VII:DS Materia V2.0: Beat Rush
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Materia NameTier 5Tier 4Tier 3Tier 2Tier 1Tier S
12: Starter11: Established10: Veteran9: Eminent8: PrestigeLocked and reserved
Original Ranks12-98-76-54-32-1
Costs1481420---FunctionalityMP Cost: L1/2/3/4Stat ModsRP Usage
Command Materia
CriticalCritical------Iron Fist------On successful hit: L1: >18, double damage. <10, half damage. On 1, no damage.
L2: >15, Double damage, <8, half damage
1 / 2 +1 STR OR +1 DEX / -1 VITIn a deep level of focus,- you surround your weapon or ammo with magical energy, aiming for a lucky strike.
Slash AllSlash-All---Assault TwisterBlast Wave---Attack all targets within melee range for: L1/2/3: x0.75 / x1.0 / x1.25 melee damage. Make one melee roll, against everyone in ranges VIT2 / 3 / 4 +1 STR +1 DEXAn aura of energy surrounds your weapon as you spin in a circle, your range of attack enhanced by magic. [Friends / Foes Alike]
Darkness------DarknessLast ResortSoul Eater---Attack all targets in 6 meter radius for: x1.0 / x1.25 / x1.5 melee damage. Take x0.25 of damage dealt to self. Roll attack for each target in range.No MP Cost +2 STR / -1 SPR / -1 VITThis materia draws from your life energy as shadows surround you and your opponents, damaging them with caustic, opressive Darkness.
Punch------Goblin PunchCostly Punch------L1/L2, Deal x0.25 / x0.5 of lost HP as damage Rounded. Must be in melee range2 / 4 +1 HPYou draw power from your weakness- putting your everything into one, empowered strike.
Stun---DistractDisarmDisable------Roll an unmodified d20 with a target number of 15 or higher on a target within melee range. On a success, inflict Stun on the target for 1/2/3 rounds.1 / 3 / 6 +1 VITYou conjorr a bright, burning flash from your materia to try and stun your opponent.
Jump------JumpHigh Jump------Jump into air for one turn. Be treated as 25/45 meters from ground until next round. On following turn, damage is 1.2 /1.5 times melee damage to target within 10m/15m of jump site. Otherwise miss. Counts as using an attack phase of following turn. Cannot be used in any room without the clearance to reach the full height. Expend Attack phase of the Following Turn, and movement speed will be reduced by -4 after the Jump’s conclusion during the Movement phase. All HP+MP regen stops for 1 round. If no targets are in range at conclusion of jump, drop to original position.2 / 5 +1 STR +1 VITMateria drives you airborne in a single powerful leap, until gravity can finally draw you back to the ground like a humanoid comet.
Purge---RemovePurgeAbolish------L1/L2/L3 Sacrifice x0.3 / x0.25 / x0.2 of current HP, rounded up, to remove Poison/Stun/Sleep/Doom/Trauma/PlagueNo MP Cost +2 VIT -1 STR -1 DEX -1 MAGThrough inner focus you force toxins from your system, sacrificing your life energy.
DashDash---------------. Advance an additional X meters. Where X meters is x0.5 of MP used, at conclusion of movement, attack roll can be made.Dynamic +1 Movement SpeedMateria enhances your agility in a sudden burst of speed.
Aid---Patch---Tend------L1/L2 Heal target for 1+Current HPx0.15+Heal Trauma / 1+Current HPx0.25+Heal Trauma. Can target self to cure bleed, but cannot target yourself to restore HP, can target machines. Can only heal Target within 3 Meters 1 /3 +1 MAG +1 DEXHealing energy channels itself from your materia as your vitality is shared with another.
Copy the last materia used by ANY person within 20m. Pay its cost in addition to the cost of using Mime. L1:Use your own modifiers for the copied Materia/L2: Use x0.75 of the target’s STR, DEX, or MAG instead of your own.
1+Dynamic/3+Dynamic +2 MPRecent memories of an attack play through your mind, urging your muscles to mirror it to near perfection.
Double Cut------Flurry---------Gives One additional basic attack if it is used, but all damage dealt is x0.4 of total melee or ranged damage ignoring any damage modifiers from weapons. (Interrupting is not considered a normal Basic attack) +1 DEX -1 VITAttack twice in rapid succession, sacrificing strength for speed.
Magic Materia
FireFire---Fira---Firaga---Deal 2/5/8 + (x0.25 MAG) fire damage. Rounded.2 / 5 / 10 +1 MP +1 MAG A ball of flames conjours at your whim to scorch your foe.
IceBlizzard---Blizzara---Blizzaga---Deal 2/5/8 + (x0.25 MAG) ice damage. Rounded.2 / 5 / 10 +1 MP +1 MAG Chilling energy comes to life, frozen force directed at your opponent.
LightningThunder---Thundara---Thundaga---Deal 2/5/8 + (x0.25 MAG) lightning damage. Rounded.2 / 5 / 10 +1 MP +1 MAG Wrathful electrical energy is conjoured from above to strike your foe.
WindAero---Aera---Aeraga---Deal 2/5/8 + (x0.25 MAG) wind damage. Rounded.2 / 5 / 10 +1 MP +1 MAG Cutting, gale force winds assault your opponent.
EarthQuake---Quakara---Quakaga---Deal 2/5/8 + (x0.25 MAG) earth damage. Rounded.2 / 5 / 10 +1 MP +1 MAG The land rises up in spikes of rock as you turn your opponent's footing against them.
WaterWater---Watera---Wateraga---Deal 2/5/8 + (x0.25 MAG) water damage. Rounded.2 / 5 / 10 +1 MP +1 MAG Magical hydraulic pressure explodes at your opponent.
PoisonPoisonBio---BioraBioga---L1: On success, inflict poison for 4 rounds. L2/3/4 Deal 1/3/5 + ( x0.2 MAG) and inflict plague for 2 rounds.1 / 3 / 6 / 8 +1 MP -1 VITToxic, biological force surrounds your foe, burning and choking.
RestoreCure---CuraRegenCuraga---L1/L2/L4: Restore 2 + (x0.25 MAG) x 1/2/3 HP. Rounded. L3: Buff regen status for 3 rounds.3 / 5 / 7 / 8 +1 MAG +1 SPRRejuvenating waves of energy wash over your target, easing their wounds.
HealPoisona---Cleanse---Esuna---L1: Remove Poison/Plague. L2: Remove Poison/Stun/Sleep/Plague/Trauma. L3: Remove all negative status effects1 / 3 / 6 +1 VIT +1 SPRPurifying light pulls the sickness from your target.
ReviveRaise---LifeReraise---L1/2: Remove KO status and restore to x0.25/Full HP. L3: Buff auto-life status.4 / 6 / 8 +1 MAG +1 MPHeavenly energy brings a wounded target back to their feet, so their fight can continue.
BarrierProtect---ShellWallReflect---L1/2/3/4: Buff Protect/Shell/Wall/Reflect Status for 3 rounds3 / 3 / 4 / 6 +1 VIT +1 SPRA shell of magical energy surrounds you- reducing lethal force from physical attacks, Mitigating Magical force, or Reflecting magic.
Time HasteSlow---Stop---L1: Buff Haste status on target for 2 rounds. L2/3: Inflict Slow/Stop status on target for 3/2 rounds2 / 3 / 8 +1 MAG -1 SPRTime itself bends to your will, changing your target's perception of reality for a short period of time.
SealSleep---Cripple---Silence---L1/2/3: Inflict Sleep/Stun/Silence status on target for 2 rounds2 / 4 / 8 +1 MP -1 SPRGhostly chains reach upwards from the earth and white mist falls over their minds, constricting your opponent's movement and thoughts.
Gravity---Gravity---GraviraGraviga---L1/2/3: Deal x0.2 / x0.25 / x0.35 of current HP as damage to one target and pulls everyone within 4m/5m/6m 2m closer to the target.2 / 5 / 10 -2 STR/- 2 DEX +2 MPSpace bends around your opponent, tearing their very being under severe gravitational force.
Mystify---Confuse---Berserk------L1: Inflict 'Confuse' Status for 2 rounds. L2: Inflict 'Berserk' status for 2 turns.4 / 8-1 STR/-1 DEX +1 MAGA cloud of mystifying energy descends over your opponent's head.
DestructDebarrier---DispelVoid------L1: Remove Shell/Protect/Wall/Reflect. L2: Remove all non-barrier Buffs L3: Remove all buffs and debuffs L1/2/3: Target gains a 1 round immunity to any buffs removed by Destruct.2/ 4 / 6 +1 VIT +1 SPRYour materia deconstructs an opponent's magical enhancements, shattering like glass.
Drain---DrainDrainraDrainga---L1/2/3 Deal 2/3/4 damage + (x0.25 MAG), absorb x0.15 / x0.25 / x0.5 damage dealt as HP2 / 5 / 8 +2 HPYou draw your opponent's energy to use as your own.
Osmose------Osmose---Osmoga---Absorb x0.15 / x0.25 of targets MP. Rounded. Minimum of 1MP restored. Lv1:Inflict Muddle for 1 round. Lv2: Inflict Muddle for 2 rounds.2 / 5 +2 MPYou beffudle your opponent's concentration to clarify your own mind.
LightDia---Diara---Diaga---Deal 2/5/8 + (x0.25 MAG) light damage. Rounded2 / 5 / 10 +1 MP +1 MAG Incandecent light surrounds your opponent, heavenly energy turning its wrath upon them.
ShadowDark---Darkra---Darkga---Deal 2/5/8 + (x0.25 MAG) dark damage. Rounded.2 / 5 / 10 +1 MP +1 MAG Intoxicating, terrifying darkness plunges your opponent into a world of shadows, harming their very soul.
Flare------------Flare---Deal 8 + (x0.35 MAG) damage. Rounded down.8 + 2 MP - 2 STR The light of a dying star explodes with pure energy, targeted at your opponent.
Comet------------CometCometeoL1: Deal 4 + (x0.25 MAG), Twice. SPR roll for both. L2: Deal 5 + (x0.25 MAG), twice. SPR roll for both. Cannot be linked with Quadra. Diminishing returns only applies after the Second Roll.7 / 10 +1 MAG +1 MP - 2 STRCall down a rock from the cosmos to crush your opponent beneath its cosmic energy.
Ultima------------UltimaDeal 5 damage + MAG. Make pretty lights.10 +2 MAGUnbound, pure energy tears through your target.
Independent Materia
HP Plus HP+Lv.1---HP+Lv.2---HP+Lv.3---Adds 1/2/3 of described stat
MP PlusMP+Lv.1---MP+Lv.2---MP+Lv.3---Adds 1/2/3 of described stat
Strength PlusSTR+Lv.1---STR+Lv.2---STR+Lv.3---Adds 1/2/3 of described stat
Dexterity PlusDEX+Lv.1---DEX+Lv.2---DEX+Lv.3---Adds 1/2/3 of described stat
Magic PlusMAG+Lv.1---MAG+Lv.2---MAG+Lv.3---Adds 1/2/3 of described stat
Vitality PlusVIT+Lv.1---VIT+Lv.2---VIT+Lv.3---Adds 1/2/3 of described stat
Spirit PlusSPR+Lv.1---SPR+Lv.2---SPR+Lv.3---Adds 1/2/3 of described stat
Support Materia
All---AllLv.1AllLv.2---AllLv.3L1/2/3 Attached materia now casts on target +3/6/9 metres around them. MP cost increased by x0.25. Caster -can- decide which distance, as long as they have the level. +1 MAGThe spell's effects are widened to attack your enemy's party.
Elemental ElementalLv.1---ElementalLv.2ElementalLv.3---L1/2/3 Basic Attack Physical damage gains elemental affinity at x0.5 / x0.75 / x1.0. It would then be STR or DEX Vs SPR Only just for basic attacks.Your weapon or ammo is infused with the elemental power of your materia.
MP Absorb ------MP Absorb------x0.2 of damage done by ability is absorbed as MP. Rounded. Minimum of 1MP restored. +1 MPYour attacks beffudle your opponent's mind, enhancing your clarity.
HP Absorb ------HP Absorb------x0.2 of damage done by ability is absorbed as HP. Rounded. Minimum of 1HP restored. +1 HPYour attacks take on a vampiric property, drawing energy from every strike.
MP Turbo---MPTurboLv.1---MPTurboLv.2MPTurboLv.3Increase MP cost by x0.25/x0.3/x0.5, and increase damage/healing by x0.25/x0.3/x0.5 (Rounded)
(Exceptions to this would be: Lifebreak, Punch, Gravity, Drain, and Osmose)
+1 MPYou expend more energy to draw out the limits of your materia.
Reduce---ReduceLv.1---ReduceLv.2ReduceLv.3Decrease MP cost by 25%/ 30%/50% +1 MPYour understanding of your materia reduces its tax on you.
Quadra Magic ------------QuadraTakes attack and movement phase. MP cost doubled. Cast linked spell 4 times, but damage is set to x0.5 of total damage. Each attack is considered a new attack, and must be rolled against SPRYou invoke your magic in a sudden flurry- choosing to cast often rather than cast surely.
ES Materia
Self Destruct------------CheckRoll 1d20+5. Add total current HP and current MP together, and deal x0.75 that number to all targets in 3 metres (Considered magic damage). Instantly invokes KO and Wounded status on user.0You expend all of your inner energy in an explosion - giving your life energy in one attack.
Magic Hammer------Check------Used in conjuction with usual attack, deals damage to MP instead of HP at x0.5 rate.3Your attack becomes incorporeal, dealing damage to the mind rather than the body.
White Wind------------CheckExpend all MP, restore non-caster targets HP for casters HP total. 10 MP Minimum for Usage!DynamicYou expend the last of your concentration to share your vitality with those around you.
Big Guard---------Check---Gives 'Wall' status and 'Haste' status to target and closest friendly target.8Your primal energy is unlocked, shielding you from attack and filling you with adrenaline.
Laser---Check---------Roll 1d20+5. Deal x0.20 of targets HP as damage, can be used up to 30 metres away4Unleashes a highly focused, highly pressurized beam of energy
To sear at an opponent
Matra Magic------Check------Roll 1d20+5. Deal 4 damage + (x0.1 MAG) up to 3 targets. (Considered PHYSICAL damage)4 (+2 per additional target)A flurry of magical projectiles explode from within, raining upon your foes.
Bad Breath---------Check---Roll 1d20+5. Inflict Poison, Confusion and Blind for 2 turns to any targets in front of caster, within 5 meters. (Must beat their SPR+5. The +5 can only reach up to the SPR cap!)7Releasing an stream of toxic fumes from your
mouth to inflict multiple paralytic status ailments Onto an opponent.
Beta---------Check---Roll 1d20+5 Cast fire 2 on target and any targets within 3 metres of them6A nuclear firestorm descends upon your opponent.
Trine---------Check---Roll 1d20+5. Cast lighting 2 on target and any targets within 3 metres of them 6Atmospheric electricity descends in pyramids of focused wrath, surrounding your opponent.
Aqualung---------Check---Roll 1d20+5. Cast water 2 on target and any targets within 3 metres of them6The depths of the ocean emerge at the surface in spheres of drowning, crushing force.
Lifebreak------------CheckRoll 1d20+5. Deal x0.5 of missing HP as damage to target within 6 Meters.5Revenge fuels you as you turn your own damage against your opponent, subjecting them to your pain.
Shadowflare---------------CheckRoll 1d20+10. Deal 10 Dark damage, but deal 1 less damage for every 1 metre beyond melee range6Cosmic darkness is summoned from the depths, the last light of a dying star.
Pandora's Box------------CheckRoll d20. Times the number by 0.35. Deal that to target and everyone in 3 metres, no rolls.5Releasing the effulgent dusk of the world's inner chaos, manifesting judgement onto those around in a chaotic, damaging strike.
Death Sentence------------CheckRoll 1d20+5. Inflict Doom on target. (Must beat their SPR+5. The +5 can only reach up to the SPR cap!)7The bell tolls for your opponent, the spectre of death looming over them. They will find their energy drained and their will to fight obliterated - it's just a matter of time.
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