EXPO-RUSSIA VIETNAM 2019 (list of participants)
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Company NameDescriptionCompany ActivityWebsiteProfileExpected buyer
1BRPI, JSC (Moscow ice-cream)Agro-industrial complex, food industryAgricultural Industry and foodmoscow-ice.ruJSC "BRPI" is a Moscow-based manufacturer of high-quality ice-cream.
The modern factory in Moscow produces a wide range of ice-cream in various types of packaging.
Ice-cream is made from natural ingredients according to traditional Russian recipes.
The company has its own quality control center, which constantly checks samples of incoming raw materials and controls the quality of each batch of manufactured products, as well as develops new ice-cream flavors.
Moscow ice-cream combines the latest trends in the production of dairy products, meets the requirements of Russian and international quality standards.
Retailers that sell food, Distributors of food products.
2"Russian milk",
Agro-industrial complex and food industry. Dairy ProductionAgricultural Industry and foodwww.svitlogorie.ruThe products under the brand "Svetlogorie" is made at the Dmitrov dairy plant. Dmitrov dairy plant is a modern high-tech enterprise of a full cycle. Daily processes more than 400 tons of milk. It has its own raw material base, located in Moscow, Vladimir, Vologda regions. The company has the most advanced production and packaging lines. The plant is equipped with modern refrigeration compressor equipment and automated steam boiler. Dmitrov dairy plant is one of the oldest Russian enterprises, which carefully preserves its traditions and successfully develops.
The Svetlogorye trademark is a numerous winner of the key international exhibitions of food and more than once the highest awards were given.
All products under the brand name "Svetlogorye" are made exclusively from natural raw materials and ingredients.
Our slogan: "Loved only the best."
Retailers that sell food, Distributors of food products.
3«Sazhinskiy» Confectionary
(Sazhina L.P., IP)
Manufacture of rusks, biscuits and other cracked bakery products, the production of flour confectionery, cakes, pastries, pies and biscuits intended for long-term storageAgricultural Industry and foodsazhinskiy.ru«Sazhinskiy» Confectionary in the confectionery market since 1995. So long and successfully to work in the Russian market the company helps a lot of factors, the main one of which is the orientation to the quality of the products. The main direction is the production of gingerbread and cookies. In 2017 the production of drying was launched and breadsticks.
To date, the «Sazhinskiy» Confectionary has been developing 3 brands: «Naslada», «Sladkiye Gostinci», «Zdoroviye Tradicii».
For the whole «Sazhinskiy» Confectionary, a product safety management system was developed and implemented based on the HACCP principles and corresponding the requirements of the international standard GOST R ISO 22000 - 2007, according to which the manufacture and storage of the company's products is completely safe.
The company offers quality products at a reasonable price, stable supplies and support in the promotion of the contract.
Distributors of confectionery products, Retail
4Krasnobor, CJSCAgro-industrial complex, food industryAgricultural Industry and foodkrasnobor.ruCompany Krasnobor is the biggest turkey meat producer in Russia.
We have been working for you since 2000. We breed, process and supply turkey meat to retailers and public catering facilities.
For us, turkey is more than just the product. It’s the whole nurtitional philosophy which is an integral part of colorful, energetic and dynamic life.
Today Krasnobor is one of the largest enterprises in Russia producing a wide range of turkey products. Household includes several poultry feeding sites and two modern factories producing products.
Our advantages:
• Stability. Founded in 2000.
• Breeding in environmentally friendly area, healthy poultry.
• Close shipment distance, 200 km from Moscow.
• Timely order acceptance in 2 days and delivery ‘Just-in tima’.
• Have been delivering to the federal chains for over 10 years.
• Well cleaned and high-qualitu products without CMO and preservatives.
Network retailers, food wholesalers
5Limited Liabili Company "IL MIO MOROZHENKO"Agro-industrial complex, food industryAgricultural Industry and foodwww.icecro.ruOur Company ООО "Иль Мио Мороженко”(Limited Liabili Company "IL MIO MOROZHENKO") produces incredibly tas, high quality premium ice-cream, milk products, fruit and berry untea tea, coconut cappuccino, sweetener. Our brand name is “ICECRO”. We are developing innovations, and taking care of healthy eating, health and nutritive value of the products that we produce. Slogan of our company is “Freedom in choosing any taste!”- represents diversi of the world, life sles,
and shows the individuali of every person. We are producing ice-cream, yogurt, vegurt (vegan yogurt), kefir, milkshake, untea tea, coconut cappuccino,
sweetener fully made of natural ingredients, with no chemical colorings, no artificial flavorings, and no preservatives.
Manufactoring companies of coconut milk, coconut milk powder, coconut paste, coconut oil, pureee (mango, passion fruit, dragon fruit, etc.), coconut water, juices, smoothies without sugar, spices (vanilla seeds, basil seeds, matcha), coffee, nuts, superfoods, cocoa, natural food additives.
confectionery company, LLC
Agricultural Industry and foodwww.pastila1881.comLLC "Belyov confectionery company" Belyov pastila.
Restored traditions of production of A.P. Prohorov's factory founded in 1888 year.
Belyov pastila made of only three components: baked in wood stove apples, egg whites and sugar.
From time immemorial there was a problem of saving huge apple harvests in Russia.
Wise peasants manage to bake apples, grind it, beat it with egg whites and honey and dry it on "slow heat" in cooling off Russian wood stove. Later, in the end of 19th century sugar became available and used instead of honey.

Between 19th and 20th century industrial production of the pastila situated in Belyov of Tula region, Kolomna and Rzhev cities.
After revolution in 1917 productions were lost and only locals were still making the sweet which used to be popular not only in Russia but also in Europe and some American and Australian cities.
Production of Belyov pastila restored in 1947 after Second World War and today we produce it in spite of political and economic perturbations of recent years.
The Belyov pastila is made of special apples with the biggest amount of pectin named "Antonovka". The apples are grown in ecologically clear gardens of Tula region. The drying process is going on it wood stoves with using birch wood. Packing into food parchment, craft paper and cardboard.
High amount of pectin helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Iron content is very healthy for hematopoietic function.
The product comes to the court of the first persons of Russian Federation and from 2013 deliveries resumed to Europe (with a storage in Riga the capital city of Latvia) and to the court of Queen of England Elizabeth II.

Distributors, grocery chains
7Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Bryansk State Agrarian University" FSBEI HEAgro-industrial complex and food industry.+ Education. Educational Scientific CenterAgricultural Industry and foodwww.bgsha,comFederal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Bryansk State Agrarian University” is one of the largest educational and scientific centers of agrarian education in the non-black soil zone of the Russian Federation.
According to six university ratings conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, the university is considered to be effectively functioning institution of higher education.
Besides, according to the results of the rating conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, FSBEI of HE Bryansk State Agrarian University (BSAU) is the leading educational institution in 2017 and 2018 as well.
More than 100 units including 5 institutes and 4 branches provide education and make researches.
Training is based on the concept of continuous multi-level education.
The University realizes: pre-university training, secondary vocational education, higher education - Bachelor’s, specialists’ and Master’s, postgraduate and doctoral studies, as well education program of vocational training, retraining and advanced training.
As for the higher education, training is carried out on 10 integrated groups including 16 directions of bachelors’ training, 1 program of specialists’ training and 8 directions of masters’ training.
The training process on the programs of secondary vocational education is carried out on 11 integrated groups containing 20 specialties.
Contemporary scientific and educational trends and innovative methods of training are widely applied in educational process.
Enterprises of agro-industrial complex
8Novosibkholod OJSCPOLARIS is one of the largest and most experienced ice cream producers in Russia for over 60 years. Today, POLARIS products are widely known in Russia and the countries of Southeast Asia.Agricultural Industry and foodpolaris.suPOLARIS is one of the most experienced and biggest manufacturers and suppliers of ice cream in Russia. For more than 45 years POLARIS has been delighting millions of ice cream lovers. Today, our products are well known outside Russia and loved by the consumers in many countries, whom we are always happy to surprise with new unusual flavors and forms adapted to the consumers’ tastes and interests.
Throughout our history we have gained good reputation among our numerous partners in and outside Russia, due to lenient policy, competitive conditions and warm relationship that we offer.
Nowadays, POLARIS has a strong international sales network in South-East Asia. We are continuing its development by finding new reliable partners in new countries.
Big ice cream distributors from the South Vietnam
Chain stores
9Trimeks, LLCThe company has been producing instant food for 12 years. Our goal is to provide high quality products at a reasonable price. We carefully select our suppliers. Potatoes and oat flakes are grown in the best Russian fields. For the production of noodles, we use premium flour.Agricultural Industry and foodRetailers that sell food, Distributors of food products.
10Company group YUG RUSI (South of Russia)Agro-industrial complex, food industryAgricultural Industry and foodwww.goldenseed.ruYug Rusi Group - leader in production and export of vegetable oils. Nine oil production plants of the Group located in Russia and Kazakhstan produce such trademarks as ZOLOTAYA SEMECHKA, AVEDOV, ZLATO, etc. Retailers that sell food, Distributors of food products.
11ND-Technic, LLCAgro-industrial complex and food industry. Production of starch millAgricultural Industry and foodwww.nd-t.ruND-Technic LLC is the largest Russian manufacturer of modified starches was established in 2002. Our current modified starch capacity is more than 55 000 MT per year.

We were the first plant in Russia to produce modified starches and amylopectin starch for the food industry.

Now we offer total solutions for the food industry, with technical back up for processing and application support. We endeavour to maintain high standards of manufacturing practices and quality parameters in our products, along with a trained and efficient manpower. Our application specialist will guide the customers on application and use of the suitable product for specific requirement to achive the best results.

We offer:
- 23 types of food modified starches made of corn and potatoes;
- professional technology service including qualified assistance on a starch products implementation at Customer's plant.

We export our products to 11 countries around the world.
Enterprises of the food industry
12BonumExposition of enterprises of the Rostov regionAgricultural Industry and foodwww.bonum-trailer.ruBONUM Machine-Building Plant produces trailers and semi-trailers.
BONUM company was established in 2014. 
Key activities of the BONUM PLANT are tanker semi-trailers – TANKS
LINE and semi-trailers for agricultural cargoes – AGRO LINE
BONUM vehicles correspond to Russian and European quality standards.
BONUM Mission is to create transport of a new generation.
BONUM brand combines high quality, impeccable design, reliability and
aesthetics. BONUM equipment development is based on the years of
cooperation with Russian and European truck manufacturers.
We perform branding of any complexity We use paint materials from the
best European manufacturers Same materials are used by BMW,
Mercedes, Audi plants.

 Petrol tankers;
 Bitumen tankers;
 Oil tankers;
 Cement tankers;
 Trailers;
 Semi-trailers;
 Superstructures;
13"Russian BioResources" LLCпроизводство ипереработка цист АртемииAgricultural Industry and foodwww.rusbr.com «Russian Bioresources» LLC is a manufacturer and supplier of Artemia products. Geographically, the company is located in the south of the Russian Federation and is a complex enterprise with a full production cycle from breeding and harvesting Artemia cysts to selling finished products (dry and decapsulated cysts). For a number of key indicators estimated by customers in the first place, such as nutritional value (protein and unsaturated fatty acid content, HUFA).
All lakes are located in ecologically clean areas with sufficient distance from any plants or hazardous facilities, which allows us to produce products with high nutritional value, free of pollution and pathogens.
«Russian Bioresources» LLC has a modern high-tech equipment that meets international standards of quality and safety. Apply advanced methods of processing, preparation and sterilization of raw materials. We offer our partners high-qualified, clean, ready-to-use product that competes with world industry leaders.
Shrimp hatcheries, shrimp nurseries, full-cycle shrimp manufacturers. Hatchery products trading companies.
14LLC TH "Georost"Business mission of enterprises of the Kaluga regionAgricultural Industry and food. Branch: agriculture, production of fertilizers and preparations. Development of formulations of humic fertilizers from organic raw materials (peat). Organic and organic-mineral fertilizers and preparations for agriculture.etnomirexport.comOur team is engaged in research and development in the area of natural and technical sciences, as well as applied research and production in the area of agriculture. The quintessence of many years of experience in the rehabilitation of the territory from industrial pollution, many years of cooperation with the IAEA and other international organizations was the creation of several agricultural technologies. Unlike with all types of humic preparations, the active ingredient of which are salts of humic acids (they are not directly absorbed by plants), our technology allows to obtain humic acids that are available for absorption by plants directly through a leaf. This specific feature allows to stimulate the plant directly. A full-fledged rehabilitation of technogenic polluted territories and water bodies is unthinkable without the participation of humic acids and their derivatives in this process. In addition, associated with soil minerals, they are fixed in the soil and have a lasting positive effect on the soil’s structure. The preparation "Georost", being a highly concentrated mixture of humic acids, trace elements and beneficial bacteria, is able to have a lasting positive effect on various types of soils for various plants and restore soil fertility. The use of humic preparations can effectively cope with fungal and bacterial diseases of plants. Used in the complex, our preparations are able to effectively influence on the biochemical processes in plants and microbiological processes in the soil, also they allow to get good yields of high-quality agricultural products without depleting soil fertility.ASIA BIOCHEMICAL CO., LTD; Can Tho Pesticides Joint Stock Company; HOP TRI INVESTMENT CORPORATION, biochemical companies, rehabillitation from industrial pollution
15Company Group AvtokomtekhnologyLLCAgricultural Industry and foodhttp://avtokomtg.com/AvtocomTechnology Group of Companies is a manufacturer of components for food industry equipment from such manufacturers as Krones, KHS, Sidel, Alfa Laval, SIG, Tetra Pak, Sipa (Berchi Group), etc. Our company offers various types of rubber products, plastic products and metal. You can choose the necessary product in our catalog, based on the presented sketches, or according to the code of the equipment manufacturer. If the necessary product is not presented in the catalog, then we can produce it according to an individual sample or drawing.
Our experts are also ready to offer assistance in the selection of material, based on the working conditions of the part. AvtokomTehnology Group of Companies has been operating since 2008 and has successfully established itself in the market among manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts for imported equipment of such brands as Krones, KHS, Sidel, Sipa, Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak, Hilge, KSB, Burgmann, Grundfos, Deublin, Maier, Rotoflux, Duff Norton, Kadant Johnson, Johnson Fluiten, etc. During this time, more than 10,000 items were manufactured using high-quality imported materials. Due to the continuous updating of the equipment production fleet, new manufacturing technologies are mastered and the best quality of products is achieved. The quality and applicability of products in the food industry is confirmed by the GOST R Certificate of Conformity and the Expert Report of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology.
Food industry enterprises (production of drinks, pastes, jams, etc.), oil and gas enterprises, machine-building enterprises (production of pumping equipment).
16PROGRESS LLCAgricultural Industry and foodhttp://www.uvelka.ru/Uvelka is created for those who pay attention to the quality and ingredients of a product, strive to keep on a healthy diet, love to experiment and spend time with the family.
Uvelka can give a consumer the best cereal products for easy daily cooking genuine and natural taste and flavor, nutritious and healthy diet for the whole family.
Modern production technologies provide careful handling of the product and saving of all the useful substances in the structure of the selected grain.
Modern technologies and careful processing of pure selected grain, natural taste and flavor of cooked dishes, natural coating effect and fiber necessary for the body – all this is Uvelka.
17SKOROVAR LTDAgricultural Industry and foodskorovar.com"Skorovar" is a modern production enterprise of instant food with more than a 10 years history. We produce:
- instant oatmeal and buckwheat cereals
- instant mushed potato
- instant noodle
- instant sooups
All products are made exclusively from high-quality ingridients, pass the state certification, and meet all the quality standarts. The production is carried out on modern, reliable and high-tech equipment.
We warmly welcome to negotiate and develop together.
Food distributors, export-import companies, distribution networks.
18Divia-Pharm Sakhalin, LLCCompany offers products from seaweed of Laminaria of Japan: Micronized food powder is a finished product and raw material used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Also company produces Lamine Forte Dietary Supplement - encapsulated kelp powderAgro-industrial complex and food industry. Medicine and pharmaceuticals. The company offers products from seaweed Laminaria Japanese: micronized food powder - a finished product and raw materials used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It also produces Lamin Forte dietary supplement, an encapsulated kelp powder. www.divia-pharm.comLaminaria Japonica is globally recognized medicinal plant. It is considered to be the most valuable commercial species of brown seaweeds. Laminaria Japonica has the best taste qualities. Since ancient times in China, Japan, Korea it has been used for cooking and pastry.Not Stated
19LLC Trading House "Triumf"Agricultural Industry and foodhttps://triumf-kf.ru/E&N Company Limited
Other representatives of importers in Vietnam, distributors, buyers of network shops
20TH FOOD CHAIN JOINT STOCK COMPANYAgricultural Industry and foodwww.thmilk.vnEstablished in 2009, TH Group is the largest fresh milk company in Vietnam, and also runs a number of food and beverage projects, including manufacturing and processing fresh milk, nut milk, clean fruits and vegetables, herbal and purified water… TH products always take its two criteria “fresh, clean” as top priorities and focus towards its core values which are “Truly natural” and “For public health”. Under the guidance of Madame Thai Huong, the Founder of TH Group, TH has laid the foundation for the fresh milk industry in Vietnam, helped to reduce the proportion of the imported powdered milk from 92% in 2008 to 60% in 2019. The success of TH has encouraged other businesses in the same industry to invest seriously in hi – tech centralized dairy farm to create true fresh milk. Besides, the consumers have been able to see the true value of fresh milk and enjoy quality products with international standards. At the moment, TH is continuing to complete its mission “For public health” with the path of providing clean, organic, healthy beverages and nutrition scheme for Vietnamese people.
Подписи к иллюстрациям:
21"Arctic jewel"otherAgricultural Industry and foodWe are the modern dynamically developing company on production of a unique ECO-product "Arctic fireweed tea".
Every grain of our product is collected in a remote from civilization pristine area of the Nenets autonomous orkug. During harvesting, we do not use fertilizers, machines, dangerous chemicals, growth accelerators, etc. The whole process is aimed at taking care of nature and preserving the healing properties of its precious gift.
Arctic fireweed tea contains 2/3 of the trace elements of the periodic table, which indicates its great benefits and healing properties.
Arctic fireweed tea is a 100% organic product! It is one of the most ancient and healthy drinks. It is invented by nature.
HORECA, Food production
22LTD «Polar Deer»Agricultural Industry and foodpolardeer.ruLTD «Polar Deer» is implementing a project to develop technology of reindeer processing of products. Also, we use reindeer by-products in the production (parts of the reindeer carcass). Our company produces food products and supplies raw materials for dietary food supplement production. In particular, there are dried reindeer penis, dried reindeer tails, dried reindeer blood, slices from unossified antlers and others. Our company has the current production capacity, included site offices and stores, refrigerating machinery and separated animal feed section. Our company exploits up-to-date equipment. One of the our company activities is realization of the animal and plant origin raw material, in particular, northern fish, wild-growing herb ((berries (cloudberries, cowberries, blueberries, etc.) and mushrooms (white mushrooms, dried form, other mushrooms), reindeer meat, reindeer by-products (veins, kidneys, lungs, trachea, stomach, tails, legs, reindeer hooves, etc.) and other.Manufacturers of food products, dietary supplements, medicines from offal of reindeer. Manufacturers of leather, fur and reindeer antlers.
23LLC UFA SELECTION AND HYBRID CENTER Agricultural Industry and food LLC UFA SELECTION AND HYBRID CENTER WAS established in order to supply the companies with high-quality breeding stock of pigs. The company has a full-cycle production. Zoo-sanitary inspection awarded the title of 4th degree compartment, which means that the complex is highly protected. In 2016, the compex was listed in the Register of breeders of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and received the status of a breed live stock farm. We offer highly productive and healthy clean breeding, hybrid pigs and boars wich have high meat characteristics. It owns the following breeds: Large White, Landras, on mother's and father's sides, Duroc. The main chracteristics you may have by using our pigs in breeding:Pig-breeding complexes.
24LLC UFA SELECTION AND HYBRID CENTER Agricultural Industry and foodBlagovarsky selection and genetic center LLC is a supplier of modern high-tech feed for the industrial cultivation of farm animals and poultry. Our factory has a capacity of 10 tons per hour and an elevator with a capacity of 24 thousand tons. The production is certified by HACCP and ISO 9001. The new feed mill of the enterprise is equipped with advanced technological equipment, which allows precise dosing of raw materials using a 0.5% premix. The granulation line provides high-quality granules from 2.5 to 4.5 mm. An automated production system monitors and controls each process in feed production. The workshop can produce granular and loose feed. he production laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and carries out laboratory tests of incoming raw materials and finished feed, and also controls the quality at each technological stage at the feed production stage. We can offer the supply of high-quality full-feed feeds, as well as BVMD (with any percentage of input) for industrial animal husbandry and poultry farming, which make it possible to use the full potential of animal growth energy contained in the feed.Pig-breeding complexes.
25Laminar systems, CJSC (LAMSYSTEMS)Laminar products
Medicine and
pharmaceuticals/ laboratory equipment
www.lamsys.comLAMSYSTEMS provides design, manufacturing, sale and service of specialized high-tech laboratory equipment for industries and laboratories with high requirements to air purity.
The company produces laminar flow cabinets, microbiological safety cabinets Class I-II-III, isolators (glove boxes), workstations for IVF laboratories, PCR cabinets, sterile storage cabinets, fume hoods.
Along with the production of serial equipment, LAMSYSTEMS manufactures customized products - clean zones, clean rooms as well as non-standard laminar flow cabinets.
Besides equipment, nowadays, LAMSYSTEMS also produces clothes and accessories for medicine, pharmaceuticals, and industrial enterprises - personal protective equipment, clean room garments, anti-plague suits and isolating systems, antistatic and acid-resistant clothing.
1) Distributors of laboratory equipment in Vietnam;
2) Representatives of microbiological laboratories, Scientific Research Centers.
26Corporate Medicine Center (CCM LLC)Medicine and pharmaceuticals
Medicine and
https://globalccm.comThe Center of Corporate Medicine LLC has been engaged in industrial medicine for 15 years and offers a full range of services in the field of occupational medicine, remote health care and occupational risk monitoring. The main activities of the company are:
• medical service organization at remote industrial facilities,
• providing medical assistance,
• telemedicine support of remote facilities 24/7,
• medical evacuations,
• training of medical specialists in the international programs BLS, ITLS and ACLS,
• first-aid training for the Customer’s employees in first aid,
• conducting a medical risk assessment.
In addition, the company is developing a new direction - the sale of an automated equipment for comprehensive screening of patients' health status in the field of industrial medicine. As well as medical patient simulators for training specialists and developing first aid skills.
medicine and pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Health, Hanoi Medical University, Medical Centre Hanoi
27BrainSystems GroupInformation Technology. Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
Medicine and
www.brainsystems.ruFor over 10 years, BrainSystems Group of Companies has been implementing cutting-edge applied scientific solutions in key sectors of the economy of the Russian Federation, including military and industrial complex, healthcare, banking sector, security systems and education.
In the course of its activities, BrainSystems Group of Companies has established long-term relations with leading scientific institutes, specialised organisations and state-run bodies, which provide methodological and expert support in all key areas of activity, as well as product validation and certification.
Today, BrainSystems Group of Companies is working towards adapting and transferring innovative technologies in the markets in South-East Asia and invites interested companies to partnership.

Applied Science & Industrial Technologies

Digital Health, Digital Government, DSS

Innovation & Technology Transfer
28Vector- Medika, AOThe company produces antiviral immunobiological medications based on recombinant interferon alfa-2b. They are used for the treatment of viral hepatitis, the treatment of herpes, and the prevention of infections. The liposomal form has no side effects and stimulates the production of interferon.
Medicine and
http://vector-medica.ruVector-Medica is a pharmaceutical biotechnological company with a complete production cycle: starting from the development of immunobiological drugs and the production of an active substance, to the launch of the final product to the market.
The company's brand portfolio consists of more than 50 medicinal and cosmetic products, including original immunomodulatory and antiviral drugs based on interferon as an active ingredient.
"Vector-Medica" is proud of its contribution to the treatment of many socially significant diseases. Our products improve the patients' quality of life and give them a chance to return to an active life. Every day thousands of doctors prescribe the company's drugs for the treatment of infectious diseases such as influenza, viral hepatitis B, viral hepatitis C, herpes, tick-borne encephalitis, meningoencephalitis, cancer, leukemia, viral eye diseases and many others.
Pharmaсeutical Trading Companies in Viet Nam
29LLC TNK SILMAMedicine and pharmaceuticals
Medicine and
http://enterosgel.ru"TNC SILMA" is a Russian pharmaceutical company, a manufacturer of original medical products based on organosilicon compounds. The company's flagship product ENTEROSGEL® is composed of polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate (70%) and purified water (30%).
ENTEROSGEL is a gel-like oral intestinal adsorbent (enterosorbent) designed for binding toxic substances, pathogens, and metabolites in the gastrointestinal tract and eliminating them from the body. This innovative enterosorbent does not reduce the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
Enterosgel helps protect the whole family from allergic reactions, food poisoning, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea (bacterial, viral, rotaviral, antibiotic-associated, travellers' diarrhoea). Due to its unique properties, Enterosgel is used in various fields of medicine: allergology, gastroenterology, infectology, nephrology, toxicology, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, etc.
Medicine & pharmacy
30"Hkimkomplektzashcita" LLCProduction of protective equipment
Medicine and
www.hkz.ruFor more than 20 years the "Hkimkomplektzashcita" company specializes in individual, collective and medical means of protection. Our company develops and manufactures protection suits:"CORUND - 2", "KVIM", special processing sets such as "KSOT - 6", individual first-aid kit "AI-4" and environmental control equipment. We are official dealer of leading domestic manufactures of individual protection means.not stated
31RitmMedicine and
pharmaceuticals. The primary focus of RITM OKB ZAO Company is development, manufacture and distribution of high-tech medical equipment.
RITM OKB is certified according to the International standards and has a number of certificates enabling marketing of its products abroad in more than 30 countries. Main exported products are SCENAR devices.
SCENAR – is a Class IIa medical device for bio-controlled electrostimulation. This is a portable device which can replace a physiotherapy cabinet.
SCENAR therapy effects:
•Antiedematic /lymphatic drainage
•Increased blood circulation
•Increased permeability of tissues
•General regulation
•Antioxidant systems activation
•Stabilization of an autonomous neural system
•Activation of an immune response
SCENAR technology is protected by the numerous patents and trademarks in many countries.
32LLC "Endoservice"Medicine and pharmacist, Manufacturer of large joint endoprostheses.
Medicine and
33Federal State Budgetary Institution National Medical Research Radiological Centre of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Medicine and
nmicr.ruThe FSBI NMRRC (The Federal State Budgetary Institution National Medical Research Radiological Center) of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation integrates three affiliated branches.The Center focuses on the development of fundamental and applied scientific potential, as well as the application of brand new achievements of science and technology in the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases. CORE AREAS OF WORK: Radiation Therapy Radiotherapeutics Photodynamic therapy Oncohematology Diagnostics Chemotherapy Surgical Treatment WE AIM TO: Engage in a wide range of educational activities Constantly improve molecular genetic methods for diagnosis and treatment of cancer Launch a development subprogram with regard to Nuclear Medicine Coordinate the needs of medical centers with those of medical device manufacturers

Ministry of Health of Vietna, Oncology Center Choray, other onckology Centers of Vietnam
34Sheneskin, LLCConsumer goods. Production of perfumes and cosmetics
Medicine and
novoskin.netThe project aims to create the production of a new product - wound dressing under the trade name "NovoSkin", based on a collagen-laminin matrix using innovative cellular technologies.
Using tissue-engineering approaches, our specialists obtained a protein composition consisting of two components - collagen and the main binding protein - the laminin of the basement membrane, which are in full histotypic similarity with the structure of human skin. The finished product is much more economical, with a longer shelf life, unpretentious storage conditions compared to existing analogues.
Wound cover “NovoSkin” is intended for topical treatment of II-III degree burns, sluggish uninfected wounds, post-traumatic wounds, trophic ulcers, frostbite and pressure sores, bullous epidermolysis and various types of pemphigus
Medical institutions, pharmacological companies
35LLC "Liston"Business mission of enterprises of the Kaluga regionMedicine and
pharmaceuticals. Laboratory medical
 equipment. Water distillers, centrifuges, needle destructors, accessories
http://www.listonlab.com/ Liston, LLC was found in 2009. Our main field of activity is development and manufacturing of medical and laboratory equipment. In 2013 Liston was certified according to ISO 13485:2003 standard. In 2019 we have succesfully confirmed our high quality standards according to new ISO 13485:2016 standard. Product range, manufactured by Liston includes laboratory medical centrifuges, electric water distilles, needle and syringe destructors and OEM, ODM versions of mentioned equipment. Full cycle manufacturing - from design to packaging, flexibility and individual service for every customer allowed Liston to become one of the leading players on the Russian market and to expand its sales worldwide. Importers of laboratory and medical equipments, wholesale suppliers of laboratory and medical equipment to Vietnamese market.
36JSC "Shvabe"Production of optical and laser systems
Medicine and
www.shvabe.comShvabe is a Russian innovative holding company operating in the field of optical science and electro-optical instrument making.
Today, Shvabe is a part of RostecState Corporation and unites leading enterprises of the optical industry in Russia, ensuring the entire cycle of creating the latest electro-optical and laser equipment (from fundamental and exploratory researches to mass production) in the best interests of the defense industry and most civilian industries in Russia.
37Medisorb, JSCMedicine and pharmaceuticals
Medicine and
38Promo LLCEnergy Manufacture of electrical equipmentPower Engineering and energetics (household equipment)www.masterica.ruMasteritsa™ it is a reliable and high-performance household equipment of Russian production: electric kettles with case from virgin plastic, which do not have a plastic smell; dryers for fruit and vegetables energy-saving and noiseless; separators for milk with manual and electric adjustment of the taste and thick cream; churn; juicer with the capacity up to 60 liters of juice per hour and function of automatic remove of pomace from fruits and vegetables; energy-saving grinders, capacity from 40 to 60 kg per hour equipped with different attachments; water heaters, sinks, showers for the cottage with temperature of water heating up to 65°; electric blankets, electric bed sheets, electric mattresses, electric heating pads with heating element from carbon fiber.
We have the modern equipment for production of our goods and constantly improve our technologies.
1) Distributors of small household appliances, household appliances, water heaters, household goods, with experience in conducting import activities.
2) Wholesalers, dealers specializing in household appliances and household goods.
3) Federal and regional retail networks.
4) Corporate procurement (state procurement)
B2B sales model.
39The Moskabelmet group of companiesConstruction. Energy Cable ProductionPower Engineering and energetics power cables, fiber-optic communication cables, copper wire rodmkm.ruThe Moskabelmet group of companies is the TOP-5 of Russian manufacturers. The enterprise is entrusted with the Ministry of Defense, Rosatom, the
Metropolitan, Rostelecom, MTC, Megafon, Vympelcom, Beltelecom, Russian leaders in the energy, oil industries, industrial enterprises, leading transformer
plants. GC Moskabelmet is the author of a number of innovative developments, including more than 40 patented models. The plants of the group of
companies produce different types of power cables, fiber-optic communication cables, copper wire rod. The companies strictly follow the international and
Russian standards and guarantees the quality, reliability and safety of the products.
construction and engineering, electronics, power engineering, building, energy, power equipment
40Polytechform-M, LLCEnergy Measuring instruments. Production of gas analyzersPower Engineering and energetics
41LLC "Engineering Center" Elektroluch "Energy Production of electrical equipmentPower Engineering and energeticsic-el.ru, https://www.facebook.com/electroluch/Limited Liability Company Engineering Center ELECTROLUCH is a Russian developer and manufacturer of special lighting and lighting equipment. The enterprise was established in 1977 as the Gagarinsky branch of the Special Design and Technology Bureau of Lighting and Light-Signaling Devices (GF SKTB SSP). In 1997, it was transformed into the Closed Joint-Stock Company Engineering Center ELECTROLUCH (ZAO Engineering Center ELECTROLUCH). In 2017, on the basis of an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of CJSC Engineering Center ELEKTROLUCH, a decision was made to reorganize the legal entity CJSC Engineering Center ELEKTROLUCH into a limited liability company Engineering Center ELEKTROLUCH.

Currently, it is one of the leaders in the market for the production of lighting fixtures for special purposes.

Our company has productive capacities, technological and testing equipment that allows us to produce products of our own production, with a complete technological cycle.

We have a design department that designs and accompanies the production of products of any complexity. The department is actively working to modernize its products in order to improve performance.
Our production facilities include: metalworking, foundry-press, welding, galvanic, paint and varnish and testing equipment.
The test base allows you to test the products in full (lighting parameters, pneumatic testing, heat resistance, moisture resistance, mechanical strength).
oil production and transportation
gas production and transportation
oil refineries
chemical plants
ferrous (FM) and non-ferrous metallurgy (CM)
pulp and paper industry
food industry
NPPs, concentration plants, etc.
defense industry
energy (TPP, hydroelectric power station, state district power station, boiler economy)
water supply
sea and river transport
42RTC-ELECTRO-M LLCпротзводство электротехнического оборудованияPower Engineering and energeticswww.rtc-electro-m.comRTC-ELECTRO-M is CIS leading producer of LV and MV cast resin busduct since 2009 with experience in international projects around the world including Vietnam.

With more than 70 km of bus-ducts installed both indoor/ outdoor in many projects with extremely harsh environments (as temperature range -60 +55C, 100% humidity, sea salty climate). Our industrial solutions have proven to be advanced and reliable for customers in power generation/ transmission & distribution grids/ industrial plants/ oil & gas /data centers/military projects. High protection degree, strong chemical resistance and ultra-high fire withstand ensure preference of our products as safety and reliable solution in many projets including nuclear power industry. All busbars made according IEC and GOST standard and type tested in KEMA/DEKRA.

Main products:
- LV Cast Resin busducts up to 1,2kV & 6300A
- LV RIP segregated phase busducts up to 1,2kV & 6500A
- LV metalclad busducts up to 1,2kV & 6300A
- MV RIP segregated phase busbars up to 40,5kV & 7000A
- MV Cast Resin busbars up to 24kV & 10000A
Power generation and power distribution companies

Electrical engineers and electrical designers of power plants, substation, industrial, mining, oil & gas companies

Electrical Project institute, electrical consultants, design engineers of power plant, substation industrial, mining, oil & gas companies.

Producers and dealers of electrical equipment (MV)
EPC contractors and owners of Russian-Vietnam projects.
EPC contractors of Vietnam energy projects.
43Bipron LLCEarthing material and lightning protection devicePower Engineering and energeticsbipron.comProduce earthing material and lightning protection device professionally, the product line include Innovative Ion electrolytic earthing rod, Cathodic protection, Earthing Enhancing Compound, air terminal rod for Lightening protection and all kind of clamp ect. We provide all kinds of earthing product and solution to customer. The product were installed on all kinds of powder plant, petro-chemical plant, railway, weather station, communication station, computer room, intelligent building, anodize protection building ect. Lightening and surge protection. Earthing Enhancing Compound «MAG-2000» with "Smart Gel" system, is high conductivity material, which is designed to lower earth (ground) system resistance and improve grounding effectiveness in high resistivity soil conditions. MAG-2000 can be used in sites installed in areas with poor soil conductivity (such as rocky ground and sandy soil), or on sites where ground rod electrodes cannot be driven to the desired depth. MAG-2000 is also used when limited space makes achieving the required ground electrode resistance impossible with conventional methods. The effectiveness of MAG-2000 is confirmed by the stability of the grounding systems.The electrolytic grounding rod is the latest grounding design ,which reduce the resistance with ion release effect. The available material including,copperbonded steel and stainless steel. Perfect work in a wide range of outside temperature: from +60C to -60C.
44Telecontrol LtdPower Engineering and energeticstelecontrol.ruLLC Telekontrol works at the market of telemechanics in power since 2003. The company is a developer and manufacturer of telemechanics complex TELEKONTROL-2.
The main scope of application of our equipment is the energy enterprises: generating enterprises, substations of various classes, district and city electric networks, housing and communal services in terms of lighting.
Telecontrol-2 telemechanics complex has a two-level structure.
The lower level is represented by the devices of the controlled points, including their components: I / o controllers, General purpose controllers, protection modules, etc.
The upper level of the system is represented by the devices of the telemechanical control center, including various server equipment and software (SCADA-systems).
45SKB EP, LLCPower Engineering and energetics

SKB EP, LLC is an innovative enterprise founded in 1991 in Russia.

We offer a wide range of test instruments for control and diagnostics of electrical switching equipment, such as high-voltage circuit breakers, transformers, generators, motors, etc. Our instruments are reliable, highly accurate, user-friendly, and have CE certification. They provide fast and complex test-result measurements.

Application of the instruments produced by our company makes it possible:
- to save time for high-voltage equipment diagnostics and control;
- to simplify operation process;
- to reduce the costs of equipment repair.

Today we have more than 13,000 loyal customers in 15 countries. Our instruments are successfully applied in:
- energy systems;
- industrial enterprises;
- railway systems.

Please visit our website to find more information about our company, instruments and provided services: www.skbep.com
www.skbep.comSKB EP, LLC is an innovative enterprise founded in 1991 in Russia.

We offer a wide range of test instruments for control and diagnostics of electrical switching equipment, such as high-voltage circuit breakers, transformers, generators, motors, etc. Our instruments are reliable, highly accurate, user-friendly, and have CE certification. They provide fast and complex test-result measurements.

Application of the instruments produced by our company makes it possible:
- to save time for high-voltage equipment diagnostics and control;
- to simplify operation process;
- to reduce the costs of equipment repair.

Today we have more than 13,000 loyal customers in 15 countries. Our instruments are successfully applied in:
- energy systems;
- industrial enterprises;
- railway systems.

Please visit our website to find more information about our company, instruments and provided services: www.skbep.com
• companies generating and distributing electricity;
• railways;
• aircraft repair companies;
• power plants, hydropower plants, nuclear power plants;
• refinery;
• industrial enterprise;
• high voltage substations;
• trading companies that sell diagnostics and control instruments for high-voltage equipment.
46Plant of boiler equipment, JSCPower Engineering and energeticsStock Company Boiler Equipment Plant (SC ZKO)We design, manufacture and deliver the following products:
- Steam boilers, capacity of 25 to 200 tons per hour, and hot-water boilers, capacity of 30 to 210 MW.
- Steam boilers, capacity 10 to 30 tons per hour, for heat and electric power generation while firing biofuels (sunflower husk, poultry droppings, wood waste etc.).
- Waste-heat boilers; process recovery boilers.
- Assembly units and pipeline components.
- Spare parts for boilers made in Russia and abroad.
Production process takes place in five workshops equipped with advanced high-performance equipment. Quality management system is certified according to GOST ISO 9001-2015. The plant has international certificates for design and production of equipment.
We would like to hold meetings and negotiations with representatives of design offices and companies of the following industries: power, oil and gas processing, metallurgy, pulp-and-paper, chemical, construction, mineral fertilizers production, agriculture.
Subject of meetings: delivery of steam and hot-water boilers, waste-heat boilers, pipelines, spare parts.
47Fingo complex, LLCPower Engineering and energetics. Energy Gas cleaning equipmentwww.fingo.ruFINGO is a leading Russian manufacturer of industrial gas cleaning filters and dust and gas cleaning plants. For 75 years, our solutions have been providing cost-effective and highly effective cleaning up to 99.9% for all industries, which comply with the latest environmental standards and international BAT standards. Over the years, FINGO has supplied more than 1.3 million tons of gas purification equipment to 56 countries of the world, and has also received more than 100 patents for inventions in the field of ecology and gas purification.

At our own and only specialized full-cycle plant in Russia (formerly the Semibratovsky gas-cleaning equipment plant) we produce electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, scrubbers, cyclones, and desulfurization and nitrogen purification equipment. We supply sets of internal equipment and spare parts for existing gas purification plants for repair and reconstruction, as well as complete filters.

We offer you to consider FINGO as a provider of turnkey integrated solutions for engineering, inspection, Troubleshoot, modernization and service.

The mission of the FINGO company is to provide world-class equipment and services at a Russian price to solve environmental problems for global industry leaders.
Purification of industrial emissions (environmental engineering): coal energy, construction industry, cement plants, non-ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, incinerators, pulp and paper plants.
48GAZTEHNIKA LLCEnergy Diesel Generator Set ProductionPower Engineering ( production of metal constructions)www.gazteh.ruUR HISTORY
Founded in 1999, GAZTEHNIKA LLC started its growth with production of metal constructions. In 2003 GAZTEHNIKA LLC moved towards manufacturing of containers, designed for diesel generator sets. Nowadays we offer to our clients’ wide range of diesel generators from 7 kVA up to 2500 kVA. GAZTEHNIKA LLC complies with all European regulations, ISO 9001 quality and environmental manufacturing process management standards.
- Canopies for diesel generator sets from 8 to 1200 kVA, including a range of anti-vandal canopies
- Diesel gensets from 8 kVA up to 2500 kVA (Trade mark ERGA) power by Deutz, Iveco, Kohler, Lombardini, Volvo Penta, Mitsubishi, MTU, Perkins, Cummins, KAMAZ engines.
- Gasoil and diesel portable power stations from 2 up to 12 kVA kVA (Trade mark ERGA) power by Honda, Mitsubishi, B&S, Lombardini, Kohler.
- Containers for diesel gensets (Trade mark ERGA)
- Quickly constructed /pre-fabricated containers for rescue and military corps
- Hybrid diesel gensets
- Containers for storage spaces
- Containers tailored to specific needs of client
- Metal constructions for wide range of applications
- Coating of metal products with the use of spray powder
Our gensets (Trade mark ERGA) have its own and unique canopy design (more than 15 years in the market) with a high level of flexibility for a wide range of applications. Years of experience allow GAZTEHNIKA LLC to distribute gensets with guaranteed technical features among wide range of regions such as Europe, Africa, Eastern Asia, CIS countries and Russia.
enterprises in the telecommunications industry, oil and gas sector
49Production complex KNG, LLC, OOO KOSMOS-NEFT-GASEnergy Design and manufacture of oil and gas equipmentPower Engineering. equipment for oil, gas and chemical industrieswww.kng.ruProject development and management, supply and maintenance of equipment for oil, gas and chemical industries. Exhibited are:
1. Lightning Protector M-200 based on an upward leader initiation, designed of an active type lightning protector to screen welfare and industrial facilities against direct damaging by a lightning discharge. An internal electronic block which is a generator is charged with thunderstorm electric field energy and initiates an upward leader in advance of all other leaders of the facility being protected. Advantages
• Wider protection coverage as compared to conventional lightning rods and active protectors by other producers.
• Our equipment does not require any external power sources for functioning.
• Purely Russian invention.
2. Contactless Torque Meter designed to measure a torque and a power of rotating shafts in machines and mechanisms i.e. motors, reduction gears, vehicles, etc. The operating principle is strain-gauge to attain high accuracy and efficiency. The design features of each unit are customer definable considering the measurement range, coupling dimensions, rotation frequency, working fluid, temperature, etc.
For use in the gas industry: shut-off and control valves, carbide products for chokes, temperature pressure sensors, electrical products
50 LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "ZETO - GAS TECHNOLOGIES" Energy Electrical Equipment PlantPower Engineering. Electrical Equipment Plantwww.zeto.ru CJSC "Plant of electrotechnical equipment" (CJSC "ZETO") in Velikie Luki, is one of the leading enterprises of Russia on development and production of the high-voltage equipment and possesses more than half a century experience in the field of electrotechnical equipment construction. LLC "ZETO - GAS TECHNOLOGIES", in turn, is the subsidiary of CJSC "ZETO". The product range of makes more than 400 names and over 10 thousand types of executions:
- complete switchgear with gas-insulated 110 kV;
- complete open and closed switchgear 35-220kV;
- disconnectors 10-750 kV;
-gas-insulated dead-tank and live-tank circuit breaker 110-220 kV;
- measuring current transformers 110-500 kV;
- measuring current transformer with nitrogen isolation 110 kV;
- measuring transformers voltage 110-220 kV;
- disconnector outdoor installation РЛКС 10 kV with automated drive ПДД-2 All equipment is being manufactured considering GOST and IEC requirements.The quality management system, environmental management, occupational safety and health of the organization is certified in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, QHSAS 18001:2007.
Energy,power and electrical. Design institutes that create projects in the energy sector, General contractors who work on projects in the field of electricity sector, customers who are consumers of products in the electricity sector, companies in the industry.
51Bolid, LLCPower Engineering. high-voltage equipment pnpbolid.comBolid LLC was established in 1991 on the basis of the laboratory of composite resistive materials at the Siberian Research Institute of Power Engineering. Industrial and office premises occupy more than 3500 m2. At present, 110 people work in Bolid.
Bolid LLC manufactures power equipment based on the ECOM conductive composite material, which is developed by Bolid specialists. Production includes:
• high-voltage neutral grounding resistors for 6–35 kV electrical networks;
• resistor units for limitation of single-phase short circuit currents in 110–500 kV networks;
• modular load banks;
• heating devices for industrial premises;
• heating systems for hydro facilities.
Bolid LLC has proper equipment, experience and methodology for performing technical and scientific research, such as:
• network analysis and calculations of single phase-to-ground fault currents and short circuit currents;
• experimental investigations in 6–110 kV networks with high-frequency transients recording using digital oscilloscopes and capacitive voltage dividers;
• simulation of electromagnetic transients in 6–500 kV networks using special software (MAES, MATLAB Simulink, ANSYS Simplorer, EMTP);
• choice of parameters for protective equipment and resistors for 6–500 kV networks.
electricity, energy
52MICROMESH TECHNOLOGIES, MIST, LLCProduction of metal products. Micro mesh technologyMechanical engineering and metallurgy . used in energy, oil, gas, automobile, metallurgy industrie technologies with the use of mesh of small and extra-small cell sizewww.micromesh.ruMICROMESH TECHNOLOGIES LLC

“MicroMesh Technologies” is a dynamically developing company, aimed at the creation and implementation of innovative technologies in a wide range of products with the use of mesh of small and extra-small cell size. The products of the Company are used in energy, oil, gas, automobile, metallurgy industries.

The company occupies a unique position in the Russian market of micro-meshing technologies. In fact, Micromesh Technologies is the only manufacturer of certain products in Russia.

In 2014 - 2019 annually Micromesh Technologies was awarded with silver and gold signs of the All-Russian Competition Program "100 Best Goods of Russia".

The staff of the Company has a high level of technological knowledge. This allows to move forward constantly, introducing new products, as well as to fully satisfy the most demanding requests of clients.

Our mission: "We make the new useful products that help our clients to achieve the best results!"
Companies of the petrochemical and oil and gas industries, manufacturers of cable joints, manufacturers of filters (automotive and industrial) and filter equipment.
53Group of companies"METEM"Construction. Construction EquipmentMechanical engineering and metallurgy http://metem.ru/METEM Group of Companies since 2004 in the production market automated turnkey lines, and offers customers equipment of production lines for foam concrete, aerated concrete, polystyrene concrete.
Since 2010, the company has opened a separate line for the production of specialized lines for dry building mixtures.
Automated lines of METEM Group of Companies are able to provide high quality control of products. Also, METEM Group of Companies can design, calculate and produce a line of any complexity according to customer requirements, which ultimately leads to the full functionality of the entire production.
The specialists of METEM Group of Companies will help to train the customer’s personnel in the proper use and maintenance of the lines.
Our motto: METEM Group of Companies - from design to installation.
Representatives of construction companies, industrial enterprises.
54SMM CJSCпроизводство грузоподъемного оборудования
Mechanical engineering and metallurgy
www.zaosmm.ru SMM CJSC is a high-technology Russian company specializing in design, manufacture, assembly and servicing of heavy lifting equipment and replacement handling devices for ports, terminals, shipyards and industrial companies. Our head office is located in St.Petersburg.
Years of fruitful cooperation with Russian biggest ports made SMM CJSC a national leader in level luffing cranes supplies, what makes more than 80 per cent of the total market share. Company has manufactured more than 150 level luffing cranes over the last 10 years.
SMM CJSC offers a full line of lifting equipment to face any technological challenge in accordance with our customer needs, for all sizes of vessels including Panamax and for different types of cargo (generals and break-bulk cargoes). Maximum top stage capacity of level luffing cranes is 200 tons and boom reach is up to 80 meters.
Our products:
 Level luffing portal cranes
 Gantry Cranes
 Hydraulic Articulated Balance Crane
 Mobile Harbor cranes
 Ship-to-Shore cranes
 Cranes for hydro technical stations
 Shipyard double jib level luffing crane
 Ship cranes
 Changeable handling devices
Representatives of ports and stevedoring companies
55Uralprommash LtdExposition of enterprises of the Orenburg region
Mechanical engineering and metallurgy
http://ural-prommash.ruURALPROMMASH Ltd Is a new, but in turn with a lot of experience, machine-building enterprise, based on the repair and mechanical plant of a mining and processing plant.
The activity of URALPROMMASH LLC is the design and manufacture of pumping equipment for the nuclear industry (for which the company has been tested in the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service and received two relevant licenses) and the oil and gas industry, and the company has enormous experience in repair and restoration mining and processing, transport equipment and sorting complexes.
We have our own production facilities, which include modern high-precision equipment with numerical control, modern welding stations, a plasma cutting machine for material. We have 2 design bureaus focused on pumping and mining equipment.
URALPROMMASH LLC has the ability to produce frontal walls and sides of doomkars, to make major repairs of the bottom, mainly for model 2BC105. repair of the SMD118 jaw crusher, KDM 2200, 1800, 1200 cone crusher. Restoration of the sprocket shaft. Production of drums, conveyor rollers and other lines, shafts.
We also offer a comprehensive solution for your terms of reference. Production and maintenance of production lines.
Construction, manufacturing, industry.
56Closed Join Stock Company Penzaspetsavtomash
Mechanical engineering and metallurgy
Benzafillingstation.comWhat is Benza®? It is mobile mini filling stations, container filling stations, refueling trailers, sets of traditional filling stations, tanks for oil products, automation of container-type and departmental filling stations, electro pumps for fuel pumping, fuel-dispensing units, and a broad range of accessory equipment. The systems fully equipped with fuel filling facilities are designed to store and dispense oil products, and are adjusted to be transported to a site of operation by motor transport. Our container filling stations show high quality of welding of tanks, wide range of products, and various kittings specially for different operation conditions and under individual orders of the customers. There are single-walled and double-walled tanks with the volume of 3 to 60 cubic meters. All stations are made at our own production facilities. An automation of the stations to work in unmanned mode is possible. Start-up and commissioning, and service maintenance of the stations are carried out. Our Company specializes in the equipment for fuel tankers. We offer a progressive approach to the conversion of fuel tankers into refuelers. A Benza electro-pump based kit for refuelers allows motor cars refueling equipment to be powered by a common electrical battery without using of power take-off devices, and consequently with the engine shut off.

For the owners of small vehicle fleets, we can offer rather economical solution of the problem of refueling. A Benza® fuel-dispensing unit mounted on a small cart with a 200-liter barrel is ideal for refueling of vehicles in the field.

Benza® constantly takes part in various international exhibitions and events.

Gornodobyvayushchiye predpriyatiya, Sel'skokhozyaystvennyye predpriyatiya, Toplivnyye kompanii, transportnyye predpriyatiya, kompanii po remontu dorozhnogo polotna, Kompanii u kotorykh yest' svoy sobstvennyy avtotransport.
Mining enterprises, Agricultural enterprises, Fuel companies, transport companies, road repair companies, Companies that have their own vehicles.
57PKF Stankoservis LLCExposition of enterprises of the Ryazan region
Mechanical engineering and metallurgy
www.Stankoservise-rzn.ruPKF Stankoservice is a Ryazan machine-tool company, a well-known Russian manufacturer of turning machines, individual machine components and spare parts for metalworking equipment. The reliability of the company is confirmed by many years of fruitful cooperation with the largest enterprises of Russian industry.The company was established in 2005 and is located in the city of Ryazan.Today PKF Stankoservis manufacturing a complete line of universal center lathe machines and heavy duty horizontal CNC turning machines. The company also builds a variety of special machines, including deep-hole drilling and boring machines, pipe processing machines and custom build projects. Machines of our production feature rigidity, simplicity of design, accuracy and high reliability.Our lathe machines are used in a variety of industries, they can be found in small repair shops and in the plants of the companies-giants of Russian heavy industry such as JSC «RZD», JSC «MMK», JSC «Uralvagonzavod», OJSC «Severstal», OJSC MMC «Norilsk Nickel», Rosatom, JSC «NLMK» and others. Metal processing enterprises, mechanical engineering
58LLC Intov-Elast
Mechanical engineering
intov.comIntov-Elast LLC specializes in the development, manufacture and supply of mechanical rubber goods (MRG) and goods made of polyurethane, fluoroplastic, plastics, thermoplastic elastomers of various application.
We carry out batch, small-batch and one-of-a-kind production orders applicable to completing drilling and production equipment for recovery, transportation and refinery of oil and gas using rubber goods in a wide range, mechanical rubber goods for the motor industry, machine-building industry, energy complexes, farming industry.
We have also mastered the production of water- and oil-swelling casing packers by means of manufacturing of a packer element with specified physical properties for the pipe up to 12 meters in length by using two assembly lines, two vulcanization pans of 3 meters and 12 meters.
Owing to a highly qualified and experienced team of engineering-technological service, our company has a large compound base.
Nowadays, several hundred of rubber compounds have been developed based on various types of polymers (NBR, HNBR, fluoropolymers, EPDM, IR, SR, PU, Sbr, NR, TER polymers).
In order to optimize the construction design processes and eliminate all potential issues, we apply advanced software.
Vietsovpetro, Zarubezhneft. As well as companies of agricultural machinery, petrochemical industries, mining industry.
59 "BETA IR"production of modern testing equipment NASKD-200, used in the maintenance and repair of helicopters and aircraft, including the Mi-17-1V and Mi-172 helicopters.
Mechanical engineering. Transport
http://www.beta-air.com/The Russian company "BETA IR" is a manufacturer of modern testing equipment NASKD-200, used in the maintenance and repair of helicopters and aircraft, including helicopters Mi-17-1V and Mi-172.

The NASKD-200 system is a new generation of automated testing equipment that allows replacing obsolete test equipment currently used by operators of Russian-made helicopters and aircraft.

NASKD-200 allows you to check a wide range of on-board equipment: flight and navigation equipment, radio communication equipment, autopilot, electrical equipment, displays, lighting equipment, aerometric instruments and air signal systems, power plant control equipment, anti-icing system, fire protection system, air conditioning and regulation system air pressure.

The automated system NASKD-200 meets modern requirements, has passed the necessary tests and has been used successfully for over 10 years by manufacturers and operators of helicopters and aircraft, maintenance and repair enterprises in Russia and other countries.

NASKD-200 is capable of testing a large list of on-board equipment of the Russian Mil and Kamov helicopters (Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-26, Ka-32, Ka-226) and Il-76, Antonov and others. Also, NASKD-200 can be used to check the avionics of western helicopters and aircraft (Airbus, Boeing and others).

The use of NASKD-200 for Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-172 helicopters was approved by their developer, the Moscow Mil Helicopter Plant.

NASKD-200 has significant advantages over traditional test equipment, allows you to automate and optimize maintenance and repair technologies, and reduce operating costs.

BETA IR wants to establish contacts with Vietnamese enterprises operating Russian-made helicopters, provide them with more detailed information about the NASKD-200 system and its advantages, and discuss the possibilities for the supply of this modern equipment.
60KOMZ, JSCMetallurgyMetallurgy www.komz-shop.ruJSC "KOMZ" was founded in 1940 and is one of the leading manufacturers of optical devices in Russia. "KOMZ" produces and supplies:
- day vision binoculars BPC (8x, 10x, 12x and 15x) and BPO series ( 7x and 10x);
- monoculars MP (8x, 10x, 12x and 15x);
- telescopes:
- fixed magnification (20x; 30x or 60x);
- with variable magnification (from 8x to 24x; from 15x to 60x);
- on the tripod, which is included in the package;
- magnifying glasses in the range from 2x to 10x; plastic or glass;
- binocular microscope;
- night vision devices "Baigish" generation 2+.
61Metroprommash, (MPM) LLCMetallurgy www.metprom.netLLC MetPromMachinery is a part of MetProm Group, founded in 1992, a company specialized in the implementation of EPC/M projects in the mining and metallurgical sector in Russia and abroad. MetProm Group has its own resources to provide full cycle of engineering and construction activities.
We offer engineer of production facilities, supply of technologies and equipment, construction, installation supervision, commissioning, warranty and service maintenance of equipment.
During 27 years of operation the company implemented more than 50 large investment projects in metallurgical industry and industrial construction.
Extensive experience of MetProm Group guarantees its customers maximum efficiency in the implementation of modernization projects and construction of new industrial facilities.
Ferrous, non-ferrous metallurgy, mining industry
62Nevsky Ecological Project Co LtdWater technology. The latest technology for water and oil treatmentMechanical engineering and metallurgy. quipment and technologies for:
I. Removal of floating oil, fat and mechanical impurities ; II. Hydraulic oil cleaning; III. Diesel fuel cleaning
nepspb@inbox.ruNevsky Ecological Project Co Ltd has been working since 2004. The supplied equipment and technologies allow industrial enterprises to reduce negative impact on the environment.
I. Removal of floating oil, fat and mechanical impurities from all kinds of liquids (coolant, cooling water, degreasing bath, waste water and many other).
- oil skimmers;
- gravity and pressure separators.
II. Hydraulic oil cleaning from water and mechanical impurities.
- electrostatic oil cleaners;
- vacuum cleaners;
- mechanical filtration;
- magnetic filters.
III. Diesel fuel cleaning from water and mechanical impurities.
- diesel fuel cleaners.
Machine-building, metallurgical and Metalworking enterprises;
Electric power companies; Water supply organizations.
63Vyazemsky Machine-Building Plant, JSCLaundry and dry cleaning equipment
Mechanical engineering and metallurgy. equipment for laundries and dry cleaning
www.vyazma.suThe first-rate Russian producer with 60-year experience in designing and producing equipment for laundries and dry cleaning. The range of production of the plant includes washing-wringing, drying, ironing equipment, dry cleaning machines, ancillary and finishing equipment, carts and shelves for washing.Hotels, Hospitals, business, laundries, factories

Professional Laundry Equipment Distributors:

Address: 560 Truong Chinh Str., Dong Da Distr., Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-35640558, mobile: 0934586601
Email: hoaitrinh@f5pro.vn
Website: https://f5laundry.net/en/

Address: 12th Floor CT7E - urban Area, The Sparks, Ha Dong, Ha Noi.
REPRESENTATIVE office Ho Chi Minh: 40/33 Nguyen Simple, F15, Q10, Ho Chi Minh
Phone: (8424) 6254 3294 | Hotline: +84.975.077.463
Email: tanlocphat.coltd@gmail.com; tanlocphat2015@gmail.com
Website: http://tanlocphat.vn

3. 1 - 6 COMPANY
Headquarters: Km 18 - Highway 5 – Kim Son – Le Thien - An Duong - Hai Phong
Phone: (8431) 3771988, mob.: +84.913241523 (Mr.Tuấn)
Email: thietbimay76catdai@yahoo.com
Website: http://maycongnghiep.com.vn/

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64LLC "Tsivilsky metalware factory"
Mechanical engineering and metallurgy
czm21.ruProduction of metal products for engineering networks of the heat and power complex of Russia in the field of heat supply, water supply and sanitation, as well as in the industry of technological pipelines and gas pipelines.
65Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Making Company (PNPPK)Measuring instruments. Production of sensors and navigation systems
Transport. Mechanical engineering and metallurgy
http://pnppk.ruCompany is one of the leading Russian manufacturers and suppliers of navigation equipment for sea-going and river vessels: gyrocompasses on DTGs for trade fleet and hydrographic survey, navigation systems on fiber-optic gyroscopes, wide range of periphery units (repeaters, course recorders, peloruses, etc.).
Outside of Russia, the units are supplied to England, the Netherlands, Norway, Vietnam, Singapore, Turkey and other countries.
Company products are type approved by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Russian River Register of Shipping and DNV-GL.
Together with its subsidiary “PNPPK-Marine Electronics” Company provides the whole range of services including fitting-out of new built ships and retrofit of out-of-date navigation, electrical, fish-finding and automation equipment, starting from design work up to mooring and running trials.
PNPPK is a developed research and production platform in fiber-optics and photonics. Together with daughter companies, it has formed a fiber optic cluster “Photonics” where in addition to optical components, FOGs, AHRS and INS, different types of fiber cables for communication are produced as well as fiber optic sensors for structural health monitoring of various objects: vessel hull, gas and oil pipelines, compressor plants, tunnels, mines.
Shipbuilding company
Marine equipment suppliers
66LLC "PROMAVTO GROUP"Automotive industry. Production of vans and special equipmentTransportpromavto.netPROMAVTO GROUP is one of the largest and most wquipped van manufacturers in Russia.

For more than 17 years of operation, we have produced more than 16,000 vans of very different purposes for enterprises in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, the African Republics, Cuba.

We produce bus trucks, mobile workshops, laboratories, rescue vehicles, accommodation modules and much more under the trademark «PROMAVTO», insulated bodies, refrigerators, car lifts, BDF bodies, carcass-carriers and other commercial vehicles under the brand “Pelican van”.

Consumers of our products are:
- Monopolies: «Rosseti», «GAZPROM», «Transneft», «RZD»;
- Utilities: Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Omsk, Tomsk, Orenburg and other water utilities;
- producers, distributors of food products: «Miratorg», «4 sezona» («Icebeat»), «Tsaritsyno», «Cherkizovo», «Pivdom», «Sladkaya zhizn», «Natsional’naya fruktovaya kompaniya»;
- network retailers: «X5 Retail Group N.V.», «Magnit», «Monetka», «Spar»;
- postal and transport companies: «Russian Post», «Delovye Linii», «Pony Express».
Not Stated
67FWD LLCTransportwww.fwd.ruFWD is a leading Russian freight forwarding company based on the principles of operational excellence. Forward provides individual solutions of complex forwarding tasks to its clients with the use of very modern methods and technologies.The range of services we provide covers the full scope of freight forwarding services, including:

Air Freight
Sea freight
Inland haulage
Railway Freight
Customs clearance (also using our trading company in order to carry out EXW/DDP shipments)
Oversized cargo handling
Cold chain services
Aircraft chartering

Our clients' requirements are the key factor for building the strategic profile of our company. We keep your needs in mind and aim at constant optimization of our services. Our key goal is learning the unique set of each customer's objectives and providing the most efficient solutions.
We strive to provide each and every client with best service possible.

Members of WCA, WWPC, JC Trans and Americas Alliance networks
FWD LLC is a freight forwarding company which offers solutions for delivery of general and specific cargo from door to door. Most of the cargo is foodstuff products (candies, cookies and other confectionery) or industrial equipment. We would be pleased to meet any partners interested in smooth delivery and customs clearance of cargo to/from Russia and offer outstanding and reliable service.
68OM LtdExposition of enterprises of the Orenburg region
Transport. Mining industry.
http://hrizopro.ruHRIZOPRO is a division of JSC "Orenburg minerals" - mining and processing plant with a 40-year history. Our customers - companies of road construction.
Our company is a high-tech customer-oriented enterprise responding to specific requirements for our products of different industries and individual customer requirements.
• production of 100 thousand tons per year;
• processed 30 million tons of rock mass per year;
• more than 3 thousand of highly qualified personnel;
• more than 300 pieces of mining equipment.
Construction, manufacturing, industry
69RUSTECHNOBUSINESS, LtdWater technology. Manufacturer of industrial water treatment and water treatment systemsConstructionneptunfilter.comDevelopment and implementation of Russian innovative water technologies in industry, construction, agriculture, energy, oil and gas industry, providing cities with healthy drinking water.
Manufacture of equipment for industrial water treatment systems

Main products
Industrial mains filters, magnetic water converter, UV water plants, mobile water treatment plants

boiler plants
heat power engineering
food industry
oil industry
chemical industry
water treatment in apartment buildings and villas settlements
water treatment in reservoirs and pools.

industrial enterprises, water utilities, boiler houses, construction companies, agricultural companies
70LLC "Tents and tents", Shatry I Tenty LLC Business mission of enterprises of the Kaluga regionConstruction. Production and sale of modern tent structurestent-shater.ru Tents for events.
Production, sale, rent of tent structures.
We have been in business since 2008.
Production area 2,000 sq.m.
Number of employees: 40.
Fabric welding type — high frequency welding (Fiab 900)
Fabric PVC — Serge Ferrari, Mehler Tehnologies, also another.
As we are a Russian company, attractive prices and high quality are a must for us.
Our structures are designed on a modular basis, they can be combined with each other in various versions, and also transform in overall dimensions. Since we are a rental company, we managed to make our structures as convenient for providers as possible.
It is important for us - not only to be a reliable supplier, we seek to become your partner.

and also all the companies making the events organization
71Volgograd Innovation Resource Center Company GroupConstructionwww.nano34.ruVolgograd Innovation Resource Center Company Group produces and sells unique in the entire world coatings and liquid ceramic thermal insulating materials successfully competing with global and local brands.

Own production facilities, high-quality raw materials produced by leaders in the chemical industry, brilliant team of professionals let us offer our clients an exclusive line of Bronya extra-fine thermal insulators modifications and unprecedented in Russia terms in respect of quality-price ratio. This is with most stable indicators which correspond to the claimed specifications, since one of the primary goals of our company is production of high-quality products. Our products are represented by a widely spread dealers network.
The company has its own up-to-date production of innovative developments and modifications of the Bronya thermal insulators with multiple confirmed tests of all claimed physical and thermophysical characteristics, comprehensive set of certificates, permits and unexcelled team of technical and marketing professionals - that is what differs us, VIRC Bronya Company Group, from numerous "catching up equivalents".
72JSC "Nefis Cosmetics"Chemical productsCommon Consumption Goodsvvww.nefco.ru"JSC" Nefis Cosmetics " is one of the largest manufacturers of household chemicals and cosmetics in Russia. History of the enterprise totals more than 160 years that allowed us to accumulate valuable experience in production on the present qualitative production, observing century traditions.
our company is one of the largest manufacturers of household chemicals and cosmetics in Russia. History of the enterprise totals more than 160 years that allowed us to accumulate valuable experience in production on the present qualitative production, observing century traditions. our company is one of the largest manufacturers of household chemicals and cosmetics in Russia. History of the enterprise totals more than 160 years that allowed us to accumulate valuable experience in production on the present qualitative production, observing century traditions. We released the first washing powder in 1957, and toilet soap in 1890. By 1900, the company already employed more than two thousand people.
Today the company owns such well-known brands and trademarks as: "AOS", "BiMax", "Sorti", "Biolan", "I was born" and others. The full cycle of production, including the production of its own packaging, is organized at the facilities of the enterprise. In total more than 300 names of production which is delivered to many countries of the world including China are issued.
Currently, JSC "Nefis cosmetics" occupies a leading position in all key segments of the household chemicals market. At the end of 2018, the company occupies the second position in the Russian market of dishwashing detergents and washing powders and powdered cleaning products.
Distributors of cosmetics, household chemicals, consumer goods. Trading network. Online retail.
73Semenov art manufactury TD LLCTNP Souvenir productsCommon Consumption GoodsSemenov art manufactory, LTD was founded in 1932. The manufactory located in Semenov town, Nizhniy Novgorod region. It is one of the oldest art manufactories producing matryoshka.

The most famous matryoshka with yellow shawl and red dress and roses on the apron, recognizable all over the world as symbol of Russia, was born at Semenov art manufactory.

The manufactory keeps traditional technologies of wood treatment and painting. All goods are made by hand form the first to the last step. We use safe materials only and all our products are certified.

We cooperate with many countries including Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Japan, UAE, Canada and other.

Working with us could be interesting for our partners because:

- we are reliable supplier that is able to realize all demands of partners;
- we have our own design department to create and realize the unique models;
- all kind of our products are made of safe materials;
- we have competitive price with highest quality, profitable work conditions and short delivery terms.
Marketing agency; Retail companies, selling souvenirs; Interior design companies
74Trade Company "Krasnaya Liniya", LLCConsumer goods. cosmetic productionCommon Consumption Goods (cosmetics)www.krasnaya.ruThe Trading Company "Krasnaya Liniya" - since 2003 is an authorized exporter of Russian cosmetics brands “Krasnaya Liniya”, «Sensoterapia», «BodyBoom», “Special Series”, “Granny’s drugstore”, “WINX”, “Le Flirt Du Provence”, “VIKING”, “FARA”, “Impression” which is widely presented in the markets of CIS and Baltic countries, European, Arab, Persian and Asian countries. Our cosmetics appreciated and loved by more than 270 million people in 22 countries, such as Iran, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Albania, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Georgia, Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries.

Advanced high-tech equipment, qualified personnel, straight control at all stages of production process, modern formulas and cooperation with best components supplier – all this is provide excellent product quality meeting the highest national and international standards (it is certified according state standards and ISO-, GMP-approved).

We are working hard to promote products on the markets of Serbia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco. Our attention is involved in all the product categories and consumer groups: hair dye, conditioners, shampoos, shower gels, creams, liquid and thick soaps, depilatories and shaving, cosmetics for the bath and sauna, face and body care; for women, for men, for children, multi-purpose products for all family, housekeeping products.
FMCG -trading and distribution companies, retail chains.
75LLC "Sakha Taas-Yakutia"Jewelry industryCommon Consumption Goods (Jewelry industry)www.sakhataas.ruLLC Company "SAKHA TAAS-Yakutia" is:
-Exclusive jewelry;
-Pictures of crumbs of precious and semiprecious stones; -Souvenir products; -The company was founded in May 1994.
Unique jewelry from rare natural gems from Yakutia and the world, as well as fur souvenirs and carved miniatures from mammoth bones, have their own unique design and are recognized both at the Russian and at the international level. "SAKHA TAAS" worthily represents many of the exhibitions of stone-cutting and jewelry art presented in Russia. The entire production process is carried out manually, which requires special skills, artistic literacy, and individual creative approach to every manufactured product starting with selection of materials. Professionalism of company employees, mutually beneficial working conditions, a wide range and tight quality control of manufactured products are the main factors that attract many organizations and companies to cooperate. Unique synthesis of ancient artistic traditions and modern art makes our products distinctive in beauty and style. SAKHA TAAS LLC.

jewelry companies, souvenir companies and art salons
76"SIZ-Invest" Ltd.Production of personal protective equipmentCommon Consumption Goodsrkszpe.ruThe "Respiratorniy Kompleks" Company is an expert on the market of personal respiratory protective equipment. We continuously develop and implement new technologies for creation of durable and comfortable respirators.
"Respiratorniy Kompleks" is:
30 mln respirators per year;
50+ respirator names;
30+ patents for production, technologies, and equipment;
5,000+ production and storage facility;
7/24 the working time of production halls;
100+ of official dealers in Russia, Customs Union, and European Union;
2 laboratories for filtering materials and respirators testing

Realizing the responsibility to people that entrusted their health to our products, the company performs constant quality control at every production stage. Enterprise’s quality management system meets the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2015. The Respiratorniy Kompleks is certified as the developer and manufacturer of PRPE.
77TYUMEN AEROSOLS, LTDAerosol protective equipment
Common consumption goods. Aerosol protective equipment
www.aerosol72.ru "Tyumen aerosols" LTD specializes in the production of high quality aerosol products: self-defense weapons (the so-called “pepper sprays”) “Control-UM“, Professional repellents “Deta-prof" and "Breeze-anti-mite", Gun Oil "Taiga", weapon cleaner/degreaser “ROBIN GOOD“, Means of human protection – repellant of large aggressive animals (bears, wolves, dogs and etc.) “CONTROL-AS“, Oxygen cans "Air-Active", Thermal water "Givana" and more.aerosol consumer goods
78Ryazan Tannery "Russkaya Kozha"Exposition of enterprises of the Ryazan regionCommon Consumption Goodswww.leather.ruManufacture of footwear and haberdashery goods from genuine leather:footwear companies etc
79Trading House Vestar LTDCommon Consumption Goodsvestar.netVestar LTD is a modern dynamically developing company, the main activity of which is production of liquid detergents.
The company first declared itself in 2005 and nowadays it is the major manufacturer of wet wipes and household chemicals in Russia.
Along with the production of its own trademarks “Bonne Brise” and “Vestar”, the company is successfully engaged in contract manufacturing under the trademarks of customers in accordance with their wishes and requirements.
Importery, distributory, krupnyye optoviki, torgovyye seti, rabotayushchiye po bytovoy khimii i kosmetike. Kompanii dlya primera: fmcg-viet.com; haprogroup.vn; quatangnga.com
Importers, distributors, large wholesalers, retail chains working in household chemicals and cosmetics. Companies for example: fmcg-viet.com; haprogroup.vn; quatangnga.com
80 Narodnye Promysly, LLCCommon Consumption Goods Souvenirspromysly21.ruThe Narodnye Promysly shop was opened in May, 2003 for the purpose of revival, preservation and development of folk arts and handicrafts of the Chuvash Republic. Here you can find works by more than 1000 gifted artisans that specialize in different forms of folk arts (national embroidery and ornamentation, wood carving and painting, vine weaving, ceramics, weaving, and etc.)
81Oduvanchik, LtdEnergy Oil and gas. Production and supply of fuel additives and petrochemicalsOil and Gaz (fuel additives and petrochemicals)https://oduvanchik-him.ru/; https://oduvanchik-him.ru/en/Oduvanchik Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of fuel additives and petrochemicals. Our company was founded in 2010 and has established itself as a reliable partner, supplying its products for the needs of petrochemical enterprises around the world.
Oduvanchik Ltd provides complex solutions in the development of fuel formulas and fuel additives based on the technical specifications of the client. All formulas are the result of the fruitful work of our own high-tech petrochemical laboratories.
Today, Oduvanchik Ltd is the largest distributor of N-methylaniline (octane-boosting additive) in Russian Federation, as well as a manufacturer of additives for diesel fuel, fuel oil (masut) and oil individually for the customer's product requirements.
From the list of our products, we can also suggest:
1. Depressor-dispersant additives for diesel fuels;
2. Depressant additives for fuel oil;
3. Anti-wear (lubricating) additive for low-sulfur fuels;
4. Additive package, including lubricating, cetane improving, antistatic and depressant-dispersing (selected on the basis of technical specifications of the customer).
Petrochemistry, Fuel additives, Manufacturing and refining (Oil refinery plants), Wholesalers, Bunkering tankers owners, Seaports, Sports (racing) fuel manufacturers
82LGA avtomatica, PSC, LLCValve manufacturingOil and gaswww.klapan.ru"Research and Manufacturing Company "LGA avtomatika" LLC was established in 1993. It is a domestic complete cycle manufacturer from development to production of finished products.
The company specializes in production of valves, for automatic control of liquid and gaseous flows of medium (oil, oil products, chemical products, gas, steam, water, for loose products and e.t.c.)
The products of "LGA avtomatika" LLC includes: control valves, shut-off valves and insulating valves, high pressure valves, cryogenic, hose valves, lined anti-surge with pneumatic and electro-actuated drive valves.
In the list of products valves with a diameter from 10 mm to 600 mm, for pressure up to 620 atm. (depending on the series).
"LGA avtomatika" LLC is certified by СМК ISO 9001, ISO/TS 29001/ 2010, ISO14001/2015,
TR / TC 010/2011; 012/2011; 032/2011. The products have all approval documentation acting at the territory of the Customs Union.
The company has more than 20,000 m2 of production space, laboratories, test stands, has excellent customer service.
Manufactured valves are successfully in operation at more than 1500 domestic enterprises and organizations at the territory of the Customs Union.
distributor for control valves, shut-off valves and insulating valves, high pressure valves, cryogenic, hose valves, lined anti-surge with pneumatic and electro-actuated drive valves
83PJSC ROSNEFT OIL COMPANYEnergy Oil industryOil and Gaswww.rosneft.comRosneft Oil Company is the leader of the Russian oil sector and world’s largest public oil and gas corporation. Rosneft is a global energy company with major assets in Russia and a diversified portfolio in promising regions of the international oil and gas business.
Rosneft is driven by rational development of natural resources, it is implementing major oil and gas production projects, upgrading its production and refining capacities in order to mitigate the environmental impact and to manufacture modern eco-friendly fuels.
Upon the results of the large-scale work done over the past twenty years since its establishment, Rosneft has entered the top ten global energy leaders, has become the world’s largest producer and holder of the reserves among all public companies in the world, and is the main source for budget revenues of the Russian Federation.
After twenty years, the oil production of the company increased 19 times from 12.5 to 230 million tons, gas production – by 10 times – up to 67 billion cubic meters. Today Rosneft provides 41% of all the oil produced in Russia and 6% of the world oil production. Rosneft accounts for 35% of production growth in Russia.
Since 1999, the Company has put on stream 17 new major fields with total reserves of ca. 3 billion toe investing more than 1.5 trillion rubles.
The share of Rosneft’s motor fuel production in the country’s total production increased from 3% in 1999 to 38% in 2018.
From 1999 to 2018, the share of Rosneft in the federal budget revenues increased from 8 billion to a record 4 trillion rubles, i.e. almost 500 times. In 20 years, Rosneft has provided 90% of all the state privatization revenues from the oil industry.
Rosneft is an example of corporate responsibility before the state and its citizens. Rosneft enterprises employ 340,000 people. About 700,000 contractors’ employees are involved in the Company’s projects, and more than 3 million people produce technological equipment and provide technological services to the Company.
Being the heart of the Russian economy, the Company ensures the basic needs of the country in gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, all kinds of oils, bitumen and asphalt, bunker fuel, fuel oil, LPG, petrochemical products, polymeric materials.
In 2018, Rosneft not only maintained its global leadership among public oil companies in terms of oil and liquid hydrocarbons production, but also set new benchmarks in the industry.
The Company produced a record 285.5 million toe of hydrocarbons in 2018, up 1.3% in 2017.
Rosneft is one of the technological leaders in the industry: in terms of the daily drilling footage – 56,700 meters per day and in terms of the number of wells commissioned (3,400 new wells in 2018, 48% of which are horizontal).
As a result of exploration, the Company discovered 230 new deposits and 23 new fields with total reserves of 250 million toe.
The cost of Rosneft production is the lowest among all public companies in the world reaching 3.1 dollars per b.o.e.
Rosneft continued to actively invest in the development of its own refineries, the total investment is about 1.4 trillion rubles, of which more than 60% has already been financed.
At the end of the year, the Company’s oil refining throughput increased by 2% to 115 million tons.
Rosneft provides price stability and reliable supply of oil products to the Russian domestic market with a share of more than 40% of all supplies.
Rosneft reported strong financial results in 2018 – revenue increased by 37% to a record 8.2 trillion rubles, operating profit before depreciation increased by 49% to 2.1 trillion rubles.
The Company pays a lot of attention to the corporate environmental responsibility. The Rosneft-2022 strategy provides for the achievement of leading positions in the field of minimizing the environmental footprint and eco-friendly production.
By the end of 2022, Rosneft intends to enter the first quartile of international oil and gas companies in terms of industrial safety, labor protection and the environment. The development of environmental programs increases the investment attractiveness of the Company and is an important indicator for investors.
Business in Vietnam
Rosneft Vietnam B.V. is part of the Rosneft Group after Rosneft entered Vietnam in March 2013 through acquisitions of TNK-BP in Russia and its subsidiaries in other countries. Rosneft is now the Operator of Block 06.1 producing natural gas and condensate; investor in the Nam Con Son Pipeline; and Operator of Block 05-3/11 exploring hydrocarbons offshore south of Vietnam.
Gas production from Block 06.1 where Rosneft Vietnam holds 35% equities started in November 2002 and has supplied over 60 billion cubic metres of gas to fuel electricity generation in Vietnam.
The 400-km two-phase offshore and onshore Nam Con Son Pipeline, where Rosneft Vietnam has 32.67% stake, is transporting and processing around 6 billion cubic metres of gas annually to supply fuel for power generation and fertilizer production in Phu My and Nhon Trach Industrial Complex.
The company’s top priorities are to provide safe and reliable gas supply to Vietnam’s energy industry by maintaining and further enhancing efficiency of operations and keeping safety its first priority. So far, the company has achieved in excess of 17 years of safe operations.
With a strong foundation in operations, technology excellence, people and capability, Rosneft Vietnam is also exploring growth opportunities in Vietnam and expanding cooperation with the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group.
In all of our operations, the company’s values are to do business without endangering life or the environment and with no accidents.
Oil & Gas sector.
84LLC “Engineering Technologies”Production of equipment for monitoring, recording and controlling microclimate parametersInformation technologtygigrotermon.ruCông ty TNHH “Công nghệ kỹ thuật” là nhà thiết kế và nhà sản xuất hàng đầu các hệ thống công nghiệp tự động đa năng phục vụ giám sát vi khí hậu tại các cơ sở như kho bảo quản dược phẩm và thực phẩm, khu công nghiệp, dây chuyền sản xuất và các khu nhà ở cũng như quá trình vận chuyển hàng hóa. Sản phẩm của công ty được công nhận đạt tiêu chuẩn FDA 21 CFR phần 11 (Bộ luật liên bang đối với quản lý thực phẩm và dược phẩm Hoa kỳ) , tiêu chuẩn HACCP, GMP và vì vậy được sử dụng rộng rãi trong lĩnh vực bảo quản và vận chuyển các loại hàng hóa như thực phẩm, dược phẩm, mỹ phẩm, thuốc lá và nhiều loại mặt hàng khác...
Công ty chúng tôi có đội ngũ kỹ sư rất giàu kinh nghiệm và đã có hơn 10 năm hoạt động trong lĩnh vực công nghiệp tự động hóa cũng như trong việc thiết kế và sản xuất các hệ thống điều khiển, thiết bị đo lường

Sản phẩm được thiết kế và phát triển dựa trên các thành tựu khoa học hiện đại tiên tiến của ngành vi điện tử , sử dụng các chip vi điều khiển lõi AVR, Cortex M3, Cortex M4 và Cortex M7, ngôn ngữ lập trình С, С++ và cơ sở dữ liệu MYSQL, MariaDB.

Hiện nay khách hàng của chúng tôi là đại đa số các công ty dược phẩm, thực phẩm, vận tải và hậu cần của Nga và Kazakhstan.

Năng lực, công nghệ và trách nhiệm của chúng tôi luôn nhằm đáp ứng tối đa mọi yêu cầu của quý khách hàng. Với phương châm không ngừng đổi mới và hoàn thiện, chúng tôi mong muốn cung cấp cho thị trường các sản phẩm chất lượng tốt nhất!
pharmaceutical, food and
logistics companies
85Sitesoft, LLCInformation Technology.Information technologty
86RIT AutomationRIT Automation is a Russian developer and integrator that provides high-tech solutions to improve the safety, productivity and efficiency of mining enterprises since 2011.Information technologtywww.rit-it.comRIT Automation Is a leading company in the market of automated control systems and scheduling of mining. The company provides a full range of services from pre-sales service to installation and subsequent maintenance of systems across the enterprise.
Founded in 2011, RIT Automation is Russian intelligence integrator and developer of innovative solutions for automation in the mining industry.
Among our clients are: EVRAZ, Polyus Gold, Alroca, RUSAL, ERG and others.
DrillManager – High-Precision Drill System
High-precision drill guidance creates blastholes at the right depth and location — every time.
DrillManager brings GNSS-powered precision to your blasthole drilling process. Finally, you can place holes at the right depth and location for smooth blasting and orderly fragmentation. Simply load a drill pattern into the onboard system and follow the onscreen guidelines. Satellite guidance keeps your rig accurate to one-tenth of a degree, for blastholes that always match your designs.
BlastManager– High-Precision System for Mobile Explosives Manufacturing Units.
Charges the holes using the high-precision positioning helps to be in accordance with the project. It can monitor the explosive consumption rate also.
The system allows to plan the blasting based on the KPI, to control the quality of the charging, to precisely determine the number and the parameters of the hole.
In addition, we can offer the following solutions as well:
PitManager – automated mine equipment management system.
ShovelManager– high precision automated management and levelling system for shovels and loaders.
DozerManager– high precision automated management and levelling system for bulldozers and graders.
StaffManager– automated management and tracking system for the mobile staff.
Нам Мау - TKV
Masan Resources
Bitexco Group
Vietnam Apatite Limited Company
87R&D "AhmadullinS - Science & Technology
"Ahmadullina Alfiya Garipovna, IP
Energy, Oil and GasChemical industrywww.ahmadullins.comR&D Center performs development and implementation of technologies for treatment from sulfur compounds:
1) DEMERUS – mercaptans removal from hydrocarbon feedstocks;
2) LOCOS – Treatment of sulfur alkaline wastes, process condensate and produced waters;
3) DeCOS - Treatment of hydrocarbon gases from carbonyl sulphide;
4) H2S - Treatment of gases hydrocarbon gases from hydrogen sulphide.

R&D Center has developed and patented for the above processes its own heterogeneous KSM-X catalyst, which has a high oxidation activity of mercaptans, mercaptides and inorganic sulphides, resistance to catalytic poisons, and high thermal stability. Guaranteed service life of the catalyst is 8 years.

Main Services:
• Development of Basic Design Projects and provision of Licenses for the construction of new and revamp of existing units;
• Manufacturing, delivery and loading of KSM-X catalyst;
• Supervision of design, commissioning and start-up procedures;
• Personnel training.
Oil Refinery & Petrochemical
88LLC "Newton Coating"Chemical industryNewtonCoating.comThe company is a direct manufacturer of liquid ceramic heat-reflective coatings and energy-efficient materials. Energy-efficient liquid ceramic insulation designed to protect against high temperatures and solar radiation, as well as to save thermal energy with a minimum coating thickness. The material is a professional coating and innovative development of the company. The service life of the coating is at least 10 years in a wide variety of operating conditions and for a wide variety of objects - from construction to various types of vehicles.Energy, gas and oil industry, automotive industry, civil and industrial construction, housing and communal services, special transport
89ZAO "NPK "Polymer-Compound"Chemical industry. Production of polymer blendsChemical industryhttp://poly-comp.ru/The staff of ZAO “Polymer-Compound” has been involved for more than 20 years into development and production of compounds meeting both current and promising requirements of the industry.The company produces polymer materials, such as:
• Sewed with silanols polyethylene for power cable insulation;
• Sooty dyes;
• Materials with lower combustibility and stepped down smoke opacity for cabling, electro-technical industries and for appliances and building material production;
• Dynamically sewed thermoplastic elastomers combining rubber elastic properties and thermoplast processability for cabling, automotive, building and other industries;
• Materials for oil cable insulation and sheath with higher operation temperature;
• Adhesively-active materials and protective coatings for mains with improved performance;
• Electroconductive materials for minerals and building industries and electrotechnical items;
• PVC-based thermoplastic elastomers for cabling industry;
• Highly filled polymeric materials for cabling and building industries and for items of general technical purpose.
The production capacity is 25 thousand tons of composite materials per year. Production has extrusion lines of various capacities and purposes. All production lines are equipped with continuous weighing systems for components, filling lines and peripheral equipment.
The Company's policy is aimed at the development of polymer compositions, the technical characteristics of which will correspond or exceed foreign analogues, and the compositions themselves were competitive for consumers.
90Poliplast (Ltd.)Production of galvanic and environmental equipmentChemical industry.
Mechanical engineering and metallurgy (galvanizing and environmental equipment)
poliplast.ruPoliplast (Ltd) is a Russian manufacturer of galvanizing and environmental equipment. The enterprise is ready to offer its clients full cycle works in electroplating shops such as design, manufacturing of equipment, installation and start-up. The company has been successfully working for 28 years and has a vast experience in supplying “turn-key” galvanizing plants, wastewater treatment plants for industrial and household use, water pretreatment ventilation systems and automatic control systems. The firm provides service for all produced equipment.
Over all its activity life the enterprise has delivered over 70,000 items for more than 1,800 customers in Russia and CIS countries. The company’s production capacities enable to manufacture high-quality technology-inten¬sive equipment. The production process involves numerical control machines, laser cutters, press breaker, thermoplastic bending and butt-welding machines. It also uses own technologies of metal coloring and welded seam rust protection. The company adopted a Certified Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 (by TÜV Rheinland Group). Poliplast has its own manufacturing facility on about 2 hectares, which includes: workshops, assembly area, substation, transport establishment, boiler house and storage.

Poliplast’s staff includes more than 200 highly competent specialists. Our engineering and production personnel receive education in Russia and abroad, undergo advanced train¬ing at leading European enterprises.
automobile manufacturers etc
91LLC RDP.RUIT technologyTelecommunicationshttps://rdp.ru/RDP.RU — russian vendor of innovative telecommunication equipment. In portfolio RDP.RU there are several solutions for Telecom operators and Internet Service Providers:
EcoSGE is a universal service platform (Service Gateway Engine): CG-NAT, BRAS, URL-Filter, DPI and QoE solutions in one platform.
• CG-NAT: supports different types of NAT simultaneously: CG-NAT/PAT, Basic NAT, a static stream of 1:1;
• DPI: deep packet inspection solutions for any kind of traffic;
• Quality of Experience: subscribers preferences and intention monitoring, visited URLs, including competitor’s websites, devices used by subscribers, clickstream statistics, create targeted offers;
• BRAS: Services Gateway to limit the speed of access to subscribers, disable non-payers with forwarding to the portal (page "it's time to pay") etc;
• URL-Filtering: subscribers filtering on the list of prohibited resources, providing "children Internet" services, etc.
It is possible to purchase any set of functions, for example, CG-NAT + BRAS / CG-NAT + BRAS + DPI, etc.
All platforms are able to operate at wire speed - for packages with an average length of 480 bytes or more.
The EcoSGE solution is a transparent L2 bridge. Only non-tagged frames are processed. Frames tagged with 802.1 Q are passed transparently. All 10G ports for subscriber traffic are divided into pairs: Inside (LAN) and Outside (WAN). Each pair of LAN+WAN ports is a pseudo-wire: packets that come to LAN-1 are transmitted to WAN-1, those that come to WAN-3 are transmitted to LAN – 3 and so on. There is no packet transfer between different pairs.
Telecom operators, Internet Service Providers, System integrators
92OJSC "Elecond"Manufacturer of aluminum, tantalum capacitors, and supercapasitors (EDLC).Telecommunicationswww.elecond.ruOpen Joint Stock Company "Elecond" is a leading Russian manufacturer of aluminum, tantalum capacitors, and supercapasitors (EDLC).
The enterprise has modern technological and production basis, special technologies and technical solutions, its own in-house design and highly qualified specialists.
OJSC "ELECOND" has the whole cycle of aluminum capacitors production including capacitor foil production and the whole cycle of tantalum capacitors production. Guaranteed high quality of capacitors of OJSC "Elecond" is provided by more than 50 years of experience and confirmed by European quality certificates, including RoHS (CE).
Manufacturers, dealers and distributors of electronics and electronic components
93TIRA, OOORadio industryTelecommunications
94Volga Research Medical University, FSBEI HPE PIMUEducationEducation
95High-tech in Russia: Strategy for Development and Export Potential, Information and Publishing ProjectEducationwww.vtr.dumaexpert.ru; www.ruviet.comThe information and analytics publication with the title of 'High-tech in Russia: Strategy for Development and Export Potential' is dedicated to topical issues of national high-tech development and strengthening of export potential of Russia's innovations-based economy.

The project, which assists in development and implementation of efficient state policy in the above-mentioned areas, has been in implementation since 2018 with support from the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, with wide participation of heads of federal bodies of state power, institutions and organizations representing innovations-and-technological and export infrastructure, heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, representatives of high-tech business, educational institutions, scientific-and-expert groups, and their foreign partners in areas of scientific and technological cooperation.

The annual book-size publication considers the topics of implementation of strategy for scientific-and-technological development of Russia, formation of high-tech markets, perfection of state support for innovations-based entrepreneurship and its export capabilities, development and export of advanced technologies in certain spheres of economy and regions, widening of scientific-and-technological cooperation with countries of South-Eastern Asia and other world regions.
96OOO Verkhoshizhemsky plywood millVFK, OOO produces peeled birch veneer, with good performance and broad applicability. It is used in veneering, furniture and other wooden surfaces, plywood, parquet, glued bent or bulky products, in the design of interior decoration and in the production of decorative and household goods: baskets, baskets, bread boxes, baskets for Laundry and more.Wood industrywww.v - fk.ruOOO Verkhoshizhemsky plywood mill manufactures sliced birch veneer of high quality and wide scope of application. It is used for furniture and wood surface veneering, for making plywood, parquet, curved laminated or 3-dimensional shape items, for interior design works and for making of decorative and household goods: baskets, punnets, breadbins, laundry baskets and others.
Enterprises engaged in the production of: furniture, office furniture, plywood
97Veles, LLCWholesale of timberWood industry Wholesale trade with timber.
Search for equipment for the production of birch veneer.
98Kama les, LLCWholesale of timberWood industryWholesale trade with processed and unprocessed timber.
99Stankolestrade LLCProduction of the equipment for processing of wood: household installations for crushing of wood, and the whole lines "turnkey" for utilization of industrial, wood and agricultural waste. Processing is carried out in technological chips, fuel pellets, briquettes, sawdust.Wood industryhttps://trade43.ruStankoLes-Treid is a integrated commercial and industrial enterprise providing a complex of services: from development of new equipment to its guarantee maintenance. The central office of the company and its production site are located in Kirov, supplies of its products are effected throughout Russia and CIS countries.
Each piece of equipment designed in StankLes-Treid is a maintenance-friendly and failure-free unit not unlike Kalashnikov assault rifle. All items are designed by experienced engineers and distinguished by high dependability of each units all the while having a low price.
We offer you the best conditions for acquiring any pice of equipment:
- 100% manufacturer guarantee - emergency repair and full technical support for all product range, even after the guarantee period expiry.
- affordable price formation - we strive to produce more and to sell cheaper. So, our prices are the lowest at the market.
- Fail-safe supply of expendable materials - any spare parts and accessories are available within the whole life-cycle of the equipment.
- High service level – fast delivery, discounts for steady customers, gifts in the form of additional equipment parts, prolongation of the guarantee term and so on.

Production of equipment for processing wood waste