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Curricular ResourcesDiscovery EdYou will need to set up an account in order to use all of their features. However, the following features are free and available for immediate use: Puzzlemaker, WebMath - "solve your math problems today",Discovery Education Experience is an online K-12 service combining curated curriculum resources with on-demand teaching strategies. Its standards-aligned content is assignable and meets the varying needs of diverse student populations in a safe and secure environment.
BrainPopThis free offer is primarily for school accounts, however you can request an account at home. They will send you a form to complete which asks for some basic info re: location and school. Once your account is set up you have access to BrainPop Jr., BrainPOP, BrainPOP ELL, etc. All ages Animated movies, assessment resources, and creative tools for:

Distance learning
Support for projects and homework
Keeping students on track with their studies
TynkerChoose games that support developing coding skills, by grade level and by experienceTynker is the #1 Kids Coding Platform, where millions learn to code. Tynker offers self-paced online courses for children to learn coding at home, as well as specially designed curriculum for schools and camps.
TwinklBanks of resources divided by grade level and content, EC-grade 5. They include full lesson and unit plans, worksheets to print, activities, etc. Mostly low-tech printable worksheets.Educational resources that can be used at each step of a child's learning journey.
Our teacher-created resources provide entire schemes of work, lesson planning and assessments right through to online educational games, augmented reality and so much more.
We have over 525,000 resources and new content gets added every day.You'll find we've normally got what you need before you even know you want it.
Cool Story: Hello, we're Susie and Jonathan Seaton, founders of Twinkl. Twinkl began life in 2010 as an idea, when we both realised that teachers, like Susie, were having trouble finding suitable resources - those which were guaranteed to be high quality and really helped children learn.
Back then, with no credible source for resources, teachers everywhere were using precious time and energy creating their own. They were working in isolation too, constantly reinventing the wheel by making individual resources for identical subjects and lessons.
We both realised that by making these resources just once and making them available we could save teachers so much time, and allow the teaching community to spend energy on the one thing that really mattered - the children in their care.
Manga HighAll math skills. For teacher to use with students. Two modes, Prodigi - math skill builders and Games and Activities. Teacher can search by topic.Can be used with any Internet browser. There is no software to download or update.
ListenWireCollection of more than 2000 lessons featuring brief nonfiction audio stories for students in grades 2-12. Lessons address current events and popular curriculum topics in English language arts, social studies, and science.Allows teacher to roster his/her students, make online customized written assignments, and assign multiple-choice auto-scored listening quizzes.
MobyMaxFocuses on struggling learners, helps teacher find and fix learning gapscomprehensive software curriculum spans Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies for students in grades K-8.
Seterra GeographyIt is the ultimate Map Quiz Site. Seterra will challenge students with quizzes about countries, capitals, flags, oceans, lakesAn entertaining and educational geography game that gives you access to over 300 customizable quizzes.
Breakout EduUse to supplement specific topics in ELA, Math, Science, Social StudiesGames on specific topics related to general studies; categorized by level for grades K-12
Mystery ScienceLessons and activities to support science learning K-5 Science curriculum aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core. Lessons begins with a Mystery to hook students and is followed by a narrated unforgettable story told with images and videos. Includes opportunities for discussion and concludes with simple hands-on activities designed to use supplies you already have (or are easy to get).Great to use as a mini-lesson on zoom and then have students work at home on the activity. Preview the lesson and let students know what supplies they will need beforehand. Check on supplies needed before using lessons to make sure they are regular household items.
Age of Learning (ABCMouse, Adventure Academy, ReadingIQ)Educational programs for preschool through 8th grade students
Fascinating Educationfor MS and HS, curricula for biology, chemistry, physics and anatomyStudents select the topic and Dr. Margulies takes you through an explanation (lesson), there is a script and quiz for each lesson.
FreeSchoolYouTube videos on a wide range of topics in history and scienceFreeSchool is a safe and friendly place to expose children to famous art, classical music, children's literature, and natural science in an age-appropriate and kid-accessible way.
Great Minds VideosUse to provide instruction in ELA, Math, and ScienceMaterials for math (Grades K–12); Instructional videos for English language arts (Grades K–8); Math (Grades K-12), and Science (Grades 3–5).
NumberockYouTubeWe make animated math videos and educational songs for kids that make math more fun and teaching more effective! Up until today, we have created nearly 70 animated music videos that cover mathematical concepts for Kindergarden - 6th Grade; with concepts like; Rounding Numbers, Ordering Decimals, Subtraction with Regrouping, 3D Shapes, Angles, Place Value, Multiplication Times Tables and much more!
Student Assessment Rubric GRIT
An opportunity for teachers to help students reflect on some of the "non academic" learning opportunities of living at this timeA Google Doc Rubric for students to self assess their current SEL levels. An interesting tool for important conversations between teachers and students and students and students.
Digital Teaching & Learning Tools BunceeStudents and teachers can create video presentations using a wide array of graphics options; use for teachig and assessing student learning. Attach linnks and connect with internet tools A creation and presentation tool for students and educators to create interactive classroom content, allowing learners of all ages to visualize concepts and communicate creatively. Create and Share Content from Anywhere, Empower Students as Content Producers, Encourage Creativity, Assess Student Knowledge Acquisition
Pear DeckPear Deck is often used to engage students in a lesson in real time. But you can also give a Pear Deck lesson to a student who missed class, flip your lesson, differentiate, or scaffold instruction during class. Pear Deck was founded by educators on a mission to help teachers engage every student, every day. With solutions rooted in active learning and formative assessment, we make it easy for you to connect with learners of every age and ability. When that happens, more students participate and learn, classroom community improves, and you'll know you're making a difference. Newsela and Pear Deck have teamed up to create Daily Decks designed to spark student engagement! Each one features an adaptive news article with interactive prompts to get EVERY student learning. These free, ready-to-teach Decks will help you explore news topics with your class while working on literacy, critical thinking skills, and building classroom community!
Elementaricreate video stories with illustrations, background music, animations, etc.Educators will also be able to review and give feedback on students' stories (page by page) remotely and see student statistics (how long students spend writing and coding, number of characters written/lines coded). Educators can also create template stories/worksheets where student can "Remix". Remixing copies the story for students to edit and modify. We hope these features can give teachers better insight on their students' learning progress during these difficult times.
We also offer free webinars for educators that give ideas on how to get started using Elementari across different subject areas and grade levels.
EdPuzzleThe process is simple - find a video, add questions and assign it to your class. Watch as they progress and hold them accountable on their learning journey.Edpuzzle is an easy-to-use platform allowing you to engage every student, one video at a time.
MercavaFor Limudei Kodesh, great resource for online learningText for all of Tanach, Mishan, Gemarah, Sifrei Mussar, Halacha, Tosefta, etc. Includes the ability to do voice-over, notes, highight, create videos using the text.
Control Alt AchieveLook through this list of google chrome extensions and think about how they can support your learners. Includes options for Text to Speech
Reading Comprehension
A list of over 31 Google Chrome Extensions to support learners of all ages and ability level.Refer to your JNTP Knowing Students tool to determine what your students might need and how these tools can support them.
Lunch Doodles with Mo Williams
Online Drawing with Mo WillemsOnline Drawing with Mo WillemsMo Willems, author and illustrator of the well known series, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, Knuffle Bus, and more, offers a series of episodes with him. They are called Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems.
KahootPost a mini lesson with graphics and then create quizes for students to test themselves. Can also be used to prepare formative assessments before, during, or after a lesson. With Kahoot! Premium, teachers can use advanced reports to facilitate formative assessment and adjust instruction based on student performance – even when they cannot attend school. Kahoot! Premium also lets teachers put together a bank of school-wide educational games and collaborate with other teachers in their school. Self-paced challenge mode is a free feature that’s already available for all educators. Students can complete self-paced games by themselves at home, on a mobile device or computer. This game mode helps students stay on track with their curriculum, even when they can’t attend school. Teachers can also access over 40 million free and ready-to-play games on various subjects or create their own games
BookCreater AppIncludes resources, connects to Google images, video clips, music, and a feature to draw or annotate freehand. Post and share, give feedback, can work on the same book on multiple devices simultaneously. Bring creativity to your classroom. A simple way to make digital books online - on Chromebooks, PCs, iPads or tablets. Create. Read. Publish.
NearPodYou can share a lesson by sending a code to all students and then everyone can see the content on their own device. Works on phones and tablets and there are lessons for students in K-12.Platform to create interactive lessons. Also includes a variety of ready-to-run lessons. Integrates with Google tools.
ScreenCastifyRecord presentations to be shared with others. Record, edit and share videosGreat for students to use to record a presentation and for teachers to use to create mini-lessons. Also useful for parents to record and send messages to families.
ePedagogy VisualsPrint this out and keep it by your workspace as a guide and supportCurated list of 18 best practices for working with students remotely.
Curated Collection of YouTube Channels for the Secondary Level Use a video to build a flipped lesson where students view the video and then engage in a group dicussion or individual reflection.A list of YouTube channels for use with middle and high school students.
Platforms and Tools for Online LearningProntoFeatures: Real time chat, group video chat, announcements, message translation, file sharing and storage, task managementPronto is a communication hub created for the everyday user. It connects students, teachers and entire campuses via chat and video, so they can learn faster, work smarter, and communicate seamlessly.
Google for EduGoogle Classroom saves you time, keeps you organized and helps you communicate with your students. Get started today, with resources, tips and tricks from educators like you. Google Forms makes creating quizzes and grading faster, easier, automated and customizable. Get started today, with resources, tips and tricks from educators like you.
Slido EducationFor teachers to use to make webinars interactive. integrates with Zoom, Powerpoint and Google SlidesKeep students engaged with live polls, quizzes and interactive Q&A.Integration with Zoom helps teachers stream using Zoom’s webinar feature and engage students with Slido from one place. Reducing friction, it allows teachers to fully focus on the delivery and engagement with students. There is a wait list for use with Zoom as it is currently in beta testing.
Microsoft TeamsAn option if you are looking for a platform to host your courses. There are recorded webinars to help you get set up and to support you with ideas and resources. Online classroom that brings together virtual face-to-face connections, assignments, files and conversations into a single place accessible on either mobile, tablet, PC or browser.
ZoomGather students together for online learning. Includes breakout rooms so students can work in small groups. Platform to host online meetings. JNTP uses zoom for our webinars and we are happy to provide a tutorial if needed. Host can also control whether participants can chat with each other privately to avoid side conversations.

Helpful links, copy and paste into your browser. Zoom Breakout Rooms – Here are instructions on how you can randomly assign a group of up to 150 students to breakout rooms of 3 (or more): Zoom Polling – Instructions for conducting a live poll of participants:
FlipgridCreate a video to show mastery of a math problem, act out your favorite book character or discuss a current event. Families create a private space, ask a question and learners respond with a short video. Videos can be created with ink, whiteboards, filters, images, emojis and more. Once the video is created others in the space can view videos or respond. For more instructions: free web site, iOS and Android apps
GoGuardianWebsite for teachers to set up an online learning community. There are several features that range from enabling teachers to see exactly what students are doing on their devices in real-time to seeing whether your students are all on the same page to enabling teachers to communicate instructions or updates to the entire class at one time to providing a real-time communication and collaborative feedback channel for teachers and students.
ParlayDiscussion boards, choose from their library or create your ownParlay puts your students and their unique perspectives at the heart of learning, and gives you the data that you need to help them grow. Best practices like scaffolding and peer feedback are built right in, ensuring deep and intentional discussions online and in person. Data-driven class discussions increase accountability, encourage reflection, and empower reliable feedback and assessment.
WakeletSave your favorite content from across the web. Articles, videos, blogs, tweets, songs and more – bookmark anything you find online in two clicks.
Arrange your bookmarks into stunning collections. Add images, text and organize however you like to build stories from your content. Collaborate with others on group collections to share ideas, inspiration and knowledge. Share your collections with a single link.