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DRC = Digital review copies, also called "digital ARCs". Unless otherwise noted in comments, all titles are available from Edelweiss and may also be on NetGalley
Diversity = by or about people from under-represented communities
HEATING UP = growing enthusiasm
HOT = has come up many times. Multiple chatters have read and loved.
LMR = Library Marketing Rep recommendation
LR Deadline = LibraryReads voting deadline,
Multiple "Much Love" on Edelweiss = Titles that are getting a significant number of "Much Love" on Edelweiss, some may not be "HOT" or "Heating up" among GalleyChatters
NO DRC = Digital Review Copy not yet listed
New = first time title has been mentioned on GalleyChat
PAST DUE = Library Reads voting deadline has passed
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Format Description
EANList PricePubDatePrint RunNewDiversityLR Votes DueComments
Fiction / Thrillers / Supernatural
Wilkes, Ally
Where the Dead Wait
Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Mara @mrlzbth, "No galley for this one yet, but I am so, so excited for the new Ally Wilkes in December. I loved ALL THE WHITE SPACES AND WHERE THE DEAD WAIT looks just as good!"
Fiction / WomenLefler, Robin
Reasonable Adults
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
LMR, Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "REASONABLE ADULTS by Robin Lefler. A sharply written, hilarious debut novel about finding the next phase in life - filled with rom-com hijinks, cozy winter vibes, and an adorable goldendoodle!"
Fiction / Thrillers / Crime
Chizmar, Richard
Becoming the Boogeyman
S&SGallery BooksHardcover978166800916127.9910/10/2023N/ANew9/1/23
No DRC as of 3/6/23 -- GC interest, Publishers Summary, "The terrifying sequel to the acclaimed New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling novel CHASING THE BOOGEYMAN, which was hailed as 'genuinely chilling and something brand-new and exciting' (Stephen King) and 'unforgettable' (Harlan Coben)."
Young Adult Fiction / Horror
de Becerra, Katya
When Ghosts Call Us Home
MacmillanPage Street Kids
Hardcover with dust jacket
Robin B @robinsbooks, "WHEN GHOSTS CALL US HOME by Katya de Becerra is for teens but I thoroughly enjoyed this gothic spine-tingler set in a mansion on the CA coast with good mix of paranormal & reality with appealing teens."
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Méndez, Yamile Saied
Love of My Lives
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
LMR, Michelle Lauren Addo @MichelleAddo, "LOVE OF MY LIVES by Yamile Saied Mndez Brimming with the magic of old San Juan and la Isla del Encanto, this charmingly romantic novel is for anyone who's longed for a legendary love story that transcends time & distance."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Historical
Chua, Amy
The Golden Gate
MacmillanMinotaur Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
DEBUT, Janet Lockhart @HartGami, "San Fran perfect backdrop for this noir flavored debut featuring a conflicted detective, femme fatales, & a deft portrayal of how race & class influenced lives in 1940s California. Didn't want this book to end. Highly recommend THE GOLDEN GATE by @amychua," -- First Clue newsletter, "Depression-era San Francisco's Claremont hotel is a wonderful playground for sisters Isabella and Iris Bainbridge Stafford, six and eight years old, respectively, who roam through it while their wealthy mother plays tennis. The luxurious hotel has a seven-story-long spiral slide that guests can use as a fire escape, one that Iris might think she's entering to play when she fatally plunges down a laundry chute. Years later, tragedy visits the hotel again-many say it's been cursed all along-when Presidential candidate Walter Wilkinson is found murdered in his room [the] investigator must sift through the jumble of rumors, racism against Asian hotel workers and city residents, and secretive behavior by rich characters who think the law doesn't apply to them in his efforts to discover who killed the politician. Pair this with the information on the treatment of San Francisco's Chinese citizens in David Quammen's excellent SPILLOVER for a sobering and enlightening view of that community's history."-Henrietta Verma
Fiction / Romance / LGBTQ+
Wilsner, MerylCleat CuteMacmillan
St. Martin's Griffin
Trade Paperback
Jenna Marie @jenna_marie58, "New Meryl Wilsner! I'll read anything they write... but especially a sapphic soccer romance! CLEAT CUTE."
History / United States / 20Th Century
Grush, LorenThe SixS&SScribnerHardcover978198217280032.59/12/2023N/ANew8/1/23
JenniferSchultz @Jennsreads, "I celebrated the start of Women's History Month with finishing THE SIX: THE UNTOLD STORY OF AMERICA'S FIRST WOMEN ASTRONAUTS by Loren Grush. A must read for science/women's history fans. Fascinating and inspiring."
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Jance, J. A.
Blessing of the Lost Girls
HarperCollinsWilliam MorrowHardcover9780063010109309/12/2023150000New8/1/23
No DRC as of 3/6/23 -- Robin B @robinsbooks, "Not yet available as DRCs are JA Jance's next mystery, BLESSING OF THE LOST GIRLS (September) and Will Dean's exciting suspense/SF combo, LAST ONE (August). Can't wait!"
Fiction / Historical
Donoghue, Emma
Learned by Heart
Little, Brown and Company
Jenna Marie @jenna_marie58, "another recent download by a beloved author: LEARNED BY HEART by Emma Donoghue! queer historical based on real people!" -- Vicki Rock<br>@VickiRock11, "Read it and really enjoyed."
Fiction / Hispanic & Latino
Hughes, Lorena
The Queen of the Valley
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
LMR, Michelle Lauren Addo @MichelleAddo, "THE QUEEN OF THE VALLEY by Lorena Hughes. Against the backdrop of Colombia's beauty & the devastation of the 1925 Cali earthquake, 3 strangers search for a missing hacienda owner amidst an emerging cholera epidemic."
Fiction / WomenRains, Annie
Through the Snow Globe
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
LMR, Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "THROUGH THE SNOW GLOBE by Annie Rains. Christmas and Magic! Groundhog Day meets It's a Wonderful Life in this feel-good story perfect for fans of Josie Silver and Rebecca Serle from bestseller Rains!"
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Historical
Lloyd, Catherine
Miss Morton and the Spirits of the Underworld
PRH/Random House
LMR, Larissa @Laroodoo, "If you love historical mysteries or Catherine Lloyd's Kurland St. Mary Mysteries, you'll equally enjoy her new Miss Morton books starring the daughter of a disgraced earl who's now a lady's companion. High society London shenanigans? Yes pls!"
History / Modern / 20Th Century / Holocaust
Macadam, Heather Dune
Star Crossed
PRH/Random House
LMR, Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "Author @heatherdune follows up her acclaimed book 999 with STAR CROSSED, an epic real-life Romeo & Juliet story of resistance and ill-fated love during the WWII Occupation, at Paris's legendary #CafedeFlore." -- FEB, Andrienne @deienara, "I just downloaded this one. A nonfiction book about a Jewish teenager and a Catholic poet who find a searing connection at the famous Cafe de Flore. STAR CROSSED."
Fiction / Historical / World War II
O'Brien, Kevin
The Enemy at Home
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
LMR, Jesse Cruz @BookedByJCruz, "THE ENEMY AT HOME by Kevin O'Brien (8/22/2023) is a blend of vivid, richly detailed historical fiction and taut suspense in a WWII tale about a serial killer that preys on 'Rosie the Riveter' women working in Seattle's factories!" -- KC Davis @kcdvs, "read recently and [loved]." -- LMR, Vida, "Historical suspense about a Seattle serial killer targeting 'Rosie the Riveters' working in factories as WWII rages overseas? Umm YES!!! ARCs for THE ENEMY AT HOME by Kevin O'Brien (8/22/23) coming soon so hit me up or download."
Fiction / HorrorMalerman, JoshSpin a Black Yarn
PRH/Random House
Del Rey
Trade Paperback
Annette Jones @ZenLibrarian, "Looking forward to delving into @JoshMalerman's SPIN A BLACK YARN. I adore horror short stories and really, how can you beat that title?" --chorus of excitement from several GC'ers
Fiction / Historical
Boyd, WilliamThe Romantic
PRH/Random House
Robin B @robinsbooks, "I am in the mood for a historic sprawling picaresque novel and William Boyd's THE ROMANTIC might be just the ticket."
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Dean, WillThe Last OneS&S
Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Trade Paperback
No DRC as of 3/7/23 -- Robin B @robinsbooks, "Not yet available as DRCs are JA Jance's next mystery, BLESSING OF THE LOST GIRLS (September) and Will Dean's exciting suspense/SF combo, LAST ONE (August). Can't wait!" -- FEB, Andrienne @deienara, "Imagine going on a wonderful cruise with your significant other only to wake up the next day and you realize that there is no-one else on the ship! Will Dean's FIRST BORN was the bomb and I'm guessing THE LAST ONE will deliver too! Hoping to see a galley of this soon! "-- Robin B @robinsbooks, "Forthcoming suspense title featuring a woman on a transatlantic cruise who wakes up to NO ONE on board with the ship barreling along? Yes, please! Can't wait for the DRC to appear."
Fiction / Hispanic & Latino
Acevedo, Elizabeth
Family LoreHarperCollinsEccoHardcover9780063207264308/1/2023250000Diversity7/1/23
ADULT DEBUT, Jenna Marie @jenna_marie58, "after loving her YA stuff, I'm exciting for Elizabeth Acevedo's adult debut FAMILY LORE." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "From National Book Award-winning YA author Acevedo, this first adult novel tells the story of a Dominican American family through its women. Flor is planning a wake, which understandably alarms her sisters, as she is able to predict the day of a person's death. All the sisters, plus their nieces, teeter on the brink of major decisions. With a 250,000-copy first printing." -- Nov GC, LMR, Virginia Stanley @VStan523, "As soon as the egalley's ready, we'll get it to you! So exciting."
Fiction / Women
Webber, Heather
At the Coffee Shop of Curiosities
MacmillanForge Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
Kelly @kellywellread, "AT THE COFFEE SHOP OF CURIOSITIES, a new novel by Heather Webber (8/1/23 Forge/Macmillan), introduces two women struggling with loss. With a bit of small southern town magic will they learn how to let go in order to move on?"
Fiction / Coming Of Age
Patchett, AnnTom LakeHarperCollinsHarperHardcover9780063327528308/1/20233000007/1/23
Jill Minor, "What makes Lara more than content on her Michigan orchard with her loving husband seems dull to her three adult daughters. They are more interested in her brief acting career and her youthful romance with a future major movie star. Lara decides to tell the three of them her whole story-with some omissions. TOM LAKE is lovely, deep, and real in the way that only #AnnPatchett can write." -- Kelly @kellywellread, "I'm always happy when I hear about a new novel from Ann Patchett. No one does relationships quite like Patchett, and TOM LAKE (8/1/23, Harper) explores them through a mother's secrets revealed to her three adult daughters over one summer in Northern Michigan." -- FEB, LMR, librarylovefest @librarylovefest, "You already know how excited we are to have a new Ann Patchett novel! TOM LAKE is about a mother and her daughters during the spring of 2020. Lara recounts the story of a youthful romance she had with a famous actor. The beautiful storytelling that Ann always delivers!E-galleys are expected in March." -- DEC, Vicki Nesting @VNesting, "Ann Patchett has a new book coming out! What more do I need to say? The title is TOM LAKE. If you love Ann Patchett, just go ahead and put it in your TBR right now."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Cozy
Berenson, Laurien
Peg and Rose Stir Up Trouble
PRH/Random House
Kensington Cozies
LMR Larissa @Laroodoo, "If you're a fan of #TheGoldenGirls and are craving a similar vibe, PEG AND ROSE STIR UP TROUBLE is the book for you! @LaurienBerenson, author of the Melanie Travis Mysteries, has created a wonderful crime-solving duo in these senior sleuths."
Performing Arts / Film / Genres / Horror
Segaloff, Nat
The Exorcist Legacy
PRH/Random House
LMR, Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "50 years later, the movie so devilishly scary it will make your head spin! THE EXORCIST LEGACY is the story of the cultural impact of #TheExorcist on #horrormovies, #cinema, #faith, & #peasoup."
Fiction / Historical
James, Kelsey
The Woman in the Castello
PRH/Random House
A John Scognamiglio Book
Trade Paperback
HOT, Multiple Much Love on Edelweiss -- LMR, vida @BookOfVida, "A desperate American actress snags the starring role in a bizarre Giallo horror film being shot at a crumbling old castle in 1960s ItalyI'm obsessed with this bewitchingly glamorous debut! THE WOMAN IN THE CASTELLO by Kelsey James" -- FEB, LMR, Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "blends elements of mystery, suspense, romance, & a bit of a ghost story & pours it into a crumbling medieval castle in 1960s Italy. Fantastic book."
Fiction / Romance / Contemporary
Torres, Delise
One Tough Cookie
PRH/Random House
Alcove Press
Trade Paperback
DRC Net Galley -- LMR, AlcovePress @AlcovePress, "Fleabag meets Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in ONE TOUGH COOKIE, a hilarious but thoughtful by Latinx author @torresdelise Karina Corts is committed to living a carefree single life until she meets the company's hot new mechanic."
Fiction / Thrillers / Supernatural
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
Silver Nitrate
PRH/Random House
Del ReyHardcover9780593355367287/18/2023N/ANewDiversity6/1/23
Annette Jones @ZenLibrarian, "A sound editor and her best friend get involved in the hunt for a mysterious lost horror film that could change their lives forever in SILVER NITRATE by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. You had me at Nazi occultists "
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Narozny, ChrisNot By Blood
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
LMR, Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "In the tradition of Harlan Coben and Karin Slaughter comes Chris Narozny's NOT BY BLOOD, a tense and twisty debut thriller about the extraordinary measures one woman will take to save her family."
Fiction / Thrillers / Domestic
Swann, Christopher
Never Back Down
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DRC Net Galley -- LMR, Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "2022 Georgia Author of the Year, @swannyauthor, is back with the third installment in the Faulkner Family Thriller, NEVER BACK DOWN."
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Osborne, Cayce
I Know What You Did
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
LMR, Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "Truth & fiction collide in I KNOW WHAT YOU DID by debut author @CayceOsborne. When a bestselling novel fictionalizes the death of her childhood best friend-and accuses her of the murder-Petal must figure out who wrote it."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Cozy / Culinary
Marts, Jennie
Take the Honey and Run
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DEBUT, LMR, Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "The town is all abuzz when a murder occurs in @JennieMarts' debut cozy mystery, TAKE THE HONEY AND RUN. Perfect for fans of Jenn McKinlay and Amanda Flower."
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Dunn, T. M.
Her Father's Daughter
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
LMR, Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks,"Skillfully weaving together a desperate police investigation, a love affair, and a serial killer on the loose, @Shewrites's HER FATHER'S DAUGHTER asks how far some families will go to bury the truth?"
Fiction / Thrillers / Psychological
Downing, Samantha
A Twisted Love Story
PRH/Random House
FEB, Andrienne @deienara, "I love mercurial marital relations and Samantha Downing knows how to do it. A TWISTED LOVE STORY so thankful I can preview prepub books @PRHLibrary Thanks also to #ewgc @kcdvs who alerted me to it. I am reading this today and have it in my library cart to order!" -- RobinB, " on my Psych/suspense list"
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Livesay, Tracey
The Duchess Effect
No DRC as of 3/6/23 -- Nanette, "Still eagerly anticipating the egalley of THE DUCHESS EFFECT by Tracey Livesay because I need more Danielle and Jameson in my life! I loved AMERICAN ROYALTY and I cannot wait to read the next chapter in Danielle and Jameson's story."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Cozy / Culinary
Betancourt, Rose
Macarons Can Be Murder
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DRC Net Galley -- LMR, Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "Perfect for fans of Ellie Alexander and Lucy Burdette, @_rosebetancourt's series debut, MACARONS CAN BE MURDER is a culinary treat sure to charm."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Amateur Sleuth
Gilbert, VictoriaA Cryptic Clue
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DRC Net Galley -- LMR, Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks, "60 year-old Jane Hunter, forced into retirement from her job as a university librarian, is seeking a new challenge. But it soon brings thrills and danger in acclaimed author @VGillbertauthor's A CRYPTIC CLUE."
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Greene, Katherine
The Woods are Waiting
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DEBUT, LMR, Crooked Lane Books @crookedlanebks @authorkgreene's debut thriller THE WOODS ARE WAITING is a dark descent into the sinister traditions and customs of a small town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains."
Fiction / Southern
Rowland, AmyInside the WolfHachetteAlgonquin BooksHardcover9781643752716277/11/202335000New6/1/23
LMR, Hachette Library@HachetteLib, "INSIDE THE WOLF by Amy Rowland. She tackles the myths of masculinity, guns, and violence in the American South with open eyes and no heavy hands."
Fiction / HorrorWinning, Josh
Burn the Negative
PRH/Random House
G.P. Putnam's Sons
Jenna Marie @jenna_marie58, "Love a good horror, and BURN THE NEGATIVE by Josh Winning looks so much fun. Centered around a 'remake of a '90s horror flick'."
Fiction / Friendship
Fenton, Liz
Forever Hold Your Peace
PRH/Random House
Alcove Press
Trade Paperback
LMR, AlcovePress @AlcovePress, "Father of the Bride meets Bride Wars in FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE by @LizandLisa, in which two ex-best friends find themselves shockingly entangled after more than two decades apart."
Biography & Autobiography / Music
Winder, Elizabeth
Parachute Women
HachetteHachette BooksHardcover9781580059589297/11/2023250006/1/23
Robin B @robinsbooks, "I thoroughly enjoyed the fascinating look at the women associated with the Rolling Stones in PARACHUTE WOMEN by Elizabeth Winder. They were amazing women yet treated horribly by the band and the press."
Fiction / Romance / Contemporary
Shelton Harris, Terah
One Summer in Savannah
Sourcebooks Landmark
DEBUT, LMR, Sourcebooks Library @SBKSLibrary, "Poised to become a best book of 2023, ONE SUMMER IN SAVANNAH is all about the power to forgive and unconditional love from librarian @terahsharris" -- Carol Ann Tack<br>@Carolanntack, "It's terrific!" -- Hardcover, 9781728283975
Fiction / LiteraryHenn, Carsten
The Door-to-Door Bookstore
Hanover Square Press
GC interest -- Publishers Summary, "The charming international bestseller about an elderly bookseller who delivers his recommendations door-to-door and an unlikely friendship with a nine-year-old girl that changes his life, for fans of THE MIDNIGHT LIBRARY and A MAN CALLED OVE."
Fiction / Friendship
Cross-Smith, Leesa
Goodbye EarlHachette
Grand Central Publishing
Jill Minor, "A believable quartet of female friends, a genuine Southern vibe, and a down-with-the-patriarchy theme make the revenge novel GOODBYE EARL by Leesa Cross-Smith fun to readPass the mint julep." -- FEB, LMR, HachetteLib<br>Don't miss GOODBYE EARL. Lots of interest in that at LLX...who doesn't love that song?" -- Jill Minor @jillrhudy, "Subtitled 'A Revenge Novel.' Who can resist a revenge novel?"
Fiction / Thrillers / Domestic
Bush, NancyThe Camp
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
LMR Jesse Cruz @BookedByJCruz, "THE CAMP by Nancy Bush is literally the 1980s Summer Camp Slasher book I've been waiting for! It fuses modern horror and nail-biting suspense in a twisted tale that'll get all the FRIDAY THE 13TH fans hyped! I CANNOT wait!"
Fiction / Science Fiction / Humorous
Willis, Connie
The Road to Roswell
PRH/Random House
Del ReyHardcover9780593499856286/27/2023N/ANew5/1/23
Annette Jones @ZenLibrarian, "Connie Willis has a new novel? And it's about aliens?! Sign me up!! Looking forward to THE ROAD TO ROSWELL." -- Jenna Marie @jenna_marie58, "Love Connie Willis!" -- Kelly @kellywellread, "That's one of mine, too!" -- Kimberly Mcgee @kimsbookstack, "I have been a fan of hers for so long. Just started this and it is so much fun. Makes me want to look for aliens! She has so much snark."
Fiction / Thrillers / Psychological
McKenzie, Catherine
Have You Seen Her
S&SAtria BooksHardcover978166801111927.996/27/2023N/ANew5/1/23
Robin B @robinsbooks, "Two psychological suspense novels by popular authors are next on my list, Ruth Ware's ZERO DAYS and @CEMcKenzie1 HAVE YOU SEEN HER. E-galleys now on @edelweiss_squad."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Traditional
Doiron, Paul
Dead Man's Wake
MacmillanMinotaur Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
Janet Lockhart @HartGami, "A lakeside engagement party is interrupted by a boating accident. Or is it something more sinister? DEAD MAN'S WAKE by @pauldoiron is another riveting installment in the Mike Bowditch series." -- JAN, Annette Jones @ZenLibrarian, "I can't get enough of game warden Mike Bowditch's nail-biting investigations!"
Fiction / Biographical
Benedict, MarieThe First Ladies
PRH/Random House
JenniferSchultz @Jennsreads, "THE FIRST LADIES by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray is a must for those who love enlightening and moving historical fiction. Loved this story about the complex friendship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary McLeod Bethune. " -- Vicki Nesting @VNesting, "Just started reading last night and was immediately sucked into the story of Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary McLeod Bethune's remarkable friendship."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths
Siegel, Katie
Charlotte Illes Is Not a Detective
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
DEBUT, LMR, Larissa @Laroodoo, "CHARLOTTE ILLES IS NOT A DETECTIVE by @katiefliesaway stars a former kid detective who's reluctantly coaxed out of retirement for one last case. AND if you call (908)318-4612 you'll get a special voice message from Lottie herself."
Fiction / WomenCravens, ClaudiaLucky Red
PRH/Random House
The Dial PressHardcover9780593498248276/20/2023N/ANewDiversity5/1/23
DEBUT, Mara @mrlzbth, "My top rave this month is LUCKY RED by Claudia Cravens, which I sped through and absolutely adored. A plucky orphan turned prostitute in the mythic Old West falls in love with a dashing female gunfighter in this action-packed tale with great characters and a thrilling plot." -- Random House Queer Fiction panel, Wednesday, February 15th at 7 PM ET -- register here,
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Historical
Huang, Christopher
Unnatural Ends
Ingram Publisher Services
Trade Paperback
LesaHolstine @LesaHolstine, "UNNATURAL ENDS by Christopher Huang - England, 1921. 3 adopted possible heirs & a trap for them set years earlier by their father. Unusual twists & a really twisted father" -- Contributor Bio, "Christopher Huang grew up in Singapore, an only child in a family tree that expands dramatically sideways at his parents' generation. He moved to Canada after his National Service,"
Fiction / Science Fiction / Space Opera
Mihalik, JessieCapture the SunHarperCollinsHarper VoyagerPaperback978006305110219.996/20/202330000New5/1/23
Jane Jorgenson @madpoptart, "SF with romance, CAPTURE THE SUN by Jessie Mihalik. She does such a good job on both fronts in this cross-genre novel, strong sf world-building, action, adventure and romance. The complete package."
Fiction / Thrillers / Psychological
Ware, RuthZero DaysS&S
Gallery/Scout Press
Robin B @robinsbooks, "Two psychological suspense novels by popular authors are next on my list, Ruth Ware's ZERO DAYS and @CEMcKenzie1 HAVE YOU SEEN HER. E-galleys now on @edelweiss_squad."<br>
History / African American & Black
Martin, Rachel Louise
A Most Tolerant Little Town
Simon & Schuster
Susan Balla @suebee135, "Read A MOST TOLERANT LITTLE TOWN : THE EXPLOSIVE BEGINNING OF SCHOOL DESEGREGATION by Rachel Louise Martin. Not sure why I'm still surprised that people were this horrible, but I am." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "As a graduate student participating in a Southern oral history project, Martin visited the small town in Tennessee whose school became the first in the former Confederacy to undergo court-mandated desegregation. She found to her dismay that people weren't eager to talk. Years later, she returned, interviewing over 60 townsfolk-including some of the first students to desegregate the school-to ferret out secrets and discover what really happened in 1956."
Fiction / African American & Black / Historical
Watson, Ruth P.
A Right Worthy Woman
S&SAtria BooksHardcover978166800302227.996/13/2023N/ADiversity5/1/23
JenniferSchultz @Jennsreads, "If you're looking for a terrific novel for Women's History Month, check out A RIGHT WORTHY WOMAN by Ruth P. Watson, which chronicles the life of Maggie Lena Walker, a pioneer in civil rights activism and business in 19th century Richmond, VA." -- JAN, Shari Suarez @ShariSuarez, " about Virginia's Black Wall Street looks like it will be amazing!'
Fiction / Fantasy / Arthurian
Keetch, Sophie
Morgan Is My Name
PRH/Random House
Random House Canada
Trade Paperback
DEBUT, DRC on NetGalley -- Beth Mills @BethMills2, "Looking forward to Sophie Keetch MORGAN IS MY NAME; love Arthurian retellings."
Fiction / Historical
Davis, FionaThe Spectacular
PRH/Random House
Susan Balla @suebee135, "Read and loved, loved, loved THE SPECTACULAR by Fiona Davis. She never disappoints. Parallel stories of 1950s Rockettes and a serial bomber terrorizing NYC."
Fiction / LiteraryWillis, Deborah
Girlfriend on Mars
W. W. Norton & Company
DEBUT, Jill Minor, "What's couch potato and pot grower Kevin to do? His competitive girlfriend Amber, who has daddy issues, goes on a (rigged) reality TV show to 'win' a trip to Mars on a billionaire's rocket. Narcissistic social media fuels the plot of GIRLFRIEND ON MARS as these two young people struggle to find their place in a crazy and economically skewed society." -- online author event on 3/28 featuring Lauren Grodstein, Deborah Willis, Patrick Worrall, and Katharine Beutner. Hosted by @jwbookworm! --
Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs
Murphy, Finn
Rocky Mountain High
W. W. Norton & Company
LMR, Norton Library Marketing @WWNortonLibrary, "Finn Murphy (author of THE LONG HAUL) decides to start a hemp farm in ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH. What could go wrong?"
Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs
Nance, Sarafina El-Badry
PRH/Random House
GC interest -- Publishers Summary, "In a beautifully written and science-packed debut memoir, Egyptian-American astrophysicist Sarafina Nance shares her personal story of overcoming sexism, racism, and adversity, and appreciating the most important moments and people in her life by focusing on her lifelong love of the stars."
Fiction / Friendship
DiDomizio, Nicolas
The Gay Best Friend
Sourcebooks Casablanca
GC interest -- Publishers Summary, "BRIDESMAIDS meets THE GUNCLE IN this clever LGBTQIA+ romantic story by the author Steven Rowley calls 'unforgettable'."
Fiction / Historical
See, Lisa
Lady Tan's Circle of Women
Vicki Rock @VickiRock11, "Really enjoyed LADY TAN'S CIRCLE OF WOMEN by Lisa See. About women physicians in 15th century China. Is one of my favorite books of the year." -- LJ Prepub Alert, " In the New York Times best-selling See's LADY TAN'S CIRCLE OF WOMEN, Yunxian is trained by her physician grandmother in 15th-century China and works with a young midwife, but an arranged marriage threatens to confine her to a life of wifely subordination."
Fiction / Gothic
Beutner, Katharine
PRH/Random House
Soho CrimeHardcover978164129437927.956/6/2023N/ADiversity5/1/23
GC interest, FEB., Online author event on 3/28 featuring Lauren Grodstein, Deborah Willis, Patrick Worrall, and Katharine Beutner. Hosted by @jwbookworm! -- -- LJ Prepub Alert, "An Edmund White Award winner for her debut, ALCESTIS, Beutner draws on the actual 1897 disappearance of a Mount Holyoke student in KILLINGLY, a gothic tale that plumbs missing Bertha's secrets and those of her loner friend, Agnes."
Fiction / Thrillers / Crime
Cosby, S. A.
All the Sinners Bleed
MacmillanFlatiron Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
HOT, Mara @mrlzbth, "ALL THE SINNERS BLEED by S.A. Cosby is another book that had me totally riveted till the last page. A small town's Black sheriff investigates a school shooting that left both a beloved white teacher and the young Black shooter dead. Highly recommended, hoping for a sequel!" -- JenniferSchultz @Jennsreads, "a gripping and complex thriller about a Black sheriff in a small VA town grappling with a serial killer and rising emotions over Confederate statues." -- Janet Lockhart @HartGami, "Titus Crowne comes home to Charon County, becomes its first black sheriff, and finds himself confronting an evil with deep roots. Add me to the growing fan club of ALL THE SINNERS BLEED," -- FEB, Vicki Rock @VickiRock11, "had a hard time putting it down. Crime fiction readers will enjoy." -- First Clue newsletter, Book of the Week, "A school shooting in fictional Charon County, VA, reveals horror and catalyzes reckoning in S.A. Cosby's eagerly awaited follow-up to RAZORBLADE TEARS. This is, unsurprisingly, a masterpiece of Southern noir, but that's selling it short: it's a fantastic novel, period. Join Titus and his meticulously drawn, flawed family, colleagues, and townsfolk for a deep introspection on how evil begets evil and good begets good. And watch for the gripping movie that's sure to spring from Cosby's pages."-Henrietta Verma -- LJ Prepub Alert, "Disgusted by the racist police force he encounters when he returns to his small Southern hometown, FBI agent Titus Crown tosses his name in the ring and becomes the town's first Black sheriff. A year later, after his deputies shoot a young Black man to death, he investigates what happened and finds himself on the trail of a serial killer. From the author of the New York Times best-selling RAZORBLADE TEARS."
Fiction / Science Fiction / Space Opera
Leckie, AnnTranslation StateHachetteOrbitHardcover9780316289719296/6/202340000New5/1/23
Jane Jorgenson @madpoptart, "Stayed up into the wee hours of this morning reading Ann Leckie's TRANSLATION STATE, set in the same universe as the Ancillary novels, but a more intimate story that delves into identity and the choices we can make. Loved."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Historical
Schellman, Katharine
The Last Drop of Hemlock
MacmillanMinotaur Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
LesaHolstine @LesaHolstine, "It's back to the Nightingale underground club in 1920s NYC in Katharine Schellman's THE LAST DROP OF HEMLOCK where waitress Vivian Kelly searches for the killer of a new bouncer. Love the cover!"
Fiction / WomenEvans, Mary Anna
The Traitor Beside Her
Poisoned Pen Press
LesaHolstine @LesaHolstine, "In @maryannaevans' THE TRAITOR BESIDE HER, a young woman goes undercover among cryptographers to find a traitor in WWII D.C."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths
Willberg, T.A.
Marion Lane and the Raven's Revenge
HarperCollinsPark Row
Trade Paperback
Susan Balla @suebee135, "So excited for MARION LANE AND THE RAVEN'S REVENGE due out in June Not so excited that it's the final one in the the series."
Fiction / Historical / Civil War Era
Horan, Nancy
The House of Lincoln
Sourcebooks Landmark
LMR, Sourcebooks Library @SBKSLibrary, "Told through the eyes of a young asylum-seeker who gets a job with the Lincolns, THE HOUSE OF LINCOLN is an unprecedented view of the 16th president from the author of LOVING FRANK." -- DEC, Robin B @robinsbooks, "I've loved both of Nancy Horan's historical novels based on real characters and can't wait to read THE HOUSE OF LINCOLN."
Fiction / WomenWilliams, KatieMy Murder
PRH/Random House
Riverhead BooksHardcover9780593543764276/6/2023N/A5/1/23
Jane Jorgenson @madpoptart, "MY MURDER is a mystery in which a victim investigates her own death at the hands of a serial killer. Moody and thoughtful, near-future setting." -- KC Davis @kcdvs, "The two I am currently reading are RED QUEEN by Juan Jurado Gmez on audiobook (optioned for Netflix): Think Lisbeth Salinder with a 245 IQ & MY MURDER by Katie Williams: a woman investigates her own murder at the hands of a serial killer."
Fiction / LiteraryDubus Andre, IIISuch KindnessNorton
W. W. Norton & Company
LMR, Norton Library Marketing @WWNortonLibrary, "Starred PW for SUCH KINDNESS, by Andre Dubus III: 'a heartrending account.... poignantly portrays his protagonist's search for redemption, and shows how precarious situations can make people especially vulnerable.'" - DEC, featured on the ALMA book buzz:
Fiction / LiteraryFuller, Claire
The Memory of Animals
Tin House Books
No DRC as of 3/6/23 -- LMR, Norton Library Marketing @WWNortonLibrary, "If you liked OUR ENDLESS NUMBERED DAYS, by Claire Fuller, you must pick up THE MEMORY OF ANIMALS!" -- FEB., LMR, Norton Library Marketing @WWNortonLibrary, "Moving, character-driven, happens to be set during a pandemic, and a speculative twist.[Fuller] pulls the reader in quickly and takes the story in directions I didn't expect. More about family and memory than a pandemic." -- DEC, Featured on the ALMA book buzz, "
Fiction / Historical / World War II
Urrea, Luis Alberto
Good Night, Irene
Little, Brown and Company
LMR, HachetteLib, "Love [this] read from the incomparable Luis Alberto Urrearichly captivating." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "In 1943, Irene Woodward pushes aside her abusive fianc in New York to enlist with the Red Cross, befriending Midwesterner Dorothy Dunford as they head toward Europe on a journey that takes them from the Battle of the Bulge to the liberation of Buchenwald. Urrea, a National Book Critics Circle fiction finalist for THE HOUSE OF BROKEN ANGELS and Pulitzer Prize finalist for the nonfiction THE DEVIL'S HIGHWAY, was inspired to celebrated women's contributions to World War II by his mother's own Red Cross service." -- featured on the ALMA book buzz -- "
Fiction / Action & Adventure
Chang-Eppig, Rita
Deep as the Sky, Red as the Sea
Bloomsbury Publishing
Hardcover with dust jacket
DEBUT, Continued GC interest -- Publishers Summary, "For readers of OUTLAWED, PIRANESI, and THE NIGHT TIGER, a dazzling historical novel about a legendary Chinese pirate queen, her fight to save her fleet from the forces allied against them, and the dangerous price of power. Named a Most Anticipated Novel by: Washington Post * Goodreads * LitHub * NetGalley's We Are Bookish * Debutiful * Our Culture * The Chicago Review of Books * The Rumpus *"
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Historical
Goodman, Alison
The Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
LesaHolstine @LesaHolstine, "Slow start to historical mystery, but fun. THE BENEVOLENT SOCIETY OF ILL-MANNERED LADIES by Alison Goodman (Berkley, 5/30). Bored twin sisters, 42, in Victorian England, set out to rescue women in need of help.'
Fiction / Historical / World War II
Turnbull, Bryn
The Paris Deception
Trade Paperback
GC interest, Publishers Summary, "From internationally bestselling author Bryn Turnbull comes a breathtaking novel about art theft and forgery in Nazi-occupied Paris, and two brave women who risk their lives rescuing looted masterpieces of modern art from Nazi destruction, for fans of Marie Benedict and Kate Quinn." -- HARDCOVER LIBRARY EDITION, 9780778307662
Fiction / Romance / Historical / Victorian
Herrera, Adriana
An Island Princess Starts a Scandal
Canary Street Press
Trade Paperback
LMR, HarlequinForLibraries @HQforLibraries, "What to read next? May we recommend a lush sapphic love story"
Fiction / Magical Realism
Törzs, Emma
Ink Blood Sister Scribe
HarperCollinsWilliam MorrowHardcover9780063253469305/30/20231500004/1/23
DEBUT, Kimberly Mcgee @kimsbookstack, "My current fave is INK BLOOD SISTER SCRIBE. A fantasy that involves two sisters whose family has been caretakers of magic books but it has taken a toll. Creepy blood sucking books!" -- FEB, Shari Suarez @ShariSuarez, "I'm so intrigued by INK, BLOOD, SISTER, SCRIBE by Emma Torzs. A library of magical books? Compared to Ninth House & Practical Magic? Sign me up!" -- DEC, LMR, librarylovefest @librarylovefest, "Lainey has been absolutely raving about INK BLOOD SISTER SCRIBE by Emma Trzs! This speculative, magical debut is about two sisters who discover a world of magic as their family has guarded a collection of rare and ancient books for generations.."