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BooksPreschoolPrimaryLiteracyReading PracticeHandwritingSpellingGrammarMind MappingLiteraturePoetryVocabularyDictionariesWritingDigital StorytellingElementary MathTime and MoneyFractionsAlgebraGeometryCalculatorsOther MathGeneral ScienceEarth SciencePhysical ScienceChemistry and PhysicsLife ScienceSpace ScienceSocial StudiesGeographyUS HistoryCivil WarWorld HistoryTexas HistorySpecial NeedsStudy ToolsTechnologyArtMusicForeign LanguageHealth and FitnessESLHolidays
3D Storybook: The Wrong Side of the Bed in 3D! ($2.99)ABC Wildlife! ($0.99)My Coloring BookABC and Me ($1.99)Maria Counts Pumpkins (Level A)Alphabet Tracing - freeSpellBoard Buddy ($1.99)Grammar Jammers Primary EditioniBrainstorm CompanionThe Complete Edgar Allen Poe for iPhone ($0.99)FridgePoetChicktionary ($1.99)DictionariumSentence Builder ($3.99)StoryKitAce Math Land - Animal Series LiteLil' Kitten Shopping Cart Game ($2.99)Pizza Fractions: Beginning with Simple FractionseSolver Pro ($0.99)My First Tangrams ($1.99)Big Button Calculator ($0.99)Math Ref FreeBrainPOPLanguage Central for Science Earth EditionLanguage Central for Science Physical Science EditioniElements - Periodic Table of The Chemical Elements3D BrainEXO-PlanetWorld Book - This Day in History ($0.99)Fotopedia ParisConstitution ($0.99)Civil War: America's Epic Struggle ($4.99)Egyptian Mythology Lite ($0.99)Texas Road Side HistoryArtik Pix - Full ($29.99)abcNotes - Sticky Note Application ($1.99)LEGO CreationaryAdobe Ideas ($9.99)Air Harp ($0.99)English Spanish Language Adventure ($0.99)Calorie Counter ($1.99)Conversation English ($2.99)Carve it! Pumpkin Carving ($0.99)
Alice in Wonderland - An Interactive Children's Story Book HD - freeToddler Flashcards ($1.99)Fruit Book for KidsABC Magnets ($0.99)Bananas Sometimes (Level B)Little Sky Writers ($1.99)Spelling Bug - FreeGrammarPrep: Fragments, Run-Ons and Comma splices ($3.99)Shakespearenstant Poetry HD ($1.99)Vocabulary Central Grade 6HElexicon English Dictionary ($0.99)StoryBuddy Jr ($4.99)StoryBuddy Jr ($4.99)Mad Math LiteMath TappersPizza Fractions: Comparing Simple Fractions ($0.99)Factor Race (Algebra)ShapeCatch HD ($0.99)Graphing Calculator ($1.99)Motion Math ($0.99)Science GlossaryFolds and Faults ($0.99)Building Circuits: Light Bulbs in ParallelEMD PTE3D4Medical's Images - iPhone EditionGoSkyWatch Planetarium - the astronomy star guide ($3.99)Today in History ($1.99)iGISDeclaration for iPhone & iPod TouchGettysburg ($1.99)History: Maps of the WorldTexas Trivia ($0.99)Artik Pix -abcNotes FreePhotoPad by ZAGGArtStudio - draw paint and edit photo liteDrum KitHello-Hello Spanish (for iphone) ($14.99)Fitness Classes ($0.99)Phonectics Focus ($2.99)The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin ($2.99)
Animalia ($2.99)GoodieWords Free for iPhoneMonkey Preschool Lunchbox ($0.99)Interactive Alphabet - ABC Flashcards ($2.99)The Woodsy Band Jam (Level C)Vehicle Number Trace - freeSkill Builder SpellingGrammarPrep: Capitalization ($3.99)Shakespeare in Bits: Romeo & JulietVerses - The Poetry GameVocabulary Central Grade 7Dictionary.comWritePad ($3.99)Puppet Pals for iPhoneMath CircusJungle Time ($0.99)Pizza Fractions: Basic Conversions ($0.99)Proportion SolverTanZen LiteQuick GraphPearl DiverScience LabEarth Stories ($3.99)Building Circuits: Light Bulbs in SeriesMoleculesFrog Dissection ($4.99)NASA AppPrentice Hall Brief Review of Global History and GeographyFotopedia HeritageUS Presidents!Lincoln Letters ($4.99)The World Factbook ($0.99)Texas Public Radio AppDragon DictationEvernoteLego InstructionsDoodle Buddy - paint draw scribble sketch - It's Addictive!Guitar Free with SongsAna Lomba's French for Kids: The Red HenGoMealsLanguage Builder ($3.99)What Was I Scared Of? Dr. Seuss ($1.99)
Jack and the Beanstalk Children's Interactive Storybook ($3.99)TapTot ($1.99)ClickySticky Christmas ($0.99)Montessori Crosswords ($2.99)The Sky Is Falling (Level D)LetterRoute - freeSpelling Drills ($1.99)GrammarPrep: Wrong Word ($3.99)Shakespeare in Bits: Macbeth iPhone Edition ($7.99)Poems ($1.99)Vocabulary Central Grade 8WordWeb DictionaryPaperHelper - Easiest Essay Writer ($0.99)PhotoPuppet Go ($0.99)Mad Math 2 ($1.99)Tick Tock Clocks ($2.99)Fraction BasicsMeStudying: Algebra 1($4.99)Geometry: Volume of Solids LiteFirst Calculator - Talking Calculator for Kids ($0.99)PuzzleLogic ($0.99)Challenge SeriesElectricity 101: The Animated TextVook ($4.99)Periodic Table of Elements ($0.99)Grays Anatomy - Premium ($7.99)PlanetsHistoryToolsMemory of Colors presented by Fotopedia ($2.99)First-Hasnd History of America ($3.99)Battle of Gettysburg ($0.99)Western Civilization 101: The Animated TextVook ($4.99)Model Me Going PlacesiHomework ($1.99)Easy ChartDoodlelicious liteiTunes (included w/ i device)Ana Lomba's Spanish for Kids: The Red HenNaturespace: Relax Meditate Escape SleepSentence Builder ($3.99)Halloween Pad
PadTales Animated Books for Kids - Little Star's Great Journey ($1.99)Playwords ($1.99)The Farm ($0.99)Interactive Alphabet - ABC Flashcards ($2.99)Making Pizza (Level E)Blanks - freeSpell It RiteGrammarPrep: Apostrophes ($3.99)Hamlet Study Guide ($0.99)Vocabulary Central Grade 9Merriam-Webster DictionaryQuestion Builder ($3.99)PhotoComic ($1.99)Park Math ($1.99)Kid Klok ($0.99)UnitsiSpy-XGeometry TestFree Graphing Symbolic Calculator - PocketCAS LiteMad Minute Math HDI Learn with Poko: Seasons and Weather! HD ($0.99)Zero CarbonVernier Video Physics ($2.99)iBird LiteSolar System Simulation ($2.99)iTopPeople ($1.99)EarthObserver ($2.99)Presidents by the Number ($1.99)War BooksMap Trek Ancient World ($9.99)Learn to Talk SamplerSticky Notes w/ alarms and Bump SharingDraw FreeMagic PianoAna Lomba's Chinese for Kids: The Red HenRelax ($2.99)Question Builder ($3.99)Adventures of the Cat: Cat and the Pumpkin ($2.99)
Toy Train Story Read-Along Ep. 1 ($1.99)Elmo's Monster Maker ($3.99)iCreate ($2.99)ABC Alphabet Letters by The Little BookA Seed Grows (Level G)Free Letter Bug - freeSpell It Rite 2GrammarPrep: Quotation Marks ($3.99)Animal Farm Study Guide ($0.99)Vocabulary Central Grade 10Audio Dictionary - WordWeb American English ($3.99)PuppetPals for iPhoneMath Tour ($1.99)It's Learning Time ($0.99)Fraction FactoryAlgebraMulti ProtractorFree Graphing CalculatorLobster Diver HD101 ScienceHudson Alpha iCellChemical Elements FreeHudsonAlpha iCelliLearn Solar System (Lite)Civil War: Hidden MysteriesGoogle EarthFotopedia National Parks ($2.99)Britannica Kids: Aztec Empire ($4.99)Speak It! Text to Speech ($1.99)Sundry NotesMagic Drawing Pad (for iphone) ($0.99)PandoraAna Lomba's Spanish for Kids: Cinderella ($3.99)Web MDBrainPOP: Pelicula del DiaScary Wordfind
King Arthur and his Knights ($1.99)Nighty Night! ($0.99)Learn Fruits and Vegetables ($0.99)ABC Alphabet by Little SorterMath Test Mix-Up (Level H)Hangman - freeMagic Word ($0.99)Grammar App ($1.99)A Separate Peace Study Guide & Quiz-o-Rama ($1.99)Vocabulary Central Grade 11PatchWords ($0.99)Math Tour LiteMake Change ($0.99)Freddy FractionEquation Solver FreeZentomino LiteTouchCalciLiveMath Oceans ($4.99)3D BrainVideo BiologyK12 Periodic TableMarineLife - Genus Trait HandbookStar Walk ($2.99)American Civil War Daily LiteGeo Photo ExplorerBeyond Textbooks 2010: American History GamesBritanica Kids: Ancient Rome ($4.99)TapToTalkComplete Class Organizer ($4.99)3D coloring book for kids - pets ($1.99)Piano free w/ SongsAna Lomba's French for Kids: Cinderella ($3.99)Easy Relax ($0.99)Fetch It!Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ($3.99)
PicPocket Books (series of books that range in price from $.99 to $2.99)Pat the Bunny ($2.99)Super Why! ($2.99)ABC Magic PhonicsDiscovering Dinosaurs (Level I)Flashcards Deluxe Lite - freeSight Words by Little SpelleriLiveGrammar Winter ($4.99)Antigone Study Guide ($0.99)Vocabulary Central Grade 12Easy Bib (helps with creating bibliography)Kids Math Ace - Grade School Addition Subtraction Skill Games ($1.99)iTellTime ($0.99)Pizza Fractions: Beginning with Simple FractionsHMH Fise: Geometry SampleFree Graphing CalculatoriLiveMath Speed ($4.99)Amazing Science Facts for facebook ($0.99)Mahjong ChemEasy Dissection: Frog (Rana pipsens) Organs and Structures ($0.99)Solar System ($1.99)Alpha Exam: AP US HistoryCompass ($0.99)New York ($0.99)Britannica Kids: Ancient Egypt ($4.99)ABA Problem Solving Game - What Rhymes? ($0.99)SchoolToolDoodle BoardLOL Piano - Pianist KeyboardAna Lomba's Chinese for Kids: Cinderella ($3.99)DailyBurnEnglish Idioms IllustratedPopOut! The Night Before Christmas - Lite
Tales2Go (app is free; subscription of $99.99 gets you a year's worth of audio books or monthly fee of $9.99, more than 1,400 of them)3D ZooClean Up: Category SortingMagnabet PE ($0.99)Riding with Rosa Parks (Level J)HandWriting - freeKids Can Spell - AnimalsiLiveGrammar Botany ($4.99)The Tempest Study Notes ($0.99)Shake-A-Phrase ($1.99)Kids Math Ace Games Lite FreeiTrade Stock Market SimulatorPizza Fractions: Comparing Simple Fractions ($0.99)Trigonir for iPhone ($0.99)Cell LifeThe ElementalsSkeletal System (Head and Neck)Phases ($0.99)America LiteGeo Walk ($0.99)NYPL Biblion: World's FairTapQuiz Maps World EditioniBrushiBrainstorm CompanionArt Gallery FreeVirtuoso Piano Pro Classic ($0.99)Learn Spanish French German Italian - 4 language samplerEpocratesABC Magico AbecedarioChristmas Tale
How to Train Your Dragon-Kids Book HD ($2.99)Animals Forest Adventure Game for Children by TabTaleCaboose - Learn to Recognize and Complete Patterns ($0.99)Alphabet ZooHow Zebras Got Their Stripes (Level K)iWriteWordsLite - freeSpelling Treasure Box ($0.99)Grammar DragonTo Kill a Mockingbird Study Notes ($0.99)Word Abacus FreeAdventure Basic Math by 22learn ($0.99)Apples in Hour HandsPizza Fractions: Basic Conversions ($0.99)Video Calc I Tutor ($1.99)Discovery ChannelLabTimerDinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History CollectionsOrbitsConstitution for iPhone and iPod TouchBeautifulPlanet HD: A Photographic Journey Around the World ($1.99)US Citizenship 2011 EditioniSign LiteNeu.Notes for iPhone!Art LiteBeat-Box Baby Lite: Trainer & Voice Drum Machine HOTWordiosFitnessPlan ($0.99)WordGlideClickySticky Christmas - Pocket Edition ($0.99)
Free Books - 23,469 classics to go - freeOkenko Books ReaderBalloons: Tap and LearnABC Magic Reading Short Vowel WordsIntroducing Planet Earth (Level L)abcTrace ($0.99)ABC Spelling Magic Short Vowel WordsWord Sort by Grammaropolis ($1.99)Maria Counts Pumpkins - LAZ ReaderBasic Math with Mathaliens ($0.99)Counting CoinsVideo Calc II Tutor ($1.99)geotimescaleLightsOut Pocket LiteVirtual Cell AnimationPlanetsDeclaration for iPhone and iPod Touch-America - The Pocket Guide to United States History and the Presidency- Third EditionLearn to Talk SamplerNeu.Animals PDFComic Touch LiteBebot - Tobot Synth ($1.99)Free TranslatorGoMealsWord A Day Visuals and AudiosChristmas!!
Miss Spider's Tea Party for the iPhone/iPod touch - freeHappy Earth Day, Dear Planet - Interactive Sing Along Song by TabTaleKid Mode by ZoodlesZ is for Zebra - Learn to ReadHow to Make Lemonade (Level M)Trace Right! ($0.99)Spel It Rite Pro ($0.99)Speech with Milo: Prepositions ($1.99)Landon's Pumpkins - LAZ Reader123 Pop ($0.99)Counting Bills & CoinsWho Wants to be a Mathionaire Lite?Geared - FreeMoleculesWild CatsSkyView Free - Explore the Universee: iReveal (Free)iUSA - The Pocket Guide to the United States of America - Her History, People, Presidents, and Government- Second Edition ($0.99)sound AMP Lite ($0.99)iAfricaDigiDrummer LiteFree Spanish Essentials by AccelaStudyHeartbeatSAT Vocabulary Visuals and Audios by VocabAheadFirst Words: Christmas ($1.99)
iReading - The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs - freeABC MAGIC 3 Line MatchPopup Pets - Animal Activation Tots for Kids - HD! ($1.99)Miniville's Alice in Wonderland ABCTotem Poles (Level N)Chicktionary ($0.99)Speech with Milo: Verbs ($2.99)Twelfth Night Study Notes ($0.99)Splish Splash Inn ($0.99)Touch and Talk - My ClockCalcMadeEasy Free - Scientific Calculator with Automatic NotesEarthquakesCarbon ChoicesAnatomy and Physiology ($3.99)Live Moon ProHistory: Maps of WorldAdapted Book - 5 Pumpkins ($0.99)Simple DrawHand Bell!Free French Essentials by AccelaStudyPowerhouse Fitness MeterFun EnglishMiniville's Balloonapallooza Valentine Match Game
iReading - Ruben's Rainbow - freeABC Magic 2Vehicle Book for KidsABCs Magic 8 Sound MatchingThe Three Little Pigs: The Wolf's Story (Level O)Chicktionary 300Word Sort by Grammaropolis ($1.99)Romeo and JulietJungle Time ($0.99)A Basic Time AppMath Ref FreeElements Study BuddyMemorex Periodic TableButterflies of AustinEXO-PlanetExpedition Africa - The GameLookTel Money Reader ($1.99)Musee de LouvreMetronomeFree German Essentials by AccelaStudyiWorkout LiteFetch It!Miniville's The Night Before Christmas
Grimm's Rapunzel - 3D Interactive Pop-up Book ($3.99)Popup Pets – Animal Activation Toy for Kids – HD! ($1.99)I Like Planes - Picture Book for KidsABC Magic 2Landon's Pumpkins (Level P)Chicktionary LiteSpeech by Milo: Prepositions ($2.99)Grimm's Fairy Tales ($0.99)Basic Math with Mathaliens ($0.99)Motion Math ($0.99)Kinetic BallsChemistry Formulas ($0.99)Life Science (textbook for high school students)SkyORBToday in History LiteuListen - Sound Amplifier ($4.99)Sculpt Master 3D FreePocket ShakerSpanish 3 BrainBites for High School ($0.99)Lose It!ABC Magic 2
Read Me Stories - Children's Books - freeVehicle Book for KidsPicture Book for Kids - I Like SnowSight Words by PhototouchLiesl Learns to Swim - Piccolo Picture Book ($3.99)Spelling CatSpeech by Milo: Verbs ($2.99)Shakespear in Bits: Romeo * Juliet LITEMathTappers: ClockMasterAll-in-1 Logic Gamebox FreeLabCalLabAssistantGreat Migrations - A Global Television EventHubble Top 100myGovernmentSpeech Tutor ($9.99)HoloprojectorMimic X ($0.99)5,000 Spanish Flashcards, Dictionary, and Quiz ($2.99)Restaurant Nutrition
A Story Before Bed - Personalized Children's Picture Books - freeI Like Planes - Picture Book for ChildrenKids Book - I Like My SisterOur StoryKindergarten Reading - I Like GrandpaThis Week's Words ($2.99)Associate ThisRory's Story Cube ($1.99)Cloud Math FreeTanZen LiteScience GlossaryLabCalPromegaMars GlobeOn this Day...RFB&D Audio ($19.99; subscription from Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic also required)Kid PaintMiniPianoLinguaDict Pro ($4.99)True Weight Lite
iBooks - freePicture Book for Kids - I Like SnowChildrens Book - I Like ColorsSounds: The Pronunciation AppFirst Grade Reading - I Like WaterABC Spelling Magic 2 Consonant BlendsGrammar DragonThe Scarlet Letter ($1.99)Fraction PactoryChanceLabVideoSciencePhysics Pad ProVirtual Cell Animations3D SunUSA Factbook FreeAudio Wheel FreeLet's Create! Pottery LiteTrain Whistle!Fetch It! Spanish
King Arthur and his Knights ($1.99)Kids Book - I Like My SisterFirst Words: Deluxe ($4.99)Newton Audio BiographyWhere's My Donut?Miss Spell's ClassStoryKitWuthering HeightsFreddy FractionComputer CarlHigh School Biology Pocket Guide and Quiz ($1.99)Building Atoms, Ions, and Isotopes LiteLanguage Central for Science Life EditionESO Top 100USA PresidentsI Get... Easter Egg Hunts ($0.99)Art TermsVirtuoso Piano FreeSpanish Conversation ($2.99)
InteractBooks - freeFirst Words: Animals ($1.99)Rhyming Words - freeKids Can Read - I Like SticksSpel It RiteJumbline 2 FreeRobinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe ($0.99)Math Drills LiteSticker ShopA Life Cycle App ($0.99)Building Atoms, Ions, and Isotopes ($1.99)Life Science through Photography ($4.99)Britannica Kids: Solar System ($4.99)The U.S. States & Capitals LiteSpeech with Milo: Verbs ($2.99)Glow Paint - draw/paint/doodle with glowing neon lightPocket Piano ($0.99)My First Spanish Phrases 100
Guru Bear - The Ugly Duckling ($1.99)First Words: At Home ($1.99)Happi Reads - $.99Kids Book - I Like Leaves ($0.99)StanzaK12 Times Reading Practice LiteShowMe StoriesMad Math LiteEpicentralBiology 101: The Animated TextVook ($4.99)Oobie's Space AdventureWorld WikiiCommunicate ($39.99)PegLight FreePro Keys ($2.99)Babblemania Spanish Lite
PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit ($4.99)Farmers Market - fin educational activities for kids, featuring Fruits, Vegetables, Colors, and Numbers HD by TabTalePicture Books for Kids - I Like Snow - freeMad LibsThis Week's Words ($2.99)The Old Man and the Sea Study GuideKirs Math Fun~ kindergartenHuman Body 3D Anatomy ($2.99)NASA TelevisionNational Underground Railroad Freedom CenteriReward ($4.99)Picturizer for iPhoneShazamJapanese Phrases Free
iReading - Origin of Mother's Day - freeA Bee See Sight Words FreePhonics Awareness, 1st Grade - freeSightWords FreeThe Giver Study GuideNineGapsLiteProject Noah3D SunFotopedia ParisProloquo2Go ($189.99)Neu.KidsDrawSoundHoundSpanish Baby Flash Cards
GuruBear - Lion Roars Up ($1.99)ABC and Me ($1.99)PBPhonics 1 to 3 - freeWorld of the Day LiteThe Great Gatsby Study GuideNumber LineNASA Lunar Electric Rover SimulatorAncient Egyptian FunBlast Trivia ($0.99)Talking Flashcards ($3.99)ArtDoodlesSoundropFirstWords: Spanish ($4.99)
GuruBear - Who Came First? ($1.99)abc PocketPhonics Lite: letter sounds & writing + first wordsMELS Phonics Blending Sounds Lite - freeWordSpy - FreeA Modern Translation of Romeo and Juliet Side-by-Side the Original PlayPopMath LiteNASA Space Weather Media ViewerDance Pet Piano ($2.99)Animation Creator ($0.99)Guitar!FirstWords: Japanese ($4.99)
GuruBear - Bear and Butterfly ($1.99)Animal Farm LiteKindergarten Reading - I Like Grandpa - freeTalking Tom CatThe Crucible Study GuideBasic Sequencing Skills ($0.99)Solar SizerSing Sing TogetherBeatDown MetronomeCompact English - Spanish Dictionary
GuruBear - The Little Match Girl ($1.99)Balloonimals LiteKid Reading - I Like Spring - freeThe Red Badge of Courage Study GuideIntro to Math by Montessorium ($4.99)AstroApp: Space Shuttle CrewSinging FingersGuitar Classic
Jingle All the Way - freeDress ChicaKids Picture Book - I Like Boats - freeLord of the Flies Study GuideMath Magic ($0.99)TapSpeak Button ($14.99)Guitar Buddy
Meet the Fraggles-Kids' Book - $1.99BK AlphabetKids Book - I Like My Sister - freeMacbeth Study GuideGraphs ($0.99)Sunny Articulation Test ($34.99)ClearTune - Chromatic Tuner ($3.99)
GuruBear - Father Couldn't Sleep ($1.99)iPlay&SingI Like Planes - Childrens Book - freeCather in the Rye Study GuideCash Cow LiteMatch2Say ($19.99)Acoustic Guitar ($0.99)
My First Trip to Washington DC 3D - $3.99iWrite Words LiteABC Magic 4 - freeBrave New World Study GuideCombine 4! ($1.99)Everyday Skills - Pocket Edition ($24.99)
Pecos Bill narrated by Robin Williams ($3.99)A Dinosaur Kids Math Free LiteFahrenheit 451 Study Guide ($1.99)Egberta's EquationsSpeech Corners ($2.99)
Johnny Appleseed narrated by Garrison Keillor ($3.99)Dino Division ($0.99)Death of a Salesman Study GuideEquation CreatorAdapted Books - 5 Pumpkins ($0.99)
The Circus Fire for iPhone - freekidClock ($1.99)Literary Analysis Guide ($2.99)MathTappers: ClockMasterCookie Doodle ($0.99) (following directions)
Big Red's Ice Machine - freeGiraffe's Matching ZooSpinout Blue ($9.99)MathTappers: MultiplesMinimalPairs ($29.99)
Cooper's Big Bear Hug - freeMonkey Preschool Lunchbox ($0.99)Spinout Red ($9.99)MathTappers: Estimate FractionsSpeech Tutor ($9.99)
Three Little Pigs: The Wolf's Story - LAZ Reader - freeMy First Words Lite: FruitsHound of the Baskervilles ($0.99)MathTappers: Find SumsTyp-O HD ($14.99)
The Lettermen Go to the Seaside - $0.99Myiphonics CVC ($1.99)Mary Shelley's Frankenstein ($3.99)SpeedMath LiteiDress for Weather ($1.99)
Rosie: Yellowstone's Most Famous Bear - $1.99Number Quiz LiteTreasure Island! ($0.99)Everyday Mathematics Name that Number ($1.99)Time Timer ($1.99)
Mabel & Lulu: The Real Life Adventures - An Interactive Book for Kids - $2.99Pre-K Safari LiteThe Tell-Tale Heart and Other StoriesMath GO for iPhone & iPod Touch ($0.99)Picture Scheduler ($2.99)
iStoryTime Kids Book - The Weiner Dog Magnet - $0.99Bright Puzzles: Sea Life LiteThe Picture of Dorian Gray!Greater Than ($0.99)myHomework
Nate's Big Hair - Kids' Book - $0.99Sprout PlayerThe Prisoner of Zenda ($0.99)Number Sence ($0.99)World Explorer
iStoryTime Kids' Book - My First Day of School - $0.99Bright puzzles: Wild Animal LiteLittle Lord Fauntleroy ($0.99)My First Weighing Exercises ($1.99)What's That Sound?
Peanut Butter Bob Gets in a Jam - Kids Book - $0.99Zoo Spelling PreschoolMaggie: A Girl of the Streets ($0.99)Motion Math HD ($0.99)Say It, Zoe
iStoryTime Kids Books - Bink the Pink Elephant - $0.99Intro to Letters, by Montessorium ($4.99)The Call of the Wild ($0.99)Subtractions ($0.99)Sounds: The Pronunciation App
iStoryTime Kids Book - Invisible Alligators - $0.99Word Magic ($0.99)Candide by Coltaire ($0.99)Super 7 ($0.99)
Doodles News: An Interactive Children's Book - $1.99Farm Animals!The Three Musketeers ($0.99)Jumping Grasshopper - Learn to Count
The Lettermen Go to the Moon - $0.99ABC Alphabet by Little SorterDaisy Miller by Henry James ($0.99)Abacus Complete
Callum the Caterpillar - freeABC Magic PhonicsRomeo and Juliet
The Lettermen Go to the Zoo - $0.99ABC Magic 8 Sound MatchingThe Wonderful World of OZ
Watson and the Case of the Sneaky Stealer - freeVTech: What's That NoiseAudiobooks
Jasmina's Giraffe - freeSummer Bridge Activities Rally RaceReading Logs
Compass 3D Storybook - My Ocean Friends for iPhone - $1.99Summer Bridge Activities Fun RunA Christmas Carol (Buy:$9.99, Rent: $2.99)
The Letterman go on a Picnic - $0.99Summer Bridge Activities Cosmic QuestThe Adventure of Tom Sawyer ($0.99)
Scott's Submarine - $3.99ABC Magic 3 Line MatchThe Merry Adventure of Robin Hood ($1.99)
MeMe Tales - Children's Stories and Picture Books - freeABC Magic 2The Sherlock Holmes Collection
Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Interactive Children's Story Book HD - freeHamlet by William Shakespeare
Cat and Mouse in Partnership - Interacitve Book iBigToy - $1.99Fill the Gap Smudge ($1.99)
The Wind and the Sun - Kidztory animated storybook - $0.99Best Small Janes Austen Collection (with search) ($2.99)
Rikki Tikki Tavi - $0.99The Complete Edgar Allen Poe for iPhone
The Four Seasons: An Earth Day Interactive Children's Story Book - freeSALE - Edgar Allen Poe Library ($0.99)
Mr. Walrus - $0.99The Invisible Man (Buy: $9.99, Rent: $2.99)
Angelina Ballerina's New Ballet Teacher - $0.99The Jungle Book!
The Little Mermaid's Surprise - freeStrange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ($0.99)
Moo, Baa La La La! - $3.99Little Women ($1.99)
Bubble and Pebble Story (written by kindergarten students) - freePride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Abigail and the Balance Beam - freeDracula! ($0.99)
The Magic Porridge Pot - Zubadoo Animated Storybook - $0.99The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ($3.99)
Animated Book Word Cartoon - freeAlice in Wonderland
Animated Book Word Cartoon - freeA Tale of Two Cities ($0.99)
The Story of Thor with Scotty & Lulu - free
Why the Platypus Doesn't Sing - free
The Rabbit and the Chocolate Carrot Cake - $0.99
Oobie's Space Adventure - free
Cinderella - Magic Ink Books - free
Shakespeare - free
Christmas Tale HD - free
The Three Little Pigs - Zubadoo Animated Storybook - free
Tinker Bell & Friends - free
Manga University 101: How to Draw Manga - free
Puss in Boots - The Great Adventure - free
Wild Fables - 3 free stories; more available with in-app purchase
Dusty D. Dawg Has Feelings Too - free
The Recyclies - Episode: 1 - free
The Monster at the End of This Book - $3.99
The Tongue Twisters - free
Amazingly Wonderful Things StoryChimes - $0.99
Elves and the Shoemaker StoryChimes - free
Isabel and the Hungry Coyote StoryChimes - free
StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors StoryChimes - $0.99
Jasper in the Great Easter Egg Race StoryChimes - free
Baby Book - Felix & Lucy Go to Bed - free
Three Little Pigs 2: Wolf and the Hound StoryChimes - free
Jetpack Benny StoryChimes - free
Runaway Radish StoryChimes - $0.99
The Emperor's New Clothes StoryChimes - free
I Wish I Was Tall Like Willie StoryChimes - $0.99
Jasper in the Garbage Can StoryChimes - free
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