2016 DPSA Candidate Questionnaire
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Candidate First NameCandiate Last NameCandidate Legislative DistrictDo you support allowing Washington parents to choose the education option that works best for their children?DiscussionShould Washington State continue to allow school districts to use the same BEA (Basic Education Allocation) funds for all their students – both in their state-approved online options and in their brick and mortar school settings?DiscussionDo you support the high level of accountability that has been created by the legislature for all online public schools and their students?DiscussionLocal school districts are not currently required to work with online public schools to help them comply with Washington State mandates related to vision or hearing screening. Should school districts be required to enter into agreements if requested by approved online public schools, in order to ensure that locally based, publicly funded services such as skill centers and vision screening can be provided to the online public school students in their local communities?DiscussionOnline public schools are not currently eligible to receive full Career and Technical Education (CTE) funding. Do you believe that online public schools and courses should be eligible to receive full CTE funding if their courses and teachers meet Washington State approval requirements?DiscussionAll-day kindergarten funds are currently only available to brick and mortar public schools. Do you believe all-day kindergarten funds should also be available to online public schools?DiscussionDo you believe that an online public school student should be included in his/her school’s graduation assessment if the student has been in the program for less than one year?DiscussionPlease check any way(s) you would like to engage with online public school students:
ErinAboudaraHouse District 11SupportAbsolutely, as "one size fits all" public education is not meeting the diverse needs of all of our school-aged students.SupportYes, I agree with this strongly.SupportYes!SupportYes, this should be provided for online school students within the local district.SupportI do agree with this because some students are being educated at home by a family member because they have learning disabilities or an Autism Spectrum Disorder for example. I am of the belief that many of these students will do better and gain necessary employment skills to gain a job after completion of school--or even while still in school.SupportYes.SupportYes.Be a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
JamesApkerSenate District 3SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportBe a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
AndrewBarkisHouse District 2SupportParents should have access to the best available education options for their children.SupportSupportIt is good to have proper oversight to assure a high level of strives being delivered.SupportSupportWe need to expand options for students in the CTE track. Online programs would be a good way to attract more students and provide a resource to assist them along this education track.Not SureNeed more info on curricula proposed for this level of education.SupportAs long as the student has met all requirements.Nothing more now, thanks
KaitlynBeckHouse District 49SupportParents should be able to make the best decision for their child's education.SupportSupportAll students should be held to the same standards unless a disability prohibits this.SupportAbsolutelySupportIf the online school meets the state requirements.Not SureNot SureNothing more now, thanks
MatthewBensonHouse District 34SupportI believe that school should be best fitted for the needs of individual students. Whether that is private schools, online schools, homeschooling, un-schooling, subery schools, charter schools or even public school, I believe that parents and students should and do have the right to choose what education options work best for them.SupportNot SureSupportSupportNot SureSupportMeet with an online student or teacher
IreneBowlingHouse District 35SupportI have had many students that have used a combination of several different kinds of learning options. There should be great flexibility and educational opportunities for all of Washington State's students.SupportSupportAbsolutely!SupportYes. Why not?SupportNot SureNot sure. A five year old has different requirements than even a six year old. I am not convinced that an online course of study would meet all of those requirements at that age.Not SureIt really depends on the academic outcome of that student. In my experience, educational methods of learning often take more than a year to adapt to. Case by case assessment would be best.Be a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
MikeChapmanHouse District 24SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportBe a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
CaryCondottaHouse District 12SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportNothing more now, thanks
JeannieDarneilleSenate District 27SupportSupportSupportSupportPerhaps this could be done on a regional level through the ESDs rather than have each of the districts manage this function.OpposeNot SureAt some point, it is important for child development to include interaction with other children outside the home. So much assessment and screening happens in kindergarten that an on-line experience would lack.Not SureMeet with an online student or teacher
JohnDickinsonHouse District 37SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportMeet with an online student or teacher
BethDoglioHouse District 22SupportSupportSupportSupportNot SureNot SureSupportMeet with an online student or teacher
LaurieDolanHouse District 22SupportI retired from the Spokane Public Schools in 2004, following 30 years of serving as a first grade teacher, a special education teacher, and ultimately, a "school director" where I managed 10,000 students, 1500 employees and 16 school principals for the last 18 years of my career. As part of my duties, I managed the creation of our "home-school" program as well as supervising several other alternative learning programs. I believe public education should offer alternatives.SupportSupportSupportNot SureI'm not certain how this would work, knowing the kinds of equipment and intern experiences that are required for CTE courses. Please help me understand how CTE students would be able to access the hands-on learning necessary. Perhaps I don't understand your question.SupportSupportMeet with an online student or teacher
RebeccaFrancikHouse District 16SupportI support parents right to choose within a standardized framework. A parent may believe the best education option for their student includes teaching creationism rather than evolution. No matter the delivery method public education should insure every child has access to a learning method that allows them to master common core standards.Not SureAre the costs of online education the same as the costs of brick and mortar schools? I cannot answer this question without more facts. When I earned my masters from the U of W online I was told it was more expensive to teach online.SupportSupportOur schools are so crowded we close down libraries, PE classes and computer labs to accommodate vision and hearing screening. Accommodating a few extra students would not be a burden but serving 20 or 30 extra students could actually deprive traditional school children of important class time. Using health departments to administer vision and hearing tests might be an option.SupportOpposeOne of the biggest yields of kindergarten is the socialization of our students. There is very little online education appropriate for kindergarten or pre-school students. Young children need to be developing their large and small motor skills and their bilateral coordination. I use computers with kindergarteners but only for very short periods of time.SupportI think mastery of a subject is more important than the time needed to acquire that mastery. If a student has met all the academic requirements set by the state it shouldn't matter how long it took them to acquire that knowledge.Meet with an online student or teacher
JessicaGarciaHouse District 29SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportBe a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
LewisGerhardtSenate District 49SupportI absolutely support the right of parents to choose. Every child is unique, as is their learning styles and life goals. Students along with their parents should have the ability to choose the path that is right for them.Not SureI'd like to explore more on this topic, see the pros and cons, etc.Not SureSome rules here I agree with, some I don't. Ultimately, I'd like to see the funding be portable with the student so that parents can choose between these public programs or private ones.SupportSupportSupportNot SureMeet with an online student or teacher
KathyGillespieHouse District 18SupportSupportSupportNot SureI would need to learn more specifics to either support or not support.Not SureI would need to learn more specifics to either support or not support.Not SureI would need to learn more specifics to either support or not support.Not SureI would need to learn more specifics to either support or not support.Nothing more now, thanks
RogerGoodmanHouse District 45SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportNot SureMeet with an online student or teacher
DanGriffeyHouse District 35SupportEducation is an important decision that parents make on behalf of their children. Every child and situation is unique and all options should be on the table for parents to choose from.SupportSupportSupportI would like to see our schools, both online and brick and mortar work together for vision and hearing screening as well as sports and electives.SupportSupportOpposeBe a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
MarkHargroveHouse District 47SupportI sponsored legislation to create Innovation Schools where parents and teachers could create schools best suited for their children. I also sponsored legislation to allow private online schools. Both are now current law.SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportNot SureI'm not sure what the question is getting at.Nothing more now, thanks
MarkHarmsworthHouse District 44SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportMeet with an online student or teacher
DaveHayesHouse District 10SupportI am a big supporter of education alternatives. Education is not a one size fits all issue. We all have different learning abilities and preferences. The state should allow flexibility that allows options for students, parents and educators.SupportSupportI support maintaining similar standards and a "level playing field" between the various educational alternatives.SupportI would likely support this, but would like to see an actual proposal and learn more about current policies and practices.Not SureI am supporter of alternatives for students and families regarding education and have consistently advocated for more CTE option in our education system. I would really like to know more about digital learning as it relates to CTE.Not SureI will need more information on this matter.Not SureI need more information on this issue.Meet with an online student or teacher
SamHuntSenate District 22SupportI support allowing parents to choose the public school their children attend; that is current state law. Parents are allowed to chose private schools, but I oppose spending public money on private schools.SupportSupportYes, I support strict accountability for all public schools.SupportYes, but a percentage of the students' funding should be allocated to that effort.SupportNot SureI am not sure kindergarten students have enough computer literacy to "attend"online public schools. And I support having opportunities for students to interact in person with other students,OpposeSince I oppose using assessments as a condition of graduation, I do not think any public school student should be included in the graduation assessment.Be a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
JaniceHuxfordHouse District 44SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportMeet with an online student or teacher
BillJenkinHouse District 16SupportI am the Prosser School Board President and am a strong advocate for choice in education. It is on my campaign literature.SupportStrong yesSupportWe use online at our alternative school.SupportYesSupportI do. Not all students want or need to attend a 4 year university many would thrive in technical schools.SupportYesSupportYes they have achieved the credits and should be includedBe a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
SteveKirbyHouse District 29SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportI almost checked "Not Sure" because I'm not entirely sure I understand all the implications of the question, but I believe "Support" is my best answer.Nothing more now, thanks
BradKlippertHouse District 8SupportSupportSupportNot SureSupportSupportSupportBe a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
LindaKochmarHouse District 30SupportI believe in choice for our children.SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportMeet with an online student or teacher
JohnKosterHouse District 39SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportNothing more now, thanks
VickiKraftHouse District 17SupportYes, parents should have tne ability to choose what option is best for their child's education.SupportSupportNot SureBased on the question, I would be inclined to support this but would need better understanding of the financial needs and funding available specifically to accomplish these programs before taking an official position on this.SupportSupportNot SureWhatever the current brick and morter / state standards are related to this should also apply to online public school students.Meet with an online student or teacher
SharLichtyHouse District 6SupportI support this statement in general. I support online public schools and one of my children benefited from having this option available. My only hesitation is on specifics of what the option is, how is it funded, etc. As a former educator, I don't generally support tax dollars for public education being spent on options that aren't held to the same standards.SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportMeet with an online student or teacher
DrewMacEwenHouse District 35SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportMeet with an online student or teacher
ChadMagendanzSenate District 5SupportIn fact, I served for several years on the Online Learning Advisory Committee representing the Washington State PTA before I was elected to the Legislature in 2012. I've been a vocal proponent of school choice, received a 2014 Pioneer Award, and was selected as ranking member of the House Education Committee. https://www.facebook.com/VoteForChad/photos/a.250999861665129.53684.240391076059341/541707572594355/SupportSupportYes, and I also see it as a comparison shopping tool to help parents identify the highest performing online programs. I used this evaluation criteria to publish resources for parents in Washington State PTA to help select the best fit for their students. http://wastatepta.org/resources/kids_school/Provider_score_sheet.pdfSupportSupportWe are likely to see a significant expansion of CTE this year, and so this provision for digital schools is critical.SupportSupportWe need at least one year to calculate growth data (SGP) for a student.Be a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
DanMaherHouse District 12SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportMeet with an online student or teacher
BobMcCaslinHouse District 4SupportAbsolutely!SupportGreat idea!SupportSupportYes!Not SureIt may be tough to offer the full range of classes relating to CTE area courses online. Many need to have students present in order for them to get the experience working with the tools necessary to learn the needed skills.Not SureI would have some difficulty with this.SupportYesBe a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
JoyceMcDonaldHouse District 25SupportSupportNot SureEliminating state funding when a student fails to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress is not a good solution. We don't eliminate funding when a student fails in a brick and mortar school! There should be better options for students who need additional help, whether it is online school or brick and mortar school.SupportEvery child should be treated equally and should receive access to all available services.SupportSupportNot SureWhen a student is entering a new learning environment, I think he or she should have the opportunity to show progress at the new online school before being included in the assessment. A full school year may be needed to ensure true assessment results.Be a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
RandyMcGlennHouse District 3SupportI believe school choice, whether that includes public, private, or home schooling choices is important so that parents can provide the best learning environment for their children.Not SureWith the McCleary case challenging policies on education funding many aspects of what makes up present allocations will be changed in the coming legislative session. Ultimately I believe that some aspect of funding allocations should be tied to the student attending, and there must be some baselines to provide funding for schools in sparsely populated regions.SupportSupportSupportNot SureI would like to know more how on-line public schools help with education at the primary school grade levels.Not SureI would like to know more about this assessment prior to making an official position.Meet with an online student or teacher
DickMuriHouse District 28Support100% support! An advocate for parents to chose what is the best education system to meet their child's needsSupportYesSupportYesSupportYesSupportYesSupportYesSupportI have never heard this topic discussed, but whatever is best for the student.Be a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
StephenOwensSenate District 22SupportYes on the whole parents understand their children better than an educational bureaucracy and will generally make the very best choices for their children.SupportProvided that those funds are actually being used to provide basic education. But we have a problem there, and this problem was discussed in the McCleary decision. Our legislators have never taken the time to define exactly what the term "Basic Education" means. This failure on their part to fulfill their duty and to provide legal guidance on how funds should be allocation ought to be our first order of business.SupportRegardless, of what route parents choose for educating their child. We need to make sure that each child is receiving the same level of baseline education. However, the assessment criteria should be fair and impartial. To the extent that accountability measures and consequences are inequitable I would oppose them. My philosophy is what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you can shut down an online school for failure to meet accountability requirements then those same consequences should be applied to brick and mortar public institutions.SupportYes. The purpose of our schools is to educate children not to provide medical assistance to them. However we find it convenient to administer some state level medical assistance through the schools. But all students in Washington are entitled to those services and if delivering those medical services to online students is not convenient because they don't go to a brick and mortar school, we need to re-think the way we deliver those services.SupportIf they can deliver the same education as brick and mortar schools then yes.Not SureIn principle yes, but I am not sure if a practical implementation of this idea is possible. I would need to better understand what is being proposed here. Kindergarten does provide some much needed early childhood education but mostly it ends up being state funded daycare. I don't know how you would implement an online daycare.Not SureI really need to know more about this before I could decide what I believe about it. But if I am parsing the question correctly you are talking about a situation where a student starts using an online school, and 2 months later all students are tested for proficiency, and somehow these proficiency tests are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the school. If that is the case then no I am against the idea. However, this really gets to a much larger issue, which is our current method for evaluating schools based on assessments is unfair and ineffective at identifying the effectiveness of institutions. Rather than testing a cohort based on a static snapshot of proficiency, we should be tracking deltas year over year in student performance. It should be the degree to which each individual student pulls ahead or falls behind compared to years past that ought to determine whether the student is being educated effectively. So in this case if student X leaves school Y to attend online school Z, then the delta in performance ought to be a weighted apportion credited to each school based on length of attendance at the schoolBe a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
JerryPaineHouse District 12SupportYes, parents are the ultimate decision maker for the benefit of their childrenSupportYesSupportI support this accountability level as long as it's applied to all education options currently used.Not SureI don't have enough information on this to answer.SupportYesSupportYesSupportYesMeet with an online student or teacher
GuyPalumboSenate District 1SupportAbsolutely. I have had several employees over the years who chose online schooling. It should be an option for families who need it for any number of reasons.SupportSupportYes. I support high levels of accountability in traditional public schools, online schools and charter schools.SupportI'd be interested in learning about why any given district wouldn't support this.SupportNot SureI need to learn more about this.Not SureI just don't know enough about this. I hope you will educate me.Be a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
JohnPassHouse District 41SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportNot SureBe a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
AmyPivetta HoffmanHouse District 2SupportI support parents' option to choose a public option for the education of their children, whether online, in a traditional school or even homeschool supported by the students' local school district. I oppose charter schools due to the lack of oversight by an accountable, elected and public Board of Directors.SupportThe state is constitutionally required to provide a basic education for all of its students, including those who opt for online education.SupportAs a sitting School Board Director (Bethel), I do support a very high level of accountability. Any publicly funded program must be subject to a high level of accountability.SupportAbsolutely.SupportAbsolutely.SupportI support this funding, so long as the online program equates to an all-day program.SupportYes. If the student meets the credit criteria through online instruction, I don't know why it wouldn't satisfy the graduation credit requirements, including required assessements.Be a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
DennisPriceSenate District 11SupportI support educational choice.Not SureAt least a large portion of this funding should go to support the online options.Not SureWe do need to monitor student progress when public funds are used. This may need to be reevaluated.SupportThe local schools work with the online public schools whenever possible.SupportMore educational options will help our children find the one that will serve them best.SupportFor some children this may be the best option.Not SureIt seems that their graduation assessment should be included in the school he or she attended for at least 51 percent of the time.Be a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
AmandaRichardsSenate District 14SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportBe a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
JasonRitchieHouse District 5SupportI support our public schools and I support innovative teaching and education, which can include charter and private schools. I am a teacher and the parent of two son's in public schools in Issaquah. I'm running for the State Legislature to make sure that the voice of a parent and teacher is present at the upcoming negotiations over K-12 funding.SupportI love the idea of online education and I'm confident this is the wave of the future. However, I want to make sure that in the coming legislative session, we are focused on meeting our obligations to the McCleary decision and fully funding our K-12 education system. Where we can innovate and bring in new methods, I'm fully in support.SupportI do. Accountability is key in our education system. Where the State Legislature can establish high level standards and focus on accountability, our students win and our state will flourish.SupportSupportOpposeI'm a big fan of early education and to me, that means interaction with other young learners and teachers in the classroom.SupportMeet with an online student or teacher
AnnRiversSenate District 18SupportEvery child learns differently - parents know their children better than anyone else and are capable of making the best choice. I trust parents!SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupportBe a legislative "Champion" for students to help preserve and expand online public school educational opportunities
BrookeValentineHouse District 47SupportNot SureJust would like some clarification around this before answering.SupportNot SureI would like to develop a better understanding, before I can state where I stand on this concern.SupportSupportNot SureI would like to understand better what this question is about.Meet with an online student or teacher
LuanneVan WervenHouse District 42SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportNot SureSupportMeet with an online student or teacher
SharonWylieHouse District 49SupportTo the maximum extent possible. My only caveat is that in some instances there can be unintended consequences to offering the exact choices that parents may desire. I work hard to ensure a strong public school system that works for everyone. Digital education offers exciting options in this area.Not SureSupportSupportNot SureI would need details on arguments for and against and rationale before commenting.SupportYes, as long as the funding did not include physical space and costs not incurred.Not SureProbably, but there should be an opt out provision if a good reason exists. I would expect that some students and families would not have a concern, while others might have a good reason to wait longer for an assessment. Ideally, assessments should be a tool that allows instruction to be tailored to the student's needs.Meet with an online student or teacher
JonWyssSenate District 12SupportNot SureSupportNot SureNot SureNot SureNot SureMeet with an online student or teacher
HansZeigerSenate District 25SupportThere are no one size fits all approaches to education, and our society is better with options for parents and children.SupportSupportSupportSupportNot SureNot SureMeet with an online student or teacher
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