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The Last of Us Remastered



Game Rating

User Ratings: 288

Our Review: Scroll Down

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Republished on Tuesday 24th September 2019:
We're bringing this review back from the archives following the
announcement of
October's PlayStation Plus lineup
. The original text follows.

Success comes with scepticism. From the second that first-party outfit
Naughty Dog’s survival horror experiment
The Last of Us
was compared favourably to cinematic masterpiece
Citizen Kane
, the release was always going to have to convince a jaded jury of cynics
that it was worthy of such watershed acclaim. Its legacy will probably rest
a couple of rungs lower than the above example of exaggerated approval, but
that it largely eschewed the customary tidal wave of consumer
dissatisfaction speaks highly to the quality of the game. Indeed, for some,
Joel and Ellie’s platonic romance prompted the revered release to define an
entire console generation – a commendable feat considering that it deployed
on a format that for seven years refused to be replaced.

It was inevitable, then, that platform holder Sony would mask the
PlayStation 4’s sparsely populated exclusives offering with an upgraded
iteration of the cross country excursion – after all, this is a property
that suddenly finds itself in the esteemed company of
Gran Turismo
God of War
from a core commercial perspective. In truth, this is a clever case of
cunning corporate wit: the Japanese giant knows that it’s managed to strong
arm fans of other hardware brands into its ecosystem, and so it’s
capitalising on that by giving one of its biggest ever critical success
stories a second shot at sales stardom. Alas, away from the evident
financial incentives, there’s also an opportunity for this next-gen port to
improve upon the accomplishments of its PlayStation 3 predecessor. So, the
question is: how has it handled the transition?

Well, if you’re eager to usurp this particular author’s wordy workout, we
suppose that the simplest answer to that enquiry is very well. This is not
a native PlayStation 4 title, and so it lacks some of the razzmatazz of its
more immediate contemporaries; it’s certainly missing the glossy in-game
sheen of open world opus
inFAMOUS: Second Son
and first-person shooter
Killzone: Shadow Fall
. Still, this dank adventure was no visual slouch on a device that was
severely outdated half a decade ago, and so you’re not necessarily going to
find yourself bemoaning the odd awkward object or clipping hiccup. In fact,
the attention to detail – an attribute which underlined all of the
original’s achievements – is amplified here, as texture quality has been
improved, and the resolution has been increased to 1080p.

For the layman, that means that you’re going to see every collapsed
corridor in much greater clarity than ever before. Don’t think that the
polished up presentation is going to take away from the diseased dystopia
at the centre of this harrowing plot, however, as enhanced particle effects
give the game the dusty sense of decay that makes exploring its residential
districts all the more distressing. It’s the perked up framerate that’s the
icing on the decomposing cake, though, proving yet again that 60
frames-per-second is vastly superior whenever possible; the performance may
not be perfect 100 per cent of the time, but the impact that it has on
controller response is quite staggering. In fact, you can toggle to the
original’s more filmic 30 frames-per-second if you prefer, but it feels
like a stuttering mess in direct comparison.

And this game deserves to be enjoyed in the best conditions possible. While
many of the package’s plaudits have stemmed from its heartrending plot,
returning to it a year later serves as a reminder of how well it plays. A
fusion of clandestine infiltration and outright action, you’ll spend much
of the game propped behind knee-high objects scavenging for utensils that
will give you the upper hand. Everyday items such as scissors, sugar, and
alcohol can be combined to concoct makeshift explosives and medication
kits, with many of the same products required to craft offensive and
defensive instruments. As such, you’ll need to plan your approach carefully
– especially on the more challenging settings, which reduce your resources
to depressing degrees. Speaking of which, if you’re already well versed in
the art of thriftiness, then you’ll discover all of the difficulties
unlocked from the offset here.

Alas, however you decide to test your levels of endurance, you’ll find that
it’s the outstanding pacing that keeps you engaged. Despite offering a
substantial single player campaign – some 15 to 20 hours in length –
there’s a definite deftness to the way that encounters are designed.
Infected enemies at a more mature state of mutilation will have lost the
ability to use their eyes, meaning that you’re free to meander among them
as long as you remain as muted as possible. Elsewhere, fellow survivors
will try to fight you for supplies, completely changing your approach. The
game’s at its absolute award-winning best when these elements are combined,
but there’s an effortless quality to the way in which disparate segments
segue that will lure you into running through the narrative in as few
sittings as your lifestyle will allow.

And the Californian company maintains this competence in multiplayer, where
the experience also surprisingly shines. Adopting the survival aspects of
the main storyline, this sees you work through 12 weeks of resistance as
either a Hunter or a Firefly – opposing factions struggling for superiority
in a post-apocalyptic world. Each round that you play here represents a
full day, with your earnings employed to sustain an evolving crew. It’s a
quirky progression system that pulls in data from Facebook to enjoyable
effect, and it’s married to a competitive combat mechanic that encourages a
pack-like mentality irrespective of the mode. On that note, there are three
primary options here, spanning the straightforward Supply Raid to the
inspired Survivors, but it’s the newly added Interrogation that may well
be the highlight.

Of course, all of the downloadable maps from the PS3 version are present
and correct, as is the
Left Behind
expansion from earlier in the year. This acts as a prologue of sorts,
pointing its shattered lens more prominently at the potty mouthed Ellie and
her quarantine companion Riley. Compared to the core campaign, this four
hour added extra is distinguished by its light hearted approach, which
adopts a more exploration focused format – even if it does conclude with a
combat encounter that’s likely to define the direction of the series’
inevitable successor. Elsewhere, other original additions include an
entertainingly deep photography toolkit, allowing you to capture characters
and environments in realtime, as well as cut-scene commentary from key cast
members Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson.

The Last of Us Remastered was unlikely to be anything less than sublime,
and that’s the expected outcome that we’ve arrived at here. While its PS3
precursor prevents it from possessing the level of next-gen gloss that its
native PS4 contemporaries contain, this is still a mighty fine looking
title, and its framerate and resolution improvements only serve to solidify
that. Of course, the onboard add-on packs and smattering of superfluous
extras ensure that this is the definitive edition of an already outstanding
affair – but, unsurprisingly, it’s the touching tale at the heart of the
package that once again sets it apart from its peers.


Scoring Policy

Review copy provided by Sony Computer Entertainment

Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links,
which means if you click them and make a purchase we may receive a small
percentage of the sale. Please read our
FTC Disclosure
for more information.

Sammy Barker

A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for
years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. He also likes tennis
games way more than you.


Is this The Last of this game that we hear on Push Square now?


Don't count on it.

Doubt it, we'll be hearing about it topping the charts

Another neat extra was also patched in a couple of days ago...the making of
documentary Grounded.

Love this game. Only bad things are they did It fix the friends list in
factions. And the melee sliding.

I know this is a little lot off topic but.. Can any one explain to me how
they mean that you should play TLoU Remasterd?

I was reading something on the guide that they posted here but did not

Should I start playing it on New Game + and finish the game? Or just start
a New Game + and when I get to the 20 year later scene keep playing it but
choosing each chapter on harder difficulty?

Anyone know?

If you want to play the least amount of times for the Platinum Trophy, do
all the collectibles stuff on Easy and finish the game. Then start a New
Game +, and when you get to the 20 Years Later scene, save and quit. You
should then be able to select the same chapter on Survivor/Grounded
difficulty, and you'll get all of the difficulty Trophies when you complete
it again.

My friend is experiencing game breaking glitches. Is anyone else having
this problem? Sometimes the characters don't move during cutscenes and
other times the floor gives out and he falls through the bottom of the
game. I asked him if he used the share button but he didn't know he could
record gameplay with it (he just got it). He did send in a report when it

Not seen anything here. I've had a few clipping issues and out of place
textures popping into place, but it's been smooth as butter elsewhere for
me — online and offline.


If you check my profile you will see I have a PS3, and I own the Last of
Us. The game is awesome, but the amount of coverage these days about this
game feels like overkill, as if only this game matters for PS4 owners. I
would rather hear about new PS4 games than remasters anyway.

If you are new to the game DO NOT play the DLC first. I have heard of
people doing this and that would be a huge spoiler.

Just beat it! Started the left behind dlc, and I'm pretty excited because I
haven't played it yet ! This was my second time around beating tlou
though... I've gotta say man that 60 fps made all the difference in the


I have had major glitches on my game. First I had a glitch where Tommy
would not move when we got to te alley on chapter 1. And I have had the
game just error quit on me twice. And I have had problems with Ellie
getting one conversation started and one joke thing going.

It's frustrating but I can't get mad at this game! It has such an amazing
story. And the grafics! OMG the grafics!!

I will never agree on this game being worthy of a ten but enjoyed reading a
well put together review with a lot of attention and care used.


Thanks a lot! I think I'm going to re start my gameplay. I stated playing
on grounded difficulty, but I missed a lot of stuff. Got to chapter 4 dough
first time playing the game. Awesome!!!!!

wow that was funny. But I do agree with
because this (this port) and Destiny's Beta are the most talked about PS4

because there ain't much else out until October onwards.

I completed it on ps3 but for some reason I only have 1 trophy in my list
and it isn't the completion trophy, oh well. My brother picked it up for
his new ps4 he bought last week as he's a xb360 convert. If I get a chance
I'll try the DLC and the multiplayer. I do though agree the hype is a bit
much. I'd give it an 8.5. I found small parts of the gameplay a bit
repetitive and I'd have liked maybe more openworld-ness, just more routes
and perhaps different directions the story could lead. Probably asking for
too much.

The photo mode on this is addictive

My brother has it says its cool. "vomits" LIARS everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is the 3rd greatest game ever,


2 Shenmue 1 n 2.


Cant u put all pictures in one post? FFS! We all know what the game looks

Sammy, Dont you think the trophy shortcut you suggested, In someways
contraditcs the idea of Plat trophy hunting?

Maybe its vanity, To have a plat?

When I played Tomb Raider on PS4 I could tell a difference right away. Same
with MLB 14 The Show when playing on a friend's PS3 after having spent all
my time prior playing the PS4 version. With this game, however, it seems
like a very slightly glossed up last-gen game, which is exactly what it is.
Still looks great, no question about that, but I had expected it to look a
little better. At least it doesn't effect the story, or gameplay, both of
which I thought were among the top last year and still today.

I found this review just the slightest bit... I dunno... tiring?

So many verbs! Though I guess that could also be a compliment...

"superfluous" ," smattering" . I know what you mean!

Yo, this game looks dope, but ultimately it's not a good value for the
hardcore gamer who played this last year.

It isn't worth paying £40 for this if you're a PS4 owner who owns this on
the PS3. Sony should have offered some kind of discount.

That reply..... Brb, dying.

Oh and people saying they have glitches, I had a few but there's a day one
patch that seemed to fix everything bar a few unruly textures. Try
restarting the game and it should install. Hope this helps.

Well, I wasn't going to pick this up, but I can feel my resistance wearing
down.......and....... there it goes!

Thanks for 30fps thing now i can simply tell my friend how 60fps change our
whole gaming life. I didnt have ps3 so last of us is a great game even
though i feel playing the walking dead over the whole game

This and diablo sometime this month, august is great month until Destiny

Oh by bug i get some, just like assasin creed and infamous sometime i got
thrown in place where there is no texture. Well always happen when i
explore more than what the developers tested i guess

Do like me and wait a few months to get it. It will be well worth it then
for cheap



The first time i've played it and completed it yesterday. It deserves all
the awards as it's truly a masterpiece. I rarely want to play through games
again, immediately after completing them, but I can't wait to give this a
go for the second time.

Thanks for reading it! Appreciate it.

We're going to do a photo mode-themed Talking Point later today, so get

It probably does. You don't have to do it, of course - that's just a tip
for people who don't want to play through the game four or five times.

I know exactly what you're saying - I think that's partly because the
original already looked so good. The framerate is the real game changer
here, though - I can't believe I played it at 30fps now.

Thanks for the feedback, will keep that in mind.

Im an x360 convert so I missed out on the ps3 version. I love this game
already. Love the story and the exciting combat. The atmosphere is great.

Really a game I will remember. I know some aren't happy about the remake
but I am grateful. I hope I will find some ps4 buddys to play the
multiplayer with. My screen name is tenderbeefcake if anyone wants to play
with me.

pretty disgusting that they didn't offer a discount like ea and even

Ok, I'm going to give my opinion here and then hide for cover from angry
fan responses

I'm playing the game on PS4 right now. The first thing I noticed was the
long list of day 1 DLC, hundreds of dollars worth available the day before
release (that's when Best Buy delivered my game). Not included, ok moving

So I start playing the game, and I can't help but not notice much of a
difference visually. Honestly, I have a hard time telling the 2 apart. I
even went and watched a comparison video just to see if it was all in my
mind, but sure enough, even in the comparison video I could barely tell a
difference. Ok, so it's not the best visually. I can live with that- I'm
not a graphics whore after all. But considering the level of rampant hype
they were mustering over this game's visuals, I find it misleading at the
very least.

As for the gameplay, again, I'm just not that impressed. Press R1 to run,
grab planks and climb ledges, throw bricks and scavenge for health packs.
It's ok I guess, but certainly not what I'd expect for a 10/10 consensus
across the board.

Then we get to the story. The one redeeming quality about this game. It's
great! It's like watching The Walking Dead Season One all over again. That
same level of tension and suspense. Kudos to them for the story and
presentation. Top notch all the way.

In the end though, I'm kind of losing interest, if not for the desire to
see the plot continue to unfold. Tomb Raider had better gameplay imo. This
doesn't feel like a 10/10 game to me.. I'd probably give it an 8 from what
I've played so far. It's good, don't get me wrong, and it's not as boring
as I'm probably making it sound- I AM glad I bought it. If it weren't put
on such a pedestal I'd probably even praise it. But man, I just don't
understand why everyone raves about this game like it's the best video game
of all time. It's not even the best video game of the summer to me.

[hides for cover]

There's nothing wrong with having an opposing opinion, man - thanks for
sharing it. How far in are you?


Probably 20% through. Don't want to post spoilers but after they find out
about her infection.

I'll give it a re-evaluation after I finish the game, of course. I do like
it. It's most definitely one of the "better" games out there. I think it's
just because of the level of expectations preceding the game that I'm not
impressed. Like, Tomb Raider I played and had no expectations, and when I
was done I was like, "ya, that was a pretty great game". But with TLoU,
nothing about it stands out to me. Not yet anyways. Again, I'll re-evaluate
when I complete it and see if I feel differently. Idk, it's just that when
I play a game that is hailed by the vast majority of gamers as one of the
greatest games of all time, I come to expect a little more than this? Idk...

EDIT: All this talk about TLoU is actually making me want to play it lol...
So I'ma go do that. I may not think it's the best game ever, but it's
strangely got its meat hooks in me. That dang story is so addicting.

I'll be looking forward to see what you have to say when you finish the

Yeah, I think you should keep going!

a few more people may now realise what a bummer it is that Drive club isnt

The greatest element TLOU has is the storyline. If you've already played
it on the PS3 and you know the plot and story (especially the ending) then
replays just don't have the same appeal.

I'll probably wait until it's around £10 on Ebay and pick up a second hand


Roger that. Will do Cap'n!


Indeed. I'm going to keep an open mind going forward. We'll talk afterward
for sure!


That is what happened to me with Shadow of the Colossus when I played the
ICO Collection. I went in with the expectation of one of the best games of
all time and it never lived up to the hype for me. Conversely, I knew
nothing about ICO and ended up liking it more.

OoT is not my favorite Zelda either, as influential as it was. I love W101
and that one got mixed reviews. Now you got me interested in Tomb Raider.

PSN = popularity contest

If you'll insert any ol' cruddy game into your ps just to show other gamerz
your 1337ness, then you're a caricature. It's fun to go thru and see what
you or your friends have acquired from games you enjoy, but SingStar plats
undoubtedly give bogus rank boosts. I bought guides to eventually plat my
favorite games, but not for anyone else's approval or even knowledge. I
hate social media!


Ocarina isn't my favorite Zelda either> and certainly not the best game of
all time. For it's era, perhaps. But there have been many greater games
since, even of just Zelda- Skyward Sword and Link Between Worlds being a
few right off the top of my head.

I also adored Wonderful 101 despite mixed reviews. The gameplay was bliss.
And Tomb Raider is good. I think the gameplay is better than TLoU, but Idk
if the game in general is better than TLoU. As for Shadow of the Colossus I
actually loved it, but I hadn't heard of the game at the time, so I had
zero expectations going in. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, that is probably the
game I would award best of all time. That or Final Fantasy X.

I know I'll catch **** for this but even though I feel The Last of Us is a
better game, and I enjoy it more...I feel that Tomb Raider Definitive
Edition is a better remaster/update of a game. Maybe it had more work to be
done than TLoU so that there was a noticeable change? Because I really
don't see a groundbreaking change between the two.. At any rate I love both
games and TLoU is quite possibly one of the best games ever.

Swearing - get2sammyb


Ok, I'm on my way to meet this Bill character, and I do have to admit, the
gameplay is growing on me. Like, quite a bit actually. I think I was
treating it in the same way as a traditional action game instead of proper
survival horror. I still don't know if I'ma give it the honor of best game
ever, but, I'm enjoying it substantially more than beforehand. And once I
got to the open forest vistas, that's when I started noticing that it is
indeed a PS4 game. It's not the best looking game on the system by any
means, but at least now I'm noticing the difference.

So, I guess so far so good. I love the little offhand conversations they
have during idle animations. That's the best part of the game to me.

the story is definitely the best part of the game, the setting and
atmosphere are good too, I find everything else a little average. I enjoyed
all chapters of the game with exception to a certain dark subway trip and
the final slog.


You know not everyone likes this game for the game itself and not because
of what console its on.


I thought they did give discounts if you upgrade?

Or at least they used to.

Really interested to see the first week sales numbers. Its release actually
appears to have increased PS4 sales, so I'm expecting they will be very

The really neat thing is that you're not as far in as you think. In fact,
you've only just got started. This is a


Yeah that always seem to be the case when I play games. I explore every
nook and cranny twice over before advancing through each area. When people
say a game is 10 hours, I get 20. People say it's 20, I get at least 35.
Dead serious too. But it does feel like I've been playing this forever.
Just made it out of the hotel elevator shaft I fell down through. I know
I've been playing for, what, probably 6 or 7 hours now? Although that
doesn't mean 6 or 7 hours into the game :/

Same for me. When someone say a game is this long, I end up taking 'that
long' lol. Glad your enjoying it, I see you haven't stopped playing it yet
on psn. I may give this game another try when I pick up my PS4 at the end
of this year. My friend let me borrow it months ago but I just couldn't get
into it, maybe because I was so busy playing Tomb Raider and Dead Pool.

Out of curiosity, how long is this game?


The first time I played I thought it would be like any of the Uncharted
games, it ended up being twice as long, and I did not find all the secrets.
But the good thing is that it never felt to me like they were padding the
game with boring sidequests.

When I played it on the PS3 last year it took around 14 hours to beat. Not
bad for this kind of game.

As for the review...I didn't think it was a 10/10 on the PS3 and the PS4
version probably won't change my mind. I'll get it eventually because it is
a good game, but not for a long time (and this is not just because I still
don't have a PS4). Really not a fan of games being remade/remastered so
early that it can't even make a substantial difference. Metroid: Zero
Mission, for example, is more what I like to see out of remakes.

Okay thanks, I know it'll take me longer tho.


I played TLoU on PS3 and I agree with you. It's a good game and the story
is great but I can't understand the hype it gets. I also think that Tomb
Raider is a better game and had a much better time playing Lara's adventure.

tomb raider sucks so bad last of us is much better haha just my opinion
though dont get mad at me guys please

I'd liken tomb raider to uncharted. Not TLOU. But fair do's.

Regarding your comment about Platinums; it is absolutely a vanity thing. I
have all 70 of mine studded into a jacket like some kind of PlayStation

Needless to say I'm the coolest kid on the block.

yea ditto, infact if a game doesn't encourage me to explore every nook and
cranny I'll get bored....I havent bought this on ps3, played the demo it
was average for me i did enjoy it but i was piled with games at the time so
i much over looked this, but it seems the remaster is a notch up,hope a
demo comes out.

Didnt get this on the ps3 but went bought it on the ps4, was a really good
story even moving at times and the graphics are nice, didnt like online
thought it was pish! good review i agree with the 10/10

The best game ever.......

I thought it was dull and on rails like the uncharted games.

Whoa over five years ago, i don’t think I was visiting Pushsquare at the
time. TLoU is in my top 3 games of all time. Everything from the gameplay,
to the pacing, story, the heartfelt moments and the brutal ones, is just at
the highest level.

Playing it on Grounded mode was one of the best experiences I’ve had in
gaming. Few games can match that intensity when you lose the “listen”
ability, have no idea how many bullets are in your gun, HUD is completely
removed, ammo extremely scarce, and you’re in a firefight against other
survivors and down to your last few bullets.

It's a fantastic game and has that Naughty Dog trademark of great
characters who are very well acted.

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tools will give you this number, but it won’t be in the same platform,
meaning there is still that disconnect.

This is quite easy, but there are some elements we have to consider. To do
this, we’re going to leverage the Measurement Protocol – a little-discussed
element of Google Analytics which lets you send HTTP requests directly to
the platform. In layman’s terms, this means you can push data straight into
Google Analytics.

There’s a whole series of posts that I could write about the Measurement
Protocol (and maybe one day I will), but suffice to say that I’m a big fan
of it and the possibilities for it and taking all marketing channels
further are nearly endless.

Today, we’re going to use a simple Measurement Protocol request to push an
event through to Google Analytics that says that the email has been opened.
We’re going to have some fun with some of the dynamic elements that email
can use too, so we’ll be able to identify the actual email that the user
came from, and assign them a unique ID.

Essentially, what we’re going to do here is use Google Analytics’
Measurement Protocol to send an Event hit through to Google Analytics
whenever a user opens our email, but we’re also going to leverage some of
the dynamic parameters from the different email platforms to identify
who the user is
(anonymised, obviously, to stay within Google’s terms of service) and
which email they’ve opened

Through doing this, we’re able to get our user into our Google Analytics
ecosystem and incorporate them into different attribution models and
audiences, whether they’ve visited the site directly from our email or not.
By bringing the user into the journey from the email open, we’re able to
have a much more accurate attribution model, especially compared to other
platforms like Facebook or display tools where they include users who have
seen that ad. It’s a great way to level the playing field for all different

Alright, let’s look at how it works.

Setting this up is actually quite easy. We just need to add another image
to our email. I’m using MailChimp for this tutorial, but the same applies
for other platforms. You can refer to
this handy guide to MailChimp merge tags
to create your own dynamic parameters.

In order to get our email open tracking to feed into Google Analytics via
the Measurement Protocol, we need to embed a URL into our email. The
easiest and most effective way to do that is via setting the tracking URL
as an image.

Here’s what that URL would look like:

Before we get into how to make this work in your emails, let’s break down
what the different parameters in that URL are doing so that you can update
it to fit your own needs:

Now we know what our target URL contains and what the different parameters
mean, let’s see how we can use it.

In order to use this URL to track our email opens in Google Analytics, we
need to embed it in our email in a way that it can trigger the event
without a user clicking on anything. The easiest way to do this is to embed
it into an image.

Once you’ve compiled your URL using the appropriate IDs and merge tags for
your platform, wrap it in the following tag:

With “GA HIT URL” being replaced with the URL we’ve just created. Remember
to use the speech marks.

Adding this to your email will cause your hit URL to be treated like an
image of 1×1 pixels. Users won’t see it in your email, but it’ll be there
and will be able to feed the open event through to your Google Analytics

Generally, it’s best to add this to the very bottom of your email, and make
sure that you add it as a custom HTML block in your email platform of
choice, otherwise all users will see is the URL.

Providing you’ve followed all these steps correctly, you should see the
following in your Google Analytics account when you do a test email:

If it comes through properly in the Real Time section of Google Analytics,
you’re ready to send the email out.

But what if your users are on Gmail or other web-based email platforms?

There’s a challenge here.

Gmail’s Image Cache is the bane of email marketers. It’s been causing
problems for a number of years and, sadly, leveraging the Measurement
Protocol doesn’t 100% solve the issue either.

Essentially, the image cache means that Gmail takes all of your images and
all of your URLs in your emails, caches them and serves them from their own
CDN, meaning your email opening pixel doesn’t always work.

There are a number of reasons behind why they would do this, but none of
them stop this being a major pain for email marketers.

Email platform developers have spent years trying to get around this so
that their users can accurately track their email opens, with varying
degrees of success, but still without complete success and, sadly, today’s
post is no different.

However, I do have something which works
most of the time
, which I’ll share with you today.

If you add the following lines to your email’s header as custom HTML, you
tell the different platforms not to cache the images, including your
tracking pixel.

By forcing non-caching, I’ve found that I can successfully track emails
sent to Gmail accounts within Google Analytics the majority of the time.
It’s not perfect, but it’s the best solution I’ve found so far.

If you have a better solution, I would genuinely love to hear it. Please
hit me up on
and I’ll update this post with a link if you’ve got something that works.

Now we’ve got our email open data into Google Analytics, what’s next? How
do we track what the users who click our link do on our site?

Fortunately, this is a lot easier than tracking the email opens in Google
Analytics, and most email marketing platforms will do this out of the box,
as long as you remember to enable it.

As nice as that is, there are some things we can do to improve the quality
of our data rather than just relying on what the platform gives us.

Here’s how.

UTM parameters are a way of feeding a specific channel’s data into Google
Analytics and are generally used when that channel doesn’t specify a
referrer. In the case of email, they’re vital, otherwise all the activity a
user undertakes on your site following the click of your message will be
attributed to direct traffic, which is really not helpful when you’re
trying to analyse performance.

By adding these elements to the URLs in your email links, you’ll be able to
track the people that have visited your site from your newsletter as though
they came from another channel such as organic or paid search.

Again, most platforms do it out of the box, but there are a few areas that
we can improve on the default setup.

Firstly, let’s look at how UTM parameters work.

There are a wide range of different elements that you can add to your UTM
parameters, but there are three core ones that you should always use for
your emails as these are the ones which are most commonly seen in Google

Now we know what goes into a UTM parameter, let’s see what one looks like.

There are a number of ways that we can create our UTM parameters to track
clicks from our emails. In a lot of cases, it’s worth using the tool’s
default tracking area, just for convenience, but the big challenge with
doing that is that you can’t add dynamic elements such as merge tags in
there. Well, you
, but they don’t work the way they should.

Thankfully, merge tags can still be used to give you lots of tasty dynamic
information in your tracking URLs, it’s just that you’ll need to manually
add them to every link in your template.

For MailChimp users, a tracking URL with the source being “newsletter”, the
medium being “email” and the subject line being a merge tag to bring in
your subject line would look like this:

Append that to every URL in your email and you’ll see the following in your
Google Analytics reports when users click the link:

This might not be the most useful campaign tracking option if you use the
same subject line for every mail, but you can take a look at the
MailChimp merge tags cheat sheet
(or the similar one for whichever platform you’re using) and find ones
that will be useful for you.

You can also double-up on these campaign elements with merge tags if you
add the %20 character between them, like so:

This will show you the subject line and the campaign’s unique ID in your
Google Analytics reports, which could potentially be useful.

Try it yourself. The possibilities are almost endless.

Tracking everything is fantastic, but the main thing you should always be
asking yourself with any measurement element is “What am I going to do with

Again, the possibilities are almost endless, but one of my favourite uses
for this performance data is to create Google Analytics Audiences which you
can utilise for further identifying engagement and to leverage on different
channels such as Google Ads.

I could write an entirely separate article on how we can use email
performance data, the Measurement Protocol and Data Import to create Google
Analytics Audiences (and maybe one day I will), but today I’m going to take
you through some really simple definitions that we can use based on the
data we’re collecting from what we’ve already completed in today’s guide.

We’re going to create three different audiences here:

These are all nice and simple audiences, but hopefully they’ll give you an
idea of the possibilities and you can go and create your own. If this
inspires you to create any cool Google Analytics Audiences of your own,
drop me a line on
. I’d love to hear about them.

Head to your Audiences area under your Google Analytics Property settings
and select New Audience.

Choose your audience source based on your target View (I recommend your
Filtered Master View unless you’ve got a channel-specific View for email

Select “Create New”. Google Analytics will provide you with some
suggestions, which are good for learning how to use these Audiences, but
we’re going to be creating our own definitions.

Since for this one, we’re looking at an Event specifically as our main
condition, we’re going to go to Conditions.

And we want to include sessions with the Event Action “open” as that’s the
event we triggered in our Measurement Protocol hit.

Since we’re looking for people that have opened the email but not clicked
on any of our links, we also want to set our page depth to 0 as they have
taken no action beyond triggering that event.

Next, we want to set the Membership Duration. This is going to be largely
down to you and how active you are with your email activity. Since I’m very
inactive with mine, I’m going to set it to 90 days, but you can set it to
whatever you want.

Now we’re done with the definitions, your last trick is to select your
Audience’s destination – the channels within which it will be used.

If you’ve got Google Ads or other Google Marketing Platform tools linked
with your Analytics account, you can send those Audiences to them to be
used in your marketing activity, which is kind of the point of this, right?

Hit Publish, and you’re done.

Creating our other audiences is similar, just some slight differences in
how we configure them.

For this Google Analytics Audience, we’re going to look at people who have
clicked the link in our email, but have not completed any of our conversion

Follow the steps above to create your Audience and use the following

The Medium being “email” tells Google Analytics that the user has visited
the site from email, but they have a page depth greater than zero and have
completed no goals in that session. It’s important that we have that page
depth greater than zero because our email opening hit event uses the same
medium, but we don’t want to include people who have opened the email and
not clicked in this Audience.

For our final Google Analytics Audience, we’re going to look at people who
have visited our site from the email and have completed a conversion goal,
be that a form submission, made a purchase, signed up for our email list
(hint, hint) or whatever else our goal is.

Follow the steps above and define your Audience as follows:

With this Audience, our definitions are simple: the user has visited from
our email (hence the Medium being “email”) and they have completed a goal.

As I say, the possibilities of Google Analytics Audiences from email
marketing are almost endless and will depend entirely on the kind of
activity you undertake, the way that it performs and the toolkit you’re
working with, but this should be a good starting point.

This post was originally meant to be much shorter and just covering the
email opening event tracking, but I just can’t help myself. I might not
write on here that often, but I like to think that when I do, I at least go

I haven’t covered everything that you can do with email tracking in Google
Analytics – not even close, but I hope that this gives you a good starting
point for taking your analysis further. Email really is a fantastic channel
and I feel it sometimes gets the short end of the stick in terms of
performance reporting, so maybe something here will help change that.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll consider signing up for my email list
so you can be kept up to date with my new posts. Lockdown has me writing
more, so there should be something new coming up pretty soon.

Also thank you to the inimitable
Alix Mackenzie
for her help with the featured image design and the wonderful
Lianna Haywood
for proof-reading this post for me.

Until next time.

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If your child likes gaming, you might wonder if violent games like Fortnite
are bad for kids.

Gaming is a favorite pastime for countless kids across the world.

Today’s video games are action-packed and filled with dynamic and engaging
visuals. While some games are kid-friendly, others contain violence.
Fortnite is one example, challenging each player to be the lone survivor
after engaging in combat with up to 100 other players.

Are these violent games bad for kids? Research is mixed, but there’s
evidence that cutting back can be beneficial.

Over 90%
of American children and teens spend a substantial amount of time playing
video games.

Many kids can enjoy gaming without adverse effects. But some may display
behaviors that suggest spending a lot of time gaming isn’t healthy for

Mental health professionals are paying closer attention to video games’
effect on regular players.

In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) updated its
International Classification of Diseases, 11th Revision (ICD-11)
to include
internet gaming disorder (IGD)
as a diagnosable condition.
Although IGD isn’t diagnosable yet in the U.S., the American Psychological
Association has included it as a condition for further study in the
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (DSM-5)

Here’s what the research has found so far:

A large
2021 meta-analytic review
found that problematic gaming was associated with poor sleep quality and
less sleep. Participants also experienced sleep schedule disruption and
waking up in the middle of the night.

Fortnite is a shooter game that’s part of the battle royale game genre.
Battle royale is combat among many players until only one remains.

2022 study
of Japanese students found that battle royale games were associated with
aggressive feelings, a sense of underachievement, and gaming addiction.

Meanwhile, a
brain scan study
found no evidence linking violent video games to youth aggression or
reduced empathy.
2017 study
found that playing video games increased cortisol and cardiovascular
arousal, plus the accessibility of aggressive thoughts.

Research suggests that violent games can be supportive when they involve
cooperation with other players. A small
2021 study
including 845 children 9 to 12 years of age found that co-player games
involving violence produced more post-play helping behaviors than co-player
games with neutral content.

The research is mixed. So how can you tell if violent video games are
hurting your child?

If your child is experiencing adverse effects from regular gaming, you
might notice that they seem:

But not all kids act this way because of gaming. It could be due to other

Still, research points to a connection between regular video game play,
violence in video games, and mental health changes in some people. If your
child is experiencing these symptoms, it’s worth assessing their gaming

2020 study
showed white and gray matter changes in those who spent excessive time
playing violent video games compared to age-matched controls.

If gaming is affecting your child’s behavior, it could be from changes to
some brain regions:

If you think gaming is harmful to your child, there are ways you may be
able to help.

includes high amounts of gaming time as a risk factor for IGD, so kids who
play without time limits may have an increased chance of unwanted issues.

Children with limits often spend less time in violent gameplay. It helps to
have other activities available once they’ve used up their screen time.

Gaming isn’t just a pastime for many kids. It’s their culture, supported by
a diverse community of like-minded comrades.

If you pick up a controller and join in, you send the message that your
child’s interests matter. You gain access to their inner world and forge a
connection that can lead to more time spent in shared activities away from

Gaming with your child is an opportunity to encourage them to make less
violent choices.

Using a turn-taking approach, you can have them try a non-violent game with
you after you’ve played their favorite combat game. Making this a repeated
routine activity gives your child more exposure to family-friendly games
and more time spent with you.

Real-life stress may be a bigger cause of kids’ strife than on-screen
violence. Gaming may be problematic if it replaces bonding time with
parents, which
link to better emotional regulation in children.

If you have access to natural settings like a park or backyard, this can
benefit your child. A
systematic review
of 12 original research pediatric articles found that access to green
space offered multiple benefits, including improvements to:

Regular time spent in nature also means your child spends less time in
front of screens. Plan family activities outside whenever possible.

Helping your child learn healthy and engaged coping strategies may reduce
some unwanted effects of regular gaming.

For many players, online gaming represents an opportunity to escape
real-world issues. A study revealed that an individual’s approach to coping
strategies in real life might determine the outcome they experience from
escapist gaming.

The study found a connection between disengaged, problem-focused coping
strategies and negative gaming outcomes.

Meanwhile, coping strategies that include problem-solving and social
support had a more positive effect on gaming outcomes.

Most young people enjoy gaming. However, some of the more popular games
contain violence, causing concerns for parents.

While studies have shown mixed results and more research is needed, some
studies connect violence in video games to adverse effects on children.

Fortunately, there are strategies parents can use that may reduce unwanted
issues from video games. Examples include reduced screen time and increased
green time.

Therapy is another option to consider.
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
is a type of therapy effective in reducing problematic gaming. With a
combination of your support and concrete strategies, your child can
minimize gaming side effects and prioritize connection.

Last medically reviewed on July 24, 2022

15 sources

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes internet gaming disorder
(IDG) as a mental health condition. We discuss symptoms, effects, and…

Is there a link between social anxiety and social media use? Here's what
the experts and research says.

Mindfulness has many benefits, including being good for your mental health.
Find out how you can get started on your mindfulness journey today.

Kids raised with free-range parenting are taught essential skills so they
can enjoy less supervision. But can this approach be harmful?

While roughhousing, or active play, can look dangerous, it may have some
positive benefits such as teaching social skills and self-regulation.

Validating kids' emotions can help them feel seen, heard, and understood.
Here are 6 ways to get started.

Is it ever OK to lie to your kids? Here's what the experts say on how
parents can deliver the truth while modeling honesty.

Assertive communication for kids can be a way to teach them to stand up for
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Chemically, about three quarters of the Sun's mass consists of
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. The remainder (1.69%, which nonetheless equals 5,628 times the mass of
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, among others.

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