agency_abbrvagency_nametitledescriptionfile_formatonline_publicationlocation_or_urldisclosureoriginal_data_ownerdata_maintainerdate_released (or coverage)frequency_of_update
Agency abbreviationName of agency (spelled out)Title of the informationDescription of the informationCSV, XLS, SHP, KML, TXT, PDF, DOC, Standard (hard copy) etc.Yes/NoLocation of published information or URL for direct downloadWhether the information is either of the following:
- public: info can be disclosed for public consumption regardless of identity - exception: info is under the Exceptions List - internal: info only for agency consumption - with fee: info can be disclosed but with corresponding charges based on the agency's mandate/policies/business model - limited: info, upon verification of the requesting party's identity, can only be disclosed to specific person/s and/or entity/ies
Agency or office who originally owns the informationUnit responsible for the informationThe date when the information was initially released (YYYY-MM-DD)Daily, Annually, Biannually, Quarterly, Monthly
NEDANational Economic and Development AuthorityAll Economic Development Cluster (EDC)-related materialsThese include the following:
- EDC Memorandum to the President - contains action taken on matters discussed by the Cluster
- Minutes of EDC Meetings - contains discussions, issues raised and action taken by the Cluster during the meeting
- Notice of Meeting and Agenda - informs Cluster members on the date, venue and agenda of the meeting
- Secretariat Reports on Matters Arising from the Minutes of the EDC meeting - contains updates and requests for action on matters discussed by the Cluster
All Committee on Tariff and Related Matters (CTRM)-related materialsThese include the following:
- CTRM Memorandum for the Technical and Cabinet Committee on Tariff and Related Matters (TCTRM) or the NEDA Board requesting action on tariff and related matters - covers recommendations on proposed tariff modification, draft agreements, inclusion in the list of foreign retailers selling high-end goods, etc
- Minutes of the TCTRM and CTRM meetings - contains discussions and action taken by the TCTRM and CTRM during the meeting
- Notice of Meeting and Agenda - informs Cluster members on the date, venue and agenda of the meeting
- Summary of Agreements of the TCTRM and CTRM meetings - contains action taken by the TCTRM and CTRM on matters discussed during the meeting
Studies, assessments, or impact analyses of issues as requested by the Office of the PresidentThese include studies, assessments, analyses conducted by Sector Staffs upon request by the Office of the President, Congress or other government agencies.N/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDAALL STAFFSN/AN/A
All Inter-Agency Committee on Land Management and Rural Development (IAC-LMRD)-related materialsIn particular, these include minutes of the meeting that captures the discussions of the IAC-LMRD members during its Committee meetings (from 1st to 4th meeting including one Special Meeting).N/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDAANRESN/AN/A
All Mining Industry Coordinating Council (MICC)-related materialsMICC documents under custody of the Staff as the Secretariat include the following: (i) minutes of the Council and TWG meetings; (ii) MICC resolutions; (iii) correspondences including memoranda and letters for the President and from/to other government and non-government clients ; and (iv) reports (i.e., status/accomplishment reports, powepoint presentations).N/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDAANRESN/AN/A
Development Budget Coordination Committee Macroassumptions TableThe Macroassumptions table contains medium-term assumptions on GNI, GDP, GDP growth, inflation, Tbill rate, Peso-US$ exchange rate, London Inter-Bank Offer Rate (LIBOR), Dubai oil price, unemployment rate, exports, imports, current account balance, Gross Int'l. Reserves, and fiscal deficit as approved by the DBCC for budget purposes.N/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDANPPSN/AN/A
Memoranda to the President Containing Regular and Periodic Reports on Macroeconomic Performance:These include economic reports submitted to the President on the release of official statistics on:

-Inflation Rate and Consumer Price Index
-Merchandise Exports Performance
-Merchandise Imports/External Performance
-National Income Accounts
-Labor Force Survey
-Official Poverty Statistics
Philippine Compliance Report on the Implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR)Documents under the custody of the staff as facilitator/secretariat in the Technical Working Group (TWG) in coordinating the preparation of the report on the country's compliance with the ICESCRN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDASDSN/AN/A
Memorandum for the President requesting approval of draft Executive OrdersDraft Executive Orders may cover proposed tariff modification or implementation of Philippine commitments pursuant to international agreements, among othersN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDATSISN/AN/A
NEDA Board Minutes, Resolutions, Certifications, Transcripts and Audio RecordingsRecord of the discussion, comments and approval of national projects during the NEDA Board MeetingN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDALS-LCADN/AN/A
Documents relative to the Administrative Investigations and/or administrative, civil and criminal cases involving NEDA officials and personnelPleadings, resolutions and decisionN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDALS-ILDN/AN/A
Documents pertaining to cases under Grievance ProcedureLetters, memoranda, recordsN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDAAdSN/AN/A
Personnel FilesIncludes Personnel Data Sheets, Personnel Data Forms, copy of Appointments, Accomplished Personnel Performance Evaluation Report, Attendance Records (Daily time records, OB Pass, Personnel Pass, Leaves of Absence), Leave Cards, Service Record, 201 Files, Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN), All Memoranda on Personnel Files, Notice of Salary Increment (NOSI), Notice of Salary Adjustment (NOSA)N/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDAAdS-HRMD/HRDD/ GSDN/AN/A
Salary Administration FilesIncludes copy of Payrolls & Payroll register, Pay Slip, schedule of remittances, notices of payroll changesN/ANoN/AConfidentialNEDAAdS-HRMDN/AN/A
Recruitment and Selection DocumentsSelection Board/Search Committee Minutes of Meetings, Recordings, Assessment/Rating made by Committee members on candidatesN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDAAdS-HRDDN/AN/A
NEDA Public Information Utilization ReportThis is a regular report that analyzes the public’s usage patterns on NEDA data and information, as gathered from NEDA’s website, social media accounts and the NEDA Knowledge Center.N/ANoN/AConfidentialNEDADISN/AN/A
Issue AnalysisThese are reports submitted to NEDA officials on DIS’s analysis of news issues that concern NEDA and/or the Philippine government.N/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDADIS-PRDN/AN/A
Audit ReportsPresents audit findings and recommendations to the SecretaryN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDAIASN/AN/A
Audit Working Papers/DocumentsDocuments that contain relevant information to support the audit reportsN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDAIASN/AN/A
Minutes/Highlights of Entry and Exit ConferencesRecords points discussed during entry and exit conference with auditeesN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDAIASN/AN/A
Audit Follow-Up ReportApprises the Secretary of the status of actions on approved audit recommendationsN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDAIASN/AN/A
Documents, memos and related materials pending/impending case concerning RDO OfficialsDocuments pertaining to complaints against RDO officials in the performance of their duties.N/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDARDSN/AN/A
Transcripts of Meetings a. NB- Regional Development Committee Meeting b. NB- National Land Use Committee c. Meetings of the Regional Development OfficeVerbatim recordings of proceedings/meetingsN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDARDSN/AN/A
Regional Development Council
a. Transcript of MeetingsA verbatim/detailed recording of RDC and RDC Committee Meetings proceedingsN/ANoN/AConfidentialNEDANRON/AN/A
Project Monitoring and Evaluation
a. Project Inspection Reports or Field Monitoring ReportsDocument containing the status of a project and unresolved issues as well as findings and recommendationsN/ANoN/ANEDANRON/AN/A
Human Resource Matters
a. Career Executive Service Performance Evaluation System (CESPES) Ratings of the Regional Director and Assistant Regional DirectorDocument containing the performance rating of the RD and ARD under the New CESPES for a given year.N/ANoN/AConfidentialNEDANRON/AN/A
b. Staff Performance Targets and RatingsRefers to the Performance Evaluation Reports submitted every semester by personnel occupying the first and second level positionsN/ANoN/AConfidentialNEDANRON/AN/A
c. Administrative issues involving personnelRefers to documents regarding disciplinary and non-disciplinary issues, complaints, investigations, pending cases etc involving personnelN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDANRON/AN/A
d. 201 FilesPertains to the personnel record of an employee which covers, among others, the following: a) appointment papers; b) SALN; c) Leave Applications; d) Service Records; e) Certificates of Employment (if employed prior to NEDA); f) Clearances; g) Performance Ratings; h) Personnel ActionsN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDANRON/AN/A
e. Selection and Promotions Board Minutes of MeetingsRefers to the documentation of the discussions and decisions of the Selection and Promotions Board including the Rating SheetsN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDANRON/AN/A
f. Grievance Committee Proceedings and RecordingsA verbatim/detailed recording of the discussion of the Grievance CommitteeN/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDANRON/AN/A
g. Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN)Document where an official/employee declares his/her assets and liabilities including business and financial interests of his or her spouse, and of his or her unmarried children under 18 years old still living in their parents’ households.N/ANoN/AConfidentialNEDANRON/AN/A
Memoranda Alerts / Special Reports for NEDA OfficialsMemoranda pertaining either to technical or administrative matters addressed to NEDA Officials which may require critical interventionN/ANoN/AConfidentialNEDANRON/AN/A
Presidential Briefing NotesA paper that provides the President with quick information about a certain issue or subject matter.N/ANoN/AException/ConfidentialNEDANRON/AN/A
Briefing NotesThese are summaries or compilations of reference materials provided by Sector Staff/s to NEDA officials attending meetings, conferences, interviews and other official gatherings on behalf of the agency.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAALL STAFFSN/AN/A
Consultant's Progress ReportsThese include reports on the performance of Consultant's duties and responsibilities as stipulated in the contract with NEDA.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAALL STAFFSN/AN/A
Feedback ReportsThis includes feedback reports on various international and local meetings, workshops, fora/seminars, trainings and other work-related activities attended by the Staff.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAALL STAFFSN/AN/A
Highlights of Staff MeetingsThese contain discussions, issues raised and resolutions made by the Staff personnel during a meeting.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAALL STAFFSN/AN/A
NEDA position papers/technical comments on proposed policies by the Executive and Legislative branchesThese are policy memos on proposed executive and legislative measures and programs and structural reform measures, including impact analysis on emerging socio-economic issues.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAALL STAFFSN/AN/A
PowerPoint PresentationsPresentations on social, economic and other development matters presented in official gatherings WITHOUT media coverage.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAALL STAFFSN/AN/A
Staff communications and other related documentsThese include inter-staff memoranda and Staff’s correspondences to/from other government agencies and other stakeholders conveying the Staff’s/NEDA's inputs/comments on various proposals (e.g., projects, policies, etc.), proposed and on-going projects, among others.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAALL STAFFSN/AN/A
Philippine Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD)-related materialsIn particular, minutes of PCSD Quarterly and Special Meetings approved by the members of the PCSD. These can be posted in the PCSD website, which is linked to the NEDA website. If available, minutes of PCSD Committee's (CCMRD and CSRMG) meetings can also be shared.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAANRESN/AN/A
Inter-agency Committee on Development Administration (IACDA)-related materialsThese include agenda folders, budget and annual procurement plan (APP), minutes of the meeting, monitor and accomplishment report of IACDA.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAGOVSN/AN/A
All Multi-sectoral Committee on International Human Development Commitments (MC-IHDC)-related materialsThese include agenda folders, budget, and resolutions of MC-IHDC, a subcommittee of the Social Development Committee (SDC) which meets quarterly to discuss the attainment of international human development commitments and other relevant policies.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDASDSN/AN/A
All Social Development Committee (SDC)-related materialsThese include agenda folders, budget and annual procurement plan (APP), minutes of the meeting, monitor and accomplishment report, and resolutions of SDC. Some of these materials could be shared to the public upon approval of the Committee.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDASDSN/AN/A
Briefs on Trade Relations with Various CountriesContains information on the Philippines trade relations with various countriesN/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDATSISN/AN/A
Certificate of Concurrence on multilateral, regional and bilateral agreementsContains the NEDA Secretariats approval or recommendation on certain multilateral, regional and bilateral agreementsN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDATSISN/AN/A
Endorsements on requests for duty exemption under the Section 105 (r ) and the last clause of the last paragraph of the TCCP and certification on local non-availability under PD 1362Indorsements and certification on local non-availability forwarded to the Department of Finance serve as basis for duty exemption or tax credit on qualified importationN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDATSISN/AN/A
Consultants Progress ReportsReports from engaged consultants on the progress of NEDA-lead studies.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAISN/AN/A
Attendance of ICC MeetingsList of attendees of an ICC meeting.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
Confirmed ICC MinutesMinutes of the ICC meeting confirmed by the ICC Chair and its members.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
DBM Budget Strategy
(distribution to be approved by the DBM)
Certification issued by DBM of the availability of budget cover for new proposals or requests related to ongoing programs/projectsN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
Dialogue/Consultations with Development PartnersHighlights of the agreements/discussion during the bilateral meetings/consultations with development partnersN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
DOF-CAG Review

(distribution to be approved by DOF-CAG)
The DOF-CAG review covers the impact of the program or project on the financial position of the GOCC and GFIs as well as on the Consolidated Public Sector Deficit (CPSD). The review enables the ICC to gauge the ability of the GOCC/GFI to generate funds for loan repayments or estimate the amount of subsidies that may have to be infused by the national government in the future.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS)/Environmental Compliance Certificate(ECC)
(distribution to be approved by DENR-EMB)
To ensure environmental soundness of projects, IAs/LGUs are required to complete and submit an EIS to DENR for processing. Pursuant to DENR Administrative Order 96-37, DENR-Environmental Management Bureau and DENR Regional Offices commit to issue the ECCs within sixty (60) days from the submission of complete EIS.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
ICC CertificationsDocument issued by the ICC Core Secretariat certifying the action/decision of the ICC on a project (or list of projects), and may include the concerned proponent agency’s compliance to the ICC directive/instructions/conditions for approval.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
ICC Letters
(subject to official request if not the recipient)
Letters to the proponent agencies conveying the results of the ICC meeting on a project or list of projects of the same agency.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
ICC PowerPoint PresentationsPowerPoint presentations of projects presented during an ICC meeting.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
ICC Project Evaluation FormsThe ICC-PE forms summarize the salient features of the project proposal and/or feasibility study to guide the ICC Secretariat in its review of the proposal.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
ICC/NEDA Board Ad ReferendumMemorandum to the ICC or NEDA Board requesting approval on a project through ad referendum.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
Matters Arising from the ICC MinutesReport on issues/items subject to discussion originating from the ICC minutes of the previous meeting.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
National Credit Council Review

(distribution to be approved by NCC)
Under EO 138, dated 10 August 1999, the NCC is vested with the authority to implement a rationalized program for Directed Credit Programs. For this purpose, the ICC requires that proposed relending/onlending programs by agencies/ institutions not classified as GFIs, whenever applicable under the policy framework of EO 138, secure NCC endorsement as necessary requirement for ICC action. For GFIs, NCC comments may be solicited, if any; however, NCC positive action for requested comments will not be a prior condition for continuing ICC Secretariat action on proposals for ICC review.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
NEDA Board Memo on ICC MattersMemorandum from the ICC to the NEDA on projects for NEDA Board discussion.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
NEDA Board PowerPoint PresentationsPowerPoint presentations of projects presented during a NEDA Board meeting.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
NEDA Board Summary MatrixSummary of the relevant details on projects (i.e., description, objective, cost and financing, EIRR/FIRR, for use of the NEDA Board).N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
RDC Endorsements

(distribution to be approved by the RDC Secretariat)
Refers to RDC, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) or Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)-Regional Planning and Development Office (RPDO) endorsements, as applicable, of proposed programs and projects to ensure that effective identification of target beneficiaries, sustaining social preparation and active local participation in the attainment of national priorities are met.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
ROW Acquisition and Resettlement Action Plan
(distribution to be approved by the proponent agency)
The proponent agencies should design and submit the right-of-way (ROW) acquisition plan and resettlement action plan. These plans will aid the evaluation of the social acceptability and feasibility of the project.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAPISN/AN/A
Project Evaluation Report (may include documents reflecting amendments to the PER following ICC approval)Details the format of presenting the project to the ICC, which may include the following: project historical background; project sectoral/regional/ spatial context; objective; description; cost and financing; institutional arrangements; implementation schedule; technical/market/ environmental evaluation; financial/economic/ social analyses; issues; recommendation (by the evaluating Staff).N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAPIS and/or Concerned Evaluating Staff or NRON/AN/A
Feasibility Study
(refer requests to the concerned proponent agencies)
An evaluation or analysis of the potential impact of a proposed program/project with a view of deciding whether or not to proceed with the program/project implementation. It contains extensive data related to the financial and operational impact of the proposed program/project as well as the advantages and disadvantages of its implementation.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAN/AN/A
Inter-Staff Memo (request for inputs/comments, invitations to attend meetings/trainings/ workshops
(defer to owner of document)
Letter from Agencies (general inquiries, invitations to attend public hearings, meetings, courtesy calls, etc.)
(defer to owner of document)
Project-related Communications
(defer to owner of document)
Includes letters, memorandum, emails between NEDA and other government agencies related to the project.N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAN/AN/A
Memorandum of Appeal on the COA Disallowance of CEMA and Other Year-end BenefitsAppeal Memorandum of the NEDA Central Office and NEDA Regional Offices (NROs) in response to the Notice(s) of Disallowance issued by the COA AuditorN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDALS-LCADN/AN/A
Memorandum of Appeal on the COA Disallowance of Family Visit Privilege against several NRO DirectorsAppeal Memorandum of the NROs in response to the Notice(s) of Disallowance issued by the COA AuditorN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDALS-LRCDN/AN/A
Memoranda/LettersLegal opinions on queries from various sector staffs; NROs and external clients; legal opinions on queries from various sector staffs relative to application of the BOT Law (RA No.7718), Revised JV guidelines and other laws; comments on House bills, legislatives enactments, Executive Orders, presidential issuances and IRRsN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDALSN/AN/A
Documents of the Technical Committee on Fees and ChargesHighlights of the meetingN/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDALS-LCADN/AN/A
NPP Draft highlightsHighlights and summary; written record of the discussion during the NPP meetingsN/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDALS-LRCDN/AN/A
NPP Draft highlightsLogical diagram/layout of Network topology, assignment of ports and outletsN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAICTS-INDN/AN/A
NPP Draft highlightsTechnical documentation/manualsN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAICTS-INDN/AN/A
NPP Draft highlightsA user's guide or an instruction manual on how to use the ISN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAICTS-ISDDN/AN/A
NPP Draft highlightsAn administrator's guide or operations manualN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAICTS-ISDDN/AN/A
NPP Draft highlightsIncludes remittances to GSIS, PAG-IBIG/HMDF, PhilHealthN/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDAAdS-AMDN/AN/A
NPP Draft highlightsIncludes results of NEDA technical and non-technical examinationsN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAAdS-HRDDN/AN/A
NPP Draft highlightsIncludes Fuel Consumption Report, Driver's Trip Ticket, Vehicle Repair History, Motor Insurance Renewal RequestN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAAds-AMDN/AN/A
Property Management DocumentsInspection Acceptance Report, Gate Pass, Acknowledgement Receipt for Equipments, Report on Waste Materials Disposal/Physical Count of Property Plant and Equipment, Inventory and Inspection Report of Unserviceable Property, Return Materials to Warehouse Slip, Loan of Property Form, Property CardN/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAAdS-AMDN/AN/A
Travel OrderForeign Travel Order (FTO)N/ANoN/ARestrictedNEDAAdS-HRDDN/AN/A
Comments, Position Papers and recommendations on policy and project proposalsMemoranda and communications (internal and external) providing comments on specific areas of concern, regional and local/urban development, land use and physical planning, governance, decentralization, institutions development, regionalization, peace and development, and disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDARDSN/AN/A
Papers, documents and communications relating to critical issues and special concerns of Regional Directors/NROsVarious documents on issues of RDs/ARDs and NROs needing special attention or intervention.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDARDSN/AN/A
3. Project documents of the Integrating DRR/CCA in Local Development Planning and Decision- making Process ProjectThis is an ODA-funded project, (2009-2014) whcih aims to integrate DRR and CCA concerns in the Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plans. Project documents include a. Inter-agency communications, b. Training/Project Completion Reports, c. Proposal and fund sourcing materials, d. Audit reports/findings, f. Training Manuals and Materials (Note: b. Project Board Meeting Highlights and Transcripts of Meetings is proposed to be excluded pursuant to Chavez vs. PEA)N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDARDSN/AN/A
Project documents of the “Strengthening Capacities for Provincial/Local Planning and Expenditure Management (PLPEM) Phase I and II (2005-2011)The project funded by ADB aims to improve capacities of provinces for effective planning and expenditure management. Project documents include: Project documents include a. Inter-agency communications, b. Project Board Meeting Highlights and Transcripts of Meetings, c. Training/Project Completion Reports, d. Proposal and fund sourcing materials, e. Audit reports/findings, f. Training Manuals and MaterialsN/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDARDSN/AN/A
Policy and Plans
a. Memoranda/Letters of comments/recommendationsMemoranda and/or letters providing review of draft executive orders, congressional bills, policy issues/papers, multi-sectoral and interregional project proposals and other related documentsN/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDANRON/AN/A
b. Issue/Position/Discussion PapersContains an opinion or view on a certain subject matter; It also presents an analyses and recommendation on a certain topic.N/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDANRON/AN/A
c. Policy BriefersA concise summary of a particular issue, with policy options, and recommendations on the best optionN/ANoN/AException/RestrictedNEDANRON/AN/A
Regional Development Council-Related Documents