Writing prompt.
S/he is overcome by illness.
S/he finds a treasure but her/his life is changed.
Make a wish.
s/he discovers something new
S/He falls into a dark room.
Levees break in the storm.
Fire alarm goes off.
s/he gets challenged by a long-time rival.
Hero's intended misguidedly marries Adversary.
S/he went line dancing.
S/he rides across the field.
It sits alone.
S/he creates something beautiful.
House smolders after ferocious flame.
S/he pulls the trigger
The stench of rot.
The dark hole is cold but s/he feels things moving among the dirt around him/her.
Split apart at the seams.
An interrupted performance.
Overcome by pain.
The only vial with the antidote shatters on the floor.
They crash to the earth.
A glimpse of the future.
The clock struck midnight.
Interlude for tea
Her lonesome cry pierced the night air.
Using weather to indicate mood.
Taking credit for someone else's work.
She only revealed her secret to the person she believed was her best friend.
Conversation while posing for a family portrait.
Someone or something is missing!
Your Protagonist smells something. Is it good or bad?
The Antagonist isn't who you thought it was? Who is the new villain?
Someone is lying, but who?
The appearance of an unexpected ally
A new threat looms, threatening the Protagonist's life/family.
Protagonist suffers a crisis of self-confidence.
Protagonist must find courage in their darkest hour.
A tragedy befalls those near.
Someone tries to intimidate a character. Does it work?
The Protagonist has a revelation thanks to something someone says/does.
A countdown to disaster starts!
An undercurrent of death and disaster clouds the future.
A break-in reveals a crucial clue.
Betrayal, but is it from good-to-bad or bad-to-good?
The Protagonist runs for their life
Unexpected attraction hits
Leaving home, s/he encounters Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormon missionaries on their doorstep.
S/he realizes a close friend/relative has withheld the truth/been dishonest.
The phone rings in the middle of the night. Who is it?
An all employee meeting is called with little notice. Why?
An envelope tucked under his/her windshield wiper blade.
You are trapped in a maze of twisty corridors and your torch is guttering out.
Opposition began building. One by one, his friends and allies abandoned him.
She watched him carefully, waiting for the right moment to ...
You must choose between the safe, boring life you knew and an adventure with an uncertain future.
The guests showed no intention of leaving
Take a color, transform it to an emotion, go!
Police are there to meet you when you arrive at home
The last piece of the puzzle turned out to be the final straw
A character undergoes, or experiences some sort of change