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Project Requests - Add a project request hereProject teams - add your info to claim a project or help with a project here
Project Title Needs More Help? DescriptionSubmitted ByWho Is Currently Working on This? (name/email)Status 9((Notes
Name of ProjectYes/NoDescription of projectOrganizationPoint PersonEmailPhoneURL of spec/requirements/use case doc (if exists)NameEmailPhonePost Link to Tool When DoneURL Code repo(s)?URL export data?
Occupy SMS Yes: needs people to spread the wordOccupy SMS connects people with specific needs in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy to people with those particular resources who are nearby. OSMS is designed specifically with on-the-ground mutual aid in mind.OccupySMS (sponsored by Mobile Commons)@stephaniehshih
occupysms@gmail.com718 213 3357occupysms.orgIn alpha! http://occupysms.org/
Sandy TimelineYes: needs people to add events to the spreadsheet, they autopopulate the timelineA crowdsourced, rich-media timeline of the key events related to hurricane Sandy. Live at http://bit.ly/hh-timeline
/ add events directly via this spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/sandy-timeline
hurricane hackersSasha Costanza-Chockschock@mit.edu607 351 5559https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wdDo65UcBfdcUTvda5fwb4HOI7RjEvWq3KzZBV9ORcc/edit#heading=h.apkt20qmx3a
Sandy MemorialYes: needs people to add more entries to spreadsheet, also to work on the design/layout and the codeA tool that allows the creation of a crowdsourced memorial to those who lost their lives to Sandy (and in the future, to other events). Add entries directly to this spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/hh-memorial-sheet
hurricane hackers@schock, @b1naryth1ef, @dantekgeek
schock@mit.edu607 351 5559https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wdDo65UcBfdcUTvda5fwb4HOI7RjEvWq3KzZBV9ORcc/edit#heading=h.req23j4i4dbhschock@mit.eduworking demo: http://memorial.hydr0.com/
NYC Schools Mapping of ClosuresNo(Lots of details for this project have been shared in documents). First thoughts were implemented by the city. We are now wondering how we can augment their effortsDepartment of EducationGreg Betheil(redacted for sanity's sake)Noel Hidalgonoel@noneck.orgWaiting for DOE to circle back with more info
NYC Schools Need & Support MatchingNoMatching needs of schools with potential people/entities to helpDepartment of EducationGreg Betheil(redacted for sanity's sake)Jessica Lawrencejessica@nytm.orgWaiting for DOE to circle back with more info
Sandy CoworkingNoa listing of office spaces, shared desk locations, and coworking locations where you can recharge and reconnectThe InternetsNoel Hidalgohttp://sandycoworking.crowdmap.comNoel Hidalgonoel@noneck.orgGet more people to add locations and share the word with #SandyCoworking hashtag
Sandy Price Gouge MappingNoA crowdmap to track price gougingNoel Hidalgohttp://SandyGouge.crowdmap.comNoel Hidalgonoel@noneck.orgWould like to get SMS integration and better promotion of the tool. htttp://SandyGouge.crowdmap.com
NeedMapperNoNeedMapper maintains an up-to-date map display of outstanding requests for help (for both goods and services). We use a system that lets organizations and individuals add requests by texting 607-269-HELP or using a form on our website, and then remove them by texting the word 'DONE'. Volunteers and people wishing to give donations can see a list of active requests and their locations at http://www.needmapper.com. Made by @jenniferturliuk & the @ordermapper team & sponsored by @twilio. Requested by various organizations - happy to work with others to customize.www.needmapper.com@ordermapper & @jenniferturliukneedmapper@gmail.com
Skype: jenniferturliukhttp://www.needmapper.com
http://www.twitter.com/needmapper Launched - looking to get more needs in the system and connect with more organizing groups, media, etc
GasMapNoPublic interface where volunteers can update the status of a gas station, and a public interface for a citizen to see that status when looking for gas stations near them.

Which tool, if any, really works for this? @schock
The White HouseBrian Forde(redacted for sanity's sake)http://mappler.net/gasstation/Willow Brugh
Cherif Zouein
Dan Lurie
Andrew Turner
David Omoyele
andrew@crisiscommons.org davidomoyele@gmail.com
In progress. Join #gasmap on irc.freenode.net to help.

Looking to utilize info from GasBuddy, and pull updates from Twitter too.

Please review the Hackpad - there are very good sources of up-to-date fuel data from AHC and IMSOCIO that are likely better than other sources.
Sparkrelief.orgYes - always (node.js devs, front end devs, designers, UX/UI help, etc)Sparkrelief.org is an established 501(c)3 nonprofit that allows community members to offer and find relief information that is clearly mapped on our website. Sparkrelief is 100% community driven and has a core team of 3 people based in NY and Boulder, Colorado.

We work with many projects that want to integrate into a single disaster relief platform that creates simplicity for those giving and getting help. We'd love to integrate with other projects that are building out specific functions or features of our vision for a cohesive disaster relief platform.

We would love to be in touch with anyone interested: taylor@sparkrelief.org
taylor@sparkrelief.orgEstablished 501(c)3 still working on making our product better. We were made to be used in every disaster in any english speaking country and are expanding every day.
Memorial ServiceI would be interested in talking to anyone who could coordinating this storytelling project.A tool that allows family members and friends of loved ones lost in Sandy (and maybe other catastrophes to create a simple post of memorium with possibly a picture and short description. #hurricanehackersannie@cowbird.com917-607-4290www.cowbird.comIdea. Cowbird might be good for this: http://cowbird.com/ They specialize in storytelling, and often do projects around major events.
#SandyAid FollowupThis project would try to systematize tracking and follow up to aid requests using the #SandyAid hashtag.#hurricanehackers
Sandy power outage trackerThis is a spreadsheet to track power outage, state by state:#hurricanehackershttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiDMisni9_F_dFk5MXU0RVZ0V0Q3WDZsRmFsVmVFTVE#gid=0
Urban Disaster Recovery Symbols (IconCamp)Yes -- will need NYC based emergency managers to weigh inFinding & making useful universal symbols to support communication for disaster recovery effortsIconCampChach SikesChach Sikeschachasikes@gmail.comSkype: chachasikes, Twitter @chachasikeshttp://bitly.com/SW4CSI (IN progress - Project description & in progress list of symbols that we are finding)
NYC Area CarpoolingYes - We need drivers to meet the demand we are getting from volunteers, especially ones with high occupancy vehicles.Volunteers are having a hard time getting to affected areas. People need to get around, but gas shortages and public transpostation suspensions are causing problems.rootless.meAaron Williamsaaron@rootless.mehttp://rootless.me/nyc https://twitter.com/rootlessme
Are the Sandy tools being used? Is crowd contributions hapening? Analysis of contributions & use of Sandy crowdsourced projectsYes - Add new projects to the list!A list of Sandy projects powered by crowd sourcing and data on how much and how the projects are being use. Analysis of the contributions and usage of crowdsourcing projects.hurricanehackersMayo Fuster Morell (@lilaroja) Mayo Fuster Morell (@lilaroja) Mayo.Fuster@eui.euhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApYIAcu9WmaIdF8zYklvMVBjbDBFb3MycEU5R09fM0E#gid=0
SandyHackersBota IRC/jabber/XMPP/twitter bot that forward curated items from RSS feeds data available from map, video, new streams, activity map, commits in code project, basically anything RSS around hacking Sandy see @SandyHackersBot
join freenode IRC #hurricanebotbattle
Acidnerd @buzzworkers
Social Media / Situational awareness mapA situational map: Tweets: People searching for Gas and reporting on the lineups at gas stationsrdanatech.comotto krauthhttps://gs.rdanatech.com/SAINT/master/gas_station.html?layers=TBTTT#
Sandy Help Desk & IT Supporthttp://operationsandysupport.tumblr.com/ 100% free for all businesses effected by Sandy. Could really use some other IT Profs with risk management exp@opSandySupport@andriynobleandriymn@gmail.com508-736-3410Need More People
Where is FEMA?YesA map detailing the location of FEMA, the National Guard, and other official servicesshana carpshana.carp@gmail.comNeed More Peoplea tool for staten island already exists: http://sinycliving.visibli.com/share/m10R5b
Pickup PointYesA map with the location of where volunteers can donate stuff like food and clothing. Also a map of where said stuff is being distributedshana carpshana.carp@gmail.comNeed More Peoplea tool for staten island already exists: http://sinycliving.visibli.com/share/m10R5b (direct link load quicker: http://StatenIsland.CrowdMap.com )
Get Home Safe NYC - gethomesafenyc.comYes – We need to add more information about buildings in the City #gethomesafenycPaul Molluzzopaul@illcreative.com or paul@molluzzo.com6463733722Need More Peoplegethomesafenyc.com
nycpowertracker.comA site to track the current state of ConEd repairs with progress graphs and map views. The source is on GitHub: https://github.com/jpettersson/nycpowerstatus.comJonathan Peterssonhttp://jpettersson.comhttp://nycpowertracker.com ; Con Edison has official map http://apps.coned.com/stormcenter_external/default.html
A Multi-media story platform for survivors to tell their storiesPlatform by which, through which, survivors can share their stories Somewhat related to Sandy timelineCowbird (www.cowbird.com) is a great platform for this. We could offer this simple storytelling tool to Sandy victims. Just need someone to coordinate, and story collectors. Once collected, the stories are embeddable on external websites (organization website; news media website). Please email annie@cowbird.com to learn more.
Insurance claim processing tool -- help people collect info, especially that which they may have lost in destroyed homes, etc.Tools and processes to help people, especially those who have lost critical paperwork and records, to gather data and prepare folios for insurance claims; may be something used by responders on their devices to aid survivors
Volunteer Profile and Dispatch toolA tool to capture a profile of volunteers (what they can do; skills; availability) and then be used to dispatch them to a site (essentially much like a commercial services management tool)OccupySandyLeslieRedacted(Looks a bit like NeedMapper, thought this is more about managing the supply of volunteers). From NeedMapper: we may be able to help with this - email needmapper@gmail.comTony Bone (tony@chaoslabs.org) has a prototype of this now built in Python/Django and hosted on GoogleApps: http://sandy-recovers.appspot.com/
Animal Tracker / Animal Foster Home Tool
Disaster Recovery SiteYes-Developers to help brainstorm and codeLonger term project for the next disaster. Platform to help integrate the above projects so the next time shit hits the fan anywhere, there is a platform ready to go.Francis Botero, David Omoyele, Bo Wen, Yitzy Shapirofrancis.botero@gmail.com davidomoyele@gmail.com wenboown@gmail.comhttps://github.com/organizations/SocialDisaster
2012/11/17: link not working
Crowd sourced mapping of #SandyVolunteerYes - working on content, doing interesting things with the dataTaking volunteer requests from #SandyVolunteer on twitter and email lists from elected officials and others. Trying a crowdsourced map to see if this keeps the content fresher. Also interested to see if a map is actually the best interface for casual discovery of volunteer opportunities.OpenPlans@fkhfrank@openplans.orgFrank Hebbertfrank@openplans.orghttp://sandy-fkh.dotcloud.com/https://github.com/fkh/sandy-shareaboutshttp://sandy-fkh.dotcloud.com/download/places.csv
Businesses not paying hourly workersMany hourly workers won't get paid for missing work due to Sandy. We need to track these business and urge them to pay their hourly workers
CanvassingSmartphone application that allows volunteers to keep track of the apartments they have visited, what supplies where given, and any special attention that is needed. It would have to work with technology that does not rely on cell or Wifi network, i.e. Bluetooth. Upon a volunteer returning to the distribution center they can upload (through Bluetooth) their results and move to the next building. I am thinking of a peer-to-peer network hybrid where a organization can have master peers at the distribution center that will collect all the data and sort them by building to give an overall picture of what has been done and what needs to be done.Check out needmapper.com and email needmapper@gmail.com if you think we can help
Sandy Social Project: find people to helpAbout 80% complete. Need UI/UX/Front End Help; QA testingIdentify individual projects & people who need help on a project-by-project level; coordinate donations/volunteers through facebook channels.@mrbenweiwei.ben@gmail.comBen Wei (proj lead), Dave Luke (php), Dave Yang (design), Michael Justice (php), Nicholas Barretta (product design)wei.ben@gmail.com
Local Q&A site for Sandy Questions - alaskerYes. Need user testing and groups. Please check out our site and sign up and post questions you wished that had been answeredreal-time crowd-sourced Q&A side that helps people deal with all kinds of questions regarding hurricane sandy --for helping answer local Sandy questions such as problems with power, water, heat, access to food, etc.@goalasker@goalaskerarthur@abdevlabs.com DunjaSalehZaki@gmail.com
Dunja 97 373 7204; Arthur 347 405 1818Arthur Bierer (Founder and Product Lead Development) Dunja Saleh-Zaki (Public Voice, Marketing) Barak Zimmermann (Public Voice & Content Direction) Behnaz Babazadek (UX and Design) Mads Rune Christensen (Product Development)arthur@abdevlabs.com; DunjaSalehZaki@gmail.com; barak@barakzimmerman.com; behnaz.babazadeh@gmail.com; Mads Rune Christensen <mr@neostep.dkDunja 97 373 7204; Arthur 347 405 1818http://alasker.com/?access_key=sandyhttp://alasker.com/?access_key=sandyhttp://blog.alasker.com/
Delivery Dispatch ToolTool to better organize and schedule dispatching OccupySandyBre Lhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1c0T8vMnGkwPTnPcCWPGDaeYzVudakKSFB7penEefykA/edit Check out needmapper.com and email needmapper@gmail.com if you think we can help
SandyAid Txt MapIntended for Red Hook, but works for anywhere: SMS Texting Needed Hurricane Supplies, geolocates to a Collaborative Responders Map.OpenTechInstitute, @georgiamoon, @jrbaldwinnJonathan BaldwinJonathan Baldwinjrbaldwin@opentechinstitute.orghttps://rhiwifi.co/hurricane/
Kick the Sandy Blues @ Smart-Up BrooklynNo - event is overWe are giving away FREE tickets to a huge party at the Dumbo Loft on November 15th to anyone in the tech/start-up scene who are looking to take a break from all the craziness. Simply go to Smartupbk.com and enter promo code "Sandyreliefparty" - the party is sponsored by Kurrenci.com, yelp.com and many others! Kurrenci.com @kurrencidotcom #smartupbkMoshe Hechtmshecht@kurrenci.com718.683.5200 x 311Smartupbk.com
Canvassing, Part 2Alternate take on the canvassing project from row 33: In addition to what is discussed above, an approach with a simple, straightforward webpage (that can even load in the blackberry's browser) is perhaps more useful if the cell phone network is up, since data can be collated immediately. I have no skills in this regard, but wanted to suggest this perspective (which is not the only valid one).
CBO Map Help (Google Fusion Tables)Who's helping the first responders, Community Based Organizations? Many of the smallest ones need help so they can help their communities. But they need a voice. My organization is a nonprofit that works with these CBO's. We're trying to reach out to those we have relationships with, and to aid that I've been trying in my non-coder way to develop a map that would be useful to see which orgs we work with were in Zone A so we can reach out and advocate for them. I could use some quick help as my Fusion Table Layers aren't showing my data, only the public data. Also open to any and all improvements / other ideas.Thanks!Community Resource ExchangeRussell Feldmanrfeldman@crenyc.org646-842-1296Code from wizard: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/35648214/Sandy_Evac_SITE/ftl_sandy_code.html What I'm after: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/35648214/Sandy_Evac_SITE/goal_fusion_tables_layer_wizard_preview.pngSusansusan.e.mcgregor@gmail.comAwaiting response from organization
Realtime Collaborative Todo listA multi-user GTD app for crisis response essentially intended to replace the spreadsheet esperanto/lingua franca that is now the defacto standard for organizations that need realtime collaborationsandymeteor@hotmail.com#sandymeteor on freenode (irc)http://tinyurl.com/realtimegtdhttps://github.com/sandymeteor/realtimegtd
Crowd-sourced Hurricane Report DataSeeClickFix is online and mobile platform for reporting non-emergency issues to local governments (i.e. a modern, international 311 system). During Hurricane Sandy, SeeClickFix was employed by citizens all over the Northeast to report power outages, flooding, damaged trees, downed electric wires, and the like. Who wants to hack on this crowd-sourced storm issue data?@zbeat/@SeeClickFixZack Beattyzack@seeclickfix.com203-752-0777http://seeclickfix.blogspot.com/2012/11/leveraging-seeclickfix-open-content-for.html
NYC Sandy NeedsYes! Would love as much up to date info as possible. Trying to collect data for Rockaways, SI, LI, CI/Brighton/Sheepshead and Red HookA website listing volunteer opportunities, donation sites, organizations and shelters in the NYC area@NYCSandyNeedsnycsandyneeds@gmail.comhttp://nycsandyneeds.wordpress.comSam and Karinycsandyneeds@gmail.comConstantly updating. http://nycsandyneeds.wordpress.com
Anonymous' #OpOregonTrail (and possibly an #AnonCon coming from it)Yes, and already saying, "Thank You!" ahead of time.Open Source Disaster Relief, by Anonymous, including packing an 10-14' UHAUL full of Ecological Relief & driven by Anons all the way from Texas to NYC
<3 from Anonymous
Anonymous w/ aid of Broken Sidewalk Farm & opensour.cc Developers' NetworkLouis (Thad) T. Getterman IVBrokenSidewalkFarm@Gmail.com917-EXPCT-UShttp://BrokenSidewalkFarm.com/OpOregonTrailLouis (Thad) T. Getterman IVBrokenSidewalkFarm@Gmail.com512-366-9507Most of this is adapting Broken Sidewalk Farm's Milestones to meet NYC/NJ's demands: http://brokensidewalkfarm.com/pdf/bsf_milestones.pdfhttps://github.com/BrokenSidewalkFarm/(still trying to learn git, sorry...)http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Louis_Theodore_Getterman_IV
We Have, We Need - NYCThere are dozens of these now. See recovers.org, interocc sandyA platform for posting and communicating "haves" and "needs". One possible use is for site-coordinators to request volunteers be posting them as "needs". Its pretty much ready to go, we're looking for users. Registration is currently not open to public, ideally one person from a given NGO or center would have an account. Contact Wes for more info.Global TIES @ UCSD@WesVetterwesvetter@googlemail.com858.922.2963http://wehave-weneed.org@wesvetter
DisasterReliefMap.comYes - Always. We need info on upcoming and current relief efforts and events to keep the map up-to-dateDisasterReliefMap.com is a crowd-sourced incident / relief map for sharing and locating local resources, shelters, volunteer ops, donation drop-offs etc. At this time we need volunteers to help add reports to the map and curate as necessary.@themechmapChaz Cheadlethemechmap@themechanism.comhttp://sandy.disasterreliefmap.com
Sandy Relief (Sahana)Yes — need Python developers and theme designersPROJECTS: goo.gl/QjAZj .Sahana Eden is an open source framework for emergency management applications. It is the main platform used by Occupy Sandy (and now NVOAD.org, and maybe the Red Cross) to manage location data, volunteer requests, donation inventory, and on-the-ground canvassing. @interocc / @ericaheinzFran Boon, Michael Howdenfran@sahanafoundation.org, michael@sahanafoundation.orghttp://eden.sahanafoundation.org/wiki/DeveloperGuidelinesFran, Tony, Ericasahana-eden@googlegroups.com http://eden.sahanafoundation.org/wiki#Contact
@ows_techhttp://sandyrelief.sahanafoundation.org/https://github.com/flavour/eden/Existing themes: https://github.com/flavour/eden/tree/master/static/themes
Sandy StorylineYes - would like to collaborate with other storytelling projects, and begin work on next phase of StorylineSandy Storyline is a participatory documentary about Hurricane Sandy and efforts to recover and rebuild our neighborhoods. @sandystorylineAriel Kennanamkennan@gmail.comhttp://sandystoryline.com/
Street Network: Registry of Local Neighborhood Communities OnlineYes - developers to contribute to open source registry and display systemTo be prepared for the communication logistics of future disasters, there is a need for a unified registry of local communities online such as neighborhood mailing lists on yahoo or google, facebook groups for apartment buildings and block associations, neighborhood blogs and discussion boards on wordpress /tumblr/everyblock, nextdoor.com private neighborhood social networks, and such that are all indexed and discoverable to community members in a standardized way. A list of Sandy related groups is here: http://bitly.com/sandygroups - The Street Network is a protocol to provide a space online mapped to any place in the physical world based on the postal address of the location as a unique URL (example: http://eastlake.seattle.wa.us.earth.st/ ). Eventually the system can be used as a 'public square' for communication, a collective wiki-like knowledge base, and a simple way to anchor existing information online to a given street, block, neighborhood, city, etc that is easily to reference and share. I need help making a simple database for this registry and a way to embed it into the existing street network. @seankean
Emergency SchoolsYesCreating an app that will help credentialed substitutes offer educational services to displaced students during emergencies by empowering educators to connect with appropriate community organizations.Natasha's CourtCandida Haynesinfo@natashascourt.com646-675-6130Candida Haynes - seeking javascript developers (junior level okay), an android camera hacker for small project, and outreach help. Graphic designer and Powerpoint pro welcome.info@natashascourt.com646-675-6130Wire frame mostly done but cold be prettier.Not necessarily looking to win prize but definitely want to finish creating this tool. Have strong ideas for presentation of the project, background in education including current teaching position at public school, experience with homeless populations and civil rights. Building apps that help people who don't have access to technology. Mobile native project.
Cross-Organizational Data ExchangeData integration and interop capability realization for organizations of any scale participating in disaster relief efforts.Occupy SandyRobert Pluma (@robotpluma)robotpluma@gmail.com646.505.9382Robert Pluma, Kersi Asare, Heather Teicher
Sandy Senior Services resource mapHACKATHON IDEAS:
[]Develop a free-standing WEBSITE that:
[]Embeds ArcGIS version of map w/ more functionality to visualize, search, usage analytics, demographic layers
[]Embeds a crowdfunding donation box
[]Embed form to submit info (currently http://bit.ly/helpsss )
[]Page(s) to List senior services that aren't mappable (Home Care Agencies, legal information) & make it searchable
[]Mobile friendly version of site
[]Make Website & Mobile site auto-zoom to location of IP address
[]Click-to-share buttons (twitter, facebook, email)
[]Links to Facebook & Twiiter; embed most recent tweets
[]Embed form to "Contact Us" w/ suggestions, data sources, & potential partners
[]sponsors/supporters page (logos, website, +/- short description)
[]Big/adjustable & high contrast font for seniors. Make it look pretty w/ good UX.
[]WHAT ARE YOUR IDEAS? Please email me!
* Volunteers to help w/ organize, check, format submitted DATA for spreadsheet that goes to map.
* Looking for community PARTNERS to broaden reach, sustainability, & access to other directories/datasets.
* Contact me if you want to organize senior services data for NJ, CT, Long Island, or other areas onto Google's Crisis Map
We've compiled & are updating list of needs and services for elderly affected by Sandy.
1. Initial version on Google's Sandy Crisis Map includes existing directory of senior services plus some crowdsource details http://bit.ly/sssmap
Now asking community orgs to tell us their needs& services http://bit.ly/helpsss so map will have richer updated info.
2. Want to make map a long-term community resource beyond Sandy relief. So dev website+/- mobile app that allows search/filter & analytics, probably with ArcGIS map.
@HealthcareWen@HealthcareWenHelpNYCSeniors@gmail.com or http://Linkd.in/Dombrowski

(Contact GIS engineer Pete Giencke at Google.org's Crisis Response team if you have other data/product/etc ideas you'd like to discuss giencke@google.com )
Volunteers:Wen Dombrowski, Jimmy Shen, Leah, Darlene; Pete at GoogleHelpNYCSeniors@gmail.comSenior Services Map: http://bit.ly/sssmap & http://bit.ly/sssmap2
Form to submit updates: http://bit.ly/helpsss
SandyReport.com Yes pleaseWebsite that tracks news and information about Sandy affected areas. Aim is to connect the dots on some of the stories by creating a long term record of media reports and other sourced information to try to hold key players (media, government officials, others) accountable for what is happening in the affected areas.@SandyReportLeenewsreportsandy@gmail.com
NYC DoE School Closure / Relocation Toolhttps://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1PQFpNpMEeBhurXaK8nLuG89SEyXYjVO2wbECXldxopQBeing Designed
Sponsor a Volunteer (e.g., Coder)Apphttps://docs.google.com/document/d/18Zxoqr1EbEPdcdGk-Nr7x8l0lXzLSAucRFblLASPUOc/editConceptual
Ride Share ToolConceptual
Bike Share ToolConceptual
Price Gouge Tool In Development
A Multi-media story platform for survivors to tell their storiesConceptual
A memorial siteIn Development via Hurricane Hackers
FEMA claim processing tool -- perhaps something volunteers can use in impacted areas to help victims get claims processed more easilyConceptual
Insurance claim processing tool -- help people collect info, especially that which they may have lost in destroyed homes, etc.Conceptual
Volunteer Profiles to track those with skills like FEMA engagement, medical, civil engineeringConceptual
Hotline CoordinationConceptual
Integrated ticketing and dispatch, cross organizationConceptual
Animal Tracker / Animal Foster Home ToolConceptual
http://www.sandyreport.com or http://www.sandyreport.net or http://www.sandyreport.org