Updated 03/19/2021
This document is intended to provide an overview of CVC's positions. If you would like to discuss any of the topics on this sheet, or any unlisted topics, we would be happy to video chat with you. Reach out to us at to schedule a call. Thank you!
TopicCVC's Position

Abolition of cops, ICE, and prison
SupportsCVC supports the immediate abolition of ICE. CVC supports solutions to social problems that don't rely on cops and prisons. CVC supports decreasing the role of cops and prisons in our society with the ultimate goal of abolishing the prison-industrial complex.
Adoption of non-human animals who are unable to live in the wildSupportsCVC supports adopting non-human persons that would otherwise suffer.
Anti-CapitalismSupportsCVC encourages all activists to educate themselves about and participate in the fight against capitalism. CVC leadership supports measures including: increasing the minimum wage, guaranteed basic incomes, reparations, the green new deal, and other progressive economic social policy.
Anti-ColonialismSupportsCVC believes in ending the neo-colonial relationships that exist between the rich beneficiaries of historical colonialism and former formal colonies. CVC supports identifying and eliminating all forms of colonial thinking and practice.
Anti-Diet NutritionSupportsCVC encourages all activists to share nutrition advice from an anti-diet perspective, for example see Taylor Wolfram's resources
Anti-RacismSupportsCVC encourages all activists to educate themselves about and participate in the fight against white supremacy. There are many resources relevant here, for one relevant starting point from a vegan perspective see Aph and Syl Ko's work
Anti-SpeciesismSupportsCVC asserts the fundamental moral equality of all persons regardless of species and denies human superiority.
"Being vegan is easy" messagingOpposesCVC opposes any messaging that ignores the fact that various populations and individuals face barriers to eating a plant-based diet
Call-insSupportsIn CVC spaces we are striving to both maintain a safe & welcoming space while also taking steps to unlearn oppressive ways of thinking. Some of the most common problematic language that creeps into our spaces include: cr*zy, d*mb, ins*ne, ob*se, ov*rw*ight. We also want to strive to avoid problematic ideas including: diet culture (moralizing food, viewing thin bodies as superior to fat bodies, restrictive eating), ableism (especially language like cr*zy/in*ane, or basing value/respect on someone's intelligence), speciesism (using animal words as insults), and ideas that perpetuate harm (for example the myth of meritocracy). As a part of unlearning oppressive ways of thinking, we also recognize that language has power and in CVC spaces strive to practice language geared at liberation. For example, we recommend using "food apartheid" in place of "food desert", "person/companion animal/animal neighbor/animal I live with" in place of "pet", "non-human animal" instead of "animal", "formerly colonized country" instead of "developing country". No one is ever going to be perfect and at CVC events we practice call-ins. This can look like someone using the word "cr*zy" as a descriptor and then someone else following up with "what did you actually mean"? Or if someone suggests that the BMI has any benefit to human health someone will follow up by sharing that the BMI is actually problematic and is a tool of oppression and will share further resources to check out. Call-ins are quick and non-confrontational and we feel that these are an important part of learning and growing.
Comparing animal oppression to specific forms of human oppressionOpposesCVC opposes the use of comparisons between non-human oppression and specific forms of human oppression. That being said, CVC encourages interconnected oppression messaging that reveals the common roots of non-human and human oppressions.
Conspiracy theorizingOpposesCVC does not welcome the expression of conspiracy theories in our spaces. There are numerous conspiracy theories out there, but some common ones to look out for include anti-vax, anti-mask, or Q-anon conspiracy theories.
Disability LiberationSupportsCVC encourages all activists to educate themselves about and participate in the fight for disability liberation. For a starting point, see Sunaura Taylor's "Beasts of Burden"
Environmental JusticeSupportsCVC wants to create a world where all humans (regardless of social identity) and nonhumans (including animals and other living beings) live in a healthy and safe environment
Fat Liberation & Body NeutralitySupportsCVC encourages all activists to educate themselves about and participate in the fight against weight discrimination. For one relevant starting point from a vegan perspective see Chelsea Lincoln's work.
"Go-vegan now" messagingOpposesCVC opposes telling people that they should "go vegan now." Instead, CVC encourages a transitional approach to adopting a plant-based diet. It's of course OK if someone wants to go full vegan overnight, but they should know that it may be easier to go more slowly and to not beat themselves up if they struggle with a rapid transition.
Health-based promotion of plant-based dietsSupports in some instances.Health-based messaging must avoid pseudoscientific or exaggerated claims of helath benefits. If a health benefit is supported by the claims made in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics position statement on vegetarian diets then it is permissible to include in health-based messaging provided that the information is presented in a realistic way that also doesn't play into health-ism (i.e. the idea that being healthy is morally virtuous). Another permissible source for health information is the Harvard School of Public Health.
Indigenous Sovereignty and Land BackSupportsCVC believes in Indigenous Sovereignty and returning, as far as is possible, lands traditionally inhabited and cared for by Indigenous peoples to their care.
InternationalismSupportsCVC stands in solidarity with all peoples and struggles for justice regardless of national boundaries.
LGBTQIA+ LiberationSupportsCVC wants to create a world where all people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, can lead their best lives.
Meeting people where they areSupportsCVC encourages all activists to meet nonvegans where they are
Microchip/Spay & NeuterSupportsCVC supports
Mutual Aid & SolidaritySupportsCVC belives in empowering those we are in relationship with through mutual aid and solidarity,
Promotion of whole-food plant-based dietsOpposesCVC believes that a whole-food plant-based diet may be appropriate for some people but for other people it is a slippery slope to disordered eating. There is also inadequate evidence to support the very restrictive whole food diets advocated by many vegan celebrities. For example, there isn't good evidence that the benefits of restricting the consumption of healthy oils outweigh the drawbacks of this restriction.
Purchasing non-human animals as "pets" (pet stores, breeders, Craigslist, etc)OpposesCVC opposes the commodification of non-human persons.
Racist, sexist, ableist, etc. messagingOpposesCVC opposes any and all messaging that perpetuates any system of oppression affecting humans.
Rehabilitative, Restorative & Transformative JusticeSupportsCVC supports approaches to criminal justice that rehabilitate criminals, restore victims of crimes and those impacted by crime, and that address the root causes of crime and facilitate great social cohesion and justice.
RewildingSupportsCVC supports rewilding formerly domesticated non-human persons where this can be done safely and effectively.
Shaming messagingOpposesCVC opposes any messaging that can be construed as shaming people. Instead of shaming, messaging should focus on finding common ground with not yet vegans, veganism as an ethical/political stance rather than as a diet or lifestyle, and the positive benefits of plant-based diets.
Trans and Sex Worker Inclusionary FeminismSupportsCVC encourages all activists to learn about and participate in the fight against the patriarchy. We do not welcome sex worker exclusionary or trans exclusionary feminists in our space.
Weight-focused promotion of plant-based dietsOpposesCVC opposes any and all messaging that plays into diet culture.