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Stupid numpty judge!.... I want her to live with one of the rioters living next door to her......and lets see what she thinks of "human rights" then!!! Human rights are for humans......law breakers are NOT human!
One of my friends, who was a prison officer at a high security prison, says that a lot of the prisoners claim they are Muslim to get better food etc. Then complain when they miss out on Christmas dinner, poor wee lambs......Hadn't thought that one through, eh?
And yet we're to believe prisons are holiday camps
no perks in jails, no tv, no gym one meal a day then out on the streets cleaning them, then prisoners will have no wish to return, maybe i should try and be PM.
The Russians have the right idea about how to deal with young offenders. They are treated really harshly forced to get up at 6am, beds removed from cell and inmates forced to stand all dayno access to gyms, playstations, TV etc. Re-offending rate much lower than ours
We should look at the Punishment for his crime in both countries and then send him to the one which is the more severe. I don't mind tax money paying to keep him in an Iraqi jail if they promise to cut something off!! Will certainly stop people coming to this country for the free ride (and soft prison sentences) if they still have the treat of hanging for their crimes back home!
When he gets out of prison the law should be changed so that it is legal for anyone who wants to burgle him and his families houses to do so, as retribution for leading such a pathetically low life
GOOD, About time justice is finally being seen as JUSTICE !
What a funny clever little boy he is...sorry that is pathetic stupid little boy.
Only ignorant and uneducated DM readers would believe that people convert to a whole new way of life for food!! There's obviously something attracting people o the religion, after all it is THE fastest growing religion in the world. Think for yourselves instead believing all the anti-moslem cr*p that DM feeds you every day.
Typical Tories!
It should have been 3 years. It does not stop with having sex or raunchy photos,it always leeds to nastier things such as bringing in drugs, weapons etc. People like her have no morals or self esteem and don't deserve leniency of any kind.;I feel this sort of problem stems from the initial interviews and selection for entry into the prison service. I joined the prison service in 1963 and served for 34 years. I was well into my service before the introduction of femail officers.Like many of my colleagues at the time we were not too happy. My thoughts and attitude changed when started to work along side femail officers.;Don,t condem all femail officers, their are also problematical male officers.I enjoyed working with a great number of reliable trustworthy femails.;Get the vetting sorted out ASAP.
sharon, wolverhampton,, My 2 year old looked at footage of those riots your thieving trespassing rioter "angel" child was responsible for and immediatetly said to me " aaaaaaaaaaarrrrr! people NAUGHTY!!!" Your post combined with your daughters actions have proven to me that he has more of a sense of whats right and wrong than the lot of you put together. You claim that we are not perfect, no, we arent, but MY kids and relatives didnt go around smashing up and thieving from their own communitys destroying peoples businesses and livlihoods. How dare you try and justify her actions. She commited the crimes she has been convicted of, it is fair judgement and there is video/photographic proof to say that without a doubt she willingly took part and she was SMILING while she did it. Anyone can make mistakes sure, but most of us arent going around commiting crimes are we. No we are not. Because we have been taught the difference between right and wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Pathetic punishment as usual!
And who pays for these feckless scroungers? Members of the public who have worked hard and, in some cases, are receiving the minimum wage. Are you listening, Messrs Cameron and Clegg?
I would suggest that Princetown jail on Dartmoor is re-opened immediately. These yobs could then spend ten or twenty years breaking things as much as they liked...........rocks in the Dartmoor quarries. Eight hours a day whatever the weather would do them fine.
Jimmy R, Highlands of Scotland, Spot On.
But this judge SHOULD have jailed her through anger, what could be wrong in that? Does she not at least deserve a life sentence, like this poor little child has? It is not like she doesn't deserve everything bad coming to her! My blood boils when I look at this devil face and read what she has done.
I would NEVER get together with a man who kept dangerous weapons in the house (unless he was a massive martial arts enthusiast and had a legitimate use for them). Who needs nunchucks in their house? And three and a half years is a JOKE! I do not want to live in this country anymore.
Im actually lost for words, as a female I just cant get my head round it, how can a young woman do that to another young woman? Its savage and yes I agree 5 years is nothing for what they put that poor girl through.;And to Naomi Morrison, you're a brave girl for making sure this thing got her day in court, I hope you achieve all you want out of life - channel the hate you have for the animal that did this to you and turn it into something positive - this way you win!
No one complain about how are civil rights are being infringed by cctv cameras?
scum like this will never achieve much" dear parent, back in 1977 i did the same thing, i did have a shotgun, it wasnt loaded, but johnny didnt know that... i got caught, and went to jail for it... i was 19.;now, i'm 55. i run a community centre, i publish the local newspaper, i volunteer and i run the residents association. in the last 12 years i have helped turn my community centre into a thriving community space, from the derilect building it was. (its a council estate in Coventry) and yet we have the lowest crime figures in the city, we have clean, open spaces, and new facilities, fought for, and won by our residents association, and community groups, who work with the local agencies...;it is possible to learn from the experience. i'm damn sure i'm not the only one who managed it.. so don't tar everyone with the same brush. i admit my crime, i know what i did was wrong. and for 30 years i've toed the line.;sorry to break the stereotype.
He should bring a civil suit against the thug to recover his costs. He won't ever get the money but at least it'll hang over the lad longer than his criminal conviction
Youths would call him names, throw stones, smash windows and kick the front door.. and some of these criminals were as young as 5... Council estates, eh... sigh.
All the outpouring of scorn and beating of breasts from the public. Where were you when this was taking place? Do you think this is isolated? As an ex-copper I can tell you this is typical of the feral youth that YOU the public breed. Don't blame the police for your failures. Unless of course you feel better to blame others. Next time you look in a mirror ask if you should do something about the others still living this nightmare.
Not long enough sentences and these people should be removed from the UK and sent back to India minus their passports as they certainly come under the heading 'undesirable aliens).
3-and-a-half years, pathetic. I sometimes think there is a mass deafness epidemic in this country, and people mis-hear the ages "14 and 15" as "4 and 5". 14 and 15 year-olds are not innocent, clueless children indistinguishable from toddlers. I remember being those ages very well and people of that age know what they are doing perfectly well. To treat them as, or more to the point excuse them as, little children, is ludicrous, and one of the many things that is turning this country into a pampered, ineffectual dump. A total travesty. Condolences to the family.
Christianity preaches consequences. We must all pay for our sins. The Lord God is willing to accept genuine apology but still metes out punishment as He forgives. He needs to pay for his crime to prove to his "newly discovered" God that he is indeed a changed person. Being a Christian does not give you a free get out of jail pass.
corrupt and dishonest.,i am afraid that thes are the only words to describe our police force.,they very rarely get sacked,,they retire to avoid loosing pension rights,when they do things wrong.,hide evidence,the list goes on and on.,it is time they where held to account,.
they employed her;so why didn't they evaluate her "unsuitable" appearance at her interview if they knew it could become a issue later on?;case closed;she deserved a payout if only for the reason the HMPS didnt employ someone who was fit for the job. It was effectively their fault....use common sense in a interview.;If you could bottle common sense these days....
Seems a bit harsh.
I agree entirely. These children have had a terrible time. But once again the law abiding public is being asked to shell out to care for for swathes of feckless sub human degenerates who are too lazy to bring their children up properly. At what point do we say enough is enough. You can only tax so far. If violent anti-social thugs breed violent anti-social children why should we have to pay the price with old ladies afeared to go out and the rest of us being forced to featherbed the useless lives of these scum.
Outrageous bias in this article. ALL children have promise and ability. Why should this girl be humanised in this way, there is a story to be told behind each young person who goes off the rails.
When any excuse is every excuse to take away someone’s life!!
Send them to Afghanistan, and get them digging up IED's for a few months, that will sort them
Life without parole so as to save other innocents in the future.
Spoil your children and this is what happens. Learning the value of money and responsibility should begin at a young age
It sounds like your parents brought you up the right way as you sound like a very normal decent person, shame that there are others out there that abuse the kindness of their parents.
Some people would say I had been spoilt by my parents and still am.And I would NEVER steal from them
I believe that Graylings vision is correct, the current secure environment is a college of crime, the stats are the evidence.You can keep young people and the public safe for a period of time by locking offenders up but you will only change a young person by educating them and giving them the social, academic and vocational skills to move away from crime and anti social behaviour.;Quality role models,teachers, tradesmen,soldiers,ex offenders and people from their home community, have the skills, values and motivation to add massive value to a new way of teaching offenders,a new fit for purpose modern meaningful, training and education program, that would continue when they step out of the secure environment and save them from the cycle of crime and detention.;Ed Trax
If the "Ferals" are old enough to do the crime then they are old enough to do the time. It's no use saying that they don't know right from wrong, kids are learning this from a very early age, and most of them come from very respectable homes, with very caring parents, but sometimes, it is born in them, and all the teaching in the world isn't going to help. Sometimes, the only way to deal with these kids is to treat them like adults if they do an evil crime, and take them off the streets for a very long time, even permanently if necessary.
The decision to let her off does not represent justice, but then we do not seem to have a justice system anymore. I fear for the future of her 2 year old daughter and many other children like her in this country.
Folks, these people are political prisoners jailed to save the face of a discredited and unelected regime…
Human rights. Once again our judiciary are a laughing stock. How on earth do they get these jobs.
The idiots running this country seem to have appointed themselves saviours and caretakers of the worlds population, so what do you expect?
Young men complain of rape in prison. Do something now to stop this practice and the suicides will reduce.
I have to agree with her. Put them through military processes, that might help.
if I remember correctly, a few years ago another roof top protest took place at one of the northan prisons. after failed negotiations by prison staff they sent the SAS up to get them down, didnt take long to shift them. Maybe need more of that, dont take any of their BS.
If he's 17 them i'm 21, which i can assure you was a long time ago.
So if I break into a house in Britain... (2 years/ 250 homes)... an average of 3 days in jail. I'm moving to Britain!
Actions have consequences. Too bad, kiddies.
Prison is supposed to be a punishment - make it somewhere people don't want to go back to - it's hardly rocket science. Oh I forgot politicians are in charge of these decisions.
The issue that is being ignored is that these converts are there for the picking. They are, in the main, disillusioned youngsters with no sense of belonging to any part of society. As with so many other societies, be they religious or not, thse converts finally find a sense of belonging and as such are ideal for radicalisation. I would be interested to know how much there is on offer within Feltham and other institutions for convertion to Christianity, Budhism or other religions?
Scumbags like these will almost certainly have been claiming all the benefits going at the same time as robbing their vulnerable victims. Most likely in several different council areas at the same time.;has this been investigated, or is it too difficult for Plod.?
I was already to make my comment like "Why did they change a system that obviously sounds ideal - Brutal exercise, hard work and strict education - topped off with a bit of musical theatre" and then I read the comment posted by
Maybe what's needed is something along the lines of the original borstal system but more closely monitored to prevent the abuse (sexual and otherwise) I really feel that apathy, listlessness and idleness can do nothing for the "inmates" (if that's what their called) Learning useful skills at the same time has to be beneficial - obviously skills that are more fitting for today's world.
The obvious benefits of Feminism!
What an excuse off this shocker of a mother - 'the shutter fell down', 'she just went in for a look'.;Why go into a shop that was being looted in the first place? Any decent person would walk away or stand and watch outside at a safe distance. No your 'angel' of a daughter was inside. End of story. People like you should not be allowed kids. Parents like you who defend their cherubs actions no matter what, are the reason the country is a shambles.
Once again, I find it shameful that he lives but the poor father dies. I hope his shameful memories haunt him for longer than this short sentence. RIP
Lets see how tough you really are and lets put you on the front line in Afghanistan, you want to prove you're a man? Get out there, you are nothing but a coward and I would make sure you never have kids and turn you into a Eunoch!
Why are female prison officers in a male prison? What do you expect? Just another example of a politically correct but daft country!
Anyone who can be so cruel to an innocent baby should be hung!!
Is it me or do all these thugs look the same? and then people complain about being stereotyped for the way they look when they dress and act like these idiots, does my nut in!
Only 5 years for that? A student who dropped a fire-extinguisher off a roof and hurt no-one got 32 months and this torturer got only 5 years.
++"Judge Francis Gilbert QC sentenced Warren-Lean to 35 months in a young offenders’ institution."+++++++++ The "minimum" sentence for possession of firearm is supposed to be 5 years. When are our politicians going to start keeping their promises and force our lilly-livered judges to impose proper, punitive sentences?
These three will never ever amount to anything, and will always be a burden and a scurge on society......
Bring back the birch. Half a dozen strokes of that should take the smirk off his face.
You blame the police. I blame the neighbours who failed to support him and YOU the general public. You have tied the hands of the police, clip the yob around the ear and see him get discipline, have to pay damages to the poor boy and then get sacked so why bother. You have got the police force you deserve. Just read the comments here to see how much support you give YOUR police.
This saddens me beyond belief
Five year sentence out after 3 not bad one hundred thousand pounds a year? That's a good wage! And they say crime doesn't pay? And are they being deported? Don't hold yer breath!
@Truth speaker--"Boys fight "----You clearly have no understanding of what constitutes a fight.What took place was not a fight, but a beating by a brutal thug !! Perhaps your screen name should include"As i see it
To get out of a prison sentence I would say I was an alien!
they must join the ranks of the unemployed
Stupid little girl, sounds just about right
Classy Bird…
Of course children know what is right and wrong at 10 years old so if 63% say the age should be raised from 12 to 14 for a custodial sentence for non violent crimes then a lot of adults need their heads knocking together. All you would be doing is promoting more theft because they know they won't be incarcerated. Honestly some adults should not be allowed to vote if this is how they think!
Please bring back death penalty for gods sake! There's no rehabilitating sickos like him, they'll just do it again as soon as they're out.
Unfortunately for me i often have to resort to using foul language, i am by no means perfect, however it's;just as well MOL will not permit cursing / swearing on the comment page (terms & conditions apply) as we;are all aware, because i am quite capable of turning the air blue...In this horrendous case i have been;reading may i simply suggest BOOT KAMP, 5 YEARS X 4 BOWSIES.
This is exactly why Sikhs should not be leagally allowed to carry a dangerous weapon, and claim it is a part of their religion. We don't allow Americans to carry guns in the UK, so why let Sikhs carry knives?
So judges will lock up this girl but pardon a 14 year old boy who raped a 6 year old and blamed it on porn. GREAT JUSTICE SYSTEM!
This just has to be a really bad dream I'm having. Hopefully I will wake soon and everything will return to reality.
Utter rubbish.;In today's Britain the age should be brought down to 8 yrs. Is that plonker aware of what is going on on our streets today?;We need to bring back the old style borstals to deal with the feral kids that roam our streets.;Parents of under age children convicted of crimes should be sentenced to a jail term as well. Maybe that will make them take more responsibility for their young.
Scum woman, deserves to go to jail for a long time. Take her daughter away so she has a chance of a decent life.
I think this is well over the top when the looters are getting much more lenient sentences and would the comments be the same if they were inciting anti-EU riots?
Sometimes when I read these Crime and Punishment articles in the DM I actually think they are so far-fetched that it cannot possibly be correct - - I usually check elsewhere on the Internet and other papers - - this is just such a story! How this utter idiot, masquerading as a High Court Judge could possibly conclude rioting convicted yobs should have a case to present for compensation is profoundly disturbing and leaves me incredulous! How does this fool imagine these young offenders will ever learn respect for the Law if she grants them easy access to massive pay-outs for being deprived of something that as imprisoned felons should always be regarded as a privilege!? How many ordinary, decent young people across the UK in these straitened times cannot get access to any sort of Gymnasium, Your Honour!? Are you going to argue they all should have gym time as a Human Right!? Just how out-of-touch with factual reality, can a Judge get before they are SACKED!?
It would appear to me that this figure would not be so high and shocking were the government to provide higher brow jobs for these desperate lads, who form an essential and productive section of our population. The hard truth of the matter is that young male Muslims do not commit more crimes than any other religious groups, but sadly are given prison sentences far more than their white counterparts are.
her again....
Take away their playstation, tv', and how about their loo while you're at it?! Let them sit and lie and their own excrement. It's no worse than making decent, law abiding citizens live amongst such trash that have been let out early despite their continued bad behaviour and lack of remorse.
Then he must but must be deported and banned from ever coming back to the UK.
Why does this serial offender not get ten years. He might learn a lesson if in jail for a long time.He is obviously a hazard to the community
Awww poor little diddums,,, I couldnt care less about the rioters prison experiences, they should have thought of the consequences while they rampaged through streets beating people,looting shops and torching houses, get on with it!
Bring back punishment, bed, food and water. The necessities to live and not one thing more.
I was supervising lunchtime once at school and I caught a girl stealing a sandwich from the counter, when I challenged her she stood her ground and screamed at me "I am a good muslim I do not steal". This cracked me up as the girl was a serial trouble maker, a thief and a bully. I am glad to say she received a weeks detention and had to write me an apology for screaming at me, which had to be signed by her parents as well.;There are obviously good and bad in all religions but how many use their religion to get out of trouble. The girls who cried that they were muslims and not used to drink comes to mind, this is one case that I would have liked to have seen their mosque get involved in!
Will someone PLEASE tell me why David 'junior' (19) and Abraham (20) get sent to a young offenders institution??????????????????????? I am continually taken aback, by the number of over 18+'s who get 'sentenced' for such serious crimes,to a young offenders holiday camp, at tax payers expense
I imagine that learning to build houses, milk cows and bake bread did more to aid rehabilitation than spending all day on playstations or facebook
Why on earth would a 31 year old woman want sex with an 18 year old? It is all "Wham Bam Thank you Maam" with such a young man!
Like Charlie Gilmour she will only serve a quarter of her sentence in custody, then she will be released on a tag until she reaches the halfway point of her sentence and is eligible for parole. Yes, it was a stupid mistake, but it was a CRIMINAL stupid mistake, and the riots cost people their jobs and livelihoods. 10 weeks inside will give her plenty of time to grow up and think about what she has done. Her mother needs to accept that her daughter having regrets about her actions does not undo her actions, and that having made such a 'mistake' there have to be consequences. If her daughter were robbed I am sure she would want action taken against the person who did it, even if they said afterwards that it had been a mistake and they regretted it.