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NameAngela BlacklockMiles BriggsDiedre BrockMaggie ChapmanNick GardenerJohn HeinJohn McArdleJimmy McIntoshJamie PatersonSeumas SkinnerAlex Wilson
Political PartyLabourConservativeSNPGreenLabourLiberal Party in ScotlandScottish Anti-Cuts CoalitionIndependentLib DemsSNPIndependent
As a candidate standing for local election, do you support the re-opening of Leith Waterworld?Yes, as a community owned and run resource.Scottish Conservatives will consider any positive initiative to find a financial future for Leith Waterworld.If the Splashback campaign provides a viable way forward that is practical and sustainable. The SNP group was happy to support the extension which allowed extra time for the bid to be prepared. Indeed I understand one of our candidates with experience of social enterprise models has offered to assist although I believe this offer has yet to be taken upYes, absolutely. Greens have always supported keeping Leith Waterworld open, either as a community enterprise, or supported by the Council.YesNo responseYES - I DEMAND ITNo responseNo responseAs a community enterprise, yes.Absolutely
Do you support, in principle, The City of Edinburgh Council providing an annual revenue subsidy for the running of Leith Waterworld if a community bid can succeed in getting subsidy required below the national average for pools (£2.18 per visitor) (see page 11 of West Lothian Leisure's Annual Report 2010-2011for national figures: http://www.westlothianleisure.com/index.cfm/display_page/annual_reportThis would need to be part of our city-wide plan for leisure facilities.Scottish Conservatives would consider any initiative but would not be likely to support a plan which depended on the level of public subsidy which previously pertained.My wholehearted support for this would be very much dependent on the details of the plans submitted. The additional meeting I have helped organise for Splashback reps with council officers and a representative from Edinburgh Leisure will hopefully assist with determining a way forward.Yes, in principle, I wholeheartedly support the the City of Edinburgh council providing an annual revenue subsidy to the operators of the pool. The national average subsidy for pools would be a good starting point for discussions on what precisely that level of subsidy should be.In principle, yes.No responseOUR preference would be for Leith Waterworld to receive a 100% public subsidy and that is what we will fight tooth and nail for. Whatever the case, as your candidate I will get 100% behind Splashback Campaign, attend all meetings, participate fully and be led by what the campaign itself decides. I will then campaign and advocate for whatever the campaign has decided through its deliberations. You will never have to come to me - I will be there with you and behind you and also behind any other user-led campaigns in the community to fight back against unconscionable and unjust cuts to our services and social welfare.No responseNo responseAs long as a strong business model can be created for Waterworld, yes.Yes
Do you agree, in principle, that Leith Waterworld should receive an equivalent subsidy per user to that of the Royal Commonwealth Pool? (£2.54 in most recent accounts)No.With extremely tight local budgets there is a real need to make sure that every tax payers pound is spent wisely. The level of subsidy for Leith Waterworld was exceptionally high. Scottish Conservatives would consider any initiative but would not be likely to support a plan which depended on the level of public subsidy which previously pertained.Apologies but again, difficult to wholeheartedly agree to this when we have no details of the operational model, and therefore can’t judge its viability. In these difficult economic times, it seems to me more than ever that expenditure of public money must be properly justified and more information than can understandably currently be provided is needed here.As stated above, Greens support the principle of the City of Edinburgh council providing an annual revenue subsidy to the operators of the pool. The precise level of subsidy should be discussed by the operators and the Council, but there is no reason why Leith Waterworld should receive a lower subsidy level than other Edinburgh pools, and should arguably receive a higher level of subsidy because of the overwhelming community benefit it brings.Frankly, I know very little about subsidisation of leisure facilities. It seems to me that there should be a just approach across the City, based on such things as user numbers, social benefits, and equitable access. So if we can work out an equivalent subsidy that stands up to scrutiny, and is fair to all of Edinburgh's citizens, yes.No responseAs I have said - I will advocate for and represent the wishes of the campaign membership itself. In principle I stand for a 100% subsidy to make up the shortfall. We do not accept the need for any cuts and believe that this council and the Scottish Government must set needs budgets to meet the requirements of our local community. This council has cut more than £20 million from the social care budget that translates into 20% fewer carers in our community for elderly and disabled people. We will hold the interest of our people at the heart of everything we do if elected. We do not accept that the poorest and most vulnerable members of our communities must be forced to suffer or be placed at risk or disadvantaged any more than they already are.No responseNo responseI'd need to look at more closely at subsidies received by other sites in Edinburgh before committing to Waterworld having an equivalent subsidy to any one site in particular.I think it should get a subsidy that it requires, if run properly, irregardless of whether thats less or more than RCP
Can we have a statement on Leith Waterworld please, and any other comments for potential voters?I think it is unlikely that Leith Waterworld can be viable in it's present form. If we wish to have this type of facility in the Leith area, we probably have to look at an alternative approach to all our leisure facilities in the area and find a new strategy. This shake-up will be difficult, however, in the current economic climate.I commend Splashback for their initiative and entrepreneurial spirit in seeking to find a financial future for Leith Waterworld. Access to good sports facilities is important to the local community. If elected I would work to try to find a positive future for Leith Waterworld.While of course it would be great to see LWW open once again, it's difficult to genuinely offer support, even in principle, to any proposal until we have more details. I know how hard Edinburgh Leisure tried to bring down the considerable outgoings for LWW, for example - with some success - and would very much like to see how the Splashback group will address this important issue. I am sure the meetings that have been arranged with council officers and Edinburgh Leisure will be helpful in this area. I really wish the bid well though and look forward to hearing more from the Splashback group as they develop their final case for presentation in a few months time.Leith Waterworld is more than a swimming pool; it is an important social facility that provides community benefit over and above leisure and recreation activities. In addition to the improved quality of life that such a leisure facility provides, it enables families, people with disabilities, and many others to engage in community activities, meeting people outwith their everyday connections, thus contributing to the community resilience we need for a sustainable and just future. This is why Greens voted against closure in Leith Waterworld last year, and, despite indifference from all the other parties, managed to secure a 6 month delay to the sale closing date, to enable the community to draw up a viable bid. Greens in the next council session will do whatever they can to ensure this facility reopens, with subsidies as necessary. We cannot afford to lose this unique facility.Leith Waterworld is unique in Edinburgh, and it is fab, but it is not perfectly designed. Also I rather fear that it's not that environmentally friendly :-( Both Labour and SNP politicians have, I believe, sincerely sought ways to make it viable, meet local need, and come up with the best solutions they could find - refurbishing Leith Victoria Baths, rather than closing it, and reinvesting in the RCP. My deep, gut instinct is that Leith Waterworld is an Edinburgh wide issue, not solely a Leith issue. Clearly it would be great for the Leith area if it stayed open. Politically, it has to be a resource that the whole City takes ownership of. I think the Council should put in some muscle to find out if there is an Edinburgh (and Midlothian) appetite for what Leith Waterworld can provide. I believe politics is a dialogue about how we share and manage resources. A lot of time, energy, sinew and passion has gone into Leith Waterworld. It is a common resource. I hope we can make it work.No responseAs the Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition, we will do exactly 'what is says on the tin'. We will work with our community to fight to save Leith Waterworld and all our local services. We will fight to provide desperately'needed investment in decent, affordable housing for our people. . I have a track record in campaigning on these issues and the outcome of this election will not alter that one jot while there is life and health in me. It would be an privilege to serve the people of Leith and if I am elected I will not let you down. Yours in solidarity, John McArdle Candidate for Leith Walk Ward Scottish Anti-Cuts CoalitionNo responseNo responseLeith Waterworld was a good resource for Edinburgh, and with the determination of the Splashback campaign, I think it will be again. It's not the perfect leisure pool, but it is the only one we have and I'm happy to support the community bid and give help where possible.Re-open this facility now