ALT101 - Alumni Leadership Training Application
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TimestampFirst NameLast NameClass YearMajorMinorHUB Box NumberPhone NumberE-mailAre you available to attend the ALT 101 sessions currently scheduled?Activities: Please list all of your extracurricular activities along with leadership positions held, if applicable.Essay: Please write one to two paragraphs describing your interest in Alumni Leadership Training and the ways in which you see yourself staying involved with Dickinson after graduation.Optional: If applicable, describe an interaction you have had with Dickinson alum and how that has impacted you.
9/5/2013 18:49:47AshleyRodriguez2014Psychology2071917-279-5172rodrigas@dickinson.eduYesOffice of Campus Life- Resident Adviser
Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.- Vice President
Liberty Cap Society- Member
Latin American Club- Member
Psi Chi Honor Society- Member
Posse Foundation- Scholar
I am interested in Alumni Leadership Training because I am extremely grateful for all of the opportunities granted to me at Dickinson and I want to serve Dickinson after I graduate. I applied early decision to Dickinson with the POSSE program and I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. All of my activities demonstrate my love for Dickinson and my commitment to improve the community (Resident Adviser, Liberty Cap Society, Triton, Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Incorporated). I want to continue to contribute to campus and I believe participating in Alumni Leadership Training will be the perfect way for me to do so. I personally am very interested in Admissions (especially Multicultural Admissions) and would love to stay involved after graduation. With that being said, I am also open to staying involved in other ways such as the Career Center or Alumni & Parent Engagement. This opportunity really excites me and I hope I will be able to take advantage of it. Thank you for your consideration!Through the Presidential Search Committee I met Frank James and he was so inspiring and humble. He really showed me that it is important to remember all that Dickinson has given us and to give back.
9/5/2013 22:59:00KaitlynGregory2014NeuroscienceHealth Studies Certificate 10186037691037gregorka@dickinson.eduYes-Empower-Fall 2010-Spring 2012
Core Staff-Fall 2011-Spring 2012

-Multi-Organizational Board
All College Chair-Spring 2011-Spring 2012
Spirit Chair-Spring 2013
Vice Chair and Treasurer-Fall 2013-current

-America Reads-Spring 2013

-Kappa Alpha Theta- Fall 2011-current

-Lab Assistant in the Psychology Department with Professor Page- Summer 2013-current

-Lab Assistant in the Psychology Department with Professor Reeder-current

-Wheel and Chain-current
I have always been interested in interacting with prospective students on Dickinson. I love that Dickinson has given me the opportunity to be so involved in so many different activities on campus which have helped me develop and discover my passions. I think Alumni Leadership Training would give me a wonderful opportunity to learn how to interact with past and future Dickinson students in new and engaging ways that I haven't been able to due during my time at Dickinson. I was lucky enough to be on campus this summer doing research during Alumni weekend. I really enjoyed seeing old and new alumni around campus and it made me excited (and terrified) to think that I would be one of them in only a year. After Dickinson I believe that I will stay involved by encouraging prospective students to consider Dickinson by telling them about the wonderful experiences that I have had and also by staying in touch with all of the amazing people I have met here, student, faculty, and staff alike. My work on MOB has shown me that though I do not want to go into event planning, I love helping out at large scale events and helping others when it comes to the planning and executing of events. After graduation I would be happy to volunteer or help put on local Dickinson sponsored events in my area. During Alumni weekend I was lucky enough to see how much pride past Dickinsonian had for the college, which got me excited to graduate and be an alumnus. Also, I remember when I was applying to Dickinson I had an interview with a local alum. She was incredibly nice and not only asked about myself but also described why she loved Dickinson. After sending in my deposit, I e-mailed her to tell her of my decision and she responded almost immediately congratulating me. That was when I knew I had made the correct choice. It was wonderful to see how passionate Dickinsonians were so early on, and it greatly impacted my time here.
9/7/2013 15:08:35KaylaReisman2014Sociology and Judaic Studiescertificate in Jewish Education1826410-707-4151reismank@dickinson.eduYesAs I will be graduating early, this is only my third year on campus. In my first year, I was a board member for Hillel, a Relay for Life team captain, and an active participant in Kosher Cooking Club, Middle Eastern Club, Challah for Hunger, and ALD (the honors society). In my second year, I was president of Hillel (a huge responsibility for which I interacted with many other clubs on campus and also Hillels at nearby schools). I also participated in the same clubs mentioned before and was a founding member of the ASL club. This year, as a senior, I serve in an advising position for Jewish Life events and continue my interest in all of the same clubs. Additionally, I work in the multilingual writing center for Hebrew for the second year, I serve as a Hebrew TA, and I am working in the Harrisburg Jewish community as a Hebrew School teacher and youth group leader for my third year. I would be very interested to participate in the Alumni Leadership Training because one of the things that I care about most in the world is helping others. Rather than run for Hillel president again this year, which I could have done, I chose to serve in an advising position to the Hillel board. In this way the students that come after me can have the advantage of learning how to plan events and will create a stronger future for the club on campus with an opportunity to receive advice and support from the past president still on campus. I feel passionately that leaving a mark on a college community involves not only making changes while in college but remaining involved in the campus community after graduation as an older, more experienced mentor that students can turn to for advice. Because I know that going through college and making decisions about after college can be really tough, I would really really like to help make these transition times easier for my fellow students by remaining part of the Dickinson community and Alumni programs. After graduation, I could see myself serving in an advising position to students that are looking for how they can get involved on campus and what they can do after their own graduations. I am very social, and am not afraid to reach out to new people and talk to them about the future.Actually the reason that I came to Dickinson was because of Kayla Helfman, who graduated from Dickinson several years ago. Kayla had been a Judaic Studies major, and shared my name, so it was then that I decided that I wanted to be "just like her when I grew up." Since I have been on campus I have also been inspired by many people that have come and gone from Dickinson. Terri Soifer has also been a great help to me in deciding what I want to do after college. And although Rachel Jetter is not technically a Dickinson alum, it feels like she is, because she is only two years older than me and she worked here while I was trying to decide what I wanted to do after college. Rachel served as a great mentor to me last year when she was the Jewish Life Director and I was Hillel president. The investment of time that she made for me helped me grow as a leader and taught me many valuable skills. As she was telling me yesterday about the program that she will be working with in the coming year, I was totally inspired to do something similar next year when I graduate. I feel that I have already begun to make similar connections and relationships during my time at Dickinson with the students that are younger than I am, and I would love to continue to make these connections.
9/9/2013 15:56:27CallieBriscoe2014INBM and Economics312703-347-1200briscoec@dickinson.eduYesCurrently a Senior Student Senate member and am running for the position of Senior Class VP of Finance, served as the Junior Class VP of Finance, and am a member of the student senate finance committee. I have been a member of the Liberty Caps Society since my first year as well as an on and off member of the Tritons. I served as the Equestrian Team Treasurer my sophomore year. I am a member of RDTV as a camera person and editor. Finally, my first year, I was on the Quads community association and remained as semi-active member as an alum, up until this year. My interest in the Alumni Leadership Training is that I want to continue to be apart of Dickinson even after graduation. I have had some unique opportunities working in the admissions office as a tour guide to how much of impact being active willing member of a community can effect a prospective student's decision to apply. I would love to stay involved from helping to organize events for alumni, meeting with interested prospective students or helping current students find jobs once I secure a job of my own.
I have one particular memory of being a prospective student and getting an invitation to a get-together of Dickinson members. I can remember going to her house and meeting many former graduates as well as some current students studying in Washington. I met my regional admission Advisor Bethany at that meeting. I felt as if there was a future by going to Dickinson. I would love to give that experience to someone else.
9/12/2013 19:56:30Maeva Riley2014International Business and ManagementEconomics; Spanish2041408-348-7373rileym@dickinson.eduYesWomens Varsity Cross Country (four years), Current team captain for the cross country team; Womens indoor and outdoor Track and Field (Four years) ; Resident Advisor for Student Life for the academic year (2012-2013). ; Tritons (admissions help) for the 2010-2011 academic year I am very interested in Alumni Leadership Training because I would like to be an active alumni. The reason I ultimately chose to come to Dickinson is because of an Alumni that I met with in my region. She told me her experience and she only spoke good things about Dickinson. I want to be that person for the future students of Dickinson. I would like to meet with future students and tell them my positive experience. I would also like to attend alumni events, where I can tell groups of people my story. When you experience four positive years at a school like Dickinson, I think it would be a shame to not be able to talk about it. I am from California and for that reason, I think I add a unique outlook about the school but I also think that I could be a great resource on the West Coast. There are many alumni events on the East coast that I see often, but not that many on the West Coast. I would be interested in leading events on the West coast to inform more high schoolers about Dickinson. So often I am asked how I learned about Dickinson and I always tell people it is because of the alumni that came to my high school to speak. That has a huge impact and it spreads quickly if you do it correctly. I believe what I wrote above directly applies to this question.
9/12/2013 21:28:10DavidTretter2014Political ScienceSecurity Studies, French23696105775159tretterd@dickinson.eduYesMember of Varsity Golf Team, Tour guide with Liberty Cap Society, Admissions Student Interviewer, Class senator in Student Senate, Member of Public Safety Advisory Board. Emergency Medical Technician for Cumberland Goodwill EMS in Carlisle.During my time at Dickinson I have had the opportunity to get involved with the office of admissions as a tour guide and more recently as a student interviewer. While these experiences are only a tiny bit of my overall Dickinson experience, they are important to my interest in Alumni Leadership Training. Since my first year, I have loved everything about Dickinson and I am very sad to see my time here end. I have truly enjoyed being able to share my experiences at Dickinson with prospective students and their families through my time as a tour guide. There is nothing I would like to do more than to continue my affiliation with the college and continue to spread the word about Dickinson long after I graduate. This is a tremendous school that has given me so many opportunities for which I am very grateful and I would love to have this opportunity to give back.
9/15/2013 13:18:03PatrickSuperko2014INBMEconomics, German23307818016170superkop@dickinson.eduYesDickinson College Club Hockey (2010-2014)
Dickinson College Dog House (2013-2014)
Tritons (2010)
Dickinson College Liberty Caps Society (2010-2012)
Kappa Sigma Fraternity (2010-2014)
My interest in the Alumni Leadership Training program actually begins with my mother, Colleen Superko ('84). My mom has been a very active member of the alumni association and has been a model alumni in my opinion. She has done everything from interviewed prospective students, hosted admissions event in our home in Wellesley, and arranged the Boston Reception for Dickinson College at the Wellesley Country Club. She has donated lots of her time and has effectively used her personal network to help out the College and won the Admissions Volunteer of the Year this past 2013.
After graduation I would love to follow in my mothers footsteps. She has been an excellent role model on how to stay active in the Dickinson community, even after graduation. I would love to help plan out events for alumni post-graduation and would also continue to helping out with the admissions process after Dickinson.
This past summer I attended the summer alumni Volunteer Leadership Summit awards reception with my mother, Colleen Superko '84 who accepted an award for being an outstanding member in the Dickinson alumni community. Being the ONLY undergraduate at the dinner, I forced myself to break out of my comfort shell of only talking to people my age and began to truly connect with the Dickinson alumni community. I made several new connections for my personal network at the event, sat next to President Nancy Roseman at the dinner and had my first formal conversation with her. By the end of the event, I was committed to become a involved alumni.
9/15/2013 18:51:49AaronBrumbaugh2014Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyChemistry3288149328147brumbaua@dickinson.eduYesI am a member of the College Choir, and host a weekly radio show on WDCV 88.3, the Voice of Dickinson College. I also am a member of the Pre-Health Society, and work on campus as a Community Adviser for the Witwer Residence Hall. Finally, I also work as a TA for the upper-level Microbiology course, and am a Learning Community Coordinator for the "Living with Scientific and Technological Advances" Learning Community.I am interested in the Alumni Leadership Training largely because of the profound impact alumni have had on my Dickinson education. Specifically, I have been the recipient of endowed scholarships that have drastically changed my financial obligations to receive such a world-class education. As a result, I believe that it is my duty to give back to the college in some way. While any financial donation I could currently offer would be modest at best, I do believe that by devoting my time to the college as an Alumni Leader, I can immediately give back to the college. This is not to say that I intend this to be a surrogate for monetary donations, but rather, I believe that this can allow me to give back to the college and its community immediately after graduation. Indeed, I intend to stay as involved as possible with the Dickinson community, simply because it has molded my world view, and forever changed the way I approach complex ideas and problems. Truly, Dickinson has been the catalyst in my life for the birth of a citizen who can truly engage their community, and thus, I would cherish any opportunity to stay involved, and help others to share in this phenomenal experience.
9/17/2013 9:38:38EmilyRincavage2014Math and Psychology20464108613381rincavae@dickinson.eduYesLiberty Cap Society (tour guide); Society of Physics Students; Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity (secretary); Wheel and Chain; Community Adviser for the Office of Campus LifeMy last three years at Dickinson have been the best years of my life. This school has given me so many opportunities to grow and become the person who I am today. Being a member of Alt101 would give me the opportunity the try and give that same experience to another future Dickinsonian. Alumni relations and donations are a large part of what keeps this school operating. I am a student who attends Dickinson entirely on financial aid, and I would not be able to pay tuition if there were no alumni donations. Alt101 is a way to ensure other students similar to myself can attend the school of their dreams and have this great experience.When I was a prospective student, President Durden hosted a gathering at the house of an alumna which was a personal experience to be welcomed into the house of an individual who loves the school.
9/17/2013 23:02:09CarolineO'Neill2014English18662036100266oneillca@dickinson.eduYes1. Liberty Cap Society, 3 years, 2 summers as summer tour guide
2. Student Interviewer for Admissions
3. Kappa Kappa Gamma Assistant Treasurer
4. Orientation Assistant fall of 2012
5.Student Senate (sophomore year) Senator
6. Dickinsonian contributor
Dickinson has been without a doubt one of the best experiences I have had to date. I have interacted with amazing professors, studied abroad, been constantly challenged and made lasting friendships. My relationship with Dickinson is not one that I want to last for only four years. Even though I may not be physically present on the campus, I would like to be engaged with the community and see the future of college continue to improve. I think the Alumni Leadership Training would be an amazing opportunity to strengthen the bonds I already have within the Dickinson community and be a way of staying connected post graduation. I hope to actively donate the college, keep in touch not only with friends I have made over my four years but also my professors. Ultimately, I would like to be considered for this position because I want to continue to cherish Dickinson on the other side of graduation.
9/19/2013 12:35:51ClairePreble2014Psychology19647816358441preblec@dickinson.eduYesPi Beta Phi sorority- former VP of Housing
Alpha Lambda Delta honor society
Psi Chi Psychology honor society
I am interested in Alumni Leadership Training because I would like Dickinson to be a presence in my life for years to come. I would enjoy staying connected with current Dickinson students in years to come to learn about the happenings on the Dickinson campus. I would like to be a resource for future Dickinson students to use post graduation as a familiar contact.
9/19/2013 13:14:53RachelWilliams2014International Business and Management, Political SciencePortuguese and Brazilian Studies24474123349242williamr@dickinson.eduYesStudent Hearing Panelist for Academic and Disciplinary misconduct
Liberty Cap - Volunteer Tour guide for Dickinson
Center for Sustainability Education Steering Committee member (1 of 2 student representatives)
Dickinson Women's Swim Team Member
SAAC representative for the Swim Team
Media Director for SAAC
Student leader of Sports Greening at Dickinson
Portuguese Club Web Director
Spanish club and latin american club member
Dickinson College has impacted me in every way imaginable over the past three years. Because of the influence and guidance I have acquired through the amazing professors, coaches and employees, I would like the opportunity to give back. I see the Alumni Leadership Training as an excellent way to learn how to give back to Dickinson. I have valued the opportunity to meet and listen to alumni and learn from their experiences, and I hope to one day be able to return to Dickinson and impart any knowledge years and experience bestow on me.

After graduation I see myself, once settled not only giving back monetarily to the college that gave me so much but coming back and speaking about my experiences post Dickinson. I am by no means sure of where the future will take me, hoever I do know that I would like to return and once I have my life figured out, help the current Dickinsonians figure out their life. Whether through speaking or small group meeting or perhaps offering job opportunities to recent Dickinson graduates, I hope to make a difference in future Dickinsonian lives donating my time and acquired knowledge.
9/19/2013 23:44:01Yong HangWang2014Political Science24076463937906wangy@dickinson.eduYesResident Advisor, Adams - Office of Campus Life
Co-Founder, President, Treasurer - Dickinson Taiko Club
Co-Founder, Chief of Technology and Communications - Entrepreneurship Club
Academic Program and Standards Committee Senator - Student Senate
Information Technology Services Committee Senator - Student Senate
Small Group Leader - Dickinson Christian Fellowship
Secretary - Fencing Club
Dickinson has been an influential part of my life and as an Resident Advisor (RA) I'm seeing how it's having the same effect on my residents. As a student, I've benefited from the opportunities that Dickinson afforded me on campus and off. As a soon-to-be alum, I want to learn about the ways I could give back a little. Participating in the Alumni Leadership Training would expose me to the myriad of ways I could contribute to Dickinson and make a difference on campus after graduation. I want to support Dickinson in ways other than financially and going through the Training will help me learn about them.
9/27/2013 10:44:48MadelineAltholtz2014INBMEconomics337814131165altholtm@dickinson.eduYesDickinson Women's Tennis (captain), WDCV radio host, Pi Beta PhiAfter being accepted early decision to Dickinson, I couldn't have been more thrilled to pack up my car and get started with my college career. Once I got here I realized the incredible sense of community that can be found through all of the amazing organizations on campus. I got involved immediately and have participated in many different clubs and communities within Dickinson since then. Saying this, its hard to imagine my world without the Dickinson community. I would love to stay active with Dickinson after graduation, whether it be helping prospective students, connecting with other alumni, or speaking with current students. I am very excited at the opportunities that Alumni Leadership Training can offer. One of my roommates last year is a complete Dickinson legacy. Her mom, her dad, her sister, her brother in law, and now her are all former students at Dickinson. This shocked me, as I had never heard of Dickinson before I applied. However, after talking with her family on Alumni weekend last year, I realized how much Dickinson truly meant to them as a family. I would love to be able to feel a connection that strong to Dickinson long after I graduate.
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