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IN 50 words, Is the Duct-Taped Banana Art?Word Count
Hunter,Madisyn DeniseIn my opinion,the banana is not art. I don't understand why anyone would pay for this. There is no clear message or meaning in this piece. I would never pay this much for a banana and duct tape. I can do this myself. If this is art,I should be rich now.51
Ikner, Isaiah MThis banana taped to the wall is comical. However I do not see it as much more than that. In today's world it seems like the more bizarre something is the more it is able to be marketed. Meaning the reason it mustve sold for so much is because it is the opposite of what we would view as art. 60
Innis,AttallahI think that Duct-Taped banana art is point less. I feel that it means nothing and who ever bought this piece needs to get their money back. I think that in certain cases foolishness can not be consdered art, and this piece is foolish. Maybe if it had some color to it, it could be consider art. It 58
Jones,Vincent M
The fact that there is a banana in a piece of duct tape is absolutely absurd. In a way it could be considered art because it is another persons creation from their own personal thoughts. With that being said, I think that is is not anywhere near worth 120 thousand dollars.
Joseph,Destini Zahara
Lee,Amaya ArielI don't believe that was art in my opinion. Who would find that interesting to buy an old banana that's slowly rotten over time that have duct-tape over it ? And the price of it ? A big no i can make that same art piece and give away for free because that is what it is worth. Nothing !60
Louijeune, SamuelThe taped banana is is art in no way. I believe it really has no meaning it look like something someone in this world tried to make look good. The banana symbolizes nothing because that would mean you can tape a pickle and consider that art .47
Manigo, David KennethThe taped banana is not art at all in any form of way in my opinion. There is no message behind it and I don't see how there is such a high value on it. I don't see how there 120 thousand dollars was used for it. The taped banana could be art to the person who made it but not to everyone else because I can simply make that as well.72
McKinney, KaylaIn one way the banana is not art. There is not anything creative about taping a banana to a wall. At the same time, it was just a plain banana; what makes it special. On the other hand, it was art because - although pointless- it makes you think. It is original because who would think to tape a banana to a wall as an art piece. However, although really simple, it makes people think about things we use in everyday life in a new light.86
Mitchell,Kayla ArmaniThe duct taped banana is not art. It wasnt worth spending 120 thousand dollars. The duct taped banana is only art to the person that created it. The banana doesnt represent or symbolize anything. There is nothing interesting about this banana, i could easily make this myself. The person that created this should of put more thought into it. 59
Moss,Troi Genevieve
I think the duct taed banana was art, even though it was pointless. A lot of art is
pointless and doesnt have ny meaning; art is supposed to be fun and whatever
you want it to be. It doesnt always have to be depressing or have a hidden
IN 50 words, Your comments about the work of Sandy Skoglund
Hunter,Madisyn DeniseI really like this style of art. The colors and contrast are very interesting. It makes the things interesting and the addition of real people to the scene makes it even more interesting. It makes you appreciate the work she puts into it.43
Ikner, Isaiah MI like this style of art. Sandy is now in my top favorite artists. The color schemes and consistency caught me. His ideas are creative such as the goldfish, foxes, or socks. He plays with contrast and makes each color stand on its own. Sandy Skloglund, so fun, so brilliant. 50
Innis,AttallahI enjoy Paul Klee's work, it is very futuristic and dramactic. I like that he mostly uses two colors in his pieces, I think its a very bold chocie for an artist. My favorite piece is the orange piece that seems made of cheetos, I love the texture in the piece. 51
Jones,Vincent MI find the work of Sandy Skoglund very interesting. I personally love looking at images that are weird and somewhat strange. The contrasting colors and use of animals thoughout her work is very unique. I know how much time and effort goes into making artwork specifically this type of artwork. 50
Joseph,Destini ZaharaI really love her art. Her large-format photos captivate with their bright colors and, at the first glance, amusing content, but a deeper look reveals the hidden essence of underlying treat which plays into people’s fears. Demonstrating a great ability to oppose reality to imagination, the origin of her interest lies in the mixture of natural and artificial.58
Lee,Amaya ArielI actually was interested in her work , i love how the background color would be so dull and the color of the animals or trees would pop out with a better color. I may have never heard of her and her work but i am now interested like very interested 51
Louijeune, SamuelI think the art work with tree leaves that are blue are actually unique. I feel like that piece of art is telling me time is moving and the season are changing fast and you got to make a move before your time runs out and you are too old. Old environment make the theme very intriguing because that what caught my attention.63
Manigo, David KennethSand Skoglund's art piece was very unique and has a very clear image. You can see the vibrant colors that are used and the fact that real people are used as well is interesting and very detailed. There are smaller colors to surround the vibrant colors as well and grabs the viewers attention53
McKinney, KaylaWhat I like about Skoglund's work is that there is a slight mystical element in her pieces. Looking at her work kind of makes me feel like I am in a dollhouse. There are lots of vibrant colors and floating parts. At first glance, you think of the surrealism piece by Magritte with the floating men all over. What seperates Skoglund's work is her use of color. It adds a different type of depth to a piece. When all of a picture is one color, but there are samller bright objects all around, it shifts the viewers attention.98
Mitchell,Kayla ArmaniSand Skolglund's art work is very fun and interesting to look at. This image has lots of bright colors that contrast each other. The fact that she added real people to the image makes it weird but interesting at the same time. Honestly I think this art work if very unique and different because i have never seen anything like it before. The pieces she added into this image bring it to life and make it not dull looking79
Moss,Troi Genevieve
Sandy Skoglund's art is truly interesting and so bright, in terms of colours. most of it
is such a contrast what with the background being so dull in colour and the pieces
she put in being so bright and full of life.
IN 50 words, Your comments about the work of Paul Klee
Hunter,Madisyn Denise
Ikner, Isaiah MIm not a big fan of Paul Klee's artwork. Some of it looks as if he was in an elementary school class playing with the paint. However I did see a few pieces that looked well put together. Still those were not as appealing as a Skoglund piece. Paul alright. 50
Innis,AttallahI do not really enjoy Paul Klee's art, it boring. The colors are not vibrite and they seem muddy in one of his painting. It seems like children draw his pieces and they just seem sad. They don't have any life to the pieces, when I look at a piece I want to be able to see ever detail, I do not feel that way about these art works.69
Jones,Vincent M
Joseph,Destini ZaharaPaul Klees work is very different. It isn't my cup of tea necessarily due to the dull color but it is very different and unique. One thing I do like about it is the abstract art work that he does in some of pieces. 44
Lee,Amaya ArielI actually did not like Paul Klee art work. It was very uninteresting and boring and should i mentioned horrible ? I knew those art pieces were sold for a lot of money but it shouldn't be sold at all . Hopefully no one was interested .Seems as if a little kid did this.54
Louijeune, SamuelPaul Klee art work is very ordinary but it's not that unique it's kind of too simple for me. I think the fish looking man stood out to me the most if anything it kind of has some kind of meaning like if it's trying to tell you something. But some of the other art work that is shown is too plain .63
Manigo, David KennethPaul Klee's Art is very interesting and different. The way he just uses geometrical work in his art is fascinating. Although it doesn't really match what I would prefer due to the dull color and the imagery of it. Not really something I would say I really like, but it is really a good art piece that was made59
McKinney, KaylaKlee is unique because of the geometrical working in his art. I like geometrical art because artists are successful in using pattern and rearranging them to create a new piece. What I do not neccessarily like about Klee's work is the color. The art seems a bit morbid from first glance. I do like the abstract look of the drawings. They are simple yet entertaining and pleasing to the eye.70
Mitchell,Kayla ArmaniIm not a big fan of Paul Klee's art work. Some of his art work looks as if a child painted it. Their was no life in the pieces and the colors weren't vibrant at all. However their are some art pieces that I am very fond of that are not as appealing as skoglund. 55
Moss,Troi Genevieve
I actually kind of enjoy Paul Klee's work. A lot of them are entertaining to look at and,
sure they might not take much effort, but they still look ok. i really enjoyed the one
with the tiny legs and the one with long legs; they both made me laugh and be happy
and perhaps that was his objective.
IN 50 words, Your comments about La Jette
Hunter,Madisyn Denise
Ikner, Isaiah M
Innis,AttallahLa Jette was intresting in the begining but then it got boring and hard to keep reading the words. I did like the still pictures, I think that there was a lot of emotion in them. If it was in english i think it would have appealed to me more.50
Jones,Vincent M
Joseph,Destini Zahara
Lee,Amaya ArielMe personally i think La jette is interesting to others but not just to me. I was falling asleep while professor David was showing it . Usually class be entertaining however , it was not that day. But that's just my opinion i see others actually loved it but not me 51
Louijeune, SamuelLa jette was kind of a sleepy film not to interested in these kind of videos. I was kind of surprised when I heard the audio French didn't expect it to be in that tone. But the pictures were kind of settle and should have been more of a clip or video instead of that55
Manigo, David Kenneth
McKinney, KaylaLa jette was a weird film to me. It was based on moving pictures rather than an actual film. The storyline was a little confusing as well. With the music added, it was a little creepy. The black and white made it more unappealing as well. Overall, I didn't really like it.52
Mitchell,Kayla ArmaniTo me La jette wasn't very interesting. I was falling asleep while watching the film. Usually class is very interesting but however today it wasn't. Everybody else seemed to really enjoy it but it wasn't interesting to watch at all. The film was very confusing and had to much going on.51
Moss,Troi GenevieveLa Jette was a boring film to me and it had too much going on. As much as i love the French culture i just absolutely abhorred this short film. It might also be due to the fact that it was made of still pictures instead of motion pictures .50
IN 50 words, Your Favorite Wonder of the World
Hunter,Madisyn DeniseMy favorite wonder of the world is Petra. I feel this way because of the work that went into it. You can tell it took a long time to carve out of the mountain and make it look so smooth and natural. The detail put into the columns and the illusion of statues is amazing.55
Ikner, Isaiah MMy favorite wonder of the world is the Great Wall of China. I believe it has to be the most complicated structure of them all due to how long it is. The wall is long as half of the equator which wraps around the entire earth. I read that it took more than a million laborers to complete the wall. It stretches across 15 regions in China and reaching 5,500 miles. 71
Innis,AttallahMy favorite wonder of the world is the Great Wall of China. I like the history behind it because it shows strength and sacrifice. I think that is so cool that this great barrier was made with human hands. I also think that the view from the wall is also a factored into its beauty.55
Jones,Vincent MThe Colosseum located in Italy truly fascinates me. Similar to the other 6 wonders of the world, this monument has truly stood the test of time. I would love to visit this beautiful work of art one day and analyze it in depth. It is pretty interesting that humans in that time period had the knowledge to build something so intricate. Some people today might not even have the wherewithal to do something of this magnitude 76
Joseph,Destini Zahara
Lee,Amaya ArielMy favorite wonder of the world would be the Great Wall of China, i seen it plenty of times on movies and thought it was cool, my first time seeing it was on the movie Karate Kid and i found it interesting on how it was built while i was younger 51
Louijeune, SamuelThe Great Wall of China is kind of my favorite because I want to see how it feel to be that high on something so historical. This monument in everything I looked at growing up and always thought it would be a great place to visit when I got older.50
Manigo, David KennethMy favorite wonder of the world would be the Great Wall of China I just find it interesting how they built something that big and how it travels a very long distance. I have also seen the wall in a lot of movies and how the structure is used to within the different types of wether. someday I hope to visit there and see it in person67
McKinney, KaylaMy favorite wonder of the wall is the Taj Mahal. I really like the architecture of the building. I like this wonder the most because of the history behind it. The Taj Mahal was built as a memorial to the emporers late wife. That is an adorable gesture and it is amazing that this grsnd puece was built in the 1600s. It contsins a lot of detail for the tools of the time.73
Mitchell,Kayla ArmaniMy favorite wonder of the world would be the great wall of china. I love the meaning behind the wall and how it's so historical. I found it interesting how they built something so huge that stretches a long distance. This would be a great place to visit when i get older. 52
Moss,Troi Genevievemy favourite wonder of the world is the Petra. It must have taken immense manpower and dedication to create and what even was the purpose of it? What caused its people to create something so magnificent? The detail and sturdiness of just the entrance itself is admirable and just raises so many more questions.54
In 50 words, Your Opinion on Pablo Picasso
Hunter,Madisyn DenisePersonally I find Pablo Picasso's work very intersting. All of his work varies and he seems very versitile in terms of his art style. I have seen portraits by him as well as abstract art. I personally like Jacqueline with Flowers because of the mixture of abstract and realism.49
Ikner, Isaiah M
Innis,AttallahI would not consider myself a fan of Picasso's work but I do like his work. I like his use of geomentric figures and his use of dull colors. I say that because I think that if he wwould have choosen to uaw light bright colors, would have been too much.51
Jones,Vincent M
Joseph,Destini Zahara
Lee,Amaya ArielMe personally , Pablo Picasso his is work is very popular and knowing around the world and i actually like it my first time being introduced to Picasso was in elementary but i heard the name so many times on different movies . One of my favorites is Guernica since it was my very first art of him I've seen 60
Louijeune, SamuelPicasso's work is actually interesting to me. It can symbolize a lot of meaning and it is very popular style of art. He dedicated a lot of his time in the work he created and inspired a lot of people to mimic or make art similar to his. Picasso is a leader in art to me by the uniqueness of his deliberate work.63
Manigo, David KennethPicasso's work is very popular and I think the art he presents has a lot of different meanings behind each piece. You can tell he is very dedicated in the work he is doing and takes his time to each project. His work is very popular around the world and his work influences other artist to present art outside the box61
McKinney, KaylaPablo Picasso's Work is something that i am a fan of, however he is not my favourite artist. Picasso's abstract work is truly something to admire as well as his dedication to his work. Though, his quotes are more something that I am interested in, to be completely honest- i think that he was a truly inspiring man and knew just what to say when it came to encouraging others70
Mitchell,Kayla ArmaniPablo Picasso's Work is very popular and interesting to look at. His style of art is very different from anybody elses. His dedication to his work is very inspiring because he encoruages others. I found out about pablo Picasso from elemenary school and from movies I watched growing up. I love his use of dull colors and the meaning behind his portraits. 62
Moss,Troi GenevievePablo Picasso's Work is something that i am a fan of, however he is not my favourite artist. Picasso's abstract work is truly something to admire as well as his dedication to his work. Though, his quotes are more something that I am interested in, to be completely honest- i think that he was a truly inspiring man and knew just what to say when it came to encouraging others70
In 50 words, Your Opinion on Jacob Lawrence
Hunter,Madisyn DeniseI personally like the art of Jacob Lawrence. His art seems very versitile and he can pull off many styles. I enjoy the fact that there is variation in the people he paints and draws. He sometimes includes faces adding variation and sometimes he does not, which I love.49
Ikner, Isaiah M
Innis,AttallahI enjoy his artsworks because they remind me of West African art. I went to Mali, Africa this summer and it gives me that same vibe with American influnces. I wonder if I have seen more of his artwork before because it reminds me of artwork in my grandma house in Harlem, as well. 54
Jones,Vincent M
Joseph,Destini Zahara
Lee,Amaya ArielI like Jacob Lawrence work a lot . It is simple but it's like it have a meaning to it. I feel like a lot of his work have to deal with African Americans or other race that have been through a lot based on his pictures and that will bring more attention to his work because a lot people love hearing about history .65
Louijeune, SamuelI like Jacob style he look a lot of old fashion to me but the picture I like was the one with the 4black people on the cart being pulled by the animal. It look kind of intriguing because I have never been on one but would like to ride one. 51
Manigo, David KennethI like Jacob Lawrence style of work, his work is simple and straight to the point. It's really old fashion but the meaning behind it is very deep, I admire the the 4 black people on the cart pulled by the animals also his work has to deal with many races.51
McKinney, KaylaI like Jacob Lawrence's work and style. All his pieces contain lots of expression and have an old-time feel to them, yet is still modern art. I also like how many of his pieces are somewhat geometrical. It makes tem look more symmetrical and pleasing to the eye. Another thing I like about his art is that its very colorful.60
Mitchell,Kayla ArmaniI like Jacob Lawerence art work because it has alot of meaning behind it. His art work is very different. I like how his art work deals with African Americans and other races that have been through tramcatic experiences. Jacob Lawerence work reminds me of something I would see in my aunts house. 53
Moss,Troi GenevieveJacob Lawrence's work reminds me of something i would see in my grandmother's home-it gives me a sense of comfort and nostalgia, and i absolutely love that. I also enjoy the representation of black bodies in all of the works shown and the bits of history shown in the works50