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Seeded by the Web Archive Cooperative (WAC) Project (NSF 1009916)
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Tweets Library of Congress
LOC will archive what Twitter determines to be public. Private account information and deleted tweets will not be part of the archive. Linked information such as pictures and websites is not part of the archive, and the Library has no plans to collect the linked sites. There will be at least a six-month window between the original date of a tweet and its date of availability for research use.
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WebBaseStanford UniversityWARC;StreamYes
Danish Web
Summary: collects and preserves the Danish portion of the internet. Includes publications about web archiving and links to other sites concerning digital preservation. The site is also available in Danish.
Notes: Title from home page (viewed on Nov. 5, 2007).
Collection and preservation of internet materials began in 2005 by the State and University Library and the Royal Library of Denmark.
"The archive is not publicly accessible and initially can only be used for research purposes and with prior permission from the Danish Data Protection Agency. " [Apparently a maximum of 10 people are allowed to access the collection]
US Elections
- 2000
- 2002
- 2004
- 2006
Library of CongressWeb;WARC?;YesNutchWAX search. Wayback tools.
Iraq WarLibrary of CongressWeb;WARC?;YesNutchWAX search. Wayback tools.
Darfur 2006Library of CongressWeb;WARC?;YesNutchWAX search. Wayback tools.
Legal commentaryarticles, thoughts
The Legal Blawgs Web Archive is a selective collection of authoritative sites (associated with American Bar Association approved law schools, research institutes, think tanks, and other expertise-based organizations) that contain unique, born digital content. These blogs contain journal-style entries, articles and essays, discussions, and comments on emerging legal issues, national and international. Sites are domestic and in English, although foreign sites may be included later in the duration of this project. Additional sites may be selected incrementally. Note: This collection was previously named the Legal Blogs but was changed December 06, 2007 to Legal Blawgs. Previous documentation may refer to the former name.
Library of CongressWeb;WARC?;YesNutchWAX search. Wayback tools.

civil rights and political advocacy groups, like the National Urban League, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (now the Civil Rights Coalition for the 21st Century), National Consumers’ League, National Council of Jewish Women, National Endowment for Democracy, and the League of Women Voters (LWV), American Historical Association, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, American Studies Association, Phi Beta Kappa Society, and the Society of Woman Geographers, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, American Council of Learned Societies and the MacDowell Colony, Frederick A. Cook, Sigmund Freud, Ameen Rihani, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Streit Council, American Society of Landscape Architects, personal papers of Sam Dash, Clarence Streit, and Frederick Law, Navy League, National Coalition for History, an affiliate of the American Historical Association, and National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, Center for International Private Enterprise, and American Center for International Labor Solidarity, all affiliates of the National Endowment for Democracy.
The Web sites include a wide range of official documents, research studies, audio and video recordings, press releases, agendas and conference proceedings, blogs, electronic newsletters, and other sources documenting people, events, and activities likely to be of lasting research interest. Also documented is how organizations, many of which had been established early in the twentieth century, are incorporating technology and using the Web to reach new audiences and carry forth their missions into the twenty-first century.
Library of CongressWeb;WARC?;YesNutchWAX search. Wayback tools.
Papal Transition 2005Library of CongressWeb;WARC?;YesNutchWAX search. Wayback tools.
September 11 2001 9/11 Terror Attack, World Trade CenterLibrary of CongressWeb;WARC?;YesNutchWAX search. Wayback tools.
Congress members pages 107th Congress (Dec., 2002)Library of CongressWeb;WARC?;YesNutchWAX search. Wayback tools.
Congress member pages 108th Congress (Dec., 2004)Library of CongressWeb;WARC?;YesNutchWAX search. Wayback tools.
Librarians Special
Single Sites Web Archive contains sites covering a diverse array of topics selected by recommending librarians from the Library of Congress. This growing archive currently focuses on military history (Civil War, World War II, etc.) and African-American history and culture. Other topics currently include numismatics, Hungary, immigration, charitable organizations, and nanotechnology.

Included in the web archive are blogs, individual web pages, educational sites (including virtual exhibitions), and organizational sites.
Library of CongressWeb;WARC?;YesNutchWAX search. Wayback tools.
Asian Tsunami
This Web archive is a collection of over 1500 sites relating to the December 2004 Tsunami disaster in Asia. A shapshot of these sites has been taken once a week starting from the first week of January 2005 in order to build an archived record of this world shattering event. Internet ArchiveWeb;WARC?;YesWayback tools.
KatrinaInternet ArchiveWeb;WARC?;YesWayback tools.
UK National Government Archives
The UK Central Government Web Archive is a selective collection of UK Government websites, archived from August 2003.Internet ArchiveWeb;WARC?;YesWayback tools.
Web Pioneers
The early years of the internet are a testament to the internet's diversity and ingenuity. This special collection highlights a handful of sites that played a role in the early internet. Internet ArchiveWeb;WARC?;YesWayback tools.
Alabama Constitutional Offices, A-Ewebsites for Alabama's constitutional officers and the state's government web portalArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama Constitutional Offices, F-NAlabma constitutional offices beginning with the letters F - N.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama Constitutional Offices, O-ZAlabama Constituional Offices from O-ZArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama Educational InstitutionsThis collections consists of websites for Alabama higher education institutions, two-year college web sites, and publically-supported university web sites, except for Auburn University and the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama Legislature and Appellate Courts This collection has information about the Alabama Legislature and Alabama Court SystemArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama Political BLOGs A - CThese sites are primarily political BLOG sites covering Alabama politics and governmentArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama Political BLOGs D - HThese sites are primarily political BLOGs about politics in Alabama. Some are oriented to state wide politics and some are oriented toward more local politicsArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama Political BLOGs I - NThis collection targets BLOGs related to Alabama politics. Some of the BLOGs are more about state politics and some are more about local politics.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama Political BLOGs O - ZThis collection contains BLOGs about Alabama politics and government. Some are aimed statewide and some are more localArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama Regional or Mulit-County Agencies or Commissions, A - LThis collection is composed of agencies and commissions that have authority over more than one county but are not state wide. Most of these are either regional planning commissions or water authorities. Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama Regional or Multi-County Agencies or Commissions, M - ZThis collection has information aboutagencies that cross over county lines, mainly for economic development or creation of infrasructureArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama State Agencies A - Bwebsites for Alabama's constitutional officers and the state's government web portalArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama State Agencies C - DThis collection contains information about Alabama State Agencies beginning with C or DArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama State Agencies E - FCollection consists of Alabama state agencies beginning with E and FArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama State Agencies G - HCollection consists of Alabama state agencies beginning with G and HArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama State Agencies I - KList of Alabama agency web sites selected for documentation - I - Y.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama State Agencies L - NCollection contains web sites of Alabama state agencies beginning with L, M and NArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama State Agencies O - PThis collection has web sites for Alabama state agencies O and PArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama State Agencies Q - SThis collection contains information about Alabama state agencies beginning with the letters Q, R and SArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alabama State Agencies T - ZThis collection contains information about Alabama state agencies beginning with the letters T, U, V, W, X, Y and ZArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Alaska Governor/Lt. Governor Web SitesThis collection is an archive over time of the Alaska Governor and Lt. Governor's web sites. The contents include Governor Palin and Lt. Governor Parnell's web sites on the eve of the July 26, 2009 transition of administration.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Government in AlaskaA collection of websites relating to government agencies in Alaska.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
42 Main full-site archiveArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
AUAthleticsThis collection documents American University’s athletic programs.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Academics@American UniversityThis collection documents American University’s six schools and colleges as well as the other units involved in the academic programs on campus.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
American UniversityThis collection documents the administrative offices and services of American University.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
American University Alumni AssociationThis collection documents American University’s alumni association and its programs.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
American University Online PublicationsThis collection includes publications created by American University faculty, staff, and students which are only available online.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Student Life @ American UniversityThis collection documents student life at American University though the lens of the student government and a variety of student organizations.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
WAMUThis collection documents WAMU 88.5 - American University Radio, the leading public radio station for NPR news and information in the greater Washington D.C. area. The station's 24-hour format blends a unique mix of news, public affairs talk programming, and traditional American music.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
American University in CairoThe American University in Cairo website archive preserves and provides access to web pages created by and for the university community.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Coptic Religion & CultureThis collection of Coptic websites includes those of international diocese' and religious groups, as well as sites about Coptic music, writings, and politics.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Egyptian Arts, Culture & SocietyThe El Sawy Culturewheel is a cultural center on Zamalek Island and offers two to four events a day, providing culture and art at affordable prices.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Egyptian BusinessWebsites of prominent Egyptian businesses.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Migration and Refugee StudiesA collection of websites related to migration and refugee studies.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
International Humanitarian AidA collection of web pages focused on helping the global society.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Internet CultureA collection of web pages centered on the changing culture caused by the world wide web. The display of internet culture showing how we share ideas using the internet.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
The HeartlandMidwest Culture west of the Mississippi River.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Current EventsThe world is a constantly changing place, and the sites on Current Events are often in-depth resources on the changing face of our planet.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Educational ResourcesEducational resources are sites that students use to complete homework assignments or investigate topics of interest. Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
PastimesA collection of sites that teenagers use to pass time. Includes sites that pertain to music, videos, games, sports, recreation, hobbies, shopping, clubs, and groups. Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
CommerceThis collection contains sites used for shopping and purchases.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
EntertainmentThis area contains information about web sites used for entertainment.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
News and InformationThis collection contains sites used to gather information.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Arizona PoliticsArizona political websitesArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Arizona State AgenciesThe Arizona State Agencies collection contains content from the websites of Arizona state government agencies, boards, and commissions. Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Bulldog1Baton Rouge High's own website and all information associated with the school.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
DIBAMSitios web pertenecientes a la Dirección de Bibliotecas, Archivos y Museos de ChileArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore College Web ArchivesArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Quaker and Peace Web ArchivesContains Swarthmore College and Haverford College websites as well as organizational websites of Society of Friends (Quaker) groups and peace groups.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
2007 Los Angeles General Election2007 Los Angeles General Election - Candidate websitesArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
AFL-CIO Web ArchiveThe AFL-CIO's Web site publishes a wide variety of press releases, policy briefs, and political analyses that illustrate organized labor's response to changes in American SocietyArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Actors Equity AssociationActors Equity AssociationArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Afghanistan Research and Evaluation UnitAfghanistan Research and Evaluation UnitArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
American Friends Service Committee Prison WatchThe Prison Watch Project monitors human rights concerns, violations, and abuses of prisoners in the U.S. federal and state prison system, with a regional focus on New Jersey and New York. A special emphasis is maintained on the inappropriate use of isolation and devices of torture. Staff advocate resolution of the complaints through appropriate channels and report abuses to national and international monitoring groups. Staff speak widely on prison issues and provide technical assistance to students, media and authors.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Anaheim City OCCiity of Anaheim, California website. Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Anarchist Black CrossThe Anarchist Black Cross Network is a decentralized and egalitarian network of organizations committed to the original ideals of the Anarchist Black Cross movement -- of seeing prisons and the poverty, racism and genocide that accompanies them to be symptoms of a social order whose last days are near.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Animal Liberation FrontThe Animal Liberation Front (ALF) carries out direct action against animal abuse in the form of rescuing animals and causing financial loss to animal exploiters, usually through the damage and destruction of property.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Arab American InstituteArab American InstituteArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Association for Union DemocracyThe Association for Union Democracy (AUD)is a pro-labor, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the principles and practices of democratic trade unionism in the North American labor movement.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Bob Huff for State AssemblyAssemblyman Bob HuffArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
CALFED Bay-Delta ProgramCALFED Bay-Delta ProgramArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Calif High Speed Rail AuthorityEstablished in 1996, the California High-Speed Rail Authority is charged with the planning, designing, constructing and operating a state of the art high-speed train system. The proposed system stretches from San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento in the north -- with service to the Central Valley -- to Los Angeles and San Diego in the south. Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
California Almanac of EmissionsCalifornia Almanac of Emissions Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
California Center for Native NationsCalifornia Center for Native NationsArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
California Climate ChangeGovernor Schwarzenegger signed Executive Order S-3-05 on June 1, 2005. The Executive Order established greenhouse gas targets for lowered emissions. The Order also established a Climate Action Team made up of representatives from environmental agencies to implement global warming emission reduction programs and report on the progress made toward meeting the statewide greenhouse gas targets that were established in the executive order. The first report to the Governor and the Legislature was released in March 2006 and will be issued bi-annually thereafter. Additional reports and projects are documenting the state's efforts towards climate control. Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
California Department of Water Resources. Division of Flood Management.The mission of the Division of Flood Management is to prevent loss of life and reduce property damage caused by floods, to facilitate recovery efforts following any natural disaster, and to carry out its public safety responsibilities in ways that preserve and restore the environment.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
California Labor Federation (AFL-CIO)The California Labor Federation is the state AFL-CIO, with more than 1,200 affiliated local unions, representing 2.1 million union members in diverse communities and sectors of the state's economy. Manufacturing, service, retail, construction, public sector and private industry unions join together in the Federation to protect and advance the rights and interests of all California workers. Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
California Levees and Levee RepairCalifornia's governor declared a state of emergency for California's levee system. The Department of Water Resources was charged with identifying and repairing eroded levee sites on the state/Federal levee system to prevent catastrophic flooding. The DWR evaluated more than 50 sites along the Sacramento River Flood Control System. Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
California Nations Indian Gaming AssociationCalifornia Nations Indian Gaming AssociationArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
California Postsecondary CommissionThe Commission provides the legislative and the executive branches of government with advice and information about major policy and planning issues concerning education beyond high school. This comprehensive, statewide planning for postsecondary education in the State is perhaps the most significant of the Commission's multiple responsibilities.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
California State Water Resources Control BoardThe State Board's mission is to preserve, enhance and restore the quality of California's water resources, and ensure their proper allocation and efficient use for the benefit of present and future generations.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
California Teachers AssociationThe California Teachers Association (CTA) is California's largest professional employee organization, representing more than 340,000 public school teachers, counselors, psychologists, librarians, other non-supervisory certificated personnel, and Education Support Professionals (ESPs). CTA is affiliated with the 2.8 million-member National Education Association (NEA). Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Camp Delta Standard Operating ProcedureDept of Defense Guantanamo Bay docsArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Center for Constitutional RightsCCR uses litigation proactively to advance the law in a positive direction, to guarantee the rights of those with the fewest protections and least access to legal resources.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Center for Contemporary Islamic StudiesCenter for Contemporary Islamic StudiesArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Change to Win Web ArchiveChange to Win is a group of influential unions that split away from the AFL-CIO, forming a new association in order to pursue different goals to organize U.S. workers into labor unions.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Chinese Staff and Office Workers AssociationCSWA started with mostly male, restaurant workers, but rapidly expanded to include garment and construction workers, caregivers, disabled workers, retirees, and youth. Today CSWA has a membership of over 1,300 workers from various trades and ages, injured and non-injured, documented and undocumented and a leadership composed primarily of women.Archive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
Chomsky.infoChomsky.infoArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
City of Camarillo General PlanCity of Camarillo General PlanArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.
City of DavisCity of DavisArchive-It.orgWebYesFull-text searching, browsing, URL search.