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TimestampWhat is your name?What show are you reviewing? What town/city was this show in?What was the date of your show?How many times have you been a vendor at this show?What was the booth fee?What is your craft? (State if you are a DS vendor)With 1 being the most difficult and 10 being the easiest, how difficult/easy was it to load & unload?With 1 being the slowest and 10 being the busiest, how was the foot traffic?How likely would you be to do this show again?Feel free to write up a review here. On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate this show overall?
6/5/2017 19:11:53100 American CraftsmenLockportJune 2-4, 2017This was my 1st.$210 +$40 application feeWood jewelry563Load-in was very easy, as they were open the evening before the show, and until 3pm on the day of the show, volunteers were helpful, and vendor information was mailed, available online, and given again upon arrival at the show. There was a concession stand from which I bought *excellent* soup. They had many other food options as well.
Load-out was not so easy, as everyone was trying to leave at once so we couldn't pull right up to the building.

The quality of the vendors was excellent and diverse, with some very high-end pieces. I felt honored and intimidated to be among them.

The wifi was not strong or reliable, and the steel building made LTE spotty as well, but we didn't have too much trouble.
Friday night was about what I expected, with moderate attendance and very little buying, but people were friendly & interested.
Saturday was quite dead; the show opened at 10 and we didn't have a sale til 1:30. It was an older crowd, and most people were just browsing, not interested in even hearing about how things are made. Towards the end of the day (at 6) we finally made back our booth fee.
Sunday was rainy, which I guess brought people in. It was much busier, but the price point people bought in was disappointing- 80% of our sales were under $50. Even the pieces that usually fly off the table were a tough sell. If we'd hadn't had a free place to stay, this show would have been a significant loss.

It was a VERY good show for meeting friendly, talented artists.
5/1/2016 18:29:24susanAmerican Legion Newark5/1/16This was my 1st.$20.00Tiki Bottles and Birdhouses1028Staff was extremely helpful and friendly. There were new at doing a show so this experience was helpful to them. Booth size was expected. Vendors filled the room and made some GREAT contacts!5
9/19/2016 9:16:52Tom Zachman GlassArtist Row 2016Rochester9/18/16This was my 4th or more.$40.00Glass1078It's my favorite show of the year. I thought attendance was down from last year, although the dollar amt of my sales was the same. The staff assigned to my area was very friendly and offered to booth sit more than once. I think AR does a great job of advertising. The size of the booths is 10' wide by at least 20' deep and almost all vendors can back their car right in to their space. The food trucks made for great choices of things to eat.9
10/11/2016 8:52:56Denise McGuireArtist Row at the Rochester Public MarketRochester9/18/2016This was my 2nd.$40.00Home Decor1069Although this show is outdoors, it's under the sheds (awnings) so you don't need a tent. The music and food was great, and it was a fun atmosphere. Spaces are large and deep, and loading/unloading is a breeze! Spaces are clearly marked, as they use the existing market spaces. The music ended at 3 and the shopping at 4, and a few people told me they were told by volunteers that it closed at 3. There were volunteers offering people who were solo if they needed a break, and several stopped to check in with me. Traffic was best earliest in the day. I didn't see as much advertising this year compared to last year, but maybe I just missed it. Sales were still solid, and I'll be applying again. 8
3/11/2019 9:22:03Archangel School craft showChili NY3/9/2019This was my 1st.35Hand ice dyed scarves1011There was no signage in front of or on the way to the venue. No one from the organization greeted us at any time during the show or introduced themselves. At one point in the afternoon, speakers were brought in to play loud obnoxious music You couldn't have had a conversation with a customer if you had one. If was totally inappropriate and unnecessary There was no foot traffic at all. Total waste of a day. 1
3/10/2019 15:53:08Archangel Craft and Vendor FairRochester NY3/9/19This was my 1st.$30Handmade Jewelry411This show was poorly advertised and had zero foot traffic. My booth was initially put in the basement with only a few other vendors while everyone else was upstairs in a gym, 30 minutes before the show was going to start they told us we could move upstairs so we did the mad dash to move everything. Even being upstairs I probably had 10-12 people stop at the table the entire 6 hours. I only made 2 sales which barely covered my table fee and the donation that I gave to the raffle. The booth was 10x10 originally but once I moved upstairs it was probably only 4/5ft deep. The staff was mostly comprised of school kids with once teacher overseeing everything, it was disorganized and they had several no show vendors and everyone packed up early because sales were so slow. 2
8/13/2016 21:08:34Out on a WhimAvon Corn FestAvon8/13/16This was my 1st.$70.00Jewelry971The volunteers were VERY helpful and plentiful, they even helped me unload & set up my tent! They also sent someone around to provide change if you needed it, and provided a trash bag for each vendor, which I thought was a great idea. After unloading, vendors were directed to a somewhat distant parking lot (to keep traffic moving), but there were shuttle buses running constantly, so the distance wasn't an issue. There were signs all over the place, both for parking and advertising. The foot traffic was steady all day, but it did not seem to be a buying crowd- I didn't see many people with purchases besides blow-up hammers & bats for the kids. People were friendly, but I only had two sales the whole day- not enough to even make back my booth fee. Someone a booth or two over was smoking throughout the day.

I noticed that many of the vendors did not have weights, and many who did were very insufficient.
8/14/2016 3:19:01Valerie WilsonAvon Corn FestAvon8/13/16This was my 1st.$60.00Home Decor, Sewing983Unloading was very easy, you could pull right up to your spot. Once you were unloaded, you had to park the car quite a ways away, but they did offer shuttles back and forth, which was nice. The staff was excellent and offered help throughout the day, and they were very friendly. There were a LOT of people, but not only were they not buying, they were barely "window shopping". Meaning most of them didn't even look to the left & right to see what was in each tent. I think most people were there for the food, kids and festivities, not to buy. The heat was unbearable for most of the day (and I usually tolerate heat pretty well) and then a massive storm came through and caused massive flooding, broken merchandise, broken tents, etc. We were right next to a drain and it was so clogged, no water was going down it. Our stuff literally started floating away. At one point the water was 10-12" high. I personally feel that if severe weather is in the forecast, the coordinators should close down the event before this happens. I will say though, that during this disaster, the coordinators kept coming by to make sure we were ok. I do think it was very well coordinated, but I don't think this is a great venue for "crafts". 3
8/15/2016 7:54:56Hanna EyAvon Corn FestAvon08/13/2016This was my 1st.$60.00Home Decor896First off, I want to point out that this show is very well organized and the staff is helpful. The only show I have attended so far that actually has a treasurer available to get change if needed. Now... Granted there was plenty of foot traffic, it was mostly browsers and no buyers. It was an extremely hot day on top of severe weather warnings, which finally occurred around 4pm. The storm hit so quick when the sky was sunny then the next it was dark clouds, winds, and pouring rain. We were set up at the curbs on the street and the sides flooded over the curb within a matter of minutes. The wind took out my Smelly Jar display and broke the majority of my etched glass. Our jewelry displays were flying so we were trying to collect all those when the crash happened. Many of my labels had to be redone due to getting wet. The storm didn't last long but it did plenty of damage to so many vendors, which is a risk you have to take for outdoor shows unfortunately. If it was just a little cooler and with no storm warnings, I think it would have gone better. Mother Nature did NOT play nice and with it being so hot, caused few sales, atleast in my category. I still may give this another shot since you can't do much about Mother Nature. It is still a well organized show with food, entertainment, helpers, shuttles, tons of vendors and crafters, and a way to get change. The show is all set up on a residential street all the way into town at the round-a-bout so all the businesses are also doing sales and such which is nice.6
6/26/2016 18:37:27Josh nortzAvon first annual craft showAvon6/25/16This was my 1st.$35.00Jewelry10210This was the first year, they offered us all free booth set up sunday and also offered to let is stay and sell to the drivein crowd.5
6/26/2016 20:04:34Carol PanepintoAvon First Annual Craft ShowAvon6/25/2016This was my 1st.$30.00Jewelry1029Traffic was light and not what was expected. Signs out front would have been helpful and at some point they did put up something but not sure if it was visible from the road. The people that did attend were friendly and looking to see what was available. I had a couple small sales. The market was very nice to offer us a free spot the next day and we could stay to sell to the drive-in crowd if we wanted. Hoping next time the word gets out to more people and more show up. It would have been awesome with a bigger crowd.7
11/17/2017 14:12:58Babies Who BrunchNorth Chili11/17/2017This was my 1st.$25DS811Absolutely no traffic, two moms came in and that’s it. I didn’t feel like any advertising was done at all.

More advertising, signs at Road.
12/1/2018 16:34:16MattBishop Karney vendor fairIrondequoit12/1/2018This was my 1st.$35Hand routed wood signs571There was a lot of foot traffic but I didn't even make my booth fee. To me people where looking for cheeper items $10 or less.5
11/18/2015 15:53:14Valerie WilsonBloomfield Fall FestivalBloomfield9/19/15This was my 1st.$20.00Sewing, Home Decor10610This was our first time doing a "festival" and we were very pleasantly surprised at the turnout. It rained on and off all day, but that did not deter shoppers. Loading and unloading was very easy, since you could pull right up to your spot to load and unload. When we arrived, we were able to pick the spot we wanted, we were 2nd in from the road. They had music, lots of food vendors, a parade, and it was just a very fun day overall. Our sales were way more than we had anticipated, and we met a lot of really nice people - both customers and vendors. Cannot wait to do this show again next year!7
11/22/2015 10:53:13Valerie WilsonBloomfield Holiday Craft ShowBloomfield11/21/15This was my 2nd.$40.00Sewing, Home Decor5710This was our 2nd year, and we love this show. We did great last year and did even better this year. The first couple of hours it was really slow for us, but then it picked up and it was quite busy & steady for the rest of the day up until around the last hour, which is typical at most shows anyways. Unloading was a little difficult because vendors were parked right in front of the ramps, so we had to go around the long way to get our cart onto the sidewalk. I do think they should have blocked vehicles from parking in front of the ramps. We paid for a double booth this year and our double booth seemed much smaller than our single booth last year, so we were not able to set up like we usually do, but we made it work. Last year we were in the back gym, and this year we were in the main gym, which is our preference. They had a lot of vendors, they even had the hallways and cafeteria filled with vendors. Overall it was a great show and would definitely do it again!7
11/22/2015 14:04:48Hanna EyBloomfield Holiday Craft ShowBloomfield11/21/2015This was my 1st.$40.00Home Decor889The show seemed well organized that allowed crafts and DS. The ladies at the information booth were kind since I was VERY late due to my truck not starting (I live 45ish minutes away). I had an end spot along the wall in the main gym. They had booths on one side of the hallway leading to the gym and cafeteria which I thought was good. The foot traffic was really good for the first half, then it slowly died down. My sales were decent but I feel I'd have to do more to do this show on a consistant basis. I am still going to apply next year for another chance with a new setup to see how that works. Customers and vendors were friendly and I wish I was able to look around, but I was alone. Overall, this is a good show and I recommend it.8
11/19/16Valerie WilsonBloomfield Holiday Craft ShowBloomfield11/19/16This was my 3rd.$40.00Candles & Soaps
644This was my 3rd year at this event, and in the past 2 years we always did very well here. This year was disappointing. Sales wise, I did less about half of what I did last year, and that's only because my boyfriend's co-workers came to the show to buy some of my products. Otherwise, the day would have been a complete waste. Other than no more vendors in the hallways, I didn't notice many other differences. The staff was friendly and helpful, the weather was warmer in the morning (68º) and when we left it was 40º and sleeting. So unsure if weather had anything to do with the decline in foot traffic. It's a festive show and was one of my favorites in past years, but I'm unsure if I'll be doing this one again. Many vendors I spoke to said they also would not be returning.
3/24/2016 1:18:44SusanBrainery Holiday BazaarRochester3/12/16This was my 1st.Paper/wood/photos2310My first day it was also St.Patricks day parade. But to ME the traffic was good compared to other town events. I spoke with other crafters there and they advised me last month during a blizzard they were PACKED. Very good area with restaurants and the museums across the street. ALL CRAFTS or Homemade Lotions/soaps etc. I didnt make much that day but i will do again. It was GREAT seeing and meeting people along with fellow vendors to network with. Cant wait till April! I have new crafts coming and cant wait to see their expressions :) Lovely people for SURE!!9
8/15/2016 11:44:36Shawna Apps/Back to the Drawing BoardBrockport Arts FestivalBrockport8/13/16 - 8/14/16This was my 1st.$150 early bird/$175 regular feePaintings/Drawings/Watercolor jewelry977I was in the business district, so I couldn't set up until Saturday morning. They had a lot of staff around to help direct you to your space, and they were super helpful directing you to parking/bathrooms. Traffic was okay Saturday morning, I made my table fee by 12:30, but no sales after 1:30 due to extreme heat/potential storms. Sunday was much better, there were times that I was so busy I had people waiting to get into my booth. A lot of lookers, and "maybe I'll be backs". It was my first juried show and two day event, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I did fairly well overall, I know a lot of people didn't do well and that some didn't even come back Sunday. They had volunteers to come sit in your booth while you went to get food or went to the bathroom, but I only had someone come in once Sunday. Complaints would mostly just be that they moved the portapotties that were supposed to be around the corner from me down a street so people attending the beer event Saturday night could have easy access, and that there was little to no advertising that I saw for the vendors, just the Duck Derby and Beer Festival. I might go back next year, there's something that bugged me about the festival but I can't put my finger on what it was, but the sales were decent for my first time doing the show and the weather being iffy all weekend.7
8/15/2016 21:06:34Arlene ShermanBrockport Arts FestivalBrockport8/13, 8/14This was my 1st.$175.00Jewelry1079You could drive right up to your spot and drop off and pick up. There were volunteers to watch your booth for a break, I was alone most of the day so this was well appreciated. The church on Main St. Was open for the bathroom, snacks and water. I did have a ring stolen from my table and that was dissapointing. Sat. was so. So hot! We didn't get much more that a sprinkle but the sky was threatening and I think this kept people away. Sunday was much nicer and my sales reflected that. So I would do the show again. I appreciate all the folks involved in the show for their hard work in making a safe place for us to sell our wares. 7
12/9/2016 12:32:39Hanna EyBrockport Kiwanis Holiday Craft ShowBrockport12/4/2016This was my 4th or more.45Aroma, bath & body products, jewelry, and more.1068This year was their 42nd year for this event. This is a handmade only show. When I first joined 5 years ago, it was great. Last year and the year before were much slower. This year someone else was running it so I gave it another chance. Traffic was still low but sales were good (I was in a completely different spot this time around). Some of the changes made this year was the date of the show. I was use to the first Saturday of November, this year they had the event on the first Sunday of December. One guest commented how she came in Saturday looking for this event to learn it was on Sunday. I think the day change may have hindered things a little bit. I know there was no official facebook event created. I'm not sure what they did advertising wise as I do not live in the area. Loading/unloading is easy. They always have a few people around to help you carry your items. I do enjoy this event as I am from Brockport so I get to see family, friends, and acquaintances. They had the Holley School kids sing some Christmas songs for a little bit which is nice, although being on the other side of the gym couldn't hear them too well. It is a fun event and gets you into the spirit of the holidays.7
12/2/2018 19:47:11Jennifer ConjertiBrockport Kiwanis Craft ShowBrockport12/2/2018This was my 1st.$55handmade mixed media crafts9710The Kiwanis staff was very friendly. Advertising included road signage and an ad in the paper (there may have been more that I was unaware of). Booth size was great and clearly marked. Allowing crafters the opportunity to set up the night before was fantastic and extremely helpful. 9
10/7/2017 18:10:26Brookdale West Side Rochester - Fall Festival Vendor and Craft ShowGreece10/7/17This was my 1st.No fee, requested a product donation for a raffleMixed Media211Loading in and out was very difficult due to a small driveway and entrance into the facility. There was no on-site parking which was not communicated to participants, we had to park at Greece Ridge Mall and they had a shuttle to bring us back. We were only given 1 hour to unload and set up, which was fine for most of the DS vendors, but for me it is definitely not enough time especially with having to leave to park down the street and be shuttled back (took about 15 minutes). Leaving was extremely difficult because of a traffic jam in the parking lot and the shuttle had trouble getting in and out so many of us were left waiting for 10-15 minutes for the shuttle and waited more time on the shuttle just to get out of the parking lot. There were no spaces marked off so it was left up to the participants to figure out the best way to set up in the room. In some areas there was not enough room for wheelchairs and walkers to get to all the tables. The room I was in definitely had more DS vendors, out of the 11 tables only 2 were crafters. There was supposed to be a raffle but no information was provided to participants as to how it was being done and how much tickets were, etc. The only time I spoke to the coordinator was when I got there and when I was leaving, the only other employees I saw were some nurses and shuttle driver. Very few residents seemed interested in the show, or at least the area I was in. I've done other senior living communities and have always been very successful and residents eager to stop by to talk, browse, etc and usually their families also stop by. The show ran from 10-3 and I had a total of 3 sales, all $20 and under.1
12/5/2015 20:27:11Canandaigua Holiday BazaarCanandaigua11/21/15This was my 1st.$20.00Direct Sales311There were apparently supposed to be 10 vendors there but only 8 showed up...darn good thing because there was barely room for the 8. They were terribly unorganized & I don't think they advertised at all. There were maybe 12 customers all day & some of those were people that were passing through to the bar at the VFW where it was held. Total waste of time, money & gas for my hour trip one-way!1
5/1/2016 16:19:08Celebration at College TownRochester4/30/2016This was my 1st.$0.00Jewelry10710Staff was very nice and helpful. Being a first time show there was some confusion on spaces but they were very helpful in getting things cleared up. Booth size was as expected. I was quite happy with the event.8
5/4/2016 13:32:09Celebration at College TownRochester4/30/16This was my 1st.FreeHome Decor, Scentsy Products1011The only positive was it was free. Some vendors were pushed together while others were way at the end. little advertisement. Unorganized. no vendors made sales. At least it was gorgeous outside1
5/1/2016 17:25:06Hanna EyCelebration at College TownRochester4/30/2016This was my 1st.$0.00Home Decor857(Sorry, this is long) I want to start by saying, I did have fun at this show, but do have some critiques about it. There was plenty of staff members, security, and flag control for traffic throughout the whole day. You can tell there was a lot of thought and man power put into the setup for this event. The Red Wings Mascot was walking around having fun, DJ, several activities for kids and a bounce house, across the street was beer tasting and live music, and several vendors that were crafts, direct sellers, and informational/promotional booths. They did supply tents, tables, and chairs to those who needed, at least most, but I brought my own. Traffic was good for the first half of the day, mostly families with small children to partake in the kids activities. There were huge gaps between each vendor, and of course not every vendor was a full 10 x 10 space (normal size for an outdoor event). Guests were walking behind, through, and in between all the vendors, which can make it a little difficult to properly set up and be aware of your surroundings at all times. I can understand if maybe there just was not enough vendors to fill in everywhere since this is a first time show (that I recall), but it was so much empty space between each. A couple vendors (information/promotional booths I think) were packed up and gone after a couple hours. Some others started packing up early and even brought their vehicles to load even though there were still guests walking around (I worry about safety at that point). I think having certain types of booths together could help save on space and provide more room to accommodate for more vendors. It was nice having a DJ but I felt some songs were not really appropriate for the large amount of small children around, granted I don't mind the music at all. I was dancing a little bit throughout the day :) Unloading, loading was generally easy, just in the morning the trucks that brought the cement blocks and tents were still there and had to wait to get to my spot til after their trucks were moved. I also feel the one hour setup time is kind of short when it comes to instances like having to wait for other vehicles to move. The sign up process is easy, like very easy. Very little information is asked for, basically contact information. Even though I contacted someone that I would bring my own tent, someone called the day prior asking if I still needed a tent. I don't recall having confirmation that my info was accepted either. As for promoting, many guests said they didn't know this event was happening and didn't know what it was for. Overall, I feel, over time, this could become a great event. Even though it was low sales for me, I did enjoy my time and would register again if there are plans for another one. It is a great area and they did a great job building it.7
9/26/2016 7:53:22Michael Primavera JrCentral Square Apple FestivalCentral Square9/24/16 - 9/25/16This was my 1st.$75.00Natural Dog Treats7710Being my first year, I didn't know what to expect. The crowd was slow and steady. There was some down time but not much between customers. It also depends on where you are located from what I hear. There were 9 rows of vendors and some rows were just busier than others. Saturday s the choice day for sales. There are a lot of volunteers working the show ready to help you. Getting in to set up was a breeze, getting your vehicle back into the ground to load up and leave is a bit problematic. It took me over an hour to get my car, drove back into the grounds, pack up the car and go. I broke down starting at 4:30 Sunday, got my ticket for re-entry at 5:10 and was leaving at 6:00 car packed.8
12/5/2015 20:05:42Valerie WilsonCharles Carroll School #46Rochester12/5/15This was my 1st.$45.00Sewing, Home Decor4910We were on the 2nd floor and we were able to set up the night before. There is an elevator to the 2nd floor in the back of the school. This elevator has double doors and opens in the back and front on the 1st floor. This is not too much of an issue for unloading your vehicle, but when it was time to load up after the show, this elevator took FOREVER because people on the first floor kept holding it for themselves. Otherwise, you can use the stairs. There also was not much parking at all. They have a tiny parking lot on the side of the school which fills up very quickly, and then everyone else - including customers - have to park on the street. And from what I hear, some had to walk a great distance to get to the show from their vehicles. With that being said, this show was EXCELLENT. Lots of very steady traffic all day long, up until the last hour. All of the staff who ran the show was exceptionally friendly and helpful. Large carts were available to help you unload when you got there. They gave you a WIFI code when you got there, and it actually worked very well! They also gave vendors coupons for free beverages. It was an excellent show and I can't wait to do it again next year. 10
12/13/2015 13:25:08Hanna EyCharles Carroll School #46Rochester12/5/2015This was my 1st.$45.00Jewelry, Home Decor, Bath/Body7810This was my first time at this show. Fairly decent foot traffic all day. We did have some excitement with a fire drill due to someone burning chili early on. I was located on the second floor not too far from the elevator. Granted it was nice to have the elevator with a rear door to the back entrance, it is very slow and of course many other vendors were using it. We tried to take our time tearing down that way fewer vendors where trying to use the elevator but due to it's slowness, it didn't seem to matter. Vendors and staff were friendly. They had secured wifi for vendors only which was pretty cool. Didn't seem to be congested at all. I got to do a quick walk around and just remember I completely missed the gym! From what I saw they had a good variety. I am already signed up for next year!9
12/6/2015 16:59:45SusanCharles Carroll School #46Rochester12/5/2015This was my 1st.$45.00Wine Glasses8810FANTASTIC!! So happy I finally had a show were people truly enjoyed talent10
12/8/16Valerie WilsonCharles Carroll School #46Rochester12/3/16This was my 2nd.$50.00Candles & Soaps
3710This was my 2nd year at School #46. Loading & unloading is a nightmare, especially if you are on the 2nd floor like me, because there's only one elevator, and the people on the 1st floor like to hold it, as it is also their way to get to the back lot as well. But that being said, this was not a disappointing show. Traffic was definitely down from last year, and I understand there were other shows in the area that may have contributed to the lower than usual foot traffic. There were times when there was no one in the hallways, which is unusual. The loudspeakers on the 2nd floor were not working at all, and apparently, someone's car was almost towed because they announced it but no one on the 2nd floor heard the announcement. Overall, our sales were down 58% from last year, but last year was an amazing year, so we still ended up doing well here this year. We have already signed up for next year's show. 8
12/9/2016 14:36:21Hanna EyCharles Carroll School #46Rochester12/3/2016This was my 2nd.$50Aroma, bath & body products, jewelry, and more.7710This is a fun well organized event. Unloading/loading is... somewhat easy. I pick the second floor which has access to the elevator, but it's normally held up since two other floors are also trying to use it. This is one event I take my time packing up for so I'm not fighting with other vendors for the elevator. Traffic seemed lower this year compared to last year but my sales were more than double what I did last year. This event showcases a big variety of unique items and everyone is friendly. The booth size is small (5x8 if I remember right) for the amount of products I make but it's still nicely set up. They allow Friday night setup, have wifi strictly for vendors and give you the password each year, and they have the cafeteria open for food and drinks. All around a fun event.8
6/7/2017 11:09:53Charlotte Community Craft and Vendor ShowRochester6/3/2017This was my 1st.$30.00DS Vendor for Tastefully Simple512While originally the posting for this show was very organized, once I paid my fee there was a very small amount of communication before the event. Once we arrived I was told that the basket I was donating woudl be picked up with the coordinator introduced herself to everyone before the start of teh event. I never met her directly, in fact she came by my booth, but never even shook my hand. As the day went on the show opened and we were so far from the road no one could see us, even though there were signs, there was never an event created and while the coordinator said she posted up about the event, I don't think that she did. It was a clear sunny day and I probably talked and or saw about 10 customers that whole day..

There was not a bathroom that was accessible because the residents at the St. Bernards didn't want us to use their bathroom. they in fact were guarding teh door and letting it slam in the face of not only the vendors, but some of their children. At the start of the event we were all excited to be there, however myself and three other vendors left at 2 pm when we hadn't even made the $30 that we had initially invested in the event. As we pulled out and were packing up, no one even checked to see how things were going or to see why we were leaving or to even say Thank You. I would do this again if it was run much better, had bathrooms for the event and if we were in a different location that was able to be seen from the parking lot.

I did make some connections so it wasn't a complete loss, but I don't think this was a well run event.
10/27/2016 20:04:15ShaunaChili Lions Cheer Bowling FundraiserGates10/23/16This was my 1st.$35.00Jamberry1058This event was advertised on Facebook and shared by the coordinator. No signage at the location. As a fundraiser for a specific team, it was fun. The cheerleaders were in attendance and very fun and enthusiastic. Not sure that we received much foot traffic beyond those personally connected to the cheer team.7
11/19/16Valerie WilsonChristkindl MarketCanandaigua11/11/16 to 11/13/16This was my 1st.$380.00Soaps & Candles81010I had heard good things about this show, but was not at all prepared for how AMAZING this show was. This show blew my mind! The best show I've ever done in my life. Because we are so local (10 minutes) we were told we could set up our tent & display on Wednesday, to avoid the crowd on Thursday. This was awesome. We still had to set up our merchandise on Thursday, but had the big things out of the way.

The traffic at this show was like being at the state fair. Non-stop crowds, every day of the show. (This was a 3-day show, Fri/Sat/Sun). Friday & Saturday were the best days for sales, but Sunday was not a disappointment by any means either. Your tent is under their large, heated tents, and the show is decorated for Christmas, such a festive show. The staff was so incredibly friendly and helpful on every level. They really treat the vendors very well. If you do this show, make sure you have LOTS of inventory, as we had to re-stock both Saturday & Sunday mornings. And make sure you have help. I would not have been able to handle this show by myself. There were times people were waiting for someone to leave my tent, so they could squeeze in. It was that crazy. I cannot WAIT to do this show again next year!
11/18/2015 9:36:20Valerie WilsonChristmas in JulyHenrietta7/25/15This was my 1st.$20.00Sewing811It appeared to be well organized, but I do not know what kind of advertising they did, if any at all. The show was completely dead the entire day. I purchased 2 booths and made my table fee back, but that was pretty much it. Also, the sign up application stated we would have 8' tables, but we only received 6' tables, so a lot of vendors were upset because they really needed the 8' table they were promised. A lot of vendors did not have enough room for their products because of this. The foot traffic was almost non-existent and we wouldn't do this show again.1
12/6/2015 17:11:15SusanChristmas in JulyHenrietta7/25/2015This was my 1st.$20.00papercrafts1032Unfortunately most of the people showed up was family remember of the vendors. I dont understand when the show's proceeds go to the fire dept the volunteers and neighbors dont show up for support. The organizers were awesome! I know they tried very hard.3
8/19/2017 21:21:20Prefer AnonymityChurchville Lions Country FairChurchville8/19-20, 2017This was my 1st.70Wooden items921The Lions were friendly. There was really no traffic to speak of. Did not break even. Mostly little kids and not a shopping crowd. Just warning others to stay away from it. 2
8/19/2017 21:30:17anonymousCicero Community FestivalCicero6/20/17This was my 1st.$50 i thinkwooden stuff511I review only to save any other people from attending. Made no sales; vendors were so bored they were going booth to booth handing out flyers. Music was very loud (could not carry on conversation) and nobody was buying anything from anyone. "Festival" was not attended by anyone, no restrooms. Be sure and miss this one. 1
9/16/2017 15:45:05louise cardilloClothesline art festivalRochesterSept. 9-10This was my 1st.$325.00Scarves from Vintage Kimonos101010The show was fantastic. The volunteers did an excellent job. The organizers were on top of everything. The weather was perfect. which no one can control. But for my first time, it was a breeze. 10
6/14/2016 20:53:06Chris CharlesColumbus Art FestivalColumbus OH6/9/16 - 6/11/16This was my 1st.$600.00letterpress printmaking9810I am slowly recovering from my first out-of-state show, the Columbus Art Festival (Columbus, Ohio, June 9-11). Not sure if anyone else was there, or had done this show in the past, but it's huge! It's also extremely well organized. They even had someone go around and check to make sure everyone was selling what they should be (apparently greeting cards are not allowed, so I had to take down my card rack).
It's 3 days- and they are long hours, but the traffic was pretty steady the entire time. Friday and Saturday it runs 11am-10:30pm, with the option of closing up at 9:30. Friday we were so beat, we closed at 9:30, but Saturday there was some good traffic, and I made some bigger sales right towards the end. Sunday was 11am-5pm, and my sales were almost the same as Friday (Saturday was my biggest day). Because it goes so late, electricity is included in the booth fee.
The weather was pretty good, except for a little downpour Friday afternoon, and super hot weather on Saturday (it was 93º). I had read this show can get windy, and Sunday was definitely breezy, but nothing crazy. My booth had a storm drain in it, and the little rain we got Friday created a river along the back of my tent! It was super loud too! Thank goodness it didn't last long.
Overall, Columbus is a cool city, and people love this festival. I'm definitely applying again next year!
12/9/2018 8:26:19Cookies and Cocoa with Santa - Fast & Fierce EliteVictor12/8/18This was my 1st.$30DS vendor 741Sold only two items. This wasn’t enough to break even with the fee, raffle item, travel, etc.2
11/3/2017 9:06:34Anonymous Duds for Love BugsHenrietta10/21/2017This was my 1st.$50Direct Sales (both were accepted)1011There was minimal foot traffic, and all of my sales came from other vendors. Organizer wasnt flexible about people leaving early despite the fact that’s we had no sales all day long. Kept referencing the “contract” we agreed to. It wasn’t advertised that vendors were there until about an hour before closing. By that point most had left. 3
12/10/2017 1:51:29BriNEast Rochester advent fairEast Rochester12/917This was my 1st.$25Laser engraved creations and guitar picks811Everything about this show was bad. Barely any vendors, it’s held during a breakfast with Santa - which is the only traffic source. Organizers tried playing music over the loud speakers with a microphone and iPhone resulting in feedback and hearing conversations in the gym - customers didn’t want to buy even $10 items. 50% of crafters were ‘grandma crafts’...organizers gave wrong address, didn’t allow a vendor to move to a spot that was not taken so she had her back to customer traffic flow. I’ve done 6 shows this holiday season and sales were down 84% on average of other shows income. I could go on and on and on. Stay away. Stay away. Stay AWAY! Organizers should just pack this one in and never do another. 1
12/4/2016 7:02:28Out on a WhimEastside YMCAPenfield12/3/2016This was my 1st.$60 (+ optional donated item)Jewelry1066There were volunteers with carts everywhere to help bring stuff in, & coordinators stopped by several times to make sure everything was ok & see if we needed a break. Traffic was steady, but never crowded. It was a slow show for me, but 5/9 sales were over $50 so it balanced out. Definitely an older crowd that came to shop, the younger people were more looking in on the way to or from a workout. Most didn't seem interested in learning about the process. I was in the large gym, & lighting was excellent.
The cafe had a variety of food options, including some vegetarian & gluten free, and prices were very good, from $.50 for a bag of chips to $6 for a meal. I really liked the feeling that they were there to take care of their vendors and shoppers rather than just using us for profit. Load-out was fairly easy, there was plenty of room to maneuver the aisles. Vendor parking was set aside, and was close enough that carrying things wasn't a problem.
I really, really liked the hours: 9-3. Having daylight for packing & unpacking is very nice, and it's not as draining as a late show.
12/9/2016 8:26:45The Purple HippoEastside YMCAPenfield12/3/16This was my 4th or more.80Home Decor, paper crafting8910The only problem I had was someone near me had diffusers going with essential oils and it was going directly into my booth. This caused a migraine and allergy problems for me and several customers complained about it. Unfortunately when I got home I found that the smell got into some of my papercrafting items, I've been able to air out most everything but there are a few items that the smell will not come out of so I will have write those off. Since I know that this could be a problem at future shows I will add something to my applications to indicate that I would prefer not to be near vendors that sell this kind of product.10
12/28/2018 15:52:14Eastside YMCAPenfield12/2/18This was my 3rd.80soap and skin care1035Very easy set up and very helpful but this time foot traffic was 1/4 of what it was the previous year and alot of people that were there didn't even know it was going on. Needed more promotion and only had 1 sign set way back from the road5
12/4/2018 17:43:30Mary Nelson Elmira College Under the Dome Craft FairHorseheads12/2/18This was my 1st.$50 or $75 with Electricity Hand painted wine bottles, lights and wind chimes 101010This was a wonderfully organized event. The student athletes totally unload and hand carry your products in to your spot. Something that normally takes us about 45 minutes was done in about 8 minutes!! And they did all the lugging. Staff was fantastic! Well attended by buying shoppers!! Well advertised, tv and internet and signage. My booth was a double with electricity, perfect!! Surrounded by quality vendors. A few direct sales folk, but people were there for homemade. I always say Purple Painted Lady is my best and favorite show, but this one is right up there!!! One of my best single day sales event!!! I need two hours for a good setup. You get 2.5 hours if you get in right away. But with a quicker load in it was marvelous!! AND they are right there load you up at the end of the day!!!

5/22/2016 19:47:40Every woman Hair Beauty and Wellness ExpoRochester6/12This was my 1st.It varied by booth size and location cheapest was $50Jewelry912Positives the staff was very helpful and friendly. Booth size was as expected. I think bigger signs directing people to the building would have been helpful. Vendors had trouble finding it. We knew what lot to park in but there was only a smallish sign on the building which you really could not see from the parking lot. A large sign for the event leading into the parking lot would have been helpful as well. I think there was a lot of effort put into the event and it could have been really good if more people had showed up. That was the main problem, very small crowd for an event that size.3
8/14/2016 15:09:58ShampainFashion is a DragRochester8/14/16This was my 1st.$75.00Jewelry1031Pros: I was met at the front by a man with a dolly who carted all my stuff to the ballroom while I parked.
Free food samples! As someone who is always starving any venue that has free food is okay in my book.
The venue staff was very friendly.
The drag Queens look awesome and were fun to see.
Cons: very little foot traffic.
There were doubles of some direct sales companies, which is very unfair to the reps.
The music was fairly loud in the ballroom, where my booth was located.
The few shoppers there were glossed right over my table, which was disheartening.

Overall, the name says it all. This show has been a drag. If it wasn't for the $50 charge to vendors who leave early, I wouldn't stay until the end.
12/3/2018 11:17:33Festival of WreathsHoneoye12/1/18This was my 1st.$25Custom vinyl decals9510For such a small town event <50 vendors the turn out was great. 8
11/3/2017 9:20:09Holly FraserFive Sons Winery Fall festival Brockport9/23/17 - 9/24/17This was my 3rd.$25Direct Sales10810I always enjoy doing this show. The owners are very accommodating andthe organizer is great to work with. My sales have increased every year. 9
12/13/2015 13:14:35Hanna EyGreece Olympia Music BoostersGreece12/12/2015This was my 1st.$70.00Jewelry, Home Decor, Bath/Body10910This was my first time at this event. I had one of the large spaces in the commons area. This show was awesome. Great organization, helpful volunteers, great variety of vendors (DS and crafts). Foot traffic was awesome and it died down for the last hour or so, which is nice to wind down a little before packing up anyway in my opinion. They wanted everyone to be set up 30 minutes before the actual event start time which was nice as it seemed to have given vendors a chance to walk away and check things out as well. I really enjoyed the variety when I got to walk around and there were some really high quality items available. The girls basketball team were selling poinsettias as their fundraiser and it was great to see them so energetic about it. They had a raffle set up as well. We donated a couple items and they were calling numbers all day. Bonus for me is a live a mile down the road. I certainly recommend this show for vendors and for customers! This event is for sure a good one to shop at :)10
12/16/2015 8:52:00Valerie WilsonGreece Olympia Music BoostersGreece12/12/2015This was my 1st.$70.00Home Decor1079Loading and unloading was easy, especially if you could find one of the school's carts they were letting you borrow. The carts were really large and we were able to get all of our stuff in and out in just 2 trips with them. Everyone was very friendly. There was a little confusion as to where our booth lines were, and someone came by and told us we were a little out of our space and had to move back, but the spaces in the gym were confusing. One of the vendors behind was was very friendly and nice. The other vendor behind us was never at her booth, we never actually saw him/her, and kept getting questions asked all day long as to who was running the booth, and we never knew. So that was weird. But the foot traffic was decent, there were slow periods, but for the most part it was steady with lots of people. They provided you with coupons for 2 free coffees, and they did come around a few times, so that was nice. I did expect a little more traffic, but was happy with the show overall and would definitely do it again.7
11/18/2015 10:35:39Valerie WilsonGUMC SummerfestGreece6/20/15This was my 1st.$15.00Sewing, Home Decor1011This show was a nightmare from beginning to end. I paid for an outdoor 10x10 spot. When we got there, the coordinator insisted I was inside. I had to bring up the email on my phone to prove to her that she confirmed my outdoor spot in an email. Then she didn't know where to put me, because she put everyone outdoors in their wrong spot numbers. People were scrambling and having to move their spaces, and some were just standing there not knowing what to do or where to go. We had to sit in our car for a while (wasting setup time) while she figured out what to do. She finally gave us a spot. The spots were supposed to be 10x10 (tent-sized) but they were marked as 8x10 spots. So it looked like we were all going over our spots. What I didn't know, is that this was pretty much a yard sale, not a craft show. There were more yard sale vendors selling their junk from home than people selling crafts. We were right along the main road and there were no customers. We only saw one sign out front. People didn't stop, and the few that did, were looking for a yard sale, not a craft show. And this was called a "summerfest" but there was no "fest". It was also quite windy and we almost lost our tent a few times, a few things fell off the table and broke, and you could hear broken items falling everywhere from other booths. It was a cheap show - $15 - but I wouldn't do this show again if they paid ME. 1
12/5/2018 19:55:17Handmade Holiday in South Wedge Rochester12/1/18This was my 1st.75Handmade goat milk soap 91010Very organized, super friendly staff, large booth size. High traffic and great location. 10
5/23/2016 10:10:34Hanna EyHamlin AVA/AVA Auxiliary Craft ShowHamlin5/21/16This was my 1st.$30.00Home Decor1069I attended this show to see friends and meet new people. Foot traffic was very slow the first couple of hours, then it seemed to have picked up a little throughout the day. Sales were decent and customers were friendly. Nice variety of crafts and vendors along with a farm market. This is another event where I just go to see friends who I don't see very often and meet other vendors and customers and help support the VFW. Loading and unloading was easy as it's an outdoor show. Unload at your spot then park in the back of the parking lot. Mother Nature played nice granted it was cloudy all day. Few sprinkles here and there. They had someone for music for a few hours which was nice and the bar in the VFW was open.7
11/18/2015 14:31:24Carol PanepintoHarvest Faire at MCHRochester11/13/15-11/14/15This was my 1st.$75.00Hair accessories/jewelry1079They had volunteers helping us load and unload as well as come around with food and drinks to purchase. Most of the people coming through seemed to be residents, staff, and people visiting residents probably not as much general public. This is my first year being a vendor so I have nothing to compare to as far as previous events. I did OK got my fee back but didn't make a big profit. Other vendors were nice and friendly and a couple of them bought from me. It was slow at times and then would be busier-last couple hours were pretty slow.8
10/10/2016 14:12:09Hanna EyHamlin Harvest FestivalHamlin10/8/16This was my 2nd.$25.00Home Decor957Mother nature wasn't too kind first part of the day. It was cold, rainy, and had some gusts that made many get up to hold their tents down. I do recall hearing a few breakables falling down too. Traffic was definitely less this year and I'm sure the weather is partly to blame (unsure on advertising). Sales wise we did decent and still had fun with the exception of getting wet and cold. It's a mix of crafters, vendors, and organizations, as well as a farmers market, food trucks, and music. I do have fun at this show because I know many residents in Hamlin and generally don't get to see them that often. Next year, they have some changes planned all around. If you've never been, this is a nice laid back event with nice people.7
11/6/2016 10:51:15Kirsten Benz WheelockHeritage Christian fall art and craft showHenrietta11/5/16This was my 1st.$35.00Sewing, Home Decor1035The staff was great, advertising great but there were so many events going on that traffic was slow6
11/6/2016 22:28:02Tammy CarterHeritage Christian Family AdvocatesHenrietta11/05/2016This was my 1st.$35Sewing853The staff were very nice. Food was available and reasonably priced. The room was a bit cramped with all the crafters. I felt it was a very friendly atmosphere. There was a steady amount of customers. It not really busy, there were some big shows this weekend though. I just made my table fee back and no more so I don't Think I will be attending next year. My items are too high in price I feel for this event. I did see people doing a good amount of shopping, just not from me. 7
11/5/2016 23:27:52Hanna EyHoly Childhood Holiday Art & Craft SaleHenrietta11/5/2016This was my 1st.$75.00Home Decor1067This show is well organized and has much support by the staff and returning customers. This show is praised by many so I gave it a shot. The booths offered were 10x10 and there was still plenty of space in between vendors. Loading/unloading was easy. There was only a couple hours allowed for setup on Friday night, which I couldn't do because my boyfriend doesn't get home with our only car until almost 6pm (Friday night setup was done by 5:30pm). They offered tables so that helped make loading/unloading and setup even easier. One of the staff members was helpful and spent the time to put in new lightbulbs that had blown above my booth and the vendor across the way. One thing that I was a little upset about was being next to a Scentsy vendor (nothing against them, but I also sell wax melts which is my main line and having both of us together may have made an impact on sales for either of us). Customers generally had an easy time finding vendors as there were large signs at every turn stating "More Vendors" with arrows. There were also signs posted with arrows for restrooms. My sales were not as I hoped based on the reviews of this show in previous years, but I still had fun and enjoyed my time there.7
11/5/16Valerie WilsonHoly ChildhoodHenrietta11/5/16This was my 4th or more.$75Candles & Soaps
946This was my 4th year at this event, and in the past years, this was always one of my top shows, and every year we do better than previous years. This was the first year we didn't do better than a previous year. The traffic was down considerably, which I think having other shows in the area on the same date were partially to blame for that. I do know that a new coordinator took over this year and don't know if the same advertisements were done as in previous years. Everyone was friendly and happy to help, they had students help us pack up if we needed help at the end of the show. We ended up doing about half of what we did last year.
11/17/2015 21:08:27Valerie WilsonHoly ChildhoodHenrietta11/7/15This was my 3rd.$75.00Sewing, Home Decor9710This was our 3rd year at this show, and we opted for a double booth this year, and it was well worth it. We have done better every year at this show. The staff is super friendly and helpful, they even offered to help us load up our vehicles after the show. The traffic was excellent. It started slowing down by 3pm (show ended at 4pm) but it was quite steady all day up to that point. They advertised very well, and mailed us out postcards to share with friends & family before the event as well. It was a great show - no complaints!8
11/7/18Valerie WilsonHoly ChildhoodHenrietta11/3/18This was my 4th or more.50Boyfriend brought Cigar Box Guitars1011I've personally done this show the last 5 years. I signed up my boyfriend and I to both have booths this year, as he makes cigar box guitars. I paid $75 for 2 hall spaces. I was told a few weeks later that they only had 1 hall space left, and they were returning my check, and to send them a check for $50 for the one space. I did that, and gave the space to my boyfriend to sell his guitars. When we got there, we were placed at the very end of a long hallway, with about 15 feet of space next to us - plenty of room for the space I was told there was no room for another vendor. Throughout the day, we had very little traffic. People coming in from the main entrance wouldn't come all the way down the hallway - they would just look down the hallway and turn around. There was a side entrance next to us - with 2 ladies working the door to hand out a goody bag and a punch card to every customer who entered. After 3pm, I heard them say they finally hit 100 customers who came through that door. 100 people walked through that door in 6 hours. My boyfriend had only 1 sale all day. After seeing this show gradually decline year after year, I'm afraid we will not be back for a 7th year. 1
11/13/2016 13:23:53Hanna EyHoly Ghost Holiday BazaarRochester11/12/2016This was my 1st.30Home Decor956This was a fun event granted it had low traffic. The organizers were friendly and did a great job running the show. Even with low traffic, most were shoppers and my sales were decent. One thing I had never seen before was they did a raffle just for vendors to win a free spot for next year. You could buy tickets at the raffle booth and they drew a name a couple hours after the event started (they went around asking everyone just before drawing if we wanted to get last minute tickets). They had a few other raffles as well as a 50/50. They had light food available at the kitchen. Loading/unloading was easy as they have ramps at the side door. Made it easy to just cart my stuff to my spot. I learned this event took a break due to renovations to the building. I think this event will grow as more people learn it's back.7
11/13/2016 7:47:23Barbara RichensHoly Ghost Holiday BazaarRochester11/12/2016This was my 4th or more.$35paper crafting, stemming and wreath maker9610My very 1st craft show was at Holy Ghost so when I heard the show was being revived by the same coordinators from 2 years ago I was thrilled to return. I was not the least bit disappointed in the efforts from the coordinators and the show results. The reason the show did not take place for 2 years was because Nellis Hall, where the show took place was under renovations to build and install a new handicap accessible ramp connecting the church and the hall. The new ramp entrance made load/unload very good. There was a good variety of crafters but a little to heavy on jewelry. The show had steady traffic throughout the day and i had very good sales. I look forward to returning next year! 9
9/18/2016 13:05:51Hanna EyIonia Fall FestivalIonia9/17/2016This was my 1st.$20.00Home Decor1087The organizer did a great job putting together the Ionia Fall Festival this year, especially with all the changes they have had to go through from last year. There was music, food, variety of vendors, tractor show & parade, hayride, kid games, and door prizes. The festival was at the church this year, previous years was at the Firehall down the street. Loading/unloading was super easy as you could drive up to your spot, unload, then park in the designated parking for vendors. Sales for me were low but there was quite a bit of interest and gave away several business cards. I know other vendors did well. Vendor neighbors were fun to chat with and friendly, especially the organizer, Marna. If you're looking for a laid back fun show that isn't overly expensive, this event is a fun one to attend at least once in my opinion. Watching 50 or more tractors set up was so fun to see!8
9/19/2016 9:26:28Valerie WilsonIonia (Bloomfield) Fall FestivalIonia9/17/16This was my 2nd.$20.00Home Decor, Bath/Body1045Usually this show is at the firehouse, but it burned down last year, so they had it at the Methodist Church. The festival was pretty hidden, and I had customers who lived in the area tell me they didn't even know they moved the location of the festival. We did much better last year, we did less than half the sales this year than we did last year. The coordinator, Marna, was excellent though, and very sweet, and did a great job at coordinating this event. Set up & tear down was very easy, as we were able to pull right up to our spots. There were only about 25 vendors, so it was a small show. They had plenty of food (even a chicken BBQ) and activities. My only complaint was the music. We were right next to the music, and the speaker was just feet from our tent. It was so LOUD! It made it very difficult to talk to customers, and we left with pounding headaches because of the music. But overall it was still a fun show, and we would do it again, and hopefully it will be back at the firehouse next time.5
12/4/2017 14:50:28Jackie AndersenJody B's Holiday Craft and Vendor show to benefit Golisano Children'sPenfield12/3/2017This was my 1st.$25 plus a raffle itemDS-Tastefully Simple111Where do I begin with this show. I was booked for this show a month in advance face to face with the organizer at another event. I paid in a timely manner, followed up with the organizer and even promoted their event not only on their FB page, but also on my own. I arrived on time at 8am to find out that they had also booked another Tastefully Simple person. They had even put our tables almost directly next to each other. When I stated that we can't both be there, the response I received was "well she didn't pay, and never really told me who she was with so maybe I can catch her". I looked down at the piece of paper printed with her name and then one for my name, so I knew this was not true.

The next statement was..."Well she's coming from an hour away, so I feel bad, but I don't think we'll have you stay then." I bit my tongue except to say that the professional thing to do would be to tell the other vendor that I secured the spot, and showed up on time, so unfortunately she could turn around. Instead they refunded my donation (my check that they hadn't even cashed yet) and I went on my way. Other vendors that were at this event saw me leaving and asked why, and I was honest as to the reason and they all thought it unfair.

I have already told many of my DS and other crafters to avoid this in future, you should too.
1/20/2019 9:33:46Ladies Auxiliary KOCWebster NY11/3/18This was my 1st.$25.00Woodcrafts, papercrafts1069Very friendly, helpful staff. Indoor sale on one floor, easy set up.8
7/20/2016 6:40:21Lavender FestivalRed Creek7/9/16 & 7/10/16This was my 1st.$65.00Jewelry10710It seemed to be a well-established show with many repeat attendees. There were signs along 104 for the festival both east & west of it, and each vendor was sent 4 free admission passes to entice newcomers to the show. Parking was well marked, and you could drive right up to your spot to unload. People were friendly and interested in the crafts, and most came to buy things as well as look and participate in the festival programs. The types of vendors were well varied, so even those in the same discipline weren't competing. For example, although there were 4 or 5 jewelry vendors, we all had very different product lines. Vendors were arranged in a large rectangle with a central lawn so people had plenty of room to mill around without blocking anyone, a good view of all the tents, and it was easy to get wherever you needed to go

I did not do the Friday night portion of the show, just Saturday & Sunday. Saturday was better attended and had better weather, but Sunday was still active.

The bathroom facilities were just portapotties, but there was hand sanitizer AND a handwash station, and they were changed out each day. One was handicap-accessible.
7/20/2016 7:19:47Valerie WilsonLavender FestivalRed Creek7/9/16 & 7/10/16This was my 1st. $65.00Home Decor10710This show was an hour from home, and well worth it! It was very easy to load & unload, you could drive right up to your spot, unload, and then park the car. There was some confusion among vendors as to where our spots were, and no one was directing us, so we just had to figure out where our spots were, and then figure out how to get to them (we didn't know we could drive on the lawn at first). We had beautiful sunny, warm weather for most of the day on Saturday, and there were lots of crowds. People were buying and we had a great day. Sunday was cold (50's) and raining on and off, but while not as many people as Saturday, there were still people and they were buying. There was a $4 fee for customers to get in.

Being in the open fields, the winds were very strong though, and several vendors lost their tents and/or products after they left. Our tent lifted on one leg and then slammed back down (so we're told) so only suffered a bent tent leg which we were able to straighten and continue with the show on Sunday. There were lots of activities going on both days, and lots of room for people to walk around. Plenty of food vendors. We absolutely loved the atmosphere of this show and will do it again next year for sure!
4/23/2016 20:14:50Hanna EyLegacy at Park Crescent Spring Craft ShowRochester04/23/2016This was my 1st.NoneHome Decor977Being the first time this Legacy location did a spring show (from what I learned), I felt they did a good job with the initial setup and organizing of this event. You had to sign in at the front desk. Spots were not assigned, or labeled, as it was first come first served. I don't think they had any guidelines on how big a booth was so people just set up tables and went with it. Vendors were set up in the main entry way, down the hallway, and in the back living room. Unloading/loading was fairly easy. They didn't have helpers or carts available but it was still easy with the doors being automatic so with just a button push you could open doors without setting stuff down or waiting for someone. Front and back doors leading to parking lots. Staff was very friendly and they visited the vendors. Sale wise, for me, was slow but the event was well attended. Only had a couple sales, but had loads of fun chatting and laughing with vendors, staff, and customers. I think they are on the right track to making this a good event year after year for the community. Even with low sales, the conversations were awesome and well worth my time to attend again next year.7
10/10/2016 17:56:52LJLegacy - ParklandsChurchville10/8/16This was my 1st.Donation to Breast Cancer Collition of RochesterSewing, Knit/Crochet, Home Decor, Dollies915Loved all the residents and it was for a good cause. Wished there would have been more advertising.5
10/11/2016 5:57:46Melanie Steenhoff (Wooly Things)Letchworth Arts and CraftsMount Morris10/8-10/16This was my 4th or more.$300.00Knit/Crochet10810This show is consistently one of the best for us. Great crowds, easy in and out, close parking and lots of sales9
5/11/2016 9:03:01Valerie WilsonLilac FestivalRochester5/7/16 & 5/8/16This was my 1st.$205.00Home Decor151This show was extremely UN-organized. Unloading was fine on Saturday morning (it seemed most vendors set up on Friday) but loading up after the weekend on Sunday, was a complete NIGHTMARE. Rules that vendors had to agree to, were not held up on the festival's end. Crafters were not really a part of the festival - we were SO FAR AWAY that many could not even find us. I wrote up a lengthy review on the blog, you can read it here:
11/17/2015 23:55:41Lots to the TotsRochester11/15/2015This was my 1st.$35 Plus donated item. Sewing1032Lots to the Tots is a worthy cause. Proceeds benefit Toys for Tots. There were lots of vendors, mostly direct sales. There were only 7-8 handmade sellers. The foot traffic was fairly low. Attendees paid $8 presale, $12 at the door. There was lots of food and drink which was well prepared and included in the price of admission. It was well organized and I'm sure the organizers raised quite a bit of money. There was one problem, the attendees didn't come to shop. They came to eat, drink, socialize and buy raffle tickets for the many Chinese and silent auction items. I made my fee back and everyone was very nice, but this craft show is not a good choice for the serious seller. 4
4/2/2019 15:09:58Anonymous Lyons Spring FlingLyons NY3/30/19This was my 1st.35Wearables935The organization of the show was great There was a person who greeted us and took us to our table which was very much appreciated. that facility was clean and restrooms were plentiful and accessible to vendors. Foot traffic was slow. I didn't see many people buying much of anything. Sales were abysmal.
12/4/2016 7:50:33Out on a WhimMayday Underground (Fall Show)RochesterNov. 5 & 6, 2016This was my 1st.$75 + donation items or $10Jewelry71010Worst thing first: The lighting is terrible. It's ok if the sun is out, but otherwise it's VERY dark. The organizers know this, but as it's a rented space, there's not much to be done. If you have your own lights, bring them. Both days sales stopped around 4 for me- when it got dark inside. I don't have any good way to light my display, so that was tough.

Load-in & out is a bit of a workout, because the venue is upstairs, but there IS an elevator, and you can park pretty close to whichever door you're coming in. They also open quite early, so there's plenty of set-up time in the morning. My booth was smaller, so it was $85 (75+ "swag fee"); I think the usual 10x10 price is $100.

The show started at 10am both days, and people lined up for it. They came to BUY- many had 3 or 4 bags by the time they left, and most went around at least twice. They were enthusiastic & interested in how things are made, and even if one person didn't want to buy what you're selling, they'd call over a friend who would! Saturday was very busy (borderline insane), Sunday was calmer, with a slower start and a lot more browsing, but still plenty of sales. The organizers do a great job of making sure every vendor is different: both the variety and the quality were impressive.

Communication was very thorough, and they let us know right away if plans had to change. Advertising was done in a variety of media outlets, and many of the shoppers have been going to this show for years.
11/19/2018 7:53:00DawnMinerva Deland FairportFairport11/17/18This was my 2nd.$55Wood craft, holiday items7910We were moved this year do to damage in the gym. This show always has lots of traffic right from start. Started very slow especially where we were in the cafeteria.
Ended the day doing 20% more in sales than last year.
11/20/2016 9:55:17The Purple HippoMonroe Community HospitalRochester11/19/2016This was my 1st.$55 for one day, it is a 2 day showHome Decor568When I got there they had many volunteers to help with getting things into the building which was great. Unfortunately it takes me quite a while to pack up (and I had one customer that was still looking until 15 minutes after the show ended) so by the time I was done, all the volunteers and carts were gone so I ended up having to take everything out myself, normally not a problem but since I knew they had carts I did not bring mine. My items are very heavy so I could only do 1 box at a time.8
10/3/2016 6:59:41Barbara RichensMOPS Lakeshore Community Church Craft and Bake SaleGreece10/1/2016This was my 3rd.$35 including 1 tableHome Decor, wreaths and Paper crafting1037The MOPS team changed from having a Spring show to this Fall Show.Therefore this was really the 1st year for the show on this date. The coordinator does a very good job and wants everyone to have a successful day. Spaces are great, plenty of marking for potential customers, and lunch was available for purchase. The staff was amazing, very helpful but not as visible as the Spring Shows. The show was the same weekend as the Hilton Apple Fest which was located within a couple of miles of the Church. The concept that people would stop on the way to Hilton did not ring true. The show was lacking in foot traffic. We were opened for business at 9am and the 1st group of customers showed up around 10 am. Maybe change the start end time next year as there were people arriving at 3pm and everyone was breaking down.
One thing that I observed during the show that is something as vendors we can improve upon. There was an overabundance of vendors who sew and in some cases right next to each other. I am confident that the suggestions made on the end of show survey will be taken seriously and the show can improve. It takes time, strong advertising and promoting with large visible signage within the town codes to draw customers in. There is potential for this show to get better.
11/17/2015 21:36:59Valerie WilsonNeil ArmstrongGreece11/14/15This was my 1st.$30.00Sewing, Home Decor642The map they provided in an email was significantly different than the way it was actually laid out in person. Which turned out to be a good thing, because my 2 booths would not have worked according to the map they provided. Loading was fairly easy; they had helpers and offered carts which made it much easier to unload. You did have to walk a ways to get to the vehicle, but it was all on one level so it wasn't too bad. The staff was actually excellent and super friendly, I have no complaints about any of the staff at all. The traffic just wasn't what I was expecting. This was only their 2nd year running this show, and I was told by several vendors, that last year was much better. So a little disappointed as far as traffic went. It was still worthwhile, but I would probably opt for a better established show over this one in the future.5
7/18/2016 8:55:08Hanna EyOatka FestivalLe Roy7/16/16 & 7/17/16This was my 1st.$60.00Jewelry, Home Decor, Bath/Body989This was my first time at Oatka Festival and I did have loads of fun. Saturday was definitely busier than Sunday due to the parade, which there was a huge crowd for. When the parade was done, the majority walked over to the vendors and food tents. There was a good variety of food, crafts, and DS vendors, granted there was plenty of jewelry vendors, but each were their own style. Sales wise I felt my booth did well. I did not know what to expect as I had never been to the Oatka Festival even as a customer. Loading and unloading was easy at my location as I was next to the school entrance. I like that they had security available day and night so we could leave our tents up. The vendor coordinator came by a couple times to see how we were doing, which I thought was nice. The spaces are 12x12 so there is plenty of room even between vendors. Regardless of how I did, I'm glad I signed up for this event as everyone, customers and vendors, were very friendly and made it a good atmosphere to be in. I do plan on attending again next year.8
7/20/2016 7:27:47Valerie WilsonOatka FestivalLe Roy7/16/16 & 7/17/16This was my 1st.$60.00Home Decor151I had heard talk about this show being great and honestly thought it was a bigger show than it was. But it was just a little small town festival. We had an hour drive one way to get here, and we set up Friday night and drove up Saturday & Sunday. Unloading our vehicle to set up Friday night was easy, we were able to park up to our spot. Saturday morning they had a parade at 11am, and right after the parade, all the crowds came by. But there were only a few shoppers. Most were window shopping or just came to eat kettle corn. It was not organized very well in my opinion - having so many similar vendors all clumped together. In one section they had 4 jewelers all together. And there was jewelry everywhere. There were lots of empty spaces, which I was told in previous years it was packed with vendors. Customer & vendors both who had attended in previous years asked where all the vendors were. I believe there were only around 40 of us. Sales on Sunday was completely dead, I made $25 all day. Although, we did start packing up at early at 3pm because it just wasn't worth it to continue the day. Because we were leaving early, we couldn't bring the vehicle up to our booth because the street was closed, so we had to hike all of our products, tents, shelving, etc - about 12 times to the car which was in a lot behind the school, and quite a distance away. They had parts of the school blocked off because of construction, so we had to take the long way to our vehicles. Booth fee was $60 and they are increasing it to $75 for next year unless you signed up by the end of July. NOT WORTH IT. I honestly wouldn't do this show again if it was free.
5/1/2016 16:01:30Valerie WilsonOVES (Ontario Volunteer Emergency Services)Ontario4/30/16This was my 2nd.$25.00Home Decor1012I did the spring show in 2015 selling Pink Zebra and did fairly well, so I decided to go back this year, selling my hand made products this time (I no longer sell PZ). First, I will say that everyone running the show was very nice and helpful. There were several volunteers asking if we needed help unloading our vehicles. The morning it was dead - no traffic at all. It picked up ever so slightly in the afternoon (when they were selling burgers for lunch) and then it died down again. I had exactly 9 customers all day long. The lady next to me selling Tupperware seemed to be doing fairly well - as the few customers that did come to the show were all interested in her products, and I heard from another direct sale vendor that she did ok too. And considering how I did better last year selling Pink Zebra, I'm now thinking maybe this show is best for direct sales instead of crafters. Personally I probably would not do this show again. 1
9/19/2016 12:54:27Palmyra Canaltown Days Palmyra9/17/16 & 9/18/16This was my 1st.$110.00Hairbows and tutu10910Awesome variety of itmes. Plenty of room in booths. Coordinators were great, came around multiple times to make sure everything was fine and stayed with tents overnight as storms came thru.9
9/19/2016 13:31:16Holly Corcoran Palmyra Canal Town Days Palmyra9/17/16 & 9/18/16This was my 1st.$110.00Candles81010Great crowds, good sales. Pretty well organized! Loading/unloading is not a quick process, but they have a system that works. Many people were notified through the night that their tents collapsed, so I know that they were vigilant about keeping an eye out on things. They even brought all of my neighbors good indoors went her tent went at 10pm. Entertainment and food were awesome. I was impressed to learn that it is a completely non-profit event....our fees pay for the parade and music!10
9/25/2016 21:11:43Stacey TunnicliffPalmyra Canal Town DaysPalmyra9/17 and 9/18/16This was my 2nd.$100.00Bath/Body81010I love this show! Saturdays are the busiest, even with threat of rain this year and some sprinkles, and with 3 other vendors selling the same type items, I made more than last year when I was the only one selling this type of product! This is my best show ever! Sunday was about half of Saturday but still a good day!10
10/23/2016 11:14:34SusanPalmyra FDPalmyra10/22/16This was my 1st.30.00?Home Decor1034They advertised as this being a CRAFT show but for the first time they included DS vendors. 57 vendors were there with 10 no show (I heard). Weather was about 40 with rainy damp and windy total ick! Dont know if that was the problem with traffic but I was very cold and shivering at my booth the whole time. Aux was very nice and helpful! They had food and drinks available. Didnt make my booth fee and I know several others didn't either (i doubt anyone made their fee). The booths were only a 6ft table and if you wanted more space you had to buy additional tables.4
12/13/2015 20:11:41SusanPhelps Community CenterPhelps12/13/15This was my 1st.$35.00Glasses832Toni was setting up a great show but for some reason we didn't have the traffic we would have liked. There was only a VERY SMALL SIGN on rt 96. I didn't even see it. Also believe it or not but there was some snooty customers. they would actually sniff at you. there was only ONE bathroom for at least over 60 vendors PLUS customers as well. there was no food or condiments except for coffee to purchase from another vendor. i dont drink coffee. we had to wait until the pizza arrived and it was served in the gym to the Vendors and the public, no one was notified the pizza was there (I only knew because i saw someone eat one) some vendors were starving and didnt have any nourishment and when you went you had to pay a dollar for a SMALL slice for crappy pizza. The event coordinator did pass out mini donuts earlier but you really felt you could only take one. and she gave us a bottle of water. I think it could have been better managed or better opportunity's. I only saw a box of Christmas cards on the table to sign for the military but no Girl-scouts. Hardly any food on the table for the food pantry if any at all. Too much FLUFF to have us get into the event and not enought STUFF.2
8/19/2017 21:25:55AnonymousPultneyville Fireman Auxiliary craft salePultneyville7/22/17This was my 1st.10wooden stuff1029This was a $10 fee. It was inside, air conditioned, and came with the table and chairs and had restrooms. The traffic varied. it was supposed to be all hand crafts although we saw a Scentsy distributor. Found it on craigs list. There was a slow steady pace; no signs anywhere near the building. Welcomed plants type stuff too. I would recommend this to somebody who doesn't want to sit outside, who wants to break into craft sales. It broke up 1/2 hour early. Sales weren't huge but easy to set up. 5
11/18/2015 10:19:30Valerie WilsonPumpkin HillRochester6/6/15This was my 1st.$10.00Home Decor633There weren't too many Spring shows going on, so we gave this one a shot. It was in the clubhouse at Pumpkin Hill in Rochester. The coordinator was very friendly and helpful. We had a nice spot in the clubhouse, along a back wall. It was still pretty cold out, and this was the weekend of their big community yard sale event. I expected a bigger crowd, but wasn't completely disappointed. We made 10 times our booth fee, and since the booth fee was only $10, you can't really complain too much. There were also vendor spots outside, and I heard from vendors that customers were not easily able to find them. I would do it again in the Spring as long as I could get another indoor spot.4
11/17/2015 21:50:51Valerie WilsonPurple Painted LadyPalmyra9/26/15This was my 1st.$50.00Sewing, Home Decor101010By far, the best show I've done to date! This show far exceeded our expectations. There was a required pre-show meeting (you could choose between 4 different dates) and you got to meet fellow vendors and Trish & Steve told you all about the show. The show is on their property of 20+ acres and it is quite the event! Every aspect of this show ran smoothly. We did have to have our tents up the day/night before, which was a concern of mine, in case it rained or got windy, but that ended up not being an issue. We had beautiful weather for this show. The traffic was unbelievable! They advertised in newspapers, magazines, online, even billboards in Rochester, and it showed. AWESOME show!10
9/26/2016 7:10:11Valerie WilsonPurple Painted LadyPalmyra9/24/16This was my 2nd.$50.00Sewing, Home Decor, Bath/Body101010This is my 2nd year doing PPL, and we did almost the exact same amount as we did last year, off by less than $5! The traffic is unbelievable - Trish & Steve run the best show I've ever seen to date. Trish advertises very heavily - billboards in Rochester, magazines, newspapers, online - and she gets the traffic! I think they had 5,500 people attend the event, and I had customers tell me they drove a long distance just to check out this show. There were almost 170 all HAND CRAFTED vendors! No buy/sell allowed here, which really steps up the quality of the show for sure. There was a very long line at 8:30 (the show started at 9am) of people waiting to get in. I had my booth fee back in 20 minutes. Sales were out of sight. Very busy all day long, even had people still browsing at 5pm when we were closing up. We set up the day before (required), but this made everything easier for Saturday morning. This is definitely the highest quality show I've done, and can't wait for next year!10
9/26/2016 7:47:02Hanna EyPurple Painted LadyPalmyra09/24/2016This was my 2nd.$50.00Home Decor999I love this show, no matter what my sales are! The amount of hard work so few people put into making this a successful event is amazing and it shows in their spirit throughout the day. Unloading and loading was pretty easy. You set up the Friday before so really no need to rush. Only issue I had was vendors driving their vehicles to their booth RIGHT at 5pm... mind you customers still walking around at this point. That is dangerous. I took my time packing my stuff and tearing down. By the time I was done, a couple vendors next to me were already gone and there was room to bring my vehicle in without worry of hitting anyone or anything. Foot traffic was great although my sales were low this year (didn't quite get to cover all expenses for gas and booth fee). I did get to hand out several biz cards though. The music and food were also great. I got my Poutine so I was happy XD If you are a handmade vendor, this event showcases so much variety and grows every year.10
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