Documentary Questionnaire (Responses)
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TimestampGenderAgeOccupationHow many documentaries do you watch per week?What is your favourite documentary?What do you normally watch your documentaries on? (Tick all that apply)What makes a documentary interesting for you?How do you prefer documentaries to be presented?Do you like it when extra information is presented via images and animations?Are you interested in how technology and media effect our lives?
11/10/2013 14:40:10Male26 - 35Full-time employment5+The WarComputer / LaptopThe TopicNarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 14:45:33Male26 - 35Full-time employment3-4FreakonomicsComputer / LaptopInteresting content, presented well. Good ratio of voiceover and expert interviews. Also some feeling of balance, showing the film maker tried to represent both sides of an issue.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 14:54:12MaleUnder 18Student1-2TV, Computer / LaptopTopic, way of presentationNarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 14:58:08Male18 - 25Part-time employment1-2Man on WireTV, Computer / Laptopinteresting story and a good narative. NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 15:00:32Male18 - 25Part-time employment3-4Sick Around the WorldComputer / LaptopThe topicNarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 15:05:44Male18 - 25Student1-2Supersize Me, Life on the Mesa, so many moreTV, Computer / LaptopThe topic, of course. It really has to be something that's going to hold my interest without boring me to death. I'm somewhat of a geek though so many things interest me that other people would find dreadful.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 15:08:57Male18 - 25Student0The CoveTVI prefer detailed information that tells me why I should be interested in the topic right off the bat. If it hasn't caught my attention within the first 5 minutes, I won't sit through the rest. NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 15:11:53Female35+Unemployed3-4no favourite/sorryTV, Computer / Laptop, Tablet, Phone, roku/netflixWhen it teaches me or makes me aware of something I didn't know. I have a variety of interests.economic justice archaeology, history ,autobiography,exploration in any field,technology, ted talk ,human welfare, animals,music. Just about anything except religion.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 15:18:38Male18 - 25Student1-2KoyaanisqatsiTV, Computer / LaptopA good externalizing device is needed for any issue; need Schenectady. Or the presence of Werner. NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 15:20:32Male35+Full-time employment1-2Dogs DecodedTV, Computer / LaptopInteresting subject. Relevance. Well narrated. Learning opportunities.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 15:25:29Male18 - 25Student3-4LiftTV, Computer / LaptopFactually correct or investigative. Documentaries with something to say. Well shot.NarratorNoYes
11/10/2013 15:26:46Male18 - 25Student1-2Dear ZacharyComputer / LaptopEngaging story, focus and clarity. Emotional and 'ongoing' elements help.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 15:27:11Male26 - 35Full-time employment1-2all of themTV, Computer / Laptoprevealing new information, engaging deeply in a person life, struggle, storyNarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 15:27:22Male18 - 25Full-time employment1-2The Devil and Daniel JohnstonTV, Computer / Laptop, TabletA unique story told in a unique way. I also enjoy a story about someone in an ordinary life doing extraordinary things.On screen presenterYesYes
11/10/2013 15:29:36Male18 - 25Student1-2The art of war/The fog of warTV, Computer / LaptopHigh production value is always a good like in decent animations or recreations. Combine that with real footage and interesting speakers like famous people (How to make money selling drugs) or just important people that were involved in what the documentary was about. Like McNamara in The fog of war. I also love statics and information that put numbers and such in perspective. NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 15:46:21Male18 - 25Student0Jiro Dreams of SushiTV, Computer / LaptopI need to be able to get the sense that the documentarian is interested in what's going on first and foremost, because if they're not passionate about the film, why should I be?NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 15:51:35Male18 - 25Part-time employment0Jesus CampComputer / LaptopI'm not a huge fan of documentaries, the information age is so quickly that if I really wanted to know something I could look it up online, also Doc's are usually slanted to one side or another.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 16:02:01FemaleUnder 18Student0I don't know its name, but one about the depths of a lake in an island which had different densities in the water. Heavier water (I think it was water) sank and preserved skulls and other bones. It was fascinating! TVWell, everyone's interested in something, so I can't say, for example, insects. But an objective thing is the narrator's voice. If it's monotone, we'll be bored. Also, dynamism and different perspectives, people, scenes, etc. NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 16:02:55Male18 - 25Student0The ImposterComputer / LaptopNarrative style which also adds to the depth of the story the director/writer is trying to express. The subject must remain interest.On screen presenterYesYes
11/10/2013 16:10:37MaleUnder 18Student1-2Kings of Cannabis (From the Youtube channel Vice)Computer / LaptopI guess 3 things.
1. The documentary feeling "professional" makes a huge difference.
2. History is always interesting, since it tells real stories and it's really useful information. (WWI , WWII, etc.)
3. Modern problems are always interesting (Legalization of cannabis, gay marriage, financial state of the US, financial state of Greece, North-Korea's present and the future, etc.)
11/10/2013 16:12:19Male18 - 25Student1-2The 7 Ages of RockTV, Computer / LaptopGood pacing and a subject/topic that I find interesting on its own.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 16:15:38Male18 - 25Student1-2TV, Computer / Laptop, TabletReal talk and supported by trusted resources.NarratorYesNo
11/10/2013 16:21:35Male18 - 25Full-time employment3-4Moon MachinesTV, Computer / LaptopSubject matter, good narration, pacing, cinematography and background music, never sacrificing accuracy for special effects or a more exciting story. NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 16:24:32Male26 - 35Full-time employment1-2ScienceTVSolid research, good pacingNarratorYesNo
11/10/2013 16:30:26Male18 - 25Part-time employment3-4BullyComputer / Laptop, TabletIt's all about content. Is is thought provoking? Why should I care?On screen presenterYesYes
11/10/2013 16:42:32Male18 - 25Full-time employment5+Harlan County U.S.A.Computer / LaptopSimply put, truth is stranger than fiction. Look at King of Kong - A Fistfull of Quarters. If it was a narrative, it would have been too cheesy and unbelievable. The characters would be too over the top. On screen presenterYesYes
11/10/2013 16:43:41Male18 - 25Full-time employment1-2POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever SoldTVInteresting data presented in an easy to view format.On screen presenterYesYes
11/10/2013 16:52:50MaleUnder 18Student1-2Planet EarthTV, Computer / Laptop, TabletThe cinematography and narrator.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 17:18:41Male18 - 25Student1-2Vice - North Korea Computer / LaptopThe subject and presentation of it, On screen presenter plays a big part as well!On screen presenterYesYes
11/10/2013 17:21:11Female26 - 35Unemployed1-2Happy PeopleComputer / LaptopI like ones that expose corruption and broken systems. On screen presenterYesYes
11/10/2013 17:40:03Male18 - 25Student1-2Everything is a Remix series TV, Computer / LaptopLots of facts and interesting perspectives, I like a well rounded documentary but heavy bias is also quite fun to critique and spark discussion. On screen presenterYesYes
11/10/2013 17:42:35Male35+Unemployed1-2Eternal Enemies: Lions and HyenasComputer / LaptopNew perspectives. Neutral presentation.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 17:43:18Male18 - 25Full-time employment0Transcendental ManTV, Computer / Laptoptypically educational materialNarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 18:06:00Female26 - 35Unemployed1-2the clean bin projectTV, Computer / LaptopHistory
11/10/2013 18:10:59MaleUnder 18Student3-4the thin blue lineTV, Computer / Laptop, TabletThe new innovation in the mediumNarratorNoYes
11/10/2013 18:26:35Female18 - 25Full-time employment0I am drawing a blank currently.TV, Computer / LaptopInformative media with a hopefully unbiased lens. For me, it's about learning. Whether the documentary is about a person, a historical event, a conspiracy, a product or business, as long as I learn something, I enjoy it.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 18:37:06Female18 - 25Part-time employment1-2The Thin Blue LineTVThe content has to be engaging and presented in a unique way. There are not a lot of rules for documentaries so I like it when filmmakers explore new territories. NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 18:47:48Male26 - 35Full-time employment1-2CrumbTV, Computer / LaptopSubjectNarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 18:53:29Male35+Full-time employment1-2Casting By, The New Black, SalvageTV, Film FestivalsSolid subject told without the need to follow a particular narrative bias. Let the subjects tell their stories, get as many perspectives as possible, and let the narrative evolve from there. NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 19:06:08Male18 - 25Student1-2Computer / LaptopGreat plotNarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 19:19:40Male18 - 25Full-time employment1-2Indie Game: The MovieNetflix on the TV1 - Good Cinematography, not necessarily perfect in that aspect, but good enough.

2 - Great story telling and/or presenting facts in an interesting way. Not to pedantic.

3 - Unbiased, specifically in political documentaries. Or the opposite, if they have an agenda, at least be blunt and not hide it to pretend to be unbiased.

11/10/2013 19:30:44Male26 - 35Full-time employment1-2GaslandTV, TabletA subject I know very little about shown in a new and interesting way.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 19:36:44Male26 - 35Full-time employment1-2Planet EarthTV, Computer / LaptopUnbiased truth, rare footageNarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 19:40:50Male26 - 35Student1-2Blue PlanetTV, Computer / LaptopI am able to learn something from it
There are good visual representations of the data being presented
11/10/2013 19:48:22Male18 - 25Full-time employment1-2In the Shadow of the RaidComputer / Laptop-Great characters. People who are expressive, endearing, and fun to watch for 90 mins.

-A story. Every documentary should have a narrative in it just like fiction. A character should want something REALLY badly, but there are tremendous obstacles in the way. The stakes should be high too. If this character misses his/her chance, they'll fail hard. Gives the audience a reason to care about the topic and a person to root for.

-An issue represented by the characters and the narrative. For example, in the doc, The Cove, the issue is the immoral and unhealthy practice of hunting and selling of dolphin meat. This issue is represented in Rick O Barry's personal struggle to fight against the dolphin trade in Japan while reconciling the fact that he sort of created it through Flipper.

These 3 things; Characters, Story; Issue. If all three of these exist in the movie, then it's probably a kickass doc.
On screen presenterYesYes
11/10/2013 19:58:23Male18 - 25Student3-4Little Dieter Needs to FlyTV, Computer / Laptop, PhoneBased on an interesting fringe topic NarratorYesNo
11/10/2013 20:12:09Male35+Full-time employment1-2Planet EarthComputer / LaptopInteresting story. Classic camera and sound work.NarratorNoYes
11/10/2013 20:12:10Male35+Full-time employment1-2anything by david attenboroughComputer / LaptopIts about how it is pitched. I am sick of seeing an interesting topic destroyed by shallow, soundbite style voice-overs from people with no understanding or appreciation of the topic. If you look to the TED talks as a good level, educated and interested audience with a reasonable vocabulary but not experts on the topic at hand.

I want to know more than this is the most deadly jellyfish, or this guy rose to power in the Gambino family, I want to know the what, the how and the why. I also want to hear it from someone who has a deep understanding and can explain things in such a way that I not only get the rounded picture but also glimps the detail I cant get from 10 minuets googling the subject matter.

As for the next two questions, I coulnt care less,if there is a presenter who can interact with a subject then that can help, but if he is in the way of the subject it detracts, images and animations can help with academic or theoretical concepts but do I need a bar chart to illustrate an obvious trend that could just be articulated.

I watch documentaries because I want to learn something, I want you to tell me something that I couldnt conclude for myself and I want to be surprised by what I learn. There is no point stating the obvious for 90 minutes.
11/10/2013 20:14:54Male26 - 35Full-time employment0The one about the guy who made boondock saintsTVIf it applies to my life. Food, environment, music and film are topics that always intrigue me. NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 20:15:06Male26 - 35Full-time employment3-4TV, Computer / LaptopContent, Validity, area of interest.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 20:19:39Female18 - 25Student1-2TV, Computer / LaptopA compelling, fascinating story I never knew about before - it could be something to do with your life, someone else's life, something which underpins all our lives. NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 20:25:35MaleUnder 18Part-time employment1-2Mistaken For StrangersComputer / Laptop, FestivalI like when you manage to make a story out of an idea. For instance, trying to cope with your borther's success and your own failure. This example is Mistaken for StrangersOn screen presenterNoYes
11/10/2013 20:46:46MaleUnder 18Student1-2Jiro (sushi documentary on netflix)Computer / LaptopA very good story. Also something in interested in. However my favorite documentary is about sushi and I hate seafood. Story needs to be impactful. On screen presenterYesYes
11/10/2013 20:48:39Female26 - 35Unemployed1-2Bowling For ColumbineComputer / Laptop, TabletSubject matterNarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 21:09:22Male26 - 35Full-time employment1-2For all mankindTV, Computer / Laptop, TabletCinematography and storytelling. Aka something akin to BBC's Planet Earth is beautiful or something else might have a fascinating story.NarratorNoYes
11/10/2013 21:14:37Male18 - 25Full-time employment0the unionComputer / LaptopSubject matter accessibilityNarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 21:25:34Female26 - 35Student5+jesus campTV, Computer / LaptopA good narrative, a good story trumps everything else.On screen presenterYesYes
11/10/2013 21:33:10Male26 - 35Full-time employment3-4TV, Computer / Laptop, Tablet, PhoneBeing shown the road taken from mystery to understanding.NarratorYesNo
11/10/2013 21:41:22Male18 - 25Part-time employment1-2Hoop DreamsTV, Computer / LaptopContent. Credibility. When it tells a story and features people I can relate with. NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 21:50:45Male26 - 35Part-time employment3-4TabletNew insight or information.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 21:52:54Female26 - 35Full-time employment0The AristocratsTV, in theatersBeing exposed to topics or people I wouldn't normally know about. I prefer docs that are educational and entertaining but not depressing - so many docs are about depressing issues. While I'm glad to have the new information these documentaries provide, I hate leaving the theater feeling like shit.NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 21:53:38Female18 - 25Student1-2Computer / LaptopIts coverage of a subject and the depth of information about it.NarratorNoYes
11/10/2013 22:12:54Male18 - 25Part-time employment1-2America: The Story of UsTV, Computer / LaptopAnything historical gets my attentionNarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 22:50:16MaleUnder 18Student1-2The one about crows and how smart they are, it was probably on CBC. TV, Computer / Laptop, PhoneIf it's something I can see myself doing or on a reality show that's actually reality such as the show where they put a CEO or some other high ranking person into different working areas of their company to fix stuff. NarratorYesYes
11/10/2013 23:27:19Male18 - 25Full-time employment1-2"Jiro Dreams of Sushi" and "Kingdom Come" (if you're a filmmaker you NEED to watch Kingdom Come)Computer / Laptop1) Characters. They need to be compelling, and not in the "stupid reality TV" kind of way. I mean compelling as in "this person is incredible".

2) If the film is well shot, that helps. I find editing to be huge, as it often is with docs. It has to flow wel.
11/10/2013 23:49:06Female18 - 25Part-time employment0SennaComputer / Laptopsubject matter, still tells a narrative in an interesting and unique way, has a good story to tellNarratorYesYes
12/10/2013 00:23:07Female18 - 25Student5+Dear ZacharyNetflix via PS3Honesty, truth, and emotion. NarratorYesYes
12/10/2013 00:26:46Female18 - 25Part-time employment3-4Can't pick one!Computer / LaptopI like when they cover different aspects of a topic. Documentaries like Black Fin are an interesting watch, but they tend to harp on only one aspect. I really enjoy reality type documentaries like 30 days. But I also enjoy documentaries that explain complex topics, like Hot Coffee.NarratorYesYes
12/10/2013 00:41:33Male18 - 25Student1-2Private Life of PlantsTVWhen it teaches me things I didn't know previously in an engaging way.NarratorYesYes
12/10/2013 01:26:54Male26 - 35Part-time employment1-2The ImposterTV, Computer / LaptopTelling stories creatively.NarratorYesYes
12/10/2013 02:10:52Male26 - 35Unemployed0Computer / LaptopMake it fun.NarratorYesYes
12/10/2013 02:21:34MaleUnder 18Student0earthTV, Computer / LaptopGood cinematography, interesting subject and good narrator voice.NarratorYesYes
12/10/2013 02:56:56Male18 - 25Student0Exit Through the Gift ShopTV, Computer / LaptopTopics I find interesting. I like movies, so I like to watch documentaries about making films (i.e., the fake documentary about making Medellin in Entourage). NarratorYesYes
12/10/2013 03:28:06MaleUnder 18Student1-2TV, Computer / Laptop, TabletInteresting people and experiences. NarratorYesYes
12/10/2013 04:39:14Female26 - 35Full-time employment1-2Grey GardensComputer / Laptop, PhoneI really love the Cinéma vérité subgenre for its anthropological undertones.
Being able to look at a moment in time or a stranger's life is so interesting to me. It's as close to reality as one can get.
On screen presenterNoYes
12/10/2013 06:15:47Male35+Full-time employment0MurderballTVInteresting characters telling a story in their own words. Also, all the rules of filmmaking apply - SHOW, don't tell. Interview are fine, but it is more interesting if you can show the story.

I prefer there to be NO presenter or narrator - but you didn't give that choice.
12/10/2013 21:47:51Female18 - 25Full-time employment1-2WastelandTV, Computer / LaptopCompelling characters(e.g. someone I can relate to), a clear goal defined and seeing it come to fruition, a relevant topic.NarratorYesYes
13/10/2013 15:36:59MaleUnder 18Student1-2imposterComputer / LaptopA good story that I otherwise would have never known aboutNarratorYesYes
15/10/2013 23:04:13Male18 - 25Student1-2TV, Computer / LaptopControversial topicsOn screen presenterYesYes
16/10/2013 15:14:55Male18 - 25Student1-2Fat, Sick and nearly deadComputer / Laptop, Tablet, PhoneSeeing experts, different point of view, easily explained data, and more complex tooNarratorYesYes
18/10/2013 03:12:22Male26 - 35Part-time employment1-2Burden of dreamsComputer / Laptop, ProjectorA good narrative and production quality. NarratorYesYes
23/10/2013 04:15:51FemaleUnder 18Student1-2Exit Through The Gift ShopComputer / LaptopThe people that are in it. I prefer docs that handle a group of people and an experience not simply a person (especially one who has died) or an event in history. I prefer the sociological aspects as apposed to the historical aspects.NarratorYesYes
23/10/2013 05:00:01Male18 - 25Full-time employment1-2Street FightComputer / LaptopHonestyNarratorYesYes
04/11/2013 22:09:13Female26 - 35Part-time employment1-2Every F*cking Day of My LifeComputer / LaptopYou learn by watching, it's real and personal stories. I'm also a filmmaker and like to watch to pick up things I like or dislike about the actual filmmaking craft. On screen presenterYesYes
18/11/2013 15:20:39Female26 - 35Full-time employment1-2Paper HeartTV, Computer / LaptopSomething that is different than the norm, either subject matter or way of presenting the information.On screen presenterYesYes
28/11/2013 19:17:52Male35+Full-time employment3-4Jiro Dreams of SushiTV, Computer / LaptopGreat storytelling, subject, presentation.NarratorNoYes
08/12/2013 14:25:19Male26 - 35Full-time employment1-2Touching the VoidTVInteresting characters, compelling story. High stakes. NarratorYesYes
09/12/2013 01:05:02Male35+Full-time employment3-4Mr. DeathTV, Computer / LaptopCharacter, character, characterOn screen presenterYesYes
08/01/2014 04:16:53Male18 - 25Full-time employment1-2Up the YangtzeTV, Computer / LaptopA good story well told.NarratorYesYes
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