2012 TW WTA Sudden Death League
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Welcome to the Talk Tennis WTA Sudden Death League
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What is the this game about?
The Sudden Death League (SDL) is a very popular game on Talk Tennis. Each day, the order of play (OoP) of matches will be posted. You pick one match and guess the winner of that match. If you guessed correctly, you move on. If you guess incorrectly, you are eliminated from the event. Navigate yourself to the end of the tournament and become the event champion.
2. How do I sign up?
Just indicate that you are playing the game on the forums and you are in. New players are always welcomed!
3. What are the basic rules to the game?
1. During the tournament, you can only pick a player ONCE. It is important to make smart obvious choices in order to get far in the game.
If you have no picks remaining, you are eliminated from the game
2. Depending on the tournament, you make one pick per day. If you reach the Round of 16, then you will make one pick per round
3. You cannot pick a player from a match that has already started
4. What happens in an event of a walkover and a retirement?
Retirement (even if only ONE point has been played)
If the player you picked retires, then you are eliminated from the event. For the player that does not retire, it will count as a win, and you will not be able to pick that player for the remainder of the tournament
Walkover (Prior to the match beginning)
If the player you picked gave a walkover, then you are allowed to change picks
5. What if there is a walkover, and my match is last on the order of play? Am I eliminated?
Yes, you will be eliminated. The risk that you take with choosing the last match is that you can be elimininated without any backups. Choose the last match wisely.
6. What if I want to change my pick? Is that allowed?
Changes of picks are allowed. The only cavaet is that YOU MUST MAKE A NEW POST. Editing your original post with the new pick will not be taken into consideration.
7. What are the rankings?
The SDL rankings operate like the ATP World Tour's ranking system. They show how each player has performed in the past 52 weeks. The player's ranking points
from the tournaments will count towards your overall rankings until the end of the tournament the next year. Your final placement in the event will earn you a certain points.
To see the number of points you get per correct pick, click on the schedule tab.
NOTE: All Grand Slams and Masters 1000 events will count towards the player's rankings.
8. Anything else I should know about?
Just have fun! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask/email kishnabe, 1477aces, JayChu (League Directors). If you have comments on how to improve the game, please let us know and we'll be happy to take it into consideration.
SIDE NOTE: Do not post any comments that are hurtful to other players. If we find that you are, it will result in a warning. If you do it again, it will result in a ban from the remainder of the tournament and perhaps the next tournament as well. You may also get reported to the moderators of the Talk Tennis forum