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850Video: How to Use Zoom to Run Meetings Large and SmallThis video teaches you how to run meetings large and small, covers the Zoom user interface, and gives you links that will improve those events
900Workbook: How to Run Zoom Meetings Large and SmallRunning critique groups, readings, and meetings online using Zoom.
920Workbook: Selling Performances, Readings, Speaking Events and Performances for Audiences from 100 to 10,000 Learn how to use Zoom Webinars to deliver performances, conferences, and other large scale events online worldwide profitably.
930Video: Selling Performances, Readings, Speaking Events and Performances for Audiences from 100 to 10,000 This video covers how to use Zoom Webinars to sell performances, conferences, and other large scale events online worldwide profitably. It addresses how to schedule, configure, promote, and charge for events profitably. Zoom Webinars let you run what amounts to a live television station.
940Workbook Using Discord to Create Vibrant Interactive Chat, Audio, and Video CommunitiesDiscord lets you create a community for family, or friends, or coworkers, or fans, or with people with whom you share a common interest for free. You can have an unlimited number of members. Your communities are private unless you choose to make them public for people you don't know to join. You can imagine it as a combination of zoom, twitter, and facebook all wrapped into a single secure free solution with no ads.
950Video How to Use Discord to Create Private Interactive CommunitiesIn this video, you learn how to use Discord to create and interact with private or public communities of people with whom you share a common interest for free. It's used by 100M people worldwide. You can imagine it as a combination of zoom, twitter, and facebook all wrapped into a single secure free solution with no ads.
1000Video: How to Sell Your Creative Work SwiftlyIf you don't package your work as a product, service, or event folks can't buy it so you can't earn a living from it.
1005Video: 5 Businesses You Can Start in 5 DaysThese five profitable businesses are easy to start and they have no upfront costs. If you are looking for ways to start earning more quickly, this is the workshop for you. It provides the steps you need to follow to start the businesses, and names specific tools and resources that make them easy to start.
1010Video: Packaging & Selling Your ExpertiseGet the skills you need to sell your expertise as a writer, producer, performer, cinematographer, designer, advisor, etc. This workshop covers how to turn the information in your head into money in your pocket. It addesses marketing, ecommerce, delivery of services, packaging of informational products, etc.
1011Video Getting Paid More and Getting Paid FasterLearn how to create retainer agreements with your customer, work with companies who will help your customer finance their purchases from your so they are affordable, and factor big invoices so you can do big business. These are tricks and tools you need to master so you can company can easily grow.
1012Video How Creative Pros Profit in Hard Times - Thriving in ChaosWhen disaster strikes and something ends, there’s a natural desire to cling to what remains. But holding on to the Titanic when it’s sinking isn’t really going to give you “your old life back” is it? Creative pros are often the best at moving forward in hard times because the skills that serve us creatively can be applied to the real world. We can thrive in chaos and find great opportunities others never see. This book teaches you how to turn bad times into great leaps forward.
1013Video Converting a Screenplay into a Book SwiftlyAlmost every screenwriter has screenplays, treatments, bibles, and episodes hiding under their bed or on their hard disk. The investment you’ve made in those characters, stories, and dialog are an investment you should make the most of. In this recorded workshop you learn how to turn a screenplay into a book.
1014Workbook Converting a Screenplay into a Book SwiftlyThere’s more than one way to share the characters, story, and scenes you create with the world. In this workbook you learn how to turn a screenplay into a book.
1015Video: Publishing a Standard EBook or Print Book on Amazon in About Two HoursMany authors pay people hundreds or thousands of dollars to make their book available for purchase on Amazon. This video reviews how to publish a book on Amazon yourself in about two hours from start to finish. There is no cost involved in publishing a book on Amazon, and you can sell your book worldwide at royalty rates of up to 70%. This video is a critical resource for anyone who wants to earn a good living by authoring books, or who wants to use books to earn more from their work as a screenwriter, producer, performer, public speaker, or professional advisor.
1016Video: Publishing Highly Interactive Books on Amazon in about an HourIn this workshop you learn how to create and sell electronic comic books, children's ebooks, and. highly interactive books (textbook, travel guides, cookbooks, augmented with video and audio) in about an hour. If you want to be able to sell truly amazing books on Amazon, this is a recorded workshop you will love.
1017Video Publishing a Book on IBook, Barnes and Noble Nook, ScribD via Smashwords at High Royalty RatesIn this recorded workshop you master the skills required to very swiftly publish your book across many premium ebook stores in about two hours at higher royalty rates than you can earn on Amazon / KDP
1018Video: Using Grammar Editing and Writing Analysis Applications to Write Better, Faster, and More ProfitablyIn this recorded workshop you learn how to use very cost effective grammar, proof reading, and writing analysis tools to get to your final draft much faster. You learn how they can replace human editors in many cases. You also learn how and when to hire human editors, and how to find and work with them cost effectively. If you want to earn a good living from your work as a writer, this is an important video filled with many links and resources.
1020Video: Methods for Calculating Project Financial Viability QuicklyDetermining how much money your project is likely to make, and exploring your idea swiftly to understand how it can make a lot more, is what you learn how to do in this video. Successful creative pros do these quick calculations to figure out how to make their media, products, and services work. They also refer to them when they are assessing projects others have invited them to participate in.
1021Workbook Genres Tropes Plot Factories - Writing Faster and BetterAcquire specific tools and and techniquest for writing work people enjoy quickly and cost effectively. This is an important workshop if you struggle with writing work that gets good reviews or gets good coverage, or if you write too slowly to earn much money.
1022Video Genres Tropes Plot Factories - Writing Faster and BetterLearn how understanding genres, tropes, the hero's journey and tools that help you use these tools makes writing easier and faster, and gives you content people like better.
1030Video Breaking into Media in 5 DaysSick of waiting for producers, publishers, agents, managers, and investors to let you do what you love for a living? Wondering how you can break into media without begging for someone to let you in. You will love this workshop because it teaches you how to greenlight yourself in 5 days.
1035Workbook Breaking into Media in 5 DaysThis link-filled workbook helps you master the skills and understanding required to break into media without waiting for someone else to let you in. You'll find links and resources that open the doors that seem slammed shut at the moment.
1050Video: Intellectual Property Right FundamentalsWriters, filmmakers, and other creatives who don't understand IP go broke fast.
1060Video: Critical Entertainment Tax Law Fundamentals with Danny Sioni CPS Tax ProsFilmmakers, in particular, must review these tax law fundamentals or they can run into huge tax problems.
1100Video: Avoiding Litigation with Attorney Justin SterlingMedia people and consultants get sued a lot. Find out how to avoid that.
1150Video: Contract Fundamentals with Attorney Justin SterlingEvery creative pro needs to understand contracts, particularly anyone producing and selling media or skills
1160Video Fair Use and the Right of Publicity Justin SterlingOne of the ways authors, screenwriters, or producers earn more from their work is telling stories about famous people living and dead, and incorporating current events and the news into their work.
1200Video: Understanding Convertible Debt InvestmentsYou can use convertible debt to raise money before you create a PPM or other investment docs
1250Video: Doing Due Diligence So You Don't Get ScammedJust because someone says they are a filmmaker, an investor, a good partner doesn't mean they are. Learn how to find out who is safe to work with.
1255Video: Hollywood Scams and Fast TicketsIt's not your imagination, working in the entertainment industry means coming into contact with many scams, frauds, and other dangerous people. Learn about the scams and how to detect and avoid them before they steal your money, tie up your intellectual property, seriously damage your career, or screw up your projects.
1260Video: Fast Cheap Data Collection Using Mechanical Turk and Virtual AssistantsMechanical Turk lets you hire an army to find almost any kind of information very swiftly and cost effectively. It is perfect for creating lists, identifying and collecting contacts, market testing ideas and media (book covers, posters, sizzle reels, etc). When you need to hire someone for a few hours to do research, you can use Visual Assistants to do odd jobs instead. This video covers what you need to know.
1300Video: Hiring People Nationwide with Castifi and ABSSeriously, you must hire people legally or face very serious state an federal fines or worse. You cannot just call people interns, volunteers, or contractors.
1305Video: Wage Theft: The Risks of Hiring and Being Hired Under the Table with Attorney Jennifer Grady In this workshop attorney employment Attorney Jennifer Grady addresses what business owners, producers, cast, crew and other workers need to know about California labor laws and the enforcement, penalities and risks of hiring people under the table.
1350Video: Making Media with Friends as PartnersTurning a friend or a family member into a partner comes with serious risks and your kindest and most rational instincts will cause you the most harm.
1390Video: Using Banks to Fund Film and Television featuring Adrian Ward Banc of CaliforniaLearn how to work with banks to fund film and television projects using banks from Adrian Ward, Senior Director of Specialty Banking for Banc of California. This is an incredibly important to workshop to watch if you are working to fund a film or episodic television project.
1420Video: What is a Producer to Do - A Producers Task ListProducers take on serious obligations when they decide to make media. If you are new to producing, review this resource first.
1450Video: Avoiding Development HellDevelopment hell is no joke. It destroys careers. So learn how to avoid tying up your script, time, money, skills in projects that never go forward.
1500Video: Getting Paid on Back End DealsThis is critical for filmmakers who want to know how to pay investors, and writers, actors, and key crew who do actually want their fair share of the back end on a project they take a risk on.
1510Video: Stanislavski's Method: Insights for WritersStanislavski's Method was created to help actors learn how to bring great characters to screen and stage. These brilliant creative tools can also help writers bring great characters to their novels, screens, memoirs, etc. This video will help you master a set of skills that lets you write novels, memoirs, stories, and screenplays better and faster.
1515Video: Running Google Ads that appear on when People Search, in their Gmail, and on Websites they Visit Google Ads are the most powerful advertising mechanism on earth. In this 98 minute guide you learn how to run them cheaply and profitably to promote your films, books, events, services, and products.
1520Video: Pro Self Publishing WorkshopLearn the tools, techniques, websites, services, strategies used by self publishing writers earning $75K - $100K+ from their books annually.
1525Video: Promoting Books with Book FunnelLearn how to use BookFunnel to learn how to very swiftly and cost effectively promote your fiction books. Learn how to run ads on Facebook for books, how to create covers and ads using multiple tools.
1545Video: Podcast Quick Launch and Profitable ProductionIf you want to get one or more podcasts up and running in a day or two, this is the workshop to review. It covers creating a podcast, hosting it on a podcast service, recording and posting episodes, promoting your podcast and how to monetize your podcast as well.
1546Workbook: Workbook Podcast Quick Launch and Profitable ProductionIf you want to get one or more podcasts up and running in a day or two, this is the workshop to review. It covers creating a podcast, hosting it on a podcast service, recording and posting episodes, promoting your podcast and how to monetize your podcast as well.
1550Video: Producing a Podcast (More In-Depth Information)Making a podcast is easy, fast, cheap, and fun, and they sell for a lot of money to folks like Netflix, Amazon, etc.
1600Video: Editing Audio with AudacityLearn how to edit audio files for your podcasts, audio dramas, and other projects using FREE professional software.
1605Video: Using AWS to Create Audio & Video Transcriptions Quickly, Cheaply, and Fairly EasilyUsing the AWS Transcribe service you can generate a transcription of a video (MP4) or audio file (MP3) file in under an hour even if it is 90 minutes long. These and other useful skills like using S3 Buckets to send big files, and using Amazon Polly to turn text into MP3 files using dozens of voices are covered and demonstrated in this video.
1610Video: Creating Digital Voices to Record Audio Dramas, Podcasts, and AudiobooksThis workshop helps writers create podcasts and audio dramas without a recording studio.
1614Video: Swiftly Writing Film Treatments and Series BiblesYou may want to watch this video before you dive in to learning how to write screenplays using Final Draft, Celtx, etc. Because they can significantly shorten the time it takes you to write your work, and they create tools that make collaboration easier. Remember that screenplays are always collaborative works as they move toward production because it takes producers, directors, actors and funders to get media made in most cases. Knowing how to write treatments and bibles swiftly is a screenplay writer super power. It makes you beloved by everyone who has to work with you.
1620Video: Writing Protecting and Selling a Screenplay / Free Screenwriting SoftwareNew to screenwriting and want free professional software along with training on how to write and project your scripts? This is the video for you.
1630Video Final Draft Screenwriting Software PrimerFinal Draft Screenwriting Software is the the application used by studios and leading independent production companies. This workbook reviews why it's used, what makes it different, and also covers how to write, protect, and sell screenplays.
1650Video: Writing and Producing Stage PlaysA profitable play often become a very, very, marketable screenplay. Plays also help writers and producers build their audience. Learn how to write and produce one.
1700Video: Earning More as a Standup ComicStandup comics get paid too little because no one ever tells them how to maximize how much they earn.
1710Video: Building a Home Production Studio for About $100Learn what hardware, software, lights, mics, and apps you can buy to produce video and audio you can sell without leaving home.
1715Video: Shooting Films on Green Screen Made EasyLearn how to shoot video on green screen and learn how that related to virtual production and using 3D environments as backgrounds in your projects.
1716Workbook Shooting Films on Green ScreenThis workbook features the instructions and links to applications you can use to do green screen on computer, camera, and iphone.
1720Video: Building Your Own Netflix-style Video on Demand SiteLearn several swiftly ways to quickly and cost efffectively build your own VOD website. Solutions include several ways to sell video-on-demand, distribute content via Roku, and package/sell video with workbooks, ebooks, and other content.
1725Video: Setting up a Patreon PageIf you really have fans who want to support your podcast, performances, or other artwork, Patreon may be an excellent solution. Learn why, why, and how a Patreon might be the right choice for your work.
1740Video: Getting Grants to Make Your Documentary featuring Award Winning Producer Michael SinghMost documentaries are funded through grants. Michael Singh is an award winning documentary filmmaker who has raised hundreds of thousands in grants for his projects.
1742Video Tiny Budget Feature Film Strategies for Frugal Producers $10K to $100KWant to learn how to swiftly, quickly, cost effectively, and safely start producing feature films? This is the workshop for you. It reviews why starting with small features is the best and easiest way to learn how produce larger films at bigger budgets. It also provides informtion on where to find cast, insurance, locations, lawyers, to help you move forward quickly on the work you most want to do.
1744Workbook Tiny Budget Feature Film Strategies for Frugal Producers $10K to $100KWondering how on earth to start creating feature film media profitably? This video reviews the easiest kinds of productions to launch and provides guidelines, links, and resources you will find immediately useful.
1746Video Big Budget Film Strategies for Savvy Producers $500K-$5M. This video walks through the process of build a ~$500K to ~$5M project from the ground up. If you don't understand development, funding, distribution or production of big budget films, or you are writing sceenplays to be shot at this budget level, you willl find this an important video.
1747Video Big Budget Film Development Strategies for Savvy Producers $500K-$5M. Development is a crucial stage in your big budget feature film project. There are a set of processes you have to undertake and a set of gates your project has to move through if your work is going to generate a profit after you've spend $500K to $5M to produce it. This workshop provides feature film development steps, ranging from script acquisition, to finding the right director, cast, and crew, to funding your project with the help of a producers rep, banks, investors, etc. If you don't understand how films at this budget level are designed, funded, and built from the ground up, you will find this a critical workshop.
1748Video Big Budget Film Funding Primer This workshop helps new producers understand funding sources and how they are unlocked by the processes undertaking during film development. It is designed to help filmmakers get a fundamental understanding of bank funding, investment funding, using presales to fund projects, getting funding from state incentives, and it reviews the critical role attorneys play as you put together the funding for your projects.
1749Video Big Budget Film Distribution Primer This workshop helps new producers understand film distribution options and strategies for those who need to get pre-sales to fund the projects they produce, as well as those who need to sell their rights worldwide to maximize how much their film earns in release.
1801Big Budget Feature Producer Plan and Checklist 500K - 5MThis is an outline of issues to consider and steps to take as you build a big budget feature film. The resources that come with your membership dive deep on all these topics. This document gets updated from time to time.
1805Video Virtual Production Nuts Bolts and Costs Shooting Your Film or TV Show on 3D SetsLearn how shoot film and television projects swiftly and cost effectively on 3D Sets using the Unreal Engine and Camera Tracking applications. This is the revolution in production currently overtaking Hollywood, and if you are producing a film or TV project, it is something you must understand.
1806Workbook Shooting on 3D Sets covering the Nuts Bolts and Costs of Virtual ProductionLearn how shoot film and television projects swiftly and cost effectively on 3D Sets using the Unreal Engine and Camera Tracking applications. This workbook contains links to 3D environment libraries, costs, budget comparisons, information about renting solutions, etc.
1810Making Film Budgets Shooting Schedules Day out of Days and CashflowsLearn how to calculate film budgets, shooting schedules, Day-out-of-Days schedules, Cashflows, and other financial documents required to pitch, fund, and produce a film.
1825Video Jeff Hardy CEO Film Profit Film Film Analytics and Market AnalysisJeff Hardy, CEO of Film Profit, addresses creating businesss plans, financial forecasts and market analyees for film and TV producers, and how they help projects get bank loans, investment, distribution, etc.
1830Video Rene Pre-Selling Film and Television Rights Leda Producers Rep Netminds Media GroupLearn how to work with a producer's rep to sell films and episodic content to distributors and buyers like Netflix, Amazon, Apple, etc before they are produced. Learn how that gives you the money you need to make your project.
1840Video How to Find an Audience for Film and TV Projects Before Production featuring Ash Greyson of Ribbow MediaThis video on How to Find an Audience for Film and TV Projects Before Production helps you learn how and why gathering an audience for your work before you produce and fund it makes producing and funding it easier, and how it guarantees your financial success. It discusses some strategies and some useful solutions.
1850Video: How to Build a Strong Business or CareerCan't figure out how to make it as a filmmaker, writer, producer, DP, etc? No one ever told you how to start and run a business. Fortunately, it's not rocket science...
1855Video: Writing Memoirs, Biographies and True StoriesMemoirs, Biographies, and True Stories are easy to write and very valuable in many cases. Learn how to create them quickly and maximize their worth.
1856Video: Attorney Paul S. Levine Insights True Stories, Memoirs, and BiographiesAttorney Paul S Levine who has a 30 year career supporting writers and screenwriters telling true stories, writing biographies, memoirs, and creating important documentaries and docudramas addresses legal issues involving telling true stories including Errors and Omissions insurance, dealing with publishers and producers, audio and video recording, defamation, libel, telling inconvenient truths about dead people, copyright, etc.
1900Video Creating Profitable Graphic NovelsCreating a profitable graphic novel or comic book is often the best possible pitch for a film. Learn what you need to write, sell, or publish one.
2000Video: Creating Fabulous Documents Fast in CanvaWant to make a lot of money in media? Learn how to create really pretty pitches, business plans, books, etc. This shows you how to do it fast and cheap.
2020Workbook Creating, Posing, Rendering 3D Characters for Book Covers, Posters, and AnimationsLearn how to use free full-pro 3D software to create characters and render images you can use to create everything from illustrated books, comic books, book covers, posters, storyboards, animations, etc. This is a practial primer for Daz Studio for writers, set designers, producers, etc.
2021Video Photorealistic 3D Character Creation using Free SoftwareLearn how to use free full-pro 3D software to create characters and render images you can use to create everything from illustrated books, comic books, book covers, posters, storyboards, animations, etc. This is a practial primer for Daz Studio for writers, designers, producers, etc.
2022Video Animating 3D Characters using Free SoftwareGet a primer on how to animate 3D characters created in DAZ Studio. This is the perfect follow up to the 2021 resource.
2023Workbook Artistic Rendering and Illustrating 3D Characters and Environments Swiftly and Artistically for Illustrations and Storyboards in Daz3D and PainntLearn how to render images quickly in DAZ and how to make the final images look like everything from pencil sketches to pastel drawings to oil paintings. Perfect for book illustrators and those creating storyboards, etc.
2024Video on how to use DAZ Studio to Create Character and Environment Illustrations StoryboardsIn this video you see how to use DAZ Studio and other tools and to create images look like everything from pencil sketches to pastel drawings to oil paintings to photographs. Perfect for book authors, illustrators, those creating storyboards, etc.
2030Video: Creating Video Ads and Video Marketing Content Quickly and Very Cost EffectivelyVideo ads are more effective and cost less to run than traditional still ads, and you can create they very quickly and cost effectively using tools that make it easy and fun. Watch this video to learn how to create video ads in minutes that promote you and your work profitably for years.
2040Video How to Email Market EffectivelyEmail is the heart of almost any marketing campaign because its a form of content most people will accept, and because it allows you to prove your value, pitch new opportunities and close sales over and over again. Learn how to market effectively and grow audiences using several effective tools and strategies.
2050Video: Using Query Letters to Create DealsSend the right letter to a filmmaker, leading actor, editor, publisher, etc. and you'll find doors open wide. Learn how to write query letters that actually work.
2090Workbook Google Ads on Search Pages, Youtube Videos & Google Search PagesThis resourse covers how to create google ads that appear on Google Search Pages, in Youtube Videos, and in Display Ads on sites all over the internet.
2100Video: Social Media Posts That Sell You & Your WorkCan't figure out how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all these other resources to build your career, find your audience, or sell your work? This has the answers.
2105Video Getting Booked on Podcasts and Radio ShowsHow to get booked by host and producers on radio show and podcasts so you can promote books, films, and other content. This kind of promotion helps find your tribe and build a paying audience.
2110Video: Facebook Marketing with Facebook GroupsWhen you want to build a vibrant community of proactive supporters and collaborators, Facebook Groups are a great option. They are also useful when you don't want to have to set up and manage mailing lists or forums to support your audience. This video covers how to create and promote Facebook groups, and how they can help you earn more from your work.
2150Video: Using Linkedin to Pitch Almost AnyoneLinked In really does make it easy to reach and pitch almost anyone. Want to know how to use it right? Here you go . . .
2200Video: How to Write Better and FasterYou have to be able to write fast if you are going to make a living as a filmmaker, writer, screenwriter, etc. Whether you are writing books, scripts, pitches, or plans, speed is critical to your success.
2250Video: How to Price Your Work ProfitablyGetting the price right for your work determines whether or not it sells. And you don't actually get to pick the price that's right, the market does. Learn how to price your work correctly...
2300Video: Writing & Distributing Effective Press ReleasesPress releases are a secret marketing weapon that can put you at the tip top of Google and make you look famous to everyone who searches for you. Learn how to use them here.