Joyful Systems FOSS projects survey 2012: FunGEn
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Timestamp1. How much time have you spent using or working with this project in the past ?2. How often do you use/work with this project currently ?3. How much do you need this project, or something quite like it, currently ? 4. How are you likely to participate this year ?5. Why/how did you get started with this project ?6. Why did you stop, if you did ?7. What have you used it for ?8. What do/did you like best about it ?9. What do/did you like least about it ?10. Your contact info, for uniquification and clarification/followup ?
2/24/2012 5:14:321 year or lessOccasionallyStrong needUsing it, Keeping an eye on IRC or mail list, perhaps a bug report now and thenSome projects for collegeInmature librarySimple 2d gamesSimplicityLimited featuresSawa
2/24/2012 9:28:091 year or lessOftenStrong needUsing itI had to develop a Game for my university, and I wanted to use Functional Programming. So I decided to use Haskell, and I found FunGen searching for some game libraries. I find it very usefull, but it isn't finished. Maybe the most important need of this project is the posibility to play music. I've never used a Game engine in Haskell, but I've used PyGame for Python.I've used it to develop a Game to graduate in my UniversityI like it because you can tell your "objects" to move at a certain speed, and you can show images easilyIt doesn't support musiccris.eze.sua
2/25/2012 8:20:121 month or lessOccasionallyStrong needUsing it, Keeping an eye on IRC or mail list, perhaps a bug report now and then, QA, bug tracking, discussion, Debugging, coding, architecture discussionHow did you hear : From a link in HaskellWiki,
What motivated you to try it?: the examples looked simple enough and looked like a good idea to structure a game idea I had in mind.
Initial experience: good. could quickly code a basic game (classic sokoban) as a prototype. Found the code written in actions kind of imperative.
Stopped because couldn't figure out how to get mouse events. It had been swallowed and remapped as a single type of event. esp the modifiers when you do mouse events. Couldn't get any answer on IRC. Tried hacking on own and made a partial solution and sent to But got no response. However I don't think my solution is correct anyway. I was also looking whether FunGen would provide me the right kind of abstraction for a game framework like a program I have used before called Game Maker. For example first class collision events and a good way of structuring your program (like a DSL) so that your concerned with only relevant parts when working with it (like sprite creation, collision, scenes..)To make a game for OSX platform.That it abstracted away opengl very well and could produce a working game quickly.* swallowing events
* lack of structuring code around collisions
* lack of a good sound library in haskell for osx (not a problem of FunGen though)
* sparse documentation
* missing lot of potential transforms that you could do with the notion of a sprite.
* potentially lack of combinators to build your scene and possibly a simplified FRP implementation. have some ideas on the combinators.
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