Welcome to my free audio resources spreadsheet! This came from my moderating of the sound design discord. We had a lot of resources available but they were kind of getting lost in the sea of links and posts, so I decided to consolidate everything into one location.
For those of you who may be new to Google Sheets, if you look at the bottom, there are tabs with different spreadsheets. I'm trying to keep the information organized so it's not all impossible to find. "Individual Plugin Links" is for singular free plugins from various locations. If a company is making a LOT of free plugins, or is a good link to check out for other free resources, it'll be in "Free plugin resources." A good example of this is the Melda FX bundle. I didn't want to link 12 different plugins from Melda when I could just give you the one link to the bundle to download.
The Free SFX links and Learning Resources should be relatively self-explanatory. If you have any knowledge on other resources, please let me know and I'll include them here! I hope this helps people out. I want this to be an ever-growing list that we can all keep using as reference.