Crowdfunding Market Analysis - Belgium Oktober - November 2015
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Start of platform
# live projects
Total projects
Completed Projects successful
Mode budget estimatted per project
Min budgetMax budget
Average days live of a project
Type of fundingSystemType of projectsAoN/KiA
Social Purpose platforms
Crowdfunding-Gent1-5-20152 non-profits, 1%Club and 1%Club-Donations4206€ 5.000,00€ 735,00€ 15.000,0030DonatiesDonations / Tasks / Fundraising (actions) with possible co-funding of the citySocial projectsKiA
Growfunding1-3-2013Non-profit, Part of Odisee Hogeschool vzw24026€ 10.000,00€ 1.300,00€ 33.000,0060Donaties & RewardsDonation and reward system Social projectsAoN
Socrowd1-10-2012CVBA SO22724€ 35.000,00€ 5.000,00€ 100.000,0033Interest free loansInterest free loans based on the crowd. One share costs a 100 euros, a max share per cooperant is 5000 euros (50 shares). Socrowd triples the amount givenSocial projects
AoN but in collaboration between the projects and the investors, so KiA is possible?
Oksigencrowd1-5-2015Non-profit, Part of Oksigen Lab VZW273€ 15.000,00€ 10.000,00€ 30.000,0035Donaties & RewardsDonations starting at 10 euro, rewards are an option, pretty straigth forward platformSocial ProjectsAoN
Entrepreneur Platforms
Finicrowd1-11-2013BVBA230€ 25.000,00€ 10.000,00€ 1.000.000,0060
Donations/Rewards and loans
If you enter loans, you can get your money back.
Rewards and donations are always valid.

Approached like an 'investor'
Flemish SME and start-ups
Both, AoN when loan, KiA when reward/donation
Bolero Crowdfunding1-9-2014Part of KBC Securities NV143€ 200.000,00€ 60.000,00€ 530.000,0060SharesYou're an 'business angel' and invest in starting companies. In return, you get shares.Start-ups, early stagers, growing companiesAoN
LookandFin1-7-2012NV331unknown€ 63.200,00€ 63.200,00€ 250.000,0030LoansYou invest in a business and get back an interest rate on your investment. Which mean in certain terms you make more money than you invested in the first placeMature SME'sAoN
MyMicroinvest1-7-2011NV23631€ 80.000,00€ 50.000,00€ 315.000,0060Shares or loansYou can invest in a certain percentage of shares or get an interest rate on the loans given to the startupsInnovative startups and SMEsAoN
Angel.me1-11-2014NV1unknownunknown€ 15.000,00unknownunknown44
Rewards and Equity
Self-service crowdfunding platform. Does provide a space for projects (asking-side) and the 'angels' (giving-side)
Creative projects (art/design/film) or Tech/ Energy startups
Specific Platform
Sandawe1-1-2010NV215937€ 38.000,00€ 2.400,00€ 48.000,00365Rewards basedYou invest in a comic book to get a published and get a printed copy of it. Combation of crowdfunding with publishingUnpublished comic and graphic novel ideasAoN
Appsfunder1-8-2011CV224519$ 20.000$ 500$40.000200
Buy shared based on the app sale
Purely focussed on apps and not just Belgian apps, seems very inactive. ApplicationsAoN
Boekensteun / Vele kleintjes1-10-2013Part of Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheek vzw0 (pilot project)116€ 2.000,00unknownunknown30
Donations and rewards
Old platform as part of a project in cooperation with, a Dutch platform Books and art related
Both, KiA if 80/90% is reached and approved by backers, AoN otherwise
General platforms
Yeee-Haaa19-11-2015Something commercial, same founder as World of crowdfunding
no real project at the time
3Unknown€ 11.000,00€ 2.000,00€ 25.000,00155
Rewards based, donations also an option
General self service platform to ask for funding through donations or rewards based fundingAll types of projectsKiA
Idigap15-12-2015Something commercial, could not find public records yet
live after analysis period
7, but not sure whether they are live or tests
live after analysis period
No budgets so far
No budgets available
No budgets available
More a general request platform
Flexibel or fixed funding form, can ask for other tpyes of help and earn a digital currency by referral. Different kind of projectsBoth
CroFun1-3-2013BVBA99610€ 16.000,00€ 2.500,00€ 50.000,0050
Donations/Rewards or loans or revenue sharing or equity funding (so basically, anything goes)
Commercial, social, creative & innovative projectsBoth
Worldofcrowdfunding1-5-2013Something commercial962237€ 10.000,00€ 90,00€ 200.000,0060DonationsYou can leave comments with donation or do anonymous donations. This is a self service platform
Everything from personal things to social projects to companies
HelloCrowd1-9-2015Part of Hello Bank, which is part of BNP Paribas Fortis771€ 8.000,00€ 1.000,00€ 30.000,0030Rewards basedRewards based system directed to a young crowd for numerous activities and projectsCreative projectsAon