and measure parts of the page for sizing images and styles. I don't use it anymore because I've gotten used to fiddling with positions in the built in Chrome dev tools, but if you prefer to measure rather than fiddle, it's a great help.
Matthewmerennulli99.9% of my browser-based development is done by pressing F12 and using Chrome's built-in tools. The extensions fill in a few gaps, but there aren't very many gaps to fill that belong in the browser.
4/10/2014 15:48:03Hey Girl:
4/10/2014 16:04:44JSONView—

When dealing with JSON APIs it's nice to have the data formatted right in the browser. JSONView does a nice job with the implementation.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Reorder Tabs—

It does as the name says. I like keyboard shortcuts for everything.
TJ VanTolltjvantolltjvantoll.comhi burke
4/10/2014 20:27:18Allow-Control-Allow-Origin: * (quickly disable cross origin policies)
Bookmarks Menu (save screen real estate instead having bookmark bar)
csscan (examine css on elements in depth)
Get opened tabs URLs (copy all tabs in case you gotta run or share them)
Postman (test web services)
Screen Capture by Google (full page capture that actually works)
Shareaholic (share any page)
Speed Tracer by Google
Telerik Kendo UI Chrome Inspector
View Selection Source (HTML source not inspect element)
Web Developer
Window Resizer (test different screen sizes)
XV — XML Viewer (prettified)
Yet Another Lorem Ipsum Generator (generate dummy text fast)
Basem Emara@BasemEmara
4/10/2014 21:25:08Clear Cache
Edit this cookie
JSON Formatter
Page Speed Insights
Responsive Inspector
Kendo UI Chrome Inspector
Web Developer Checklist
Lorem Ipsum Generator
Venkata Koppaka@vkoppaka
4/10/2014 22:00:39Postman - web service / api testingmalsupmalsupmalsup.comWasssssssup?
4/11/2014 22:58:22Pendule. For the browser resizing.
4/15/2014 10:15:25.NET Fiddle - change/alter MSDN examples and such. Awesome when you want to copy/paste items and see how the example works

REST Console
Two super useful tools for making test requests
ChrisCrispy724Your demo on DevConnections in Vegas was amazing. Any presentation that starts with Skrillex followed by a Kendo (web driven) is epic.
4/15/2014 10:24:30BuildReactor, 'cause it cries when somebody breaks the build,
PageSpeed, for quick perf analysis,
Responsive Inspector, for responsive page development
Alex Gyoshevagyoshev❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
4/15/2014 11:43:26Window Resizer - Quick and easy browser resizing to specific common dimensions

Postman - Simple REST API testing

BufferApp - Makes it easy to share cool new demos/websites on a schedule via Twitter
Todd@toddanglinYou rock!
4/17/2014 15:14:52JSONView
XV-XML Viewer
Current Source Code
Jeff Hobbs@jeffehobbshttp://explodedview.coGreat idea! Looking forward to the results.
4/17/2014 15:15:05Accessibility checker. The best I've found. It's not a Chrome extension, but a bookmarklet, but it is essential for developers
Shawn Hansen@geekles
4/17/2014 15:14:40Manual Geo-Location - quick way to simulate gps coordinates from your desktopGeoff Bergey@bigtallgeoff
4/17/2014 15:14:39This extension displays common webstandards mailing list archives in a more readable way. Currently supports w3c and whatwg mailing lists.
Anselm Hannemann@helloanselm for doing this survey! :)
4/17/2014 15:15:21Pesticide - shows you borders around elements giving you a sense of the space they consume.

What Font - a tool which tells you which font is currently being used. A.) Helpful to find out a random websites font B.) Helps to check if a web font is loading correctly or not
Matt win all the things.
4/17/2014 15:15:48jQuery Audit - Easily see what's bound to a DOM element, and click through to the function

JSONView - pretty JSON
4/17/2014 15:17:41Awesome Screenshot( Easy screen cap (visible, entire page, etc)
ChromeVox( Testing Accessibility
Web Developer( Nice utilities for enable/disable css, js. Validating markup, etc

Not a extension but great for testing performance:
Eric Eastwood@MadLittleModsericeastwood.comAwesome Screenshot is probably the most useful to me as it can capture the whole page in one image.

ChromeVox is also very nice to test accessibility without having to install a separate browser, or desktop app.
4/17/2014 15:19:42Quick JavaScript Switcher - for when you're too lazy to do it properly!

LiveReload - coupled with the Grunt task, reloading the page when CSS/JS/whatever else has recompiled.

Awesome Screenshot - does what it says, nicest one to use of its kind.

Chrome Sniffer - it's good to snoop on what people are using to build their sites, sometimes helps me stumble on things I wouldn't normally.

Adobe Edge Inspect - essential to developing and testing on multiple devices. Free version limited to 1 device, with an Adobe CC account can use many.

Daniel Furze@furzeface
4/17/2014 15:19:42PostmanCharlie Knoll@charlieknoll
4/17/2014 15:27:04#1 - Firebug - it's simply awesome to see only what the browser sees and dig into it's internals. It's the swiss army knife of web dev.

#2 - Web Developer Tools - shortcuts to very useful functions like webpage resizing, toggline javascript& images, viewing cookies info, outlining elements, etc. A great compliment to firebug.

#3 - MeasureIt - #2 above has a measuring tool also, but I feel like this is my user friendly and quick to access

#4 - ColorZilla - Cause you just need that hex value.

#5 - JSONView - formats json returned from APIs to make them more readable. Great for debugging.

#6 - Fiddler - To grab header info and more.
ronanronanmccoynoneChrome + Firefox are indispensable. IEs new developer tools is actually pretty sweet (yes, IE).
4/17/2014 15:21:34JSONView: this one helps a lot when integrating with a 3rd service, it formats JSON, and let's you hide part of it, to better view.Filipe Costafilipebarcos
4/17/2014 15:28:33
Dev HTTP Client

You can craft any HTTP request to an API, really nice.

Chrome Sniffer

Shows which framework / libraries a site is using (Angular, ember, jQuery, etc).

Markdown Preview Plus

4/17/2014 15:28:52GitHub Notifier ― do not install, if you are a maintainer of popular projects.
LiveReload ― time-saving thing.

ColorZilla ― quick color pickup from the web page.

Grunt Devtools ― Grunt integration just like in WebStorm.

Accessibility Developer Tools ― if you care about accessibility.

Backbone Debugger ― gives better understanding on what's going on.

CoffeeConsole ― the only place where I'm writing in Coffee, just because it's fun to see how the code converts while you typing.

Devtools Terminal ― seems useful, but it's not.

JSONView ― formatting JSON, great for studying API responses in a new tab.

PageSpeed Insights ― sometimes I'm using it.

Sight ― syntax highlighter and code prettyfier, when looking for someone's code in a new tab.

W3Schools Hider ― because you don't want to get angry everytime you google for something.
4/17/2014 15:31:03Nimbus Screenshot - Really easy way to take screenshots I can later use in Photoshop, especially useful when doing a PSD to HTML conversion

PageSpeed - a must-have for all web developers that want to optimize site load times

CSS Reloader - really nice when working with large apps that take a while to load and you just want to see visual changes made to the CSS
Valentin@RadValentin luck, have batman!
4/17/2014 15:33:00XDebug Helper. Makes using XDebug painless.Amyamykhar
4/17/2014 15:38:23IP Address and domain info from

it tells me EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING i want to know about the web address I'm viewing.


It's JQuery, I can put it in ANY site, what more needs to be said :-)


Cookies need to be editable, easily esp when your looking to see who's spying on you.

Google Personal Blocklist

Let's me filter out C**p that I don't want from google search listings and block them from ever appearing.

Web Developer by Chris Pedrick

If you don't have this installed, then your NOT ENTITLED to call yourself a developer, period... it has just about every tool a web dev could ever need


Ads on the interweb's no ta... well at least not the ones that are giving advertising a bad name by being abusive with the tech they have. Ghostery allows me fine grained control over who is and who is not allowed.
Peter "Shawty" Shaw@shawty_dsshawtyds.wordpress.comChrome rocks... when will all the other browsers catch up :-)
4/17/2014 15:46:15AngularJS Batarang - A must have for angular stuff. If you don't know about this.... who are you?
JSONView - Very pretty printing of JSON with some nifty collapsing and other features
LiveReload - Watches the file system for changes and reloads the browser automatically. Really nice when you get into a flow.
Postman - REST Client - Great for testing endpoints
PrettyPrint - PrettyPrints JavaScript and CSS if you open up a raw file in the browser.
Pixlr Editor - Nice for making a quick image. Has photoshop like capabilities
GistBox - Don't use this a lot, but organizes your gists in a sensible way. Definitely feature packed.
Trello - Not really a chrome extension, but still awesome way to track tasks.
StackEdit - Great for previewing MarkDown for your or something.
Kent C. Doddskentcdoddshttp://kent.doddsfamily.usI love web dev :-)
Also, I'm trying to make a simple extension that's proving to be pretty tough. It's called "console.copy" and it simply adds a copy function to the console object which will copy anything you give it to the clipboard. Super useful for copying objects as JSON etc. Anyway, it's proving to be pretty tough to do, so I'd love a hand on it!
4/17/2014 15:47:14StayFocusd. It blocks Reddit, Netflix and Facebook if I'm on them for too long.
Session Manager. Instead of having to bookmark all my tabs, I can save them here and reopen them when I leave work.
AngularJS Batarang
jQuery Audit
W3Schools Hider!

Pocket. Not sure it counts, but it's awesome.
Callum Macraecallumacrae
4/17/2014 15:47:31LiveReload
LastPass <- as a developer you should be concerned with security
Nicolas Bevacquanzgb
4/17/2014 15:47:46Postman
4/17/2014 15:50:24 * application/...+json|+xml as inline - Useful for viewing various document formats that often come back from web services directly in chrome
* Dev HTTP Client - Feature rich web service/HTTP testing client
* Window Resizer - Useful for testing a variety of browser resolution sizes when designing fluid web layouts
Marc Baumbachmarcbaumbach
4/17/2014 16:03:02App Inspector for Sencha ( Kayarthurakayhttp://www.akawebdesign.comThis is clearly geared towards Sencha apps... not sure if that's your thing ;-)
4/17/2014 15:51:30H
4/17/2014 15:51:48H
4/17/2014 16:09:43Angular Batarang - for angular bug murder.

JSONView - For messing with APIs

LiveReload - No need to refresh the browser after changing source

Postman REST client - API playground

YSlow - reduce initial page load
makenova TABLE *
4/17/2014 17:01:37ColorZilla, Emmet LiveStyle (DevTools Autosave, LiveReload), Lorem Ipsum Generator, Open With Firefox, Open in IE, PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode, Nimbus ScreenshotMaksim Firefox I like web-developer instrument for responsive:
Tools / Web developer / Responsive Design View

I have not found similar for Chrome. Extension for Chrome which I've tried to use did not comfortable
4/17/2014 17:19:19Jsonview - Parses and displays Json responses in a nice view rather than on one line.Tyrel SouzatyrelsouzaHttp://
4/17/2014 17:22:44EditThisCookie is a nice quick way to clear cookies on a per-website basis without having to dig into Chrome's settings.Kevin HoffmankevinwhoffmanLooking forward to the results. Thanks for doing this!
4/17/2014 17:46:57Google Page Speed
4/17/2014 18:05:57Tinicr - save your edits in devtools (superb for working at localhost)
Developertools ( measurig tool specially)
GetPocket (read later all that awesome javascript, css, ux... articles)
Lukas Malaklukasmalakmalak.czCan you send me your list, whe it will be ready? thanks in advance.
4/17/2014 18:07:51Cookie.txt exportDalai Aman
4/17/2014 18:23:46The "Dependencies Linker for GitHub" is a Google Chrome Extension which links npm and bower dependencies listed in package.json / bower.json on GitHub to their project’s pages. buckbuckstefan
4/17/2014 19:59:04JSONView, LiveReload, Advanced REST Client, PageSpeed InsightsAninoy@aninoy
4/17/2014 20:30:32GH Diff Highlight: Great for viewing syntax colored diffs on GitHub

Three-hub: great for viewing 3d formats on GitHub
4/17/2014 20:31:45Evernote Clearly - Archives articles and tutorials in text-only format. Then, the full text is searchable in Evernote; extremely handy when researching a particular feature.

Chrome Remote Desktop - The very best remoting solution I have used, on any platform.
Brian Blakely@brianblakely
4/17/2014 20:45:39colorzilla coffeeconsole pagerulerMichael Ji及子龙
4/17/2014 22:46:33Accessibility tools, Chromevox, YSlow, Web DeveloperKevin SuttlekevinSuttlekevinsuttle.comLove ya. Love your show.
4/17/2014 23:15:32* Postman
* OneTab (Recently found it. I love it)
* JSONView
* WhatFont
* Awesome Screenshot
* ColorPeek
* Page Speed
* Vimium

Fizer Khanfizerkhanwww.fizerkhan.comI love to know interesting and useful chrome extension from others.
4/17/2014 23:43:43Emmet LiveStyle
jQuery Debugger
PageRank Status
PageSpeed Insights (by Google)
QR-Code Tag Extension
Web Developer
4/18/2014 2:00:51Postmaster - great for testing APIs
Viviso - my fave. Every time you open a new tab for another SO search you see a lovely pic
Kelvin Gan
4/18/2014 6:33:34Not really an extension, but the Chrome user profiles is the most useful thing EVER.
Also: PageSpeed Insights to get optimization tips for your web page, and Tincr for automatic reloading of assets.
Nacho Colomanachocolomablog.koliseo.comI would love to get a tweet with the conclusions of this study. Would love to learn new extensions!
4/18/2014 8:02:04Coffe ConsoleMaratmbektimirovWaiting for the list :)
4/18/2014 8:53:43Web Developer Toolbar - Easy access to turning off JavaScript and other small tools

Cache Hit or Miss - For determing if a request has been cached by the CDN or not.
Russell Heimlichkingkool68
4/18/2014 10:52:42PageSpeed Insights
SPDY Indicator
4/23/2014 4:23:44Chrome Logger
Chrome Poster
Extension Abonnement RSS
Visual Event
molokolocomolokolocoChrome devtool rocks
5/1/2014 3:13:14Fiddler(not extention, but awesome)
Advanced rest client
@andwaal Hi man
5/14/2014 10:26:14Whatfont

Hover over any text and see the typeface used, and some of the css properties.
Rowe Morehouserowemore
5/16/2014 12:29:13Octotree, it makes navigating GitHub code much easier.Buu Nguyenbuunguyen, I built it so I shouldn't say anything. But this is what others have said:
6/17/2014 10:52:23ColorPick Eyedropper
Page Ruler
cREST Client
Responsive Inspector
9/5/2014 11:30:40fff
11/20/2014 3:11:40 Pasternak Shamlikashvili
Form Responses
Main menu