NYC Honorific Street Names 1998-2013
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Honorific Street NameBorCurrent NameLocationHonoree BioYearLocal Law #Gender 1Gender 2Country of origin if foreign born9-11 Victim9-11 ResponderBusiness OwnerAthleteMusicianArtist/Actor/Writer/PhotogClergyCmty Bd MemberUntimely death (civilian)NYPD/ FDNYVeteranPoliticianHistoric Fig.Educator/ School StaffActive in Cmty/ CharityOrg/ Nonprofit/ School/ LibraryHistoric/ Cultural SiteMiscellaneous
Mizanur Rahman Way BrooklynNoneNorthwest corner of Liberty Avenue and Forbell Street Mizanur Rahman (1965-2002) was a respected photojournalist in Bangladesh. He immigrated to American with his wife and young son in 1999 and settled in the City Line section of Brooklyn. There he became an active member of the Bengali community and worked in the restaurant industry. In what came to be known as a case of mistaken identity, Mizanur Rahman, walking home from work, was beaten to death by a mob of young men on August 11, 2002.200334MBangladesh11
Denos D. Vourderis PlaceBrooklynWest 12th StreetSurf Avenue and the BoardwalkConstantinos Dionysious (“Denos”) Vourderis (1920-1994) bought Ward’s Kiddie Park in 1981. Two years later he bought the Wonder Wheel. He and his sons restored the rides to their original splendor. In 1989 the Wonder Wheel became an official New York City Landmark. 20019M11
Dr. Michael Brienza Way BrooklynNoneAt the intersection of 15th Avenue and Cropsey AvenueDr. Michael John Brienza (1969-2009) graduated from NYU College of Dentistry and after residencies at Woodhull Hospital and Brookdale Hospital, entered general practice with his father in 1997. He was a leader in several professional organizations and also served in the United States Naval Reserve, where he received a number of awards, including as an expert marksman. 200992M1
Dr. Pasquale M. Lapalorcia Corner BrooklynNoneSouthwest corner of 92nd Street and Battery AvenueDr. Pasquale M. Lapalorcia was a surgeon who lived and worked in the Bay Ridge community. He was greatly loved and respected by many of his patients and staff at Victory Memorial Hospital.200650M1
James Warren Nicolaidis Way BrooklynAvenue SBetween East 32nd and East 33rd Streets James Warren Nicolaidis (d. 2003) was the longtime coach of the Brooklyn Hurricanes football team.2005131M1
Joe ‘The Great’ Rollino Corner BrooklynNoneAt the intersection of Bay Ridge Parkway and 14th Avenue Joe ‘The Great’ Rollino (1905-2010) was one of the last of the old Coney Island strongmen. He once lifted 475 pounds using his teeth. Mr. Rollino died at 104 years old when he was struck by a minivan while walking in his neighborhood.201214M1
John F. Denton Way BrooklynEast 92nd StreetBetween Flatlands Avenue and Avenue J John F. Denton (1899-1985) was a longtime resident and historian of Canarsie. His column, “Little Old Canarsie”, ran in the “Canarsie Courier” for many years. He devoted most of his life to recording and documenting the history of 19th and early 20th Century Canarsie.200848M11
Judge Charles J. Beckinella Place BrooklynPresident StreetBetween Smith Street and Hoyt Street  Charles J. Beckinella (1904-1982) was elected to the State Assembly in 1937 and as Judge of the Municipal Court in 1944. In 1955 he was appointed a Justice of the Supreme Court, Kings County by Governor Averill Harriman and was elected to another term as a Supreme Court Justice in 1968. In his career of 51 years, 43 were in elected office. Judge Beckinella lived on President Street from 1946 until his death..200334M11
Julian Brennan Way BrooklynProspect Park WestBetween 14th Street and the circle on the southwest corner of Prospect Park Lance Corporal Julian T. Brennan, USMC, was killed on January 24, 2009 by a roadside bomb blast during a combat mission in Afghanistan’s Farah Province. He was 23 years old.201214M11
Raoul Wallenberg Way Brooklyn13th AvenueBetween 36th Street and 60th Street Raoul Wallenberg (1912-1947) was a Swedish diplomat who risked his life to save Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust. When the Soviet army freed Budapest, Wallenberg presented himself to the army but then disappeared.201214MSweden111
Ruby Jacobs Walk BrooklynStillwell AvenueEast side of Stillwell Avenue between the Bowery and the Boardwalk Rubin “Ruby” Jacobs (1922-2000) was a lifelong resident of Coney Island, where he operated boardwalk bath houses and owned a series of popular bars and restaurants. He was a tireless advocate for Coney Island. His last establishment, Ruby’s Bar, is an unofficial museum with hundreds of photos of Coney Island in its heyday.200334M11
Seven In Heaven Way BrooklynNoneIntersection of Richards Street and Seabring Street This intersection commemorates seven firefighters killed in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.2011311
Sgt. Joseph Otto Behnke Avenue BrooklynProspect AvenueBetween 6th and 7th Avenues Joseph Otto Behnke (1958-2004) served with the U. S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division from 1976 to 1980. He continued his service to his country and military counterparts by working at the downtown Manhattan Veterans Affairs hospital. He also stared a general contracting company called American Way Construction, Inc.200543M11
The Honorable Nicholas Coffinas Way BrooklynSchermerhorn StreetBetween Boerum Place and Court Street with the sign on the southeast corner of Court and Schermerhorn Streets The Honorable Nicholas Coffinas (1919-2006) began his judicial career as a Criminal Court judge, moving to administrator of that court, and finally served as a Supreme Court judge. After retiring in 1995, he was appointed as a referee to hear and dispose of cases pending appeal from the Supreme Court. He settled more cases than anyone else in Brooklyn court history.200728M1
Lewis Rudin WayManhattanEast 52nd StreetLexington Avenue and Park AvenueLewis Rudin (1927-2001) was co-chairman one of the New York’s leading real estate firms and co-founder the Association For A Better New York.200169M111
Matthew Henson PlazaManhattan150th StreetBetween Frederick Douglass Boulevard and John B. Sass PlaceMatthew Henson (1866-1955) was a resident of Harlem’s Dunbar apartments for many years and was an Arctic explorer who planted the American flag on the North Pole. Mr. Henson is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.200848M1
Thurgood Marshall Boulevard ManhattanEdgecombe AvenueBetween 150th Street and 155th Street Thurgood Marshall (1908-1993) was an American jurist and the first African-American to serve on the United States Supreme Court. He served for 24 years compiling a liberal record that included strong support for Constitutional protection of individual rights.200925M11
163rd DriveQueensJames CourtBetween 104th Street and Hawtree BasinThis bill renamed “James Court” as “163rd Drive” and amended the official map of the City of New York accordingly. A subsequent bill restored James Court as a co-name.2009461
163rd RoadQueensBurlingham CourtBetween 104th and Hawtree BasinThis bill renamed “Burlingham Court” as “163rd Road” and amended the official map of the City of New York accordingly. A subsequent bill restored Burlingham Court as a co-name.2009461
164th AvenueQueensMcKee AvenueBetween 104th Street and Hawtree BasinThis bill renamed “McKee Avenue,” as “164th Avenue” and amended the official map of the City of New York accordingly. A subsequent bill restored McKee Avenue as a co-name.2009461
164th DriveQueensMoncriff DriveBetween 104th Street and Hawtree Basinhis bill renamed “Moncriff Drive” as “164th Drive” and amended the official map of the City of New York accordingly. A subsequent bill restored Moncriff Court as a co-name.2009461
164th RoadQueensCalhoun RoadBetween 104th Street and Hawtree BasinThis bill renamed “Calhoun Road” as “164th Road” and amended the official map of the City of New York accordingly. A subsequent bill restored Calhoun Road as a co-name.2009461
165th AvenueQueensLockwood CourtBetween 104th Street and Hawtree BasinThis bill renamed “Lockwood Court,” in Queens, as “165th Avenue” and amended the official map of the City of New York accordingly. A subsequent bill restored Lockwood Court as a co-name.2009461
Avenue of the BoldestQueensCorner of 19th Avenue and Hazen StreetThis road leads to the Rikers Island Correctional Facility and its designation honors the Correctional Officers who keep that facility safe.2006131
Betty Davis StreetQueens221st StreetBetween 115th Road and 115th AvenueBetty Myrl Victoria Davis (1938-?) was born in Jamaica and immigrated to the U.S. in 1983. In September 1990 she became School Crossing Guard with the New York City Police Department. Her last assigned post was Sacred Heart School.200362FJamaica11
BoulevardQueens141st StreetFrom the intersection of Center Drive and Point Crescent to the intersection of 141st Street and BoulevardIn the 1920’s streets in Douglaston and Little Neck were given numerical designations to bring them “in line” with the New York City street grid. In 1970-1971, there was a movement to re-instate the named streets . This was done over a five to six-year period. In that process, this street name was left unrestored.200481
Burlingame CourtQueens163rd RoadBetween 104th Street and Hawtree BasinLocal Law 2009/46 gave this street a numerical designation consistent with the area-wide street numbering system. This action restored Burlingame Court as a co-name.2009921
Calhoun Court Queens164th RoadBetween 104th Street and Hawtree BasinLocal Law 2009/46 gave this street a numerical designation consistent with the area-wide street numbering system. This action restored Calhoun Court as a co-name.2009921
Coleman SquareQueens159th AvenueSoutheast corner of the intersection of 159th Avenue and Coleman SquareThis street name change is being done to help alleviate a confusion at this intersection.2004631
Douglas RoadQueensDouglas Road and Marinette StreetBetween West Drive and Hillside Avenue (also known as 38th Road)Sometime in the 1920s, streets in Douglaston and Little Neck were numbered to bring them in line with the New York City street grid. In the 1970s, some the named streets were reinstated. These were official map changes at the time, but some names were mistakenly left uncorrected or corrected with new errors. This designation rectifies such an error.2003621
Genevieve “Jean” Albetta WayQueensCalamus AvenueBetween Grand and Ankener AvenuesGenevieve (Jean) Albetta was a long-time school crossing guard at the corner of 84th Street and Grand Avenue in Elmhurst for St. Adalbert’s School. She worked up until the day of her death on May 29, 2004.200543F1
Hillside AvenueQueens38th RoadBetween Douglaston Parkway and Douglas RoadThis was the historic name of 38th Road prior to the 1920s, when local streets were given numerical designations to bring them “in line” with the Queens numbering system. This street is within the Douglaston-Little Neck historic district. .2003621
Nancy Cataldi Way QueensNoneIntersection of 109th Street and 86th Avenue Nancy Cataldi (1953-2008) was a life-long Richmond Hill resident and co-founder of the Richmond Hill Historical Society. She was a cultural historian and active preservationist for the Victorian era homes in Richmond Hill, Woodhaven and Kew Gardens.200946F11
Richard Feynman Way QueensCornaga AvenueBetween Mott Avenue and Beach 9th Street Richard Feynman (1918-1988) is considered by most scientists to be the greatest American physicist of the 20th century and the smartest physicist overall since Albert Einstein. He was the lead scientist on President Reagan’s committee to investigate the space shuttle Challenger accident in 1986. Dr. Feynman won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1965 while still in his 40s.200543M1
Anthony J. Moretti M.D. Way Staten IslandBurgher AvenueBetween Laconia Avenue and Hylan Boulevard Anthony J. Moretti (1960-2004) graduated from New Dorp High School and went on to earn his M.D the Faculty of Medicine, Universidad del Noreste, Mexico.200613M1
Boimah Cooper Drive Staten IslandNoneUnderneath the Hanover Street sign at the southwest corner of Palma Drive Boimah Cooper (1999-2006) was discovered by a group from the Staten Island Liberian Community Association (SILCA) during a Humanitarian Relief Mission. He was found under a tree crying and unable to walk with bones bulging from his back. The group brought him to America for spinal reconstructive surgery. During his year in the U.S., he attended PS 57 and basically adopted the children as his extended family.200728MLiberia1
Commissioner Richard J. Sheirer Way Staten IslandNoneIntersection of Laconia Avenue and Atlantic Avenue Richard J. Sheirer (1946-2012) was Director of the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management under Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. In the wake of 9/11 he was responsible for coordinating the enormous rescue and clean-up efforts involving dozens of local, state and federal agencies.201248M1
Edward “Iron Man” Holder Avenue Staten IslandNoneNortheast corner of Corbin Avenue and Barlow Avenue Edward Holder (1984-2005) followed a family tradition of becoming iron worker. After the September 11th World Trade Center disaster, he and other family members worked untold hours cutting through the mass of debris in hope of saving lives.2005131M1
Hugh White Jr. Way Staten IslandCaswell LaneBetween Felton Street and Elson Street Hugh White Jr. (1982-2006) worked as a private contractor for the Time Warner Cable Company. A graduate of the College of Staten Island and was planning to continue his education in Architectural Engineering. He loved music and children and was part of the disc jockey group called the Abstract DJ’s.200728M1
John Capitano Place Staten IslandnoneIntersection of Hylan Boulevard and Mallory Avenue John Capitano (1944-2004) was a Staten Island native. After graduating from Georgetown University, he entered the Pallotine Seminary and earned a Masters Degree in Theology. He then left the Order and married. Returning to Staten Island, he began a career with the NYS Department of Labor in Manhattan. He was transferred to the Staten Island office and worked his way up the ladder from claims examiner to manager.200463M1
Jose (Joey) Manuel Pellot Way Staten IslandNoneUnderneath the Bement Avenue sign at the southeast Corner of Henderson Avenue Jose (Joey) Manuel Pellot (1973-1999) had many talents including poetry, music and photography. He was an art major at SUNY Purchase and also competed in skateboarding and snowboarding competitions.200650M1
Justice John Leone Way Staten IslandNoneSoutheast corner of Richmond Terrace and Schuyler Street John Leone (1940-2001) served in the Criminal Courts from 1976 until his election to the Supreme Court in 1983. Judge Leone was in the Supreme Court, Richmond County, Civil Part from 1986. He participated as a judge in Moot Court competitions and in trial advocacy courses at Fordham University School of Law.M1
All Hallows WayBronxIntersection of East 164th Street and Walton Avenue.Commemorates All Hallows High School’s 100th graduating class. The school has been in existence since 1909 and has been named one of the top 50 Catholic high schools in America.2012481
Casita Maria WayBronxSimpson StreetFrom East 163rd Street to Barretto StreetCasita Maria, an educational and arts organization, was founded in East Harlem in 1934 by Claire and Elizabeth Sullivan, sisters of television pioneer Ed Sullivan. It moved to the Bronx in 1961. On March 1, 2007, it broke ground for a new building to house The Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists.20072811
Franciscan WayBronxIntersection of Theriot Avenue and Randall AvenueHonors the contribution and service that the Friars and Sisters of the Franciscan Order have provided the Soundview and Classon Point communities for nine decades, including both spiritual and educational support.20092511
Marie Smith Urban Street Academy Corner BronxNoneSoutheast corner of Exterior Street and West 230th Street The Marie Smith Urban Street Academy was a public school located at 2910 Exterior Street.1998501
St. Augustine Way BronxFranklin AvenueThird Avenue and East 168th Street The designation honers the 150th anniversary of St. Augustine Catholic Church, at 1183 Franklin Avenue the oldest Catholic Church in the Bronx. It was built in 1849 by mostly German and Irish immigrants1999601
St. Philip Neri Way BronxVilla AvenueBetween Bedford Park Boulevard and East 204th Street Honors the Church of St. Philip Neri, founded in 1898, and the St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic School, opened in 1913.2013501
BARC AvenueBrooklynWythe AvenueBetween Grand Street and N. 1st StreetHonors 25 years of service by the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC), a no-kill animal shelter that rescues homeless animals and finds them find permanent homes.2013501
Bravo BoulevardBrooklyn7th Avenue62nd Street and 92nd StreetCommemorates 25 years of service to the Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights community by the Bay Ridge Ambulance Volunteer Organization (BRAVO) .2000361
Brooklyn Conservatory Way BrooklynSeventh AvenueLincoln Place and Berkeley PlaceThe Brooklyn Conservatory of Music was founded in 1897. Its two campuses, one in Queens and the other here in Park Slope, have provided professional training in music for over a century as well as free and subsidized musical instruction to people of all ages.1998431
Christ Church LaneBrooklynNoneIntersection of 73rd Street and Ridge BoulevardIn honor of the 160 year history of Christ Church, which has made significant contributions to the community and is a hub for area arts and cultural events.20124811
Citizens of Mola di Bari Way BrooklynCourt StreetBetween 3rd Place and 4th PlaceHonors the 50th anniversary of the Van Westerhout Cittadini Molesi Social Club, a club for immigrants from Mola, Italy. The Club and its members have made many contributions to civic life in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn and the City of New York.201147Italy11
Citizens of Pozzallo WayBrooklynHenry StreetBetween Sackett Street and Union StreetThe Society of the Citizens of Pozzallo, founded in 1919, has helped the poor and underprivileged by promoting education and by contributing to science and medical research. 2009251
Dyker Heights Boulevard Brooklyn13th Avenue86th Street and Bay Ridge AvenueSeveral local groups combined their efforts to enhance this shopping street with trees, banners and benches. They requested this co-naming to further a sense of neighborhood identity. 2001521
El Regreso WayBrooklyn3rd StreetBetween Driggs Avenue and Bedford AvenueCarlos Pagan founded El Regreso, a bilingual, bicultural treatment program, licensed and funded by the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, in 1985. El Regreso provides residential and ambulatory drug-free treatment services, primarily to Latinos and African-Americans in Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint.2003141
Guild for Exceptional Children WayBrooklyn68th StreetRidge Boulevard and 3rd AvenueThe Guild for Exceptional Children, (GEC), founded in 1958, is private non-profit agency for mentally retarded people in Bay Ridge and throughout southwest Brooklyn.2001541
Polar Bear Club Walk BrooklynWest side of Stillwell AvenueBetween Bowery Street and the Boardwalk The Polar Bear Club is the oldest winter bathing organization in the United States. Members of the Club swim in the Atlantic Ocean at Coney Island every Sunday from October through April.2008481
School Settlement Way BrooklynJackson StreetBetween Manhattan Avenue and Leonard Street Founded as School Settlement Association in 1901 and incorporated under that name in 1906, the organization was housed at 148 Jackson Street. In 1914, aided by a generous donation from Ms. Elvia Zabriskie it moved to its present building at 120 Jackson Street. Its programs are designed to supplement the education local youth receive in public school. They include homework help, arts and crafts, computer instruction, literacy and structured recreation.2003341
Sister Mary Marcellus Way BrooklynHooper StreetBetween Marcy Avenue and Harrison Avenue Sister Mary Anne Marcellus, a Sister of St. Joseph, served Transfiguration Parish as a teacher for 23 and then as Principal for 17 years until the school closed in 2005. 201350F11
Sisters of St. Joseph Boulevard BrooklynNoneIntersection 60th Street and 6th Avenue The Sisters of St. Joseph were celebrating 100 years of service to the Sunset Park Community through their work at the Elementary School of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The school was founded by the Redemptionists in 1904 and has been staffed by the Sisters of St. Joseph ever since.200481
St. Brendan Way BrooklynAvenue OBetween East 12th Street and East 13th Street St. Brendan’s has been serving the Midwood community of Brooklyn as a Roman Catholic Church since 1907 as a place of worship, education and housing.2008481
St. Mary Star of the Sea Way BrooklynCourt StreetBetween Nelson Street and Luquer Street This designation marked the church’s 150th year The parish was created by Archbishop John Hughes to serve a new population in South Brooklyn and Red Hook, mostly immigrant laborers drawn by the shipping boom on the docks of Erie Basin and Gowanus Canal. The cornerstone of the church was laid on July 17, 1853 and dedicated on April 29, 1855 by Bishop Bacon.2003341
St. Patrick's Plaza Brooklyn4th Avenue95th Street and 97th Street In honor of St . Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, located at 9411 4th Avenue.1999751
St. Vincent’s Way BrooklynBoerum PlaceBetween State Street and Atlantic Avenue St. Vincent’s Services was founded in Brooklyn in 1869 as an orphanage. Since then, it has expanded its mission to become a multi-service agency for children and families. It has locations in all five boroughs as well as Long Island, Westchester, Orange and Sullivan Counties.2005431
The Greater Bright Light Place BrooklynSutter AvenueBetween Hemlock Street and Crescent Street The Greater Bright Light Baptist Church was organized in 1974 and since 1990 has been located at 1320 Sutter Avenue. It provides various outreach programs for the community’s children, the infirm, the aged and the homeless, such as an Early Learning Center, a Food Program, and a Home Care Program.2001681
Actors’ Equity Corner ManhattanNoneNortheast corner of 46th Street and 7th Avenue The Actors’ Equity Association represents over 45,000 actors and stage manager in the United States.2006231
Alice Kornegay Way ManhattanLexington AvenueBetween East 124th Street and East 131st Street Alice Grace Wragg Kornegay (1930-1996) was President of the Community Association of the East Harlem Triangle, Inc. which, under her direction, was responsible for the creation of many units of housing in the area bounded by Fifth Avenue, the East River, East 124th and East 132nd Streets.200160F1
Big Brothers and Big Sisters Boulevard Manhattan30th StreetBetween 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue Big Brothers and Big Sisters of New York City (BBBSNYC) was founded in 1904 as the first formalized mentoring program in the United States. Today there are 450 Big Brother Big Sisters Agencies nationwide and an additional 50,000 organizations that mentor.2003621
Dance Theatre of Harlem Way ManhattanWest 152nd StreetBetween Amsterdam and St. Nicholas Avenues Dance Theatre of Harlem serves thousands of people each year through its school, education and community outreach programs and its professional dance company. Since its inception in 1969, it has grown from two professional dancers and 30 children to a globally acclaimed arts institution.2006131
Friars Way ManhattanEast 55th Streetbetween Madison Avenue and Park Avenue The Friars Club has grown from a meeting in 1904 of the Press Agents Association at Browne's Chop House, to a prestigious organization in the entertainment world.” Its members have included Irving Berlin, George M. Cohan, Victor Herbert, Enrico Caruso, Milton Berle and Lisa Minelli. Its current “Hermitage” is at 57 East 55th Street.2004631
Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. Place ManhattanAsser Levy PlaceEast 23rd to East 24th Street  The Jewish War Veterans is the oldest active veterans’ service organization in the United States, founded in 1896 by Jewish veterans of the Civil War.2006131
Library WayManhattanEast 41st Streetbetween 5th Avenue and Park AvenueWorking with the Grand Central Partnership and the New York Public Library, property owners and tenants along a two-block stretch of East 41st Street have made it into a pedestrian gateway to the library. Set into the sidewalk are 96 bronze plaques bearing quotations from important works of literature and poetry.2003341
Mildred Sutherland WayManhattanWest 152nd StreetBetween Broadway and AmsterdamMildred Sutherland was president of the West 152nd St. Block Association; a DC37 and UFT union leader; a Girl Scout leader; and an advocate of music education in public schools.201350F1
Power Memorial WayManhattanAt the intersection of West 61st Street and Amsterdam AvenuePower Memorial Academy, founded by the Irish Christian Brothers in 1931, occupied a building at 161 West 61st St., a former children’s hospital, from 1938 to 1984. Power Memorial Academy produced numerous star athletes, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Len Elmore and Chris Mullin.2009921
Saint Malachy's WayManhattanWest 49th StreetBetween 8th Avenue and BroadwayIn addition to being a beloved parish church, St. Malachy’s has long been a spiritual home to the theatrical community, and has come to be known as “The Actors’ Chapel.” St. Malachy’s also serves the community with a program to feed and help the elderly poor, as well as provide a residence for these individuals, across the street from the Church.2003141
Teachers College Way ManhattanWest 120th StreetBetween Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue This co-naming honors Teachers College, the oldest and largest graduate school of education in the United States. For over 100 years, Teachers College has been a leader in the field of education and is ranked among the nation’s best. (Dickens)20131311
The Bowery Mission Way Manhattan227 Bowery at Prince StreetBetween Rivington Street and Stanton Street The Bowery Mission is the third oldest Rescue Mission in the United States. It has been serving New York City’s homeless since 1879, providing meals, shelter, showers, clothing and medical care.2009921
The Order Sons of Italy Way ManhattanGrand Streetbetween Mott Street and Mulberry Street The Order of Sons of Italy is the largest and oldest national organization for men and women of Italian heritage in the United States. Founded as a mutual aid society on Grand Street in 1905, it now has more than 600,000 members and supporters and more that 700 chapters across the United States.200481
Union Settlement Way ManhattanEast 104th StreetBetween Second Avenue and Third Avenue Union Settlement opened in 1895 and serves the East Harlem community with educational programming for youth, job preparation, assistance and programs for seniors and health screenings.201131
University Settlement ManhattanEldridge StreetBetween Delancey Street and Rivington Street University Settlement, founded in 1886, was the first settlement house in the United States. It provides childhood and education programs, mental health services, eviction prevention, domestic violence services, programs for older adults, and adult literacy classes.2011471
V.A. Hospital Way ManhattanFirst Avenuebetween East 23rd Street and East 25th Street The Manhattan Veterans Administration Hospital is a 166-bed center affiliated with the New York University Medical Center. It is the home of all VA cardiac and neurosurgical care in the New York area.2004631
Veterans Way ManhattanFirst Avenuebetween East 23rd Street and East 25th Street Manhattan's V.A. hospital is affiliated with the New York University Medical Center and is the home of all of the administration's cardiac and neurosurgical care in the metropolitan region. It is regarded by medical experts as a star in the nation's constellation of veterans' hospitals.200481
Church of the Holy Child Jesus PlazaQueensIntersection of 112th Street and 86th AvenueHoly Child Jesus (HCJ) has provided education to thousands of New Yorkers over the last 80 years. It has included members of other faiths in shared cultural events and has provided senior services, as well as food, clothes and advocacy for the needy.201131
First United Methodist Church WayQueensNorthwest corner of 149th Street and Roosevelt AvenueSince 1811, the Flushing United Methodist Church has grown steadily to become the largest Methodist church in the nation. 2012141
Jeanne, Jules, Morty Manford PFLAG Way Queens171st StreetBetween 33rd Avenue and 35th Avenue PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons. Founded in 1973, it has become the world’s leading organization for allies of the LGBT community. Founder Jeanne Manford (1920-2013) was posthumously awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal in 2013. (Dromm)2013131F1
Mason Tenders’ Way QueensNoneNortheast Corner of 21st Street and 43rd Avenue As the umbrella organization for six local unions, the Mason Tenders’ District Council represents 15,000 members in the New York area.2006501
Met Life Plaza QueensBridge Plaza North a/k/a Queens PlazaBetween 27th Street and 28th Street This designation marked The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company’s relocation of much of its New York City operations to Long Island City. The designation covers the area of Bridge Plaza North in front of the new Met Life offices. .2001811
Plaza College Way Queens37th AvenueBetween 74th Street and 75th Street Plaza College, a private college founded in 1916 in Long Island City, moved to 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights in 1970. At the time of this designation, it was accredited as a junior college. Since, then, it has been authorized to grant bachelor’s degrees in business administration and in patient information management.2003141
Alzheimer’s Foundation Way Staten IslandNonePost Avenue at the northeast corner of Driprock Street The Alzheimer’s Foundation of Staten Island has been relocated to 789 Post Avenue where the Foundation can benefit from a greater public presence.2006501
Augustinian Academy Way Staten IslandNoneUnderneath the Campus Road sign at the southwest corner of Howard Avenue Augustinian Academy, Staten Island’s first Catholic High School, was founded in 1899. The school closed in 1969 but its building operated as a retreat house until 1985. The structure was abandoned in 1989 and had to be demolished in 2006 due to years of disuse, vandalism and fire damage.2008641
Curtis High School Association of Alumni & Friends Staten IslandNoneIntersection of Nicholas Street and St. Marks Place Curtis High School Association of Alumni & Friends provides ten annual scholarships and supports Curtis High School, its students and programs.2009921
Eden II Lane Staten IslandNoneUnderneath the Beach Street sign at the intersection of Beach Street and Union Place Honors the Eden II School for Autistic Children (DBA Eden II Programs), founded in 1976,2013501
Granite Athletic Club Way Staten IslandNoneUnderneath the Forest Avenue sign at the northwest corner of Richmond Avenue The Granite Athletic Club was formed in 1934 at Richmond Avenue and Forest Avenue. The Club raises money that it then uses to sponsor athletic teams, including men’s and young girls’ softball teams, football, and men’s and women’s bowling teams.2008641
Marine Corps BoulevardStaten IslandOntario AvenueVictory Boulevard and Little Clove RoadThis designation honors the U. S. Marine Corps and the Staten Island Detachment, Number 246, of the Marine Corps League. The League participates in numerous community and charitable activities as well as providing services to active and retired marines. 1999211
Mt. Carmel WayStaten IslandWhite Plains AvenueBetween St. Mary's Avenue and Amity StreetThis designation marked the 100th anniversary of The Society of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, founded in 1903 as a self-help organization for immigrant Italians. Soon after, it erected a meeting hall on White Plains Avenue In 1937, Vito Russo, and 46 other members of the Society, built the shrine honoring Our Lady of Mount Carmel, on Amity Street. Vito Russo maintained the shrine until his death in 1954.20031411
Lieutenant Howard Carpluk PlaceBronxIntersection of Monroe Avenue and East 175th StreetLieutenant Howard Carpluk (1962-2006) was appointed to the NYFD in August of 1986 and was assigned to Ladder 31 and promoted to Lieutenant in February of 1999 and assigned to Engine 42 in January of 2002. He was killed in the line of duty on August 27, 2006.200728M1
Firefighter Joey Graffagnino PlaceBrooklynNoneSouthwest corner of 77th Street and 13th AvenueFirefighter Graffagnino (1973-2007), a lifelong resident of Dyker Heights, was killed in the line of duty on August 18, 2007 while fighting a fire at 130 Liberty Street, the former Deutsche Bank building.200848M1
Fireman's CornerBrooklynNoneNorthwest corner of Avenue Y and Ocean AvenueOn August 2, 1978, six firefighters lost their lives and 34 were hospitalized after battling a blaze in a former supermarket at this corner. It was the largest loss of life for the NYFD at a single fire in the history of the Borough of Brooklyn.199855M1