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Creative CuriosityPanhellenic Sorority Recruitment 1018/27/20136:00 PMLamberton Great Room Why is it important to make an informed decision and be an informed “buyer” when considering/seeking membership in a sorority?

Where/how can I acquire the knowledge/information to make my decision? Where/how can I explore if sorority membership is right for me?
xBrian Perry
Creative CuriosityWhat's Going Down on the Yard/Meet the Multicultural Greek Council
8/27/20134:10 PMLamberton Great Room Why is it important to make an informed decision and be an informed “buyer” when considering/seeking membership in a fraternity?

Secondary question: Where/how can I acquire the knowledge/information to make an informed decision?
Creative CuriosityTrivia Night8/29/201310:00 PMHawk's NestWhat new information did you learn at Trivia Night? What is the one thing that you are still most curious about since starting at Lehigh University?x
Creative CuriosityI Love Greek Life: 1800s-Present 9/4/20134:10 PMLamberton Great Room Keeping in mind the historical context of fraternities and sororities and your personal values, how are you prepared for campus involvement?

Professional Growth & SuccessAnthony Viscardi: Tracing Time to Measure Space - opening reception9/7/20135:00PM - 7:00PMMain Gallery, ZoellnerTry tracing a shadow of a small part of a structure for five consecutive moments (minutes, hours, or days). What does that exercise tell you about Viscardi’s investigative practice of tracing shadows to inform architecture? Note: architecture is not limited to buildings. Written reflection can include scan of drawings.xBrian Perry
Identity DevelopmentViolence Against Women: A Global Health Epidemic9/10/201312:15PM - 1:00PMWomen's Center UC C207Why, after all these years of awareness-raising and prevention education, is violence against women still a huge problem?x
Identity DevelopmentAmerican Intervention in Libya: From the Libyan Perspective9/12/20134:00 PMSinclair AuditoriumShould the US have intervened in Libya?

When is it appropriate for the US to intervene militarily in another nation?

Are there different forms of democracy?
xthomas Scott
Creative CuriosityFraternity Recruitment 101/Meet the Bro Gams9/12/20135:00 PMMaginnes 102Why is it important to make an informed decision and be an informed “buyer” when considering/seeking membership in a fraternity?

Secondary question: Where/how can I acquire the knowledge/information to make an informed decision?
Creative CuriosityAaron Neville, Season Opener9/14/20138:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerIf the Mr. Neville told any stories between musical numbers, what new information did you learn about doo-wop, the music of New Orleans, or his life and/or inspiration?x
Creative CuriositySabado Gigante9/14/20138:00PM - 11:00PMLamberton Great Room After observing some of the traditions present in the Hispanic community, describe a way in which you can share with and educate your peers on a tradition present in your own community. x
Collaborative ConnectionsHumanity Without Borders9/16/20136:30PM - 7:30PMPA 101What are some bridges of understanding dialogue between neighbors that are both documented and undocumented?x
Inclusive LeadershipShowing of Bidder 70 Documentary9/16/20137:00PM-9:00PMWH 303What issues are you passionate about that you think need changed?How can change be made? When is it time to cause change? x
Identity DevelopmentPanel Discussion: "Beauty"9/17/20134:00 PMPerella AuditoriumIf an alien from another planet were to land on South Mountain, and you were the first human they encountered, how would you define "beauty" to them?x
Identity DevelopmentJane Comfort and Company: Beauty9/17/20137:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerList and describe three other cultural reflections of "beauty" - object, event or situation.x
Identity DevelopmentGirls Are Gorgeous, Boys Are Buff9/17/201312:15PM - 1:00PMWomen's Center UC C207What happens if you resist the norms of what is acceptable for your body? For example, if men refuse to have toned bodies and go, instead, for a more overweight look, wear wrinkled and dirty clothes, and don't cut their hair or shave, do they suffer any negative consequences?x
Professional Growth & SuccessStanding Out: Peak performance via psychological skills practice9/17/20134:30PM - 6:00PMStudent-athlete Lounge in Taylor GymHow do I balance and integrate who I am and want to be within the context of what I desire and wish to accomplish, in designing a lifestyle at Lehigh that helps me fulfill those goals?

More specific questions within the broader general question above:
What might deter me from taking the 5 minutes of time per day to practice the psychological skills that can help me peak perform in the areas of my interest and passion?

What might I do differently if I acknowledge that I have the ability to sustain higher levels of consistent and peak performance if I spend a few minutes per day in psychological preparation?

What does my life look like when I go from saying “someday I’m going to make the effort to be even better” to “here’s what I’m doing today to attain peak performance”?
Identity DevelopmentWhere are you Wearing?9/18/20134:00 PMSinclair AuditoriumDid hearing Kelsey Timmerman's stories about the people who make our clothes change how you make decisions about your own purchasing choices?Thomas Scott
Identity DevelopmentReporting and Writing from Haiti to Pakistan to Wisconsin9/18/20134:00 PMMaginnes 102What comparisons can you draw between the United States and other countries?xBrian Perry
Collaborative ConnectionsCommunity Connection9/19/20134:10 PMUC 308; note this has been changedHow can learning about and identifying your own values improve your community? xThomas Scott
Creative CuriosityEnvironmental Initiative Undergraduate Research Symposium9/19/20134:10 PMSTEPS ConcourseWhat research activities interest me? What funding is available for research activities at Lehigh? How can working with students in other disciplines enhance my Lehigh education?xBrittany C
Creative Curiosity "Buddhist Music. A Performance and Talk"9/19/20137:00 PMPacker Memorial ChurchHow do the examples of Buddhist sacred music differ from sacred music you may be more familiar with in the West? Does the Buddhist inspired music make any aesthetic appeal to you, or are your Western musical frameworks barriers to finding beauty in music that others in the world do find beautiful? xBrian Perry
Creative CuriosityiDex 3D Printing Workshop9/19/20134:30-6:00 PMWilbur Powerhouse Lower LevelDo you see 3D printing as a meaningful technology for the future? Why or why not?xThomas Scott
Inclusive LeadershipAuthor: James B. Adamson9/19/20134:40p.m. - 5:30p.m.Lewis Lab LobbyHow can companies be racially sensitive? What is the racial climate at Lehigh University?Brittany C
Creative CuriosityGU Culture Night - Ivory Coast and Togo9/20/20137 PMMaginnes 102Did this event give you better insight into the cultures of Togo and the Ivory Coast? What interesting parallels and differences did you observe?xThomas Scott
Creative CuriosityNY Jazz Repertory Orchestra9/21/20138:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerWhat cultural, historic or performance connections did you hear from either the music, or the director's introductions for each musical selection?xBrian Perry
Inclusive LeadershipHaze: The Documentary 9/24/20134:15 PMMaginnes 260What can I do to prevent an alcohol-related incident from occurring?x
Identity DevelopmentThe Princess Effect9/24/201312:15PM - 1:00PMWomen's Center UC c207If we worry about girls playing princess, what do we worry about boys playing? Do we not worry about boys, in the same ways we worry about girls?xKylie Gray
Identity DevelopmentEtichal Decision Making Speaker Series: Torture, Targeted Killing and the Moral Significance of Grief9/25/20134:10 PMSTEPS 101When we lose the ability to grieve the pain, suffering, or death of the other, are we more likely to violate basic human dignity?
xThomas Scott
Identity DevelopmentNotations: Peggy Orenstein9/26/20137:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerDoes the author's views reflect similar questions or issues you may have about gender issues in our society? If so, or if not, how?xBrian Perry
Creative CuriosityMedea by Euripides9/27/20138:00 PMDiamond Theater, ZoellnerWhat attitudes towards women are reflected in the portrait of Medea in this play?xMegan Woolbert
Creative CuriosityLEO-Mind Bending Physical Theatre9/28/20134:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerHow was technology used to create the illusion of anti-gravity?xKylie Gray
Creative CuriosityMedea by Euripides9/28/20138:00 PMDiamond Theater, ZoellnerWhat attitudes towards women are reflected in the portrait of Medea in this play?x
Creative CuriosityMedea by Euripides9/29/20132:00 PMDiamond Theater, ZoellnerWhat attitudes towards women are reflected in the portrait of Medea in this play?xThomas Scott
Creative CuriosityCreative Writing Evening with Edward Jones10/1/20137:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerEdward Jones writes primarily about the lives of ordinary African Americans in his hometown of Washington, DC. How can his writing apply to lives of people unlike his subjects? xMyTresa Taylor
Professional Growth & SuccessNotations: Edward jones10/1/20137:00 PMZoellnerAfter hearing about the writing process of an award winning author, how do you approach your own writing? xMegan Woolbert
Collaborative ConnectionsNancy Schwartzman - "The Line"10/1/20137:30 PMPackard 101Student can reflect on where they draw "the line" when it comes to gender violencexMyTresa Taylor
Creative CuriosityMedea by Euripides10/2/20138:00 PMDiamond Theater, ZoellnerWhat attitudes towards women are reflected in the portrait of Medea in this play?$5-$12 rangex
Identity Development Does Mexico-US Border Immigration Really Bother You?10/3/20134:10 PMMaginnes 102Is this ‘new’ immigration replicating the mechanisms of the large-scale immigration of a century ago, or is this a new phenomenon, requiring new categories of understanding and new policy responses?
How is our society responding to Hispanic immigration?
Do you believe illegal immigration is a crime and, therefore, migrants are criminals?
xBrian Perry
Creative CuriosityMedea by Euripides10/3/20138:00 PMDiamond Theater, ZoellnerWhat attitudes towards women are reflected in the portrait of Medea in this play?$5-$12 rangexKylie Gray
Collaborative ConnectionsThursday Nigth Trivia10/3/201310 PMHawk's NestWhat have you learned about Lehigh's Founder's Day? What do you want your impact on the Lehigh community to be?xBrian Perry
Creative CuriosityMedea by Euripides10/4/20138:00 PMDiamond Theater, ZoellnerWhat attitudes towards women are reflected in the portrait of Medea in this play?$5-$12 rangexKylie Gray
Collaborative ConnectionsTake the Throne II: Step Show Competition10/5/20137:00 PMBroughal Middle SchoolBased on the step show, what did you take away in regards to the Greek community at Lehigh and how they interact with the larger Bethlehem community?xMyTresa Taylor
Collaborative ConnectionsLU Jazz Repertory Orchestra & Guest10/5/20138:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerHow was the guest musician collaborating with the students in the LU Jazz orchestra?
xCailee Cassidy
Creative CuriosityMedea by Euripides10/5/20138:00 PMDiamond Theater, ZoellnerWhat attitudes towards women are reflected in the portrait of Medea in this play?$5-$12 rangex
Creative CuriosityJee Hyun Lim, Soprano: "Women in Love"10/6/20133:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerMany of the musical selections will be sung in different languages. How does the music transcend language barriers?x
Collaborative Connections"The Other Peace Process: An Inter-religious Dialogue in the Service of Peace."10/8/20137:00 PMMaginnes 102How does the exchange between the two speakers, one a Muslim and the other a Jew, both leaders in their communities in Israel, demonstrate that dialogue can lead to peace, and do you think this is a model that could be helpful more broadly in developing a peace process in the Middle East?xMegan Woolbert
Identity DevelopmentManly Deeds: A Workshop on Male Sexual Responsibility10/9/20136:00 PMSTEPS 180What does being a man mean to you with regards to your treatment of your partner?xMinni Kim
Identity Development#TVM: Total Values Move10/9/20134:10 PMRauch Business Center Computer Lab, Room 50When considering membership in a fraternity or sorority, how can you ensure that this experience enhances, and doesn't compromise, your values?

Where and how can you determine whether or not a group and its members’ actions are in alignment with the group’s stated values?
xMegan Woolbert
Creative CuriositySalsa with Salsa10/9/20137:00 PM - 9:00 PMLamberton Great Room Most cultures their own types of dances that are traditional to their people, because of how expressive dancing can be. What aspects of the Salsa do you find to be most expressive of Hispanic culture and what do they tell you about it?xBrian Perry
Professional Growth & SuccessCompelling Careers and Africana Studies10/9/20137PMSteps 101How has this discussion changed your perspective on career opportunities in Africana Studies?

Have you ever thought of these careers as options for yourself prior to this discussion?

What actions are you going to pursue (if any) in career development pertaining to Africana Studies?
xCailee Cassidy
Professional Growth & SuccessiDeX: Sustainable Innovation, African Artists Get it Right10/9/20134:30-6PMBaker Hall Stage, Zoellner Arts CenterProfessional Growth & Success - Students will create and live out a personal definition of success based on their interests, who they are, and what they want to contribute to the worldxthomas Scott
Creative CuriosityTrivia Night10/10/201310 PMLamberton Great Room In what ways can you have more of a leadership role on campus? How does your leadership style influence the behavior of others? x
Professional Growth & SuccessSocial Networking: Creating Your Professional Identity10/10/20134:15 PMRauch 85Did you take away beneficial knowledge from this workshop and will you alter how you portray yourself through social media because of it?xCailee Cassidy
Creative CuriosityLecture: From Goya to Esteve: Marques D. Lorenzo Manzaanares10/10/20135:00 PMMain Gallery, ZoellnerWhich was a higher value for Esteve, recognition or reward? Are these values the same in today's society?xThomas Scott
Creative CuriosityWilliam R. Scott Africana Brown Bag10/10/201312:00 PMMohler Lab Room 110How do you see Hip Hop being instrumental intersecting African American music, literature and black visual culture?

Identity DevelopmentStanding Out: Peak performance via psychological skills practice10/13/20137:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerHow has music helped shaped the national identity in Mali, and comparatively, the United States (or your home country, if other)?xKylie Gray
Professional Growth & SuccessA Grand Complication10/16/20134:10 PMLinderman 200How, and in what ways, can James Ward Packard, serve as an entrepreneurial model as you chart your goals as a Lehigh student? What were his ambitions? How did these ambitions color his outlook and goals?xBrian Perry
Identity DevelopmentTrayvon Martin, Race and Justice10/16/20134:10 PMSteps 101How might this case impact your own life?

Are there injustices within the justice system?

How might Race, Class, or Gender play a role in the juries?

Where is the divide or disconnect between "law" and "ethics?"
xCailee Cassidy
Inclusive LeadershipGreek Speed Dating10/16/20136 PMLamberton Great Room What is it like to sit with a student leader and learn about who they are and their experiences?

What other questions do I have about the fraternity and sorority community? How can I learn more?
Collaborative ConnectionsBreak The Silence Chat10/16/20134-5PMWomen's Center UC c207What does a healthy relationship look like to you?xBrian Perry
Creative CuriosityGraced with Orange - Presentation and book signing with Jaime Amelio10/18/20134:10 PMLinderman RotundaLehigh students are presented with such opportunities for growth and development during their tenure here and are proof of the power of education. After listening to Jamie's experience in Cambodia, how can Lehigh students become stewards of education as a commodity? xThomas Scott
Creative CuriosityLU Philharmonic10/18/20138:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerHow would you describe the way the conductor leads the orchestra?$18xMegan Woolbert
Creative CuriosityLU Philharmonic10/19/20138:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerHow would you describe the way the conductor leads the orchestra?$18xBrian Perry
Identity DevelopmentLatinopalozza 10/19/20138:00PM-10:30PMLamberton Great Room After seeing this display of the arts from the Hispanic culture, do you feel like you know more about the culture? Does this mean that the performing arts are good educational tool for learning about any culture?


Now that you have seen the way we have expressed our culture, how can you do the same and express who you are not just culturally but your very essence?
Collaborative ConnectionsMnozil Brass - Hojotoho10/20/20134:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerHow do the musicians communicate without speaking during their performance?$13-$36 rangex
Professional Growth & SuccessTime Management and Scholarship10/21/20134:30 PM-5:30 PMNeville 003How can I incorporate some of these time management skills into my daily life to reduce stress levels and succeed academically?xBrian Perry
Professional Growth & SuccessNotations: BathSheba Monk10/22/20137:00 PMZoellnerBathsheba Monk is the author of Nude Walker, a novel, and Now You See...Stories from Cokesville, Pa, a collection of short stories, which was named a Chicago Tribune Best Book of 2006. Her opinion pieces have been published in The New York Times and The LA Times. xMegan Woolbert
Creative CuriosityCreative Writing Program10/22/20137:00 PMZoellner Arts Center in Butz LobbyThe loss of meaning work has what effects on the people in a community? x
Inclusive LeadershipMILLENNIAL GENERATION: Paying the Price for Washington’s Paralysis10/22/20135:00 PMPerella Auditorium, Rauch Business CenterToday's political and economic leadership routinely struggles to find common ground on issues of monumental concern to the Millennial Generation. How can you help bridge the gap and secure a more promising future for you and your peers? No cost - but please RSVP bit.ly/LehightalksgovdebtxBrittany Cutrona
Will Count As Any bLUeprint FoundationSummer Reading Author lecture10/22/20137:00 PMPackard 101Please know which foundation (Creative Curiosity, Identity Development, Collaborative Connections, Prof Growth, or Inclusive Leadership) you want credit for when attending this event--- Reflection questions will be given at the conclusion of the lecturexKylie Gray
Brittany Cutrona
Collaborative ConnectionsFaces of Homelessness10/23/20135:15 PMLamberton Great Room What assumptions have you held about those facing homelessness and what insights have you gained that have altered those assumptions? xThomas Scott
Inclusive LeadershipTrue Life: I'm Living in Poverty 10/23/20137:00 PMLamberton Great Room How can I be an active citizen within my community to combat poverty and help address the needs of my community? xKylie Gray
Collaborative ConnectionsIs it Art?10/24/20135:00 PMLehigh University Art Galleries Main Gallery and Lower GalleryReflect upon what art may be to you and what art is to others by collaborating on the topic. Main Question: What is Art? Does it vary from person to person? Does it reflect personal values? THIS EVENT IS FULLxswipe at end of program (7:30)
Inclusive LeadershipA Comprehensive Exploration of the Rulings of DOMA & Prop 810/24/20134:10 PMRBC 137How does the ruling on DOMA and Prop 8 affect you, whether you are an LGBT individual or not? Hosted by SQUAB (Society of Queer & Undergraduate Allies in Business).x
Creative CuriosityLU Choral Arts - Forever Thine10/25/20138:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerHow does the music reflect the values of the written text? (you may need to refer to translations of text as you hear the music if in foreign language)Free for students with IDxBrian Perry
Creative CuriosityLU Choral Arts - Forever Thine10/26/20138:00 PMBaker Hall, ZoellnerHow does the music reflect the values of the written text? (you may need to refer to translations of text as you hear the music if in foreign language)Free for students with IDxThomas Scott
Creative CuriosityNoche de Baile 10/26/20139:00PM - 1:00AMLamberton Great Room After participating in our culture program describe how you can creatively share some of your traditions with other students around campus? What differences and similarities are there between your traditions/culture and those presented throughout this program? How can you appreciate/embrace other cultures to live harmoniously throughout your Lehigh career?
Identity DevelopmentLiving a Heart Healthy Lifestyle on Lehigh's Campus, hosted by Alpha Phi10/28/20134:15 PMLamberton Great Room Draw a bLUeprint of your heart healthy lifestyle on Lehigh's campus. What changes will you make and why?
What are the greatest causes of heart disease?
How will you live a heart healthy lifestyle off of Lehigh's campus?
xMinni Kim
Creative CuriosityShadowboxers Anonymous Queer Slam Poetry Duo10/28/20137 PMPackard 101What piece stood out to you or connected with you the most and why? xThomas Scott
Inclusive LeadershipThe Idan Raichel Project10/28/20137:30:00Baker Hall Stage, Zoellner Arts Center how does the example Idan sets in gathering musicians from various cultures offer leadership lessons?$10x
Creative CuriosityI Love Greek Life: 1800s-Present 10/29/20136:00 PMLamberton Great Room Keeping in mind the historical context of fraternities and sororities and your personal values, how are you prepared for campus involvement?

xMegan Woolbert
Professional Growth & SuccessStudy Abroad: What's the Big Deal?10/30/20134:10 PMRBC 184 Parella AuditorumHow can an international experience enhance your Lehigh career and
beyond? How can it contribute to your definition of personal success?How does Studying Abroad shape your values and helps you develop an
broader picture of the world? How can you apply the skills that you can
acquire while studying abroad within your personal life and within your
Identity DevelopmentModern Day Slavery from a Global Context10/30/20135:00 PMSTEPS 1011) How has your perspective of slavery and trafficking changed because of Christy's presentation?

2) What can you, as an individual, do to help eradicate slavery?
xBrian Perry
Identity DevelopmentReflection of the Summer Reading Book the Madonnas of Echo ParkDue 10/31/2014
Responses should be emailed to lehighreview2014@gmail.com by November 1st. Written responses should make some kind of interpretive claim about one of the prompts in 500 to 1000 words. Files should be sent in .doc or .docx format. “I'm not sure this is my old neighborhood anymore.  I drive in, visit my mother, then drive out. I haven't explored around here for years for a reason; Echo Park has a hard time letting you go.”  (Skyhorse 153)

Please respond to one of the following:

1) What does it mean for a neighborhood to have “a hard time letting you go”? Explain in context of the novel as well as from your own experiences. Will your hometown let you go? How might this process of resistance and/or release affect your understanding of your own identity?

2) Many of the characters in the book have identities that are deeply rooted in and connected to their neighborhood of Echo Park. Characters who relocate thus often find themselves struggling to adjust emotionally, unsure of how they define themselves in relation to both their old and new surroundings. Do you believe your self-identity is tied to the area in which you grew up? In what ways? How do you imagine that identity might be challenged and/or changed when you leave home and come to Lehigh? How will your new neighborhood of South Bethlehem influence your self-perception?

3) In The Madonnas of Echo Park, it is widely acknowledged that the neighborhood of Echo Park changes dramatically over time. However, characters have differing reactions to such change: think, for example, aboutAurora Esperanza and Freddy, who struggle with acclimating to those changes, while characters like Duchess and Angie seem to readily accept them. How do you imagine you will react to perceived changes in your hometown, after you have spent significant time away at college?

No One Needed