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Eating Psychology Coaching
I help people develop a healthy relationship with food and body through issues of weight loss, binge eating, overeating, emotional eating, chronic dieting, body image, mood and fatigue
2125My confidence is at 1 as I'm new to coaching. I have great confidence in the material and the tools I have to use. I practised as a Massage Therapist (Aromatherapist) for over 16 years, and listened to thousands of life stories so I am really familiar with listening to, connecting and empathizing and with others.
Space Clearing with Divine Blessing to clear negative energies and bring in Light by Terry McGill2216I have done this for years, but have much greater "power" than when I started in 1982. People surprise me in how they experience the differences.
The Balance Blueprint: From Overwhelmed and Overworked to Poised and Powerful Julie Stiles2204I've already taught this and have good testimonials from it. I've found niche mates but they are geared toward corporate. I would think people would pay to overcome the problem of overwhelm, but I still haven't tested with trying to find partners.
Health - healty aging - I am inviting people to join in a conversation with me about aging and retirement and most reciently about dealing with death.2215This is a new idea for me, something I am pretty interested in developing. I know a lot about the physical side of aging, it is more about the 'well being' part of aging that is interesting me and especially of retirement and aging and health.