Housing Solutions (for the Public Good)
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Welcome to Housing Solutions, aka the "Box Matcher"!
All measurements are in inches!Do you have a housing problem? Then this is where you can find a housing solution!
This spreadsheet can suggest an available housing (box, envelope, etc) for a collection item, based on the dimensions of the item.
If this if your first time using this tool, please read through the following instructions and tips, so that you can get the best results.
Anyone can edit this sheet where editing is intended - you do not need to request access to use this sheet.
If you experience any issues with this spreadsheet, please email the author, Suzy Morgan:suzyemail@gmail.com
Step #Related ColumnsOptional or
Do this!Expert Tips For Best Results!
1A,B,COptionalEnter any identification information for the item being measured, such as collection name, call number, box number, etc. Be as specific as possible, if you intend to submit an order for supplies based on the result. This will help you match up the item with its housing when it arrives later.
2DOptionalIn column D, enter the type of housing you need for the item, such as Box, Envelope, or Bag. You must pick from the available options, but you can leave it blank to show all results, regardless of housing type.
3EOptionalNext, in column E, enter the type of material for the housing, such as "board" or "plastic". If you aren't sure, or you don't care, just leave it blank to show housings made of any available material type.
4F,GRequiredIn columns F and G, enter the length and width of the collection item in need of a housing. On this sheet, "length" means the longest horizontal measure (i.e. the "footprint" of the housing), and width is the shorter horizontal measure. You must enter the larger dimension first. All measurements must be entered as inches, and as decimals.
Do not enter fractions. For example, if your item is 1 1/2 inches, you must enter "1.5", not "1 1/2". The formatting will automatically convert decimals to fractions.
5HOptionalIf you are trying to match a box, you must enter the height of the item in column H.
If you need an envelope, sleeve, bag or other type of housing that is meant for storing thin materials, you may leave column H blank.
The height is the vertical distance from the bottom of the item to the top of the item, or box.
6IOptionalIf you are measuring a large pile of material that you would like split into multiple boxes, you can enter a number in the "Split by" column, which will take the given height and divide it by that number. So if you would rather measure an 8" pile of materials once, rather than entering it multiple times as a 2" pile, you can enter "4" in Column I.
7J,KOptionalIf you would like to capture as many results as possible, you can adjust the looseness of the fit by entering adjustments to the tolerance values in columns J and K. This will increase the maximum housing size provided by the number entered for either/or the height or the length & width.
The default tolerance values are set to only select containers that are at least 1/4" larger than the item, but no more than 2 1/2" larger, in all dimensions.

If you want to override the tolerance entirely, check the box in column AH, "Override Tolerance".
8L,MAutomatedThe results of the housing search will appear in column L.
If any of the results are also available in the current supplies inventory, they will appear in Column M.
If Column L says "No products available", try entering "1" in Columns J andK, to adjust the looseness of the fit. Increase the value by .5 until you get results. If you still don't get a match, this is likely because there is not a product available in those dimensions.
9NRequiredIn Column N choose what size of housing you want to select from the results.
10O,POptionalIf you want to place a supplies order based on the results, you must first select the vendor in Column O, then select a product in column P. Please note that some sizes are only available from certain vendors.
This sheet uses the Validation+ script created by AD:AM.
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