Background: Government agencies are scrambling to manage and combat the spread of COVID-19 across the country.

These software companies are offering their products pro-bono to governments to help.

This effort is an outgrowth of a handful of software companies that began volunteering their products and resources; see this Medium post by a former U.S. Deputy CTO (https://medium.com/@NickSinai/helping-government-respond-to-covid-19-992e6f4ad4a9).
Sign up your company: If your company is willing to offer free software and other related resources (sales engineering, support, training, etc.) to government agencies during this pandemic, it will go a very long way.
Sign up here
Volunteer yourself: If you’d like to volunteer as an individual or as a team of technologists, please sign up at the U.S. Digital Response: https://www.usdigitalresponse.org/
Reach the organizers:
CompanyChallenges this product can help with:Company description:Offer to governments:Where to learn more?
ComplyZoomEnsuring site reliability and securityCMMC JUMPSTART :

1. Cybersecurity Assessment Tool: Assessment tool clarifies current cybersecurity posture and areas for improvement. Includes CMMC/DFARS Consultation.

2. Threat Alerts System: Provides visibility into relevant stories, incidents, and patches.

3. Network Vulnerability Scanner: Identifies issues and exploits with networks for review and remediation. NOTE: CMMC Jumpstart Package includes 1 external IP scan per month (additional IPs, internal and external, may also be added later).
All 3 tools are available at no chargeRich@complyzoom.com or https://www.complyzoom.com/cmmc-jumpstart/
SentinelOneEnsuring site reliability and securitySentinelOne is the only cybersecurity solution encompassing AI-powered prevention, detection, response and hunting across endpoints, containers, cloud workloads, and IoT devices in a single autonomous platform. Replacing antivirus, SentinelOne empowers organizations with full transparency into everything happening across the network at machine speed – to defeat every attack, at every stage of the threat lifecycle.In response to COVID-19 necessitating remote working, we've made our platfrom as well as deployment services available to businesses and governments free of charge beginning Monday, March 16 through Friday, May 16, 2020.https://www.sentinelone.com/lp/covid-19/
TenableEnsuring site reliability and securityTenable is a cyber exposure and vulnerability management company.Tenable is immediately extending Tenable.io licenses through April 30. For Tenable.sc and Nessus Professional customers, the company is offering a free Tenable.io license with unlimited agent scanning for 30 days. In either case, Tenable will help customers rapidly deploy agents across remote workers’ personal assets and manage these devices as part of your Tenable deployment. (Please contact your customer success manager to learn more and get started.) In addition, Tenable will also be providing free weekly sessions with principal engineers via Zoom — these sessions will include tips on how to set up agent scanning on remote assets, deployment best practices and a 30-minute Q&A session with our specialists to help address specific queries.https://www.tenable.com/webinars/tenable-office-hours
TricentisEnsuring site reliability and securityTricentis is the leader in software test automation.Tricentis is offering its load testing platform at flood.io free of charge until 30 April 2020 for any Government, NGO, or NFP entities.https://flood.io/blog/free-load-testing
UIPathEnsuring site reliability and security, Providing public servicesUiPath RPA software mimics human behavior; creating a digital that allows you respond to COVID19 at the speed of digital. 69 federal, 6 state, 3 city, and counties agencies plus 15 institutions of higher learning trust UiPath. Our end to end RPA platform has been called upon to help diagnose X-rays, helped Cleveland Clinic rapidly address COVID19 testing stations, can be used as an intake platform for SNAP, unemployment or small business loans or license and applicant renew processes. Quickly added to an agency call center RPA can reduce agent call times improving the throughput of your new telework workforce. RPA is a software platform that can extend your human workforce freeing them to focus on people while computers perform computer tasks.Please contact jim@uipath.com
CitibotKeeping the public informedCitibot enables governments to listen to and hear their citizens so they can respond efficiently and effectively. The end result: save time and money. Citibot connects citizens to their governments through text messaging and the social media messenger apps they already use.Citibot is offering push SMS notifications (i.e. text messages) for FREE for 60 days in an effort to help keep your citizens informed and limit the spread of the coronavirus. Our goal is to provide you with a tool that will help you communicate the latest information to your citizens in the most effective and accessible way possible.

Push SMS Notifications allow for two-way communication with your residents. Cities/counties can send out an update to citizens via text message and Citibot provides a direct channel for them to reply back.
EZ textingKeeping the public informedText-based messagingThe company is offering a free emergency text alert service for municipalities, government agencies and schools with a .gov or .edu email address.https://try.eztexting.com/free-text-alerts-new
GranicusKeeping the public informed, Enrolling citizens in public servicesGovernment communications via email, text, social, and websites. Conversion of in person service delivery to digital. Civic meeting management tools. Free advice and peer to peer networking.Free, fast track implementation of select tools. Access to hundreds of government peers.info@granicus.com
HootsuiteKeeping the public informedHootsuite makes finding, scheduling, managing, and reporting on social media content easierHootsuite is launching free advanced online workshops on managing complex issues on social — especially relevant for healthcare and government organizations dealing with the COVID-19 response. Hootsuite is also offering free access to its Professional plan until July 1st, 2020, to help small businesses and nonprofits stay connected to their customers and audiences.https://blog.hootsuite.com/note-from-hootsuite/
IBMKeeping the public informed, Enrolling citizens in public servicesWatson Assistant for Citizens via the IBM Cloud available for no charge for at least 90 days and will assist with initial setup.

IBM Social Program Management Platform on the cloud which is secure and scalable, and IBM will assist with the initial setup. The offer will need to be updated to match the latest content:
* Responsive website for multi-program screening with a set of questions.
* 1 Benefit Program (SNAP- food assistance, Unemployment Insurance or Child Care) preconfigured with a set of questions.
* Watson Assistant (chatbot) integrated with the Citizen Engagement module with 15 pre-trained social program intents in English.
* Social program expert services to provide configuration and state-specific requirements.
Watson assistant details: https://comptiacdn.azureedge.net/webcontent/docs/default-source/blog-documents/watson-for-citizens_public-sector-final.pdf?sfvrsn=404c4e04_2

Watson assistant request access: https://www.ibm.com/account/reg/us-en/signup?formid=urx-43430

Social program management program: https://www.ibm.com/products/watson-health-universal-access
MailChimpKeeping the public informedMailChimp’s platform is used by marketers to distribute e-mail newsletters and other online promotionsIn response to the COVID-19 crisis, MailChimp is offering free accounts for its more feature-rich service to local governments, schools, healthcare providers, nonprofits and other organizations that need to communicate critical health information about the disease. Existing customers who fall into these categories will not be billed during this period and those who are on MailChimp’s free or basic plans will be upgraded to the standard one at no cost.https://mailchimp.com/covid19-statement/
RELAYTOKeeping the public informedRELAYO is a new way to share and experience documents.

Our first product is a successor to a customer-facing PDF.

You go to our website and upload your existing PDF or deck. A few clicks later you auto-magically get a smart URL. This web and mobile-optimized viewing experience with branding, persistent navigation, animations, smart/secure sharing, deep analytics and much more.

What’s different about RELAYTO is that you can do the visual design and copy in the tools you already know like Adobe InDesign or Google Slides / PowerPoint.

This allows government / health communications employee to instantly build engaging content to support emergency response patient care
YextKeeping the public informedYext's mission is to provide perfect answers everywhere customers search. The Yext Search Experience Cloud puts businesses in control of their facts online. By providing brand verified answers on their own websites — then across search engines, maps, apps, voice assistants and chatbots — Yext helps brands take back control of the customer journey.Yext is volunteering its services to help governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) build a COVID-19 Answers Hub to answer the public's questions about symptoms, essential job openings, testing centers, executive orders, CDC FAQs, and much more, in one place. They can create a new website or add experiences to existing sites. See an example of what they built for New Jersey in just 4 business days at covid19.nj.gov.
ZipwhipKeeping the public informedZipwhip is a two-way, conversational texting tool for businesses. We enable existing landline and toll-free numbers so that clients and/or members can engage with their organization through a number they're familiar with. We're a web-based service, so all texting on the business' end will be on their computer and smartphone, and all texts sent out will go directly to the recipient's cell phone.We are currently giving non-profit and government agencies affected by COVID-19 a free 90-period to use our platform to help streamline communication, both internally and externally.https://www.zipwhip.com/use-cases/
Ardian Group, Inc. - PVITL.comTracking & analyzing new dataPVITL is an end-to-end encrypted no-code, low code database builder with robust dynamic reporting, data sharing and collaboration tools. The platform is fully configurable by the business level user. Deployed within hours, PVITL is scalable and built to perform with low latency, responsive with complex cloud computing. PVITL has completed a FISMA Compliance and is built for privacy with a risk management framework using NIST Standards, and all applicable laws and guidelines.Please use the email mvshelton@ardiangroup.com
CartoTracking & analyzing new dataCarto provides visualization and spatial-analysis software.Carto is making its service free of charge to public and private organizations fighting COVID-19 via its grants program, which has already helped other kinds of public-interest projects.https://carto.com/blog/carto-free-for-fight-against-coronavirus/
DataRobotTracking & analyzing new dataMachine learning and data preparationFor organizations helping with the COVID-19 response effort, the company is opening up its enterprise AI platform free of charge. This enables users to prepare data for machine-learning models and then to run them.https://www.datarobot.com/lp/covid-19-response-effort/
DBS-HTracking & analyzing new dataDBS-H software unlocks legacy databases by streaming in real time changes from existing overloaded systems to the cloud, modern SQL, BigData or NoSQL to make critical data accessible quickly, enable new applications without a need to retire existing working systems.Last week the governor of New Jersey state has called for a help of COBOL programmers because existing legacy "unemployment" system cannot handle the load as it was designed more than 40 years ago. CR8 can help in a situations like this by streaming in real time changes from legacy systems to the Cloud or to more open and accessible NoSQL engines by literally unlocking the legacy to the data developers and consumers.

Organizations that sent almost more than 80% of the existing workforce to work from home face a tremendous challenge to provide a seamless access to the database systems that are located on premises. CR8 can help a lot by streaming in real time from on-prem to the cloud and removing the bottleneck from the on-prem systems, increasing the efficiency and reducing the risk.

Please see the article that we have recently published about this https://medium.com/@davidsh_13817/working-from-home-is-about-to-become-the-new-normal-hybrid-cloud-model-is-the-answer-4c64f7b5cf03
HyperproofTracking & analyzing new dataPrivacy-management softwareAs record amounts of data are being processed in the effort to combat COVID-19, privacy is a key concern. Hyperproof is offering software free of charge that can help organizations stay compliant with privacy regimes in the U.S. and Europe.https://hyperproof.io/compliant-together/
InfosysTracking & analyzing new data, Providing public services, managing remote work and collaborationInfosys Limited is an Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services.* Infosys Data-Insights-Actions (DIA) Platform: Cloud-based, modular platform that uses advanced data-science technologies to help agencies analyze all their data and generate predictive and prescriptive insights. Discounted pricing through September 2020. Info here: https://www.infosyspublicservices.com/solutions/Pages/data-insights-platform.aspx

* Infosys Wingspan: Cloud-hosted learning platform that enables organizations to deliver training and development programs to employees anytime, anywhere and on any device. Discounted pricing through September 2020. Info here: https://www.infosys.com/products-and-platforms/wingspan.html

* Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure: Building scalable, cloud-based virtual desktop environments. Discounted pricing through September 2020.

* Infosys AI-based Digital Advisor: Sophie, Infosys AI-based Digital Advisor, uses Natural Language Processing and Emotional Intelligence techniques to engage people meaningfully, answer their queries and make agency staff more productive. Free through September 2020.

* Crisis Management Applications: Accelerated deployment of ready-to-use applications from our partners.
NexlaTracking & analyzing new dataNexla is a self-service Data platform that enables real-time, bi-directional data integrations. Our no-code solution accelerates data engineering tasks such as moving data between different systems and formats. We continuously analyze and learn from data at a record level to organize, monitor, and manage data, data quality, and data errors. Our collaboration and sharing capabilities make data a team sport helping organizations reduce time to market for their data driven productsWe have dedicated a portion of our compute and team resources to provide pro-bono help to organizations and teams that are leveraging data to fight COVID-19. We are currently offering up to 10M records of data processing per day, per team. Let us know in case you need more.Please contact us at support@nexla.com
OnFrontiersTracking & analyzing new data, Managing remote work and collaborationWe offer a SaaS platform for managing an organization's network of go-to experts and accessing new expertise via a global expert marketplace. When accessing the marketplace, experts are introduced via a custom matching platform and may be engaged initially on a paid phone consultations, pro bono consultation, or exploratory call, depending on preferences of the client and expert. Experts within your network can be engaged within hours. We are able to match and vet experts from the marketplace to a client's needs on most topics within 48 hours or less.Government agencies can pro-bono consulting provided through our COVID-19 Expert Help Desk (https://covid.onfrontiers.com/covid19).

The Helpdesk provides:
1. Rapid and convenient access to a network of experts qualified in one or more of the focus areas
2. Access to a global expert marketplace for niche requests beyond the primary focus areas
3. A digital platform that accelerates the pace of learning

Read more about the Helpdesk (https://onfrontiers.com/blog/introducing-the-covid-19-expert-helpdesk) and a selection of Helpdesk Experts (https://covid.onfrontiers.com/experts).
email: covid-helpdesk@onfrontiers.com
SafeGraphTracking & analyzing new dataSafeGraph offers the most accurate Point-of-Interest (POI) data, building listings, and foot traffic visits to consumer places in the U.S. We have knowledge of ~5.5 million U.S. places that consumers can spend money and/or time and provide data to understand what these places are and how consumer traffic there is changing over time.SafeGraph is providing free access to its various datasets to help government agencies in their COVID-19 response. The data includes aggregated and anonymized datasets about how people move throughout the US. More details on the datasets here: https://docs.safegraph.com/docshttps://www.safegraph.com/covid-19-data-consortium
StarburstTracking & analyzing new dataStarburst Presto is the world's fastest distributed SQL query engine. With the ability to connect to a wide variety of data sources, companies use Presto to power their large-scale, interactive analytics without the need to move their data.Starburst is making its enterprise Presto software (SQL query engine) available for free to healthcare researchers.https://www.starburstdata.com/news/press-releases/starburst-announces-free-software-to-accelerate-covid-19-data-discovery-analytics/
Stardog UnionTracking & analyzing new dataStardog's platform virtually integrates data, understands connections within the data and uses Logical Reasoning to infer new relationships within the data, across multiple systems.90 day license of the product (extended if needed). Technical and engineering support provided as needed at no cost.jon.veal@stardog.com
ThoughtspotTracking & analyzing new dataThoughtSpot lets anyone ask any questions, find insights, and drill infinitely into their company data in seconds.Thoughtspot, is offering software and support for agencies that need to rapidly analyze data sets.https://www.thoughtspot.com/
TigerGraphTracking & analyzing new dataTigerGraph’s mission is to help our customers improve the world with deeper insights. TigreGraph offers the only scalable graph database for enterprise.TigerGraph is offering free Cloud and Enterprise Edition use for applications requiring massive data or high computation needs.

For applications requiring massive data or high computation needs, both TigerGraph Cloud and TigerGraph Enterprise Edition support multi-server distributed storage and distributed computation.
BoilerplateProviding public servicesFile collection and document management CRM; replaces form and file submissions via email with a secure, organized systemTurn-key portals to securely collect forms and files for applications, aggregate files for FEMA claims, etc.brian@boilerplate.co or fill the contact form on https://boilerplate.co
BubbleProviding public services, Keeping the public informedBubble is a no-code website creator that allows you to quickly create complex websites and web apps.

Pages are visually designed with our drag-and-drop editor, which also allows creating mobile-friendly layouts and incorporating dynamic content from the database.

(Some ideas for Bubble apps relating to COVID-19 include: apps to coordinate workflows or projects with teams, sites where government agencies and citizens can post information to share with each other, portals where people can sign up for ever-updating volunteer opportunities, etc.)
Bubble is offering a free plan for apps built to help with the response to COVID-19. This plan is the equivalent of our highest monthly paid tier ("Production"), which gets access to all Bubble features and a large amount of starting compute capacity.Email support@bubble.io
CitybaseProviding public servicesWe simplify common exchanges and complex processes — from paying a water bill to applying for a homestead deduction. Digital, integrated solutions provide better data and staff experiences. Configurable government technology is easy to evolve as ordinances change.One way state and local government can support this effort is by making it easier for residents to complete necessary tasks online. This eliminates crowds or lines inside government buildings, and it helps people avoid the commute to get there.

To promote the wellbeing of America’s communities, CityBase will be offering our online forms and case management software to state and local government for free during the COVID-19 outbreak.
E2OpenProviding public servicesE2Open is the largest cloud-based supplier of supply chain and logistics software in the worldE2Open is offering its Critical Goods Allocation platform (and support services) pro-bono to federal and state agencies responding to Covid-19. The platform provides the ability to quickly connect to state and local systems including spreadsheet-based systems to have complete visibility of supply and demand for critical supplies. The platform can provide one place where critical allocation decisions can be made centrally at the state or federal level — essentially a central clearinghouse to see where supply is and where demand is most needed and to make decisions on where to allocate critical supplies. Working with Gates Foundation, the platform was been adapted for health care use in Africa; the first instance domestically is being stood up for the State of Texas and is expected to be running by Monday, March 30th. E2Open could get the platform set up for federal or state agencies in 24–48 hours. Contact CEO Michael Farlekas to learn more.
Medallia, IncEnrolling citizens in public services, Tracking & analyzing new data related to COVID-19 or its impacts, Contact center volume reductionThe Medallia Experience Cloud collects signals from an organization's customers and employees by combining operational data with feedback to help inform organizations decisions from the front line to the executive leadership.Medallia is offering our COVID19 text analytics, idea crowdsourcing and call center feedback saas softare to assist government organizations in identifying, analyzing and taking action based on feedback from the public.For hands on assistance identifying how Medallia can support your organization please reach out to Peter Spoehr at PSpoehr@Medallia.com or at 703.489.8191
PayItProviding public servicesPayIt’s improves accessibility to government services and the quality of life for residents by enabling residents to access essential government services online from any device.

The PayIt platform is seamlessly integrated into any existing infrastructure creating one, connected experience. PayIt was also born natively in the AWS GovCloud, which is the highest level of security available. On top of that, PayIt is also Certified Level-1 PCI compliant. This industry-leading security allows both government offices and their constituents to safely interact with one another.
PayIt is fully equipped to quickly digitize government processes and payment capabilities. Our platform integrates seamlessly within your existing system of record and offers industry-leading security and a highly scalable framework.

How we can help:

- We are working to rapidly launch FREE interim online solutions to help agencies facing office closures with no alternative ways to serve their constituents. We are extending this offer with no long-term obligations to ALL government agencies.

- We are also extending FREE assistance to ALL government agencies with developing social media and PR campaign strategies and creative assets around COVID-19.
Strategic SystemsProviding public servicesFounded in 2004, Strategic Systems has positioned itself as one of the leading Information Technology (IT) services firms in Ohio and nationally. Strategic Systems has a tradition of delivering on its commitments and is proud of our 15 year collaborative partnership on multiple, successful, mission critical projects.* New Unemployment Claim Registration Process allows citizens to quickly submit, view and update their claims, which reduces the burden on your other systems and integrates with your core system by asynchronously exchanging registrations.

* Weekly Claim Chatbot provides claimants an easy user experience to continue their claim, reduces the load on your existing systems, increases responsiveness and improves processing. This case study describes how a chatbot can be implemented quickly and easily: http://www.strsigs.com/assets/ChatbotCaseStudy.pdf

* Mandated Report Solution enables quick, easy submissions at any time via a web browser, a mobile device or a chatbot. More details here: http://www.strsigs.com/mandated-reporter.html.

* Family Provider Portal supports convenient continuous communication and engagement with foster parents making it is easy to view or request information via a web browser or mobile device. More details here: http://www.strsigs.com/provider-portal.html.

* Robotic Process Automation (RPA): RPA can quickly complete tasks when there is not enough time or staff to complete tasks with the current system.

*Performance tuning and optimization: Are your unemployment or human services systems struggling with COVID-19 enrollment surges? Strategic Systems’ has in-depth functional and technical experience in current and legacy solutions.
Please contact Thomas Hammons (tom@strsi.com) for details and questions.
Trek Medics InternationalProviding public servicesBeacon is a text message-based dispatch platform originally designed as a 911 emergency dispatching platform for communities without reliable access to emergency care and transport. We started using it with rural fire departments in the Dominican Republic and grassroots community response groups in Tanzania, then expanded to disaster response groups in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, then to community response groups in the U.S. for opioid overdose responses. Today Beacon is being used in 20 countries to alert, track and coordinate community responders using whatever phone is in their pocket -- with or without Internet, using SMS and/or push notifications.We're making Beacon available free-of-charge to volunteer, nonprofit and government agencies to support community-based resource delivery networks. Beacon is currently being used to support such networks in Minneapolis (Meals on Wheels) and in suburban Seattle (local fire departments) and we're happy to support more.jfriesen@trekmedics.org
VetProProviding public servicesVetPro enables Veteran Service Officers to work remotely with Veterans to fill out and submit disability claims to the Veterans Administration.Government agencies can pro-bono consulting provided through our COVID-19 Expert Help Desk (https://covid.onfrontiers.com/covid19).

The Helpdesk provides:
1. Rapid and convenient access to a network of experts qualified in one or more of the focus areas
2. Access to a global expert marketplace for niche requests beyond the primary focus areas
3. A digital platform that accelerates the pace of learning

Read more about the Helpdesk (https://onfrontiers.com/blog/introducing-the-covid-19-expert-helpdesk) and a selection of Helpdesk Experts (https://covid.onfrontiers.com/experts).
AIRx Health, Inc.Helping screen citizens for COVID-19COVID-19 patient monitoring. Our HIPAA compliant system provides home monitoring to COVID-19 patients and exposed healthcare workers through daily clinical assessments via phone which is securely transmitted to healthcare teams to help them efficiently triage/manage patients at scale. This helps free up healthcare resources and keep patients out of ERs and the hospital.Will provide our monitoring software "free" for 1000 patients.contact@airxhealth.com
QualtricsHelping screen citizens for COVID-19, Managing remote work and collaborationQualtrics is an experience management platform that helps organizations deliver exceptional customer, product, brand and employee experiences.Beginning immediately, we are making the Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse publicly available and free for all organizations.

Qualtrics is also offering an online, guided COVID-19 pre-screen questionnaire to identify high-risk citizens and then route them to the appropriate resources. It also provides low-risk citizens instant access to the information most relevant for them. Automatic reports that identify gaps in current information availability.
SurgisphereHelping screen citizens for COVID-19We are a real time global healthcare collaborative dedicated to improving the lives of people.Surgisphere has developed free COVID-19 AI-based Diagnosis Tool + Mortality Risk Calculator for patients, physicians, hospitals, and public health authorities to combat the spread of COVID-19. These tools are validated and built upon data collected from our real-time global research network.https://surgisphere.com/covid-19-response-center/
AdvocacyProManaging remote work and collaboration, Providing public servicesAdvocacyPro is a web based case management system for victim services and other social services needs.The software is being offered as open source to government agencies and non-profitsrob@advocacypro.com
AdobeManaging remote work and collaboration, Keeping the public informed, Providing public servicesAdobe Digital Government solutions enable agencies to make, manage, mobilize and measure the information, experiences and knowledge needed to achieve their missions. Government agencies use Adobe technology to power digital content creation and management that most effectively engages citizens; deliver rapid forms creation, secure document workflows and unbreakable digital signatures needed to increase business process efficiency; create, manage and share knowledge that agency teams need to accomplish their mission; and to do it all with the most advanced content-centric security and analytics available. With 35 years of proven innovation, Adobe is transforming the way agencies interact —real-time, on any device. For more information on our digital government solutions, please visit www.adobe.com/government.Adobe is committed to helping gov address their most urgent challenges - Contact govcovidresponse@adobe.com or 800-872-3623

Electronic and digital signatures - Enable government-to-government and government-to-citizen workflows from anywhere with legally binding and compliant signatures. (90 day free trials for Adobe Sign Enterprise available for new users through September 30, 2020) https://www.adobe.com/industries/government/electronic-signatures.html

Remote communication and collaboration - Adobe Connect for Rapid Response provides dedicated meeting spaces to enable engaging and effective remote communications, and support for critical operational communications and active military operations. (90 day free trials through September 30, 2020) https://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect/rapid-response.html

Electronic Forms and Document workflows - Quickly enable all-digital collaboration and approval processes for document workflows such as privacy release forms, procurement documents, emergency response forms, and telework agreements. (We are providing greater access, flexibility and specific offers with Adobe Experience Cloud based on the unique needs of our customers.)

Adobe Acrobat - Shared collaboration on PDF documents is (free) in Acrobat apps on desktop, web, and mobile.

Acrobat PDF services – Enabling government to create and share documents: web-based PDF services on Adobe.com are (free through May 31, 2020).

Adobe Scan Mobile App - The (always free) Adobe Scan mobile app works on your mobile device, scans documents into PDFs, and automatically recognizes text.

Adobe Spark – Create beautiful graphics, web pages, and video stories (starter plan always free). https://spark.adobe.com/
AirtableManaging remote work and collaborationAirtable offers online databases and spreadsheets to help teams organize their workAny non-political, humanitarian effort tackling COVID-19 can use the company’s Airtable Pro product for free for the next three months. Airtable is also offering all students with a .edu email account a free two-year subscription to it.https://blog.airtable.com/airtables-support-for-covid-19-response-efforts/
Amazon AWSManaging remote work and collaborationAWS provides a set of solutions built on top of the AWS Cloud to help quickly enable remote work for employees, contractors, students, and contact center agents. *Free use of all Amazon Chime Pro features for online meetings and video conferencing from March 4, 2020 to June 30, 2020.

*Use Amazon Connect for free for the first 12 months

*New Amazon WorkSpaces customers can get started immediately with the AWS Free Tier offer for the Amazon WorkSpaces Standard Bundle.

*Free use of all Amazon WorkDocs features with 1 TB of storage per user for up to first 50 users
AppianManaging remote work and collaborationAppian is a low-code application platformAppian has made an application that can help manage the health and safety of employees free of charge to its customers and to any organization with over 1,000 employees.https://www.appian.com/covid19-response-management/
AtlassianManaging remote work and collaborationAtlassian makes workflow and team-collaboration tools, such as Jira, Trello, and Confluence.The company’s flagship products, such as its Jira issue-and-project-tracking software and Confluence team-collaboration offering, will now be free for teams of up to ten people with no time limit. Atlassian is also offering K-12 schools and higher education institutions free one-year subscriptions to its Trello Business Class service, which can be used by teachers to schedule coursework and other activities.https://www.atlassian.com/blog/announcements/atlassian-cloud-remote-friendly-tools-free-small-teams
AvayaManaging remote work and collaborationAvaya Spaces provides a cloud meeting and team collaboration solution that enables people and organizations to connect and collaborate remotely – and goes beyond integrating chat, voice, video, online meetings and content sharing. It gives users all the meeting and team collaboration features needed, including voice and video conferencing for up to 200 participants.Avaya is offering its Avaya Spaces collaboration software for free to educational institutions and nonprofits through August 31 in countries where it is available. There is a limit of 200 participants per meeting on the service.https://www.avaya.com/blogs/archives/2020/03/avaya_spaces_cv/
Bid OpsManaging remote work and collaborationBid Ops is a cloud-based software platform that enables procurement and sourcing teams to request and compare quotes to comply with government "sealed bid" requirements. Bid Ops is particularly helpful for remote teams working from home to run fast procurement processes, including generating an automated audit trail of the purchase approval, for the lowest responsive bidder. Starting with any list of PPE suppliers, Bid Ops can get public sector procurement out of long email chains and spreadsheets.Bid Ops is a cloud-based software platform that enables procurement and sourcing teams to request and compare quotes to comply with government "sealed bid" requirements. Bid Ops is particularly helpful for remote teams working from home to run fast procurement processes, including generating an automated audit trail of the purchase approval, for the lowest responsive bidder. Starting with any list of PPE suppliers, Bid Ops can get public sector procurement out of long email chains and spreadsheets.https://bidops.com/sourceppe
BoardableManaging remote work and collaborationBoardtable offers online board meetingsNonprofits who sign on before the end of April can use Boardable’s service at no cost for 90 days to manage virtual meetings and committees.https://boardable.com/blog/extended-free-trial-of-boardable-during-covid-19-pandemic/
BoxManaging remote work and collaborationBox provides cloud content collaboration and storageBox has made the business edition of its service, which offers things such as unlimited storage and data-loss protection, available for free for 90 days according to a tweet by the company’s CEO, Aaron Levie.`https://account.box.com/signup/business?tl=oWgBWV
CommonPageManaging remote work and collaborationVirtual negotiation and external collaboration platform. Removes confusion by providing a single page for all stakeholders internally and externally to work from.Free access for at least 90 days with no constraints or sales calls. Free group training if required and free consulting if required (isn’t normally needed).Directly to me Tom Eisner (CEO) te9@commonpage.com
CoreViewManaging remote work and collaborationCoreView is a SaaS Management Platform to maximize the value of their Microsoft investment.CoreView is offering free usage of its CoreLearning and CoreAdoption products for Microsoft Teams through September 2020 to help businesses and government agencies educate remote workers on how to effectively engage with and leverage Teams. CoreLearning and CoreAdoption expand employees’ knowledge and aptitude of Microsoft Teams and prevent help desks from being flooded with inbound requests on basic “how-to” questions during an indeterminate remote work timeline. IT leaders interested in this offer can sign up through CoreView’s free tool, CoreDiscovery, which hosts the learning and adoption solutions.https://www.coreview.com/news-event/free-microsoft-teams-adoption-and-training-offer/
CreatioManaging remote work and collaboration, Providing public servicesCreatio offers low-code service for process management and CRM.Through October 1, healthcare agencies and hospitals, nonprofits, government agencies and other organizations battling COVID-19 can request free access to the company’s Service Creatio platform, which helps with things such as case management, message handling and call processing.https://www.creatio.com/company/news/18073
DiligentManaging remote work and collaborationDiligent provides agenda and meeting management software that enables local governments, special districts, school districts, libraries, and community colleges to govern at their best.Diligent Corporation announced today it will offer Community by Diligent, a modern governance solution that enables online school board meetings, free of charge to K-12 public school districts through at least the end of the school year.https://diligent.com/news/diligent-offers-free-access-to-community-by-diligent-for-k-12-public-school-districts-to-ensure-connectivity-with-their-communities-during-crisis?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=social&utm_content=pressrelease&utm_campaign=PR20CommunityFree_Diligent
DistributedGovManaging remote work and collaborationDistributed Government helps public service employees and executives build effective remote and telework environments.Are you suddenly working remotely? Explore upcoming free webinars helping people improve communications and operations while teleworking.https://civicactions.com/distributed-government
DropboxManaging remote work and collaborationCloud content collaboration and storage plus electronic agreements.Dropbox Business, which enables people to work remotely, and HelloSign Enterprise, which manages electronic agreements, will be free for six months for nonprofits and NGOs involved in the battle against COVID-19.https://blog.dropbox.com/topics/company/how-dropbox-is-ensuring-business-continuity-through-unprecedente
DruvaManaging remote work and collaborationDruva offers cloud data management and data protection.Through 30 June, Druva is making its service available for free for 180 days. Each customer can have up to 300 Office 365 users with a maximum of 15 gigabytes (GB) of data per user and up to 300 endpoint protection users with a maximum of 50GB per user.https://go.druva.com/TO-O365-6-Months-Free-Trial.html?_ga=2.19351484.508006858.1585335451-1087883919.1585053581
FacebookManaging remote work and collaborationTeam collaboration and communication platform.A premium version of Workplace Advanced, which provides users with an internal version of Facebook complete with services such as video calling and file sharing, is now available for free to emergency services and governments for 12 months. Organizations have until June 30 to sign up for the offer. When the unpaid period of their contracts expires, they can choose to stay with the premium service or drop down to a more basic free one.https://www.facebook.com/workplace/blog/supporting-emergency-services-and-government-during-covid-19
LogMeInManaging remote work and collaborationLogMeIn offers videoconferencing, webinars and device management (including GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar)LogMeIn has created special bundles of its products to support emergency remote working. As well as supporting virtual meetings, LogMeIn’s software can also help manage remote workers’ devices and apps. It’s offering three-month site-wide licenses for free to organizations such as healthcare providers, educational institutions and municipalities. Existing customers can tap these bundles and get site-wide licenses for additional tools for three months at no extra cost.https://blog.gotomeeting.com/coronavirus-disruptions-and-support/
LoomManaging remote work and collaborationLoom is a video messaging serviceLoom is scrapping a limit on the number of videos that a user can access under its free plan through July 1 (previously the limit was 25) and extending the free trial period of its premium Loom Pro service from 14 to 30 days. It’s also making Loom Pro free for students and teachers at K-12 schools, universities and other educational institutions with no time limit.https://www.loom.com/blog/coronavirus-response
MedofiManaging remote work and collaboration, ensuring critical communication is digested and acknowledged by key stakeholdersMedofi is a secure mobile intranet platform that assists healthcare organizations & their departments in streamlining, prioritizing, and accessing their internal communications, task lists, and documents via their mobile devices.We are offering government organizations, during this crisis, the ability to utilize the secure Medofi cloud software for free without any commitments.hello@medofi.com
MicrosoftManaging remote work and collaborationTeam collaboration and communication platform.Microsoft Teams, the company’s collaboration and communication platform, is scrapping the user limit on its free version, which was previously restricted to 300 people. Microsoft has also announced it is making the basic version of its Office 365 enterprise suite of productivity tools such as Word and Excel free for six months to organizations, which gives users access to the premium version of Microsoft Teams.https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/e1-trial-license
O'Reilly MediaManaging remote work and collaborationO’Reilly learning provides individuals, teams, and businesses with expert-created and curated information covering all the areas that will shape our future—including artificial intelligence, operations, data, UX design, finance, leadership, and more.
We’re granting all federal, state, and local government agencies free access to O’Reilly online learning now through Independence Day weekend.https://www.oreilly.com/online-learning/government-free-access.html
PegaManaging remote work and collaborationPega provides cloud software for customer engagement and operational excellence.Pega team built COVID-19 Employee Safety and Business Continuity Tracker app to help clients track and manage the health, safety, and availability of their workforce. This is available on the Pega Marketplace for Pega Platform™ clients at no charge through December 31, 2020.https://www.pega.com/covid-19-tracker?utm_medium=sharehub&utm_source=LinkedIn&utm_content=OLORB#AUTH&token=I3T-YvJh9RHzRYUllC8V5nJENtPaYN4VJMpweebi-PpuI3j-3kzAkA0JzCDTHHxq66zBAq84BXtMib4ciAh7Tsf7lF-SIJGN-tZvRpcEUO2Ja4v7j3bq04sDRRXv6kUVvT6eDa7dCvI9F6KMydUJ0uZEEryp4o3G9lqBkAnXYyFpkBk5jS6d5VAywLKU0YZs6Zhkrrd4LnMZ59Pp9iskEPlLmosiFi29-UDSumexkIU&expiration=2020-04-29T10:56:16.8719718-07:00
PluralsightManaging remote work and collaborationPluralsight is a tech skills and insights platform that helps organizations align their technology strategy to a skills strategy that moves you forward faster.Pluralsight is free for April: https://www.pluralsight.com/blog/news/stay-home-skill-up-for-free

Pluralsight is also releasing a free guide and courses on remote work and leading remote teams, and offering their conferences experiences for free, so organizers can host their conference content on Pluralsight free of charge. Pluralsight One, with over 350+ courses for high school computer science teachers and students, is also being offered for free for a year via Code.org or Pluralsight One.


pymetricsManaging remote work and collaboration, Talent acquisition & talent managementpymetrics has built a talent matching platform that leverages objective data for better predictions about fit and potential. Companies everywhere are facing transformational challenges and only our end-to-end talent solutions can give them the data they need to navigate the future of work.For those of you shifting to an increasingly remote interview strategy, our Digital Interview solution allows you to interview candidates remotely.

For clients who find themselves in a difficult situation of needing to repurpose people internally to meet this new climate, our Internal Mobility solution helps you move current employees to different, future roles.
Q-nomyManaging remote work and collaboration, Providing public servicesQ-nomy's Q-Flow® helps manage both digital and physical (walk-in) customer interactions. The Q-Flow architecture opens up a unique opportunity to employ service locations as virtual contact centers by handling video calls, voice and chat, while using the solution's scheduling, routing, and customer interaction management. (Face to Face Meetings, Video Call Meetings, Chat, E-mail Management, Voice, Call Management, On line Forms

The software's flexibility allows your agents to transition from their previous role of handling walk-in customers to handling digital interactions quickly. And when the crisis is over, they can keep using Q-Flow to meet with customers in person.
We are offering governments a 3 month trial.philip.gomes@qnomy.com
Quick BaseManaging remote work and collaboration, Digital workflowsQuick Base provides digital-workflow management.Healthcare providers, governments, educational institutions and nonprofits can get free access to Quick Base software that helps them digitize workflows through September 30.https://www.quickbase.com/crisis-response
QumuloManaging remote work and collaborationQumulo is a the hybrid cloud file storage vendor.Qumulo is making its cloud-native file software available for free to public and private medical and healthcare researchers. We hope Qumulo’s file software will enable healthcare researchers and scientists to have the compute power available in the cloud to store, process, and learn from the massive quantities of data and images being produced.http://discover.qumulo.com/cloudfileforcovid.html
RingCentralManaging remote work and collaboration, Providing public servicesOur technology enables mobile and distributed teams and entire organizations to communicate, collaborate, and stay productive while minimizing risks to health and safety. We offer cloud phone, video conferencing, team messaging and eFaxing as well as customer engagement solutions that include digital, social and contact center applications to stay in touch and automate responses to customers in seconds.RingCentral Office will provide all those impacted with video conferencing, team messaging, business phones, and even SMS and fax—all modes of communication needed by teachers, students, healthcare providers, and non-profits as they come to terms with the impact of COVID-19.https://www.ringcentral.com/lp/covid19-offer.html
SalesforceManaging remote work and collaborationCloud-based health system and data plus team collaboration platform.The cloud giant is providing free access to its Health Cloud service for response teams, call centers and care-management groups for health systems impacted by COVID-19. It is also making the basic service of its Quip team collaboration software available for any Salesforce customer or nonprofit through September 30. The company’s Tableau unit has also made available a free hub of coronavirus-related data resources.https://www.salesforce.com/company/news-press/stories/2020/3/salesforce-corinavirus-actions/
SaltFlat AppsManaging remote work and collaborationSkills Management for remote workers in Office 365We have produced an entirely free, skills-management platform that enables remote government workers (or even office-based workers where applicable) to manage their professional skills. Furthermore, we provide over 600 training items specifically for users of Microsoft Teams and Office 365, so your users can be as productive as possible.Please email martin.harwar@saltflatapps.com and I'll be glad to help!
ServiceNowManaging remote work and collaborationServiceNow gives you the power to make work, work better. So employees work the way they want to, not how software dictates they have to. And customers can get what they need, when they need it.ServiceNow released four free emergency response apps to combat coronavirus crisis. Our digital workflows simplify complexity, so you can focus on the work. These include: Emergency Response Operations, Emergency Outreach, Emergency Self Report, Emergency Exposure Managementhttps://www.servicenow.com/solutions/crisis-management.html
SkilloManaging remote work and collaborationSkillo helps distribute training for employees and volunteers. We track the training to see when and if it was taken and then have the ability to issue assessments. This allows us to find knowledge gaps and improve training.They can use my direct email or go to our website. (Tre@tryskillo.com)
SlackManaging remote work and collaborationSlack helps businesses work remotely, with chat and productivity toolsSlack is offering free upgrades to paid plans for teams working on coronavirus pandemic research, response, or mitigation.Interested teams can email a special address, covid@slack.com, to get set up.
SmartsheetManaging remote work and collaborationSmartsheet Gov is a secure, enterprise-grade platform made specifically for government agencies, built on AWS GovCloud (US), and FedRAMP authorized. Our platform can connect your remote teams and provide a common source of truth to keep your entire organization aligned, adapting, and moving forward through change.Governments and agencies that are responding to the COVID-19 crisis can now use our government-specific instance of Smartsheet, Smartsheet Gov, free of charge and without obligation.https://www.smartsheet.com/enable-gov
SplunkManaging remote work and collaboration, Ensuring site reliability and securitySplunk's Remote Work Insights (RWI) empowers IT and security teams to manage applications, monitor business performance and secure networks from remote locations. RWI provides real-time visibility across multiple disparate systems, such as VPN and Microsoft 365, alongside executive-level dashboards to boost productivity and ensure high performance of mission-critical activities. RWI includes apps and add-ons, best practices, dashboards and more.

For more information, visit: https://www.splunk.com/en_us/blog/leadership/introducing-splunk-remote-work-insights-our-solution-for-the-new-work-from-home-reality.html
As government empowers their employees to work from home, remote systems are becoming increasingly mission-critical. Optimizing performance and mitigating security risks are more important than ever before. Splunk offers a free program, Remote Work Insights (RWI), for existing and new customers looking to monitor and secure their remote workforce. This program delivers the foundation to deploy and deliver meaningful insights in a rapid, scalable way across the entire organization. And existing customers that participate receive a free Splunk Cloud instance for up to 90 days.

For more information, visit: https://www.splunk.com/en_us/blog/leadership/introducing-splunk-remote-work-insights-our-solution-for-the-new-work-from-home-reality.html
TalkdeskManaging remote work and collaboration, Providing public servicesTalkdesk offers cloud-based call centers and business-continuity planning.Talkdesk has made its business-continuity service free for 90 days for organizations that sign up before May 1.https://www.talkdesk.com/news-and-press/press-releases/talkdesk-offers-business-continuity-solutions-fastest-move-to-cloud-for-work-from-home-agents-amid-coronavirus-crisis/
ThreadsManaging remote work and collaborationThreads offers team collaboration and communication platform.Threads is making its Pro offering, which can support up to 100 members, free through July 1.https://threads.com/pricing
TransientX, Inc.Managing remote work and collaborationTransientAccess is a zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution which replaces legacy VPN technology and simplify secure remote access. IT is a secure and modern alternative to VPN solutions. Users’ devices are never connected to corporate networks and resources are never exposed to the Internet.We are offering free unlimited number of licenses to any government institution during the pandemic. They can continue to use after the pandemic if they prefer.Contact sales@transientx.com or egemen@transientx.com or message 201 3443951
VidyardManaging remote work and collaborationVidyard is a videomessaging service.As COVID-19 spread, Vidyard accelerated work on a service it was developing to help employees communicate with one another and to allow employers to share video messages with their workforces. Vidyard for Internal Communications will be available at no cost through June 30.https://www.vidyard.com/press-releases/free-video-tools-during-covid-19/
VonageManaging remote work and collaborationVonage is a cloud-communications and videoconferencing service.

The company is offering free licenses to its cloud-communications service for 90 days that will support up to 250 users. It is also making its standalone videoconferencing service available for free for 90 days and is letting healthcare companies, educational institutions and nonprofits use its more advanced business communications package without charge for the same period.https://ir.vonage.com/press-releases/2020/03-18-2020-165846372
Marketplace.citySourcing new technologiesMarketplace.city’s mission is to simplify the process of finding, validating, and implementing new technology at the city level, so government can better improve the lives of their communities with smart solutions. Products are developed with partner cities—including launch partners New York City, Atlanta, Barcelona, and Dublin—to meet their most pressing needs.In light of the COVID-19/Coronavirus epidemic, city leaders must respond by maintaining situational awareness, communicating with residents, and taking actions to limit the spread of the virus. Marketplace has compiled a set of solutions for cities to use during this time, contact hello@marketplace.city with any questions or if you are aware of new solutions that can be added.https://marketplace.city/cities/covid-19