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Teachers 6-12Decolonize the Drama CurriculumDecolonize the Drama CurriculumList of script options to help decolonize your drama curriculum
Teachers 6-12#BIPOCSwap List - The Plays#BIPOCSwap List - The PlaysPlease feel free to add your entries, copy and share for your own use, etc. I will "clean up" the sheet from time to time to try and keep things in Alpha order of Column A. Meanwhile, use the search function (Command+F) to find key words you might be looking for. Try not to edit someone else's entry. Instead feel free to leave a comment (Command+Option+M) for a suggested revision and either I or the original contributor (or playwright if they connect to this list) will take the suggestion for consideration. Lastly, the swaps are, of course, open to interpretation. Can we please view the swap suggestions from a lens of positivity and less from a critical lens? Thank you!
Teachers 6-12Artists in a Time of a Global PandemicHowl RoundHowlRound is a free and open platform for theatremakers worldwide that amplifies progressive, disruptive ideas about the art form and facilitates connection between diverse practitioners. We envision a theatre field where resources and power are shared equitably in all directions, contributing to a more just and sustainable world.
Teachers 6-12Online lessons/podcasts/websites/showsBeat by Beat PressA Growing List of FREE Tools & Resources for Distance Learning
Teachers 6-12Online resources from Florida ThespiansFlorida ThespiansA list of resources compiled by the Florida Thespians .
Teachers 6-12Theatre lesson plansEducational Theater AssociationTo support the many teachers searching for online content for their students, EdTA offers lessons designed for online learning perfect for homework assignments, teacher facilitated projects or student independent study
Teachers 6-12THEATERish resourcesTheaterishResources and tools collected by Theaterish for educators - how to run a virtual audition, digital theater, script libraries, performances, etc.
Teachers 6-12Write a ten minute play10 Minute Plays10 minute plays - 12 rules for aspiring playwrites
Teachers 6-12Who's Who In Theatre- Learn the different jobs in theatreWho's Who in TheatrePowerpoint presentation explaining who does what within the world of theatre.
Teachers 6-12Meisner Method Master Class (live streaming workshop)True Acting InstituteThe online Meisner Method Certificate Program
Teachers 6-12Tour 11 Famous Theaters Across the WorldGoogle Arts & CultureVirtual Tours of 11 World Famous Theatres
Teachers 6-12Gyre and Gimble- Puppetry (National Theatre) How to make a puppetYouTube - Puppet MakingHow to Make a Puppet | How You Can Make It | National Theatre Join Toby Olié and Finn Caldwell as they demonstrate a step-by-step guide for making a brown paper man puppet.
Teachers 6-12Gyre and Gimble- Puppetry (National Theatre) Bringing a puppet to lifeYouTube - Bringing a Puppet to LifeGyre & Gimble Masterclass: Bringing a Puppet to Life Using an exercise called Copying From Life, Gyre & Gimble explore the three principles needed to bring their puppet men to life, focusing on ‘Breath’, ‘Focus’ and ‘Weight’.
Teachers 6-12Gyre and Gimble- Puppetry (National Theatre) Storytelling with puppetsYouTube - Storytelling with PuppetsGyre & Gimble Masterclass: Storytelling with Puppets. In this Gyre & Gimble masterclass Toby Olié and Finn Caldwell explore storytelling, helping the group to develop scenes with puppets as the central characters.
Teachers 6-12Theatre documentaries and creative videosAmerican Theatre WingIn devised theatre, no one knows what the end product will look like—not the performers, nor the creative team. They start with an idea, a question, a piece of music, a set, and build something completely new. And while many theatre artists who are creating this type of work that might be defined as “devised,” disagree on that categorization, the fact remains the same: the work is collaborative, the work is experimental, and the work is exploratory. As we explore the creative processes of Pig Iron Theatre Company and Elevator Repair Service Theater, we attempt to capture an ounce of the incredible creation these two theatre companies are doing each year through the devised technique of theatre, however they choose to define or not define it.
Teachers 6-12TedX Talk Demonstration: What is Theatre Capable Of?YouTube - Ted TalkTheatre director Simon Stone deconstructs some of the common visual and audio tricks of modern theatre in this first-ever performance utilising a cast of first-time volunteer actors recruited in the days prior to TEDxSydney 2011 and rehearsed just once, the night before the event!
Teachers 6-12Writing Scripts from News StoriesWriting Scripts from News Stories - LessonLesson - writing scripts from news stories. Adapt scripts from stories in the news.
Teachers 6-12Working in the Theatre, American Theare Wing video collectionAmerican Theatre WingWorking in the Theatre is The Wing’s Emmy® Nominated documentary series produced to entertain audiences by revealing theatre’s inner-workings, profiling industry luminaries, and taking a closer look at unique stories that surround important work.
Teachers 6-12Directing a Shakespeare Scene with IntentionsShakespeare's Globe EducationTwo actors are filmed performing a duologue on the Globe stage or Globe rehearsal spaces. Each section of their speech is shot numerous times, each time performed with a different emotional state e.g. happy, angry etc. The virtual ‘director’ then views a list of the ways the actor has performed the line, watching each of the variations to help them choose. They then add their choice to a dynamic storyboard; slowly building the scene with their personally selected clips.
Teachers 6-12Theatre vocab practice using cross words and word finders.Theater Vocab WorksheetsTheater Vocab word searches and crossword puzzles
Teachers 6-12Adapt a Fairy Tale and add a twist by including a social issueWriters and ArtistsSo you’re thinking about writing your own fairy tale-inspired novel? Because the story you’re going to be working from is likely to be quite beloved, you have to handle the classic elements with care. Start with the source material most familiar to you, dissect it, and then look for as many other versions as you can. How was each version important to the culture that told it? In some cases, the big items stay the same, but often they do not, so choosing what’s most important in your new retelling is important.
Teachers 6-12Making a Greek maskYouTube - Greek Mask How ToAustin Theater How To - Greek Mask Making
Teachers 6-12AATE Resources for Teaching OnlineFacebook - Resources for Theatre EducatorsVariety of links for theatre educators
Teachers 6-12Teaching Artists Guild resources for teaching onlineTeaching Artists GuildOn this page, we have published the recording of that nation-wide webinar (the transcript of that webinar is available for download here), as well as our master list of resources, and a form that will allow you to submit more resources for the benefit of the community.
Teachers 6-12Educational Resources for Home LearningLead LearnerEducational Resources for Home Learning
Teachers 6-12StoryCorp-recordings of inspirational stories from around the globeStory Corps
Story Corps records and shares personal and inspirational stories from around the world.
Teachers 6-12Arts programming onlineAll Arts created by WNETWith the aim of being accessible to viewers everywhere, ALL ARTS’s Webby-nominated programming — from digital shorts to feature films — is available online nationwide through, the free ALL ARTS app on all major streaming platforms, and @AllArtsTV on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. New York area TV viewers can also watch the 24/7 broadcast channel.
Teachers 6-12Theatre lessons for all age groupsBYU Theater EducationThis curriculum database is designed to help public educators who are currently teaching theatre in the school systems to cultivate stronger classroom curriculum and lesson plans.
Teachers 6-12San Diego USD Theatre resources-updated regularlyVAPA Virtual ResourcesTeaching resources collected and update regularly - lesson plans, videos, theater actvities, tech theater lessons, etc.
Teachers 6-12Free books and playsNothing in the rulebookLibrary of free plays available for download.
Teachers 6-12Six tips for Acccent workBackstage MagazineBackstage Magazine article - 6 Tips for Accent Work
Teachers 6-12Jim Henson video on how to make a puppetYouTube - Jim Henson PuppetsJim Henson and Muppeteers show kids how to make puppets from simple things like socks.
Teachers 6-12History of Theatre TimelineGlencoe History of TheatreHistory of Theatre Timeline - learn about the people and events that have shaped the world of theatre, film, and television.
Teachers 6-12Black Box Theatre resourcesBlack Box EducationWe would like to share with you all some resources the team have been working on that may help you with Online Schooling (such a foreign concept for us drama teachers!). We have also included some key resources from the Black Box drama and theatre collection.
Teachers 6-12Free musical theatre classes-sign up requiredCTE OnlineThousands of Lesson Plans aligned to CTE, Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, as well as Integrated STEAM/STEM projects and model course outlines you can copy and share.
Teachers 6-12Daily 8 CountDaily 8 CountDaily 8 count - online choreography
Teachers 6-12Californians for the Arts resources-Federal, State, Local newsCalifornians for the ArtsCalifornians for the Arts advocates on the state and federal level for resources to support the creative industries during this public health and economic crisis. We will continue to monitor legislation, private and public funding opportunities as well as creative resources to get us through these unprecedented times.
Teachers 6-12Document - scenework through zoomSimple Scenework in ZoomHelpful document for creating simple scenework in Zoom.
Teachers 6-12Creative Quarentine - list of fun activitiesCreative Quarantine - ActivitiesList of fun theater activities.
Teachers 6-12Reader's Theater Webinar VideoReader's Theater WebinarRecording of Webinar from Reader's Theater - how to film theater on Zoom
Teachers 6-12Reader's Theater - "how to" online theaterReader's Theater - How ToOnline Readers Theatre Lessons Learned – Tips and Tricks
Teachers 6-12Google Doc created by the ARTART ResourcesLinks to resources provided by the ART
Teachers 6-12Free video editing softwareVSDC Video Editing SoftwareFree video editing software
Teachers 6-12Drama ToolkitKET Theater EducationThis Drama Toolkit provides K-12 teachers with high-quality teaching resources that bring the excitement of the theater into the classroom. You’ll find lesson plans, idea cards, glossaries, and many special features. Some of these, such as Kentuckians in Theater, Tour of the Stage, and Will Power, are designed for students as well as teachers.
Teachers 6-12National Coalition for Core Arts StandardsNational Core Arts Standards
Assessments for 2nd, 5th, 8th, High School Proficient, Accomplished, Advanced grade levels
Teachers 6-12Broadway EducatorsBroadway Educators HomeWe offer free materials to schools, teachers and anyone interested in learning more about a specific Broadway show, the professional theatre or the theatre as a communicative art form. We provide Broadway producers with state-of-the-art, groundbreaking study guides, and we offer public relations companies and marketers innovative ways to communicate and connect with audiences.
Teachers 6-12Educational Theatre Association Online ResourcesTheatre Educator ProCreating online learning? Need some resources to get started? EdTA has compiled a guide to getting started along with a curated list of some of the best resources available to help build online learning experiences for your students to support you during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency.
Teachers 6-12Step by Step Virtual AuditionVirtual Audition WorkbookStep by Step workbook for creating a virtual audition.
Teachers 6-12Collection of teaching resourcesArts Instructional ResourcesSEADAE (State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education) is working to build a repository of online instructional resources for the field.
Teachers 6-12Script Perusal LibraryTheatrical Rights WorldwideTRW is offering, at no cost, their entire digital script perusal library. Every title, every show is now available to you free of charge.
Teachers 6-12Resources for Teaching Theatre OnlineTeaching Theatre Online: A Shift in Pedagogy Amidst Coronavirus OutbreakA google doc with references, resources, ideas and more. But before you start, you need to think about diversity, equity and inclusion, in order to do this, it is crucial to include your students into the conversation and talk about accessibility.
Teachers 6-12Daily Children's Theatre ActivitiesMissoula Children's Theatre PlaydatesA fun, interactive, set of daily activities based on our one-week International Tour Program. Learn lines, build props, sing songs, create costumes, and perform with your family. All with simple steps and MCT’s professional guidance. YOU can create the MCT magic in your very own home!
Teachers 6-12Study GuidesTheatre Production Based Study Guides
Teachers 6-12Teching Theater OnlineHelp! I am Teaching Theatre Online!Ten things you should do when teaching theatre online.
Teachers 6-12Artists in a Time of a Global PandemicHowlRound TVIs a free and shared resource for live conversations and performances relevant to the world's performing arts and cultural fields.
Teachers 6-12Inside Higher Ed Teaching ResourcesInside Higher EdA media company and online publication that provides news, opinion, resources, events and jobs focused on college and university topics.
Teachers 6-12Online Teaching Resources for Theatre Design & TechnologyLight Labs and Education ToolsNH resident (Matt Kizer) - Set design, lighting design, and projections for theatre and dance.
Teachers 6-12Remote Music EducationGuide to Remote Music EducationA quick go-to list of software/apps you can use to stay connected with your students remotely and encourage progress without the luxury of in-person teaching.
Teachers 6-12Teaching During Times of DisruptionTeaching Effectively During Times of Disruption
Teachers 6-12Going Online in a HurryGoing Online in a Hurry: What to do and Where to StartArticle in the The Chronicle of Higher Education
Teachers 6-12Digital Teaching ResourcesTEACHING THEATRE IN THE ERA OF COVID-19: REACH OUT AND HELP SOMEONE (DIGITALLY)A collaborative document of ideas.
Teachers 6-12Digital Shakespeare
Digital Theatre: Activate Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night's Dream
Teachers 6-12Digtial Theatre +Digital Theatre +
Teachers 6-12Playscripts Collection - Virtual PerformancePlayscripts Livescreen Theatre Collectionbrand new titles written specifically to be performed in a virtual setting.
Teachers 6-12Teaching Theatre Online - ResourcesResources for Theatre Educators Teaching Online—The LatestIncite/Insight has compiled the latest resources for theatre educators to utilize during this unprecedented time
Teachers 6-12Arts Ed Collab Resources
Resources for Arts Educators as they transition to online learning
Teachers 6-12Arts Ed Collab ResourcesCOVID-19 Resources for Educators and LearnersArts Ed Collaborative are aggregating all the COVID-19 arts ed resources we can find in one place. For webinars, virtual music lessons, online museum tours, and resources for artists, check back here. We’ll update this page each weekday as new opportunities become available.
Teachers 6-12Arts Ed Washington K-5Art Lessons in the Classroom - K-5Arts Ed Collaborative - Washington (plans can be modified to meet MA standards)
Teachers 6-12Arts Ed of NJ Virtual Teaching ResourcesList of Virtual Teaching Resources in response to COVID-19 (Arts Ed NJ)list of resources, technologies and instructional tools to support our arts educators and teaching artist who are now impacted by these rapidly changing events.
Teachers 6-12Social Emotional Learning ResourcesOptimism Through the COVID-19 Disruption: Utilizing Social Emotional Learning for Reflection and GrowthUtilizing Social Emotional Learning for Reflection and Growth: Article regarding Social Emotional Learning and Music education to assist teacher AND students during this time
Teachers 6-9Theatre Publicity-4 Day UnitTheatre Publicity Unit4 days of Theatre Publicity Unit, designed for middle school. Access is view-only, so make copies for yourself and edit for your needs!
Teachers 6-9Additional website for adapting fairy talesWriting FairytalesHow to adapt a Fairytale
Teachers 6-9How to Art if you've never arted beforeBrianna Lind BlogBlog by Brianna Lind - How to art if you have never arted before
Teachers 6-9Brain Pop - DramaBrain Pop DramaActivities, videos, quizzes, etc. for Middle School Theater Educators
Teachers 9-126 podcasts for Theatre BuffsNew York Times - theater podcastsNY Times Article with links to free theater podcasts
Teachers 9-12Streaming Shakespeare playsFolger Shakespeare LibraryList of where you can stream Shakespeare
Teachers 9-12YouTube interviews with directorsYouTube Director InterviewsCollection of interviews with directors on YouTube.
Teachers 9-12Musical reviewPlay Review WorksheetBlank Play Review worksheet
Teachers 9-12Acting Theory Articles from the International Thespian Society-select any article and improve acting skillsEducational Theater AssociationA seven-part series for acting students by Jon Jory, a selection of articles on voice, and teaching exercises for theatre educators to use in the classroom.
Teachers 9-12History of Acting! Broadway's Dreamers: The Legacy of The Group Theatre, from "American Masters"YouTube - Stella AdlerBroadway's Dreamers: The Legacy of the Group Theatre, from "American Masters"
Teachers 9-12Technology in Arts ManagementTechnology in Arts ManagementTechnology in Arts Management is an online course which will introduce you to use of current technology used to manage both arts projects and your own careers creatively. You will be introduced to the fundamental concepts and uses of many computer programs and protocols that will be helpful for furthering yourself in your profession, while also exploring contemporary issues and considerations that impact your choices around technologies. You will learn the basic skills needed to establish a web presence for information distribution and self-promotion, familiarize yourself with best practices to better manage and record information and operation of databases, work with common graphic design and presentation software to create more effective and clear documentation, and how to think critically about deploying these technologies.
Teachers 9-12Howlround-Teaching during a PandemicHowlround TheaterHowlround Theater article focused on teaching arts during a pandemic.
Teachers 9-12Joe Gels's Guide to improv over Zoom Joe Gel's Improv GuideGuide to Improv
Teachers 9-12Neofuturist Theater Unit Joe Gels is doing Neofuturist Theater Lesson PlanThis is a unit that I am devising as I am going through it on Neofuturist Theater.
Teachers and Students 6-12Digital Theatre PlusDigital Theatre PlusThree million students, at over 2,000 academic institutions, in 80+ countries have unlimited access to some of the world's finest productions, unique backstage insights, practitioner interviews and written analysis. Aim is to offer a vibrant, relevant and inspiring theatre arts experience that enriches, entertains and educates teachers and students all over the world. Requires membership.
Teachers and Students 6-1215 Musicals & Plays to watch online for 15 Free Shows to Watch15 Free Plays and Musicals to watch -
Teachers and Students 6-12Crash Course Theater - ALL Episodes/Full PlaylistCrash Course TheaterYoutube series Crash Course Theater and Drama - covers theater history - greek theater, Shakespeare, Broadway and more
Teachers and Students 6-12New Victory Arts BreakThe New Victory TheaterThe New Victory is New York City’s premier nonprofit performing arts theater devoted year-round to kids and their families and classmates.
Teachers and Students 6-1212 Ways to Stream the StageThe ObserverThe Shows Must Go Online: 12 Ways to Stream the Stage
Teachers and Students 6-12Live theatre broadcasts on TV and at movie theatresPlaybillUpcoming and current free streaming performances
Teachers and Students 6-12Covid-19 Resources from PlaybillPlaybill - Covid-19 compiled resources, articles, opportunities for students and teachers.
Teachers and Students 6-12National Theatre videosNational Theater YouTube ChannelCollection of videos from the National Theater - performances, interviews.
Teachers and Students 6-12Ballet to Broadway seriesPlaybill Series from Ballet to BroadwayLink to all 9 episodes of Ballet to Broadway
Teachers and Students 6-12Develop a one minute monologue (or several) for audition puposesKaren Kohlhass - choosing a monologueHow to choose a monologue and links to monologues
Teachers and Students 6-12Explore Viola Spolin's Improv games and play some with a family memberSpolin Games OnlineImprov Games
Teachers and Students 6-1215 minute Broadway WorkoutYouTube Broadway WorkoutCelebrate the 2018 TONY AWARDS with this very special MEAN GIRLS combo tutorial we filmed in NEW YORK CITY!!! We are also joined by special guest JANE JOURDAN from FIT FOR BROADWAY in this video! Grab a friend and let's dance!
Teachers and Students 6-12Tony awards links on YouTube: watch numbers from amazing musicals!YouTube - Tony PerformancesYouTube Collection of performances from the Tony Awards
Teachers and Students 6-12BalletNovaCenterForDance offers free live streamed ballet class!Facebook - Ballet NovaDuring these challenging times we are pleased to announce that BalletNova will be offering free live streamed classes taught by our esteemed faculty and hosted by our Artistic Director Matthew Powell! In addition, you'll get a sneak peak behind the scenes of the studio, our upcoming productions, and more exclusive content.