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EDTC400 W18 - Mentoring Log for Webster Fox (SID: 200369850)
DateMenteeNotesTypeLinkCopy and paste of contents of comment
2018-01-07Sarah ReimerThis technically isn't a "mentee", but I was interacting with this EDTC 300 student in early january (either right before or right after the first session of 300 and 400)Tweethttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/950218020525191169

First Tweet:
I learned how to play guitar last semester, it resulted in my buying a Ukulele. Give Uke a try, a really nice sounding wooden one is around $100 (cheaper ones around $50 work well too) at St Johns and its the perfect casual instrument (and REALLY fun!) :)

Second Tweet:
Well, I used last semester as my excuse to finally work on guitar. It's a lot more fun when it is something you want to learn! haha
2018-02-10Olivia JensenWas originally written feb 3rd, but for some reason the comment failed to postBlog commenthttps://oliviajensenweb.wordpress.com/2018/01/27/fetching/#commentsI just noticed my reply last week never actually posted! My appoligies.

I love your project, its simple and something you love (your dog!), but it will be a decent challenge. When my dog fetched, he really did the same thing, keep away and run circles around the yard. Eventually with age my dad was able to get him to fetch better, though it might have been because he would throw from the BBQ in the summer (seems food is good incentive haha).

The two toys seems like it would be an interesting idea, but I would recommend give some treats a try! See if that is enough to convince him to return. Begin hiding the treat, and having him come, expecting it (and then of course give it to him). Remember to always give him praises for coming back. Finally, try eventually going without treats, just having a closed fist, and pet him when he comes for the treat. Eventually in the end you can lose the fist, see if it will work to get him fetching! It is a form of learning through behaviourism, but seems to have worked time and time again for other forms of dog training.

I look forward to seeing your progress!
2018-02-10Hayley HodsonBlog Commenthttps://hayleysblog348.wordpress.com/2018/02/08/just-another-superbowl/#commentsTwitter is definitely a different ballpark from Facebook-like services, that is for sure. But it is a unique platform for public conversation, and the more you get into it, the more interesting it gets. I previously used it for the gaming communities, as a way to have public conversation on topics. I also use it for tracking topics like #skstorms during tornado season (Along with Greg johnson and the Tornado Hunters). I challenge you to take the plunge, even outside of education. Check out hashtags and topics that interest you personally, and see what comes up. You might find yourself starting to enjoy Twitter for a range of purposes!

As for the Super Bowl, I can relate to your lack of interest in it. I didn’t even watch halftime, I was busy watching the Scotties Tournament of Hearts curling championship game! I do enjoy some of Canadian Football cause it used a bit more strategy, but I prefer games like Curling where it is all about sportmanship and uses problem-solving that is fairly similar to chess.

I hope your Twitter chat this week goes a bit better!
2018-02-28Hayley HodsonDiscussion/response to a DuckDuckGo related article she shared. I realised afterwards that I might have came off as blunt, thanked her for sharing. All was in good means to provide some food for thought and a slightly different perspectiveTweethttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/969270319016919040

First tweet in response to article:
Just to clarify something because this is a huge pet peeve of mine: The advertisers do not see your data, they don't have access to it. They provide the ad, google determined where to place the ad. This is not the case with all data and advertising companies.

A second tweet shortly after:
In a simpler way: Google doesn't sell your data, they sell access to a service which utilizes your data. The difference seems small, but it is pretty significant :)
2018-03-04Hayley HodsonRetweening/Quoting her tweet (suporting her, and also extending her audience)Tweethttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/970329451035688960This is something I should definitely learn sometime soon haha
2018-03-07Daniel LeeBlog Commenthttps://danieljylee.wordpress.com/2018/03/06/could-you-repeat-the-whole-class-i-wasnt-listening/comment-page-1/#comment-25I’ll admit, I have fallen into the habit of writing everything down. It is the blessing and the curse of using a laptop in university, but the benefit for me is that I can see all of the content later when reviewing, eliminating the possibility of me accidentally missing a significant point. That being said, I am also a math student, so the majority of my classes are math anyways, and the odd ECS class is what I type haha.

The stats are interesting! I know in the University Chamber Singers we constantly talk about how you have to review within 24 hours of learning//working on/memorizing something. If you don’t you essentially lose it all (and at a nearly 70% loss rate from your data, I think that backs up this figure!).

I look forward to seeing your results from this new method you are trying. If it is sucessful, I might need to attempt to learn it myself! Have a great week,
2018-03-07Hayley HodsonBlog Commenthttps://hayleysblog348.wordpress.com/2018/03/04/cyber-spy/comment-page-1/#comment-34This was one of my favorite activities in EDTC300 haha. It is very eye opening for you and your partner, especially when they hit that sweet spot and find something you didn’t realize was public! I hear it all the time, “But my Facebook Profile is private!”, and we also all know that you can’t trust that to be true. So long are the days of seperate online/offline entities, now everything is fused into one and we have to make sure what we do online reflects what we do “IRL”.

It was nice discussing with you on twitter this past week, I look forward to hearing more from you Hayley!

All the best,
2019-03-07Olivia JensenBlog Commenthttps://oliviajensenweb.wordpress.com/2018/02/26/finally-fetching-inside-anyways/#comment-16I take it you have not attempted fetching outside in this week of #snowmageddon2018? Haha its awesome to see that you got Ryder to the point of almost fetching! (Farther than I ever got lol) Just an idea, maybe if you had a heavier toy to throw, when he brings it back it might be an incentive for him to drop the toy! I am not sure if this will work or not, but if you find a heavier toy it might be worth a try haha. I look forward to seeing your progress 🙂
2018-03-11Hayley HodsonWe had a long conversation late at night (12am - 1am! haha)

Parts of it were general socialization, however Hayley asked a few questions surrounding the program, faculty, and recommendations, and I did my best to provide her with answers/opinions
Twitter DMSee other sheet: "03-11 Direct Message" for screenshotsSee other sheet: "03-11 Direct Message" for screenshots
2018-03-11Hayley HodsonGiving her a shoutout in reply to Katia's tweetTweethttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/972948987056549888I'm loving all of the ASL projects this semester! Miss @hodson_hayley is also doing some pretty awesome ASL videos for her LAP #edtc300
2018-03-14Daniel LeeBlog Commenthttps://danieljylee.wordpress.com/2018/03/15/mock-debate/comment-page-1/#comment-31Hey Daniel,

This is somewhat related, but not entirely, to the mock discussion you just created. The very last line of the discussion sparked a question that I would like to leave with you to ponder about:

What do you think about the use of emoji’s within texts, professional and semi-professional (e.g. texts).

Some institutions actually ban emojis, claiming it for technical ease of their systems but in reality it is an objection to the emojis (otherwise they would fix their systems so emoticons are usable). Other institutions do not have policies on it, but professors or professionals dislike them.
Personally, I find them incredible important in my personal textual messages because I utilize them to show the mood/motive behind text (sarcasm for example), or to dampen the bluntness that I sometimes have in my sentences. I personally have found myself beginning to use them occasionally on other semi-professional settings such as Twitter, blog comments, and on the very rare occasion with professors I am familiar with, in emails.

You can respond and I would happily discuss this with you, or you can just keep this as a thought to ponder (or even bring it to a side blog post or twitter debate!! haha). What are your thoughts surrounding emoticons and emojis usage in a Teacher’s communication with parents, cohorts, and other professionals. Should they be used, should they be avoided, is it even appropriate for them to be used?

I hope you have a wonderful week. Keep up the excellent work!

All the best,
2018-03-19Hayley HodsonBlog Commenthttps://hayleysblog348.wordpress.com/2018/03/20/becoming-m-hodson/comment-page-1/#comment-37"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."
"The hardest thing when you think about focusing. You think focusing is about saying "Yes." No. Focusing is about saying "No." And when you say "No," you piss off people."

Just a couple of Steve Jobs quotes that I suspect might further your passion on this topic. Personally, when I consider a "teachers identity" that is their own personal identity. No matter who you are or what you do, your ways of interacting, communicating, and working will all be unique to yourself, and that based upon your identity as a person. Some people will argue that there are professional and personal identities, but I believe for you do be the best you can be, you will be the same person at school as you are at home (with slight differences in your interactions based entirely on professionalism, not identity).

You are right to suspect that being different will cause pressure. People like the norm, they like common sensical thought processes. In order to be innovative, different, and battle the norm, you will be in a constant questioning period where people ask about your "teacher ideals" and the battle of the norms. Just know if you stay on the route of questioning the norm, and rethinking ideals, you will stay innovative, and you will almost be guaranteed to be doing what's best for the students learning and growth (or maybe it's a misstep, but this is also part of growth and just makes innovation stronger!).
2018-03-20Hayley HodsonSuggestion for her learning project in response to a subscription resource she sharedTweethttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/976322281998659585Why don't you use the free trial for your learning project video next week? They allow a 3 day free trial, and then you can renew that for another 3 days!
2018-03-20Hayley HodsonSuggestion for her learning project in response to a subscription resource she sharedTweethttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/976324690984681472Yeah I was weary of the word subscription! However I did manage to sign up, and without a credit card too! Though, if a "free" trial ever asks for a credit card, let me know. I have an empty vanilla mastercard that does the trick! haha
2018-03-21Olivia JensenBlog SuggestionTweethttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/976348841640280064Hey, a suggestion for your blog: As much as I absolutely love the default urban night picture you have as your banner, maybe see if there is a meaningful picture of your own that you might want to place there instead! (It could even be a wide picture of Ryder!)
2018-03-21Melissa KazymyraI actually couldn't find her blog for the first few times I visited the site (I never thought of clicking the "Work Samples" page, and the proejct page is empty!). I just happened to click on her "Work Samples" this time to discover that it was her blog. Blog Commenthttps://missmelissasite.wordpress.com/2018/01/24/my-tech-background/comment-page-1/#comment-33Hey Melissa,
I want to apologize for not commenting for the first half of the semester. My name is Webster and I am one of the EDTC 400 students. You can ask me anything in terms of questions on the course, blogging, your site, or even other education and university questions (email is wfox@uregina.ca and twitter is @WebTheFox).

I actually tried commenting once or twice earlier this semester, but for some reason I never went far enough to explore the “Work Samples” page, and it seems like your Learning Project category page .may not be working. I would recommend changing the name of Work Samples to “blog”, “course content”, or something creative (“My Voice” maybe? haha). You may even want to make a special EDTC 300 link that is nested under the blog link. The only reason I recommend changing the name is so that when people browse your site quickly, it is more evident that there is a blog here! It will allow more people to enjoy your wonderful content 🙂

If you are having any troubles with repairing your Learning Project link, or have any question or need a hand with any other modifications you may want to do for your wordpress,, please don’t hesitate to contact me at that email or twitter (via tweet or direct message!).

I hope this last bit of the semester goes well for you! I will make sure to comment on some more of your posts as we had to the semester end!.

All the best,
2018-03-21Melissa KazymyraBlog Commenthttps://missmelissasite.wordpress.com/2018/03/14/my-favourite-green-smoothie/comment-page-1/#comment-34Hey Melissa!
This smoothie sounds spectacular, and I will definitely be trying it out in the future. I used to not like spinach, and used to think it was weird to be in a drink. However my family started using a lot of spinach and now I eat it just like lettuce, and even prefer it over traditional lettuce in salads and such (ever try spinach on your burger? it is pretty awesome!).

I have found I enjoy spinach in smoothies in recent years more and more. Even when you kind of taste it, the blended spinach almost creates an earthy flavour, which is enhanced by the creamy lightness of the yogurt substance. In normal salad settings, it is recommended to eat spinach with citrus (to help break it down), and while I don't know if this is an requirement in smoothies, I personally have found citrus flavours pair very well with spinach in smoothies.

I challenge you to try experimenting a bit. Try making a green apple style smoothie with some apple puree/sauce, apple juice, spinach, yogurt, and other things. Maybe try to make make a "green Orange Julius". You might find yourself falling in love with spinach haha. I hope your week goes well!

All the best,
2018-03-23Daniel Lee7-8 Tweet convo/discussion. Casual, discussing music and studying. Also discovered he was in my math class (and that I helped him earlier this semester in person without knowing it!!!Tweethttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/977256502439305217Haha I went through a phase in high school where I essentially bought everything they released (up until wonders). For crossover genres, it's gotta be Piano Guys, 2CELLOS, or postmodern jukebox. Such excellent compositions coming out of those groups!
2018-03-27That one time I used twitter to remind Emily of class during her ontario vacation! hahahttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/978801581528309760
2018-03-30Daniel LeeI retweeted an article from Kelly, Daniel replied with interest. We did not continue this on twitter, however we discussed it in person later that day after our math course! :)Tweethttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/979859064103448577Interesting, though not surprising! #edtc300 #edtc400

"Poor grades tied to class times that don’t match our biological clocks. #saskedchat" -Kelly

DANIELS REPLY: "I remember I took Calculus II at 8:30 in the morning. I showed up to maybe half of the class and even when I did show up I was too sleepy to focus. I lucked out because the prof posted all the notes online!! Definitely would have failed otherwise!"
2018-03-31Daniel LeeI retweeted an interesting study about sleep and grades (from Kelly), Daniel jumped on and joined the discussionhttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/979859064103448577Interesting, though not surprising! #edtc300 #edtc400
2018-04-02Hayley HodsonBlog Commenthttps://hayleysblog348.wordpress.com/2018/04/02/the-mighty-school-principal/comment-page-1/#comment-48This is very true. The role of Principal is one that many people strive to be, but very few can master. I think it all comes down to being a good leader. To have that essence of being approachable, reassuring, and forgiving, and still holding an unequivocal attitude and fairness when it comes to judgement and consequences, it is incredibly hard and honestly impossible to be perfect at. The principals who love their job tend to be natural leaders, and they do an incredible job because of that. They make sacrifices and put others before themselves. It is a role of utmost respect, yet seems to be degraded and face unfair criticism more frequently as the years go by.

Thanks for the excellent read!
2018-04-02Melissa KazymyraI was trying to reach out to her again to help improve her blog, so it could be readable and more usable. She showed interest but never took the suggestions, and never met up so i was not able to assist much other than messages. She replied to this one sayign she was busyTwitter DMTwitter direct message, please contact me if you want screenshotsHey Melissa, if you have time to meet up this week I can give you a hand with your blog!

Possibly on friday

And I answer a bit better to texts if you wanted to use that haha, but twitter works too :) (3065029850 is my cell)
2018-04-04Melissa KazymyraI retweeted an awesome quote she shared, made sure to quote it so her name would appear, and shared it wiht EDTC 400 so she would get more visabilityTweethttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/981617533689016320
2018-04-05Daniel LeeRetweeted a motivational tweet Daniel made for the EDTC community, was an excellent inspiration I hoped could be shared to more people. Tweethttps://twitter.com/edu_dlee/status/982083030075363328"Hey #EDTC300 team! I's sure everyone is getting to that point in the semester so I was wondering, is there a quote or poem that motivates you? Mine is "This is the beauty of strength broken by strength and still strong" by A.J.M. Smith. What's yours? #almostthere #wegotthis" -Daniel
2018-04-11Hayley HodsonHayley had posted her summary of learning, and it was of excellent quality and hard work. Made sure to retweet it to get her a big more audience.

It really outlines the hard work she did, and the excellent work of Katia to facilitate the course
Tweethttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/984301420869369857Loving the Summaries of Learning this semester! Be sure to check out this amazing #EDTC300 summary that @hodson_hayley created, gives a great outline of the awesome course @kbhildebrandt put together this semester!
2018-04-12Hayley HodsonIn reply to HayleyTweethttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/984320027523334144Haha hang in there, 2 more days! Finals are still ahead I suppose, but without the stress of the semester schedules, I generally find them a lot kroe relaxing!
2018-04-12Lisa CoolidgeHelping Lisa get to her goal of 300 followers. congratulating her on her success at achieving 324!Tweethttps://twitter.com/WebTheFox/status/984450290513461249And now she has 324, congrats @lisahcoolidge :)