Skyteam Ace Database
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WhoCountryCounty / State / CityPurchase Month/YearCompliance Plate dateSold Month/YearTyresWheelsRear Brake PadsFront Brake PadsFront Brake HoseFront ShocksRear ShocksHandle BarsThrottleSwitchesCush Drive RubbersAbsolute top speed, wind behind, downhill etc etc :)Comfortable, maintainable, open road cruising speedEngineEGRExhaustCarbJetsAir filterCoilCDISpark plugFront sprocketRear sprocketChainStarter MotorBatteryTankFrameTank StrapSidecoversDecalsEngine/Tran ColourSeatEngine CoversMirrorsLeversFootpegsNuts and BoltsHeadlightTaillightFront IndicatorsRear IndicatorsBattery PositionRear MudguardFront MudguardGrab HandlesSpeedoTachoSide Stand SwitchOilAlarmFairingComments
Name/Screenname(F 2.75x18 R3.00x18SpokedStdStdRubberStdAdjustable/Non-adjustable preloadStdStdStdStd??50/72/125/250/300StdStd Black Cat??Big box??Torch - D8RTC15T38TStdStd?SilverRed/Black/OrangeBlack RubberSilverSkyteam and 125Alum or BlackStdSkyteamStalksStdStd? inchStdChunky/BulletsChunky/BulletsMid sectionStdStdOne or TwoStdNoneConnectedN/ANoneNone
Chris Taylor AustraliaSydney Oct 2017Pirelli City DemonsStock - Trued by Spoked Wheel RepairStockStockStock30mm preloads with 30w fork oilMad Munk 315mm Tarozzi Clip-onsStockStockHonda CG125 124km110Km250cc 169FFMnoneSkyteam Canberra/NSW header Pipr and Commando muffler 28mm OKOSkyteam Canberra/NSW Tuned Pod FilterStockSkyteam Canberra/NSW Performance CDINGK 16T35T428 O-ringStcok to 169FFMAnti-gravity 4 cellSilverRedStockremovedStewed, Screwed and Tattooed pin up girlSilverStockstockFolding bar ends aftermarket Stock6.75" Black w mesh After Market Skyteam Canberra/NSW Performance CDISkyteam Canberra/NSW Performance CDIUnder Seat Removed Chrome Shorty TwoE-buy SpecialE-bay SpecialRemoved Penrite MC4ST 20w50 100% Mineral NoneGood little 2nd bike, used mainly for commuting
Vanilla FlakAustraliaPerth, WA2016Pirelli City Demonsstd.stdEBCBraidedstdstd27mm clip-onsstdstdstd106.9kph90kph250cc 166fmmnoneSS header with commandomikuni?stdstfOO RacingNGK15t38tstdstdstd 2016 lithium, under seat humpBlackstdstdstdBlackstdstdBar Endsstdstd7.5"stdBlack, Orange lenseBlack, Orange lensSeat HumpstdstdTwoACEWELL 2853IntegratedRemovedSynthNoneStarted the next project. 2016 ace 125. Swapped engine with a 166fmm 250cc engine. Lots more to be done, but even at this basic level she's a beast!
Vanilla FlakAustralia2015stdstdstdstdstdstdstdstdstdstdstd604850cc w/72cc oorcRemovedstd de-catoo PerformanceBVHstdstdoo PerformanceNGKstd34tstdstdstdstd, decals removedBlackstdstd, decals removedremovedstdstdstdstdstdstdstdstdstdstdstdstdstdnoneDisconnectedCastrolnone.Has been a fun ride. Got me into motorcycles. Next project is a 125 with a 250 engine swap. CR93 race rairing, etc. Ideally visually similar to Snakemotors 77, but with enhanced performance.
Dyldo (Dylan)AustraliaMelbourneOctober - 2015Pirelli City DemonsStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockn/an/a125ccBlankedOO SS header & short bottle mufflerStockStockStockStockStockNGK DPR9EIX-9StockStockStockStockStockSilverRedNylon StrapStockRemovedStock silverAftermarket cafe seat - no plastic humpStockBar-end, chrome, roundCylindrical SS pegsStockStockStockStockAll in one LED ovalStockRemovedRemovedStockStockStockRemovedStockSpidey sensesCommuter, 20mins throught the city each (nice) day
WilsonCRAustraliaApril 2013StockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockTo afraid to test on this bikeThe first five minutes of riding before the arms get sore @ 60125BlankedCustom stainless steel w/no CatStockRejetted w/ OO racing jetsStockStockOO racing aftermarket CDIStockStockStockDirtyStockStockSilver StockRed/BlackDitchedSilverDitchedStockChrome short roundStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockNoneFormer Commuter
Orrible-64Australiaoct 2013/dec2015Michelin m45stockbendixfa 165stdstdstdace bars for speedweek,std for road use / now cilponsstdstdstddyno 140km/h in 4th gear. not tested in top . Speedweek Australia 2015. 75.000mph speedweek 2016 82.271 mph/132.407 kph110150removed38mm header home made and junk box spare megaphone now has emgo short reverse cone from mostynchineese mikuni vm26 232 ,102.5 25 pilot n/3 105 mainstandard changed airbox foam from mcs bike partsstdblue oo racingngk iridium16 or 17 tooth, 16 best off line.tops at 124.6kph gps on 17 now running 17t. able to change back to 4th at 100-105kph tried 18 t but too tall34tlithium ion . wow sky reach brand now under seat humpexperamenting with 3m 1080 film ,carbon fibre knee pads and black spade badge snoopy ww1 aceredbrown leather.four card suits custom.dlra stickersace of spadesbar end roundremaufactured original light . now 60 55 h4 bulb..big differenceaftermarket from supercheapbracket under seat humpafttermarket,led light bob guard combo from supercheap auto, aly checkerplate fill under seat2kosso lookalikedisconectedmotul 10w50 pre speed week 2015 10.0 hp rear wheel@ 8500 rpm 9.13 nm torque@6900rpm match ported head mild exhaust porting job intake left stock but soda blasted inside both ports. combustion chamber mirror polished reported changed back to 125 head ported as above with 150 springs and preload,cam from brazil,upped compession steel shim head gasket aprox 9.8/1. getting there now at 12.32 at9500
NedskieeAustraliaPerilli City DemonsSpokedStdStdRubberStdStdMotociclo Clip OnStdStd95-105 km80 km125Std
ACE OF SPADES by Joe GallettaAustraliaApril 2015F 100/90 18. R 110/90 18 - Sinko 720 StockStockStockStockStock300mm eye-eye Red springStock, dropped down. Leather wrap grips7/8 throttle body handleblack metal left switch. Right switch removedStock90-100km60125ccRemovedStock wrapped header. Shirten pipe with better black mufflerStock, adjusted jetsadjustedK&N filterStockStock for nowNGKStockUpgradedStock upgradedStockSlim anti gravityStock silver, matteRedDark brown leatherRemovedCustomBar end blackround black metalStockStock X eletrical tapeRound prison barblack prison barsblack prison barsunder humpRemovedTiny silverOne - StockStockNoneDisconnectedGood shitnoneMore to come. Great bike, it's my first
AcebrybryAustralia2014StockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStock115km/hI125BlankedOoracing headers(kept long) + reverse cone silencerStockOoracing rejet kitStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockSilverBlackStockStockIron and resin anchor logo - White Stock Chrome napoleon bar endStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockFirst bike purchased soley as a learner bike. Soon to upgrade to a Triumph Scrambler.
Sprocket2cogAustralia12/1/2012michelin m45 front and rearhonda cb 250 master cylinder114kph90-100kphremoved38mm S/S header into shotgun mufflerNGK DPR9EIX-9brown leatherpin up girls on tankbar end small roundalloy zxr 9 round footpegssome allen head and stainless bolts6.5 inch glass lens mounted in 1960 bucket fairingblacked out lens sidesstockremoved, plastic led brake lightoneremounted stockAfter market oil cooler and oil pressure gauge fitted-valvoline 10w/40fitted a 1960 era aluminium bucket fairing. fitted a nissin cb250 master cylinder and blacked out some minor items around the bike like the gear linkages and such. Also fitted new led brake lights, one in the tail piece.
ChrisBNEAustraliaMetzler ME22 EBC FA165TT CB250 NHStock - flippedRelaced114km/h105km/h125Removed and blanked using 00Racing P/N 7329Stock header, cat removed and chrome megaphone muffler with addtional bafflingOORacing Rejet kitCustom tank decalsRound bar endCustom rear light assemblyBullets Bullets Removed and replaced with Corflute panel under seatremoved 15w50
ACE it upAustraliaSept 2013Michelin Pilot Sporty loose spokedEBC H303stdrubber25mm pre loadedOOracing Piggy backstd loweredooracing quick throttleooracingreplaced @ 5900km110ks 80-90km150Removedstock header ,cat removed and extended with chrome megaphonechinese mikuni vm22main 102.5Removed with velocity stackStdStdNGK DPR9EIX Iridium17T38tStdStdLithiumsilverRedBlack rubbernoneRemovedOne filed off so farRound bar endStdStdcustom small roundbulletsbulletsUnder humpRemoved with custom alley tray under seatback on- Caution removal can cause wheel buckle check spoke tensiontwoStdNoneremovedBel-ray10w-40w NoneLove this thing, enjoy tinkering, learning , riding, tossing dodgey parts and the attention it draws!
StevodudeAustraliaQueensland2014Michelin M45 front, Metzeler m22 rearre-spoked front
re-spoked rear
FA165HH25mm bolt+nut spacer
Replaced Oil
Rfy piggybacksChinese Ali clip-onsRace Throttle Fast Action 1/4 Turn 7/8137kph95kph125removed and BlankedOORacing chrome header, Ebay MEga muffler, repacked, blocked with 12mm hole drilled in endstockpilot/main 42/92Velocty StackOO-Racing 6pin P/N 8671NGK Iridium DPR8EA-916TSmaller gell Motobat - under seatsilverredFather in-laws brown leather beltRemovedHM Honda goldBar end black aliCustom7" ebay, DIY Custom bracketsCustom tail lightsstockstockin seat humpremoved mudguard, custom aluminium sheet.twoAftermarket (replaces 3 led instrument panel)aftermarketremovedanything - change every 1000km
adktzAustralia2015StockStockEBC H303EBC FA165HHStock25mm spacersStockTarozzi clip onsStockStockStock105 km/h90 km/h125BlankedSteel header & reverse megaphoneStockRejettedOOracing Force 38mmStockooRacing blue.NGK IRIDIUM DPR8EIX-9Stock34TStockStockAntigravity LithiumSilverRedStockRemovedRemovedStockBar-end, black, roundStockStockStockChrome roundStockStockFlat under seat in custom trayRemovedStockOneStockNoneDisconnected
Bionic Dan AustraliaDecember 2014michelin M45Rear SS spokesHonda PostieSinteredBraidedStockOOracing piggy backClip onQuick 1/4 turnStockHonda100km/h80-90150OutCat outChinese Mikuni102Air box out
Wire cone
StockStockiridium1735Renhal 428StdLithiumSilverRedBlk lether with skulsexTwiggy on tankStdRound ,bar endsAlum. CustomStainlessStdCustom LedFake carbonFake carbonUnder humpOutShortenedStdKosoKosoWired to idiot light only10 / 40 semi Sint.Noalso Flat chest racing on the hump
Sunbeam61Australiaaug 2014not on your farstd..adjustablestdstdstdstd100km so far80/85125gone cat removed .59cm megaphonechina mikuni vm2615/95stdback to stdCasoli motoNGK iridium DPR8EIX-916Tstd 38Tstdstdstd Lithiumsilver with custom Honda/ace stickersredstdsilver with stickers made upAce125/Japan splat..Honda wings/ace namestdbar endstd/new model 2014stdstdstdstd bulletstd/bulletstd under seatstdstd2stde-bay 13k RPMnot connectedshell Helix 15/40Aldi alarmed disc lockStill only 100km/h with mods listed.150cc 62mm barrel on it's way. Will use std head. Also try larger jets. Maybe 17T sprocket next, and better tyres. would love to go 250cc but could cause rego problems/expense
Hazza00AustraliaStock. Purchased white-wall inserts to suit 18" wheels, but yet to installStock. but looking to replaced with a set of Metzelers Stock - with adjustable preloadStock - but tilted down to look like clip-on's!!123Stock 125 - Painted BlackRemoved and blanked using 00Racing P/N 732900Racing S/S header P/N 9446 and 00Racing S/S performance muffler P/N 8688, with 35-45mm adapter P/N 946300Racing re-jet / tune-up kit 303 P/N 909500Racing High Performance Coil P/N 789500Racing Performance 6-Pin P/N 9379NGK Iridium 00Racing P/N 901200Racing 34T P/N 8524Stock - shortened by 2 links to suit smaller 34T rear sprocketStock - Silver, with Black & Silver checkered decalsBlackStock - Silver, with Black & Silver checkered decalsRemoved stock Skyteam logos on tank and rear hump. Fitted Black & Silver checkered strips on tank, sidecovers, front guard. Waiting for custom tank decal to arrive (Retro).Sanded and polished Skyteam covers (black lettering remaining)Removed stock mirrors , and fitted custom bar-end mirrors in underslung positionStock - 5". Purchased 7" peaked-cap style but yet to installStock (bullet style)Stock (bullet style)Stock - mid section, side coversStock - both sidesPurchased, but yet to installRemoved. Puchased 00Racing custom CNC Alloy side stand P/N 9405 but decided not to install.SyntheticNil;topic=57510.0;attach=113861;image
suuscustomsAustraliaMichelin M45sAce bars50original with restriction removedoriginal with restriction removed from manifoldLarger main jetRam air foam filterOoracing adjustableNGK C8HSA38T (off 125, needs offset change)blueLeather Suus customRemovedSuusRetro STOP on Suus custom seatlow in frameHugger using custom Suus mountstworemovedCustom seat, tank strap and rear guard brackets being made at present, available soon through
Cafe59AustraliaMichelin M45Mostyn 330mmStock - flipped125RemovedStock header, cat removed and aftermarket muffler and baffle off eBayOORacing Rejet kitNGK DPR9EIX Iridium17TSilverBlackRemovedNapoleon bar endeBayHonda CB125eBayeBayTwo
Stroker CrazyAustraliaMichelin M45FA165HHS/S braided25mm preload addedIkon custom builtTarozziTomaselli side pull QAOORacing + Remote reservoir master cylinderHonda CG125 damper bushes 41241222000 100km/h150RemovedCustom header, modified muffler, powder coatRejetted DPR9EIX-917T35TD.I.D O-ringRemovedSilverRedNoneFiled/sanded offBar endTarozziMMCC Round BlackLeft sideremovedCustom oil cooler and now running full syntheticCush drive rubbers disintegrated; replaced with Honda items
Sunrise4567Australia2013Michelin M45s25mm preloadclip onsreplaced @ 3500km150removed and BlankedCat removed from header.12mm hole drilled in end26mm MikuniPilot/main 20/10238mm foamOO-Racing 6pin P/N 8671NGK Iridium DPR8EA-916t34Tsilverredremovedsanded off and polishedbar endtworemoved
Just DanAustraliaMichelin Pilot SportyFA 165 HHS/S Braided25 mm preloadOoracing piggy back shocks150 cc Big bore kit & head from OoracingRemovedDe cat Std Exhaust22 mm Mikuni100 main jetOoracing performace CDINGK16TO ring chainalloy Zxr 9 round foot pegs in black.Fake carbon fibre LED indicators.Triumph tiger 800Removed10w/40w every 500 km
LOLitsPOOPAustraliaNSW2013StdStd - TruedStdStd600mm S/S Braided25mm preload. 30w fork oilUpgraded 330mm - 5 step adjustable preload27mm clip onsDIY quick throttle - modified throttle camStdStd150 upgrade, Big Valve Head, Performance Cam, Custom Chromoly pushrods, Upgraded rocker gearremovedWrapped OORacing header + 26" reverse cone mufflerOKO 26mm flatslide39 pilot
Needle - 2nd clip
104 main
Open velocity stackNGK CR2 Hi Performance coil + leadPosh Racing CDINGK DR8EA15T34T428StdStd - relocatedSilverRedStdRemovedVintage Honda wingsStdAftermarketStdStdStockOval chrome + tail tidyMini BlackMini BlackMid sectionRemovedStd - Matt blackStdStockDisconnected10w40
xristianosAustraliaSeptember 2014Metzeler ME22 2.75 Front / 3.25 RearStockEBCEBCEarl Braided / Dot 5.1 Brake fluid25mm spacer + 30w fork oilOORacing piggybackOORacing clip-onsTommaselli QTOORacing LH switchgear w/ killswitchOORacing w/ new bolts60 km/h72ccRemovedCustom header with shorty reverse cone muffler22mm YSNPrejetted/OORacingPod filterStockNGK14T40TSilverRedStockSilverRemovedBar EndSS6 3/4 matte black (no parker)LED integrated with plate holderblack alloy/yellow glassblack alloy/yellow glassLow in frameRemovedShortenedKosoKosoremovedCastrol synthetic 10wAlmost there. Enjoying the tinkering :)
ACE125ToyAustraliaMichelin M45
Carter the redAustraliastock - tiltedremovedngk dp8ea (?)nice and cleandark brown leatheroffbar end, small round onesheadlights kept blowing, resister installedmounted on custom bracket (made from reflector mount)were on fender mounts...gonski, now backski...onegone
Cafe(r)acerBelgiumMetzeler ME22EBCEBCS/S braided25mm preloadcustomOORacing clip-onsOORacing Quick ThrottleCustomHonda120kph125removed and BlankedOORacing chrome header, Slash cut megaphoneStockOOracing rejet kitOOracing Force 38mmHigh PerformanceOO-Racing 6pin P/N 8671NGKleather sleeve over strapnoneovalremounted under tankcustompainted satin blackcheapo chinesedisconnected10W40I have 3 horns... 1 stock, 1 car horn and 1 oldschool bosch horn from the 50's
SimmieBelgiumDecember 2014StockStockOoracingOoracingStock25mm spacersstockHome made clip onsdaytona speedgasAll on left hand sideHonda115-120km/h flat80-90 km/h125ccremovedHome made exhaustMikuni 2622.5 - 210Cone filterstockstockNGK1534removedsilverred/blackblack rubbersilverremoved, customizedskyteamremovedstockstockcutsom headlightold style in seatremoverstockremovedremovedstockonecustomcustomdisconnected none
nicopotvinBelgium7/1/2015Michelin Pilot Street: F 2.75x18 R 90/90x18SpokedEBCEBCRubberStdOORacing sealedStd + Grip puppies (too thicken them)StdStdStd??125ccRemovedStd Black CatStockRejetted OORacing 48PilotJet/ Main jet StockStockStockOORacing CDINGK iridium DPR8EIX-915T38TStdStdStockSilverRed/BlackBlack RubberSilverSkyteam and MoonSkyteamBar endStdStockStdChunky/BulletsChunky/BulletsMid sectionStdStdOneStdNoneDisconnectedN/ANone
DahondBelgiumVee rubber 80/90 18 front - Kenda 100/90 18 rear to be changed stock front - honda MBX 1981 alloy rearEBCstock - soon to be changed : honda NSRadjustable gas shocksremoved - blankedsome sort of italian megaphone typeKeihin PTGpilot 32 main 92race thingychanged, need to check17T39T420removed decals - redadded megatron silhouet on seat humpblack clutch cover due to non deliverable gray???? after a small slide on the asphaltchanged to rectangular lower mirrorsstock, need replacingHS1 bulb in 132mm headlight, mat blacksyntheticlockThe chinese parts can't keep up with my daily use and need constant attention - replacement with quality parts. I love the bike, otherwise i would've sold it by now.
Racing RubenBelgium april 2014Michelin M45 2.75 front, 3.25 rearPiggybacksclip ons OoRacing110 km/h90 km/h150, 125 headremoved and blankedOORacing chrome header, trumpet mufflerKeihin PE2835-105airbox removed, velocity stack installedIridium EIX9stockstockstockremovedVarta small 3ampsilver, black pin stripe sticker on fuel tankredRemovedCastrol Wakefieldsanded offa small one to keep police happyyellow foil over stock lighttail light "spy" under humpunder seat humpremovedthinking about removing itDaytona velonamunk rpm meterswitch and wire removedcastrol RSloving it
Alan VegaFranceDunlop K82Straight through DunstalStock PZ2648/97.5Metal Cone FilterHalcyon/Napolean
JosephauHong KongEBC FA165HH Earls brake hose 610mm Ooracing gas piggy back shocks27mm aluminium clips on bar (ebay)Ooracing quick action throttleOoracing all-in-one L/H control plus R/H start switch set 125Removed and blankedOoracing 35mm O/D S/S header pipe and universal reverse cone mufflerMikuni VM22-133Main/pilot 100/30Ooracing PEX performance filter 42mm12V NGK racing coilOoracing 6 pin racing CDINGK Iridium DPR8EIXYuasa YTX4-lbsstock, sticker removedRemovedRacing number plate7/8" Bar end round mirrorYamaha R6replacing all stock bolts with M6 A2 S/S allen socket cap bolt one by oneSubframe and repositioned.Retro bobber style plasticKoso DL-03SRKoso DL-03SRRemoved and replace with Ooracing S/S side standMotorex 4T 5W/40 Fully Syntheticnone
Phil WoodsNew Zealand11/14/2014Michelin M45StdEBCEBCSS braided?STD but 25mm preload and heavyer oilOO racing piggy backTriumph mounted up side down Stock, will changeStockStockWaiting for a tail wind 90125Chrome Straight canStdStdRemoved, pod installedStdStdDPR9EIX-916T34TDIDStdLithium underseatRemoved stickersRedNow leather - and old belt ;) SilverRemoved Filled and blackEnd fit round cafe styleR6Not yet 7" LED TRI light Led Led bulletLED bullitUnder seatWhat rear mudguard ;) Cut backStdStdKilled it10/40 SynthNo
2bNew ZealandChristchurchSeptember 2014Michelin M45 front and rearHad a specialist wheel guy trim the wheels to true them upEBC H303EBC FA165HH S/S braided made up locally25mm nuts and bolts home made spacerNewer model Skyteam black piggy backStdStdStdStdHavent tested 150 yetHavent tested 150 yet150Removed and blanked using 00Racing P/N 7329OO Racing pipe and Emgo Shorty with 2 stroke muffler packingStdMain/pilot 100 Keihin/48 OO RacingStdStdStdNGK DPR9EIX-9 Iridium and NGK LD05F cap15T34TStdStdStdSilverBlack and black engine tooNew leather belt with red detailing on sideSilverMonty Python finger, Improbability Drive.BlackStdBlackNapoleanStdReplacing all stock bolts with S/S one by oneThird Gear 7# Big CafeRyca combined tail, brake, number plate and indictators Harley cafe racer bullet small black onesHarley cafe racer bullet small black onesStdRemovedStdStock - both sidesKoso tacho/speedo combinedKoso tacho/speedo combinedKilled it10W40 Amsoil Fully SyntheticNo
KolaNew ZealandSeptember 2014StdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStd125StdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdredStdStdStdStdSmall round bar ends
StdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdI've really got to get started on my upgrades, will post as I go
NovgarodNorway2013Michelin M45 F2.75 R3.25StockStockStockStock25mm preload, Ooracing fork oil.Ooracing gas shocksClipons. Aluminium.StockStock96km/h70km/h72cc cylinder. Gas flowed top, oversized valves. Bored out and polished intake manifold.RemovedCustom made header 24mm to 38mm with stainles reverse cone muffler with adjustable mechanical baffle. Outer chamber loaded with AcoustaFill.22mm YSN3 ply foam.NGK RacingRacing, multispark.NGK15T42TStockStockBT gel 6amp.Stock, stikker removed. HM-wing. Original Honda Dream 50 decal.RedStockStock decals removed. New ones in place.Sprayed blackF1 Carbon StockAll bolts are being replaced by stainless, one by one.7" clear glass diamond reflector , black housing with chrome ring. Yellow tint. Black steel mesh grill.Old style tiny round cut into seat humpChrome and clear bulletChrome and clear bulletStockReplaced with rubber mat StockGray, sticky rubber, waffle pattern.Kege £10 Ebay tachometer Disconnected.Helix 15w40NoneA work in progress... Enjoying every second spent with it!
JoeylimzySingaporeMichelinRacing boy Sport RimsStockStockStar braided brake hose25mm preloadYssSTDDomino Quick ThrottleRVF 400 right hand switch
NSR 150 left hand switch
110km/h90km/h125BlankedChromed Straight thruKeihin PE28Cone FilterYamaha LC135 CoilOoracing CDINGK iridium DPR8EIX-915T32TDIDStockYuasa YTX5WhiteRedDecalWhiteRemovedSanded offstockHonda c70Stainless Steel Allen key Bolt5.5 inchLucas tail light with Signal relocationBullets Bullets Mid sectionStdStdBmw universal gripKoso Multifunction meterKoso Multifunction meterRemoved10w40/10w50None
waketripSpainMay 2014Michelin pilot street: F 2.75x18 R 90/90x18New stainless spokes on back wheel. 2 stock ones brokeEBC 303 ShoesEBC FA165HH double sintered padsEarl's stainless braided hose, 630mm25mm preload + oil replacement kit OOracingNew Stock Adjustable preload shocks / 3rd hardest settingStockOORacing quick actionStockStock124 km/h steep downhill FOT GPS app recorded.90 km/h300ccRemoved and BlankedOOracing 35 mm OD Header + Commando style muffler with 2 baffles and fiberglass fillingkeihin 30mmModified: pilot 50 + 100 main K&N RE-0240 38mm Performance air filterStockBLUE BOX Performance OOracing NGK IRIDIUM DPR8EIX-916t34TD.I.D. non o-ring chain 428 Stock Antigravity 4-cell ; LIPO4 technologySilverRedLeather brown belt cut in two with buckle holding both parts togetherSilverHonda motors classic winged logoStock M-Factory Adjustable+ Foldable Bar end MirrorsStockStockStock 5 3/4 inches headlightcustom 52mm round lightStockStockfabricated aluminium box holder, behind the triangle, directly below fuel tank.removed steel section, kept plastic cover, and protected electronics by fabricating an aluminium tray beneath seatStockStockStockStockStockSynthetic 10w-30Disc lock with alarm Artago 26S Stainless Steel 3200 km
ADZSpainMichelin M45Clip onsOoracing Quick ActionOoracing125RemovedOO racing pipe + straight through MeggaMolktOoracing Force FilterSilverRedRemovedBar endsOoracing Skyteam PBR 125Skyteam PBR 125
Mikeyw64UK2013COntinental COntiGoSTD Wheels to be respoked, Honda replacement Cush drives & bolts, bearings all replacedEBCEBCBriaded HEL25mm spacer + heavier weight oilPiggy Back Units from OO racing. Considering Hagon unitsTarozzi clip onsOOracing QA throttleyes I have switches sourced from somewherereplaced with Honda OEM along with boltswatch this spacewatch this space15occ with twin exhaust headgone.custom built twin exhast sytem. 2 x 32mm opening to 72mm megaphonesstockoo racing Product Code: 8685wire coneupgardedOO Racing performance/easy start Product Code: 9306-6C NGK IRIDIUM DPR8EIX-91738DIDstockbig spare one from my Blackbirdto be pinstriped & namedredstdstdwill be custom fairing racing related decalsbar endFixed bolts replaced sith staineless allen headed7" fitted with HIDgeenric Morris Minor style tail light mounted in seat humpluca style chromedlucas style chromedin the middlestock but with tail light removed. Number plate directly attachedstockstill thereAcewell 400 seriesAcewell 4000 seriesgoneCastrol Power1 (oil cooler)Ridden for 6 months, mothballed for 2 years currently being brough back to life (21 feb 16)
TadUKAugust 2013It's up for sale on the 31st FebPirelli1 front, 1 rearStd spongie and squeekyStdR/H sidestdNot going to rev it that hard, lets not forget their Chinese.55-60mph. Looks Faster when parked up.Chrome TulipSeams to have a Shengway onReplaced std foam with Mallossi foamI'll just have a look.... OUCH!!!NGK DPR8EA-9 Iridium Renthal R1 GoldI don't use itYTX-4LBSee Decals* -->Red, Also has a full fairing fitted.Replaced with leather DMB (dead mans belt)Decals removed* Replaced with Hm wingsPlain.Nice black R/h Ali bar endReplaced with Allen Screws here and there. but left crank case screws as I like the bolt heads. (their loveley)Between Red and Black wires.NoStill thereYes, but I am on a dietN/AN/ASemi sympatheticBig lock and chainI like my Ace
HerbertDUK2012Michelin Pilot SportysNow renewed 5 broken spokes Please ensure back wheel spokes are TIGHT otherwise repeated failure can ensue. Mind you, it doesn't help being 6.3" & 15.1/2 stome I guess!StdStdStd25mm SpacersSkyteam sourced Piggy -back uniitsE-Bay sourced 27mm Clip- onsStockStdTotally shot after 4000 Km, replaced with Skyteam (OORACING) but only lasted another 1000 miles. Now relaced with oe Honda cush drive bushes and bolts - a major improvement!Had 74mph downhill (GPS verified)60 - 65mph on the flatConverted to 150cc big valve headBinned!Skyteam chrome sportsStockRejettedNGK Iridium16T34TOOracing Gold ChainStockStockHonda WingRed..Honda Wing on Tank, Honda Racing flashs and racing roundel on full fairingAll engine bolts replaced with S/Steel Cap headsBar endYamaha R1 / R6Replaced all the engine bolts with Stainless steel cap head bolts A2 & A4: L/H& R/H engine cases, L/H & R/H clutch cap / skyteam engine plate, Chain guard, Seat hump, Handlebars, Rocker Cover bolts, Starter motor.
Stock - Only changed the bulb once!Stock, but now with cracked lense - Cannot buy replacement lense only?..StockStockStockOne side onlyTried Digital but failed - Looking for analogue replacement Have just replaced with Analogue Reads in MPH and very accurate!Kege RemovedCastrol Semi syntheticNone2000 miles clocked up in 15 month's ownership. Big bore conversion has made the most sense, closely followed by adding decent rubber. Still very keen to add race type fairing. Love it, and looks fantastic. Has only been caught out in rain twice, but various components showing imminent corrosion (I clean it every trip and apply WD /Scottoiler 365 !) - Still cannot moan for the money! Oct 2014 update - Now with 2750 miles, and still going well - Still looking to get a full fairing for it! - June 2015 Update - Full fairing fitted and very happy - Fairing was bought from BB plastics - UK (Suitable for Honda CR93) @ £200.00
keef1989UKearly 2015metzelerStockebcebcbraidedstd330mm with adjustable preloadclip-ons1/4 turn fast actionstdstd80mph- ish50mph150cc, 125 ported & polished head, base gasket removed.gone.ooRacing header, tulip silencer with brillo pad baffles.vm26 mikuni (chinese)102.5 main. bell mouthstdooRacing blue.NGK cap and plug (DPR8EA9)17Tstdstdstdsmaller gel battery.decals removed
MaladeptUKMay 2014Michelin M45OO Racing 25mm preload, heavier fork oilOoracing piggy back shocks71 mph, on the flat55 mph125Removed & blanked - part of OO racing 303 kit kitOoracing 35mm O/D S/S header pipe and eBay silcncer + baffle and noise reduction modsOriginalOO Racing jets -part of 303 kitRam Air foam in stock housingOO Racing 303 CDINGK Iridium DPR8EIX17TStockStockStock Black, DebadgedRedStockStock Black, DebadgedRemovedbar end, eBay specialsR6 replica 7" Xanadu DisconnectedSemi Synthetic Learning more every mile I do, great simple tool. Basic but fun! Update November 2014: Almost 3000 kilometres covered, need to get my full licence so I can add a 150 (250?) upgrade, as well as buy a 'big' bike.
Musket the dogUKPirelli City DemonsStockStockStockStockStockStockStock - TurnedStockStockStock70mph, app verified, on flat, slight downhill, Bruntinhthorpe runway55mph125Missing from newde-cat stock downpipe, 27 inch cone silencer.StockRejetted 100 MainFoam pod filterStockStockNGK15T34Tstockstockoriginal, std locationSilverRedBrown leather beltDecals removed, phillips head screws replacedAll removed except on tankSilverStockBar end, roundStock polishedMany low quality fasteners replaced, some rusting of weld nuts.5 Inch, H4 unit, Addition of relays to wiring systemNew LED unit, mounted in stock locationChrome 'bean tin' fitted from newChrome 'bean tin' fitted from newStock position, battery box cut to retain bracket but fit filterStock, drilled for new rear light unit, Plastic spray guard painted body colourStockStock both sides StockNoneconnected to wiring, disconnected from sidestand.None
MarcusgarwoodUK25mm preloadStock-flippedIgnition switch relocated by engine66mph on flat125Removed and blankedSkyteam chrome sports with wrap. Rear restriction drilled out 16mmRejetted 45/95Ooracing Pex filterPosh racing CDI15t34tDecal removed, Brown leather strap Replaced with pinstriped and silver leaf oval platesRemovedFilled and painted Bar endStock polishedEngine bolts swapped for stainless Allen heads7" Xanadu Stock cut into seat hump Chrome/clear lenseChrome/clear lense Moved back in new holder Removed, plate fitted to stop debris Stock both sides Kege DisconnectedNew chainguard made. Top yolk polished.
BojerUKStandardStockStockFA165BraidedStockYB125StockStockStock100kmh on flat125SAI removed ;-)OO racing pipe + straight through MeggaStockStandard with "snorkel" removedStockStockNGK DPR8EA-916T38TStockDecal removedRedDecal removed HM wing on tankBar endtwoKege £10 Ebay tachoDisconnected10-40 Semi
Dave MUKDunlop TT100sstock - front brake bolts replaced with M8sReworked rear brake set up heavily, vents, extended levers, adjustable pedal, altered pedal and EBC shoes. stockstock25mm preloadsNJB (uk) girling styleRelocated ignition swith to former EGR brackets. Replaced all screw with ss. Made new pivots for levers ss150 BB kit, Molke carb, Big valve head,Gone!Ooracing ss pipe Feked short Goldie silencer, some home made bafflingMolke dunnoAlloy bell mouthOoracing performance, no limiterNGK Iridium DPR8EA-9Ooracing 34t TalonOoracing Japanese Decal removed,Ace of Speed enamel badges appliedDecal removed, Turned alloy QD retaining bolts, tool box mounted on velcro in RH sideSee tankstock but drilled out sprocket coverbar endstock but re worked with ss fastenersAll stock nuts and bolts replaced with stainless steelstock, but remounted higherlittle black round one from louis moto GermanyHighway hawk mini bulletssee frontLowered and turned so terminals on topstock but remountedKege £10 Ebay tachogone!when run in thought I'd go with some semi syntheticOnly at what I've spent on a cheap chinese bike.:)Fab value, nicely made - obviously not all top quality but gotta be the best starter bike in the history of cheap commuters! Maybe skyteam could rip off a '76 XL125 next. ACE!! All stock nuts and bolts replaced. Keep thinking of stuff! Twin air horns from Halfords hidden by battery F- ING LOUD!
QuantumdriverUKRemoved and blankedCopy of Honda wingNoneKegeKegeDisconnectedTop fun at 50mpg
WJPezUKMarch 201425mm SpacersRemovedSkyteam Chrome DerestrictedRejetted0NGK DPR8EA-9RemovedBar EndDisconnected
Captain BeanUKGloucestershireJune 2013Sava (I think) Rear. Metzeler FrontChain guard removed itself,swing arm mounting lug nearest engine snapped! Who cares? Single bar end, of the bicycle varietyA saucy black jobby with halogen bulb-required huge amount of arsing about and blood loss. And violence.Chrome/plastic affair, cheap and cheerful but so much better than that manky original thing.See previous commentSee previous comments about chromey plasic stuff.DisconnectedAncient protective curse. Ebay-£7:99Thats it for the time being-all sorts of great ideas on here though. Immense fun to ride. if there was a God my Morini would work and there would be a Jota in the garage.....
MomomoeyUKManchesterApril 2014EBC H303EBC FA165HHs/s braidednot yet102kph !!!125removedOOracing chrome header / adaptor / megaphoneOOracing kit 303replaced foam element and oil sprayedOOracing kit 303NKG DPR8EIX-9 plug & LD05F capsilverredRemovedRemovedSome replaced with A4 hexheadtwin ovals from EBaychrome bullet / clear lenschrome bullet / clear lensall removedTwo - handy but uglyremoved0Removed tool box & fork gaiters, also ground off egr brackets so need paint
Next mods - footpegs / mirrors / tank strap / headlight but expensive
Removed chainguard - may grind off lug and maybe both grab rails ?
EBay decals - 4aces or skull with ace eye patch to be fitted now have gold pin stripe & chequer strip to try
Rob JarvisUKLondon7/6/1905METZLER M22std.EBCEBCstd, to be changed to braded soonSTD, with fork conversion kit, oo racingoo racing gold gas shocksbillet clip ons oo racing quick actionstock125 with 150 big bore kitremovedchromeLucas rear light convesion , homemade in seat humpREMOVEDREMOVEDREMOVEDONEREMOVED10/40 SYNTHNOAdding new clip-ons and front brake and clutch levers with master cylinder.
Anthony ConwayN.IrelandPlumbridge1/4/2016StockstockStdStdStd Std StdStdStdStdStd(approx.) 805ph, down hill, lying on the tank55 - 60mph125gonestandard, decat, drilledStdStdStdStdStdNGK16T38TStdStdStdDecal removed, replaced with Ace of Spades Skull decalBlackStdSilverGoneStdChrome bar endsR6 pegsStdStdStdStdStdStdGoneStdTwoStdNoneCutStdNoneLoving the bike! Not very comfortable but a real head turner. It's my first bike so it's all new to me. Good bike to learn on and seems to be easy enough to carry out modifications myself so also good to learn that way.
The SmilerAustraliaAdelaide, SA29/4/2016StockStockStdStdStd Std StdStdStdStdStd70kph125soon to be removedStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdsilverredblack rubbersilversoon to be removedStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdStdNoneconnectedStdNoneReally lovin' the bike and the wind in my face again. Returning to riding after 20yr break (I'm now 60yrs) and this bike is great to get my riding skills and road sense back up to standard. It's my new hobby and I'll be modifying it suit me. I love the riding position, just like my ol' Duke.
MitchMk3AustraliaNewcastle NSW06/2016Michelin M45 F2.75x18  R3.00x18StockFerodo FSB704EBC FA165HHStock25mm PreloadMostyn 330mm SH05StockStockStockStockYet to be tested90kph125Removed and blankedDecat, chrome mepahone mufflerStockOORacing stage 1 tune up kit jetsOORacing Force 38mm00Racing High Performance Coil P/N 7895Ooracing performance, no limiterNGK DPR8EA-9Stock34TStockStockStockSilverBlackblack rubbersilverRemoved, custom 'Ace 125' on side coversStockBar end mirrorsYamaha R6, BlackStockLED BulbStockBlack LEDBlack LEDStockStockStockTwoStock$11 eBay TachoDisconnectedStockNonePlenty of changes to come!
#ERROR!PhilippinesManila09/2015Dunlop D108StockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStock90kph70kph125StockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockStockMotolitesilverredblack rubberSilverNoneStockStockBajajStockLED BulbReplaced with Yamaha STX w/ LEDStockStockStockStockStockTwoStockNoneDisconnectedYamalubeNone40km/liters - 10km mileage
perthbikerAustraliaPerth, WAJuly 2016F: Stock
R: 110/80-18 Pirelli Sport Demon
StockEBC H303EBC FA165HHStock25mm preload + oil replacement kit OOracingTECStock, turned downStockStockStock~110km/h80 km/h150 upgrade, Big Valve HeadRemovedOOracing chrome header (wrapped)/ EMGO Trumpet silencer with BCB baffleMolkt 26mm? / 115Wire cone podStockOORacingNGK DPR8EA-917T34TOORacingStockMotobatt MBTX4UStock, silverRedBlack rubberRemovedStock on tank onlyStockBar end mirrorsStockStockStockStockStockStockUnder seat humpStock, shortenedStockOneTumbleton & Twist tacho/speedo comboTumbleton & Twist tacho/speedo comboRemovedPenrite 10W50 syntheticNonePermanent development project, Cam in the post
SneikzAustraliaKirrawee, NSW08/201602/2015not on your nelly.Pirelli City Demons
F 2.75x18 R 3.25x18
SpokedStdEBC FA165HHStdStdAdjustable (stock)22mm Cafe Racer (ebay)1/4 turn fast actionStdStd~110km/h80kph125RemovedSkyteam Canberra & NSW header with EMGO Hooligan 19" muffler. (Very loud)Mikuni 26mm?38mm coneStockBLUE BOX Performance Skyteam Canberra & NSWNGK Iridium DR8EIX17T38TRegina HDStdSkyrich HJT7B-FPSilverBlackGo-fast-red leatherRemovedPersonalised (Silver Bullet)BlackRecovered in RED! Single seatSkyteamBar end mirrorsCNC Clutch Brake Levers for Honda CBR 250RStd. Painted RED!Replaced non engine/tran with SS Allen key boltsStdSmaller roundBulletsBulletsUnder seat humpStdStdTwoStdStainless Steel 12V Universal Motorcycle LED Tacho GaugeDisconnectedCastrol 4T 15w-50NoneBikiniView my bike doco
Shaun CousinsUKNorthampton10/2016Continental ContiGoStockEBCEBCEarls s/sSTD, with fork conversion kit, oo racingPiggy Back Units from OO racingStdOO racing quick throttleMicro starter switch / light / indicator switch without chokeReplaced with Honda originals72 mph60 mph150Removed and blankedOO racing pipe /straight through with Wassell 20" megaphoneMolkt 26mm?velocity stackPerformance coilOO racing performanceNGK DPR8EA-915T34TDID Gold / BlackStdMotobatt MBTX4USilverBlackBlack RubberSilverNoneSilverBlack leatherStockBar end mirrorsCNC Clutch Brake LeversCNC Replacing with Stainless steel6.5" with LED bulbsLED with numberplate holderBlack LEDBlack LEDMid SectionStdStdDaytona Velona 80 Tacho / Speedo multifunctionIntergrated with SpeedoRemoved / OORacing CNC side standStdNoneWork in progress and enjoying making the changes. Plenty more to come in the future!
Yossarian023UKDorset07/2015metzelerStockStdStdBraided60mph steady60 mph150n/aOO racing pipe /straight through with Cafe Racer End CanSrdOO Racing jetsOORacing Force 38mmStockStock15T34TStdStdMotobatt MBTX4USilverRedBlack RubberNoneNoneSilverChrome StalksStdStockStdStdstdstdUnder seat humpStdStdTwoKosoKosoDisconnectedReplaced standard engine with cg clone from OOracing. New engine brackets and clutch cable.
D'ArcyAustraliaCentral Coast01/2017Pirelli City Demons
F 2.75x18 R 3.25x18
Stockebcebc sinteredbraidedooracing preloadjbs 330mmmodern motorcycle company lightweight cliponsBiltwell Cast Whiskeyposh mini switchesgenuine honda120km/h110km/h250Removed and blankedskyteam canberra header and emgo megaphone muffler28mm flatsidetuned by skyteam canberraunifilter podStockskyteam canberra upgradeNGK DPR8EA-915T34TXYT o-ringStockAnti Gravity 4 cellSilverRedBlack Leather BeltRemovedNoneSilverstockStock 169FMMChrome bar clamp 8" roundEMGO clutch, nissan brakeStockStock5 3/4" chrome side mount bates style w/ visor and Adjure trillient black dot lenseThird Gear flush tail lightTorpedo Aluminium LED chromeTorpedo Aluminium LED chromelaid down under seatRemovedskyteam canberra shortenedOnecompact chrome speedo w/ warning lights & blue backlightNoneRemovedShell Advance Ax5 15w50nonemy baby Lil Red
D'ArcyAustraliaCentral Coast06/2018StockStockebcebc sinteredbraidedooracing preloadunknown brandcliponsquarter turn quick throttlestockstock150removed and blankedooracing straight-through header with reverse shorty26mm flatsidetuned by previous ownervelocity stackOOracing race coilooracing posh CDINGK DPR8EA-915T34Tstockstockstocksilverredblack leather beltsilvernonesilverstockstockblack bar end EMGO mirrorsstockstockstockstockthird gear flush tail lightstockstockstockremovedskyteam canberra shortenedtwostockattached by previous ownerremovednonemy new baby Red Rocket
SylviaAustraliaPerth, WA07/2014---Clubman Brass85km/h60km/h72cc with big bore kit installed.00racing performance (The blue one.)SilverBlack.
MasaAustraliaGold Coast, QLD6/2018Pirelli City Demons
F 2.75x18 R 3.25x18
StockStockStock110/km70km/h150ccBlankedSkyteam chrome de-cat28mm Mikunituned by skyteam canberraPodSkyteam Canberra upgradeNGK DPR8EA-917T35TBlackBrown leatherbagsilverBrown leatherBar end mirrorsLED bulbRelocated under seat52mm ChinesePenrite 15w-40Disk alarmConverted from 50cc. I got 125cc engine with 25cc bore up kit, add Skyteam Canberra & NSW exhaust now sounds like real motorbike
MasaAustraliaGold Coast, QLD2/2018converted to 150ccStockStockStockStock64km on 4th gear around 10000rpm40km/h50ccRemovedStockStockOORacing stage 1PodOOracing stage 1 kitNGK A7RTCOORacing stage 1 kitBlackNice bike to practice first manual motorbike
Carlos Del cantoChileSantiago6/2018stockstockstockclubmanstock110km/h90km/h150ccstockstockpod17t35tstocksilverredsilvermotorradsilverstockstockstocknice bike, i got another bigger bike, but the ace is an easy and cool way to go in the city lml
Eymen DesteTurkeyIstanbul6/2018Metzeler ME22StockEBC H303EBC F165R BraidedStockStockStockStockStockStockRunning-in50km/h :)125ccRemoved and BlankedStockStockStockPodStockPerformanceNGK DPR8EAStockStockDID O-ringRemovedRemovedSilverRedStockRemovedNoneSiverStockStockBar-end Yamaha R6Yamaha R6StockStockStockStockStockNoneRemovedStockTwoStockNoneRemovedPutoline 10w40Disk AlarmFun bike :)
Van RadenesMalaysiaKuala Kangsar, PRK8/2018Dunlop StockCT 110StockStockStockStockStockStockStock90km/h60 km/h125ccn/adrilledstockstockstandardstockNGK DPR8EAstock35tstockstockYokohama, Standard locationFlat GreyBlackFlat GreyNoneSilverStockStockChromeStockCNC AluminiumStock7" LED with fairing (Flat Black)Bullet Black Aluminium LEDBullet Black Aluminium LEDStandardStandard / Flat BlackStandard / Flat BlackChinese made 52mmChinese made 52mmn/aHi-Rev 10w40wnoneCustomIn progress
skyteam salt racing australiaaustraliamelbourne5/20172014sava 2.5x18 f+rstockstocknonenoneshortened 80mmnoneclipons1/4 turn mxkill/start onlyhonda145km/h salt flats no wind125ccwelded headcustom and dyno tunedmikuni tm28tuned length bell mouthstockignitech programableNGK 1734did non oringstockstock LiFestockstockstockstocksponsorsstockcustom tail sectionstocknoneclutch onlycustomstocknonenonenonenonecustom bracket to clear intake bellmouthpart of custom tail sectionnonetworeplaced with lambda gaugedigital kartechnoneredline full syntheticnonecustom(early yamaha)DLRA speedweek 2018. 91.1mph faired(mps-pg), 90.07mph unfaired(m-pg), 78.9mph sidecar(sc-pg), 3 australian records on first attempt. 10+mph faster than any other 125 pushrod class reord worldwide
Ricardo GraçaPortugalAveiras de Cima10\20162016Metzeler ME22 2.75-3.00stockEBCEBC F165R BraidedstockTabor 330mmstockstockstockstock120km\h100km\h125ccRemoved and BlankedOoracing header Megaphone mufflerMikuni 24mm (by Michael Bee)by Michael Beestock box, RAM AIR foamstockOoracingNGK Iridiumstock36DIDstockstock silverredstockstockremovedsilverDIY gelstockchromestockYamaha DT50stockstock with LED bulbstock with LED bulbBullet LEDBullet LEDstockstockstockstockElectronicremovedsemi synthetic 10w40vibration alarmnoneHonda Hornet front brake master cilynder, voltmeter.