AQIS18 Poster Sessions
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Poster Session A (Sunday, 9 September)
Poster Session B (Tuesday, 11 September)
Paper No.Authors and TitlePaper No.Authors and Title
4Shengli Zhang. Information-Reversibility tradeoff for two-qubit and two-qudit maximally entangled states6Chun-Yuan Cheng, Shih-Wen Feng, Chen-Yeh Wei, Jen-Hung Yang, Yen-Ru Chen, Ya-Wen Chuang, Yang-Hsiung Fan and Chih-Sung Chuu. Purification of Single Photons from Room-Temperature Quantum Dots
10Debarshi Das, Jebarathinam Chellasamy, Som Kanjilal, Srikanth R, Archan Majumdar, Debasis Sarkar and Indrani Chattopadhyay. Quantifier of nonclassicality beyond steering and its role in quantum information protocols in the presence of finite shared randomness11Akira Sone, Quntao Zhuang and Paola Cappellaro. Non-classical correlations in local quantum thermometry
12Marcin Wieśniak and Palash Pandya. Subadditivity of logarithm of violation of geometric Bell inequalities for qudits13Yuuya Yoshida and Masahito Hayashi. Asymptotically Decoupling and Mixing Properties in Quantum System
16Satoshi Ishizaka. Necessary and sufficient criterion for extremal quantum correlations in the simplest Bell scenario14Kai Sun and Kai Sun. Experimental Demonstration of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Steering via Enhanced Subchannel Discrimination
18Dan Li, Yu-Guang Yang, Jing-Lin Bi, Jia-Bin Yuan and Juan Xu. Controlled Alternate Quantum Walks based Quantum Hash Function17Shuang Wang, Wei Chen, Zhenqiang Yin, Deyong He, Cong Hui, Penglei Hao, Yuanguanjie Fan, Chao Wang, Lijun Zhang, Jie Kuang, Shufeng Liu, Zheng Zhou, Yonggang Wang, Guangcan Guo and Zhengfu Han. Practical gigahertz quantum key distribution robust against channel disturbance
32Andrey Zhukov, Evgeniy Kiktenko, Danila Babukhin, Andrey Elistratov, Walter Pogosov and Yuriy Lozovik. Implementation of quantum algorithms with IBM quantum computers: from quantum cryptography on chip to quantum machine learning19Martin Plesch and Matej Pivoluska. Loss of Information in Quantum Guessing Game
34Fang Yu and Daowen Qiu. Generalization of Quantum Private Query Protocols with O(logN) Communication Complexity20Seunghoan Song and Masahito Hayashi. Secure Quantum Network Code without Classical Communication
36Masahito Hayashi and Huangjun Zhu. Secure uniform random number extraction via incoherent strategies21Chih-Hsiang Wu, Tsung-Yao Wu, Yung-Chin Yeh, Po-Hui Liu, Chin-Hsuan Chang, Chiao-Kai Liu, Ting Cheng and Chih-Sung Chuu. Ultrabright Biphotons for Light-Matter Interaction
41Julian Wechs, Alastair A. Abbott and Cyril Branciard. Multipartite causally (non)separable quantum processes23Aikaterini Mandilara, Yertay Zhiyenbayev and Vladimir Akulin. Quantum compiling with diffusive sets of gates
50Youngmin Jeong, Hyundong Shin and Moe Z. Win. Entanglement Dynamics of Two Qubits in Squeezed Thermal Bath Environments with Channel Memory24Hao-Chung Cheng, Eric Hanson, Nilanjana Datta and Min-Hsiu Hsieh. Non-Asymptotic Classical Data Compression with Quantum Side Information
59Yin Mo and Giulio Chiribella. Benchmark for the quantum-enhanced learning of a reversible dynamics25Yuan-Yuan Zhao, Pawel Kurzynski and Guoyong Xiang. Heisenberg's error-disturbance relations: a joint measurement-based experimental test
60Enrico Sindici and Marco Piani. Quantifying Identical-Particle Entanglement30Bin Ho Le and Yasushi Kondo. Quantum-enhanced metrology based on modular-value measurements with spin coherent pointers
62Anas Othman. Teleportation via derivative of coherent states35Minghua Pan and Daowen Qiu. Dynamics of the operator entanglement in Grover's search algorithm
70Yaokun Xu, Shihai Sun and Weitao Liu. Phase measurement via two-photon interference39Muhammad Asad Ullah, Youngmin Jeong and Hyundong Shin. Clock Synchronization in Distributed Quantum Networks
72Keisuke Sato, Souichi Takahira, Kenji Nakahira and Tsuyoshi Usuda. Maximizing $\alpha$-order Mutual R\'enyi Information for group covariant SIC Ensemble42Youngrong Lim, Jaewan Kim, Soojoon Lee and Kabgyun Jeong. Correspondence between maximally entangled states in discrete and Gaussian regimes
73Wakaki Hattori and Shigeru Yamashita. Mapping to 2D Nearest Neighbor Architecture by a SAT solver and A* algorithm45Meng Li and Yun Shang. Generalized exceptional quantum walk search on the cycle
74Kota Asai and Shigeru Yamashita. Compaction of Topological Quantum Circuits by Modularization46Suguru Endo, Simon Benjamin and Ying Li. Practical Quantum Error Mitigation for Near-Future Applications
78Nicolo Lo Piparo, Kae Nemoto and William Munro. High fidelity entanglement distribution using quantum multiplexing49Changhun Oh, Changhyoup Lee, Carsten Rockstuhl, Hyunseok Jeong, Jaewan Kim, Hyunchul Nha and Su-Yong Lee. Optimal Gaussian measurements for phase estimation in single-mode Gaussian metrology
79Min Namkung and Younghun Kwon. Sequential state discrimination of various states which can be used for muti-party quantum key distribution52Huan-Yu Ku, Shin-Liang Chen, Hong-Bin Chen, Yueh-Nan Chen and Franco Nori. Measurement-device-independent measure of steerability and witnesses for all steerable resources
80Fakhar Zaman, Youngmin Jeong and Hyundong Shin. Superdense Coding via Semi-Counterfactual Bell-State Analysis54Yink Loong Len and Hui Khoon Ng. Open-System Quantum Error Correction
81Clement Durand, Takaaki Matsuo and Rodney Van Meter. End-to-End Connection Setup in a Quantum Internet55Yonghae Lee and Soojoon Lee. State exchange with quantum side information
83Karol Horodecki, Jingfang Zhou, Pawel Horodecki, Robert Raussendorf, Ryszard Horodecki and Ravishankar Ramanathan. Rank of contextuality68Shumpei Masuda, Shingo Kono, Keishi Suzuki, Yuuki Tokunaga, Yasunobu Nakamura and Kazuki Koshino. Theoretical study on microwave circulator based on Gebhard-Ruckenstein hopping
85Inu Jeon and Hyunseok Jeong. Arbitrarily loss-tolerant verification of steering without trustfulness76Keita Ishikawa, Tiancheng Wang and Tsuyoshi Usuda. Effect of incomplete phase shift on quantum reading using a quasi-Bell state in non-symmetric loss model
88Hayata Yamasaki and Mio Murao. Quantum state merging for arbitrarily-small-dimensional systems87Shogo Tanimura. Relation among Measurement Time, Energy-Difference Uncertainty and Signal-to-Noise Ratio
90Satoya Imai. Role of entanglement on vortex-vortex dynamics in the hydrodynamic representation: Time-dependent variational principle97Kazuya Niizeki, Daisuke Yoshida, Kohei Ikeda, Mingyang Zheng, Xiuping Xie, Kotaro Okamura, Nobuyuki Takei, Naoto Namekata, Shuichiro Inoue, Hideo Kosaka and Tomoyuki Horikiri. Telecom Narrow-Band Two-Photon Source with High Brightness for Long Distance Quantum Communication
91Daisuke Yoshida, Kazuya Niizeki, Shuhei Tamura and Tomoyuki Horikiri. High-rate entanglement distribution between quantum repeater108Tiancheng Wang, Nakahira Kenji and Tsuyoshi Usuda. Error performance of optimum quantum measurement in the presence of non-Gaussian noise and Gaussian noise
93Cassio Amorim. Indistinguishability as nonlocality constraint110Wen-Fei Cao, Yi-Zheng Zhen, Yu-Lin Zheng, Shuai Zhao, Feihu Xu, Li Li, Zengb-Bing Chen, Nai-Le Liu and Kai Chen. Open-destination measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution network
94Yusuke Kinoshita. QMA(2) with postselection equals to NEXP113Ahmad Farooq, Youngmin Jeong and Hyundong Shin. Tightness of Monogamy for Multipartite Entanglement in Quantum Networks
95Leonid Bork, Andrey Zhukov and Walter Pogosov. Quantum computer for high energy physics. From Heisenberg-like magnets to hadron scattering.121Chen Dong, Shuwen Chen and Wei Li. Reference-Frame-Independent measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution using hybrid logical basis
98Xiaoya Cheng and Yun Shang. New bounds for Mutually unbiased maximally entangled bases in C^d \times C^{kd}129Joonwoo Bae, Beatrix Hiesmayr and Daniel McNulty. Linking Entanglement Detection and State Tomography via Quantum $2$-Design
101Shuhei Tamura, Takuto Miyashita, Kohei Ikeda, Kotaro Okamura, Kazumichi Yoshii, Feng-Lei Hong, Hideo Kosaka and Tomoyuki Horikiri. Quantum frequency conversion for distributing entanglement between long-separated quantum memories131Guilherme Temporao, Gustavo Amaral, Jean Pierre Von Der Weid and Elisa Carneiro. Complementarity analysis of interference between frequency-shifted photonic wave packets
102Pawel Caban and Jakub Rembielinski. Unitary and covariant dynamics of relativistic qubits135Denis Rosset, Francesco Buscemi, Yeong-Cherng Liang. Statistical Comparison of Quantum Correlations in Time: A Resource Theory of Quantum Memories
104Ikko Hamamura. Separability Criterion for Quantum Effects138Tyson Jones, Suguru Endo, Sam McArdle, Xiao Yuan and Simon Benjamin. Discovering spectra with variational imaginary time evolution
107Ritabrata Sengupta. On stationary and entangled chains of Gaussian states139Minjin Choi, Yonghae Lee and Soojoon Lee. Security problems in quantum secret sharing
109Makoto Kubodera and Hidemitsu Awai. Automatic Quantum Circuit Generator by Genetic Programming and Three-qubit Superdense Coding to Transmit Three Classical Bit Codes140Xiaoyu He, Kun Fang, Xiaoming Sun and Runyao Duan. Quantum Advantages in Hypercube Game
112Jun Suzuki. Classification and characterization of quantum parametric models in quantum estimation theory142Boris Bourdoncle, Pei-Sheng Lin, Denis Rosset, Antonio Acín and Yeong-Cherng Liang. Regularizing data for practical randomness generation
118Jingwen Ding and Shigeru Yamashita. Exact and Approximate Exact Synthesis of Nearest Neighbor Compliant Quantum Circuits in 2-D architectures153Zhaodi Liu, Yongnan Sun and Chuanfeng Li. Experimental implementation of fully controlled dephasing dynamics and synthetic spectral densities
122Takashi Imamichi and Rudy Raymond. Constructions of Quantum Random Access Codes158Takahiko Satoh and Rodney Van Meter. Quantum Sockets for the NISQ Era Quantum Internet
128Anna Pappa, Marco Clementi, Andreas Eckstein, Ian A. Walmsley, Elham Kashefi and Stephanie Barz. Classical multiparty computation using quantum resources160Leila Taghavi and Salman Beigi. Span Program for Non-binary Functions
130Sudipto Roy and Joonwoo Bae. Information Flow of Open Quantum Systems in Quantum Algorithms161Yuanjia Wang and Guangqiang He. Quantum secure scalar product with continous-variable clusters
133Filip Rozpedek, Thomas Schiet, Le Phuc Thinh, David Elkouss, Andrew C. Doherty and Stephanie Wehner. Optimizing practical entanglement distillation162Kyouhei Ohmura and Noboru Watanabe. Quantum Dynamical Mutual Entropy for Quantum Markovian Sources
134Popo Yang, Shin-Tza Wu and Ray-Kuang Lee. Wigner Function Flow in Generalized Quantum Harmonic Oscillators165Madhav Krishnan V, Min-Hsiu Hsieh and Eric Chitambar. One-shot assisted concentration of coherence
136Arijit Dutta, Tschang-Uh Nahm, Jinhyoung Lee and Marek Zukowski. Geometric extension of Clauser-Horne inequality to more qubits166Takanori Sugiyama, Shinpei Imori and Fuyuhiko Tanaka. Self-consistent quantum tomography for reliable characterization of super-accurate quantum operations
141Waldemar Klobus, Wieslaw Laskowski, Tomasz Paterek and Marcin Wiesniak. Genuine multipartite qudit entanglement does not need multipartite correlations168Tomasz Paterek. Correlations mediated by quantum systems
144Ho Le Bin and Yasushi Kondo. NMR system for studying a magnetic sensor in noisy environment175Jeonghoon Park and Jun Heo. Zero-error classical capacity in low-dimensional quantum systems
145Akram Youssry, Christopher Ferrie and Marco Tomamichel. Efficient online quantum state estimation using a matrix-exponentiated gradient method
147Guojing Tian. Local discrimination of three generalized Bell states178Seung-Woo Lee and Jaewan Kim. Secure quantum communication with pseudo-single photon states
Yi-Ting Tu and Ray-Kuang Lee. Positive Partial Transpose criterion in Symplectic geometry
179Ya-Ping Li, Fang-Xiang Wang and Wei Chen. The realization of a reference-frame-independent decoy BB84 quantum key distribution based on Sagnac-interferometers
154Chitra Shukla and Gui-Lu Long. Quantum secure direct communication: Different models lead to practical applications182Arijit Dutta, Sibasish Ghosh, Jaewan Kim and Ritabrata Sengupta. Universal entanglement detection in two mode Gaussian states
155Donghoon Ha, Jihwan Kim and Younghun Kwon. Minimum-error discrimination of Partially symmetric three pure states193Eunok Bae and Soojoon Lee. An efficient quantum algorithm for solving continuous hidden translation problem
156Maria Quadeer, Christopher Ferrie and Marco Tomamichel. Minimax quantum state estimation under Bregman divergence194Amitava Datta. Distributed teleportation and robust quantum secret sharing without a shared key
157Kazuki Koshino, Kunihiro Inomata, Shingo Kono, Zhirong Lin, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto and Yasunobu Nakamura. Detection of itinerant single microwave photons using superconducting qubits196Akshaya Jayashankar and Prabha Mandayam. Pretty Good State Transfer via Adaptive Quantum Error Correction
163Xueyuan Hu. Thermal Operations Involving a Single-mode Bosonic Bath202Naoya Matsumoto, Souichi Takahira and Tsuyoshi Usuda. Relation between quantumness and the approximation accuracy of the minimum error probability
173Jiyoung Yun and Joonwoo Bae. Nonlocality as a resource for improving the capacity of interference channel203Atanu Acharyya and Goutam Paul. Characterizing optimal unitary attacks in quantum cryptography
174Raul Amaury Robles Robles and Ray-Kuang Lee. Work extraction in the presence of quantum phase transitions205Ryosuke Sakai, Akihito Soeda, Mio Murao and Daniel Burgarth. Robust control of two-qubit Hamiltonian dynamics
176Takaaki Matsuo, Clement Durand, Takahiko Satoh, Shota Nagayama, Shigeya Suzuki and Rodney Van Meter. Challenges in Simulating the Quantum Internet208Gustavo Banegas, Matthias Minihold and Răzvan Roşie. Equiprobability: Faster Algorithms for Subset-Sum Variants and the Vertex Cover Problem
181Minjeong Song and Cedric Beny. Algebraic structure for lattice gauge systems and entanglement order under LOCC209Arun B. Aloshious and Pradeep Sarvepalli. Projecting 3D color codes on to 3D toric codes
183Benjamin Yadin, Felix Binder, Jayne Thompson, Varun Narasimhachar, Mile Gu and Myungshik Kim. An operational resource theory of continuous-variable nonclassicality215Kanto Teranishi, Hidefumi Hiraishi and Hiroshi Imai. Simulated Quantum Annealing versus Breakout Local Search for Benchmark Dataset on NP-hard Problems
185M Saravanan and Lokesh Kumar. Quantum Inspired Community Detection in Mobile Social Networks216Shota Nagayama, Zhikuan Zhao and Takahiko Satoh. Conditions Which Determine Quantum Network Coding Useful in the Butterfly Network
186Pawel Kurzynski, Wieslaw Laskowski, Junghee Ryu, Adrian Kolodziejski, Karoly Pal and Tamas Vertesi. The problem of spin magnitude in hidden variable theories217Yuki Inoue and Masanao Ozawa. Error-Disturbance Relation in Stern--Gerlach Measurements
195Qingxiuxiong Dong, Marco Túlio Quintino, Akihito Soeda and Mio Murao. Implementing positive maps with multiple copies of an input state221Pavel Sekatski, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Sebastian Wagner and Nicolas Sangouard. Robust device-independent certification of the building blocks of quantum networks
198Shin Nishio, Takahiko Satoh and Rodney Van Meter. High Fidelity Qubit Mapping for IBM Q222Kwangil Bae and Wonmin Son. Analytic approach to the tightness of Bells ineqaulities in bi-partite high-dimensional system
200Atsushi Shimbo, Akihito Soeda and Mio Murao. Equivalence determination of unitary operations223Dongkeun Lee and Wonmin Son. Numerical evaluation of the localizable entanglement in 1D spin chain model
224Kamil Kostrzewa. Closing the detection loophole in multipartite Bell experiments with a limited number of efficient detectors
226Shengmei Zhao, Le Wang, Qianping Mao and Jozef Gruska. A Quantum Secret Sharing based on Round-robin Differential-phase-shift Quantum Key Distribution
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