Complete Schedule - BIG Festival 2017
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Attention: subject to schedule changes
FRONT DESK13h30 OnwardRegistration
GAMES EXHIBITION AREA14h00 - 22h00Exhibition and Gameplay of 2017 BIG Festival Game Awards Nominees
ROOM ADONIRAN BARBOSA14h00 - 20h00BIG Robotics: Robotics Olympics
ROOM PAULO EMÍLIO15h00 - 17h00Photo Opp and Autograph's Afternoon with Brazilian YouTuber Zangado
17h00 - 18h00BIG Robotics: The Importance of FIRST and Robotics as an Opportunity in People's LivesA very well humoured and playful talk with a presentation by BS-01 (the robot which travelled to the US with the Brazilian Storm team) on the importance of robotics in the life of young students from São Paulo's public schools, and how FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) changed their lives with an incredible experience in learning, team work, technical knowledge, and working under pressure, besides the opportunity of getting to know other cultures while representing our country in the world's biggest robotics competition, in the US.

Speakers: Natanael Gomes Filho (Rockwell Collins), Leonardo Machado Rosa (Head Coach Brazilian Storm)
DEBATES ROOM15h00 - 19h00BIG Robotics: Free Robotics Workshop for Kids by Oi FuturoProfessors: José Augusto Mendes Vidal (NAVE Rio), Antoanne Pontes (NAVE Rio)

Students: Lucas Soares (NAVE Rio), Luca Alves (NAVE Rio), Patrick Scoralick (NAVE Rio), Giovanna Valentina (NAVE Rio)
PEOPLE PAULISTA STAND (EXHIBITION AREA)14h00 - 18h00BIG Robotics: Robotics Show with People Paulista and MakerRobotics Show!
Every 1 hour, activities for parents, students, children and those who love robotics!
FRONT DESK13h30 OnwardRegistration
GAMES EXHIBITION AREA14h00 - 22h00Exhibition and Gameplay of 2017 BIG Festival Game Awards Nominees
ROOM ADONIRAN BARBOSA14h00 - 20h00BIG Robotics: Robotics Olympics
ROOM PAULO EMÍLIO14h30 - 15h30Oi Futuro: Games with ArduinoProfessors: José Augusto Mendes Vidal (NAVE Rio), Antoanne Pontes (NAVE Rio)

Students: Lucas Soares (NAVE Rio), Luca Alves (NAVE Rio), Patrick Scoralick (NAVE Rio), Giovanna Valentina (NAVE Rio)
PEOPLE PAULISTA STAND (EXHIBITION AREA)14h00 - 18h00BIG Robotics: Robotics Show with People Paulista and MakerRobotics Show!
Every 1 hour, activities for parents, students, children and those who love robotics!
FRONT DESK9h30 OnwardRegistration
GAMES EXHIBITION AREA10h00 - 22h00Exhibition and Gameplay of 2017 BIG Festival Game Awards Nominees
ROOM ADONIRAN BARBOSA11h00 - 12h00How to Make and Monetize Mobile Games People Want to PlayHear from Josh Curtis, BD Manager at Chartboost, on how to make and monetize a mobile game people want to play. This talk focuses on key features that can help drive virality and success for your app, making it a game people want to play and share with others. This session will also cover the most important factors in monetizing a mobile game, and the metrics you need to track to drive success.

Speaker: Josh Curtis (Chartboost)
14h00 - 15h00BIG Impact: Games, Arts & PoliticsInterview with Riad Djemili, responsible for managing 8 game jams in different countries throughout 2017. He will tell us a little about the events that have already happened, what he found interesting, what productions have surprised and what is to come, in the game development marathons that have as their theme art and politics.

Speaker: Riad Djemili (Maschinen-Mensch)
Interviewer: Jean Tomceac (Coletivo Jogo Limpo / Escola da Vila)
15h00 - 16h30Meet Up with the Nominees for the BIG Festival 2017 Best Game Award!A talk with the game developers nominated for BIG Festival 2017's Best Game Award.

Games already confirmed:
The Deadly Tower of Monsters: Edmundo Bordeu, from ACE Team
Figment: Klaus Pedersen, from Bedtime Digital Games
Overcooked: Phil Duncan, from Ghost Town Games
Wuppo: Lars Korendijk, from Knuist & Perzik

Moderator: Cláudio Gusmão (Anhembi Morumbi / Dogs Underground)
16h30 - 17h30Oi Futuro: Gamification of the MuseumOi Futuro presents the gamification project of the Telecommunication Museum, a public platform that activates its communities, which exploits and incorporates new digital infrastructure technologies in order to seize and understand the changes in behavior and the expectations that them - new technologies - arouse in the user. A museum that thinks as a public / user.

Speakers: Bruna Cruz (Oi Futuro), Bárbara Castro (Ambos&&), Mario Lapin (Virgo Games)
ROOM PAULO EMÍLIO10h30 - 11h00BIG Careers: Are There Job Opportunities?Presentation of the types of courses available in Brazil in the area of Digital Games: free courses, technical courses and higher education (Technologist and Bachelor). It also addresses the types of careers in the digital gaming market, which will be further explored at the following tables.

Speaker: Ivelise Fortim (PUC-SP / Homo Ludens)
11h00 - 12h30BIG Careers: Advertising, Marketing, Sales and CommunicationPresentation of careers in areas of communication, journalism, marketing and business relationship with developers.

Speakers: Felipe Bomfim (Marketing Creation Coordinator, Level up Games), Theo Azevedo (Jornalist, UOL Jogos), Paulo Souza (Evangelist, Epic Games)

Moderator: Ivelise Fortim (PUC-SP / Homo Ludens)
13h30 - 14h30BIG Careers: Game Designer, Producer, Artist and AnimatorPresentation of careers in the production of digital games, such as executive production, game design and animation.

Speakers: Thais Weiller (Game Designer, JoyMasher), Marcos Venturelli (Producer, Rogue Snail), Nayara Brito (Visual Designer, Hero Live)

Moderator: Ivelise Fortim (PUC-SP / Homo Ludens)
14h30 - 15h30BIG Careers: Writer, Programmer, Composer and Sound DesignerPresentation of careers in the production of digital games, focusing on activities of programming, business development and music for games.

Speakers: Nando Guimarães (Cat Nigiri), Jakeline Santos (Game Programmer, Dream One), Thiago Adamo (Composer and Audio Designer, Game Audio Academy e Bitten Toast Games)

Moderator: Ivelise Fortim (PUC-SP / Homo Ludens)
15h30 - 16h30Jogos do Sul: From Game to ApplicationThe Goethe Institute invited 20 students in 2016, during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, to develop game applications. During the workshop, participants learned the principles of application development as well as professional game design guidelines. The official launch of the game Jogos do Sul, the result of this workshop, will be showcased at BIG Festival 2017 and will be distributed worldwide by Goethe-Institut.

Speakers: Susan Zerwinsky (Goethe-Institut Rio de Janeiro), Dr. Katharina von Ruckteschell-Katte (Goethe-Institut São Paulo), Thomas Gödel (Goethe-Institut São Paulo)

Moderator: Jean Tomceac (Coletivo Jogo Limpo / Escola da Vila)
16h30 - 17h30Cognitive Computing: A New Era of Intelligent SystemsCognitive computing enables systems to become smarter by performing various functions around interpreting human language and helping to process a large mass of unstructured data. The Watson platform has been used by a number of developer communities and companies that wish to build systems with artificial intelligence, applying concepts of cognitive computing easily and quickly, without the need to implement complex algorithms. Learn more about the platform, its emergence, evolution and applications that are transforming the various industries.

Speaker: Thiago Rotta (IBM)
17h30 - 18h30E-SportsAn overview of E-Sports.

Speakers: Samuel Byron (Supernova), Alexandre Peres (Team One), Bruno "Bit" Lima (Team One)

Moderator: Barbara Gutierrez de Andrade (UOL)
18h30 - 19h30Epic Game Jam: First Brazilian Olympics for Electronic Game DevelopmentHow 6 regional developer associations have teamed up to host the biggest game jam in the history of the country!

Speakers: Ian Rochlin and guests of the Partner Associations
ROOM LIMA BARRETO10h30 - 11h30BIG Ventures: What I Learned About Pitches in International Acceleration ProgramsDeveloping a good pitch for the game is crucial to getting partners. What do Brazilian companies learn when they are accelerated internationally?

Debaters: Eduardo Lamhut (Bitcake Studio), João Vitor de Souza (Cupcake Studios), Orlando Fonseca Jr. (IMGNATION Studios), Vicente Vieira Filho (Manifesto Games)

Moderator: Luiz Sakuda (Abragames / USP / SB Games)
11h30 - 12h30BIG Ventures: Pitches of the Companies Selected to Ancine's Funding Program for Game Projects DevelopmentOpen session to all those interested in applying to Ancine's Game Development Funding Program. A chat with Ancine and a quick view of some of the pitches already selected:

Opening: Déborah Yscava (ANCINE)

Invited Projects:
Project Out of Space, Behold Studios - Brasília, DF
Project Arani, Diorama Digital - Recife, PE
Project Guts, Flux Game Studio - São Paulo, SP
Project Raidboss, Oktagon Games - Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Project Super Volley, Merkel & Scortegagna - Passo Fundo, RS
Project Josh Journey, Provincia Studio - Goiânia, GO
Project Silo, J. O. de Queiroga - Manaus, AM
Project Sertão - Ep. 2, Virtualize Interatividade Digital - Salvador, BA

Moderator: Luiz Sakuda (Abragames)
13h30 - 14h30Unreal Engine Workshop: Unreal Engine Real-time RenderingA technical presentation on all the steps that modern games use for real-time rendering and how the Unreal Engine can help your indie game compete with the giants.

Speaker: Paulo Souza (Epic Games)
14h30 - 15h30Unreal Engine: Panel with Brazilian DevelopersIndie Games Development with Unreal Engine - What are the challenges and how Unreal helped me to finish my game.

Speaker: Paulo Souza (Epic Games)
15h30 - 17h00Abragames and Regional Associations MeetingWith the growth of game companies in Brazil, we also have seen in recent years the emergence of regional games associations. How to integrate the regional associations to Abragames and how to take Abragames to other states besides the Rio - São Paulo axis is the objective of this meeting.
17h00 - 18h00SEBRAE Nacional: I Want to Open a Game CompanySpeaker: Denise Forini (SEBRAE Nacional)
18h00 - 19h00Vancouver / Canada, Largest VFX Hub / Animation in the World: Workplace and Games Study in VancouverVancouver was considered the world's largest Animation and Visual Effects HUB, hundreds of game companies are located in Greater Vancouver, where the world's key players are present, as well as in Montreal, Toronto and other booming cities such as Kelywna (BC). There is a very high demand for qualified professionals to work on GAME production in Canada, however, the requirement for an appropriate qualification is needed for entry into the professional game market, animation and effects. Vanarts, one of the best colleges in the world, prepares the highly qualified student to join Canadian GAME companies, as well as, prepares the best to return to their home countries, as in the case of Brazil, as well as the best professionals working in large game companies world-wide.

Speaker: Ranz Ranzenberger (Vanarts / Azimut)
DEBATES ROOM15h30 - 16h30BIG Careers: Digital Games Courses Q&A, Session 1Coordinators of digital games courses will be on site to explain course specifics, timetables, infrastructure, laboratories, among other important information!

Álvaro Gabrielle (FATEC - Carapicuíba), Technology in Digital Games
Fabio Lubacheski (Centro Universitário Senac - Santo Amaro), Technology in Digital Games
Fabiano Onça (Faculdade Impacta), Technology in Digital Games
Luiz Carlos Petry (PUC-SP), Technology in Digital Games
Marcelo Souza Nery (PUC-Minas), Technology in Digital Games
Marcelo Henrique dos Santos (FMU), Technology in Digital Games
Tiago Fernando Barbosa de Sousa (Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Campus Ceará-Mirim), Integrated Technical Course in Programming of Digital Games
16h30 - 17h30BIG Careers: Digital Games Courses Q&A, Session 2Coordinators of digital games courses will be on site to explain course specifics, timetables, infrastructure, laboratories, among other important information!

Alan Carvalho (FATEC - São Caetano), Technology in Digital Games
Reinaldo Ramos (Faculdade Melies), Technology in Digital Games
André Avellino (Escola Brasileira de Games), Online Courses
André Faure (EBAC), 3D Games Art & Design
Delmar Galisi Domingues (Anhembi Morumbi), Game Design Bachelor Degree
Bruno Campagnolo de Paula (PUC-PR), Technology in Digital Games
Rodrigo Motta (UniFacisa Campina Grande), Technology in Digital Games
ROOM ABRAGAMES BGD APEX-BRASIL11h00 - 12h00Desenvolve SP WorkshopClosed meeting / Exclusive to guests
BUSINESS AREA & ONE-ON-ONE MEETINGS17h30 - 20h30BIG SPINSPIN, the monthly meetup for gamedevs and enthusiasts that happens every first Wednesday of the month in São Paulo will happen in its international version at the BIG Festival! Bring your ideas and step into the game! The objective is to stimulate game development through an environment where people can get feedback even if their games are not ready yet. Get to know the ongoing projects, socialize with the developers, and have fun!

Closed meeting / Exclusive to guests
PEOPLE PAULISTA STAND (EXHIBITION AREA)10h00 - 18h00BIG Robotics: Robotics Show with People Paulista and MakerRobotics Show!
Every 1 hour, activities for parents, students, children and those who love robotics!
FRONT DESK9h30 OnwardRegistration
GAMES EXHIBITION AREA10h00 - 22h00Exhibition and Gameplay of 2017 BIG Festival Game Awards Nominees
BUSINESS AREA & ONE-ON-ONE MEETINGS10h00 - 19h00BIG Festival's Matchmaking Sessions
ROOM ADONIRAN BARBOSA10h00 - 11h00Interview: Meet the Artist Behind the Epic Orchestral Soundtrack of "God of War"
Video game and film composers are the Mozarts and Chopins of today. This year, BIG attendees will be treated to a very special interview with Gerard Marino, the composer of the epic soundtracks of God of War. In this session, you will hear tips on how to break into game music composing and get inspired by the trajectory of this amazing artist.

Speaker: Gerard Marino
Interviewer: Antonio Teoli (Teoli Soundworks and Game Audio School)
11h00 - 12h00BIG Ventures: 10 Reasons Your Game Studio Will Never Get FundingThis may sound like a depressing session… but we are 100% sure it will be an incredibly insightful one! Funding is tough to come by, especially for indie developers. Helping indies find their way to funding has been Jason Della Rocca’s mission throughout his career. If you’re looking for funding, you don’t want to miss this!

Speaker: Jason Della Rocca (Execution Labs)
13h15 - 14h00Fireside Chat with Jeferson ValadaresJeferson Valadares, Bandai-Namco Product Development VP, is one of the most successful Brazilians in the global gaming market, accumulating leadership positions in companies such as EA and Bioware in his 20-year industry career. In this session, he will talk about career, current and future market, the role of publishers and developers, and bring tips, insights and lessons learned from his career to the BIG audience. The conversation will be conducted by Paulo Luis Santos, Head of Studio of Flux Game Studio and VP of Abragames.

Speaker: Jeferson Valadares (Bandai Namco)
Interviewer: Paulo Santos (Flux Games Studio)
14h00 - 14h30Agency Relationships from Both PerspectivesAny studio hoping to remain viable in an increasingly competitive marketplace needs a robust business development strategy, a constantly growing professional network, up-to-date market intelligence, and a keen understanding of best pitching practices. As those tasks become increasingly daunting and time consuming, partnering with a game agency may be the correct move to grow your business and refocus your energy on creativity once again. This in-depth Q&A session will detail the successful 6-year relationship between developer Oktagon Games and agency FOG Studios from both sides, including factors to consider when you’re looking for an agent, advantages and disadvantages, and what each side should expect from one another.

Speakers: Ed Dille (FOG Studios), Ronaldo Cruz (Oktagon Games)

Moderator: Christi Kishner (FOG Studios)
14h30 - 15h30BNDES: Funding and Investment for Games!BNDES presents their financing mechanisms for the Games sector and invites FINEP, Ancine and Desenvolve SP to present their mechanisms as well.

Speakers: Ligia Werneck (BNDES), Rodrigo Ferreira (FINEP), Rodrigo Camargo (ANCINE), Rafael Bergamaschi (Desenvolve SP)
15h30 - 16h30Reshaping the Industry: Turning Communities into True EcosystemsThe game development landscape is growing fast in Brazil with new studios opening up, more schools offering game-related courses, some government funding to support the local industry... Are we in the right direction towards the creation a true ecosystem?

Speakers: Carlos Estigarribia (Leela Games), Jason Della Rocca (Execution Labs), Alejandro Gonzalez (Brainz)
16h30 - 17h30What to Expect from Major Game PublishersSo you think your game has what it takes, that you are ready to get a major publishing deal? The process of approaching publishers is not easy; it’s time consuming work, requiring significant amounts of preparation and persistence, and it is fraught with opportunities to “blow-it”. Developers have to manage their expectations and, before you set yourself up for failure, learn from the major games publishers what exactly they can and cannot do for you.

Speakers: Steve Escalante (Versus Evil), Bobby Wertheim (Sega), David Martinez (Raw Fury), Paul Hanraets (Gambitious)

Moderator: Sandro Manfredini (Aquiris Game Studio)
17h30 - 19h00BIG StarterPitch of the 8 best projects in development!
There will be 5 selected to defend entertainment projects and 3 selected to defend education projects!

Moderators: Claudio Gusmão e Sérgio Nesteriuk

Thiago Ururahy (ACE)
Rubens Motonaga (Ancine)
Mariana Gomes (Apex-Brasil)
Mario Lapin (BIG Impact)
Luiz Sakuda (BIG Ventures)
Luciane Gorgulho (BNDES)
Diego Niko (BNDES)
Marcus Alvarenga (FINEP)
Daniel Trocoli (Google)
Carlos Estigarribia (Leela Games)
Ariel Velloso (Spcine)
Cristina Carvalho (TV Escola)
ROOM PAULO EMÍLIO10h00 - 10h40Google Day: What's new on Google Play?Check out the news that Google Play has for game developers.

Speaker: Daniel Trócoli (Google Brasil)
10h40 - 11h20Google Day: Growth Hacking for GamesI developed an App and published it. What now? How to acquire and retain users? What metrics should I analyze? What tools can we use? How do I get started with AdWords?
Come and learn more about the world of Growth Hacking for Mobile Apps.

Speaker: Wellington Tamaki (Google Brasil)
11h20 - 12h00Google Day: Your Game Needs to be on YouTubeEvery day, creators and fans meet on YouTube to talk about games.
Gameplay, unboxing, tournaments, challenges, event coverage, launches and so many other content are produced and content are consumed regarding this industry.
This is where the formation of new players takes place, buying decisions are made and communities are created around the most varied titles.
Come learn how to establish your presence on YouTube and put your game in this conversation.

Speaker: Alessandro Sassaroli (Google Brasil)
13h30 - 14h30Google Day: Strategic Business Models: Monetization with AdMobWith the amazing growth of mobile devices and their capabilities, we have high-quality applications on the market. Google products evolve together to enable mobile app developers to monetize ads as the user experiences a substantial, more immersive experience.
AdMob, a leading application advertising solution, used by over 1 million Android and iOS applications, has leading-edge formats that are compatible with all types of business models. Learn how AdMob native video ads can help you deliver an engaging experience that the user will also win. We will also share best practices and strategies out of the box for hybrid monetization, providing a better experience for all audiences.

Speaker: Rogers Reichert (Google Brasil)
14h30 - 15h30Google Day: Google Campus & The Journey of a Games Startup - feat. UpBeat GamesCome and see how Google for Entrepreneurs and its network of 6 Campus and more than 50 partners around the world are taking part in the entrepreneur's journey, specifically speaking of an example of Games, with Vinicius Heimbeck, CEO of Upbeat as a guest of this panel.

Speakers: Fernanda Caloi (Google) and Vinicius Heimbeck (Upbeat)
15h30 - 16h30BNDES: Corporate Governance Topics - Prepare Your Company to Be InvestedAn outstanding session with BNDES on how to prepare your company to be invested: from accounting to balance sheet analysis, auditing, social capital, among other important decisions and practices.

Speaker: Fernanda Farah (BNDES)
16h30 - 17h30Opportunities for Independent Developers with ID@XboxThe ID@Xbox program enables qualified game developers of all sizes to unleash their creativity by self-publishing digital games on Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Live, giving studios the tools and support needed to maximize their success.

Speaker: Esteban Lora (Microsoft)
17h30 - 18h30AirConsole Accelerator Program: Publishing your Game on a New PlatformAirConsole is a fast-growing gaming platform. It enables people to play games together on one big screen, using their smartphones as controllers.
Within less than two years, more than 1000 game developers have explored opportunities to create unique games using the AirConsole API and leveraging our community.
This talk will introduce you to new opportunities on AirConsole while showing how developers are reaching large numbers of players and shaping the future of local multiplayer gaming.

Speakers: Rafael Morgan (AirConsole), Vicente Vieira (Big Hut)
18h30 - 19h30Make Gorgeous Cut-scenes for your Games with Unity's Timeline and CineMachineIn this presentation you will learn how to use Unity's newest tools to create in-engine cut scenes for your games and VR/AR projects. If you have ever wanted to create advanced interactive sequences using just the Unity editor and no code, this presentation is for you.

Speaker: Arturo Núñez (Unity)
ROOM LIMA BARRETO10h00 - 11h00User-oriented Design: How to Work with User Interface and User ExperienceThrough a partnership between Abragames with ABEDESIGN (Brazilian Design Association), this keynote addresses the importance of User Interface Design and User Experience. By sharing their experiences, game development & design professionals will cover the central aspects of developing a great game.

Speaker: Mauro Berimbau (Abedesign/ ESPM), Stiven Valério (Flux Game Studio), Alexandre Braga (Anhembi Morumbi)
11h00 - 12h00Map of Creative Economy in Brazil: A Panorama of the Brazilian Cultural IndustryThe panel will present the main topics of the first two volumes of the Economic Atlas of Brazilian Culture, organized by the Ministry of Culture. The purpose of the Atlas is to measure the impact of the cultural and creative sectors on the Brazilian economy.

Speakers: Ana Letícia (Secretary of the Economy of Culture), Mansur Bassit (Secretário da Economia da Cultura), Luiz Sakuda (Abragames / USP / SB Games)
13h30 - 14h30A Talk About the Challenges of Making Sound for VR GamesThe Panel will address the challenges of producing music for VR games. Participants will discuss the challenges found in Black River Studios' "Finding Monsters Adventures" game. In this talk, Antonio Teoli, one of the most important Brazilian game composers, and Rafael Ferrari, developer of Lila's Tale, will do a sound development postmortem for the game, in which both worked.

Speakers: Antonio Teoli (Teoli Soundworks and Game Audio School) and Rafael Ferrari (Skullfish Studios)
14h30 - 15h30Licensing & Games: Learn Everything about Licensing Your Game and its CharactersThrough a partnership between Abragames and ABRAL, the Brazilian Licensing Association, this keynote covers means of licensing characters and brands. The table will be composed of ABRAL representatives.

Speakers: David Diesendruck (ABRAL), Marcus Macedo (ABRAL)
15h30 - 16h30Ancine & GamesIn December 2016, Ancine launched the first funding program for entertainment games with an amount of R$10 million and 23 companies selected. On May 5, 2017, the 2nd funding program was opened. On this panel, we want to discuss Ancine's relationship with the gaming industry and the role of this important agent in national gaming politics.

Participants: Eliana Russi (BGD), Rodrigo Camargo (Ancine), Mariana Gomes (Apex-Brasil)
16h30 - 17h30Brasil Get Ready! The World is Small! With the BGD Project and Apex-BrasilThis panel will disclose the role of Apex-Brasil in the successful internationalization of gaming companies. BGD's expected event schedule for 2017 & 2018 will be presented as well as highlights from companies that rapidly internationalized after joining the BGD program.

Speakers: Mariana Gomes (APEX-Brasil), Eliana Russi (BGD), Carina Coelho (ANCINE)

Moderator: Fernando Chamis (Webcore Games)
18h30 - 19h30SoapboxFollowing the success of the previous edition, BIG Festival hosts the second round of this series of microtalks on different perspectives of game development. The goal is to get out of the box and reach new ideas and different points of view.

Speakers: Leonardo Ferreira (In Extremis), Gustavo Folleto (IMGNATION Studios), Thais Weiller (JoyMasher), Lucas Molina (Roguemance), Rafaella Ryon (Ninja Garage), Betu Souza (Behold Studios)

Moderator: Saulo Camarotti (Behold Studios / Abragames) e convidados
DEBATES ROOM10h30 - 13h30Sebrae SP: Pitch WorkshopThis workshop will address the conceptual and practical definitions of what pitch is and why it is important to master this technique that is so useful today. How can our assertiveness and posture assist us in this process and techniques common to presentations that achieve reach your goals.

Speakers: Letícia Pedreira Diniz Gonçalves (SEBRAE SP), Charles Bonani de Oliveira (SEBRAE SP)
PEOPLE PAULISTA STAND (EXHIBITION AREA)10h00 - 18h00BIG Robotics: Robotics Show with People Paulista and MakerRobotics Show!
Every 1 hour, activities for parents, students, children and those who love robotics!
FRONT DESK9h30 OnwardRegistration
GAMES EXHIBITION AREA10h00 - 22h00Exhibition and Gameplay of 2017 BIG Festival Game Awards Nominees
BUSINESS AREA & ONE-ON-ONE MEETINGS10h00 - 19h00BIG Festival's Matchmaking Sessions
ROOM ADONIRAN BARBOSA10h00 - 11h00A Look at Animation and InteractivityThis panel provides a great opportunity for the interactive and animation communities to come together and hear about hot animation properties transitioning to equally hot interactive content and games. Panelists provide their expertise, insight, and advice to anyone who is eager to learn more about the opportunities and challenges faced by existing linear properties in a non-linear world.

Speakers: Bianca Rodriguez (Cake), Anamaria Pirondi (Discovery)

Moderator: Sérgio Nesteriuk (Anhembi Morumbi)
June 24th to July 2nd
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